The Dark Side of the Soul. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. Detective. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

Star Media presents Alexei Sekirin Sergey Koleshnya in a movie ”The Dark Side of the Soul” Hello? I need the knife now My assistant will come for it I got you. I’m waiting Directed by Vyacheslav Lavrov Director of Photography – Yevgeniy Koroptsov Art Director – Svetlana Smirnova Music by Alexei Chintsov Executive Producer – Philipp Brusnikin Produced by Daria Lavrova General Producer – Vlad Ryashin based on the novel of Yelena Mikhalkova “The Dark Side of the Soul” He cheated on us! It is a fake! Where is that bastard? He escaped Find him! Dig him up from under the ground! Damn it! We must find out who made this fake for him Wait, wait! When I gave him this knife for restoration, he told me that he had a friend, a genius restorer He might do anything. This is what he did! Bastards! They duped me for a million and a half dollars! Don’t worry, Vitaliy Semenovitch. He won’t escape me Find him! Find him, honey! Find! And please be quick! “I can’t stand it anymore. Sorry!” Hi, brother Can you explain what happened here? Nothing new. Mum quarreled with Marina Marina packed her things, took Sashka and left Where to? She said she would stay with her parents for a while and then think of something What do you mean – “think of something”? Mitya! I think she was talking about a divorce Is it because of mum? Yes. You know that she is intolerable I know. We can’t drive her away, though. God! When will it all end? Never, I assume. How do they say? “Until death thou us part” Come on! Come on! It’s cold

Ostin! Ostin! Why do you keep getting under my feet? I may make a kebab out of you! Osya, behave yourself, and Babkin will give you a bone! As for a bone, by the way There won’t be enough kebabs to go around. We need something to feed the dog too Why won’t there be enough? We still have dog food We’re out of it ‒  Let me go to the shop ‒  What a great idea! Buy a couple of flat breads, then There is a local bakery there You shall change. First, it’s cold Secondly, it’s far away Thirdly, I’ll give you my bike Wait. I don’t have what to change into Babkin forgot my bag at the office Great! I’ll find something for you My hungry girl! You’re hungry, my beauty! My beauty is hungry Here we go! What else do we have? Mum! I want to talk to you! Mum? I want to talk to you! ‒  My beauty! ‒  Mum! Mum! I’m talking to you! You’re not talking You’re shouting like mad What did you say to Marina? She said that she would file for a divorce If you’re to blame, I… I don’t know what I’ll do! Don’t say anything if you don’t know! Mothers like you should be killed! Don’t come up to me! Masha, call the police! He’ll kill me! Wait, Serega! I think somebody is killing somebody ‒  No ‒  Listen! I can’t hear anything It was just a hallucination What are you talking about? Makar thinks that somebody is killing somebody Serega! Do you miss your work? Oh, God! It’s the first day of your vacations! Makar! I beg you! Don’t mess things up! Nobody has ever killed anybody here It’s a very quiet place. Although, no There was one criminal case A local dog was poisoned The poisoner died of a heart attack a few days later Here we go. Hand it over to me Here you go. I brought something to you. Don’t pick on that I know that it’s not your style It’ll do for a summer cottage, though ‒  Right ‒  Go and change ‒  Where is the shop? ‒  Ride your bike to the right, then go straight for about 15 minutes You’ll come right to it ‒  I see ‒  Go ‒  How nice! Oh, God! ‒  Here is something nicer… Mum! Calm down! What is going on? ‒  Don’t approach me! ‒  What has happened? Your brother threatened to kill me! Me! His own mother! Calm down! Do you want all the neighbors to come here? Mitya, what has happened? You know what! Marina won’t come back This time it’s serious Your Marina isn’t a huge loss! Shut up! You spoilt my and Masha’s life! And now you’re trying to ruin my family! One can’t ruin a real family! And if your wife is a flirt… ‒  Don’t you dare! ‒  Calm down! Marina has been putting up with you for two years! She was trying to come to terms with you. However, it’s impossible You may vex anybody! Even Sashka, your own grandson, hates you! ‒  Your Sashka hates everybody! ‒  Mum! You should take him to a psychiatrist instead of shouting at me! Mum, shut up! The boy is only five, but he is already a neurotic! He stars crying at every trifle! Anyone may become a neurotic with you! You’re not a woman but a monster! ‒  I’m going! I’m going! ‒  Mitya, calm down! This is it! Stop calming me down! ‒  Sorry! Are you OK? ‒  What are you..? I’m very sorry. I haven’t ridden a bike for long and it got out of control I noticed it. Please me more careful next time ‒  All right. I will… What about… ‒  No Wait. I haven’t said anything yet What is “no”? No, I don’t want to get acquainted, no, I don’t go to the cinema, and no, I won’t invite you to tea. Sorry ‒  Let me invite you, then ‒  No. Thanks Well! I don’t want to see you here ever again! You won’t get away with it! He is my child! I’ll take him home! I’ll go to the police!

