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What’s going on my friends how is this song cooking is it Hmm kind of make sure let’s see how this stream is going but uh What’s going on? My friends my family my fellow gamers. It’s your board Puerto rock 77 and I’m trying something different Trying to see how this Webcam streaming is going All right So far looking good, what’s up with the chat Yeah, it’s been around a can you hit me up how does it look at the stream Look, does it look laggy and my sound right? Just give me a heads up because what I’m doing is I’m using on youtubes web live I think the main difference with web life is only one person one. I can’t have like a Podcast or other members. I think this is just one person web streaming live directly to the audience So I figure under these conditions. This is probably on the best way Probably the best way to quickly get out there and then when if I ever want to host a podcast other members, then I’ll do the Stream lab stuff on cameras laggy. Um maybe If well, maybe next time I’ll see I don’t see much settings to this Maybe if I’m able to tone it down to 720p or something, but as long as the voice is good I think that’s the main important part For this but hey, it’s been a while. Everybody’s asking anywhere. You’ve been brother and all that stuff simplify heath Roam brush was good. Everybody won’t do penguin. Everybody’s asking me I’ve been that so I’ll just give a quick channel update But before that if you don’t mind, I would appreciate it. If you guys could retweet this out. We tweet the link out Um get everybody going I miss you guys and stuff like that Maira already pinned This dream On Twitter. So if you could retweet that give it a like spread it around and then we’ll chop it up real quick But definitely hit the like button but it’s been a while so over the last month or so I’ve been real busy so Just in case people didn’t know I’m not a full-time content creator Um, you know, I have a I have a I don’t want to use the word normal career I have another career in the military, right? So that’s my career. You know, that’s what brings home the bacon, right? Z spills sold on his PC. Oh my god. Oh my man. Oh But that’s my career, right Content creation is more like a hobby something I have fun with I truly appreciate Hanging out with you guys Rocking out with you with the channel and stuff like that, but my main career is my priority So whenever things get hectic and shoots up Then that takes over and then at that point I have to balance my life So my number one priority will always be my family You know, that’s always gonna be number one right number two of my career, you know, my main career You don’t wanna say and then at that point if any of those things take up Something has to take a backseat and usually that’s gonna be my content creation because it’s either that or Play less games, you know, and I’m just not gonna choose playing less games over content creation but because of that that’s why I don’t have any things like that’s why I don’t do things like patreon or any type of Subscription-based, you know service with fans or whatever because then at that point is no longer a hobby now It becomes a duty that I owe fans because they’re paying for stuff like that That’s why I never got into the whole patreon and stuff like that Alright, I do have the super chat, but I see that as right then and there for the moment, you know and then I do have PayPal but that’s you know, that’s nothing. You know, I don’t even really advertise that as much to be honest But the reality is though, I hate our uptick and stuff like that alright There’s potential I’ll be leaving Germany soon, or well now soon maybe by next spring. I will probably be in, California Being stationed out there So I’m excited and that are kind of sad that I’m leaving Europe earlier than I planned to but I’m most excited Because I never got stationed out in you know, California area, you know, so I’m excited about that. So because of that potential Some of the things I wanted to do for my channel have to put on hold because the time difference Between Europe and California is huge So I need to stabilize myself when the time comes so from now to then I’m still continuing to push our videos on yes Southern Cali San Diego area, you know motion side

Which imma call it Oceanside So I must stabilize myself in that area and then I’ll start implementing the things I’m gonna do with my channel Alright, but in the meantime, you’ll see me post videos I might do a podcast here and there a lot of the members there doing big things in their lives and stuff like that And they’re doing fantastic things. So it’s something big comes out I’ll get the crew together, you know a few times here and there and and And boom, you know, we’ll do it like that. Alright. Oh And that’s what I’ll just keep doing. Whatever Oh Pendleton Amer Mario B, Pendleton Thank you very much so on super chat I’m SS congrat I’m a recent promotion So if people ask me what’s going on, I recently got selected for my final rank of master gunnery sergeant. That’s my last rank That’s the highest rank and the enlisted chain. Well in the Marine Corps, its master gunnery sergeants are major. Those are the two highest enlisted ranks In the Marine Corps, I went the route of master gunnery sergeant and I got selected for that now I’m just waiting for my number. Oh The message from my course Marine Corps to say a pin this guy on and that deals with money Fiscal budget and if you’re in the United States you may or may not know. All right now the Senate well Congress they have to pass a new budget for the military right now want a continuing resolution So until that budget until that budget passes, they can’t promote anybody because it’s all tied to money You know, they can’t promote so many people List and his title budget, so I have to wait till the money comes up, you know, so until then But I’m on the list it’s happening I just have to know I just have to weigh when I thought it was gonna be December, but there’s no money for December So now I have to see if it’s January or February We’ll see Rome rush find out super check good looking out man. He says I agree which one this you two stop bro. It’s a hobby I want it to be fun the minute. It’s a job. It’s not fun anymore yeah, you know I’m saying like I feel I feel I sympathize for the full type content the craters Thank you for watch for a super tell yo we got to do a podcast door because I know you’re doing your channel. So You know whenever I do a podcast I’m gonna hit you up from Rush Your Honor. I would like to get you on you know Because I see what you’re doing and stuff like that So I definitely want to get you up on that, you know Big cloud gaming or somewhere brother Congrats or promotion again some profile. She ate a big cloud. Thank you so much. Oh We appreciate you guys support, you know, and big car. We got to get on another podcast and stuff like that. Miss you I really miss you guys talking about gaming You know I’m saying it’s it’s really amazing, you know regardless of it You know o of what platform you are just talking about gaming in different perspectives, you know shadow saltiest gaming Thank you so much for the congrats and stuff But I gotta get you on a podcast stuff like that, you know, believe it or not. Here’s one thing if people don’t remember Some of my first people I had if you go back to my channel all the way to the beginning You know to the days where I only had like seven viewers or seven people following me Some of my first members I had in the community on podcast or live streaming were actually Xbox I had a lot of Xbox boots and stuff like that. You know I’m saying. Oh Over time and then you know, but it was a time where I don’t know I don’t know when I started this and it wasn’t that long. It was 2016 like nobody took anything personal everybody was able to just put their opinions out there, you know, in fact my first group of Members my original members of 60 frames. No lag It was a mixed bag and I had Xbox do it on there and they used to thrash the shit out of PlayStation and I didn’t say nothing, you know, cuz you know and my channel is, you know, I firmly believe in First Amendment rights say what you want to say, you know I didn’t I didn’t like anybody that was using the rocket ori terms like you know you know homosexual terms and stuff like that because don’t think anybody needs to be insulted but in that Trash playstation whatever it was just it’s just all comments writing opinions and stuff like that. Um anyway, I’ll push out more videos little by little do a podcast here and there And we’ll keep everybody up to date right but let me skip to the main points you See the stuff from the topics and stuff like that So some of its gonna dive on news that happen a couple of weeks ago right if you haven’t noticed if you now have to date just in case Jim Ryan couple of weeks ago spoke about The future of PlayStation 5 and stuff and PS now in games went to PS now my booty about a week to go talk about Scarlett and a little bit of the vision of of Xbox gaming and how they’re gonna support with game pass being at the forefront and then you also have recently stadium, you know So this is just an opinion of how I see things things could change but this is just so far from what we got Right. Now this is just how I see next-gen play now, but at any time again, this is just with the information we have now

