How to DRAW & SHADE a WHIMSICAL Middle Eastern Face with Hijab in Copic Markers (Whimsical Women #6)

(soft chiming music) – [Artist] Here we are, Whimsical Women of the World Week 6 I’m doing this I can’t even stand it Middle Eastern women today It’s fantastic I tried to kinda nail down or her actual ethnicity, I have a bunch of, I have one friend in particular who has a large Middle Eastern network, she helps Syrian refugee families settle in my area She is friends with numerous Middle Eastern interpreters as well because of this So I was trying to figure out her exact ethnicity We weren’t able to, but she said she could be Syrian or Turkish, and I said, can I just say Middle Eastern? And she said absolutely, so sorry, I don’t have more specifics And of course there was no information where I found her on Pinterest, which is my love and hate for Pinterest And it’s lack of, or the ease of how it’s so easy to lose sight of the original, like there’s no information on the photographer or the model, and it’s just a crying shame So we’re using her just as a reference, of course we’re using, we’re creating whimsical women so we’re not making it look exact I always kind of try to do a good job but I’m more interested in proportions and skin tones, shading and highlights And that’s where my emphasis on these are So it’s not, we’re not doing super realistic faces, we are doing whimsical faces, which gives you a lot of grace and helps you to not have to be so so exacting ’cause that kind of leeches out the fun, as least it does for me So we’ll be basing it on, I have something on my paper, great So we’ll be using this as a reference and information only We are gonna start like we always start with these faces by making an oval So I’m ignoring everything right now and I’m just focusing on making this oval Now her hair is under here, and so there’s a lot of volume under her head where Habib So it’s her top of her head is reality is probably right around here And then the rest is hair and then her, she has two layers to her, they’re like the Kelly Green on this just blows my mind And so it’s probably in here and that’s where the eye line is halfway through So here is the halfway line for her eyes, no matter what nationality, or ethnicity, the human face’s basic proportions are the same I have this on a guideline actually, if you want my cheat sheet, I have this face guideline cheat sheet available for everyone for free Just let me know in the comments if you want it Has all these proportions on it But we’re gonna do this horizontal line across the center and we split that in half and that’s the nose line and we split that proportion in half and that gives us the mouth lines And then her neck is hidden under here And with whimsical women, I always make the neck pretty small, but we actually end up getting lost in the folds of here anyways So that’s not an issue My center line is really not in the center Okay, there we go And then we’re gonna do three eyes across the center and that gives us our proportions They should be about the same size I like, for my whimsical faces, I generally the eyes end up being larger than if this was being like strictly realistic But again, I like to do whimsical faces, gives you a little bit more flexibility, room for interpretation and style, and honestly it just takes the stress off of having to be perfect So that’s the really the biggest reason that I like drawing this way Okay so we have this kind of ghoulish proportions but that’s gonna get us going in the right direction, believe it or not I’m gonna actually like solidify her face shape a little bit So again, this is why references are so great So she has this gorgeous strong mouth line, jaw line, excuse me It really turns the corner right under the lip So actually it should be more like here, but again, it’s like, who cares?

