PE LIVE NC! – What's Next for Monolith Soft? | Must Play Summer Titles + Q&A!

All right what’s up everyone OJ here welcome back to the PE live we

have the nightcap thank you guys so much for joining me I do appreciate it and guys calm down about stream labs I mean remember this is his first couple days

on the job he’s been making a few mistakes he’s nervous you know I’m saying like steam labs is a little bit nervous sometimes he comes and makes some mistakes okay so he’s still learning his job so calm down guys Jesus Christ some of you guys out here getting so angry he made a couple of mistakes today he’ll be better don’t worry don’t worry I’m gonna I’m gonna train them up he’ll be better hope you better so sad on Stu everybody here I appreciate you guys been there welcome to the PE live nightcap today we’re gonna be talking about there wasn’t really like a ton of different stuff like to kind of like exciting news to go over but the exciting stuff is probably like the future for for model of soft so we’re talking about with some of the news um if you haven’t seen my video for today yes should all watch that and even after this I should be I should watch my video but I’m gonna be getting you guys just thoughts cuz I haven’t read a single one of you guys’s comments from my video about the South because I don’t have time to read the comments but I have time to stream for you guys and you guys give me live feedback and talk to me about different stuff so we’ll talk about that we’re also gonna talk about Summer Games obviously like my CV see anytime he’s here he’s freaking going off about shakedown Hawaii so we’ll talk about some of the games you guys are playing what you guys are planning to play upcoming so I should be a lot of fun as well so must play summer games my must play summer games you guys this stuff as well and then we’re going to get into a random or we actually have a random Q&A too so you guys can ask me questions whenever just as long as it’s not it doesn’t deviate too much from what we’re talking about the topics I’ll try to answer that so but if throwing weirdo stuff then I’m not gonna answer it alright so yeah music requests and everything is still live so if you guys what I’m doing music requests you guys know what to do in terms of that and I think that’s introduced we have that one video on the channel I am going to make the PE live from earlier today that is not live on the channel yet since it was like three hours long that’s not live on the channel yet but it will be live right after this podcast is done or this livestream is done it will be live yeah cuz it’s done processing so the PE like we earlier will be live very soon here and hopefully you guys enjoyed less less notifications being when notifications do get sent out but less stuff blowing up your sub feeds really we got like one maybe two dedicated videos a day and then we’ve got basically we’re just connecting things so we’re not having like five different live streams of one game play two different PE lives this and that so we’re kind of connecting things a little bit more so two two three three videos three to four videos in your sub boxes for a day with maybe potential to regular videos then also a couple PE lives in there as well and any gameplay attached to a PE live just so we don’t have to put out another separate video on the channel so so good stuff alright alright so let’s go let’s get into the shoutouts here so let me say hi to you the chat feel free to say hi I’ll say hi back and I’ll be more than happy to say hi to everybody here okay real quick guys I did do it I did do it some people might ask cuz if you’re here early I did do a shirt change and the reason why did a search changed is I was eating some food and then the food spilled on the shirt it spilled like right around like right kind of like right here it’s just like a little Dawson’s like you know I’m I’ll just change my shirt might as well so anyway either way let’s go ahead let’s get into the the shoutouts here so like Tim spent Tim W to remove this profile picture I shall straight Lopez is here what’s good very low but I’ve seen you man good to see you back Tyler Hamrick looks good man he says you’re good with stream yeah she laughs calm down I’m terribly sorry man she labs you know I don’t know what he was doing he was just I’m not sure what he was doing but he was doing something you want a rego gamer what’s good off the cake what’s up guys are is our our hops our hops what’s up man you you but you absolutely butchered my name in terms of you said hey player s it’s a butchering of my name but shoutouts man good to see you here let’s see ya gunslinger what’s good Tim W what’s good guys deadlock what’s good PB how’s it going Daniel Crowder what’s good man how’s it going how’s it going you had to take a shower couldn’t stay for the day she met take a shower how long’s that shower but this man you take a shower for two hours cuz I shop for two to three hours for the day she was three hours long you take a shower for three hours but I just like taking a shower all day let’s go smelling pristine let’s see here sweet thumb nail art there yeah thank you no filter Nintendo podcast reshape that ASAP Rob looks good dragon gamer what’s good gunslinger what’s up man I know that water bill bro this man it’s been out here man I got the water bill of the century Jay what’s good how’s it going uh party man that’s the the party guy party got party man what’s up man Ubik or what’s good dude hold on to hold on to those questions guys I’m gonna get through some shoutouts and then we’ll talk about it we’ll get some good questions answered so hold on for just a bit focus on me what’s good um you know I’m like this what’s good man um hold on to random weirdo questions guys I’m not I’m not answering weird old questions like what’s my favorite bread like I ain’t answering that I not from a person

not if you’ve got no profile picture and you guys what’s my favorite bread nah man you ain’t getting that answer sorry Matt I’m sorry I’m sorry uh we % what’s good first the freaking showerhead it’s over oh my gosh um play some wild card nice nice you still playing that wild card nice there we go out of the card what’s good man he said I’m just take this off from random cute I can’t deal with it I’m just gonna guys it is not a regular Q&A it is no longer a random Q&A I’m I’m good I put in random Q&A in the title many more people I get my question eyes okay like you guys start asking the most weirdest questions are we taking it out no random questions towards the end questions towards the end yo what’s up right Murdock Loco what’s up man Jesus I’m confused as extreme as where we donate through um and housing and now is your person stream Labs is it’s a program stream Labs is is think of it as like it’s a whole program it’s what I used to stream this whole thing it’s what I use to it can be a moderator right it can be like an auto mob bot stream Labs can do giveaway stream labs literally powers the whole the whole channel here like when I come in at the end of the day like I used to maps to record my videos I used to labs to live stream stream my powers like everything it’s the software that I use that’s what stream labs essentially is and he got a little power-hungry he knows how important he is around here so I got a little power-hungry and time somebody out for using bad language when they didn’t even use bad language an indie game er what’s good the hands the third what’s up man how’s it going um let’s see VC what’s good I’m gonna get to you guys to start I’m gonna get we’re gonna start off with Wallace off first guys what’s next for mono song more so than anything before summer games a rash what’s good man how’s it going 10th gym looks good galaxy B what’s up guys J to blue succeed you to originators here what’s good sit favorite Bretton with that yeah man he hasn’t more favorite bread now I mean sometimes you got sometimes you got no brothers bread is you know what I’m saying like what type of bread they like but I understand those questions but hold on towards the end maybe we’ll answer that now I’ll answer real cooks I thought it was a funny question I like the healthy multigrain wheat bread I mean if you want my fate my actual favorite though like what I would eat all the time if I could if I could not worry about calories and carbs what is French bread like there’s the big thick loaf of French bread those are freaking – like what did you get a Walmart for a dollar those ones are absolutely delicious those ones are absolutely delicious but yeah French bread but what I eat normally that I like that’s actually healthy for you or not gonna not gonna bloom your belly up just to help you multi green like Sara Lee help you multigrain bread so there you go alright so let’s go let’s get into I think I pretty much got everybody here I think I pretty much got it the hands the third what’s good man how’s it going good to see you here as well goki gaming what’s good what’s good well answer questions in just a bit um some let’s see I think I pretty much got everybody um vise night vise night sitting on 195 was good yo Andy what’s up man welcome back and II appreciate you being back on another stream definitely glad to see you here well you see your profile here DJ DJ Jam Monstar what’s good man how’s it going good to see you here Alonzo vine set up some meetings Alonzo vines well it’s good ty is here as well PB is here who else that I miss stream Labs obviously Anthony Rudd what’s good man good to see you here as well alright and I think I pretty much got everybody so yeah I think that’s it I think that’s everybody all right so let’s go to get it to it guys the first topic here we’re gonna be talking during what’s good Irwin actually get to see you here as well Tim W what’s good man VC let’s give guys what’s good everybody shouts that Lee ninjas and tuba to us here’s well what’s up tuba can’t miss you zero 4021 what’s up Matt how’s it going good to see you here as well alright so let’s go to get into the topic here so what’s next for models soft today I did a video on monolith soft talking about how they’ve hit 209 employees which is a new ground like nobody would have thought this company if you would have said oh this company who’s making beginning of the new world oh my god let’s go oh why did I stop so David let’s do David Drayton with the $20 donation becoming the top stream ninja

of the night and the first Toby blaster of the day so thank you so much David drinks on us too my boy he is the special ninja here in the village my man is a special ANBU black ops my boy David Drayton with the twenty and says this year has been crazy career wise went from being considered for a big promotion in Cali to finding out that me and 4500 people nationwide will be laid off by years and oh my gosh your story has only been my motivation today keep doing keep doing great work by dude dude David what the hell man you’re being laid off but the year’s end Oh No thank you for the donation man but that’s horrible news whoa okay well what do you got I mean is there is there anything that you’re lining yourself up it just seems like you’re not worried and I know you’re a confident guy so I know I mean I know you always have the back-up plan you know so hope everything’s good man like that’s that’s what’s that’s Horrible’s but I mean I’ve been there before right you know I know the feeling but um thank you that I can be a motivation to you my man and um I know you’ll do your smart intelligent guy I mean obviously I know you you interview well I know you you know you know what you’re talking about when it comes to business and what you’re going to be doing so I know you probably already got something lined up you know I know you do I know you’ll have something by the end of the year that’s plenty of time for somebody like you to find something else so so shout outs men thank you for the $20 donation done the mister I’m going to get your name up here on the top on the leaderboards here I’m good my dude Ben ready okay good I knew it I knew you were there’s no way that you’re gonna go into situation where you’re not ready for the next thing I already knew you were especially when you told me your age cuz I thought you were away younger and if you’re way younger than I’d be a little bit worried but when you told me your age okay now I have nothing to worry about because I know I know you’re gonna be good so so shoutouts man shout outs and congratulations on whatever is next because you’re just going to do bigger and better things so so yeah man thank you so much though I appreciate that dude but I’ve been there before you know I’ve been there before I’ve been fired I’ve been laid off you know I’ve been like oh well there’s nothing else you know where I was like it was bad I was like I had to worry I don’t have anything like that oh oh no so so shout outs dude I think you’ll find something else man he said hey David just said of the chase said he said I’m good dude he said he’s been ready so so it’s all good man I think I think he’s good if you know David David’s David David’s always ready he’s ready for the next time no he’s ready for the next thing so it’s all good man so yeah man thank you for the twenty all donations you are the top student yeah and you’re also the stream boss as well so I do appreciate that that’s the first time we blaster up today as well so thank you man all right and he said hey just cook my second job the other day yeah that job was kind of trashed wasn’t it easy I’m all right so let’s talk about some monolith softs shot me guys we had a video on the channel did really well I’m looking at some of the views for it and over 6,000 views already before the day’s end which is pretty good considering YouTube hates me and my channel and notifications apparently so shoutouts that everybody who’s watched the video so far a lot of comments on there a lot of likes so thank you guys so much if you have not from the video the video was titled this is big for monolith soft and we found out that they had over 200 employees over 200 yeah what’s up Hugo what’s up son we they had over 200 employees there they added 16 in the last quarter and remember remember all those different like things that they were doing in terms of urgent hirings for new projects it seems like we’re gonna find out maybe this year what’s going down you know what’s going down this year I have some of my own theories which I talked about in the video but I want to hear you guys as theories they have five studios but across Japan they have their tier one studios they have a tier two studio kind of have like it’s funny because like their tier two studio made Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is like oh wait a minute the tier two raids little bit Chronicles 2 and torn of the golden country so that’s pretty freakin good that’s pretty freakin good so I want to see what they’re working on man I want to see what that number one team is working on so have to wait and see um what the wait and see let’s see here so what do you guys think let me know your thoughts in the comment section below tag me a player since our hash tag player since for any of your thoughts our model is soft I’m gonna have a video for you guys too with monolith soft coming up pretty soon here like I said upcoming in the next few weeks we’re really gonna be hitting our the super smash bros i want to bring super special this content to you guys but i don’t know what content i’m gonna bring to you guys that you guys will actually watch so i’m trying to figure out what would be a good type of super smash for this content but we’re gonna be really hitting hard the monolith soft and Xenoblade and all that

coming up and also fire ever in three houses so look forward to more cool videos and discussion pieces on all that goodness you know Xenoblade and all that and Fire Emblem and smash but I gotta figure out what the two would smash i did a joker stuff and nobody watched it though alright so let’s go let’s give it to you guys’s thoughts here I believe there’s around 30 to 40 people working on each vamos soft 5 development teams well the tier 1 development team has more than 30 to 40 people though the tier 1 development team has like uh I think it’s like six sixty or seven that more than that so like the people that made like xenoblade chronicles acts and the original Xenoblade they have that in that original stood they have bamned more than 40 50 people they have X 70 something or more so it’s a little bit thinned out like that’s your one development team as more than that more than 30 so ya know I won’t be doing that Andy Ackerman no no not at all where’s the smash lingo please alright smash lingo makes those funny smash videos alright I’ll do my best guys Inaba generally says are they all devs though are they counting buildings building staff yeah they’re developers they don’t count like the freaking gender or the custodial person like out there like sweeping the you know sweep in the parking lots are picking up trash from out there you know they they don’t count that person as an employee they’re counting all the people that are actually you know involved in making games involved in making games at you know at monolith softs oh so yeah interesting interesting stuff all right so monolith fighting game it could happen and it could be really good dude I’d be completely down for a monolith soft fighting game for like a 2d monolith soft fighting game like a Xenoblade fighting game I’d be totally down for something like that where you get to use all the different Xenoblade characters fighting against each other yo sign me up man sign me up I don’t know if violence often make that but I think maybe like an arc system works or another developer who’s good with you know 2d fighting games could make that that would be completely dope I’d be down dude I’d be completely down for that I’m almost off have taken the place of the old squaresoft yeah pretty much I think that’s pretty much the whole thing with mono soft is that maybe they don’t make as many games as Squaresoft but maybe they can try to make as many games maybe they can get that because really all those soft games you just take a long time to come out right you look at Xenoblade Chronicles and look at Xenoblade Chronicles X you know like generally Chronicles came out in 2010 scintillate Chronicles X came out in 2015 so five years in between you know the game and then there was a lot shorter time period from Xenoblade Chronicles X – xenoblade chronicles – that was only two years because they reused the same engine and they didn’t use all the same like it kind of just said alright let’s just get this game going from the start so so yeah yo what’s up right now down user avid arm what’s good Avedon good to see you here my boy good to see you here mama soft could probably make a really dope parasites eating yeah but they don’t own the license so so I’m not sure I see square needs to give Xenogears back to takahashi so he can remake the game because it’s a masterpiece way better than Final Fantasy 7 which more people could experience that game but square cuts its budget well I mean the game is available on the ps3 for people to play so so yeah well I’m so fine since I I would love to see my mother stop give another shot at a game like disaster day of crisis they made on the Wii that games interesting I’m not sure if I’d like to see them go back to something like that but you know you never know maybe they can make it you know maybe they make something else that that’s better this time around because I don’t think that I put the game I don’t think it’s it’s it’s okay but it’s I don’t think that great I’ll be honest I don’t think it’s that great but I think it’s an okay game it’s not a bad game MF s gameplay how you doing man good just good to see you here just getting up to say hi how you doing dark services monolith are becoming more important to Nintendo I think maybe they have more import to input into the next Zelda than breath of the wild they are becoming kings of the JRPG for sure I mean I think at the end of the day the people who are the producers of Legend of Zelda still have the most input on their but I think that they’re really helping to shape maybe the open world and what breadth of the wild or the Nexus all the game is going to do cuz I think they’re gonna slow go in that area obviously breadth of the wobbles a huge success so I think they’re gonna continue on with that and I know my son did say that like hey I think the next one’s gonna be you know like breath the wild so I think they’re gonna stick with the whole open-world formula I think what they’re gonna do they’re gonna they’re gonna cave into like the people complaining though about dungeons and stuff like I think they’re gonna add more of the puzzle dungeons and things like that to slow the hell they gave me that slow the game down all the way to freaking crawl because that’s what puzzles an adult to do so if they’re probably going to add stuff like that because people complain so that’s what I would expect is that we’re gonna see something you know like similar to like we’re gonna see something like like breadth of the wall but also have some