Any time things could change more information could come out companies could clarify You know, it’s everything’s always revolving. All right Let’s start with stadia, right Mixbag maybe you see two sides of it. And what’s hard is you don’t know if somebody’s fanboying Pro stadia or somebody’s fanboying anti stadia. Now if you look at the videos you see videos of people having great experience with stadia and then you see videos of people having a terrible experience with Stadium and the reality is Both of them are telling the truth They’re not lying. And here’s the and that and this is the main point one of the points I try to always talk about streaming, right? The experience of your game streaming with any streaming platform whether it’s PS now stadia or X cloud, whoever Ultimately comes down to your internet service provider Not from the people providing the service Elmatador 809 thank you for the super chat The scarlet can only ten mill next-gen and phil will have a big fat smile on his face as cloud exclusives. I Thought this was just a optic on our option Shaking my head. We’re gonna talk i’m gonna talk about that. Alright, thank you for the super chat i’m gonna lead into that, right? But back to stadia Your experience of stadia is not dependent on google It’s depending on who’s your ISPs service provider and the type of network. They provide the type of reliable network They can provide. All right That’s where it all comes down to it one-armed journalism from The Washington Post is on one Gigabit Ethernet and His thing was trashed his experience was trashed. Yeah you had on people with 200 make service in their house and it’s flawless So it’s not really so much about the speed Right. It’s all about the consistency how close you are to a server? The type of equipment you have in your own home. It could be your own router That’s giving you a bad service. It could be the modem that was provided by your ISP service You just probably have a trash modem or it could be, you know, you’re running You know, your network is based on an ISP service provider who never upgraded their network and cabling and stuff like that There’s so much factor that deals with this and there’s so many factors that deal with your experience with game streaming All right. So look at the things um You have to look at for game streaming right? Number one. It’s already only for limited audience Oh Microsoft couple of months back made a statement that said 52 percent of Americans Out of all the Americans that have internet in the United States and I’m mostly talking about America obviously Europe has a lot better infrastructure give or take right but in America all the Users that have internet all customers have been and they’re 52 percent are not on, you know broadband 52% don’t have broadband. So that’s already more than half of Internet customers Can’t use any of these streaming services can’t use PS now can’t use X cloud. Can you stadia Amazon’s about Getting the game those are customers that that aren’t that they don’t have for that services So now you’re focusing on the other 40% So now among the 48 percent that do have internet How many of them actually even care about? using a dedicated streaming platform vice PC or Councils so that’s even less on that one, right? now Let’s talk about the ones that are willing to you stadium, you know, like the j-dub and everybody else, you know The people that are willing all right It’s already been reported their 4k 60 up to 20 gigabytes Gigabits of data is being used per hour Per hour 20 gigs of data per hour to put this in perspective Let’s take fallout like fallout 4, right or let’s say fallout 5, right? I Love the Fallout games. Right? Usually I could play that game for like 2000 to 2002 hundred hours, right? Usually I put in 200 hours of the DLC II side quest games amazing, right? Yeah glitch is broken another conversation for another day Let’s pretend The next role. Our game is 200 gigs because I know that’s gonna be the arguing Well, when you download games, it’s gonna it’s like 150. It’s gonna be 200 gigs Ok, let’s pretend gaming when you download buy it digitally. It’s 200 gigs, right? So I let’s say fallout 5 is 200 gigs. Oh poor for data you download it

200 gigs I play it for 200 hours, right so for 200 hours For 200 gate game. I played it for 200 hours Now let’s pretend I did the same for stadium fallout 5, but I’m not downloading I’m streaming it and I stream it for 200 hours at an average of 20 gigs an hour Right, if you do the math, that’s four terabytes of data that used four terabytes of data For I’m again I’m going to say this again if I played Fallout on stadia and I played it for 200 hours. I used up 4 terabytes of data now For those in America for those really not in America, right? I’m pretty sure especially those in America I’m pretty sure you heard of the term net neutrality, right? Okay We don’t have that in America no more we do not have net neutrality and for People who don’t fully understand what net neutrality is right, and I’m not insulting anybody still adjust But this is for something you need to know net neutrality. Pretty much means ISPs can do what they want With The service they provide. All right, for example an ISP provider, what would you will just say Time Warner, right? We’ll use Time Warner or pick any ispeople fighter that provides internet tea house Time Warner Comcast You know optimum online Xfinity, you know all these services, right? They could potentially and this is legal, right they could provide you right now Oh You have an unlimited plan right now now right but now all of a sudden because of the rise of streaming they’re noticing people are using up 20 gigs of data per hour So they can change their plan and tell you a you have a new plan. You still have unlimited data except for game streaming That is no longer part of your unlimited data plan if you want to gain stream and have unlimited Streaming for game streaming. You have to pay an extra 50 bucks a month If not, any game Ustream, you’re gonna be charged Per gigabit of data so they can make money on for you So either you pay the extra 50 bucks or month or they’re gonna charge you for every gig of gangue streaming data That you use up, right? So what’s so potentially let’s say and as if they go cheap, I’m just being nice the same 50 bucks a month They could probably say 75 200 bucks a month extra if they wanted to but let’s say they say 50, right? So 50 times 12, that’s 60 that’s 600 bucks a year So while started out as well, if I go with stadia, I don’t have to pay $400 for a console. It saves me money I saved myself from $500. So while started out as You saving? Yourself 500 dollars of a one-time purchase of a console you now have to pay 600 bucks every single year Because the ISP is gonna get this money don’t think for men in America and ISP is gonna let you use up 20 gigabyte 20 gigs of data and They’re just gonna let you slide off their network Don’t think that for a minute do not believe These guys are providing internet as a service for humanity because as they did they would have not have fought Against net neutrality. That was the whole point of net neutrality To put all these IPS in check and to ensure they provide equal bandwidth across all services that way even if you’re the smallest Create a content creator write to the largest you all have access Equally to the bandwidth and you won’t get charged extra. Whatever It’s fair, of course for everybody and it’s fair across all consumers. It’s a balance It’s pretty much an level playing field for both the industry that requires bandwidth like Netflix Disney Plus Microsoft Google all these things, right? That’s why Microsoft Google Facebook. They were fighting hard if you noticed IBM Microsoft Google Amazon Netflix Hulu all the people that require They were they were trying to make sure net neutrality stays but look at all the people against net neutrality Time Warner Comcast Verizon Sprint

Notice the people providing it They were against net neutrality, but the people who use it were for net neutrality that should tell you, you know when Microsoft and Google join forces and Facebook that should tell you something, right? Because these companies fought against net neutrality they don’t give a damn about Even playing field or providing the best service for customers. They want to leverage their networks that they own and decide for themselves how to best leverage the most amount of money they can With this game streaming once they start seeing that bat or being pulled 20 gigs per hour They’re gonna cash in on that because they can still say eh, it’s still unlimited for everything else Netflix streaming these replace reaming emails You know even even gaming multiplayer. Yeah, all that stuff is cool But specifically game streaming PS now X cloud stadia Amazon services, right? you’re gonna pay extra you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to I mean You don’t have to pay a monthly fee. You will just charge you for every gig or streaming that you play We’ll just charge you ten bucks Imagine you stream 20 gigs of data and now you have to pay $200 for that one hour of gaming brah know what I Say that to say this, okay When you look at game ensure, it sounds nice Being able to play anywhere and stuff like that. Right, but there are people that are thinking this is going to take over an override hardware Xbox consoles PlayStation consoles Nintendo consoles and PC because that’s what we see from Netflix and music no longer are people buying blu-ray players and DVD players and stuff like that Everybody’s just pretty much streaming their movies The problem is is this there’s a couple of things people. This is a huge difference between Netflix and music and gaming gaming is an interactive medium meaning if I push a button you and I need to click right and It shouldn’t be that much more difficult to make that happen Let me put it this way, okay, so you watch a movie on a blu-ray player, right? You take a disc you put in a blu-ray player you press play. You watch a movie simple, right? now we went from that to Netflix where you press the bind you open up an app you press play Boom you watch your movie simple not hard. Nothing really change much. It’s still easy. It’s still accessible. Okay now Flip that to gaming You can take a disc you put it in or you digitally download it install you play it you press the button boom game works Right now you switch over from hardware to streaming services, right? You go in you play the game you press a button Depending who you are The player does what it’s supposed to do or you got a lag and you’re like what the fuck is this? You push the bar button wait two seconds it doesn’t feel the same and you’re like this feel the same as my Dedicated hardware like you can tell the experience is not the same, right? Let’s say Your experience is great. You have no issues We can’t even tell the difference you like cool Then all of a sudden your ISP provider a you’re using a lot of gigs of data So you need to sign up for this plan, which means you have to pay an extra 50 bucks a month You’re like wait a minute. So because I chose a different way to play games. I have to pay more Per month to do it. Well for that I should have just stuck with the console You see on saying are you guys seeing the overall point? to switch over to game streaming you have to deal with More BS than just sticking with the console or with the PC You don’t have to worry about your bill being raised You don’t have to worry about a huge amount of data being utilized. You don’t have to worry about latency you Don’t have to worry about any of that stuff, right? But if you did choose streaming right then why would you stream change streaming for what’s the real reason of being a streamer? right And I personally can’t see the answer to that question because and when you really look at it is Streaming doing anything different than the console on PC and the answer is no look at stadia Este be of really doing anything Different that you can’t do on a console the answer is no With the PlayStation fire comes out scarlet comes out you’re gonna play games in 4k, right if you look at stadia library, it’s garbage