Let’s just make it, use it as influence and don’t worry about being perfect, but you do should have to match, like this looks way different than that So if you can get them to match up, that would be ideal So it’s more like that And her cheekbones are literally to die for Oh my gosh, I just, she’s, I can’t even stand how beautiful she is, it’s like hurts to look at her And this is like, sometimes my head has to get in the way ’cause I have to like see down on my paper It’s really hard to see sometimes with the camera blocking my view And then let’s see I’m even going to, come on camera, there we go, I’m even gonna sketch in her eyebrows a little, tiny bit So we have her eye, then her eyelid, and then her eyebrows sit this way And then this one is over here And then her first layer, I’m just gonna, I want to make sure I have like an overall So right about her eye line here is where this, her pink layer begins And then the green is gonna sit here So we’re gonna have this wiggling this way, does not have to be the same, just whatever folds And then this curves, like at the nose line kind of wings out And then it comes across this way down here and then it kind of folds this way And then on this side, see this again, starting from kind of this same right-hand side, we’re gonna come up And my groceries are here so I need to stop the camera Oof, this is like one of those days where the whole day goes by and I’m not done yet I’m gonna go up and around and we’re gonna come down – Babe? – Yeah, I know (man speaking indistinctly) Yup, I’m just in middle of recording And this goes up and then there’s like another layer, drawing fabric folds is super confusing so I’m just kind of roughing it in And then this comes out over here and it actually comes off of the page This fold comes down, we’re gonna fine tune this later, I’m just sketching in the general areas, the general folds This one goes down to her cheekbone here and then it kind of wings out kind of like that And then we can worry about all this stuff later But that’s like general rough, rough outline And then we have kind of some folds coming this way and that way So there’s the whole kind of composition laid out on the page All right, now we are ready to fine tune this gorgeous lady and her features So I’m gonna start with her eyes and here we go I feel like this is still uneven, so it should be here and here I have too many center lines So now finding, the middle is tricky Let’s see, I wanna start with the tear ducts actually on either side before I do anything and see if those, excuse my head for a second, I’m just gonna pop in here Quite rounded And then I’m gonna come up And then down, and then we’re gonna do the bottom which is down and around Okay, now this looks nothing like the other side, now when we try to make them match First I get them even, step one, and then I’m gonna kick up and then they come out a little bit, and then they come up and down

Okay Cool I’m gonna, again, sketch in the nose lightly first, so let’s see, I’m gonna do the base of the nose Just the bottom, when I say base, I just mean the little bottom and then I’m just kind of looking at the shape, so it kind of comes up like this Oh, that’s way too wide in the center Let’s try that again Also a little bit smaller in the middle Is it? Oh my gosh My center line is really bugging me Okay, I think that was about correct So this again is very small Here we go Just doing the outline of the nose Oh, I need a kitty that needs to come in Animal Crossing in here, we have a dog and a cat wants to come in and then the dog needs to chase the cat, circus All right, so then I’m gonna just draw lightly this part of the nose, and then the rest is really gonna be handled in shadow so I’m gonna leave that alone for right now She’s so beautiful! All right, we’re gonna do these little fulcrum, (Maggie sneezes) bless you, Maggie And then the lip is this beautiful, (Maggie sneezes) bless you! This beautiful, a dip up here And top comes down Then her lips are like just ever so slightly parted, just ever so slightly in the center And then sweeps underneath like so I’m just gonna fine tune her eyebrows and her eyes Let’s get rid of some of this extraneous parts Erase our guidelines Lots of guidelines to erase Okay, get all those taken care of, oh man, more up here It’s important because when we go to color it, we don’t want the markers to carry all the graphite around with us, which quite frequently happens So kind of neatens things up All right, back to the eyes So she has a few lids going, meaning like skin folds or I guess wrinkles, but wrinkles makes it sound like a negative thing It’s just, it’s just part of her eye So we have the inside part of her eye and then we have the Kind of white under, we call that the wet line And then up on top here, she has fold one and then like fold two, so there’s quite a few And then same thing of this side We have just more definition, I guess would be the right word Where’s my little, I’ll do this side first, and then we will shore up the eyebrows afterwards We’re gonna have this crease and then there was a second crease And then down here it was this crease, and then the eyebrows are gonna scoot over farther So it goes around the corner of the face