more dungeon in there cuz everybody’s whining about dungeons how would you feel if Z no blade an MMO online I don’t really like mmo’s you know I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of paying monthly for a game and I’m not a huge fan of having it all connected online I mean mmo’s are kind of like the things that I hate the most in gaming these days which is other people that I don’t know and also I’m always online so I mean I don’t for me personally I mean I would play it because it’s Xenoblade and everything but at the same time it’s not like I’m out here feeding for like I’m always online MMO to be honest man let’s see here did I ever play disaster I did play disaster day of crisis yeah I did play disaster it never came out here in the West but I had a wheat where I can play games what’s it called I can play games from other regions and all that and it was no problem just imported the game and played it play Asia baby baby you know what’s up juice affair how’s it going my boy good to see you here as well this is all I know is I’m excited for all the games that are going to come out from all the stuff yes very excited about that you know what’s up raining guy user busy honest here as well so that’s the long-term support guys I appreciate that Xenoblade scramble well they talk you know what that the funny thing is that they talked about that Jay Davey like I think it was like Kobe Tech more whatever they talked about they talked about a them wanting to do like xenoblade Warriors or something like that so I mean I don’t think that would be something that would be too far off that someday we get a Xenoblade Warriors I think that’s probably gonna happen one of these days is that we get a Xenoblade Warriors you know you should do a poll regarding smash smash content and see we want to see yeah I should I should or I don’t know what to put in the polo I’d probably say like maybe stream clips with stupid titles but then again I don’t want to I don’t want to embarrass anybody or anything like that so I’m not really sure what I do you know buddy warriors would be awesome you know my worries would be awesome persona worries is not the Xenoblade worries would be awesome oh my god Xena fighters fighting game yeah we talked about that just a bit gun-sling you’re like xenoblade you know fighting game would be dope I’d be completely down to shulk versus rex on a fighting game let’s do it make funny and make funny videos but not the same as mighty Keef he makes videos like live action like live stuff what he does and that’s pretty much all he does so I don’t know maybe it seems like a lot of effort for that what I have when I do well I’m not like my like mine’s not really into it I don’t really feel like creating that type of content that he does you know so yeah that’s here um well most of like we see a new fantasy RPG IP at e3 yeah I talked about that too neon black piece where I talked about like there could be like a new fantasy RPG from from monolith soft so I’m hoping I’m really hoping that that that becomes the case you know with them I’m really hoping that we do get some type of new fantasy RPG I’d be down for that be completely down to that fire blasts LJ if we can if we could get Bandai Namco’s squared to work something out I’m I’d love to see Xena Warriors game wait why square why square Xenoblade is owned by Nintendo and the school you know like what do you need Bandai Namco and Square Enix for a Xena Warriors game you need Co a tech Bo and Nintendo for a Xena Warriors game you don’t need Square Enix or Bandai Namco oh well yeah Oh will you need them for Xenosaga yeah you need them okay yeah Xenosaga yeah then you need Square for yeah you’re right actually you need them for forever easy no game okay gotcha gotcha okay so you’re talking like all encompassing not a Xenoblade Warriors but like a Z no okay the whole encompassing of Xenoblade oh yeah that would that would take too much collaboration I don’t think that that I don’t know if that’s that would happen at all that would be tough alright they gotta be difficult for for that to happen just considering how many developers you need but then again we’ve seen stuff like pubs across zone right which is had a bunch of different franchises from Sega and our Capcom and all these different franchises you know in in that get in that game so so maybe maybe that maybe something like that happens so gears in Xenosaga yeah that would be that’d be to it I think that’d be a little bit tough but what the wait and see yeah cosmos and tlo’s are in Xenoblade too so maybe they work something out maybe they work something out what would you even call that game you just call Zeno warriors that’s all it’s very simple like if there was a Xenoblade game like that was in the same style like a warrior’s game or a mousou game I’ll just you know Xena warrior is easy it’s very easy Xena warriors Xena warriors chronicles just cause you know warriors I mean you have like Fire Emblem warriors it’s very simple right by our memorials and then you have hyrule warriors you just call Xena warriors don’t worry that’s it

imagine this monolith soft cross PlatinumGames that’d be cool but what would they make what type of game would you would you like to see like what would it be like is cuz Platinum Games they make they don’t make RPGs well they kind of do sometimes I guess right they made they well they helped out with granblue fantasy link but then they were not on the project anymore they were not the developers so it’s interesting yeah what’s up Matthew campus are you doing today my boy to see you here like always I want syllabi Chronicles 3 next to be honest do you you know after Xenoblade Chronicles – I think I’m okay with I think I’m thinking ok with Z no wait I would love to see Xenoblade Chronicles X – or I’d like to see a new IP I think a new IP would be dope just like do something new and then you can come back – xenoblade chronicles 3 like after that one maybe you come back to 0 Chronicles 3 in a few years or like in the next 5 years you come back – xenoblade but then make make like take all your experience i can i talked about this in my video take all your experience that you’ve made that you have from Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and put that into a game but then a brand new IP I think that would be dope I think that’d be though you know no no Z no way crossfire um boom no no no no no no no no no fire emblem can make great games Xenoblade can make great games no none of this crud no there’s no need to put a bunch of Fire Emblem characters in Xenoblade or vice versa no no make Fire Emblem games mega Xenoblade games I don’t want to see it and let’s like a fighting game okay Xenoblade cross fire and boom fighting game okay great but if it’s anything outside of a fighting game I don’t want to see it Tokyo Mirage sessions do that’s all I gotta say that’s a big no that’s a big no because they gonna start they act so weird with these crossovers they make the game play water down or that it’s really weird art styles like hey I don’t I don’t like to see that unless it’s a fighting game we don’t we do we do not need another Tokyo we don’t need a how Tokyo systems turned out we don’t need that that could have just been a new IP Tokyo more systems is a good game but let’s just be honest here guys like they tried to salvage like dude they should have just made a new IP that’s what they should have just made a brand new IP toward that it can go forward so it didn’t have the moniker of Tokyo Mirage sessions if they made a brand new IP and it wasn’t called Tokyo Mirage sessions and it wasn’t this weirdo mix of Fire Emblem and and Shin Megami Tensei it would have sold a lot better it would have done so much better but no we don’t need that can we just fast-forward to astral saying yeah that would be good that would be good let’s see yeah man you’re really against little bit in fire I I really am against unless it’s a fighting game which we already kind of got that right Super Smash Brothers but there’s only a cousin looking like a character like a joke but I mean like I just don’t think that we I’m not a fan of these crossovers they almost never work dude they almost never work and then like they sound good at the for at first but then at the end of the day they end up not being anywhere and they end up not being what you expect and it’s like okay you know for me at least so I mean I’m just make crazy no boy games make great fireman news I don’t understand why we need to somehow trying to fan dangle and fire them characters into Xenoblade or vice versa you know I don’t I don’t understand that you know and out yeah smash is a fighting game that’s what I said unless it’s a fighting game and that’s cool but if it’s not a fighting game if some type of weird RPG whether you try to mash Fire Emblem characters and that style of game because no matter what you do Fire Emblem is a strategy RPG Xenoblade is an action RPG something’s gotta give you can’t do both you can’t do both and if you try to do both it’s gonna turn out really bad it’s gonna turn out bad you’re gonna try to say okay well how much of firearm Lupin in there okay wait how much of Xena boy do okay well what about these fans it just gets it gets it gets stupid and that’s why I Tokyo Morrison’s turned out the way that it did Tokyo Mirage essence isn’t bad but let’s just be real here guys they showed us a bunch of firemen characters and it showed us a bunch of similar intensity characters then they cross them together in the final game we did not get we did not get where are all the similar intensity characters they showed up Nocturne dude they showed off all the people from they shut off Flint they showed off all the cool shit without my sensor characters all these cool firearm characters do we didn’t see any of them I thought of a few of them and they’re in weird formats and all that come on man that’s not what they were going for you guys all know I mean like I said I love Tokyo more on sessions but that’s not what they were going for they rant they ran into walls they ran into problems trying to mix Fandango in Fire Emblem and the gameplay in Fire Emblem into into a turn-based RPG like Tokyo like alright sorry like Semak on my 10th say and then they ended up with that but donkey rot they ended up changing everything because it was stupid that’s why that’s not what they were going for it otherwise they wouldn’t have done that art like that they wouldn’t they wouldn’t have done that if that’s not what they’re going for let’s see uh took your mother Tokyo Mirage sessions is probably a better

game house compared to what it would have been as a standard crossover I don’t but do we don’t know that’s what I’m saying like what’s the point so you’re trying to say that oh well it so they should try to do things and if it doesn’t work maybe they’ll get it but just make a new IP just make a new game why is it even a crossover in the first place then obviously there’s forced crossover elements in that game and there’s notion of Megami Tensei characters it’s just like it’s forced crossover it doesn’t work that’s what I’m saying like these these crossover things don’t work just make a new game they should just came together and made a new game like and that would have been so much better they would haven’t wasted as much time because I know that they spent a ton of time trying to make Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei work and it didn’t work it didn’t work at all so they made something completely different that’s why we didn’t see the game forever dude like they didn’t show the game they showed that original trailer they showed literally no gameplay elements until it was ready to be shown off until there was a trailer and they knew what the game was locked down what it was going to be they showed nothing because for more than a year or I probably say years they sat there and and was tried to put fire in them character which should Megami Tensei and it didn’t work so they only showed it when it was wait when it was actually completely redone and remade you know it would be like them saying like for example what would it be like Metroid Prime for right they let us know that they’re restarting development Metroid Prime form with a different developer now Tokyo Russians didn’t restart with a different developer but they read they completely restarted development of the game they probably had a build going of what they were what they were gonna do with this game with Fire Emblem and similar main types of characters they said this isn’t working so they completely scrapped it and then started all over with that there was no way they’re planning this this waifu singing type of sixteen-year-olds and all but they weren’t planning that there’s no way there’s no way so yeah so I’m not big I’m not big on that guys I just like to have my Fire Emblem games in my Xenoblade games I don’t well I don’t think we need it in my opinion I don’t think it would work that’s just me that’s just mean would you be interested in seeing them make a game using the same similar mechanics as you know they don’t play with a Nintendo I’d be like Zelda RPG or maybe to get them to make up my RPG well I would be damned for a ghazal bar yeah I talk about that in my video today good luck watch my videos watch my videos please know I talked about that earlier and I said that yeah I think I’d be down for them making like not at the same as Xenoblade but make a different battle system and make an RPG that has I mean I’d be down for that I’d be I’d be completely down for that what the hell is what is stream Labs doing dude I’m sorry then I’m sorry I’m sorry ace gamer but no token rochester’s is definitely not as watered-down persona I don’t know why you’d think that or why you’d say that no it’s not it’s not at all actually it’s a really in-depth game it’s it’s actually Tokyo Mirage sessions is more like shin megami tensei more some stupid phone it’s more like cinema guy my Ted say more than anything it’s not really like persona outside of maybe some but you can think like teenagers you know that are in high school outside of that but in terms of like the gameplay mechanics all that it’s not really like persona at all so yeah Ronnie bill I talked about that a Xenoblade Chronicles 1 remaster a remake I think that needs to happen in the video that I made today I showed off it was like 4k Xenoblade Chronicles 1 HD remake or sorry master and it looked so good even with those basic Wii U or sorry we graphics no it looked really good so I man malice off they can do something awesome with that they made like at 1080p 30 phase for a second remaster complete remastered of Xenoblade Chronicles 1 I’d be completely down for that I’d be completely down for that but I enjoyed Tokyo are such a sharp Effie really I do the game comes to switch I do like it too but you guys I think some of you guys are understand what I’m trying to say I’m not sayin that tokin more assistance is a bad game I’m saying that the crossover didn’t work didn’t cross ones didn’t work yo shut up Stu Andy Ackerman with the $25 donation through super chat thank you so much Andy I do appreciate that my boy and he says so just to be clear no combining xenoblade’s and Fire Emblem ha ha smiley face yes yes Andy just to be very clear no combining the two because I don’t want them wasting them development time and resources on something that’s probably not gonna work now if they did it and it worked I’d be happy very happy Andy but yes I think I spent what 10 minutes complaining about that right now I think I spent 10 minutes complaining about that and sorry about that ace gamer you didn’t say anything wrong dream Labs is being a bit a bit aggressive today but shout outs to any acraman I’m Andy uh I’m gonna put both of you guys up on here just because um super chat is a bit weird because it takes us YouTube takes 30% so technically 30% of that would make you