There’s hardly any games Google doesn’t talk about Purchasing developers or what developing studios they have I mean hell, I’m gonna be fair Xbox fans They get their head caved in because they’re constantly talking about the new studios Microsoft half right and the potential games that could come out with right? Everybody makes fun of them. But the truth is they are telling the truth Microsoft bought a lot of studios and from those studios you’re gonna get games We don’t know what the Google games are, but they will one day be announced and we’re gonna see them Which to me is a lot more than what Google has. I don’t know anything about Google. I don’t even know who the developers are Right and let’s be fair we bash Xbox cuz noise cruces right? That’s the big deal right we all do that I did it, right What exclusives does Google have? They don’t have anything they don’t have no explosives and we don’t what’s to do they have So how is stadia or you know gonna be the big deal? With no exclusives limited audience and you could potentially be screwed financially by your ISP provider It’s almost everything is against you or you could buy a dedicated hardware PC or console and just play games and you’ll have full assortment of library Exclusives and you’re not gonna get screwed over by ISP And it doesn’t kill your experience doesn’t change from region to region Native hardware, you know unless you got a defective hardware, but native heart will perform the same across Anywhere will you buy that you know Does that make sense and This is the reason why I’m a leading two PS now and X cloud. I’m address more PS now This is the reason why at least for the next Generation Sony should treat their PS now as a secondary service and it seems like that’s what they are three weeks ago Jim Ryan CEO Playstation made a couple of notes in relation to PS now and the possibility of day one exclusives Now I’m paraphrasing it. He said something to the effect of that They’re big IPS are too valuable at this point in time to put on the PS now service, right? So what can you take from that snippet number one? Jim Ryan and most likely and potentially all of Sony they don’t look at PS now as on the same Level as their upcoming PlayStation 5 counsel They don’t see it as the main way to play games the main focus of effort That they’re gonna push compared to their dedicated hardware could be a bunch of reason. Ok. Remember PlayStation Sony right now Possibly if you want to be honest about it It’s probably the one company that has been able to provide game streaming the longest they’d launch them beta in 2014 officially reason that Officially released in 2015 and they’ve been added since ok Regardless of how well they advertise did or how many subscribers they’ve been able to gain They’ve been providing the service for four years which to meet in my knowledge I don’t think any other company has been able to provide game streaming that long I know Gamefly they had game streaming to PC in that lasted like two years There was a on live I think they were one of the first ones that they only lasted a couple of months There’s a lot of companies that try game streaming and like within a year or two. They just completely fill Playstations been around PS now has been around for at least four years, right? now in the market Don’t know how much money is making don’t think very successful. Maybe there may be maybe that’s one part of the Sony gaming segment They’re losing money in I don’t know but it’s still here and it’s still running, right? Okay But I think given all the obstacles game streaming has to face limited audience America being one of the biggest regions of gaming no net neutrality You cannot guarantee great experience among all users Because just like stadia you have users showing video a stadiums great But then you have users showing stadia. This shit is terrible and terrible news Trans much faster than good news. We all know that my man. I know beep All right. Don’t forget that they can throttle you during high traffic times So I may not be able to gain stream during those high traffic times. Boom that’s fax right there a Lot of people right? You have unlimited data, right? We all have unlimited data. Well, you know say a lot of places, right? But they will tell you during high peak hours You will get throttled just enough to meet some level of whatever between certain hours

And that’s true what he’s saying? So just because you have unlimited data doesn’t mean you have unlimited bandwidth to Push right so you could be proud of the imagine Saturday at 8 p.m. Your your stadia doesn’t work at all Because you’re in the trailing peak hours, right? The magic only going through that every Saturday every fighting or have you certain days, right? or you could have avoided that if you would have dedicated hardware so great point line will be right and this is why for the sense of Sony I Get a sense that they are just treating PS now as a secondary platform a secondary option, right and There’s all key signs to that. Like for example, they recently put God of War Infamous What are the game they put they put they put like three four games right uncharted 4 And one more write Unto PS now or a in Grand Theft Auto 5 right? I’m PS now, but it’s for a limited time Which is weird like why would you take it away after three months, you know? It was on it was available in October and as of January 2nd, it’s going away That’s not how you treat something if that’s gonna be your focus for next generation That’s not what you do to something. Right? You don’t do that. You leave the games there Because I’m pretty sure you want people to subscribe. And anyway, right you want people to subscribe to fireboard, but those games aren’t there No more so you’re not giving people reasons for new users to subscribe, right? So you believe those games there and then you keep adding more games But that should tell you how Sony’s treating this PS now how I look at Sony’s using PS now, I think they’re using it as a Sampler, you know kind of like, you know, we go to a supermarket you go to Costco you go to Sam’s Club You have those people You know in their little boo for whatever they have little cuts of Samples of stuff and I’m like, eh, once you try this out, you know And you eat it or you’re drinking but then what is this? Oh This is called this we sell a whole case of it over there and then you go buy the case if you like it you know So, what does that mean Sony reaches out with? PC they could potentially reach out with phones and tablets right to people that are not. Excuse me So people that are not interested in Place because they never tried it or they’re really, you know, there’s people who have opinions about it But they never really tried it. You know, some people say oh I heard online It’s not good or I heard those games don’t want it done They’re boring walking simulators, you know, whatever reason all these all these reasons, right? So you push our PS now? And somebody be like, you know, what got a war on PS now And I can sign up for one month for 10 bucks I’ll try that right so you go play got a war you like man. This is this game is really good It’s not exactly you know, it’s not the data war simulator that people were telling me. All right, let me try uncharted 4 Man, this is this is really good. I really like this game. Let me try infamous. Oh Shit you know what? These games are not bad. A lot of people telling me these games are one and done walking simulators They’re really good and then all of a sudden Sony releases a Black Friday deal Four hundred ninety nine dollars you get horizon zero dawn yada yada yada $150 you get a PlayStation 4 and you think in 450 bucks I could do that I could buy a Playstation 4 hundred fifty bucks. And then when you look at all the Black Friday deals Horizon zero dawn $10 percent of five ten dollars got a war nine dollars this games lying dollars This games eight dollars this game this game. This game cheap dirt cheap consoles cheap games are cheap and Then they go and they play and like and now they’re in Everything that they were told about PlayStation may or may not have been true. They enjoy it. They’re part of the ecosystem They’re enjoying these first party games and now guess why PlayStation 4 is coming they may not be day one PlayStation 5 owners because it’s 500 hours, but when the console drops to 400 350 they’ll bite the bullet and Now they become part of the PlayStation ecosystem that to me I could see is a strategy that could make sense, right? as part of that using PS now as a gateway to Become part of the PlayStation console community right because make no mistake. Here’s the thing about people don’t understand about consoles. Right? It’s Not the sell of the car so itself that makes the money. All right, you know a lot of people confuse That or you don’t make money or for council cells part. That is true The council cell itself is not where the money is know where the money is is what happens after?

The consumer bought the council, you’ve got them locked into an ecosystem, right and that ecosystem What they flourish most is the cell of third party now, that’s the thing people don’t understand Sony makes most of his money in game software cells not from their first party their first party is not the core driver of Their of their software cells. Okay. It’s not their core driver for software Revenue is the third party because there is so much of it out there the vast volume of third-party titles that are out there made from the smallest developers to the biggest that value of Cells and games provided is where Sony makes there’s money through royalty fees, you know They’re 30% cut that they get from every game cell But they only get that cut as if it’s sold through their PlayStation Console whether it’s by a physical disk or PlayStation 4 discs or you buy it digitally in the Playstations 4 stove Right. So for example called duty modern warfare Sony only sees their 30% if you buy the PlayStation 4 version You buy it on disk or you buy through their store. If you go by call of duty modern warfare on PC via Steam Epic game store or battlenet wherever Sony doesn’t see a dime of that Ok They don’t see a dime They don’t see a dime off of any third party game that is sold to steam at the game store Gog Origin, whatever they don’t get anything on that. So when people say Sony will make more money Putting their games on PC they will make they could potentially make more money first party Putting their first 40 games on PC that is the true statement, but it could potentially run at the cost of losing Third-party cells think it’s a person could go you know what? I don’t need to buy a Playstation Console no more I could play the games on PC So yes, they buy the games on PC Sony still makes some money off the first party games They sell on PC or to PS not whatever but all the third party Those PC gamers are not gonna buy or play it on PS now. They’re gonna get it on steam Sony loses all of that You know, and that’s why a lot of people just simply don’t understand, you know Sony or really console manufacturers try to lock you in onto their ecosystem, right? So now if Sony’s trying to lock you went onto their hardware, right which limits is a choice of the hardware elmatador Eight or nine think of a super chat. He said people wanted more quality on PS now Jamar got it done. Oh He did I have more quality to it You know I’m saying but I think a lot of people are asking for day and date titles, right? And we’ll discuss the end of you, okay? Now where was I? All right If a company is gonna lock you onto their hardware, right which limit your choices of where you want to play right? For example Alright Sony you want me to buy your hardware? Okay, which prevents me from? Playing on another piece of hardware then. There’s got to be a little give-and-take What are you gonna do for me if I decide to be locked down on your hardware? right If you know because you’re putting all your games and you’re not putting on PC or whatever or this platform of that platform What’s in it for me? What’s in it for me buying this hardware Right and the answer is games and that’s what’s when he’s been doing, right? Sony’s providing quality first-party You know some titles like whatever but what they also been doing is going after third-party trying to give you exclusive content Which pisses off a lot of the other platform holders, right? PC gamers expose give me the tunnel gamers and like oh, why is Sony making this exclusive today platform? They’re pissed off which rightfully so expert team has have the right to be pissed off that they’re paying $60 But they’re not getting every content the PlayStation game PC gamers have the right to be pissed off Nintendo gamers have the right to be pissed off now arguing that they do have the right to be pissed off that They’re all paying the same price for the game, but then I gain the full content because it’s PlayStation exclusive they are right But for the PlayStation users perspective, this is why you bought the hardware Because this is how this is what Sony’s gonna do for you. They’re gonna try to get Timed exclusive content or for all our exclusive content or they’re gonna try to get the game and make it exclusive you know in some way or form right maybe only available unless platforms like for example Street Fighter 5 only available on PC or or Playstation or

