Gaming Setup and Studio Tour – How We Make MLiG in 2016 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

in September 2014 when my life in gaming was just under one year old we released RGB 102 to show how we integrate high quality video from retro consoles into modern gaming setups but the thing is so much has changed since then we decided it was time for a new look behind the scenes sure maybe gaming setup tours are a bit cliche but with good reason they’re just fun and this is how we pull it all together to make my life and gaming if you remember all the way back the RGB 102 you may recall how I managed to create a pretty decent setup in a fairly tiny space shortly after the release of that episode my wife when I found a house that we really loved and we ended up buying it and moving so I scrapped everything that I had before and utilized what I learned over the years to create a setup that could possibly last forever going in I knew that I wanted to create an optimized space where I could do three specific things play games edit video and produce my life of gaming I gotta say I think I’ve managed to do all those things while being as thrifty as possible a huge chunk of what I’ve done with this space is because of frequent stops in my local goodwill and other thrift shops so let’s put on some tunes and take a look at what I put together alright here we are you know there was a point where I thought I’d kind of gone a little bit too far with all this kind of felt a little embarrassed about it but needless to say I got over pretty quick now I have three different areas to show you but let’s talk about the most obvious one first my main gaming setup I’ve got twenty consoles hooked up on these wire racks here to zero twenty you might wonder why I have a couple the system’s hooked up that I don’t quite need like why would I have a ps1 when I have a ps2 hooked up well if you’ve been following my life in gaming for a while you know that we love to compare and contrast different pieces of hardware that’s the simple answer to decide I have an older Windows PC this was my editing system when the channel first started these days I use it to play some lighter Steam games like ease or trails in the sky because it only has a lowly NVIDIA GTX 260 in it hidden away down here is my super gun if you’re unfamiliar with what a super gun is well the short answer is that it’s basically console eyes arcade hardware I can plug arcade PCBs into it using a gemma extension cable and then I’m playing real arcade games in my home this would have blown my mind as a kid to manage all these as efficiently as possible I’ve connected all these with a variety of scart HDMI and components which boxes skirts switches are by dandrige and jefes cart the HDMI boxes are by monoprice and kinivo and component is by impact you know every time anyone asks me about different switchers I tell them that it’s pretty important to make sure that they’re powered this helps you avoid image degradation all of my switchers except those bandage skirt switchers have their own power supply over here I have all of my extra AV equipment necessities like an audio receiver so I can take advantage of 5.1 surround sound a blu-ray player for obviously watching movies you know I actually prefer to use a standalone player instead of a newer console because it cuts down on wear and tear in the long run finally I have a DVD recorder and a good old fashioned VCR hooked up these items have been integral to making the old how to beat videos all these switch boxes are connected to you guessed it my xrgb-mini framemeister which cranks everything out to this 40 inch Samsung LED TV I’ve even

mounted it to the wall for maximum viewing angles you know I’ve actually gotten quite a few questions and comments about these wire racks that I set my systems on well I purchased them from Target so if you’ve got one nearby I would assume they probably still have some there are perfect size that fit two or three consoles on each of the adjustable shelves and the basic style them seems great for heat dispersal right these that’s what I thought I’ve also used a whole bunch of velcro ties to make wires as invisible as possible a total hassle to set up the very much worth it the systems don’t even look like they’re hooked up for good measure the entertainment stand is from Ikea but I got it off a Craigslist back when I lived in Brooklyn so I have no idea if they even make these anymore I definitely can’t forget this little guy over here a Sony PBM 14m for you this 13 inch 800 line PBM is pretty good but I honestly don’t play out much I mainly have this connected to quickly check out games and most importantly shoot video offer weight shooting video off of you may have noticed but we feel that off-screen CRT and PBM footage is a very large part of the intended look of our show due to a CR T’s refresh can be kind of challenging to get this footage if you point a video camera at a CRT television you might notice a line of varying thickness slowly moving down the screen the key to avoiding this is to try to sync up the shutter on your camera to as close to the TV as 60 hurt refresh as possible alas I sit here on this comfy couch when I’m playing games over here well comfy might be overselling it just a little bit but it is an improvement from what I had I have an end table over here that conveniently hides away all of my peripherals and extra controllers everything is pretty much within reach but while this is my main setup it’s not the only place I have to enjoy games I’ve got quite a bit more going on behind me so let’s check it out man now that is a lot of screens but before I break it all down yes I have a recliner as my computer chair alright moving on these two center screens are connected to my main PC I’m a video editor by trade and I do all of my editing in Adobe Premiere I do like as much screen