about but David Wright in Ustream labs so we’re gonna go ahead and put you guys both up here for top stream ninja okay how about that cuz you did donate 25 so get you both up here thank you so much Andy I appreciate that you guys give some love and some sitting having some emails to my dude Andy Ackerman who just recently started watching the podcast or I started watching the shows and it’s already donated twice so it’s very very very generous so thank you man Andy I appreciate that what’s up the Rebbe how’s it going my boy good to see you here good to see you here as well mmm Alonzo says hook your own sessions is fire I had mad people gathering around to watch me play my last appointment yo shoutouts I like Tokyo Mirage sessions guys I like Tokyo Mirage sessions well said I’m not a fan of crossovers yeah I’m just not huge on them but a zoom what do you guys think about his needler Chronicles 1 remaster what you guys think about something like that would that be dope man I’d be nice man losing your head though oh my gosh I would be so down for that man I’d be so down for that out of all the differences nobody games what would you what would you guys like to see first Xenoblade Chronicles 1 remastered or as the nobody particles X remaster which wasn’t first you know be dope like I said in my video a double pack is even by Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 1 the Xenoblade I pay $120 for that I pay 60 I pay a hundred and I pay $150 for that and like a steelbook case I paid 200 actually I’m a steelbook case completely remastered Xenoblade Chronicles 1 along with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1080p whatever you know smooth out frame rate all that good stuff I’d paid $200 for that in a nice steelbook and has like an X on it and it has like Schultz face it has shocks face at the top it has Elvis face on the right it has who else’s face it has a done band dumb bands face on one side and then it has like who else and then it has like Lynn and then has a glints face on the bottom and it’s like an X on there and I just Casino bathe the the Xenoblade um collection dude sign me up sign me up the double pack dude that would be oh my gosh that would be so good I was for either a new IP or a remaster well which one would you our remastered I know dude how dope would that be that nice steelbook edition man they don’t gonna make a killing and absolute it’d be it’d be so worth the money I’m hoping that’s what they announced that eat dude like okay we got something for all views you know blade fans look out for this and all of a sudden takahashi-san comes up and you know the voice-over thank you so much Xenoblade fans are playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 we enjoyed all of you guys his thoughts and comments but now let’s hear what’s next I mean like Bowser’s had a little bit as a little bow that all of a sudden for the first time in HD director something Oh see you like apples when it comes to the Nintendo switch it’s stunning 1080p HD like dude how dope would that be man like oh my gosh Matt intensifies is I feel like they could get away with making a gotcha game for phones like Fire Emblem eros pretty simple games like I’ll show off the characters yeah I mean that’s cool but I mean like I know about the real like I’m eating potatoes I don’t want to hear about gotcha games like I don’t even care about buying heroes I had it on my phone I deleted it cuz it’s like I’m not a tap tap revolution guy I’m not a tap guy you know my child play games like that um I just got tried I’ve tried I bought a freaking gaming tablet you know like to get into these games I bought you know I’ve not bought but I’ve paid downloaded all these tap games like these don’t kill you I’m just not into this tapping stuff so I mean if they do it that’s cool whatever great for the franchise I get it you know I get it like Pokemon go and all this stuff but I’ve never been I’m not I’m never gonna be into this tapping stuff you know so yeah I love to Xenoblade Chronicles 1 remaster I’m still close to house shulk’s universe and recs parallel yeah yeah it’d be interesting to be interesting to see yeah I don’t need to like Chronicles 2 more style on Zilla Chronicles 1 ok um yo charity Scott what’s good what’s good charity let’s see yeah see The Chronicles 1 remaster would be amazing because the biggest thing holding back the first game first game’s graphics is just the Wii hardware I played my Chronicles one with some AC touches on dolphin and man it’s beautiful yeah you know a scammer like can you can you tell me how to do that like I need somebody to walk me through step by step how to do that I swear if somebody hits me up

on Twitter and walks me through step by step like maybe like tomorrow morning whoever has time can walk me through so I can download that and install it and I swear I will start playing it for you guys and stream it I promise you I will like I will drop my let’s plays if everything else didn’t do that if somebody can just help me out because there’s like it’s it’s a it seems like there’s like a lot of steps I just need a little bit of help so if somebody knows how to do and they can walk me through on discord like step by step I’d be very appreciative if you guys could do that for me so yeah see my chronicles 1 remaster I have dolphin I can I can hook it up times finger thank you arm are you available tomorrow morning I know you probably got work or something or school I’m not really sure helped manage if we need to see the log do den Sullinger can you I think you have me on Twitter right maybe when you get some time tomorrow I don’t want it you know I know you’re probably busy you’re doing stuff let’s see here the Internet has all the info yeah I know that’s alright that’s all I’m asking you guys for help so I’m asking you guys for help um a full remaster would look even better than HT Texas on an emulator since there’s still artifacts from the geometry yeah that’s why I would like them to do a full remaster gunslinger I’ll DM you gun-sling you’re okay when you get time we’ll do it tomorrow when you get time just when you have any free time well we’ll do it tomorrow no pressure wave Symphony says Xenogears the same franchises Xenosaga and Xenoblade it’s the same not the same exact franchise was the same developers who made it there’s some similar themes but not really this say it’s not exactly the same you know like xenoblade isn’t the same as Xenogears Xenogears isn’t the same as as you know saga you know but it’s just basically the same developers though but they’re not connected you know in any way that we at least we know of all zero means is like alien ish life-form stuff like that but they’re not connected Xenoblade is Xenoblade Xenosaga Xenosaga Xenogears is Xenogears you know I got dolphin in my name this year the Wii games are choppy on there yeah well that’s Nvidia shield I personally would take the Xenoblade X remaster first or would you want to see the bike X remaster Xenoblade X is definitely like I can see why you don’t like X has some pretty good stuff to it right you know bite X you have what do you have to deal with next you have online play in Xenoblade X so that can be like a PE ultimate type of game 0by Chronicles X s a huge open world at seamless Xena but X on one cartridge anywhere that you want that’s that’d be the dopest portable game and that might be the best portable game ever better than maybe even better than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 because Xenoblade Chronicles X has a seamless open world so you don’t have to like you can just go anywhere in that open world without loading screens like you can just fly around like that type of game and the palm of your hand is OD that’s that’s just amazing so yeah I think I’d like to see that too I think I would like to see that as well that would be that’d be nice but a double back would be just be that wouldn’t just be amazing if there was like a double pack my gosh dude like I’d be completely down for that put you down for that let’s see your partner already said ok sounds good alright cool cool cool alright so yeah how smooth emulators depending on your hardware usually unless the Emily you’re using is just crappy and that’s some popular ones I got good hard way though so so yeah see look like particles one gen get total xenoblade chronicles wouldn’t get rematch so I’m spamming the Rhine time everywhere dude we have to yo dr Keyblade with the dollar i9 donation through through super chat and he says your J what are your thoughts on on our world is ending I don’t know what that is our world is ended so I don’t really have any thoughts on it I don’t know what it is what is it can you let me know that mark 7 says perhaps but thank you for the dominant donation I appreciate that but I don’t know what that is let’s see I also feel general audiences with like a Xena wait X more than general buy one because the massive open world I think yeah the the massive over was definitely more marketable but people have people love salt dude people really love Silk’n the minato the people just love that style of gameplay with Zeno boy you know and like the story people still to this day still say Xenoblade one greatest game ever made you know that mark services perhaps you should you should use the HDMI adapter that includes graphics processing you can you can play GameCube and Wii games using it and upscale smooths and removes jaggies okay but can you can you do that to hook up to my computer for like streaming though I see I will roll and this is a switch game I think it’s an action game is it the power of the Minato I think do you mean do you mean the wall ends with you let’s see yeah okay not okay oh it’s a visual novel okay yeah I know is it that number with a bunch of like girls in like certain like the school outfits on it yeah I

mean I don’t really know much about the game so dr. Keith Wood says donate it no you didn’t have to donate another daughter he could have just tagged me in the chat but he says it’s a visual novel coming out for switch kind of like is this fine Justine’s gait steins gate yeah I’m not big on visual novels although I want to stream a visual novel um and see if you guys like it but I mean like I don’t know anything I don’t know too much about the game so maybe I’ll check it out at some point you can hook up to El Gato and it’s still smooth and everything okay cool cool so that means you need two of the cables then right because for an elgato you’ve got a hook in one cable – from the el gato to your Wii or your Gamecube right and then you got a hook in another cable from your PC because I have my my Elgato capture card is I have one that’s jacked into my mother job on my PC and then you got a hook at another El Gato or sorry another one of those nice cables to your to your monitor so you have to get two of those cables right okay I don’t I I don’t I don’t have tik-tok but I got I got band talks alright sorry I got I got time-out talks so we can we do have a timeout talk I can get you on calm down homeboy calm down this isn’t I know I get it you’re probably out from school you know you got your fresh milk just sitting there ready to drink I get it you know I try to have a little bit of fun usually you get ignored in streams I get you but I might actually see your tik-tok comments man calm down Noah calm down calm down put the milk down relax relax and add some actual normal questions man here in the village you know what I’m saying what girl just be cool be cool dude be cool like I said I don’t mind jokes and all that but you’re spamming tik-tok stuff I don’t do that tick tock crap whatever it is that you kiddos you know shooting up time pot Tide Pods playing for at night and drinking milk I don’t I don’t do all that I don’t know what you’re talking about all right man so just calm down calm down ask normal questions on my love song all right so let’s see you Tim W says would you stream games like doki-doki adventure probably not all right so let’s go this all right so let’s go ahead let’s move on to the next topic here guys let’s see here all right you guys everything that’s our momma soft I’ll answer more questions I’ll answer more questions on Mama’s soft let’s hear so many PS okay hold up I want to answer this question in so many PS fanboys complain in my Marvel Ultimate Alliance three being exclusive look at the comment section of the latest trailer what was the latest trailer the latest trailer which one empty why I like the one that game informer put out or the one that what trailer are you talking about the Japanese one let me see which trailer are you talking about the one that gave him four which one are you talking about Oh the end cable oh okay the end yeah so I’d have to buy two M cables right or just one M cable which one how many M cables would I have to buy ain’t nothing wrong with Malcolm I did my body good bread good let’s see which are you talking about the exclusive coverage trailer the GameInformer one this month it I don’t see it so let me know which one you’re talking about mty um I think there’s just a gaming for me that was the lightest that’s the latest show that I can see so which has a couple bits of new information on there no one complained that spider-man ps4 is exclusive even though most previous spider-man games weren’t exclusives well Sony paid for that game particularly so let’s see fun fact but despite what marketing tells you milk does not actually help build strong bones that’s calcium in there so that’s the only way they can get away with telling you that so calcium helps but there’s other ways to get calcium in your body and milk is just kind of disgusting to be honest your body your body doesn’t need milk unless it’s like you talked about from an infant like breast milk that’s different but like once you get past that stage nah there’s other stuff that you can take there’s other ways to get calcium and other stuff to make your bones strong and all that adult should it be drinking and if you’re an adult you shouldn’t be drinking milk at all there should be no reason for you to drink milk whatsoever I’m a growing boy I don’t know if you sell my carpets but I enjoy till tomorrow such an sharp epi I really do hope we can come to switch alright man I saw actually I did read off your comment let’s see here Thank You Eric I appreciate that thank you so much man you just love your personality and your channel thanks for all you do thank you guys so much we’ve been having a little bit of a growth

spurt late of recently I think we were like I said we’re just really focusing on like you know the stuff that you guys want to watch like you know Xenoblade and you know smash content you guys come out for the streams when we do them and um like Fire Emblem stuff so we’re just gonna double down on that type of stuff I already got I think I’m ready for you guys tomorrow morning on Fire Emblem good video – what the good thumbnail obviously need milk and that Nutter butters sorry although I use almond milk so I have I drink Dharma milk uh oh I don’t drink it I go I’m drinking almond milk but if I have cereal it’s with almond milk it’s not with regular milk it’s not with 2% milk or cow milk the cow milk is disgusting humans humans don’t need to be drinking that you don’t need to be drinking it that’s for cows that’s for little baby calves that’s for animals it’s not for humans all right so let’s move on here shall we I was gonna get on a little milk right yeah let’s see yeah – I drink almond milk as well there you go you really get used to it after a while you get used to it all the milk is it tastes like the same thing and it tastes so much healthier doesn’t leave you all the thorak and bloated like regular milk does what about what about cheese though cheese is made from milk so you don’t need to be eating that either or if you do eat cheese very small amounts of it very very small amounts of cheese I was even buy Texans anyway Chronicles 2×2 on the switch dude that would be dope dragon gamer if they said it we gotta like Chronicles X poured it over and you’ve got Xenoblade Chronicles – I do III there has to be a Xenoblade announcement right I’m just I’m feeling it in my bones man like there’s gonna be some type of III announcement with like with Xenoblade I think there just has to be like a new IP announcement and maybe even like a Xenoblade maybe what if there’s three of em dude you just go all Dantley she’s just an infant fan oh dude she’s just a no sit man it does not taste the same but it’s good it look I say you get used to it it doesn’t taste the same but you’ll get used to it at first when I first started drinking like at first I start with soy milk but then I was switched from soy milk to almond milk and at first it was disgusting but now that just tastes normal it’s fine it’s not a big deal see do you think end games popularity more but also the lines three has the potential to be one of the highest selling third-party titles yeah I think so absolutely I think it’s definite has a chance to be a mat I guess we should move it to must play summer games right BC I know you got a list of summer games that you were there you go there’s the list this is my top five summer games in order so we’re next topic guys we move on to the next topic and the next topic is must play summer games what are your must play summer games we know the lineup right guys we know our lineup for the next few months between May June July August you guys know my must play games I’m gonna list them off real quick Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Dragon whoa no no no Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Dragon Quest brothers – Fire Emblem three houses Super Mario maker that’s a must play game I’m gonna play I gotta try it out because it looks cool it looks kind of cool I’ve been watching more than shows if it looks not big on Super Mario maker I’m gonna buy that game astral chain those are my god eater God Eater 3 those are mine I must play games so what are your must play summer games and there’s more a AI the summoning files is coming out in the summer there’s a lot of good there’s a lot of good stuff come out July dude there’s a lot of stuff so fire DC’s must cross off summer game must cross off list summer game astral chain own Enoch yes Oni naki is a summer game as well my summer is full its Ultimate Alliance three not two okay sorry my bad more will also the lines three not two Ultimate Alliance 30 sorry I was talking too fast Dragon Quest builders – I’m secretly excited for will put in way too many hours for that any chances of panels for smash probably not no ma is hype okay you’re looking forward to AI I don’t see a lot of people talking about that game as much but you guys were when I made my video and that gave me as a go snaps game looks kind of – hope like we’ll see what they do with it so yeah um let’s see my work money okay what the hell stream Labs do how things stream labs is trippin bro I think you know what stream less it’s called a stroll chain oh no you guys can cuss but you can’t cuss in a certain way like no F word no F word cussing but no like no like a lot of cussing and like you didn’t like your stuff so yeah we like to keep it you know a PG pg-13 ish on the channel definitely not no M rated stuff you know even though sometimes we’ll make jokes here and there but like we like to keep it to where at least you know kids can watch you know with the families and stuff like that so but no he didn’t even say anything