tiny exclusive games, you know like neo You know neo to Final Fantasy. They’re gonna give you more stuff for choosing their console one way or another. All right One way another eight. This is what we’re gonna do for you since you’re a PlayStation customer We’re gonna treat you the best we can with More than just first party games when it comes to third party. We’re gonna do the best. This was a statement I think said two months ago three months ago. When Sony said they are focusing on The hardcore and that they’re gonna go after third party titles. They’re gonna go after timed exclusive content They’re gonna try to get third party titles to be exclusive on the PlayStation 5. They’re gonna go all-out. They already said it So what’s gonna happen? So if you’re a PlayStation 5 owner prepare for a treat, especially if you like third party games That’s just who’s gonna benefit from it, right? This was the statement said about Jim Ryan said about two three weeks ago Jim Ryan said their main task is to try to get PlayStation for consumers to PlayStation 5 As quickly and aggressively as possible. I’m paraphrasing. I don’t think he used the word aggressively is something close to that Meaning they have to push PlayStation 5 and they’re gonna try to get To convert from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 as fast as possible as gressil via possible the most aggressive method that they can For next generation, so what does that mean? That means? that what that means pretty much and this is my perception opinion on that is There as quick as possible. They want the PlayStation 5 to sell as aggressively as possible. Now. Why do I say sell? It’s because a third party alright? Third party will not cut the umbilical cord meaning they will not stop making PlayStation 4 games until they feel comfortable PlayStation 5 have reached a decent market penetration Kind of like at the start of decision in 2013 2014. We had a lot of cross gen titles between 360 ps3 Xbox one ps4 simply because 360 ps3 had a huge fan base Well the same happening now especially with Playstation 4 100 million consoles without they’re probably developers simply and I’m not gonna want to Cut the umbilical cord and ignore hundred million gamers the way to offset that is try to get PlayStation 5 to sell rapidly to show that rapid growth when MPD’s You know GfK charts sell out in Japan sell out all around the world just an aggressive campaign where the consoles are Just selling out worldwide, right? Now, how is PlayStation it’s only going to do that. Well, the number one way they’re gonna have to do this for games That’s the key. It’s all that will always be the key. Sure placing should have powerful hardware. Sure They keep advertised the most powerful hardware right doesn’t matter if you’re not showing the games that make people be like Man, that looks great and it can’t just be PlayStation 4 games That look better on PlayStation 5 Sure, that’s gonna attract some gamers. That’s gonna check the hard core, right? But the people that are not hardcore, you know people that are in between hardcore casual, you know the middle ground gamer They could appreciate the enhanced graphics playstation 5, but there’ll be like Apple before $500 I can still enjoyed the game on my playstation 4 Pro and I’ll still have a good time So they’ll step back a little bit. They’ll be hesitant to got that final dollars, right? Sony’s going to have to bite the bullet upfront and push out Console exclusive to PlayStation 5. For example Horizons old on – They’re gonna have to make a choice Do you make it exclusive to PlayStation 5 to get people to be like I gotta get that console But at the cost of the game not being available to the huge fan base of PlayStation 4 They’re gonna have to make a decision on that They’re gonna have to pick and choose what they want and I think with that statement of being aggressive That’s what they’re gonna try to do there’s gonna be certain games that they’re gonna bite that bullet they’re gonna bite their tongue and Just make it exclusive to the PlayStation 5. It is possible The game could still have huge success and yourselves looking in Tendo Nintendo has some games that big games that they push exclusively on just a switch at launch like super mariotta see Right out right right from the get-go and that game sold huge so there’s potential putting these big games on PlayStation 5 as The console cells that’s gonna be a game that people pick up with the purchaser console They buy a Playstation 5 take your horizons old or to PlayStation five horizons alone – so for every console sole Horizon zero dawn – maybe Gran Turismo 7. These games are being bought right along with

You know, that could be a strategy. Okay? What will slow down that strategy is putting your games everywhere You know let’s say Sony is able to expand PS now 2 phones and tablets and they do decide to put all these games day 1 You no longer have to buy a Playstation 5 to play these games, right? That’s just the truth. That’s just a reality It is what it is. Are there still people that’s going to buy a Playstation 5? Yes, there will still be people to buy prestigio 5 will it be as much the answer is No Some people will settle for gang streaming Some people just will and stuff like that. Even if it’s at the course of having a damn good experience. That’s just a reality If that makes sense How much you wanna bet they will go laughter gt6 they could potential as far as marketing definitely They’re gonna go after GTA 6. In fact, if you notice Sony took the marketing of rockstar games. Um, This whole Jen they have the GTA 5 marketing bundle and they have read their marketing bundle. Alright Okay Somebody put doesn’t matter the game will sell more on phones on tablets. Anyway, I Disagree with that and the reason why I disagree with that because Number one a lot of people that make that statement I asked them so you’re gonna buy it on tablets and most people no. No, not me. I’m not buying me I’m a byte on console. Okay, so you’re not talking about yourself They’re like no then who are you talking about? All I’m talking about the tablet gamers. They’re gonna buy it Have you ever talked to a tablet gamer or a phone gamer and see what they actually play like my wife. She’s a phone gamer Right, and I asked her if a if they so got a war or grand theft auto Or this game, would you play it and she’s like hell no because what people don’t understand is Phone gamers have the games they want to play They like to play very quick very easy, very accessible mostly free games sure They pay money for the in-app purchases to be boards and levels get items. But for the most part they don’t really purchase games they download free games and they just get suckered into in-app purchases if you notice that’s where all the money is going to in that purchases or Advertisements that’s where phone giving makes their money it go to any average phone gamer. That doesn’t play on console pc Ask them a what gave me a plane right now just ask them that and they’re gonna tell you some weird shit that you never heard of and they absolutely love it and It’s and then when you look on your phone, it’s a free game right It’s a puzzle game or some type of sim game with in-app purchases where you could just buy shit to beat it That’s what phone gamers like that’s what makes the money in the phone game They don’t really want to play God of War or Gears of War. They really don’t want to do that They don’t really care to do that. That’s not at their game, you know every every ecosystem out there has Their own games and what they like, you know Like when you think of PC sure, they play multiplayers and all that stuff But a lot of PC gamers, they love their RTS, right? They love their real-time strategies. They love their strategy games They love their simulator games very big community and PC for that not so much on consoles right kind of makes sense, right? So I don’t think a lot of people understand phone gamers have their community They have the games that they like they have what they consider big games that they love They don’t really care about console gaming in a nutshell. They don’t really care about The games that we play but sometimes we counsel gamers we PC gamers we try to impose our view Are we trying to tell them or those games suck you’re gonna like God war cuz I told you so that’s not how it works Like my wife I can’t convince her to like out a war even if my life depended on it. She’s not playing that game No matter what Then ain’t happening. That’s not her game. Her games is these other free shits right? And then when I look in a bank $20 $10 Apple Tunes iTunes itunes. She’s spending all this money. Hello She spends more money on her games than I do on my shit. And it’s these stupid-ass n apt shitty ass games That is insane. Alright, okay That’s just a reality all right All you got to do is if you did and you don’t have to my word for it Go to your if you have an iPhone when you go to the Google store

