Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.93 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.07.30]

Final episode Slow down Why? Afraid of another crash? It’s your fault. You ruined everything Ever since we were young, you always got in my way, without fail Don’t you get tired of it? Stop it, Runa Don’t call me Runa! Get it right. Call me Jeong Ruby Stop it! Stop blaming everyone else You did this to yourself You’re mom’s biological daughter, but because you were so jealous you convinced yourself you were adopted, and you pretended to be Jeong Ruby I told you not to call me Runa. I’m Ruby No. You’re Jeong Runa. Jeong Runa! Because of you, my life was shattered and my family was ripped apart Did you have to do this, Jeong Runa? Have you lost your mind? Why do you keep calling me Runa? I’m Ruby You Call me Ruby Call me Jeong Ruby Isn’t that Jeong Runa? Jeong Ruby’s with her Post it online Take pictures Why are they fighting? I’m Jeong Ruby. I’m Jeong Ruby I can’t deal with you anymore This is too weird Has she… Has she Has she lost her mind? I’m Jeong Ruby. Jeong Ruby Who is it? Official document for Noh Jihyeok Oh jeez Do we really have to talk inside? Coffee’s expensive. Unless this is serious Is it really that serious? What is it? Are you breaking up with me? Is that what this is? What’s gotten into you? Insu, it’s me Have you heard from Ruby? Oh… Okay Gilja, don’t worry too much Runa’s probably begging Ruby to accept her apology as we speak Where are Soyeong and Jihyeok anyway? It’s going to get busy soon Hey, Daepung What? Draft notice? Hey, hey, hey! Where were you guys? Jihyeok, I heard you got your draft notice

What? Military draft notice? Jihyeok has to do military service? Yes, that’s why Here Marriage License Hey, Noh Jihyeok! Hey, Ko Soyeong! What is it? Mom, watching you and dad get married made me realize that marriage is all about timing So you’re saying this is the right time? You’ll be in the army in two days What’s the matter with you two? Why’re you rushing to get a marriage license? Is Soyeong pregnant? Is that why? Soyeong, is that what happened? No, Mrs. Yu I promised myself I’d never be that irresponsible more than ten years ago I just really like Jihyeok No. I love him Love? Give me a break Ah! It’s true. We’re in love Why do you always treat me like a baby? You always belittle me and hit me Why do you always cut me down? What did I do wrong? When you got drunk and passed out, I thought you were dead, and I was the first person who called for help When you and Dongpal broke up, no one was more heartbroken than I was I like you so much Why do you hate me? Do you enjoy taking me for granted? We haven’t been together for a long time, but I know Soyeong’s a good person Soyeong’s told me how she could always count on you But now you’re married to dad You have dad to count on Now, I want to be the one Soyeong counts on And she’s the person I want to lean on Do you know how much responsibility comes with marriage? Are you really ready for that? Yes Can you be a good husband, Noh Jihyeok? Mother, I swear I’ll be good I don’t believe this Mother Ruby, where are you? It’s me, mom When are you coming home? Oh, it’s you, Runa. Were you with Ruby? Where is she? What are you talking about? Why do you keep calling me Runa? I’m Ruby. Ruby Where are you right now? Where is she? Runa Are you sure she’s here? Runa, what happened? Where’s Ruby? Isn’t this the dress she was wearing at the time of the accident, Gilja? Aunt Chorim, what are you talking about? I’m Ruby. Why did you call me Runa? I have to get to Seoul I have to meet Gyeongmin’s parents and make wedding arrangements What? Runa What’s going on, mom? Why’s everyone calling me Runa? Mom, Aunt Chorim, don’t you remember? Runa died a year ago She died in a car accident on her way to Seoul for an audition She was in a coma and then she died Don’t you remember? Runa I said I was Ruby Why are you calling me Runa? I’m Ruby! Okay, Ruby What about Runa? Where is she? Weren’t the two of you together? Yeah. Where’s Runa? Runa. Runa. Runa Why does everyone care about her now? I told you she died. She’s dead! Brother-in-law Gyeongmin, I’m wearing the dress you got me