and then this comes up We can raise up this part Okay, that’s one eyebrow And then this side, it’s funny how no one’s eyebrows ever really match each other I think humans all have that in common, eyebrows are funny little things, aren’t they? I think so So it goes this way and then up and then around the corner And I’m gonna use my eye template Now I’m looking at her pupils, I mean her irises which is the colored parts, excuse my head for a second They really get caught off both top and bottom, so I want to make sure I kind of have them looking the same That looks about the right size So onto the coloring portion of the lesson, again, I don’t expect everyone to have the same materials as I do, the same marker collection that I do So really, really want to encourage you to use what you have but I will show you the whole process and we really just go layer by layer and I’m starting with a pretty light color She’s very, light-skinned When I was asking about the ethnicity to my friend who had some experience with Middle Eastern people, she was saying too that this woman could actually even be Italian So, you know, the variation of skin tones varies widely So I’m just using, this is Pink Flamingo, which is a pretty light pink, but you can either do skin of two ways You can either start super light and then slowly add in the darker shadows or you can do it in the reverse where you start it in super dark and then you go all the way to light So it’s just less scary to start with the lighter shades and then you can kind of take your time going gradually deeper and deeper And that way it’s kind of slow, it’s less intimidating So this is definitely the approach that I would recommend And that probably holds true for water-soluble materials as well if you like working with water-soluble markers or crayons or pencils The layering system works exactly the same as this where you start with one and then you progressively and slowly go deeper and darker into the shaded regions I would suggest if you do want to follow along, just pause the video at every layer so you can see where I’m mapping out the shadows as we go It’s very deliberate the places that I’m putting the shadow areas and it’s very easy to draw along with me even with time-lapse if you want to just pause and then like catch up So we get stuck in the ugly phase for quite a long time with markers but just like in any medium, I’ve been talking about this this entire series, when you come upon the ugly phase, simply welcome it into your world ’cause you know she’s gonna show up and then just keep moving and that’s the only way to move past the ugly phase is by keeping drawing, keep layering and just keep going, and she will emerge on the other side I promise you So I’m going into a deeper shade and doing a pinks and then combinations with peach And then finally there is some grays and I’m using some purple grays to really get the shadow effect that I want to and it also tones down all the heat that’s in those peachy and pink skin tones and it evens it out, it makes it a little bit more neutral So as you can see too, I am adding and flip-flopping between shades of the skin tone and then also adding in shades of much more vibrant pink And so like distributing the same shades from the mouth to around the eyes and then adding it to the shading kind of gives it a more unified look So I kind of pop it in all over the place if I introduce a new color The eyes end up not being super realistic, I make them much more like piercing blue than they need to be I even tried to go back and put layers of gray over them a few times to tone them down and they like just don’t want to quit So I don’t think that’s super indicative of this ethnicity, but they are beautiful and she is beautiful and does have blue eyes nonetheless in real life So again, I’m chalking it up to the whimsicality of this piece

and just enjoying the process big time I did the first time doing this technique with the eyebrow where I just put down like a base coat color And then I go back and draw the individual hairs in a darker tone on top and I really liked the way that that came out, so I think I’m gonna carry that through to the next project I’m really trying to look at the photograph and recreate the little nuances that I see So in her upper lip, it’s shaded and then the bottom lip there’s a lot more going on It’s like dark at the corners and then it’s dark on the inside and then there’s these lip lines So I’m just doing my best to try to keep up and catch up and make a good representation of what I’m seeing with my eyes down on my paper Now colored pencils is kind of where the magic happens when you’re using alcohol markers Weird, I know, right? ‘Cause it’s a different medium But what happens is that you can do all of your kind of fixing with just a little bit of colored pencil work So if there’s a transition area between one skin tone and another, you can use your colored pencil to kind of bridge the gap and ease those transitions It’s the best kind of description that I can come up with You’re easing those transitions So sometimes it’s just so like jarring between a highlight and a shadow or a light spot and a dark spot So you can just take your colored pencil and just super lightly sketch in between that areas and it kind of just like segues them together in a really cool place What’s also cool about using colored pencils with alcohol marker drawings is that you can switch back and forth really quickly and easily So like I put down some colored pencil and then I’m like okay, this still needs to come together more, so now I’m just going back to a light alcohol marker color and kind of putting that all over her face And that helps blend every layer that I have up until that point Like it helps blend everything together super well and you can keep alternating between the colored pencils and the alcohol markers kind of back and forth and back and forth until finally you’re able to like bust through that dreaded ugly phase and move on with the project My favorite thing about using colored pencils too is using the white ’cause you can take these great highlighted areas and produce a really soft glowing effect, but just by sketching out a