Simply look at the most play games list It’ll be right in front of your face when I can tell Wilson Pull up your phone. If you have an iPhone go to the Apple Store Most play games is right there in your face. You’ll see it Three-ball in all these real stuff, you know, you have to take my word for it look on the phone it will tell you what phone gamers are playing and you will see the list of just What the fuck? Are they playing? You’ll see it is there is it the phone gamers play or totally different? ecosystem of what they want It’s not something I’m making up you could look at you could look at it yourself And you’ll see firsthand what they want to play and the type of games they’re playing with that My mam veg, er he says Sony can also Stall those prices price cut down on those po5 only games in two to three years to so avenge those games will sell full price either way Sony can also Stalling, let me see Sony can also leave me hello buggin out here Sony can also something those prices cut downs on those three or five only games to three years So eventually those games will sell for full price either way I’m losing. I’m losing anything. Hold on Sony can also Stealing stalling you put stalling those price cut down on those ps5 only games in two to three years to So eventually those games will sell for full price either way, you lost me read your Weed understand key you own or stall hold back. Oh, okay. All right They can hold back those price cuts down on those p5 hunting games for two to three years So, okay, like what Nintendo did like a lot of those games are still freaking $60 to this day? I don’t think Sony’s gonna do that because Nintendo does clearly alright Ultimately those first party games that’s when he has they have $2.00 Obviously to sell on their own right but also to sell the console to add or spice. Um You know saying to sell And pull in people, you know So that way if you’re the type of game of wild love call of duty or you love call of duty Yeah, we got call duty two plus horizon zero dawn And anybody goes okay Yeah, cool instead of saying that’s what exclusives do they add extra to a library that’s already out there among all titles, right? so There’s two jobs now, which job is more important I think the more important job of the exclusive is to sell the console more than sell itself. And the reason why is Like I said before the sell of the console is just to start. All right, once you put that console of somebody’s home That’s where the money’s made because now that gamer is going to buy this game. Let’s go buy that third party game It’s gonna buy controllers. It’s gonna subscribe to PS Plus That’s where the money’s being made Now the consistent game purchases accessory purchases headsets all that stuff You know DLC, that’s where the money starts rolling again the seller council is not only the start of where things are going, right and with the sell of the council’s guess who notices third-party third-party looks back and be like Man that police station five council is selling off the hook When Sony approaches third party I’m gonna gauge let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about marketing rights Let’s talk about exclusive content maybe time cluesive Do you want to sit down on that third part is going to be like this counsel selling? That counsels not Let’s talk right and a lot of us be like a we’re good But we still want to make it on PC though Day one and Sony’s good with that if you notice so when he’s good with some games going on PC for whatever reason, right? You can have those conversation when a console value, right? So now let’s flip this over tags box Recently, my booty was interview interview talking about that the way forward that one of the biggest And again, I’m proud phrasing it’s game pass game pass is their Platform that they’re really pushing what they’re really pushing is game pass. That’s what they’re really pushing. They’re pushing subscription-based service That’s really Xbox. Let’s let’s let’s call it that game pass is Xbox. That’s what they want. All right It’s no longer about the hardware that you play on

it’s about Can you subscribe and sign on to this service and do your gaming through this service doesn’t matter what hardware you have it on Whether it’s on the Xbox console Whether it’s Xbox one Xbox one ass Xbox one X or the upcoming scarlet or you choose to play on PC, right? Right now to put you in ask loud What’s up desert what’s going on, right you could choose game pastor X cloud However, you choose to play PC consoles phones and tablets via X cloud are You on game pass? right and To get to that they make a decision. They made decisions such as day one. First party titles on game pass. There is no wait You don’t have to wait a year six months day one So if you got game pass you’re gonna play every Microsoft first party title or any title They publish whether it’s from their own developers or another developer. You’re gonna play a day one. They are also going after Certain third-party developers to try to put their games day one on game pass like for example recently Blair Which Blair which been announced for PlayStation 4, right? So the game The company is actually a third-party company, right? But Microsoft was able to make a deal to get the game to come out first Timed on game pass. So these are the things Microsoft’s gonna try to do they’re gonna try to get you to Go on game pass and do it on the platform you want my booty said that? even with the launch of Xbox car They still have to cater They still have to provide games For the already established audience by down to the Xbox 1s I think he said as specifically so I don’t know if he’s just using s as a general term for Expertvillage for an S or if that’s the lowest they’re gonna go meaning if you have an Xbox one vanilla You have to at least so great to the ass in order to continue to play games. I’m not sure I can’t read into that But what we can say is people who currently own Xbox consoles, you’re still gonna get games next generation and He made no sign of the ending or being cut off at any point For a next-gen so technically all the games that come out of next-gen on Xbox from first and third party can still be played On xbox one x or Xbox one s right So, why would they push that so for Sony their main task is to get people from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 But when Microsoft you can stay on the current generation of hardware Sony’s like a current generation We gotta push these guys over to the next generation as fast as possible and as aggressively as possible Then Microsoft is like now you can stay in current gen hardware You don’t have to shift over to next gen hardware. If you want to you can if you don’t stay where you’re at Why the two stark differences from to console providers? It’s because Microsoft their platform is game pass that is what they’re going for. They’re going only non game paths So if game paths is your focus then the hardware doesn’t matter no more It doesn’t really matter what the person or the gamer plays on At the end of the day is being subscribed to game pass. So doing whatever Hardware you want for Sony The console is that gateway to make money third party cells and first party cells primarily third party cells accessories So they want people to go to The playstation 5 console, right and this is where the two main differences is between Xbox and Playstation 4 next-gen one wants you to go through the console for everything traditional model Microsoft is going with the subscription-based model right now who’s gonna succeed? It’s a toss-up Is new and to be honest one they can both be successful Let’s be honest, they could both be successful in their own, right? You know I’m saying because if Microsoft no longer sees the scarlet as the main focus Right, so it doesn’t even matter if scarlet Oni sells 20 million, let’s say scarlet only sells 10 million, right? Let’s pretend worst-case scenario scarlet Only sells 1015 money in next-gen, but if they’re able to get 50 million game pass subscribers They’re successful because that’s their focus of effort. That is what they’re going after They’re not going after 100 million console cells. They’re going after X amount of gamepad subscribers and

whether the person the gamers subscribed to their phone be a X cloud or Through the console of last generation. You know what we have now Xbox one Xbox one X to next generation scholarly or through PC however that gamer choose to play game past that is what the number of Microsoft ultimately wants Line OB Porter back. I don’t think they can’t move people over that quick $500 I Don’t think I don’t think they’re gonna be able to move over 500 people that quick either. Oh, I Will say it is though Microsoft when they launched the Xbox one at $500 Regardless of all the mistakes they did it still moved faster than any previous Xbox console They sold more launch than the 360 and obviously the OG xbox one Just for that the only problem is for PlayStation 4 is sold a shit ton at $400 but $500 is steep, right But I think point we have no choice when you look at it When you look at why Xbox one and ps4 launched at $500 they launched with the jacket They launched with all the hardware they want let’s be honest PlayStation 4 launch with a GPU right the console launched in November 2013 with a GPU that was made in 2012 and The CPU is not even a desktop gaming CPU. It was a mobile Jaguar core CPU So they launched with outdated cheap hardware and it was $400 right now we’re gonna get Full for the first time in a long time up-to-date graphics card and a rise in desktop CPU now mobile desktop CPU in these consoles We’re gonna get Navi. We’re not even getting Vega, you know, cuz you know, I thought these consoles was gonna get vague I never really talked about hardware. I just assumed well Vegas been out for a while chances Are these console gonna give a go know they get a Navi next generation? Who are we’re So 500 I’ll is is Whether we how we feel about it. There’s no way these consoles could be $400 with such powerful Hardware in the box, right? Rome runs made a good point backwards compatible with for backwards compatibility very important for the next generation of consoles I knew it was gonna happen the moment they went with x86 because just like PC pcs Backwards-compatible going back to 20 years because it’s x86 architecture. So now that consoles run x86 We’re not gonna have issues or backwards compatibility, you know from this generation going forward, right? But we live in an age of Samsung, you know iPhone and Android where everybody’s used to taking everything over to the next phone No software is left behind. No applications. I’ve behind everything keeps going forward for forward and you build your library, you know so everybody who started like me I started on iPhone 3 and All my apps except for the ones I got this continued obviously came with me forward with every iteration of iPhone that I bought That’s the expectation We’ve gained with these counts now that the software that you purchase will stay with you with every iteration of Council that is purchased right and Then when the new councils come out, it will have his own iteration of games built for that and then you push it forward, right? So let me make this long story short between You know and then after this in about five minutes i’ma open up the chat to Q&A All right, so we’re gonna do on QA. So we’ll start typing up your questions, right? Microsoft and Sony between them two totally different strategies Michael so is going for the game pass sure. We’re gonna troll People are gonna troll with scarlet cells, you know good or bad fake narratives You know Twitter is just a lot of shit talking, but the reality is scarlet Kony sell 10 million consoles But if they able to get whatever projected game path subscribers that they’re looking for that is their win X amount of gamepad subscribers for Sony it is still the console With Jim right in saying that the IPS are too valuable for PS Now that they are aggressively trying to push ps4 to PS 5 they’re sticking with the traditional console gaming Nintendo we don’t know what really their next plan is in this error. They can still probably pushing the switch halfway into the next gen and then maybe 2023 2024 maybe the switch to But you could probably Bank on Nintendo still also following to traditional model with Their counsel and then finally stadia Amazon PS now Stadium Amazon, obviously, they’re gonna push these platforms as a this is the way you want to play games