Great! Go! Go, Svetlana Vadimovna I think the police will listen to you You were a patient of a mental clinic, weren’t you? As far as I know Wait! How do you know? ‒  Why? My information is correct, isn’t it? ‒  It’s none of your business You’re mistaken, Svetlana Vadimovna You were hospitalized because you were dangerous both for yourself and the other people. And I have children here! Look, it’s not what you think! You see, it was a mistake Many years ago. It’s all in the past now. I beg you… Go! And don’t come here anymore! Otherwise, I’ll call the police and the male nurses. Oleg? This is it, Yulia. Don’t worry. Drink some fresh tea ‒  I brewed it with melissa. Drink! ‒  How can I not worry? My own children are reproaching me for the food! ‒  And I have no other place to live! ‒  Stop it! Everything will be fine You’re their mother and they are your children. You’re close people Different things happen Mitya overdid it a bit, that’s all Sasha, I wish you saw him! He almost killed me! I’m not joking! You’re exaggerating. “Kill”… He is just nervous because of Marina One may understand him, by the way Let me tell you something The fact that you’re living all together under one roof is terrible Neither you nor they are used to it This is the root of all the problems Sasha, I hate this house and this village! Mud all around, gas coming in tanks, and the people to suit it all! It’ll soon all change, though Hello, Sveta ‒  Is it that bad? ‒  Yes, it is It’ll be all right. She needs time She’ll calm down ‒  She’ll start a new life ‒  I don’t know. I used to think so too However, it is only getting worse You know, I’m afraid that she may do something with herself… ‒  Stop it! ‒  Yeah… Mitya, don’t worry It’ll work out fine. Marina loves you Sasha loves you too. You’ll make up We’ll sort it out with mum somehow How, Masha? It’s impossible to live with her! You know it yourself ‒  What can we do with her? ‒  Mitya, I’ll sort it out. I… I won’t let mum ruin your family. Do you get it? Look at me! Everything will be fine Just wait a bit. Will you? I’ve been waiting my entire life, Masha! I can’t do it anymore! I can’t and I won’t! Stop caring for me! I’m not a five year old! ‒  I will sort it out myself! ‒  Mitya! Wait! Mitya! Wait! Mitya! It’s you! Here you go. The main secret of the kebab is coals Coals shall come from birch trees We’ll check the fairness of this assumption now The main secret of the kebab is the man doing them ‒  You’re right, my honey! ‒  Yes ‒  What were you asking about? ‒  About that girl. Who is she? She is Masha. My neighbor. Ladynina She lives with her brother Mitya and her crazy mum. Her mum used to be wanton in her youth She was having fun all the time The children grew up with their granny Later mum came to her senses She came back to her kids too and made herself a burden. She makes their life positively intolerable This is it. And Masha is a good girl So, she is Ladynina’s daughter, isn’t she? ‒  Have you gotten acquainted with her? ‒  With whom? ‒  What difference does it make? ‒  Oh, Makar! ‒  What? ‒  It means I’ll have what to tell your mum ‒  Serezha! ‒  Is the girl beautiful?