real estate as possible so these two monitors are exclusively for my PC however I do duplicate my primary screen on my 40 inch Samsung you know for games and stuff I’d consider my PC to be pretty good even though it’s a couple of years old at this point I’m running Windows 10 and I have an i7 processor under the hood 32 gigs of ram and a GTX 970 as my main GPU for audio playback I’ve got these Macky’s cr3 reference monitor speakers which gives me clean uncolored audio but when I’m working I mainly use these sony MDR v6 monitoring headphones I almost always edit with headphones on I do all of my main capturing with a neighbor media extreme cap Youthlink I feed my capture card via a split HDMI line from my framemeister it’s quick to set up and get going like I’ve said before I can start capturing from whatever source I’m playing on with around 30 seconds of prep time to the right mounted to the wall is as 23-inch LG HDTV this serves a number of purposes one is that as connected as a third monitor for my PC secondly it can be an external viewing monitor for Adobe Premiere a professional video editor should try to have an external monitor so you can see how material looks and plays on a real TV third is another output for my framemeister that’s right I split the signal yet again so I can play my games on this TV here on the other side is my prized sony PBM 20 l 5 courtesy of my friend Ricky this PBM has multiple inputs but I mainly use two one for component and one for RGB since I put this in place I’ve done more and more of my retro gaming over here with the framemeister serving as simply a capture device so wait a second how am i sending the signal to both framemeister and all the way over here at the same time that is a good question basically both the G skirt and the components which I have both have secondary video outputs so I can send video to two displays at once so one of those outputs runs to the framemeister while the other one goes all along the wall and into the PDF of course the RGB line hits that little PBM over there first and then feeds into the second PBM which continues the chain and feeds this

larger 27-inch shiba CRT now I really only use this monster for light gun games I can get a decent distance between me and the screen that way rounding out my work area is this dry erase board I got the idea for doing this from my good friend game Dave I can quickly jot down episode ideas and other info here anyways let’s see just how ridiculous I can make all of this Oh another thing that this whole set up is good for is live streaming have you watched our Sunday night livestream if not you really should but if you have well this is where I do it I’m able to play games on whichever TV I want I face this way for HD games and that way for SD games and to top it off and what was sort of a unplanned happy accident I got a swivel iron for my microphone which can move into place just perfectly based on the TV that I’m playing on for that week stream all of my audio for the live stream runs to an audio mixer this enables me to have better control over how each person sounds and works great for having guests on with us so that pretty much does it ah just kidding we’ve still got quite a bit to go I’ve got all these consoles though where the heck do I put all my games let’s take a look what’s behind this door I am still amazed at how well this little area came together I keep all of my games on these shelves I do wonder if and when I’ll run out of space but I’ll have to tackle that when the time comes so when I consider myself a collector I suppose but I prefer to think of myself as having a curated collection I only buy games I intend on playing or if I know it’s something I’m gonna like sure I have a handful of games that fall outside of that rule we will never see me just getting things that I have no interest in ever playing or having no use for whether or not I’ll be able to play everything in the long run well I’m not getting any younger lots of games have come and gone from this collection but I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve held on to a lot of my original release date copies of several games that tend to go for higher prices these days I have a lot of sentimental feelings towards many of them so if I was ever to let them go it’d never be the same just rebind that the nostalgia I have is towards that specific copy of the game my comedy this is what I like to call my my life and gaming set it’s been evolving over time but I think I’m finally happy with it I relocated this large desk for my mom’s house when she sold it and it works perfectly here you ever see a shot of something like laying on a table or a desk in our show there’s a good chance that this is where I shot it it’s also the main set for my section of the tips and week series I have a display of several systems the 20 inch CRT that was given to me by my friend Chris and of course these fantasy star bead sprites made for me by my friend Mike all these systems are fully functional and playable so I callow DUP stuff on screen if I ever want to also I have this piece-of-crap view sonic HDTV over here that it can run stuff too if I really want to show how awful some HD TVs do with 240p content now you might notice a bit of video equipment laying around here not only is this space great to put all that stuff press up the room for a complete transformation watch this this is where I do my on-camera hosting for the show well most of the time check it out that HDTV on the wall back there I can even pull that out and use it as monitoring for when I’m on camera to make sure that I’m in focus I set this all up so I can be as self-sufficient as possible since well I do this all on my own I put an overhead shop light as my main lighting source in here but when shooting I also use these softbox lights you should always try to match the color temperature of your lighting for instance I’m using daylight 5500 kay bulbs in here the blank is on the shelves and along the back of the room help deaden the sound in here and prevent my voice from ricocheting around