ty said number one Astral chain number two Dragon Quest 11s which do people forget that’s even coming that’s not a summer game though at least I don’t think it is number three no that’s awful they said fall so that’s not even a summer game three SSE’s could remaster that’s a spring /summer game okay Pokemon so do that that’s not a summer game either so yeah we’re talking about summer games Animal Crossing that’s not a summer game either so yeah but Asheville chain definitely is so yeah Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster I think yeah that’s the reason why it’s not it wasn’t cuz I action it was because of assassins Oh guys you got timed out for one second for one second I got I gotta figure out how to change that I quit but with the timing people out like what is what I don’t even know how I said that how is that even set like let me see let me see this stream glad the cloud ah why what’s going on with this dude let’s see words protect restrict words of paint on your voice’ or blacklist let me take a look use the default blacklist send punishment message all right this is what it is guys this is there was a default blacklist fear of words let’s see the bullet alright so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go over to my YouTube guys and I’m gonna I’m gonna get the black with some words that I already have I’m gonna tune this up because people getting timed out for no reason this is degrading the quality of the stream to be honest like when you sitting there getting timed out and you don’t even know what you did you’re just putting anything that’s actually not cool that can turn people off to the stream so let me let me fix this right now actually I can’t be waiting something I’m gonna forget so let me fix this right away let me see your community settings alright so copy and word and phrases oh you can’t copy and paste oh yeah you can’t copy and paste on stream I was this removes that’s unfortunate alright so I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to fix it for right now so we’re just going to we’re gonna exit off of this this default blacklist so that should that should say and I and I will fix it later so mods y’all just be ready for that alright so I think we’re good I think we’re good now I think we’re good oh my gosh I think we’re good it’s good yeah assassins yeah it’s from assassin’s creed I thought I was asshole change so I think it’s assassin’s creed god eater cannot explain it yeah it’s online it’s up to eight players online it’s like a monster hunter style of game like a really fast paced Monster Hunter that’s that’s really the best way to describe it really fast paced Monster Hunter you head into maps and areas of locations you fight you pick up you get like rewards you get XP you get like drops like different weapons and stuff like that and there’s like an end boss of each stage or there’s like an end goal you do that and then you go back it’s like really grindy but you can play a play you can play up to eight with Gayathri so Matthew Dickinson so Jason from our Oh maker to Marvel Ultimate Alliance three God Eater and AI yeah man it’s that’s looking pretty good it’s looking pretty good no it’s it’s fine you can say stuff like that just I’m probably gonna not respond to you if you put stuff like oh yeah Toronto’s like be like basketball it’s I’ll talk about at the very animals were in random but yeah I mean but yeah you don’t have to worry about it if you want to put it you can put it it’s fine all right so hype for Assassin’s Creed get timed out oh my gosh no look no here’s the thing guys here’s the thing stream Labs is actually really good G mobs is really good there’s a lot of customization options it’s just that you’ve got a fine-tuned stream laps like nightbot is okay but you’ve got a fine-tuned stream labs once it’s fine-tuned trust me it’s gonna run like a well-oiled stream labs machine but right now I’m just doing a couple different tests with it so sorry about that guys will you will you stream co-op play with your ninja on more volts or the lines tree yeah I’m lookin I’m planning on doing that where you guys have safe files to where you only strike you guys gonna have separate save files then you guys gonna have save files where we’re gonna put on stream so we’re all like right around the same level and everything so yeah I wonder if Animal Crossing is a summer game or not I mean it seems like Animal Crossing is gonna be maybe September I mean that’s what I would think and be a September game so I guess is that still summer as September still summer does anybody know when summer actually ends so yeah let me know in the chat gunslinger says Mar waltz with Lions 3 Damon ex machina astral

change Super Mario maker – Tony naka and Fire Emblem the funny thing is that where’s Damon ex machina gonna go you know where where is that gonna go at so that’s gonna be interesting to see you know one that comes September 21st until fall ok so I think Animal Crossing could technically be a summer game September is still technically summer on the calendar ok all right take it easy ba appreciate that man thanks for coming out to the stream wake me up when September ends wake you up when September ends okay David machina doesn’t even look it doesn’t even look good to you I think it looks I think it looks great man I think it looks great and they’re gonna make some improvements to the game so I think the game is looking good I like mech games but I’m a big fan of mech games so I think it looks great to me so I’m looking forward to the game as bad as day’s gone how much does days gone sold how bad is days what do you mean might in like in terms of reviews or do you mean like in sales we don’t we don’t know the sales number so do you mean like reviews I think days gone looking like 70 70s ish I think I think I think Damon ex machina if they make the adjustments that they make I mean you’re basing it off of the demo that’s not the completed package of the game you’re basing it off that which is stupid to do that you should base it off the final package once we get the final game then see how that is then you can make an adjustment from there but like I said I don’t I don’t think so I think I think it’s gonna do better if you talk about reviews I think it’s gonna do better because they’re gonna make adjustments days gone didn’t take anybody’s feedback they didn’t do anything all they did was put out the game even with all the issues that had Damon ex machina put out the game said hey what can we fix they’re hard at work fixing that and they’re gonna make a better game from it just like octopi traveler probably went from like a 70 something rated game or early 80 to a mid 80s game or higher because they took the feedback from what we got so I don’t I don’t see why David ex machina is gonna be a bad game when they’re literally taking the feedback that we gave them to make a better game and now you’re saying oh well still gonna suck like why I don’t get that I don’t I don’t understand that logic people developers fans always say developers don’t listen to us developers don’t hear what we have to say developers don’t listen to us and they come out with a bad game when a developer literally puts out a demo and say hey this is a rough demo this is a prototype tell us what we can do to make the game better they do that and then you still say the game’s gonna suck I mean like that’s what like like wait a minute Lutz so like this is why developers don’t do stuff like this because they get baits you still have people that crap on them no matter what you know um let’s see here the fixing sonic so it’ll be good now I mean that’s different thing though they’re just fixing the look of the sonic it’s the look of Sonic it can still be bad movie that people were just pissed off at the look of the the look of the the the sonic movie so what’s up Jay how’s it going um but yeah I don’t I don’t I don’t get that man I don’t get I don’t get that default resolution cables do is more than got adjustments okay does the M cables work with like switch to like you can use them cables with anything and like I said do I need two M cables if I’m going through a capture card or do I just need one M cable which one you know says judgment judgment Crash Team Racing Mario maker to three houses more wall to the lines three that’s China or what I’m looking forward to nice okay Fire Emblem will keep me occupied till 2020 one game what about is that all you’re getting just that one game just that one game that’s it I’m looking forward to e3 as my as my first summer entertainment III is always a great entertainment you know thing it’s always great to have a three around obviously like I said before it I’ve said many times e3 is not the be-all end-all but it’s always nice to have you know it’s always nice to have we’re on we’re on summer games we’re on most anticipated summer games or summer must by summer games that’s what topic we’re on Jake Rio says I’m pumped for ninjalah Marvel Ultimate Alliance and anunnaki okay one in John was I don’t know when Dajjal is coming back game I thought think he was supposed to be spring 2019 they got like a shadow delay out of nowhere that game was definitely spring 2019 from what I remember it was a spring 2019 game maybe I’m wrong on that but yeah and then Java is m.i.a at this point so they’re probably making refinements to the game to make it better so out the wait and see on that one deadlock services if more devs the demos that asked for feedback we would see better games released certainly ones that people knew that they were getting exactly so I don’t understand why right now at this point forward so it’s gonna fight same timox market is gonna suck when they literally ask for our feedback and there’s a good base game there obviously they need to brush up some things but

it’s a prototype it’s not it’s not the final product of the game it’s still they’re still working you know so I don’t understand why it’s not gonna be good or it’s gonna be like days gone you know and say when Dave’s gone didn’t ask us for anything you know they just put out the game yet you have this developer literally asking us like what can we do to make it better and they took our feedback and they’re gonna make the game better so I don’t I don’t understand that I don’t understand the logic behind that you know any type of developer asked us for our feedback on a demo that they put out and then the final product is always better I’ve never had a demo that I’ve played where the developers particularly asked for feedback and they and then the final part doesn’t end up being a lot better than what it was octopack incluye you know yeah oj seems like one cable is fine we’ll have to get one and try it myself okay one cable is fine where do you get those em cables at where do you buy man are they on Amazon does anybody know where you buy those em cables at are they all that special to each other you see oh okay I see it here Amazon 129 dollars let’s see and you can use them for switch right deadlock you can use them for switch I was a kid was looking why does it come with the USB cord I need somebody to give me the crash course on this yeah you use them for switch to em cable up skills a whole new level performance and power game adventures VR made real okay so like you’ve got a plug you got a plug okay what do you plug the USB into step one plugged it hold up let’s go through this together guys hold up cuz these em cable people talk about I know supermodel Dave talked about the EM cables I know I know spawn wave talk about the EM cable so let me go here to reaction you guys let me look this empty those people who know about them hold up here step one plug the USB connector onto the TV power to power the end cable okay well what if you’re using a monitor I don’t have a USB out on my on here so can I just plug it into my I can plug it into like a USB out on my computer right okay source the game console plug the connector name source into the HDMI of your gaming device just play the monitor okay step three plugged into the TV HDMI on there okay recommended platforms and okay so you can use it from them Tendo switch yeah but okay they don’t talk about capture cards here you know so I’m gonna have to I’m gonna ask about capture curse they haven’t talked about capture cards here so let’s see your USB out yeah I think you just plug it into like a USB like on a I got my computer or something like that so we can’t just we can trust in 1002 surprises all right guys let’s go to move into random Q&A we ran our 18 into the stream so if you guys have questions I have answers if you want to talk more about your summer games or model us up let me know your thoughts in the comment section below I’ll be more than happy to answer those so let’s see yeah and we got III this summer to look forward to yeah we got III and we got games we got III and a ton of games man the fire-trent transition was pretty cool yeah it’s pretty cool isn’t it man it’s like it’s cool is that a stream I think that that is a stream Labs thing that is everything that you guys see all the graphics everything up here is all stream labs everything up here except for like the camera that’s obviously not stream labs but all the graphics and all that like the stuff that you guys see that’s all stream labs everything here stream loves that’s that’s what powers the string Callie boy yeah I’m California in California Central California note says don’t think I’ve ever heard it your thoughts on bite bottom cake toasters yeah I’ve talked about on my channel before I like the bouncing cake those serious and I want it to come back I want it to come back that luck says yes it has to go through the car it has to go through the card

and use the cards own software etc it seems like a few hoops to jump through but well worth it hold up hold up but what do you mean by that but what hoops are you are you talking about here this is complicated but seems well worth it like what do you mean by oh so I can’t just buy this em cable and hook it up to my capture card and to my switch into my monitor and everything’s fine I can’t there’s there’s other things that I got to do if it’s something that solid normal then I’ll do it then I’ll buy it but if it’s not something that solid and normal so where I got to go through some other or bike two of them or something I got a no I’m gonna talk to I’m gonna talk to uh to justice pawn wave about it to John from the bay currently in Tucson Arizona shot off the Tucson and lay in the building he shot us to LA let’s see here Jade says summer is gonna be crazy Super Mario maker – Fire Emblem three houses Marvel Ultimate Alliance three God Eater three and astral chain and III dude summers just summers absolutely nuts man I mean I don’t know I’m gonna have the time to do all this stuff cuz you guys know how III is if you guys were here last year III bro we had live streams pop and we had videos going down all day it was just nuts the best III that I’ve ever had was hanging out here with you guys and so I don’t go to e3 anymore last year’s e3 and then like I think what was the last time that I went to eat 30 I think I’m like 2014 2015 2016 I don’t think I went 2017 I didn’t go last year 2018 the best time that I had was hanging out with you guys here for III it’s always great always great why nobody talked about blood stain well we were just talking about blood stain we were talking about it it’s already got its release date everyone’s just waiting for the game because it’s been it’s been it’s been like five years man like it everybody just wants the game to come out now you know everybody just wants to give to come out so I’m just waiting for it we’ve been waiting now you can but for the for the best effects running at consoles based res let the cable do all the work or you don’t see much of results found wave will know exactly what you need definitely chat with him you can but for the best effects run at consoles base res run at consoles base res what do you mean by run it so we gotta change it to 720p or what are you talking about with the swig I don’t understand what you’re talking about there are you into tabletop games at all I wanted to get into them but I’m a trucker so I never have time Andy man no I’m not really into tabletop games at all I like monopoly though but I think you meant like stuff like like Dungeons and Dragons I like a Batman game or like the Street Fighter game stuff like that not I’ve never really been been into those too much so so yeah I might play Dungeons & Dragons but when I was a kid I used to play dungeon dragons every now and then it was kind of cool I could play Dungeons and Dragons I thought that was fun so yeah I was cool alright let me see that I miss any of you guys’s questions to announce that eat deeper hasn’t anyone else when they’re 80 presentation will be I think it’s gonna be the same time that it’s always been I think it’s gonna be the same time I think it’s like Tuesday or something like that on Tuesday and I get 9 or something in the morning I forgot one but yeah it’s like they always at the same time let’s see yeah lmao the logic behind is because barely anyone who got a request to send feedback for David ex machina barely anybody got a request well how do you know how many people got a request though I don’t I don’t get that and like I said they’re they’re gonna look at they’re gonna like there was people that I saw on Twitter that I know played the demo that got requests that said hey this is what they’re gonna tell them or this is what we’re gonna put on there so there was plenty of people that I know that got requests I got one but I didn’t I didn’t fill it out I was just like I’ll let other people do it but I didn’t fill it out but they said thought they said thought enough it’s not like you say barely anybody as in like what they almost about like two of them or something like that come on man come on VC your region now your region here your region here are those prescription glasses no these are these are gaming glasses for block out the blue light and all that Oh Jay have you ever played trying I’m thinking about buying that exclusive series at Gamestop should I play them I’m trying I’ve played it before I’m not a big fan of trying do I know a lot people like to try and though it’s a good game but I don’t like it Dave Gaming says what are you expecting from state of play direct announcement I’m not expecting anything Spencer s says you’re better off running Z don’t bite one on dolphin it can render the