I’ll be heading out soon. Wait just a minute Aunt Chorim, Gyeongmin is going to propose to me with this pretty ruby ring I’m full of butterflies just thinking about it Tell me. Where is Ruby? Where is your sister? Mom, why are you saying that? I’m Ruby Ruby. Jeong Ruby One year later Long time no see Insu. Have you been well? You look better. I’m glad Ms. Jeong Runa’s condition has improved She should be able go on day trips soon Great. Thank you How is it here? Is it okay? Yes. Everyone’s very nice Thank you for coming to see me, Insu You’ve changed a lot, Jeong Runa I’m sorry, Insu I did a lot of terrible things to you It’s a nice day outside. Want to take a walk? Aren’t you cold? I’m fine. The sun’s keeping me warm Won’t you regret it? Regret what? You love Ruby Can you really leave without her? Won’t you regret it? I remember that day When I was in the hospital after the crash The truth is, I saw you You were glaring at me and Gyeongmin with a tortured look on your face I saw you If I had come clean then If had come clean and asked for forgiveness, we wouldn’t have ended up like this, right? I dream about that day a lot If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have been so stupid I hurt so many people I feel so bad about it I hurt my loved ones Do you think I can be forgiven? People who have given up their desires will probably tell you that too much desire is pointless It’s all just empty dreams But the thing about desire is that no matter how empty those dreams are, for the dreamer, they’re essential and desperate struggles Was I really so wrong? Was I? Insu, you probably won’t believe me, but I really loved you I said that love didn’t exist,

but that wasn’t true. Love exists That’s right, Jeong Runa You were wrong Love does exist But the thing about desire is that no matter how empty those dreams are, for the dreamer, they’re beautiful and desperate struggles Beautiful and desperate struggles? Was I really so wrong? Was I? I thought you were in Ireland When did you get here? Did you come back because you missed me? I don’t think I can do it What are you talking about? I just can’t get myself to leave No one wants to take care of her Are you talking about Runa? I can’t tell if you love her or hate her, but I’m jealous of Runa Director Bae, for my sake, could you help Runa while she gets treated? If this were a movie, you and I would end up together But I guess you’re not into me Then again, I could help out the woman you love and act really cool about it That’s not so bad Thank you, Director Bae And one more thing If you allow me to work here again, I’ll work hard and get your sales numbers up Yes. Come in What’s this? You’re not leaving for a while Why are you packing already? I’m sending some things over first Gyeongmin Yes, grandma? Do you have to go? What about JM? Couldn’t you just stay here with me? The company’s gotten stronger, and Sera will do an excellent job Two years will be gone before you know it I’ll complete my studies this time Do you know long two years is for an old lady in her twilight years? I’ll visit often And you can come to the States whenever you miss me You always have the last word That’s not true, grandma And take good care of mom Your mom should take care of me I’m the old and feeble one Have a little respect for your elders You’re a strong person What are you two discussing without me? It’s about me, isn’t it? Take care of our baby Sera too Bae Gyeongmin, how dare you call your older sister a baby? You better watch it Mother, come have some persimmons Gyeongmin, Sera Let’s go Did you know Insu came back? What is this? It’s such a sad ending My sister-in-law No. Runa is one thing, but what happened to Ruby? It’s as sweet as honey It’s especially sweet this year Changgeun loved persimmons I bet he’s eating them in heaven and waiting for my arrival

Grandma, stop talking about dad You’re making us sad Okay Let’s fight the cold of winter, sadness, and grief with these persimmons Wang Daepung Auto She’s been getting a lot of calls. Who is it? She is acting strangely Right, mother? I hope she finds a good man Sera, if there’s a guy you like, don’t hesitate to Please, grandma. Stop it Why? These days, babies come before marriage Wow. You too, mom? Your grandma taught me a lot Having baby is a patriotic thing to do Yeah, Sera. Think about it That American guy who called you a lot, Aiden? What happened to him? Aiden? His name’s Aiden? Yeah. It’s the age of globalization Aiden or otherwise, just bring a man home I’ll okay all of them What? Really? This way. No. That way Sorry. This way Enough is enough I’m done. My arms are dead Why’re you so bad at following directions? Do you want me to do it then? Oh, come on. Stop fighting I’ll do it Like this Hello, everyone Geumhui I heard you were pregnant These flowers are great for prenatal care I hope you have a baby as beautiful as these flowers I love you Let’s go. I have to step out for a bit Let’s go, Geumhui Goodbye. I love you all What’s going on Jihyeok? Do you know anything about this? Uncle Daepung’s in love He wants to get married so he’s working hard What? So does this mean I have to deal with that ditz again? Good grief Ditz? Don’t be so hard on her Our baby will hear Take in the healing aroma of the flowers Jeez It’s nice How are you, Runa? Are you healthy? Are you eating well? Are you getting enough sleep? One question at a time, mom I can’t keep up I’m eating and sleeping well I’m perfectly healthy Is it Runa? Is she doing well? Yes Why are you calling at this hour anyway? When’s Aunt Chorim’s restaurant opening? I’ve gotten a lot better, so I can take a day trip this month I thought I’d use it to attend the grand opening I’d like to see the restaurant and congratulate Aunt Chorim for working so hard on it But the thing is, I can’t leave unless I have a chaperone I need to be accompanied by someone Really? Let’s see. Who can chaperone Could Ruby come by? Ruby? No, right? I’d make her uncomfortable, right? I’ll talk to her about it Okay. See you later