you may have also seen these little black squares all over the walls and ceilings throughout this entire video these serve the same purpose and improve the acoustics in each room also with some help I’ve built these larger acoustic panels using rock wall insulation and wooden frames I’ve then mounted them to the walls and ceilings a question that some might have is why use a green-screen mainly I chose the green-screen approach because of the sound dampening that I do it’s also way easier for me to set up and shoot while getting a consistent look every time plus it allows me a bit more freedom when it comes to the format of the show I don’t know I do have to laugh when I think about how I’m actually green screening myself into a spot that’s just a couple of feet away but without the soundproofing that I do this is what that spot ends up looking like the whole setup actually works great for me at all I have no hair so the keying is easy though if I had to pick a downside to this setup it’s that it gets damn hot in here during the summer finally if you’re curious what kind of equipment I’m using to make my episodes of the show right now I’m shooting on a canon 70d DSLR camera and record all my audio using a zoom h4n portable audio recorder since i’m especially bad at ad-libbing our entire show is scripted and teleprompter I use a split beam glass teleprompter which allows me to use my iPad for the text it’s pretty handy and it made being on camera a lot less stressful for me all these devices have quick release plates on them so I can move them to whatever location I need for instance I created this tiny little sound booth for voice-over recording which I am using this very second so as you can see there is a ton of stuff going on here I have no idea how I figured it all out and made it work but it does and it’s very efficient at this point who knows what the future holds for my setup here but I feel as of right now I can’t really improve it at all at least until tomorrow when I think of something else I swear I fiddle with this stuff more than actually playing games sometimes rolling how do you okay a lot of people are surprised to learn that Cory and I live about eight hours apart so while we help each other get b-roll and extra game footage all the time the majority of each episode is shot and edited by either just Cory or just me so both of our setups have to be fully self-sufficient Cory isn’t a completely different house from when we did RGB 102 while my setup hasn’t changed that much on the surface but there have been some pretty neat upgrades behind the scenes let’s start with an overview I have the most history with Nintendo and Sony so they’re a front and center in chronological order one of my favorite simple ideas I had for this section was to just tape a black cloth behind the unit to hide the wires from view Sega consoles are over on the right side along with my handheld charging station and PSP go back there which I uses a micro console as I explained in RGB 206 the left side has my controller charging station along with the retron 5 and playstation TV and a handheld Museum of sorts up top last year I had to add a new wing over by my PC for the Xbox consoles and underneath this Atari n ColecoVision are currently just for show but I do have plans to get them refurbished and RGB ready other than those two everything is connected and ready to play every single system is RGB component or HDMI and before you ask these main pieces are all just IKEA stuff these baskets I recently started to keep my controllers and ziplock bags of various sizes which has turned out to be a very cost-effective way to keep them accessible and untangled oh and on the opposite wall game shelves kind of important running out of space but hopefully I’ll last a few more years without having to make drastic changes the sections are all ordered by console release year and health stuff recently moved on to its own unit this tall tower is my game music collection really short on space here and this little shelf is where I’ve got game guides Nintendo power and a few game cables let’s take a look at how it all comes together at the center of everything is my 46 inch 1080p Samsung HDTV at the time I bought it in 2012 it wasn’t easy finding a matte finish screen like this anymore I’ll probably just have to accept that

my next TV might be a little glossy err than I’d prefer everything ultimately goes to this TV I use it for modern games retro games through the framemeister and it’s even my main video editing modern seriously wireless Logitech trackball and keyboard on my legs I learned to use a keyboard on my lap playing the ps2 version of Final Fantasy 11 I figured why not just always do that ditching the desk was the most liberating thing I ever did sometimes they even edit reclining if you want to use a TV as a computer monitor make sure you turn sharpness to the neutral setting so that every pixel is what it should be zero in my case artificial sharpness will really strain your eyes perhaps the most exciting addition to my setup since RGB 102 is my Sony PVM model 14 into you it’s a 13 inch professional RGB Mater and the picture is simply awesome sure it’s a little small to enjoy from my main seat but that’s what being bad chairs are for it’s also handy for a second screen when friends are over I would eventually like to upgrade to a 19-inch with 480p capability but I’m really enjoying it for now it’s great for light gun games and of course getting shots off screen for the show when we started my life in gaming our RGB experience revolved entirely around the framemeister we had no idea that people were using screens like this for retro