game in high resolution can use HD textures mm cable just smooth out before a DP via algorithm okay well I’m gonna try out I’m gonna have done Sanger work with me tomorrow so on this one here so we’ll see how it is Matthew Campos says thoughts on how good blood stain is going to be Nate from direct feed said the game didn’t it II didn’t like it so much I mean that’s fine I mean that’s his opinion you know they also says that he doesn’t like Super Mario Sunshine you know and there’s people that will be in it like seriously go cry sissing fight to the death about not like you super mario sunshine you know I play blood stain twice I have the I played the game before it was polished I put the game back with the crappy graphics and the game wasn’t as good I played it back then and I thought it was fun I played another demo so I mean they played it in a certain you know in a certain environment I’ve played both of the back of demos each one got better and better and now the final version is better than all of the ones that I played before and I had fun so I liked the game I personally liked the game and I’ve played it and I’ve played builds that were worse than the than whatever they brought two packs or whatever and they’re still brushing it up and making it even better so I’m looking forward to the game I’m looking forward to it I’m looking forward to it a lot and I like I said I like it I have like I said I’m not just saying that just because I backed the game I actually have gameplay of me playing it you know and I and I thought it was great I thought it was really good so it’s it’s Castlevania it’s not it’s not really hard to mess that up I mean it’s just it’s just Castlevania I don’t see why it would be a bad game personally for me it controls well there’s a lot of cool different enemies in the game it feels like Symphony of the Night it feels like that so I’m looking forward to it but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea though deadlock seven says yes the lower there was the lower the the lower the better believe it or not apparently it looks for worse jaggies and improves them so if you run at 1080 1080 it won’t look as well oh I know yeah that’s weird dude that’s so weird so you just run out like at 720p is that what you’re saying or you run it at like 480p let’s see your Dave gaming says okay I already read that um Matthew Campbell says stops on how good okay I read that as well Jade says what do you think Nintendo announced at e3 direct dude I have no idea I hope they down some good stuff though I’m hoping we get some Xenoblade stuff but I’ll have a prediction show probably in June so maybe I’ll think of some other stuff that they’re gonna do excuse me would you like to see legend that you’re going to get announced at the state of play on Thursday I don’t think legends getting to is ever gonna be announced I think they’re done with that franchise or it’s gonna be a while but yeah that would be dude Alonso sign me up man I’m a big legend at Yahoo fan I think that Legend of Dragoon is is great so I’d be down for them to bring more alleged ninja goon out but at the same time Mike at Sony and you guys know how a Legend of Dragoon is you guys know how Sony’s been with Legend of Dragoon and they have not done really anything with the franchise since the original release since the original release so so yeah I’m gonna run a test for some of you guys here all right so keep the questions coming guys if you have if you guys have questions I have answers here so go ahead and tag me a player hashtag players it’s all answer questions fuck another good 30 minutes or I’ll take you guys just comments topics feedback whatever the case is be more than happy to answer you guys questions I am going to make also the PE vibe from lawyer today because we are about we’re gonna grab 30 more minutes of this stream so we’re going to end this stream so if you want to watch the the PD back from yesterday that is gonna go live pretty much as this stream is going on of them’s gonna go and set that to be live so so yeah it’s gonna watch that after this one but we still have 30 more minutes of questions because I love you guys so keep the questions coming and I will get this ready for you guys so you guys have more proper to watch afterwards all right there you go that should be live now all right I’m give me the my expectations low for e3 just in case we didn’t get a lot of announcements I think we’ll get some good announcements last year a lot of the announcements were ruined so you have to keep that in mind that a lot of the announcement last year were ruined so I think this year we could see some really cool announcements you know not get ruined so I said this before but I missed the new horizons from SN and he hope there’s something like that force which new horizons from SN what’s what’s numero what’s new horizons I don’t know what that is and what is SN I don’t get that state of play is definitely gonna be interesting it is gonna be interesting I’m looking forward to streaming it um you guys didn’t like my opinion on the state of play before so we’ll see how this state of play goes we’ll see how this one goes I think it could be interesting to see what happens at the state next day to play seafaring raagh I don’t know what that is I’ve never heard of it before I don’t know what seafaring rod is what is that yo you guys are really like in the fire moon three houses video yo we got way more views that like today that I

guess yesterday we ended up with like 3000 then we got like 7000 yo shoutouts more fireman videos coming for you guys okay you guys are happy with this I see I see you guys alright alright nice thank you guys for the support on the firearm the video firearm video is doing really well Marlys off video is doing really well so shoutouts I kind of know what you guys are kind of like wanting to watch now so that’s good over a hundred comments on that too so so yeah yo let’s go we back in the 160 boys let’s go blanket six with that brand new membership thank you so much and once again welcome to the elite of the elite ninja village of player SS I appreciate that enjoy your brand-new emotes my boy blanket six you do get access to 15 new emotes you also get access to play against the elite ninja and Super Smash Brothers pokken tournament arms and everything else that comes out on the Nintendo store so we’re gonna be playing Super Smash Brothers you want to get good at that come here and play games with us today we actually even had today we actually even have my own car eight deluxe so we had all the elite ninja playing that and that I was getting bodied today by CC in and party mats will come body me in my own car and other games will not in smash you’re not gonna body me there but come body me and everything else and the elite ninja see if you can keep up with this van so shout outs man thank you so much I appreciate that sponsorship and that gets us back to 160 are really near the member go we’ve been kind of teetering we haven’t really really been able to get to that 165 and 175 for a brand new emo man so shoutouts thank you so much man I appreciate that welcome welcome welcome welcome alright so let’s go and get this up to 160 back in the 160 boys appreciate that if we have an exclusive disc or two blanket so make sure you check out the community page on the home menu scouring the community tab and scroll down a bit you’ll see a discord link and if if that one doesn’t work for you I’m gonna plus the freshness cord link tonight so look out for that so shoutouts blanket welcome Fire Emblem for the win yes Fire Emblem is amazing why did I just know how to get the notification that og streaming YouTube sucks yeah I’m sorry Batman make sure you follow me on Twitter if you follow me on twitter you’ll get notifications when I tweet out stuff I do need to get a schedule for you guys though right the general schedule is PE live day cap is that around one o’clock or so p.m. PT and then the night cap is around 6 6 something or so so I’m gonna put that in the on the community page and I’m also gonna put that on the titles for PE live when you guys can expect the time so you guys can just like check you guys can just check on it back and see if I’m streaming you know so you guys know the general general time range of when we’re gonna be streaming and stuff like that yo my boy ghost my boy ghost ghost 1 2 3 you sponsor this channel I’ll subscribe to your channel no I’m joking that’s actually against YouTube’s Terms of Service to ask for something sub4sub or stuff like that so yeah mmmm umm let’s see here let me see horizons okay I’ll check it out I’ll check it out Andy I’ll check it out tonight I think state of play will be pretty disappointing like the previous one okay did Jordan I’m member to bring you down to 159 nine not he did it Jordan fringe is still a member I don’t I mean I know you supported me on patreon before so he might just like let it run out at some point but he might not either way Jordan Jordans the homie so what regardless hit me even just remembering in the first place is nice him he doesn’t have to give me anything since he literally no he comes in the podcast and he doesn’t ask for anything back you know in terms of stuff like that so Jordans awesome so it’s all kids but now you did it sometimes the memberships don’t auto-renew sometimes you have to kind of go in and renew it yourself so sometimes people just be like all right you know I’ll renew it later or whatever when I get paid or whatever the case is but either way I appreciate the support even if you’re here for a month two months whatever the case is I appreciate it let’s see I don’t even own a ps4 and I was disappointed that’s a say oh my god really hey you own a PS Vita Phillip is gonna be 10 minutes so it can’t be that bad bro it’s gonna be ten minutes of disappointment dude it’s gonna beg all right we’re gonna talk about this game right no we talked about this game okay alright bye guys thank you coming on the next day to play five just gonna like freakin go-go-gadget like to shoot out of a freaking seat in the car all right my guys just shoot I’m like alright okay stay to play ten minutes the Japanese version is 15 minutes though so they’re gonna show off some cool new Japanese game or something like that all right take it easy Jagan gamer thank you come out to the stream appreciate that man um hopefully since Sony won’t be at e3 those 10 minutes will be insane I don’t know if you could have an insane ten minutes I mean that maybe you can write like I was kind of hyped with Pokemon I know other people weren’t but I was kind of – oh my god like I was only like seven minutes so I was excited to see so we’ll see what they show us man we’ll see what they show us I need dates for death stranded and Last of Us I don’t think they’re gonna give

us dates for destra and Last of Us at this state of play with only ten minutes I mean maybe but I don’t know them let’s see Dragon game says fire I’m three houses sort of online on my favorite my favorite games or my sort of online players my game are hollow or hollow or online hollow Dragon Quest builders – I don’t know if I should get God ear for the switch good night everyone alright well well we don’t know we don’t know where you have to wait and see all right also shoutouts we did get a brand new patreon as low really feelin it thank you so much too as a Josiah G with the brand-new patreon as well when you subdue us on patreon I’m really feeling that so thank you so much to solve pirate burns within you so I do appreciate the I do appreciate the patreon pledge the tier two patreon pledge as well remember guys tier two on patreon also gets you guys access to our exclusive discord and into play max play sessions against us in Super Smash Brothers and more if you want to come want to come get better that’s what I always tell people want to come get better at Super Smash Brothers or if you want to play games against us in the elite ninja village either one of those works just fine and are you gonna be able to play and chat with us on discord and all that good stuff this courts fun too we have a community managers well Shawn diamond takes care of that so we had community manager for discord that makes sure everything’s in line there he’s very nice of him to do that as well so sawdust has shown so yeah guys check it out we’re on Amazon said the m cable causes lag on screen causes frame rates their frame rate to drop okay does it okay one reviewer said that or like all reviewers said that I gotta talk to John did John make a video on it yet do you guys know cuz I know he bought them but did John make a video on it oh oh that’s you okay Andy alright cool cool cool thank you so much Andy I appreciate the tier 2 man I really do appreciate the tier 2 Andy man you got a you’re gonna leave ninja bro you got a you got to get a profile picture let’s go I know you said that you’re trucker though so you’re probably busy you know doing by the way I really respect truckers because y’all make sure that we all got all the parts that we get all the buildings that are built all the products that we get all the stuff that’s back that builds the you know that builds places not just here but worldwide or because the truckers man so we need you guys so shout outs dude I appreciate appreciate what you do but yeah I get a profile picture my boy juice affairs says you know how we change our card info for YouTube P membership I need to change credit card but I don’t want to lose about one your simple yeah you won’t use you won’t lose your one year assemble juice AFER’s so as soon as you come back with it you’re you’ll get your sub it’ll pick up right where you left off now let’s see here everything you own came by truck exactly exactly everything that we own like the computer parts and the the the speakers all that is shipped and all that is manufactured then if it’s from like you know China if it’s from somewhere else it’s shipped in a boat or airplane mostly boat though and then the trucks take it and drive it to the the stores so you have to I mean you got then that’s why truckers at least a lot of truckers these days are getting paid a lot more because before it used to be low-paying and blah blah blah and a lot of disrespect but now like it’s like no you got to pay them more I know in my area in California was getting paid pretty good you know getting pretty pretty good so I once again salute to what you do man otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do any of this right here you need we need we need you guys plain and simple we need you I deliver all those pizzas you eat from Walmart I Drive for Walmart yeah lucky boy ha ha you drive from Walmart ok there you go man no truckers no switches pretty much man pretty much yeah I thought you as the the the UPS trucks and all that stuff like that you need them you need them no so yeah it’s still low pay uh depends on what depends on where you’re at depends on where you’re right here in California here in central California it’s actually really good pay it’s uh some guys getting paid you know 80 80 K plus you know a year which I guess for some people might that might be considered low but I mean I think that I mean where I live that’s a pretty good pay Class B trucker here you know shoutouts Jusuf for you totally don’t seem like the trucker type I didn’t know you were Chuck or do yo shadow so the truckers that you’re watching appreciate that guys but yeah they can definitely get paid more I mean some truckers get paid a lot more he said okay he says okay I need to move there yeah yeah he says Chad says ups pays me well okay so Chad’s work you working for ups chess okay fright rights are rights are similar early 80s but costs more to run a truck so we make less than we used to oh okay I see I see so you guys gotta pay for the maintenance on your truck they don’t pay for that for you okay but no either way those shutouts shutouts man thank you Andy I appreciate

the I do okay okay oh you oh yeah okay so you own your own truck and then your contract to work out for four different companies so I’m guessing you own your own truck and then you’re contracted so okay so you’re gonna make less because of the maintenance on the truck obviously the wheels the engine and everything you gotta you got to do all that so okay okay all right good stuff though man good stuff we need you guys we need you guys man we need you I don’t big rig but I hired but I I’m hired dryers so times are rough right now okay okay well a man as long as you keep you keep going dude you keep going don’t worry man you’ll you’ll find your way you’ll find your way man trust me times were rough for me too there’s a little bit of it wasn’t too long ago wasn’t too long ago times are really rough but you just got to keep working keep working and keep keep as long as you keep hope and you keep striving and you keep a good attitude keep a positive attitude man keep a positive attitude and trust me things will get better I might take a little bit longer than what you would have liked but at the same time it’s always gonna get better if you keep trying the minute you quit or you give up that’s when things get hit rock bottom so don’t quit don’t give up and just keep trying man and I think things will get better for you they always have a way of working themselves out to people who work hard so that ops to keep trucking baby sounds to matthew campos with the $2 donation says can you play Xenoblade Chronicles melody absolutely thank you so much Matthew I appreciate the donation my boy you’re very generous you know with your donations elite ninja as well so I do I do appreciate your support of channel I want you I want to make sure that you understand that you know and you realize that so thank you man and I will definitely head up that music for you also also shout outs to TAS Opie with the subscription as well thank you so much welcome to ninja village everybody the chat please welcome brand new get into the village TAS Opie what’s good man Xenoblade I think you meant Xenoblade Chronicles melody that’s the the medley right okay yeah I know what you talked about here the one from Super Smash Brothers Scaccia let me see how it sounds let me know let me know is the two bar guys not loud enough from me on the chat I have no idea how to pronounce that that the name on there but that’s why I said that’s why I said toss topi yeah this is the smash where there’s one this is the smash woman whenever I see big trucks in tight areas like a regular street city I feel bad about how stressful probably is trying not to hit anything yeah dude it’s tough it’s tough man that’s the one all right my grandmother um NEMA passed away today I’m heartbroken aw man I’m sorry about that everything Nintendo I know how you feel though my grandma passed away about a decade ago it’s gonna be a decade you know and it’s it was a devastating day for me man so I know how you feel we’re all here for you though bro anything that I can do to you know help to cheer you up the ninja village is here for you men so I’m sorry to hear about that dude I’m sorry to hear about that and um hopefully you know you can you know that you can you could be strong for her you know I don’t think she want you to be sad and upset you know so yeah I’m so sorry to hear about that though man I’m really AM my condolences to Nina family monkey-boy says I am thinking to get Saints Row 3 to my grandson he is 6 he is 6 and keeps asking for GTA 5 but the game is not good for him question is saints row the strongest GT air can you play that one Saints Row is not really for kids eat it if your kid if your grandson is 6 years old I don’t think you should be playing personally for me I don’t think you should be playing saints row or GTA I don’t think you should be playing any game like that I think maybe maybe you should get him something like like LEGO City undercover maybe something like that instead but I don’t think six-year-olds should be playing GTA or Saints Row I’m in my opinion as somebody who I have a six-year-old myself she’s turning seven very soon here so and I wouldn’t let her play GTA even if it was at him I wouldn’t let him play GT or Saints for those games aren’t for kids they’re not for small kids at all so um I recommend you not buying that for him and getting lego city undercover inspect that game is for kicks it’s open-world you could drive around you can you know do side quests and all that type of stuff and the switch version is actually really good the switch version is a really good port of the Wii U version of the game they improve the loading times the graphics look better it runs smoother it’s a lot better game so I would say pick up pick up LEGO City undercover for your for your six-year-old your your grandson I know many checkers who don’t like city driving and will avoid till the last