She is You didn’t waste your time, Makar It’s all right. Let’s taste it now Hand me some ketchup over Give it to me after that ‒  There is no ketchup left ‒  Oh, really? By the way, Masha is a very good cook I am sure she has some ketchup She does, doesn’t she? I wonder whom we may send to Masha I don’t know. What about sending Makar? ‒  Yes. I may go to her ‒  Great! Go! Otherwise, you’ll die of hunger here Of course. What shall I tell your mum? You know me. Don’t tell her anything yet Oh, Makar! A cat in the heat! Come here What has happened? There… ‒  What is there? ‒  Mum is there What is it about your mum? She is still alive. Call the ambulance You’re handsome I always loved handsome males Look, what has happened here? It’s all because of the son Because of the son… Do you hear me? Damn it! An investigator came from the district center. He questioned everybody ‒  What has happened? ‒  It looks like Mitya killed his mother They say he was caught red‒ handed I was going from the shop and saw an ambulance and a police car Poor Masha came home and saw it all… Police came half an hour ago They went to interrogate the neighbors Something doesn’t coincide Masha came home two hours ago I saw her myself. Even more Let’s go, Lypa. There is nothing for us to do here ‒  I beg your pardon. May I talk to you? ‒  What do you want? ‒  May I talk to the investigator? ‒  On what issue? ‒  I want to testify ‒  Let’s go Did you check everything? Money? Valuables? Is anything missing? ‒  No, everything is fine ‒  Great. It means that your version about robbers is groundless, Dmitry Olegovitch Well… What is there? “I met Dmitry Ladynin on the threshold when he was leaving the house. When I asked the victim about what had happened, she answered: “It was all because of the son” The son! You’re her son, aren’t you? You got me wrong. I came home and saw mum lying on the floor I got confused Yes. So, you decided to run away from the crime scene. You may be free – I wanted to call for help – To call who? ‒  I don’t know. The neighbors ‒  Why call the neighbors? Wouldn’t it be better to call the ambulance and the police? He was in a state of shock. Can’t you understand? Maria Olegovna, we’ll talk to you later Why didn’t you call the police? I was in shock indeed It didn’t come to my mind Let’s suppose so. Then why did you fail to call the ambulance when Makar Andreyevitch asked you to call it? You didn’t have to think about anything, However, you didn’t make a call You just left the room Where did you go and what did you do? I was sick Were you in the toilet all that time? Petrov? Take an expert and examine the toilet to look for the murder weapon You went out of the woods at 12:30, and nobody saw you for the next two hours I wanted to be alone. I had to think about how to solve the problem with my mum My wife couldn’t stay under one roof with her So, you solved the problem in a radical way, didn’t you? ‒  Pack your things. You’ll go with me ‒  Where to? I’m detaining your brother on suspicions of a murder of Yulia Mikhaylovna Ladynina Ae you crazy? He couldn’t have done it!