gaming but as we featured more more stuff about retro console video quality it became apparent that we both needed to dive into the CRT side of RGB while Corey setup allows him to enjoy his larger PVM this is primary retro gaming screen I normally play looking at my HDTV through the framemeister the framemeister really is the heart of my setup essential for both gameplay and recording every single connected console all 19 with maybe a little room to grow ultimately ends up at the framemeister every HDMI device runs all the way around the room under the table across the floor what are you gonna do along with a bunch of other wires to and from this tiny control center of sorts with my secondary computer modern next to my main seat here this is a monoprice 8 input HDMI switcher most inputs I could find in yep they’re all full haven’t decide on a solution of that yet the reason I have this set up next to my couch for manual switching is because mana prices HDMI switchers use the same infrared signal as the framemeister me if I switch inputs with the remote I’m probably also changing some unknown setting on the framemeister and yeah that’s bad the HDMI switcher output goes to a splitter that sends the signal for the TV and framemeister I passed the HD systems through the framemeister just for the convenience of capture it’s set to not process HDMI inputs this lets me consolidate all video signals analog or digital into a single HDMI output which splits again to go back to the HDMI switcher as well as my PCs capture card the avermedia extreme cap u3 same one Corey uses that’s a few years old but still pretty good we actually just use the rec central software that comes with it which lets us record mp4 files at up to 60 megabits per second the supports 1080p at 60 frames but it doesn’t have an HDMI pass-through which would be a problem if we weren’t using the splitters and no splitting HDMI doesn’t introduce any delay or quality issues I also have this convenient little fiber-optic audio switcher that I found on Amazon with 4 inputs and two outputs stuck to the top of my HDMI switcher because my audio receiver is too old to handle HDMI audio properly right now it’s just the ps3 ps4 and SNES boy SNES yep Bob from retro RGB comm talked me into adding a digital audio out to my RGB modded SNES mini and you know I’m no audio file but it is kind of neat pumping out pure digital SNES sound this is my skype Mike Samson go mine everyone tells me it sounds really good and they can hear me from pretty far away Cory and I used the same mixer for stream audio and I use the zoom h4n is my main mic for most everything just like he does what’s different is that I’ve got this audio compressor to go

along with it I have a really wide vocal volume range I guess and very poor control over it so this balances that and protects your ears from when I get overexcited on stream all game audio does eventually end up if the TV via HDMI including my PC and retro consoles through the framemeister so I use my TV’s digital out of pretty standard feature push all of that into my sound system and and log out another standard feature to do a long run to the compressor second channel which then goes to the mixer this lets all game audio easily go to the stream without much extra balancing on my part I get a lot of questions on stream about my headphones there’s a nicer HD 555 I’ve been using these for most of my years streaming on the back lottery and here on in leg so there are newer models by now I don’t know if there anything all that special but they’re open-air headphones which means people near you can probably hear it a bit but you can also easily talk to other people and hear yourself without sounding muffled in your head so I really recommend headphones like these for streaming purposes anyway let’s get back to how everything is hooked up I use the same impact acoustics components which your quarry has GameCube we Xbox and PSP all go into here and out to the framemeister via the component 2d terminal adapter the switchers second output goes to this box that Corey used to use to convert RGB to ypbpr component since my PVM doesn’t have an extra set of inputs I recently implemented this as a convenient way to get component systems to display on my PVM without swapping cables the other end goes into the scarfs which are over here so component systems can go into the PBM just as easily as RGB systems alright so you probably all go let both of us get away with just glossing over how RGB is connected are you one of the most common questions we get on the channel is did you ever find a good scar switcher well quarry can’t let the cat out of the bag but yes we did the automatic G scarf that Corey briefly showed off is the real deal we’re going to go more in depth on the G scar and other switchers than near future episode but for now I’ll just say that well considering limited availability through retro RGB it’s not easy to get your hands on and it is pretty pricey but if you somehow have a chance to get one for the number of inputs and quality you will not be disappointed the new G scart is a recent addition for both of us but I’ve actually been using what I suppose could be considered a G Scott prototype for over a year and a half now before the creator of the g s– card had decided to protect it insult the retro RGB I managed to get all waiting list for a more limited run and after gained over a bit of confusion with the sync and getting it set up at first I was super happy with it in addition to the converter box I now have my ps2 and n64 on the older one daisy chained to the newer one with 9 RGB consoles currently being connected and all in RGB 104 we showed how you can use PBM outputs to say pass the signal straight through to the framemeister I was doing that for a while with no issues at all but the new version of the G scar offers this vga style d-sub