mile others who more comfortable with C Drive in the Destructo okay I’m getting saints row and that is a late night when everyone else is sleeping game yeah I’m gonna be getting saints row as well Andy says the hardest part is small vehicles you don’t give the space we need either but not paying attention or outright lack of respect for the space yeah you know what and that’s what I noticed that I used to I used to be a douche bag like that too with truckers you know and I realized that after one of my friends that I worked with him he worked for the like a trucking company and we met when I was working on a car rental place and he was renting a car you know cuz he was just here for the weekend or whatever and you know well I bought we were talking and everything and he was talking about how people freaking like they’re sitting there and truckers blind spots they’re out there you know not giving them the space if they need to like maybe even like go like you know at lien arguing people are emerging I like to the highway right truckers like to move over so they can let people in right and then there’s people that are just sitting there driving right and they’re like what the hell like you know that there’s like people coming in and you’re out there driving in their blind spots and all that stuff so I mean when I see a big truck and I know where I’m a highway I like space don’t drive in their blind spots don’t tailgate them don’t cut them off you know just just go around make your way give them their space so they can kind of move and do what they need to do otherwise there might be an accident and you’re gonna be the one that’s gonna be in trouble if there is one you know like it’s gonna be you it’s not gonna be the dude in the big truck you know so you’ve got to give them their space otherwise there might be some problems because it’s tough man stop exactly people need to people need people will actually speed up to make sure you don’t get you don’t get over exactly that’s what I’m saying people are being douchey with this I got a you gotta make sure that you give the space that they need yes mam let’s um watch people on YouTube play GTA and he wants to play it too monkey boy hi hi I mean I mean maybe you should tell mom to not let and watch GTA you shouldn’t be watching GTA that’s not a that’s not a child’s game and to be honest watching something like GTA can really affect a child’s mind in a negative way GTA is not for kids and it’s not for a six-year-old that that’s that’s too young for a GTA or for a safe throw there’s too many mature things in this just this is just not good for a six-year-old so I highly suggest letting mom know I’m not trying to parent Ernie I’m not trying to be mom or dad here and you don’t have to listen to me but I highly suggest telling mom that GTA as someone who’s played video games for years now and who has a child as well I was just telling mom to not let him watch that type of stuff that’s not good for children you shouldn’t be playing games of dtap against 470 I mean minimum maybe 13 14 years old of you I mean if you’re if your child can handle that I mean that’d be the minimum but if I have a boy he’s not playing GTA when he’s 13 but when he’s 12 he’s not he’s playing GTA when he can buy GTA you know that’s when he’s playing GT is when he can afford GTA and he can go to the store and buy it that’s what he’s playing it so he’s playing it when he’s 17 but I’m not letting him play GTA I’m my buddy then played GTA before he can buy it any game that you want you have to be able to buy it if you can’t buy it then you can’t play in terms of like old enough so I keep telling her that but she doesn’t listen well don’t buy it for him so I mean don’t don’t be part of the problem monkey boy so don’t buy it for him Thank You master Jaken I appreciate the host master Jack and thank you so much for that that’s unfortunate mostly unfortunately most kids today yeah I’m gonna let my daughter watch and listen to all that stuff ugh GTA is 13 plus in my opinion I mean it’s based on every parent right it’s basically if you think it’s okay for your child to play GTA 13 and that’s on you you know for me personally I would not let a 13 year old play GTA although yeah I was I played it I think I played it when I was 13 or whatever but that’s different you know that’s today’s time is different than the yesterday’s day so but yeah it’s based on if your parent or if your child is if you for the Thermage sure enough to play GTA 13 that that’s that’s fine that’s your parental duty you can do that you know because some kids can’t play GTA 13 and just know that it’s a video game that it’s not a problem you know so it’s just based on each each person each child each what parents want you know it’s like I would not let my child play GTA until there’s 17 or 18 well 17 technically you can’t stop them from playing at 17 because they can go by the game at 17 at least here in the US you can go by the game so there’s nothing you can do to stop them from playing it at 17 so even if they wanted to play lists let’s say you didn’t let them like they can still go and buy the game and play it when you’re not like when you’re sleeping or when you’re at work so you can’t stop them at that point well there’s 17 because they’ll play it if they want to although it’s really hard to stop a child from playing it now I mean because if you give the child a lot allowance right they’ll just find somebody else who’s older to buy the game for them or they’ll just buy the game unless you do the parental controls they’ll just buy the game digitally and a lot of parents don’t do parental controls on their systems so a child will go a child will go buy GTA anyway

and play the game because a lot of parents don’t do parental controls they buy their kid a ps4 they say okay well here you go the kids go but they they go buy PSN credit right a 13 year old can get an Amazon account or do whatever or go to the store they can ride their bike to the store and go buy PSN credit and they can come home and buy GTA no problem you know so it’s different now let’s see I don’t know about I don’t know that anyone should be playing yeah uh yeah I guess it’s debatable right I but people have the you know people have freedom to play what they want you know but yeah that’s unfortunate uh okay are you read that especially modern GTA graphics are too realistic down days well lego city is awesome awesome anyway unfortunately yeah that’s true Bucky boy check out look you should you don’t you should do monkey boy you should bring like a present and die hey this is a game that you can play I’m guarantee that you’re gonna like it and then he opens it up or whatever and it’s lego city big all but I wanted you to but no this games much better for you like the Hokage right here tying the top stream we do we got a lot of top stream ninja tonight thank you guys so much for the support I appreciate but thank you Anthony Albert with that $20 donation he’s all he’s already not lead engineer in the village so I appreciate the double support my boy and he says just sending good vibes thank you so much man hey look dude you know I appreciate that but ninja war fund is being replenished I appreciate that man you guys give some love give some emotes give some studying guns to my dude Anthony Albert sending them good vibes with the Toby blaster so it’s going to get your name up here on the top leaderboard here with the 20 but I appreciate that all right there you go shout-out to my dude and thank you so much I do appreciate that shoutouts got a member tonight got a couple of these years so shoutouts man so that’s the Andy with another $20 donation Andy with another 20 and says up your game Boise girl got a stream Labs or the sorry not a streamer we got a speech at Toby blaster so I appreciate that she can still look upon you my man that’s actually that’s actually 45 for the night so thank you man I appreciate the support on the channel I really do appreciate the support on the channel my man thank you for this super check I do appreciate that he says up your game boys and girls up up the game baby all good baby thank you happy now I appreciate that Thank You Anthony and thank you Andy I appreciate that I really do appreciate that guys thank you then your farms being planet and replenished tonight thank you guys and like I said I am doing the revamp for those who are new I know and you said it’s like one of your first time watching and I know and Anthony I know you’ve been around for a bit you know for a few months here now I am doing a revamp of player essence we do this every single year but it’s not just with content-wise this year we’re actually doing a physical revamp I got a lot of new things that are happening in my life a lot of things are changing I can’t talk about it more now but just let you guys know for those who don’t know I do have a daughter and she used to be in the videos all the time but there’s like man but anyway she’s gonna be hopefully coming back pretty soon here so I got some good news so my girls gonna be coming back and then also I got some other stuff that I’m doing but also the revamp for the the room and kind of what I’m doing with some of the graphics on the channel and everything like the art so it’s gonna be a lot of cool stuff man there’s gonna be a lot a lot of cool stuff so so yeah it’s gonna be great something really good it’s really gonna be really really really good so yeah looking forward to it really really looking forward to it yeah I know I’m happy I can’t say too much I just know that what I know that is that she’s you know hopefully she’s probably not gonna be on camera and I can’t have her I probably can’t have her on that but just having her around more is gonna be cool like I had around before every now and then but just having around more the house is gonna be cool so that’s gonna be fun I got three girls Oh Jay and I know you’re loving your pain yes yes it’s been a difficult past year dude it’s been a difficult past year I’ve heck I’ve barely seen her I’ve only seen her I think maybe last year I saw her like five times last year before May and then this year I’ve seen her I think I’ve seen her twice no wait no more than twice I’ve seen her 1 2 3 4 I think I’ve seen her 4 or 5 times this year so I’m gonna be seeing her a lot more from summer and on so hopefully hopefully gonna be seeing her a lot more so that’s good but thank you yes yes it’s been a bit of wall but hey that’s these things happen you know these things happen so what can you what can you say but yeah just got one one little girl maybe maybe I’ll have more maybe I want a boy one of these days I wanna I want to have a boy so maybe one of these days I have I’ll have a boy but for right now I have a nephew so he’s my boy for right now so I have I have a nephew boy but I kind of want my own little boy I’ve seen mine in

six years my fiancee is having my immigration issues oh okay so yes absolutely yes more time did you play fire emblem echoes I did play fire Michael shadows of Lydia and I have the amiibo as well I did 80% of the kids these days playing for tonight or call of duty pretty much pretty much yeah like I said she’s been back for a couple different times here but there’s just some stuff that we just got to take care of so but now it’s seeming like things are gonna be you know back to some or at least try to be back to somewhat normal never be normal normal but be back to somewhat normal you know so yeah but I want I want a little boy one of these days but I don’t know when I’m getting older I don’t know I don’t know when I’m getting old old man Oh Jay over here so ya know it’s okay to lurk lots of people lurk there’s not a hundred and thirty-eight people want actually like chatting here so it’s all good Jesse you’re busy I get it I’m gonna go myself hey man hey people talk about getting old is bad bro getting old is good I like getting old it’s fun you’re pretty you don’t you start to not care about that’s the funny thing about you suck not care about all the extra little things and you’re really focusing and hone in on what you actually need to care about you know what I’m saying so that’s what I like about getting home when I was younger I was a freakin buzzsaw dude I think who’s talking there who’s saying that about me like I don’t care you know what I’m saying like but when I was younger oh my gosh I was all over the place but now I’m just like I just I’m from my platform I do my thing I’ll say what I gotta say on here but other people want to say stuff they say whatever they set ups to Matthew campus with the $2 donation says can you play fire emblem Milla’s divine protection absolute absolutely thank you so much at the campus I appreciate the tool donation once again mine it’s a great song I like that song sounds amazing our fire Lucas as Olivia this is such a good song but before it thinking about another child hardest part is finding the right girl to have it with oh yeah yeah that’s exactly that’s that’s the thing that’s the thing it’s finding the right one you know Kobe Bryant has four daughters his wife Vanessa is pregnant Kobe wants a boy so bad he can’t get you can’t get a boy all daughters so far well Kobe’s silly I don’t know why Kobe continues to not do what like the Kardashians then like do what like Kim Kardashian did in Kanye day they just freakin isolate an embryo and freaking em you know implant it and get a boy and I don’t know why the hell he continues just to try to see if he can strike his luck and strike his luck and strike his luck and he’s freaking swinging and missing every single time like he has enough money to where you can do that so I don’t understand why he has not done that at this point like you don’t need $15 like not that those daughters or bad daughters are great you know but I mean obviously he wants a boy you know like obviously dude dude 30 39 years old or whatever 40 years old you know and he’s still trying to have kids so it’s pretty obvious he wants to have a boy yeah he’s sitting there and not doing the smart thing dudes 40 years old still having kids so he wants a boy but he’s not doing it and like the way that rich people do it you know like what are you doing bad I got a nephew but Josh I are both happy that we have any growth yeah no girls are great I have a girl girls are absolutely fantastic but I mean I’m saying that here’s the thing though like you guys are we’re like more than a decade younger than Kobe right or around a dick and younger than Kobe Kobe already has three girls he’s having like another that cook he’s obviously trying to have a boy you know he already has a bunch of girls like I said girls are fine but I mean there’s nothing wrong with having at least one boy right I mean there’s nothing wrong with that obviously he’s looking for a boy but he’s not doing what you should probably do if you have if you’re filthy rich and that is just doing what the Kardashians did like that’s how they got what is it North West or whatever they did that they didn’t do it normally like to get the boy you know like Kobe’s 40 at Kobe’s 40 you know Kobe’s 40 he’s like

almost 40 them too yeah he turned he he’s 40 years old his birthday is August 23rd 1978 so yeah he’s turning 40 he’s turning 41 this year if Johnson wants a boy he’s to fight another life why you’re only gonna have one kid Jesse he said I’ll be 40 in December yeah nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with that then age is just a number age is just enough heck I’m I’m almost 40 I’m actually 45 oh hey guys I have a two and a half year old daughter she likes Kirby a lot and Pokemon that’s cool too nice man and he says F Kobe I have an irrational hate for Kobe you do why oh you’re a warrior’s fan okay that’s why your warriors fan nice some people want to do it natural way some people don’t want to go through a realm of changing of the gender yeah well good luck man he’s having trouble so yeah obviously he wants to do that the natural way and he’s hoping just trying his luck I guess it’s a 50/50 shot right so I mean but it’s not it’s not working for him so happy I’m glad for your daughter yeah man I’m happy too I’m happy too so things are looking up you gotta have a boy for Josh jazzy but why don’t why you’re younger than me and I’m 36 listen guys how’s the music sound okay is the music okay does the music sound okay hard pass oh my gasps jazzy that is that is wrong one child that’s it were you a single jazzy were you a single child you weren’t a single child you have your brother is a rhetorical question if you get into a great financial spot I might adopt a son well I mean three years from now you might be at a different financial spot than you are and at this point so you never know but growing up as a single child is horrible it’s not a fun thing to do and I understand like you want to make sure that your children are taken care of right so you don’t want to sit there and have like children when you can’t afford to have them so I get that but if there’s any way that you can to where you guys can make it work I highly suggest it probably one race together we were both raised as only children oh okay okay I got it did you like me I mean but from what I understand people don’t like being only children like I have not met anybody that that enjoyed it like they still had a good childhood right because they had friends come over or whatever the case was or they bad but it wasn’t as like it wasn’t something that they say oh yeah that was amazing they were they always longed to have it a brother or a sister or somebody that’s a child in the house to talk to you know – cuz I came like talking to your parents is not the same thing talking to a friend of schools up scindia’s having a sibling right there with you you know but I get it though I understand like I’m not I sit there I’m not going to make you feel bad I’m not even thinking about kids I would like to have a girlfriend first bro dude you’re still in college though party-ready you should not be thinking about yeah you should not be thinking about kids at all that should be the last thing on your mind Top Ramen should be the number one thing on your mind and kids should be the last thing on your mom and I’m just talking with the Top Ramen coming just because I like the joke it’s party man still in college so so yeah man hey there Jerry Chavez what’s up man how’s it going trust me it is oh when I was in college Top Ramen was the number one thing on my mind was Top Ramen and video games how am i when I’m I gonna play this video game hey that girl’s cute let me talk to her oh I got rejected that’s okay this other girl looks cute – I’m good being single I have seven siblings and I’m 23 I’m the youngest brother he’s still three years old oh we got a nice spread there sallman solo I’m listen I have two sisters but grew up like I was going child always by myself yeah it’s not fun alright alright alright Andy thank you so much for coming out to the street thank you for the support tonight – man that was very nice of you um I do appreciate that and yeah just listen be safe out there driving and I think you’re gonna be okay man but no being pregnant is tough I know I mean I

