Mixed media-Love you so much layout part-3(Final part!)

hey guys I’m back so I’m going to use my a stencil here I know you guys have been asking for me to do some would love or something like that you know sorry guys so there’s still nothing in my bathroom yet ok I’m sorry so um let it go this my first one love you so much stencil see a four-by-four you can check out my story became interested you want to your teeth you don’t have to use all the world you can’t eat it loves you so much whatever you know you can do is separate you know so I hope you guys can hear me well here I’m talking a gift the machine they’re working outside to that then pin it today or tomorrow hopefully ladies if nothing delay so I’m going to use these things away computers one of the heaven periods one up yet I’m going to use my modeling case here it’s kind of joy but I can’t add more water to soften and you know the one thing that I like the top like the tougher one not to solve because you can’t do like fully big momma Dee’s like you remember my imagination way out that you know I you’d like a mooring his it you know scally big try not to dry you can add water to thinner so this one I’m going to put a little bit water in there so um I’m not going to much should I make it thicker or a little bit lighter not sure yet you make it lighter that you can see to the the black pearl you make it thick in okc you didn’t you may pick so I’m going to add water oh you know what I’m going to you tomorrow pinnacle you know why i like it because it dry pasta have been telling you ladies that idea to you that I lie to you dropping home my tongue twisted on in here ladies so this one first I worried that they’re gonna leave a massive goes I need to be along I know as you waiting to bring it whatever he doing but you know me guys I’m worried out of passion for some time I want to finish something I have to do it I don’t I don’t like to work I’m standing here ready so I haven’t get a new share yet hopefully I don’t know when so they forget it you stop it I say go put my finger so I’m going to maybe we should i use some idea you blow and you not sure yet i’m going to do light lip over there for so sorry you need to peel that one off so let’s see all you can do it all together I’ll show you how is love giving it all together if I see you know i will try this one first okay ladies so I’m going to my finger here they need to take another issue it is now this sticky on my finger here indeed to add my water is this little bit dry

to fight for me yep definitely joy too fast I added to my water in there me damned water I said you this tool here to help me ok I think I started to have the guy come in on my tutorial thank you give you a guy watch my video please leave them so that leave my mirror I don’t see it said you lady that I don’t want to you know yup the guy of my video guys you know that’s why I’m using hi guys so add you kind knows that on my the end upset thank you everyone thank you for keep watching my work are you to say thank you lady for keep watching may be alright and now I change it lately because I knew that I have more guys watching my video guys like almost seven percent now before you to be like under five percent so again I live this one out oh this want you to kind of stick it out huh I siga la medida a little bit so now you have all day and i’m going to use some lip you sure you should be somewhere I’m going to try this one first before i got anything I don’t want this one to you know I don’t want to make a mess Elise so now you so I’m going to put maybe you right there may be right there

good thing I move my finger I’m not sure this one’s going to be a perfect up a bit let me live it up not likely because I moved in so a lot so let me tell you can I start a dragon and now i’m going to use the new morning pasted not too dry so see what maybe this one it better so i’m going to try to me try not to move my finger yet it is so hard not to move lady because this one I didn’t think about half of it so okay this one is not bad how many year down many you’d this up roaring pc another dry one east corner trying to get some pattern ok helped you and now I’m going to do the with so much I think so much i’m going to put doubt about i’m a delay i was here anymore modern case lady so I’m going to do it right here

hey guys maybe if I don’t time you believe the boy out there I might keep this one to get dry like a small bottle so if you got wondering if you haven’t seen you tend it is modeling paste ok you can get any in your local art austere so now i’m going to try this one in I will be right back lady ok ok ladies i’m not sure what happened my camera’s steps shut up on me ok my battery fight too I you’d already used on my stint oh here there’s a ghost in so here a small one I didn’t um stepping up impact here i use the car phone summing up do have to tie up the in so the one classic one it’s kind of a league with you can allow me in for the stem you know kind of cut cartoon all pictures whatever stem they add this one dude for that and you can do to make stencil to write you to stand so it’s good different look when you read the coffin and the plastic one the sea I let me see that is kind of get you like deep tacky I’m not shudders pick it up a notch okay I can see and this classic and get give you it’s kind of wet loop

you see that so this one messy so what is it was sorry guys just my camera to check on me so I did I said you’d make up spun here and should include it so you can see the dotted pop up there so you guys can know I kind of started to light a craft this one here is kind I’m not sure it’s called a fragment or something this is not sure what we call it up like a light color e to back out our color you you know the the dotted Papa mo I did randomly around my gum layout here if I can see today right there there is tip to lanham nandamuri so on my a bit loves you so much I’m not going in hello I take another leap check like that now you started to making noises here again village so so here in Cody layout get my spider what I call styling techniques to get this spatter everywhere look that’s it lady i hope you guy likes my layout thank you lady for keep watching why do i have to cook it look ready for my FC class eep give my video camera cut from the author i need to go to take my SC classiest alcohol chaining ok being a catch it everybody need to have the license to sell alcohol ok ladies ok that’s it lady thank you lady for keep watching my do i always put this photo dipper check on my blog so you can check it out thank you ready for keep watching my video always speak up I dope I ladies