output which can carry an RGB s signal to your p vm like with this cable from monoprice that the creator of the g scott recommends so now the scart output just runs directly to the play Meister anyway will get a lot more into this and other switching options some other time this might look like I’ve got it all together and for the most part for normal use and the making of simple game focused episodes it really just works but as the RGB master classes continue to become bigger and more involved on always testing out different systems using wires I don’t normally use and well it’s always this big huge mess but I always aspire to clean it up to this state so when I first moved here it was about a year before the show started and honestly I had no idea what I was going to do with the second floor I mean it’s not like I’ve paid for space I didn’t need because this was pretty much already the cheapest place I could buy I put a guest room here but it wasn’t until my life and gaming started that I came up with a good use for this room

one of my oldest life goals was to have one room in my house fully decked out in retro style wood paneling whoa two panels worth nailed directly to the wall might not quite fulfill the dream but I still think it’s one of the best things I ever did starting with the Mario 3 episode this has become essential to the show’s look I shoot almost everything right here I usually temporarily bring my consoles games accessories and everything else upstairs to shoot stuff like plugging in cartridges and cables but it doesn’t exactly go as smoothly as it looks on the show oh I actually got it if I’m not up to the challenge sometimes I’ll just unhook the cable and reverse the footage there’s also all of those motorized turntable shots that I just can’t resist using I feel like they’re kind of lazy but I don’t know I think they’re fun and an easy way to make something look neat now sometimes people complain about our systems being gross and dirty or something and I think that’s a huge exaggeration and it’s not like we don’t try always do a basic dusting and then keep this air blower on hand to get rid of any extra specs that I seal and during a shot a camera’s lens can also make imperfections pop out in a way that your eyes might not see dust is just a sad fact of life it’s everywhere and if we were to OCD about it likely we’d never get anything done for lighting I just have two basic cfl studio lights with softboxes you can get a pair like this for well under 100 bucks on Amazon yeah I know it’s not three-point lighting but for now it gets the job done on the other side of my studio is the green-screen now this is just some soft fuzzy stuff I got from jo-ann fabrics and to be honest I don’t necessarily recommend it with the fabric and mounting hardware I was able to get a pretty cheap green screen solution but I’m kind of jealous of what for he has chrome machine is much easier if you’re bald and don’t wear glasses on camera it’s also easier if you can light the screen evenly and separately from your subject I saw a video from YouTube DIY film guy knock top that gave me the idea to use inexpensive LED shop lights for green screen lights I’ve got them cable tied to these custom PVC pipe frames and I’m really happy with the difference all this made to the quality of my chroma key I used to have a lot of echo compared to Corey’s audio and I solved almost all of that with this blanket and $10 Walmart clothes rack I can roll wherever I want I’m also starting to put up these standard acoustic foam panels on the wall to deaden to echo just a tiny bit more and then I think I’ll finally be happy with it surprising no one I use a teleprompter to I’m a terrible at surprising no one I use a teleprompter too I’m a terrible a deliberate it just makes producing the show a lot more comfortable for me I mean I’m reading it right now and if you can tell well I’m just trying my best it’s a really cheap teleprompter no really that’s what it’s called though it’s actually not as cheap as the name implies so that pretty much sums up the studio room got some assorted stuff we’re borrowing from people for future episodes right here but never mind all that I’ve got one more space I want to show you let’s head back out here you saw my old HD CRT and RGB 104 which I honestly hadn’t used much since about 2010 and in more recent years I realize it wasn’t quite as awesome for retro gaming as I once I finally convinced myself to part with it shortly after RGB 104 and I’m really excited about the proper retro setup I’ve put in ants place this is the TV cabinet that I used throughout my teenage years it’s nothing special cheap and pretty worn down but danged I just have a lot of nostalgia for it it’d been my parents house for years and I’m honestly surprised I was able to get them to hold on to it for as long as they did the TV is from 2005 a later standard definition CRT from Toshiba I used it my senior year in college and I just got lucky choosing this one really because these toshiba’s are generally considered to be some of the best

consumer grade CRTs to have I’ve got variety of spare console set up here older models that are redundant with my main set up downstairs just stuff people have given me over the years I’m not necessarily using the best connections with everything here and heck then yes and then 64 even connected with RF and really I think that’s fine for this so I might upgrade some of it over time who knows but really I just want to have this set as another space to shoot it so you can expect to see more of it in the future well that pretty much covers it our gaming setups support the show and the show drives what we do with our setups it’s kind of like a mini ecosystem full of awesome stuff that lets us do what we love we hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes and thank you for watching my life and gaming you