wouldn’t know from experience but I know he does you know I’ve seen it before and it’s not fun it’s definitely not fun so I know you’re probably looking forward to going through all this again and the worst part isn’t even here yet the worst part is the actual childbirth oh my gosh it feels like you’re being it’s the most painful thing in life I think the next most painful thing is being burned alive after that it’s being childbirth is the most painful thing unless you get like induced if you take like the the in like the the thing that they give you it makes it a little it makes it a little bit better but natural childbirth is the most painful thing ever it’s like somebody’s like ripping you from the inside out so I don’t know how you’re gonna go through that but I’ve seen it happen before first Hannah and it’s it looks painful I’m not trying to laugh but dude it looks really painful hello all the burned alive option no but that’s what I heard I heard that childbirth is the number one most people thing fallen by Bieber no it’s that type of pain no it hurts you can tell right yes in childbirth right I’ve seen it firsthand I was like oh man that looks very painful right now and it lasts forever and it’s weird it goes in and it goes out I don’t like those because it’s like oh man but it’s going good Jerry how’s your dad this is the first conversation yeah I remember when I was literally like watching my daughter come out it was just like I was just like oh my god I’m glad that’s not me right Oh like yeah gurus like seeing choppers before but this is this is all new this is a whole new uh this is a whole new way of child Brady this is this is like a whole new process when it’s actually you in the room you know what it’s actually you’re a child um let’s see here the number one movie in the world is child birth hundred percent watches brunt of it but yes those videos aren’t that bad kidney stones is the worst I heard kidney stones yeah I’ve heard about kidney stones being pretty bad tooth pain tooth pain is bad but tooth pain isn’t as bad as like childbirth tooth pain like you just like you can put my tub like you can brush the little stuff on there on your tooth and make it and make the pain like at least help soothe the pain a bit painful is getting taught yada okay getting doggies daughter yawn getting dirty on 150 with Sheik is the most paint it literally splits time in space every time you get done yard as a sheik player and anything above I would say like seven anything above seventy five percent with a daughter yeah a star dies something the universe shifts something gets altered in the universe when you get daughter yada when you’re sheik sheik only them know she car Picchu if you get daughter yada or you’re Picchu at 70 to 80 percent peach you literally disappears like freaking Toby just literally just goes literally disappears before your eyes before your eyes that Pichu is gone vanquished and you don’t really lose one stock you lose two stocks I’m joking on that part well yeah pitch you just pitch you Pete you evaporates from the screen like just God thought yadi doggy yeah like when I’m having nerves done our loop a root canal hurts but I don’t think root canals as bad as like as bad as like other stuff like being burned alive or like kidney stones or like childbirth root canals are bad I’ve had a few so that they’re not they’re not fun it feels like somebody is literally drilling into your mouth with the drill and like you feel like you’re getting Mortal Kombat X rayed or something like that at times like a minute like a mini Mortal Kombat fatality on your mouth but it’s not it’s battle think it’s is bad so yeah a star die yes a star in the universe dies when you get dooryard like that mouth face it’s a mouth fatality because they literally they go they pop open and they just go they just thought they just start scooping all your fillings out just start drilling the hell out of your belt and scooping and drilling and stupid because if you’re getting dentists fates had n tality dentists fatality right just planning to be single nothing wrong with being single man bandai just announced tales game has shipped 20 million worldwide I’m ready

for a new game now okay bad I just announced that 20 million told for the franchise not bad it’s DoDEA really–it or green I would think it’s brilliant right thought Yap purposes my friends joked with me saying I should find a real life piece a real life Princess Peach I mean dude good luck man good luck good luck finding one that’s like that now that looks like Crixus piece that stuff usually the rule the ones that look like Princess Peach are already taken what is she like dirty she’s like a dirty blonde right blonde good shape nice nice figure good luck man HP printer speech is not short she was actually like someone a bit taller no she said I think she’s about like what 5 – oh my god by 10 so pretty speech isn’t shortened or notice II know she’s not that tall she’s she’s shorter than that is she tall Don Luigi I think she’s I think she’s shorter than Luigi but taller than Mario or she taller than Mario & Luigi’s might be taller them both of them but I don’t think she’s super topic she’s not as tall as like Rosalina who’s like 6 foot something or whatever so I think she’s probably like five nine five eight five nine so I think that’s all to open to speeches nevermind yeah she’s taller than both okay Mario’s like a midget though Mario was like my was like five foot or whatever you know so Mario is like super short sorry J got a time you out man I don’t know what you’re talking about dude just calm down I think peach is like six foot I think I don’t obviously six foot tall I don’t know let me see if I can find her actual height all right let me see you okay I’m getting something here that Princess Peach is oh no you’re right princess peach’s six-foot-one that’s what I’m hearing something right here okay hold up a Nintendo approved statute claims that a life-size a life-size statue which puts Princess Peach at 186 centimeters while Mario is 155 centimeters so five foot one two six foot one so they’re saying peach is six foot one okay so I think you might have been right let me see this thing Rosalina seven foot tall so yeah I think she’s she’s I thought she was like maybe like 510 511 so she’s like she might be she’s like right around the 510 to six foot so somewhere in that range I’ve had my fair share of features Daisy’s Bayonetta’s and camellias in my life so so far I need a thick guardian angel palutena my life its win tell her to maybe well read my comment let me see what’s your comment burn I didn’t see it just might have a twin tail right now hmm no tinder no tinder my boy no twin no tinder that’s why you had don’t interesting so we know we’ve known for months oh my gosh but what was your comment rash I didn’t see it I have a twin sister two minutes older than me too twisted all the food and water to my sister not me the doctors say I was a miracle I survived and now and I was I was very tiny okay so I’m glad that you’re alive or ash no no no no no notes no tinder oh did you got to introduce her to the village I don’t know what you guys are talking about I got nobody to talk about I was talking about you know like love+ or something like that you know what I’m saying like that video game remember that dude in Japan married

a video game I was talking about that that’s what I was talking about I was talking about that you got nobody in your 45 exactly 13:46 next year I sold three cases of coconut rolls and when I sampled a product of my store the first day I was the first time doing it my manager was impressed and gave me a raise a rash matter you live it in like a different world than well I mean like breath I appreciate what you’re talking about here but man what you like what you like tell me like random facts about your life dude I mean obviously like the birth fact I’m gonna get that but I mean like you I you’re like well the other day I was walking down the street and somebody dropped their somebody dropped their purse I picked it up and gave it to them and the person said thank you very much okay what you talking about man I mean no I’m gonna raise those litter it’s just funny like it’s some of the your thoughts on stuff it’s funny some of the cops that you played down I get a day I was aroused wrong I was drawing and I drew a picture of this this person and it was a pretty good picture and I showed my mom and she said it was great you know no it’s all good Arash no keep being you ready babe you got weird stuff that if you got where we are in random Q&A so keep keep being you I don’t want you to not be you when you come out here so keep being you if you got something to say say it me say Davis I know I know how a woman injured a child bird that’s hardcore I just did the hip replacement and was awake and even though I had a spinal epidural the awake part freaked me out yeah man you’re like ah yeah it’s crazy so so let’s see here if I find a peach equivalent I’ll let you know yo you got to find the peach equivalent my boy you got to find it don’t worry though no rush no rush you gotta you know what the best thing to do is make sure you find a girl make sure you find somebody that’s into what you’re into do not ever get with somebody guys and the only reason why I’m going this stream is going a little bit longer tonight but the reason why I’m going a little bit longer because I already finished the video for tonight so I can go a bit longer but I can’t go past mine because I want to get this uploaded get this done and then your boys going to sleep I’m going to sleep early tonight I’m waking up like my 5:00 a.m. or by 6:00 a.m. and I’m gonna work I’m gonna get my workout done and I’m gonna get more content ready and I’m gonna finally work on that damn Lambo video or the rest of the lab old videos so that’s oh I’m gonna do for you guys so um I can’t go too much longer because I do want to get I do want to go to sit early and wake up early tomorrow morning so basically this is what you need to do my boy you need to make sure that you find somebody that supports what you do if you try to get with the girl that doesn’t support and same thing like guys that get what guys girls that would get what girls whatever the case is however you swing here it doesn’t matter to me all that matters that you get with somebody that’s supportive of your work you cannot get with somebody that is not supportive of what you like to do or your work or your hobbies you got to get with somebody that’s supportive of it you have to you have to so I thought I was 55 now I’m 45 got to know what I’m saying that’s what that’s that’s what it is you need to leave the play form a Ronnie we’ve there’s plenty of games what are you looking I mean Saints Row comes out Friday the lock services find someone you can be weird together with as they say exactly actually doc rivers Clippers closed dropped 2 grand of money on the floor when he was walking in San Francisco he did not notice it some guy gave him the money back he thanked the guy yo that’s cool man you’re 45 I thought you were 23 yeah battle for next I’m 45 thought I was 23 do I look 23 I think I mean I guess I mean I’m you know I take care of myself you know I use the skincare products you know I take care of myself I don’t really have wrinkles or gray hair or anything like that so you know definitely I can see how I pass for that I mean if you saw me when I was in college then yeah you look exactly the same that I looked in college when I actually was 23 you know what I’m saying like I look exactly the same so I can see why you could say that you know what I’m saying getting up you’re not getting up there in age you’re 25 art art pops is ninja and puppy blaster and accenture and no it’s not at the references Naruto references that’s all it is Matt is the references that’s here which one am i buying for bay which one am i buying for me Oh jay-z no to either Starling Oh Z no – so you know – you haven’t bought Z no – yes you know – hands down it would be a

major plus if she likes smash yeah it’s just tough though to fight you know what dude party man smash sisters that’s all I gotta say is smash sisters start going out to the tournament’s start you know get get you get you and get you a Cinna P my boy get you a nice little sinabi you know what I’m saying no no shot I mean she’s cool know obviously wotty and her you know what I’m saying but she’s good-looking can she get you that Senate fee my boy what’s what you need to do now Oh Jay we all know that you’re 63 smash sisters is a organization that has organizes tournaments for women players in Smash Brothers so yeah so I mean obviously start chatting up you seem like nice young ladies they all like Smash Brothers so you never know what can happen there you know so yeah that’s what I’m saying a lot he’s a lucky man why he is a lucky man nobody’s perfect very lucky man very lucky man she just seems like the hall to me Mike well they’re engaged now so she seems like she’s like the ultimate wife man because she’s supportive she cheers them on she just seems so like she’s she seems like perfect for him you know so that’s good I’m happy I’m happy for Waddy I’m happy for him and and for her that’s good it’s good to see that my boy Wadi he’s a big dude man she like she like she’s like really thin and like tiny and like my boy what he’s he’s a big boy so you know let’s see your monkey boy says get some get someone older and you’ll see that they love you forever well just depends man it just depends just depends you just got to go with the right person you know and I put some pieces to answer your question from earlier I’m a guy who’s very shy around girls okay I’m 23 years young by the way okay your your guys very shy around girls but that name princess love Vinny I thought you would have been a girl but that’s okay nothing wrong with that I’m very shy well there’s a waist that you need to take some public speaking classes you know what I’m saying and that gets you a little bit better with your speaking but like I said you or you can watch the episode of king of the hill with Boomhauer like I talked about there you cannot well you can watch that sudden you can see how Boomhauer does it you can go that route or you can go the route of maybe learning to be a little bit more confident public speaking things like that so I suggest the Boomhauer out it sets up a Palm Pilot you know I’m saying oh yeah how’s it going gets up a Palm Pilot look at Bob I’ve got myself a little Palm Pilot when is the best time you think for people to get married and have kids when you’re financially stable and mature enough to do so so whatever age and way that you’re financially stable and mature enough to do so that’s the best time women like big dudes and I’m a slim guy nowadays it’s not it’s not about having enormous muscle mass muscle anymore it just depends though it just depends though VC I think there’s definitely women that like you know a slim muscular build it just it just depends but there’s some some women that do like a big old dude you know like there are some women that like you know normal it just depends but I think at the end of the day really what it comes down to believe it or not it’s a combination of things it’s your personality too like you got to have like you got to be able to make the you know the girl or the guy laugh you got to be able to be somebody that’s gonna be dependable you know at the end of the day physical attraction is one thing but at the end they you’ve got to be someone that that’s got to be dependable otherwise you’re probably gonna get dumped for it’s probably not the most ship isn’t gonna work what’s the best time you think for already answer that I guess right here let’s see if the smash guys or any occasion of what smash girls look like the nest of that Nomad was actually a lot of give there’s actually a lot of cute girls in the smash in the smash scene I mean from what I’ve seen um like from the smash sister stuff that I’ve seen before no thank you there’s not there’s not really from what I’ve seen it seems okay to me she was okay to meet you see it seems like the definitely the quality might be a little bit better on the women’s side than the men’s side you know I’m saying but it’s something that the girls really do date whatever guy or whatever based on their personality I mean obviously physical attraction is something but it seems like they really do I mean you know I might be a saint any names but yeah man this is what they do they really base it on light you know

if they like the person or not as a person so so yeah um well Lincoln’s that I ever get married yeah I’ll get married one of these days the 2011 through 2016 era of getting girls of reason my pride back are you not in your prime I’ve seen a guy that was not a good shape he was at the hog girl I was shocked player since I wish I had the confidence like him it’s not easy talking cause it’s not easy man it’s not it’s not easy but just you can always download tinder oh good we see like 20 bucks back at my prime row are you talking about dude you supposed to still be in your prime how are you out of your prime I could tell Skeeter II need to dump it over to Doug’s emphasis attraction like mindset loyalty y’all have to get you for who you are Trust is everything you don’t own each other exactly man exactly exactly I don’t get it so many people in society try so hard to simply talking to girls which is convoluted okay are you read that is the skill to master it is that it is this difficult skill to master but at the end of the day I mean I like you’ll find the person that’s right for you you know what I’m saying like you guys will I guess I know it’s tough book when you’re young you’re like when you’re 20 through something you think I guess how people think but it’s like man I my friend George my friend George was like a five-foot to do with I can’t grow a beard and like a little little stubble mustache I mean I don’t think he was like a bad look good new buddy was my homey and like he would just he had the Boomhauer out you don’t have say any big yeah yeah how’s it going go be like I’m not interested in you any big all right did he walk away hey how’s it going girl be like I’m not into you like alright you walk up another girl hey how’s it goin go back I’m not adjusting me back alright that’s literally what my friend George did till he fell he obviously it wasn’t like all the time but he found he found his girlfriend and I think now that they’re engaged and he has a child and and he has a stepchild as well so I mean like you’ll find it it’s just about you got me was the peanut body’s like you guys are afraid of getting rejected and stuff but it’s hard to talk to the girls that you don’t want to get rejected nobody wants to get rejected if you’re okay with getting rejected at times then you should have no problem cuz if you get rejected them okay but go doesn’t want to talk to any more and she’ll forget you after the next day or two she’ll forget you as long as you’re not a weirdo she’ll forget you you know um so yeah you’re good yeah real talk I’m talking I’m taking my time but I’m hoping for a pretty good speech in the back of my mind you’ll get the fictive speech because part of my you’re a cool dude so you’ll get the Princess Peach like you’re gonna get let’s say that this is what’s gonna happen party my neck this is what I can see for you men you’re going to you’re going to graduate college you’re gonna get a job and there’s gonna be a customer that walks in is gonna be an employee was gonna be a co-worker somebody’s gonna say hey I know this great guy you know what I’m saying like somebody that you know that or that you meet usually through work is going to introduce you to somebody or you’re gonna meet that person while you’re at work and then from there it’s gonna go from there that’s usually what happens to most people usually that’s what’s gonna happen I’ve you know talk to certain people from based off from work when I was younger not when I motive when I was younger you know and went from there so that’s probably what’s gonna happen people need to learn and oh yeah exactly exactly whatever you do don’t be like the guy can I have your number guy from the mat to MADtv skit yeah don’t do that don’t do that good nine nine problems on a check anyone so that’s all that matters you know are you super tall party bad yo my boy Jenny what’s up man you all moved in dude or you still was still moving believe it or not your boy it wasn’t always a James Bond level lease oh I got a talkie oh you gotta get out there talk to girls your friend had a good at you bring out a good approach still the process of moving alright ma’am I know it’s tough dude I know it’s tough but shoutouts thanks for coming up

