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I want to congratulate them First of all, congratulations to Rastrasewak As far as I know, the artists and the technical team have done a good job That’s what I’ve heard I believe this movie will be a super hit Now let’s have a talk with the actor of this movie, Mr. Biplove Aryal Even before your movie was released, your popularity has increased How do you feel about that? Wonderful It’s a like a dream come true Rumor has it that even before your movie hit the market, your demand has doubled Why is that so? See I work so hard that the pressure of the entire movie lies on my shoulders So why shouldn’t I ask for 10 Lakhs? So you mean to say you will no longer act in a movie that pays you less than 10 Lakhs? Absolutely right I can’t work for less than 10 Lakhs My dogs and shoes value up to 5 Lakhs! No compromise! I can’t work for less than 10 Lakhs -Hey, Tuppe! -What’s the matter? Listen to what he’s saying! Don’t be so forceful! No compromise! My dogs and shoes value up to 5 Lakhs! Gandu, you idiot! This is an everyday drama He dreams about being a superstar and sleep-talks! Give him 5 kicks, Pappu Hold on Please sir, you’ll need to adjust just a little bit We agreed on giving the director 5 Lakhs and we’re just giving him 1 Lakh Now how do we give you 10 Lakhs? Bullshit Whose face sells the movie- mine or your director’s? Plus, who’ll come to a cinema hall to watch your director’s withered face? My face has wrinkles? I’ve got a wrinkled face? And you think yours is fresh, fierce and young? Hey poser! Your rate must have decreased like crazy! Fucking pigs! What did you eat that you’re jumping around like little girls? You splash water at me while I was having such a nice dream! -You said I’ve got wrinkles! -Of course you do! You big stomached imbecile! Didn’t I tell you to catch him? Now you have a bump on your head! You chicken thief! You’ve stooped lower than a chicken thief now! Egg thieves!

Now I have a bump on my head! What are you staring at like dogs and cats? Dude, just think The day this dream comes true Think of the respect we three brothers would gain! Shut up! You’re talking about respect? Have you ever met someone who’s willing to invest on us? Take a look at my script, full of fungus and cobwebs! You dream way too much, don’t you? Gandu! Does it hurt too much? Don’t worry, Pappu If our luck grows like your bump, we’ll be rich Idiot! I swear ill beat you up! There, I have it! Now, where’s our riches? Don’t get mad, Pappu darling Don’t get mad! Let’s go to the market We’ll get your head treated and also find some idiots Maybe some fools will be smitten by your bump You guys get going. I’ll come later You lazy ass! This lazy ass Where does this lazy ass ever go? I have to go meet his girlfriend instead of him in his own date Someday, he’ll tell me to get married to his fiancé Don’t talk crap! I sent you just to give greetings You sent me to give greetings What if she starts Get dressed You too Come on Hey, isn’t that him? Where did he come from? Run! Run! If he gets us, he’ll beat us like a drum. Run! Hey! How much?

I’ll take one This guy’s gonna pay Stop running! What’s this? Oh You’re not going anywhere unless I get my money! Hey, Mr. Pandey! You’re running away as if you haven’t seen me You’re making me run so much! Biplove How long will you keep running like this? Just do as I say Let’s get married You look after my dad’s business -And we can live a happy life together -All you care about is your dad’s business! What about my career? All I get is tension Don’t you have to clear my dues? It’s already Rs. 7000 now! I know. My movie’s shooting has almost begun I’ll clear your dues as soon as I get the money Please, just a couple of days more It’s a dead end! So, you’re here Just give me back my 50,000 rupees! You promised to make me a movie star and took money from me! I was wondering why you made me run so much You should have told me before! Bastard! Stop acting smart! Give me back my money! Or else I’m gonna bury you right here! No really, friend You’ve got the main role in our movie I’ve already seen everything in this industry You’ll get nothing out of this For the past two years, all you’ve done is act in one or two music videos Listen Arya The day I become a superstar, all our dreams will come true It’s a movie, sir. It’s bound to take some time I’ve invested my money for a role in another movie Just give me back my money! Wait What is this about? Why are you chasing me? It’s the money, isn’t it? Just for a tiny amount of money You think we’ll run away with your money? -I’m the one who’s gonna make you a star -There’s no need for that Shut up. We’re going to start shooting from tomorrow I don’t want a role in your movie anymore! You can just use words. Do you really have to hit? Mister Director! Where did you run off to? Our friend here is going to kill me He need his money back right now Pappu Handle this one on your own He doesn’t want the role Someone else has brainwashed him Ask him for a few more days -Try to understand! -Understand what? I’m in a really tough situation! I’m stuck in continuity too Just like you Okay, bye What do you mean by continuity? Are you talking about me? No, sister. Our movie’s shooting is taking place I was talking to the assistant director He just hung up Hang on a second. I’ll call the actor All you boys do is trap us in your arms like this The phone had to ring now! Hello? -Where the hell are you? -Why? Why? Because Pasa is gonna kill me He says he wants his 50,000 back Where will I get so much money from? Do whatever you have to You have your girlfriend Butter her up and get the money Shut up! You think my girlfriend is a credit card? Hang up now! I don’t think there’s network in here