He couldn’t, could he? Tischenko? Are you out of your mind? This is nonsense! Handcuff him and take him to the car What handcuffs? He couldn’t have done it! Ms. Ladynina! ‒  She is his mother! Do you get it? ‒  Stop being hysterical! Wait. Listen. You… you got it all wrong! We’ll talk to you later We’ll summon you to the department I beg you! Please! Maria Olegovna! This conversation is over! I am telling you – he couldn’t have done it! Please! I beg you! What are you doing? Ms. Ladynina, calm down! This is it! Let us work normally! Calm down! He couldn’t have done it! Do you understand? How can you..? This is enough! Go! Come on! It’s your fault! Mitya will get in prison because of you! If Mitya is not guilty, he won’t get into prison Serega, wait What right do you have to accuse my brother? Where did you come from? You don’t know us! You don’t know him! You see us for the first time ever! ‒  I understand you. I’m sorry ‒  You don’t understand anything! You accused him, and now you’re telling me that you’re sorry! ‒  Masha, please listen to me… ‒  Where does he come from? Nika, what right does he have to say that Mitya killed anybody? Explain it to me! I don’t get it! I am very sorry. I’ll do what I can You’ve already done what you could! This is it. Calm down. Listen to me He didn’t say it just for the sake of it It’s his job. He is a private detective This is it. Calm down Let’s go and drink some tea If he is not guilty… I promise to find who did it Nika! Nik… We may carry out a parallel investigation and find out who did it However, you shall be ready for a possibility that the investigator was right and your brother did it No. It’s impossible “Impossible”… Sometimes even the closest people make such surprises… You… Just find who did it Promise it to me! Do you promise? Yes, I do Thank you. I beg your pardon… I don’t like it Who may like it? An old woman got killed for nothing! I don’t mean that Makar never works for free And he never promises anything to anyone Serezha, let’s drop this topic Yes? ‒  What do you have? ‒  The results of the autopsy “The wound was inflicted with a double‒ edged knife 54‒ 55 mm wide Microscopic particles of gold were found in the wound.” How did they end up there? What about the murder weapon? It’s missing. Our guys searched everywhere. There is no murder weapon Keep looking. Ladynin was absent for no more than 20 minutes He couldn’t have taken it far away. Dig the ground, ‒  but find that murder weapon for me! ‒  I got you Let the investigation work on Mitya

‒  Who is the investigator, by the way? ‒  A Kalinin He has recently graduated from the Academy. He has no experience but people say he is a great enthusiast Lack of experience might be a problem Such people tend to cling to one version without even considering the other ones “The version is compelling; you have to agree with that. ” It is so. But let’s suppose that Mitya told the truth and he didn’t kill anybody Maybe in such a case the murder is connected with Ladynina’s past They say she used to lead a hectic life a dozen of years ago Did you talk to Masha about it? ‒  Stop it, Serezha! Her mother was murdered yesterday and her brother is a suspect She is sleeping. Nika gave her a sleeping pill. I’ll talk to her tomorrow And you shall find out something about Yulia Mikhaylovna’s past What, how, with whom and when You know it all yourself And I’ll talk to the locals Maybe we’ll find some clues Makar… did you discuss our pay with Masha? ‒  No, I didn’t ‒  I don’t care about the money I’m just afraid that you might trigger a backlash again Serezha, let’s stop this conversation It’s a different matter Makar, it seems to me that Masha resembles Nadya Don’t pretend that you didn’t notice it Why do you think so? They are not alike ‒  Makar! ‒  Serezha! Let’s close this topic! Eat the pie, Makar Andreyevitch I made it according to Yulia’s recipe I baked it planning to have tea with her But it happened so that… You and Yulia Ladynina were friends, weren’t you? Yes, we were friends ‒  How often did you meet? ‒  Every day Did you notice anything strange or unusual recently? Maybe she was scared of something Yulia was only scared of one thing – of living the rest of her life as a burden to her children, in this village She was used to an entirely different way of life As for anything unusual… not much happens here Maybe she quarreled with anybody With Mitya. I think you know about it Everybody here does Right. Did you see any strangers around? Maybe you saw someone by their house? Strangers? No… Though… It was three days ago I saw a car by their house A big black one. With toned windows I thought that it came to Masha But Yulia said that they didn’t have guests. Though… What “though”? She was very nervous that day I don’t know why. She didn’t tell me I see. What did you see? Did someone go out of the car? No. I didn’t notice ‒  Did you remember the plate number? ‒  Oh, no. Of course I didn’t Wait. What about your daughter? No, no. Sveta was out that day She was at the office ‒  May I talk to her? ‒  She is not home She is in the city and will come home late They have some problems at work Some check‒ up. She is an auditor If you want, I may ask her about it myself. Here you go Thanks. I’ll be very grateful. I will go Good‒ bye ‒  Thank you for the pies ‒  Good luck ‒  What did he want? ‒  He was asking about Yulia Last month your mother made a number of enquiries ‒  about renting villas on Sardinia ‒  What? Did you know about it? What villas? Stop it! Our house is mortgaged Mitya and I are struggling to repay it How did you find out about the villas?