This is the primal way for play games X clouds being used to augment the capability of game pass I think that’s why X cause really is going to be used for to give people on phones and tablets The ability to enjoy Xbox games. Oh and sign off a game pass and Then I think Sony is gonna use PS. Now as a secondary low tier gateway type platform For the P or in PlayStation Network who aren’t part of the PlayStation community Play a little bit of PlayStation now and if you like what you’ve been playing and you want a better experience More games newer games they won then buy the PlayStation 5 counsel and then over time as the console drops in price more and more people will be Acceptable just like now a lot of people that they don’t want a Playstation over the last couple years are gonna buy some this year because there’s $150 at that playing $150 and then you look at the game Ames. They’re like 10 bucks It’s a win It’s a win for them They’d be like Yelp and even bother playing PlayStation all day long about a hundred fifty bucks and I could play all these games cool And that’s the strategy for that but now we’ll open up to Q&A cuz it’s been a while talk about any topic They’re stranding Game of the Year awards, whatever you want. Let’s open it up Let’s see what we got here Okay, what do you think about DualShock five leagues I was hoping for paddles a standard still looks fine though Diaz has been great I saw some of the DualShock leaks a little bit bigger From what I was seeing I was told It’s about as heavy as an Xbox one controller without the battery pack on type-c charging I Think they took away the light bar Which is interesting because then how is that controller going to work for the future plans of ER because that’s one of the reasons PlayStation 4 controller has it unless they’re gonna focus with the you know the Move controllers which makes sense because I play mostly on I didn’t really I Mostly use the Move kernels for VR but it sounds good. I too was hoping for paddles I’m a standard, you know as the next step I think having paddles standard to the controller Would it added would added more? options for game control But because they stuck with the default configuration We’re limited to I’m guessing I don’t want to use the word limited but nines really gonna change as far as controls I think if paddles would have been standard There could have been more in-depth controls if I remember correctly a better level of Haptic feedback Along with pressure-sensitive triggers. So the one thing I like about the pressure-sensitive trigger So there’s the de Vitry what? PlayStation 5 has and why Xbox one currently has Xbox one Kearney has triggers that Rumble. So you feel the rumble when you pull the trigger on a gun or a drive, whatever It’s just rumbles, right? With the rumors of the PlayStation 5 it’s not just vibration, but it’s actual pressure so for example They say you playing Call of Duty and you pick up a pistol or when you press the trigger to shoot the pistol It might be harder You might notice like man, you know, you’re it’s a little bit tougher to actually get the trigger now but when you pick up a rifle, which usually has Hairpin triggers you could like boom boom boom. Boom. So When you play a game when I call a duty and you leave the feature activated you can actually feel the different types of guns and how they issue So now your favorite gun is not just how it performs in game, but how it feels in your hand We have the trigger right same thing with cars, you know When you press, you know a trigger for breaking some cars hard break some cars are very loose So, you know, it’s just adds a different level experience With the object you’re playing with and I think that’s pretty cool. You know, I like the sound that um, also Being able to fine-tune your controllers. If I remember reading it correctly, you know for adjustments, you know, so it sounds pretty good Let’s see, let’s see what else What are your thoughts on this training and do you consider gamer here so I have this training I have not played it yet because I’ve been stuck on final final if you’ve been seeing my Twitter lately But I’ve been posting a lot of final fantasy 15, you know All I decided to play like two weeks before this training came out to catch up on my battle log I say let me try final fantasy 15 I had this game for a while and I did not think I knew I had a feeling officer like because I saw game playing I’m thinking

Yeah, and now he’s like Final Fantasy games and anything else good I love it this much. Like I’m planing all the DLC. I already knocked out three of the DLC of the other three characters I went back to the main game to do the Royal aren’t the Royal the Royal pack DLC So I’m finishing that up. I’m finishing some other quests and harbor level bosses For that and then I’m gonna play the multiplayer just to check it out So all the content I came up for final fitted Final Fantasy 15. I’m just been playing and I’m just loving it But once I’m done with that, I’m a play with Play def stranding and then also I got a place a key role shadows like twice. I got that So right now right now if I were to say what’s my game of the year based on the games? I played it would be Resident Evil 2. I absolutely love that game I also played the mc5 but Resident Evil 2 person suddenly at this point from what I played Will be my game in a year. I have no idea what that’s about They’re stranding at this point Let’s see. Do you think the Xbox one X is powerful enough to run some next-gen games? Yes It’s just not gonna be at the next-gen level will PI be missing some effects. Whatever Unless somebody out there makes some type of development toolset New physics something or new engine that is made Specifically for next-gen and cannot run on current gen Hardware if somebody does that Then obviously they’re planning to make games exclusively for ps5. Scald NPC But if they make a game, let’s say on Unreal Engine 4 right then Yeah, you could run an Xbox one X. It just won’t be II You know at the level of the police station 5 you might miss a lot of effects It’s just be a boundary similar to ps3 versus X Ps4 or Xbox 360 Xbox one you saw the star dick stark differences between the two games and how they made them And I see where we got P Rock should I sell my xbox one essence I’m getting a ps4 Pro ah Hard question, um You’re gonna notice a downgrade Well, I can’t tell you. I know some people So I don’t got a 1x or Pro Because I didn’t see the need for buying a console just for 4k graphics. So it depends on how you want graphics Xbox 1x generally gets the best version of games It depends, you know What I would do if you’re gonna get the pro Keep your 1x and play the pro and see how you enjoy it play for a while play for a couple of months You may not like the third-party titles on the pro and you’re gonna wish to bat it. No, you may not like playing Cyberpunk on the pro you may have wished that them I rather have played this on my ex or there might be multiplayer games That you wish you bought on the X Because you have more friends that play multiplayer games on your xbox then you do on your ps4 You’re not saying so there’s things you can You know Determine my advice unless you were gonna sell the X For the money to get a pro if you can get the pro without selling eggs keep eggs Keep it just have it play a pro and then determine the ecosystem how you’re playing the multi plats your friends Just figure out how it is. You don’t say so I would say keep your X Don’t jump in blindly to the pro because you may not like the pro For certain things, you know, you may love it because of the exclusives But you may hate it because of the multi plats or just on the fact that you don’t have the same friends that love Multiplayer as you do on the Xbox one X so I will say keep you ax Shouldn’t I must be focused on selling more next-gen consoles for the sake of keeping their part develop dream for it Wii U Vita come to mind so this is the difference right if Microsoft is trying to create a system where You can play games on your phone or tablet via X cloud You can still play games on your xbox 1s or xbox 1x you can play games on the upcoming scarlet or you can play games on your PC if Microsoft created an ecosystem That leverages all those are where then it doesn’t matter if scarlet cells because the lack of numbers scarlet has Is easily made up with the numbers that’s already in place with Xbox one family of consoles and with PC and soon phones and tablets As that make sense you know and Microsoft is willing to Lose out on multi-process, like for example Microsoft put all the games on PC, right? So now PC gamers are no longer buying