Thank you You’re welcome So Runa’s coming to the grand opening? Yup But someone has to pick her up She says she wants Ruby to come I’ll go, mom Are you sure? Of course, Aunt Chorim Alright then. Thank you What’s there to thank me for? She’s my sister Yeah. That’s all in the past now Even if I refuse to forgive Runa, it won’t undo what’s been done Runa just made a mistake She was just driven by the pursuit of greed, desire and emptiness Ruby! Thanks for coming to get me Was it hard to get here? No. It was fine I’m sorry, Ruby It was my fault Do you think you could forgive me? We’re sisters after all. Twin sisters I know I put you through a lot I want to apologize, but I don’t know how What can I do to heal your pain? Runa The doctor says I’m close to a full recovery How do I look, Ruby? You look good Gyeongmin’s doing well, right? I hope he forgets all about me and that he’s happy Let’s all be happy I have to see the doctor before I leave to get a permission slip. I’ll be back Okay You’re going out today? That outfit suits you Ruby came to get me, doctor Your sister? How did you feel when you found out? Since Ruby came here to get me, she’s probably forgiven me, right? Do you remember our first session? Do you remember what you asked me? I’m not sure. I was just so out of it Don’t you have desires? Don’t you have desires? Does lust make me a jezebel? How are desire and ambition any different? So? Do you still think that other people didn’t act the same way you did, for example, stealing your sister’s life, simply because they never had the opportunity? Doctor, I’m a different person now Your question is confusing me Are you trying to avoid the question? Our session’s over, right? My sister’s waiting. I’m sorry Ms. Jeong Runa What’s wrong, doctor? I’m not Jeong Runa. I’m Jeong Ruby How could you get my name wrong?

What are you doing? I have to go My sister’s waiting for me The doctor needs you to have another session No. I have to go I have to go! Chorim’s Grilled Chicken Grand Opening Look at that handsome face That pig is sure to bring you good luck Your restaurant’s going to do great! Of course. We have Ms. Yu Gilja’s 30-year-old spicy grilled chicken recipe Success is our only option Mrs. Yu, the third branch is ours Yes. Daepung and I will work together to make it the very best Excuse me? What are you talking about? The third branch is ours, right, mother? Y-yeah Congratulations – Congratulations. / – Thank you Thank you so much You’re so busy. What’d you come out here for? What do you mean? This is a JM-backed franchise Of course we had to come by Will the president be needing anything else? She called me president But you are. Am I’m the vice president Where’s Jeong Runa…? I mean, General Manager Jeong Ruby? She’ll be here soon They said they’d call Are they on their way? Who are you? I’m Jeong Runa Who? Jeong Runa Ms. Jeong Ruby, you’re not Jeong Runa You’re Jeong Ruby Shhh You have to keep that to yourself It’s a secret I see People might call me a jezebel, the embodiment of desire, an evil witch But I don’t care what they say Those words won’t change me Don’t you have desires? Does having desires make me a jezebel? How are desire and ambition any different? Look deep within yourself You just never had the opportunity You didn’t leave for the states after all You couldn’t bear to leave us, could you? If I’m not here to keep an eye on you, there’s no way to trust the marketing division So I decided not to go to the states And I have some unfinished business Unfinished business? Are you talking about our baby’s birthday? Yes, you’re right I was worried about you two Our Vice President is very loyal Then today, once again