Sergey checked your mum’s phone and talked to a real estate agent who was looking for variants for your mother Yulia Mikhaylovna told the real estate agent that she would like to rent and then to buy real estate in Italy after the New Year For what money? I hoped that you would tell us about it It means she got into some adventure again Mum knows how to do it. I mean she knew ‒  What adventure? ‒  Serezha! She used to invest money in financial pyramids. Not only her money Then the money was lost and the problems with the creditors would start ‒  Do you know them personally? ‒  She didn’t tell me about them Is there anything else? Well… she wasted the money she got from selling our granny’s apartment Mum liked to live in opulence and she denied herself nothing Other people had to pay for that First her husbands. Then Mitya and me I don’t know anything about Sardinia. I’m sorry, Makar, but I don’t know anything about the car by our house either None of my acquaintances owns such a car Serezha, check the car through the database ‒  We have a brand and two first numbers ‒  A black Nissan, 31… Hello. Hi. This is me We have to escape, urgently I’m on my way to you I’ll come in an hour I got you. There is police around OK, I won’t approach your house Where shall we meet? Wait, I’ll put it down. The ruins The ones by the village? All right, wait for me. I’m on my way ‒  Did you find him? ‒  Yes. I’m following him into the country Don’t let him slip away But don’t overdo it I need him to be alive. And able to talk The car that people saw by Ladynina’s house is registered in the name of Troitskiy Vyacheslav Leonidovitch, born 1979 What is he doing? He is an employee of the restoration department of the historical museum He also renders private services of appreciation, certification and restoration of art works ‒  There is his workshop. We’re there ‒  I see Right. What about Kalinin? Did they find the murder weapon? By the way! I forgot about it Here you go. Read the second page ‒  Here? ‒  Yes “The wound was inflicted with a double‒ edged knife 54‒ 55 mm wide;” microscopic particles of gold were found in the wound”. How interesting! Yes Wow! The door is open There is nobody in the workshop Judging from the sandwiches, Troitskiy was absent for a couple of days He was gathering his things in a hurry It looks like he was working on this knife before he left ‒  Serega? ‒  Yes? ‒  Somebody was here later ‒  Why do you think so? Look at how many traces there are! The tires imprints are different I showed the drawings to my friend from the Pushkin’s museum He got so excited! He says that it’s a very rare knife. A Scythian one

From some well‒ known burial mound ‒  Is it something like Schliemann’s gold? ‒  Something like that It was found in the 20‒ ies during excavations on the territory of Moldavia It disappeared during the war It was considered lost forever Even the Ahnenerbe itself was hunting for it! Can you imagine? Great! People say that the knife brings bad luck to everybody who owns it ‒  It must be valuable ‒  It costs a million and a half dollars! Wow! ‒  That much! From the historical point of view, it’s priceless ‒  Did your friend tell you so? ‒  Yes, he did Then tell me, what does late Ladynina have to do with the Scythian knife, Ahnenerbe and Mr. Troitskiy? She must have been killed with that knife Think for yourself, Serezha The gold particles, the width of the blade and the conclusion of the experts! It all coincides. Besides, people saw Troitskiy’s car by Ladynina’s house He didn’t come there for nothing What do you think? This is it, Nika No. I didn’t hear anything about the knife. As for that appraiser… ‒  Troitskiy ‒  Yes. If he is working with artefacts, he might have known my mother My mother was married four times One of her husbands owned a half‒ criminal jewelry business in the 90‒ ies If I’m not mistaken, they were forging Faberge’s eggs May I talk to him? Unfortunately, no He was killed in the 90‒ ies It’s a pity. He was a good man And the only one of mum’s husbands who