Those games on the console. They’re buying it on Steam, right? So because of that there’s no way Microsoft is gonna make money off a PC on third-party cells because their party cells are mostly on Steam, right? But that’s okay. If Microsoft could find a way to get those PC gamers to Subscribe for game pass right because even though they so gears on Steam. They also put game pass on PC so PC gamers must be like hey, I like Steam but It’s hard for me to pass up playing gears for ten dollars or playing all the Microsoft games for ten dollars a month Pretty hard to pass up right vice praying sixty dollars on Steam, right? Because when you think about you buy Gears 5 on Steam for 60 bucks You could have just put the 60 bucks towards game pass and you would get more than gears You would get Gears Outworld some third-party titles, you know recently yakuza, you know You get a whole bunch of stuff, you know, and that’s and that’s the sinker make the money off a game pass, you know so again Scarlett doesn’t have to sell a lot for Microsoft to make a lot of money because they’re leveraging other Platforms to ultimately push their ultimate goal which is game pass and that’s how they’re gonna make their money So they really don’t have to sell a lot of Scarlett if you buy Scarlett don’t buy Scarlett At the end of the day, did you subscribe thus came past door? They’re like, oh yeah, subscribe the game pass Good enough us With the upcoming Netflix feature The Witcher, do you think you will ever play The Witcher 3. Hey I own it. You punk I’m just scared to invest 300 hours Fuck this’ll yes, I’m gonna play The Witcher 3 eventually man. It’s hard out here being a pimp. Oh Let’s see everybody seen drop that dog shit Xbox I want to say There’s more to Xbox. I’m Assuming than just the games you might have your friends that you love playing multiplayer with you know If you didn’t play a lot of PlayStation 4 you may not have build the community in your friends list that Pushes multiplayer gaming, you know someone’s saying that’s why I said he’s keep it right Put it aside for a little bit. Leave it on standby Play a Playstation 4 Pro build your community if you and if you don’t mind playing third-party games on it If you have a lot of friends that are playing your multiplayer if you’re enjoying gaming all across third-party multiplayer All that stuff and you have and you’re looking at Jack’s bugs like I don’t really don’t need this thing Then yeah get rid of it. But you might be like man. Nobody wants to play it So it’s hard for me to get people in a party or to get call of duty guys Well, then go back to xbox and split board at the end of the day as long as you’re playing games That’s all that really matters, right? That’s all that really matters as long as you pick up a controller and you have the box on and the TV on Your game, you know You see where we got Do you expect psi to have issues our launch before the power This is why I guess we scared of buying a page 5 at launch because chances are It might have issues. All these consoles might have issues, especially with new hardware new technology You’re talking errors crashes Overheating God knows that’s why usually I like to wait at least a year before jumping onto a new console So it could potentially you know But I think I’m a rock out was the PlayStation 5 I launched I’m definitely getting the warranty. I’m getting me a two-year warranty I don’t care how much it cost you just got to and then we’ll take it from there, you know But they could always be issues with a console What deaf young boy grip won’t young boy get what dev should Sony target next Interesting question, you know who I would like to see and I think they fit Playstations portfolio Personally, it’s from software. I I think From software I would like from software And maybe not so much to death but the IP I Would like Sony to buy certain IPS from third-party Namely Konami, I would like so need to buy my dear IP and Castlevania IP from Konami. They really don’t make games like that anymore. They into slot machines and all this other stuff so who knows all in arm and signing him Who knows if they will ever make these games again? but if I was Sony I Would like Sony to make a bid and they could tell Konami your previous entries. You keep them

We’re not buying out the old I piece, you know, you still own them You said you know the original Silent Hill all the original Castlevania is or the original Metal Gear Solid. They’re still yours We just want the rights for new games from here on out and we own them So we start making the new Castlevania. We start making the new Metal Gear we start making the news I don’t know and the reason why is Since Sony and Kojima have such a good relationship. Sony could be like a we bought Metal Gear Kojima Can you make this goat Metal Gear? Can you make the Silent Hill PT? Everybody loves that demo right women PT demo possibly one of the biggest demos and most talked about them moans dis Jan and people just wish That that game came out well Sonic, it’d be like a we don’t sign in here. Can you make this PT demo? can you make the game you want to make you know and Then we’ll for software. I think the titles that they make fit that PlayStation environment I mean look at blood-borne – right. I mean look at that blah blah to blood-borne. I think of Sony would have owned From software we would at least be guarantee eat a sequel under them, you know Wounded penguin, are you getting a scarlet or sticking with PC? I? am going with PC for the first time as my secondary platform and I will explain why and it has not a dual power or Performance cuz I’m not that guy. You know, you you hardly ever see me hype power as the end-all be-all Okay, but the reason why I’m choosing PC over Scarlett as my secondary platform, you know It’s simply because of games, right? With the PC platform I am able to play whatever game MS decides to publish So if I like it I can play it with is Halo gears Outer world – Ninja Terry’s game in exile, you know, whatever whatever a mess publishes it will be available on PC if Game pass right now. I’m not really Feeling game past whatever but let’s say game pass improves and gets better To the point where even I’m like man, that’s actually this is actually good now. I can still have that option on PC, right? If I choose to directly I have the option to do a to steam or whatever So everything that I could be done on a scholarly in terms of game content I can do in PC, right? But there are things I can do on PC that I cannot do on scarlet For example, I am loving my PlayStation VR. I love it so much. I would like to try out oculus and See how that VR experience is on PC that’s not available on Xbox Carly, right? PC also has Game, exclusives, you know one of them again VR which is the new half-life, right? there’s another game I want to play is on vampire the masquerade – You know, it’s RPG in a vampire world. So there’s few PC games Not a lot because I’m not really into RTS and stuff like that But there are a few PC games that if I had the platform I will play them, you know But I have to have the platform to have the opportunity. So by choosing PC over Xbox I have access to the Microsoft games But I have access to even more content and more experiences Example oculus rift that I will not get with the scarlet So it’s just simply a game based decision of me choosing PC as a secondary platform, you know for me you know my primary platforms PlayStation and I still buy other platforms because there’s gonna be games that the PlayStation simply just won’t get and Those games. I may want to play. That’s the whole point of be a multi-platform owner So a PC be my secondary platform. I will have access to these games. That won’t come out on PlayStation, right and Experiences that may not come out on PlayStation right and PC fits the bill for the first time over me choosing another console So I’ll get everything the Scarlett will get plus more That’s the reason why I’m going with PC has nothing to do a power of 4k graphics. Whatever in fact chances are with PC I’ll probably most likely be playing a 1440p I probably won’t be doing 4k because I’m not going to invest that much into 4k gaming on the PC Most of my 4k gaming will be done on the PlayStation 5 but the games I can play on the PlayStation 5 That’s available on a PC. Right or if the police station by version is unoptimized You know Whatever is just a terrible experience Then I’ll get the PC version to where grant they won’t be 4k, but 1440p

Locked at 60 or 90 frames, whatever I’ll go there make sense Let’s see, what are some features you would like to see in the PS 5 UI. I’m not a big you I Advocate other than simplicity if they stuck with the same UI I will be happy To meet you I is just how to get. Alright, just to get to point A to point B Where can I go to my settings menu? Where is my games that you know, I like the folder, you know? keep the folder so I could manage where I put my games at and I want to find the settings menus. I want to find the storage menu. I just need accessibility Whereas I account for the PlayStation Store, you know, just make it fast Responsive and easy to get through and not a lot of clutter, you know, don’t put a whole bunch of stuff on my screen It’s complicity. I just want simplicity Speed and make sure the locations of where things are at As easily accessible and it makes sense. That’s it. That’s all I care for My UI is not like I play UI or I start to UI like wow Look how gorgeous does UI is I could just stare at this UI all day. I don’t care. I Just used the UI to get to where I need to I need to connect to my Wi-Fi network And I want to get there quickly. I want to type up a message. I’m gonna get to message quickly I’m gonna accept the friends request. I want to get there quickly. I’m gonna go to a PlayStation Store get me there quickly I’m gonna look at my library games. I want to get there quickly. I want to de install, you know games from my library I want to do it quickly. I want to update my games. I’m gonna do it quickly. I just want to do shit quick I don’t wanna spend all day. I don’t want it to lag I don’t want to go through layers and layers of menu to do weird shit I want responsive and quick and simple and I’m happy. It’s just our UI It’s a user interface you’re interfacing with this to ultimately do what you want. And that’s it. That’s all I care about For me anyway Do you think Sony will work with Kojima have the DSM exceptional definitely definitely all because ultimately It’s the cells of the game That’s what it all boils down to right if you look at destiny right go back go to Metacritic and look at destiny won Metacritic score. It’s like 70 something It’s like 70 something right? It’s not high It’s not a higher Metacritic game, but go ahead and don’t think think that destiny is not one of the biggest games of the generation You know, so I’m saying ultimately The cells and the reaction on the game outweighs the Metacritic all right now Metacritic could lead to Potentially Where people don’t want to play the second one, you know, but I think so, he’s gonna give Kojima a chance Especially if it’s a different game a different new IP You know, you’re always gonna try to do that, right? and I think Kojima’s might be working on a horror game or plans to work on our game cuz he made a tweet saying that he’s gonna watch a horror movie that he wasn’t able to ever finish so he could open up his Horror so long and I think it’s because I think he’s planning to do a horror game Which is gonna be interesting You know, especially the way Kojima storytelling and weirdness. Our game might be right up his alley I see What do I think about the new games I’m s debuted ax or 19 It’s alright It’s alright, I guess you know what I’m saying? Oh It wouldn’t it wasn’t something that Is alright. That’s that’s what I could say some people Probably enjoyed it me is whatever. Oh It is what it is. I didn’t watch the show. I saw clips of it because I had a feeling Sitting down and watching the show wouldn’t have been worth it So after the show ended I just want on YouTube and look there are the channels that gave the cuts on whatever At the end of the day like I say I’m going PC So if Microsoft makes a game and I want to play it then I’ll play it. I Mean, that’s just pretty much All right, do you expect PS 5 will be full BC full BC were PlayStation 4 yes We’re PlayStation 3 2 1 I don’t know PlayStation 4 Yes it’s gonna be fully backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games with the PlayStation 3 2 1 Different because they’re gonna have to emulate those games. So that’s a totally different