to this dream you know joining us while you can I’ve had to tell some women some of them know multiple times before some just try to latch on to you like muskrats oh man I haven’t really had that too much and without going into too much detail yeah I’ve definitely had I’ve definitely had to turn down oh oh a few Inc when I was in college I was like hmm like a ruse that like I said I won’t go into detail but there was a couple times when I was like yeah gurus I need some helpers okay David hold up here not everybody is six foot four okay hold up here chiseled and great-looking sometimes some guys got to work a little bit harder okay that’s the reason why all right that’s the reason why not everybody is you know has that type of confidence in all day that ensues no matter what no matter what you say and I know you and I know you already know this David no matter what you say if you’re 6 foot tall you’re automatically more cut you’re automatically more confident if you’re over 6 foot or if you’re like if you’re in like the taller or lengthier end you’re automatically more confident because you’re just taller than everybody so that gives you natural confidence natural confidence you know so let’s tougher for people that aren’t like that it’s a little bit tougher I’m 61 in my tinder bio but I’ll rely upon 511 you know what’s gonna happen I’m gonna laugh so hard when you talk about your six-foot-one and then you find a girl and the girls like okay yeah no problem I have no problem meeting guys that are like you know 6-foot enough chicks gonna be like 6-1 6-2 you’re gonna be five yer back oh snap dude good you know I’m five I’m five foot nine bro I’m five foot nine up although I was I was truthful bugs I am about five foot nine I’m about like five foot eight and whatever 3/4 or whatever the case is but with my shoes on I’m definitely five foot nine so I didn’t I am I didn’t rope oh I didn’t lie I just said I’m five foot nice I don’t want to be like so I’m not super tall you know so I don’t want to like okay the girls like okay well let’s just say it oh I’m five-eleven you know I give myself two inches and then you can clearly tell somebody who’s five nine and somebody who’s 511 like it is a clear difference between somebody 511 and five foot nine so I don’t want that to have didn’t want that to happen dude I’m a channel line but in real life it’s another story six foot boys let’s go it’s actually genius six foot one is way better than 511 six foot one sounds way better than father like that it does that’s true it does it does a pretty much there’s no I’m five foot seven five foot eight well that’s okay that’s tall enough most you’re taller than most girls you’re taller the most well most you’re either right around the same eye or you’re taller than most girls so that’s okay I said yeah I’m five foot five that is short and normal guys had this five foot seven to five foot eight correct um from what I understand yeah five foot nine ish is around the normal height for a guy right around that high five foot nine 5 foot 10 so yeah a bit shorter than most guys yeah jopie says I’m 6:1 and 34 and I still have no confidence well the difference though Joe p-61 is very different from 6-4 hello I’m an introvert who was home-schooled my fellow dudes have to just open be talk to the ladies it works having a nice balanced balanced conversation about general topics can go a long way it can but you got to make sure that you guys take care of yourselves tonight okay guys listen here guys for all the guys this this could also even apply to women too or even if your whatever the case is whatever you swing whatever wait listen making sure that you maintain yourself that you keep yourself up in good shape you got to do that right don’t have bad breath brush your teeth all the time make sure that you’re always carrying around gum just in case so carry gum it’s the little things to keeping a conversation but it’s also the little things maintaining yourself making sure that you don’t have a beard that’s all scraggly like I see a lot of guys out there their beards are scraggly you know making sure that you have you know your haircut is a you know get your haircut at least know a couple times a month or once a but make sure that you here’s looking okay making sure that you dress you know that your dress is okay you don’t got it obviously we’re just all designer clothes but don’t be dressing in a certain way that’s gonna make you look ridiculous you know dressing in a certain way I’ll just make sure you take care of yourself keep me be the best that you can look not on top of that just be cool keep it cool and

comment and talk about you know talk about whatever be yourself be yourself but don’t be a weirdo you know what I’m saying don’t be a weirdo no acts no acts pray yes no acts brain a chiral deodorant and maybe even a little bit of body spray works well haven’t got a haircut since January 2016 well if you have long hair and you’re a guy that’s different so if you’re growing out your hair and you have long hair for a guy or whatever the case is that’s fine but from what I mean certain women do like long hair on guys a lot of women don’t like long hair on guys so that’s the one thing that I do notice is that a lot of women do not like long hair on guys when I have long hair it didn’t work out for me when I had long hair it actually didn’t work out for me at all what I had long hair so so yeah so dating apps killed my love life I used to be I used to be good at meeting girls out in public I always had a girlfriend but now I can’t talk to anyone line including tinder I don’t believe that Jusuf er I don’t believe that I don’t know man you don’t seem like the type of person that can’t find you know anybody I got a girl’s number from the second job I worked for three days last week from wearing a cologne and she liked it and she started conversation that led to us trading numbers there you go it works out for me well that’s different Jay because you have if you have a certain hairstyle like you have dreads or if you have a certain Harris table with long hair that’s different so I should I should you know I thought about that in the back man I’m like okay what about dreads dredge is completely different that’s that’s different than normal long hair you know so that’s different women there are women who do like there are women that hey trust me there are plenty of women that absolutely hate dreads on men but there are plenty of women who do like dreads or do like long hair like that so so yeah I just know when I started cutting my hair and when I started you know keeping the like when I started keeping the beard you know more intact and doing stuff like that not having like the old patchy beard that I used to have and when I started exercising losing some weight you know making sure that you like there’s like nothing changed in terms of how I talk but these changes just that you gotta gotta just make sure that I keep if you’re not confident about yourself you’re not gonna exude the confidence when you talk to somebody else if you’re clearly self-conscious about yourself in any way it’s gonna come out in the way that you speak so you’ve got to make sure that you feel good about yourself when you go into these situations you know hygiene is king absolutely hygiene is king I gotta lose some weight I’m gonna pick up Wii Fit for $5 this you know a easy way to lose weight manages watching what you eat and just going to the gym three times a week 30 to 40 minutes on the cardio watch what you eat and bam your weights gonna start dropping off man you know it’s gonna start dropping like last year I was 240 pounds right around this time I was 240 pounds looking like Cleveland Brown dude so and that’s what I did to lose the weight just watch what I eat stop eating so much junk usually if you’re back like if you’re heavy it’s because you eat a lot of junk stop eating so much junk go to the gym exercise make sure you take your vitamins make sure you get all your your your antioxidants and your vitamins so that you can be refreshed and good while you’re working out and just go three times a week get on the cardio for about 40 minutes or so you know you don’t even need to hit the weights to be honest I mean hitting the weights is good but really just you just run just run for an hour then go back home and then watch what you eat and watch the weight go down they’ll take a little take a little bit but the weight will just melt off you um so yeah baby girl better be an elite smash all right have a shot Bret oh my goodness I’m playing Xenoblade Chronicles 1 on my PC and the graphics are amazing and it runs and it runs smooth dude I want to do that so bad gunslinger I want to do that so I want to do that so bad gunslinger tomorrow we’re gonna get it done tomorrow yeah just be yourself exactly someone so just be yourself man I stopped working out and I lose weight imagine that because probably you eat less so you’re eating less calories because you’re not as hungry so eh Ubu says I think my problem is the lack of conversation skills yeah I mean that’s really what the problem is for a lot of people’s the lack of conversation skills so really just like I said just be yourself man just be like hey you know how’s it going you know in this cell what’s going on like what are you been doing lately you know like oh what do you like to do just you can just make it about that make it about them what they like their their habits their hobbies things like that and your you’ll be fine you know let’s see here five one dude here y’all ain’t getting bodied like me hello jane says there’s some good YouTube channels I’ll help you I hope you guys I’ll definitely look into some posture hygiene physique confidence

conversations be authentic exactly that all that plays a part into it yup exactly this man said five-week yeah if you’re 500 you’re definitely getting it’s like an instant no for a lot of women which is which is rough you know it’s rough four five one dudes like sure that’s why I don’t ever complain about my height yo I used to complain about my hand I told you guys this before but I used to complain about my height all the time I used to always come about my height and then I started realizing wait a minute why am i complete I used to go I go to the gym he’s five foot three days he’s five foot two Doozers he’s five foot five guys five foot six and I’m told I’m like wait a minute why am i complaining I’m five eight five nine that’s these guys are weight these guys are shorter than all the women around here I’m like I should bet and that’s why I stop complain about my height but I used to complain about my height oh man why am i why am I not like six foot like my brother why am I not like 511 six fucks my brother’s 511 six foot you know why am I not as tall as him why am I not six foot two why am I not this bubble I used to complain so much but now I don’t complain no more when I go to the gym I see all these sword dudes like way shorter than me and I’m like dude you better be happy that you’re 5 you better be happy that you even got that because when you put on shoes you’re 5 foot 8 9 that’s cool you know that’s good that’s good enough you know yeah okay fine you don’t get any 5 foot 11 girl or whatever or girls that like really tall guys but plenty of women are fine with guys that are 5 foot 5 or not for some but like 5 foot eight 5 foot 9 plenty are fine with that that’s that’s tall enough you know tall enough just verses I 5 foot 9 here I used to always hang out with 6-foot friends I got new friends in the only five one so that I’m the tall one dude when I wasn’t when I was in high school or you say I got with all the basketball guys and I was by four I look like a freaking dwarf comparing them because you had a lot of dwarf but there was guys that were six foot two six foot three six one six six six eight my best friend Big Ben do you like six foot seven dude so yeah I’m used to being the short dude in high school I was you know but then yeah when I was in college it was we were all kind of like George was a little bit shorter than I mean though he was like 5 foot 3 then like Hosea was like 5 7 5 8 my eye and then on Jay was about like 511 6 foot so we were all yeah it wasn’t too bad when I was in college I have to keep us up by 5 but I but I’ve had like two girlfriends taller than me well that’s the thing though I’ve seen that before though I’ve seen that plenty of times I’ve had a couple girlfriends all – me too I you know I’ve had some girls that are like five foot nine right all right five foot over five foot nine 5 foot 10 in that area where all my five foot eight 5 foot nine so um and it’s really based on for some girl a lot of girls don’t care girls that have been screwed over don’t care the one thing that you’ll notice girls that aren’t all about like girls that are not you know are secure about like are not insecure and are secure about like how they feel and or if they’ve been screwed over it don’t matter that you can be five foot five they can be six foot two they don’t care they want somebody that’s gonna cheat them right and that’s gonna be a good husband wife boyfriend whatever the case is you know what I’m saying that’s what they want so a lot of women out there don’t care they really don’t care so so ya know they really don’t so deadlock senses to be yourself unless you’re a complete tool in which case that you don’t need to be you’re better okay all right guys these Traci acquire significant other competence hygiene witness witness or witness a sense of mystery genuine similarities and last but not least a your the bed well yeah that’s that wall just depends just depends right just depends oh yeah we’re all mature guy I’m a good person to get along with there you go then you’ll find your Princess Peach then you’ll find her you’ll find her alright guys but I we got we got to wrap it up here this is enough relationship essence for right now this deviated but I think you guys want to just talk so it was good to talk with you guys about this maybe we’ll have late night streams where we talk about it where I get work done but the reason why I was able to extend the string tonight is because is because I already got my video done for tomorrow morning so all I got to do is upload it upload it and I even got the thumbnail done and everything I just got to do the tags and all that but yeah I’m definitely it’s cool thank you guys so much for the support today thank you guys so much for the support we definitely hit our goals and what we were kind of do for today and we got that so thank you guys so much we’ll be back tomorrow morning with a brand new video on Fire Emblem so that should be a lot of fun brave new video on Fire Emblem tomorrow morning so look forward to that guys you guys like the other fire in them videos so I’m shocked on how well the other firemen video was doing for just a character introduction so we’re ramping up the Fire Emblem coverage we’re gonna talk about some new characters in the game or in one new character into a three of the old characters and then we’re also going to have I’m gonna work on the lab oh video and I’m gonna have more streams more streams tomorrow we might have a chill stream with like a single-player game I’m not really sure but make sure you guys check out the videos on the channel but live from earlier today is already up so if you want to watch the P live where we talked about Super Monkey Ball and we talked about Marvel Ultimate Alliance and we played Mario Kart that is up on the channel so if you guys wanna watch

more player since that is there we also have the big video for mono stop make sure you guys check that out if you have not seen it make sure you guys check it out I’m gonna link it in the chat here for you guys okay mono monolith soft video watch it if you have not seen it obviously if you’ve already seen it watch it again no I’m joking I’m joking with that but no uh make sure you guys check out the videos guys I appreciate all the support so watching my model soft video that is up also on the community page yesterday’s nightcap is up on the channel too so that’s up or sorry up on the community page that for everybody to watch but thank you guys so much man for the fire emblem love if you guys want to see my first character introduction to catch up we talked about Geralt and we also talked about Rey as well so make sure you guys check out my first Fire Emblem video character introduction let’s see if you’ve seen it three times then see it a fourth time gunslinger I’m gonna DM you on Twitter so we can do that let me know when you’re available tomorrow I’m gonna just DM you let me know when you’re available tomorrow for so we can walk through this whole Xenoblade thing dolphin stuff all right so I’m gonna link that video for you guys I also have a video on DMC so check that out too all right there you go alright guys that wraps it up for this one here thank you guys so much for watching I do appreciate it and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for more live streams more player essence and more good content on the channel please