treated me and Mitya well He even saved me from a police department once How interesting! What were you detained for? My friends and I robbed a kiosk We wanted to have some chips but no one had any money I was a real redneck in 13 Thanks to him, I studied to become a restorer I have a very rare specialization I restore icons Wait. Maybe his surname was Troitskiy? No. His surname was Filipov He was very old and smoked a pipe Why are you asking about that? You see… I think that your mother was killed because of that knife After Uncle Zhenya was murdered, mum had some jewelry left She was selling it and lived for that money. I found it out later ‒  Uncle Zhenya’s sister died recently… ‒  Who? A sister of her husband the jeweler Mum visited her before her death I know about it Maybe she and Uncle Zhenya kept some valuables with his sister, the knife among them. We don’t know for sure what they were doing at that factory besides forging Faberge’s eggs. It is still unknown who killed Uncle Zhenya and how Do you say you found this drawing ‒  in the workshop of… ‒  Troitskiy ‒  Will you find him? ‒  We’ll try Yes. One minute Who is there? Hello Here you go. Pies. Baked according to a super‒ recipe ‒  Thanks. You’re a great cook ‒  Yes Lypa? Were you crying? Did something happen? No. Everything is fine It just seemed to you I can see that Your eyes are red. Sit down Who hurt you? Do you want some tea? No. I have another portion of pies in the oven. I must go Wait. Don’t go What are you doing here? What are these books about? The books? About the Scythes You know, their customs were so brutal! For example, if a Scythian tsar died, not only his sword but even his wife went together with him to his grave, ‒  Is that true? ‒  It is. His wife too! ‒  The wife? Alive? Into the grave? ‒  No. Not alive Wait. Did they kill them? As a rule, wives of the Scythian tsars accepted death voluntary Lypa? You’re doing the same thing I shouldn’t talk about it But I can’t watch you burying yourself alive. He is beneath you How can you stand it? Why don’t you leave him? You don’t know anything about me, Rodion. Let’s not discuss it

You’d better told me about your work What are you doing? You’re sitting here all the time like a hermit You don’t even go for a walk! Are you a researcher? I am in a way You don’t want to talk about it, do you? I’m not ready yet. My work, you know… It is very important for me. If everything goes well… It’ll change my life I’ll have everything Then I’ll be able to offer you more The entire world! As for the husband the jeweler – we didn’t find out much He didn’t have any relatives except for a sister. She died a month ago Where did she die? In a hospital? At home? In a nursing home The sister was over 80 years old I talked to the personnel Ladynina used to visit her ‒  She did, didn’t she? ‒  They quarreled The sister shouted at Ladynina that she brought her brother to the grave and that she wouldn’t get anything How interesting! What wasn’t she supposed to get? I don’t know yet. The doctor said that the sister was a bit out of her mind, though She was telling everybody that her brother left her some valuable things, that she was incredibly rich… It means Ladynina didn’t come to her anymore Why? She did come. To her funerals I see. Masha didn’t tell us about it Did you find her things? I saw the things They are still in the nursing home There is nothing there No valuables, of course Just usual old people’s stuff Not a hint of a knife, was there? No, none Even if there was, Serezha… nobody could tell us about it Ladynina is dead. He husband the jeweler is dead too They may argue with all their hearts in the other world now The only clue is Troitskiy, Serezha Troitskiy He as if vanished into the thin air He hasn’t come to his work for a week They say there that he used to be late recently He was nervous during the last week Then he disappeared Yes? I see. What? Where? I see. Thanks. I owe you ‒  What is it? ‒  Troitskiy has been found ‒  Great! Where? ‒  In the morgue End of Episode One