stake on that one Which Sony be smart to try to get the entire PlayStation library backwards compatible at a very least Playable on a Playstation 5 through digitally downloading meaning granted. You might not be able to take your PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 disc PlayStation 2 disc PlayStation 1 disc and insert it and play it you may not be able to do that But if they say a all these libraries of PlayStation 3 games PlayStation 2 games PlayStation 1 that’s on the digital store Maybe even Vita and PSP in the digital store You can download it onto your Playstation 5 and it will run natively on your PlayStation 5 I can see that ah That would be a smart thing. You know, that would be smart on Sony to do that. I will say one thing Can they do it? Will they do it? I don’t know it would just be smart of them to do that My man sure con city said please don’t shout outs for me trying to stay low-key. Oh, my bad Dizzle with the booming content creators for gaming do you think Sony should improve the content cream software? We currently have with the PS 5 even maybe go the route image. They were mixer. So interesting question is oh, so There’s a rumor of a pen where a PlayStation 5 user Can play a game in write and record? or something they’ll do something with a certain segment of their game and Release it as a demo to other users. So let’s say for example I’m playing Horizon zero dawn – right and I take a certain segment of the game that’s playable and I’m thinking man this section is dope I take that segment do whatever this pattern says it does and then I release it as my own personal demo To users, you know, so let’s say as a content creator right you see me streaming, right? So I’m streaming, you know content creators like I don’t do game streaming because I haven’t that it’s a very hard skill to master I give content creators props because to play a game and to talk and communicate You know me when I play game eyes. Just stay zoning play in the game Or if I’m talking to you guys, I don’t even pay attention to the game So it’s not something I do much right, but imagine your favorite content creator and they’re playing this great level and everybody’s watching You know the fans of that content creator whether us on Twitter, whatever you’re like. Oh man, that’s dope. That’s dope. That’s crazy Oh, that’s dope. You seen fucking Puerto Rock play this yo, that shit was dope Imagine kids move, you know, you’re watching kids moved there in his, you know blood-borne freaking you know play – Everybody’s laughing her eyes hilariously at the shit he’s going through playing these bosses, right and then as soon as he’s done Kiss move could be like I a thanks for watching and for those out there rocky now I made this segment of my You know stream playboy as a demo so you can check out kiss moods blood-borne demo right now on the PlayStation on my channel or on my whatever go check it out download it and Enjoy the part that you saw just play. How can you do you’re talking a lot of shit Let me see you beat it. You know I’m saying he could do that and that could add a level of interaction between the content creators and the users if people could do that, you know, like, you know you you see let’s say you see me play a boss or one of the Valkyries on give me got a warlock when I beat it and everybody’s talking trash now. Be alright for all of you So talking trash. This is now a demo on my PlayStation Network channel So go download it and let me see if you can beat it you know I’m saying so that’s like a challenge so you can’t contact country content creators talk shit to their fans and Tell them to put up here you go. Here’s the demo. Let’s see how you do it, you know, so great question This is old that could add a love of creativity and benefit to the content creators, you know, and that can add Let’s say if PlayStation and I doubt place it. Let’s see if this is true I doubt PlayStation if I will be the only platform to do it because usually you know These little secrets are known to everybody so everybody copies in one way, but let’s pretend it’s PlayStation 5 exclusive right? Let’s say place it survives The only platform that does this right? That can pull a lot of content creators to prefer PlayStation 5 over other platforms because they can do this to their audience, you know So great question. Um, let’s see I see where you Will cut so short ah Do you think Sony will ever make a hand no Council again like Vita or PSP? Never Say Never, but in my opinion it would be Unlikely

Very unlikely they will step into another handheld Alright, and I will tell you why I don’t think Sony has yet created a successful handheld now hear me out Obviously the easy one is Vita Complete failure now. I’m not talking about always not a failure because I love the games. I’m not talking about that I’m talking about commercial failure to warrant another Vita. It only sold like 11 million and did not sell a lot of games Yes, the people that did buy it loved it right But they cannot sustain a new handheld platform with just a small group of people and low sells So V is a failure a commercial failure in that sense So now let’s look at PSP PSP sold 80 million so you can say well PSP is a commercial failure I’m going to say no PSP is also a commercial failure and I’m going to explain why PSP sold 80 million units right a Similar platform that’s over 80 million units was the PlayStation 3 so you got two platforms. That’s so 80 million units, right? now here’s where The true story is told PlayStation 3 sold of billion software titles Sony for you, that’s a billion games. That means people on the PlayStation 3 bought a crap ton of games Selling around 80 million my JD 5 million 86 million sold a ton of games a billion games sold on that platform while PSP Despite also selling 80 plus million sold around 330 million games So do the math 80 plus million PlayStation 3 so the billion Eighty plus million PSP sold a little over 300 million So I asked you and let’s be honest We gotta be honest Russell’s I understand all of us are PlayStation fans, but I would like to think we can be honest with the platform that we like Did a lot of people who buy games on PlayStation Portable Was there a lot of game sells? You know sure there’s a few titles here and there like metal gear portable apps Got a war Syphon Filter Grand, you know Gran Turismo sang games sold a lot, but overall Was it a game selling platform? You know Can we be honest about the PSP did a lot of people really buy a lot of games for that, you know, not really so PSP so 80 million, but not a lot of software sales meaning a lot of people bought a PSP nose collecting dust Vita comes out just all-round failure in terms of commercial success. So why would you push out a third platform? When it’s clear people really don’t want the majority really don’t want a Playstation haneul they just really don’t want that, you know if Sony’s gonna create another handheld There has to be a hook to it and I don’t know what that hook is, you know, because Nintendo already took their one hook of Hybrid, I do not want PlayStation Sony to make a hybrid do not make the PlayStation 5 a hybrid. No New don’t even go there Could it be a? Separate device that’s able to play PlayStation 4 games is That the hook where all digital games bought on PlayStation 5 works on PSP 2 Or PS 5 portable Okay, if they’re willing to make a separate completely separate device maybe that might work But for my thing, I don’t think they’ll make a nun device boy, who knows Let’s see, but no psy – cover my man sure as I said hyper confirmed, please no nail Let’s see Do I expect her Rises? Oh don’t to be a launch title I Don’t expect it, but I would absolutely love it That would be amazing to see horizon zone because my biggest my anchors ain’t worried But the biggest meth face that you will ever see me as if Sony the big game the Sony launches with Playstation 5 is Gran Turismo 7 I’ma be like

No, grad, I’m not saying Gran Turismo was a bad franchise or anything by that performance. But if you guys know me, I cannot stand racing games. I don’t care What it is Ford saw Gran Turismo third MotorStorm grid Need for Speed all that trash racing teams are trash so if Sony comes out, whoa PlayStation five day one with Gran Turismo 7, I’m gonna be like I Will not be excited at all at all. I will not be excited on any level. Alright So I’m hoping all right, so don’t – is a launch title sign like that, you know give me something blood-borne – please don’t let if Gt7 is the title cuz rumor has it that it most likely is Please don’t let it be the only one fuck I’ll take That’s just Oh a load. Okay, what else What else we got And I think that’s pretty much it I Think I see a tee he will kick it right there. I’ve been out here and I won 40 minutes So we’re just gonna kick it off Watch out bij de I’m gonna hate you for that my man, shut up – j-dub who’s playing stadia? And it has no exclusives He loves stadia with no exclusives Got no exclusives now shout out to do my man. Alright anyway, imma be out I want to say to everybody Thank you so much for walking out with me. I truly appreciate it – appreciate the support Don’t forget to subscribe if you’re new to the channel. Don’t forget to hit the like button on your way out I got 80 likes hit the like-mind subscribe retweet. I will check you out soon with new content There’s your world for the rock 77. The only friend is you two streets and I am out peace Yes, I want to the stream