large area using your white colored pencil Super easy, fast and effective Where’s my white paint marker? Let’s see, her highlights in these eyes are at the top And then her nose, I think it goes like this on this one side to it Cool And then maybe there’s one Oh yeah, we didn’t even finish up her mouth She definitely has some highlights on top of her lip On this side, and then also like all along her bottom lip is the whole thing pretty much is highlighted as well as here And then even like along her bottom eyelids she does as well All right, so I really, I really feel strongly that I need to move on with my life And then that being said, I’m like obsessed with her I want to just keep fussing, just I think, because I’m just having a good time Does that ever happen to you? You know, it’s just like lovely to spend time with a lovely person So I want to keep going and never have it end Weirdo, weirdo So yeah, I don’t think we can do too much I need to stop, but I’m just really yeah, really, really enjoying this project like way, way, way too much Okay, so you should see the heap of markers that I have next to me I do feel like the whole thing could be, like I could keep kind of adding darker shades I don’t know where that just went, oh yeah, this is Brick Beige Like I feel like I could keep going on all of this forever because I don’t think, even with all those layers, like I didn’t have the right side of the face is deep as it is in the reference photo

so that would kind of justify going over this a few more times But I do feel like I need to also move on with the rest of the projects Yes I do, even though I don’t want to ’cause I want to hang out with her skin all day You know, as you just heard me say, like, I just didn’t want to stop spending time with her She was so beautiful and watching her come to life before my eyes was just such a pleasure It’s like, once I finish one of these whimsical women drawings, I want to go right back to my studio and make another one, like not do anything else, which is why I’m kind of punting a lot of things in my life right now to get the series done because I just out of pure passion, I’m having such a great time And also seeing your work that you’re creating from the series is the most satisfying thing In case you don’t know, there’s also a book coming out of this and I’m actually featuring my students’ work in the book This is how excited I am about this whole project So as you can see, coloring in her Shayla, it’s called, is super easy and fun We’re using, again, a combination of the alcohol markers, the COPICs, and done with that little black spot was, and the colored pencils, but it’s very, very straightforward So we’re doing straight up pink for her cap that she’s wearing, and then I’m going in with gray to produce the shadow lines And then I’m just using a little bit of white colored pencil on top to create like a highlighted area And if you notice too, just like I mentioned before, as soon as you start introducing new colors like I have a lot of gray for the shading, I go and sprinkle that around the rest of the project So then I also put it along the side of the face and on the neck And again, when you’re repeating your colors throughout your piece, you’re creating a lovely unified composition by working that way So it’s like a fail safe way to just have a piece that comes together So now doing her Shayla on top is actually super fun So I’m doing the whole entire piece just in one green, this is Acid Green and just the most beautiful color in the whole world in my humble opinion And I’m doing the whole thing And the thing is remember with COPICs, you need to move very quickly, that helps reduce the streaking and then you can always go back and do a second coat but I actually ended up not even doing a second coat, I was so pleased with the way it turned out And then I’m very carefully going back in with a darker shade, which is called Moss, and drawing in the shadows that I see from the photo So you just use your photo or whatever you’re using for reference to help you figure out where those darks and lights are and then just do your best to really just draw them in And then I’m also using a pretty dark gray, this is an N7, to create, we have to have this real dramatic shading in there So I wasn’t sure about doing the green base, but I’m glad that I did ’cause it made the shadow areas look like they made sense So I went ahead and anywhere that again, I saw shading on the reference is where I tried to draw the shading on my own drawing But what’s cool is that having that deep dark shadow around her face really makes her face like pop out of her head, scarf, excuse me, of her headscarf And then also I went back and actually added an even deeper shading like around her neck and the areas very much closest to her face But again, it’s the same thing when you’re drawing hair and the having the pieces that are closest to the face be the darkest because they genuinely are in shadow, but they also make that face come outwards, and like the light is like shining upon their beautiful skin So such a cool exercise, never done a head piece like this It was really, I was so tickled the way it turned out And then again, as the final piece, I went around and popped in that deep, deep, dark shading everywhere that I saw again on my photograph and then I actually take my pencil pocket brush which is the same one I always use for eyelashes, it’s the same tool I use to highlight or go around her whole face, and then I end up outlining the entire piece with that and I think it really brought everything together If you want to catch up on the other episodes, then go ahead and click the button and you can watch that and get caught up right away