Here. I’m guessing you need some money I’ll return all the money I owe you I’ve written it all down Biplove, I’m not giving you the money as a loan I’m helping you because I love you Sorry, darling This toilet stinks so much, and the door doesn’t even have a lock You wanna go in? Slow down! Shut up! Don’t treat my body like an old director treats new actors! Stop pretending so much! Do you really have to scream so loud for such a small wound? Small wound, my foot! He almost broke my back He would have done the same to you guys Stupid. You can’t even bear the pain? When our movie is done, your status will rise Don’t say another word, you dumb artist in a silent movie You wanna be a star And you, a director And I have to be the producer? I’ll be thinking of bills and accounts even when I’m in the toilet Don’t be too tensed, Pappu I will promote you When I become a famous director, and journalists ask who’s behind my success Then, I’ll say the name- Pappu Production Yeah, right. I’ll become famous That Pasa has warned me that he’ll kill me if he doesn’t get his money within 15 days 17 days from now, it’ll have been two days from my death He’s right With this attitude, there’s no way I’m becoming a hero or you a director Or him a production manager Step aside We’re not doing anything We have to come up with an idea Hey, Pappu! Listen When is your guest from Hong Kong arriving? What do you mean? I’ll have to find another one? No way! I’d found one, and he almost broke my back No way I’m doing this again What about that guy with the car? The one who gets so excited whenever we talk about actresses Tell him to invest some money I’m sure he will -You mean Arjun? -Yeah Damn you! That guy lost a pretty good sum gambling and now he’s hiding How will I get him? If nothing works, we’ll have to reel in this Poser’s in-laws No way! The old man panics when you talk about movies And what if Arya and I break up? Then, Mr. Actor You will have to find someone You want to be the actor You want to be the star You want to give autographs And if you don’t find someone, who will? Okay, fine. I’ll try Stop being so cheeky I’ll bring him to Baghbazar tomorrow Baghbazar? No way! Not Baghbazar We shouldn’t really not go there There are other hunters out there Remember the guy Kumar brought? The other guys took him away Then let’s meet at a nice restaurant What? A nice restaurant? The one who’s broke wants to dine at nice restaurant! Alright. Alright Let’s do this Let’s go to the old man’s shop at Bhrikuti Mandap -It’ll be better there -Alright Surrounded by media, our photos in the newspapers

Interviews on TV You’ll become a public figure overnight! You’ll become a star Can you get all this fame from money? No. But a movie can make sure this happens If you invest in a movie, both money and fame will come your way There’s only profit Invest 50 to 60 lakhs, and get crores in return Alright. I’m satisfied with your argument I’ll invest 40 to 50 lakhs I’ll manage 20 lakhs Look, daughter Youngsters with real talent have still gained nothing And these compulsive liars have already got sponsors It’s a pity they don’t know they’re being set up That poser still hasn’t come And these people have already reeled in the fish and are ready to cook it That poser isn’t punctual enough Sometimes, he goes on a date They’re here He has a car and everything I think this one’s big Namaste, sir This is Mr. Bikram Bhattarai Hello, sir. I am N.G. Pandey I mean Narayan Gopal Pandey I think I’ve heard this name before Yes sir The name you’ve been hearing is that of the great singer Narayan Gopal He is no more with us But this is Mr. Narayan Gopal… Pandey He’s our film’s director, who is still alive And what about you? This is Pappu, the production manager ‘Pappu Production’ The one that handles the accounts Pappu Production Please, have a seat sir Yes, yes 4 cokes, please! Daughter Get them 4 cokes -So far, I like your team -Thank you, sir By the way, how is the story line? The story is very nice… fantastic Our story will mostly appeal to the younger generation There’s no need to worry, the story is very good Very good. Very good And who are the actors and actresses? Most of the actors are new to the industry All of them are theater artists You don’t need to worry about their performance at all The hero is fresh, heroine is fresh, and everyone’s new Everyone’s new? Alright So, didn’t you call the actress today? Mr. Bikram. Why not do this Our actress has a photo shoot tomorrow Why don’t we go and meet her there? Sure So, Bikram sir Can we be confident about this? Yes, of course I’m the kind of person who invests 50-60 Lakhs And a businessman wouldn’t invest in any offer blindly But, I shouldn’t go in loss Right? I’m ready to invest in this Sister Yes, brother I’ve been thinking about something for you This is our producer. Greet him -Namaste -Namaste I really hope everything works out for these boys They would at least have enough money to pay me back I hope this producer doesn’t run away He’s the famous photographer Raj Bhai Suwal And he is the producer of our movie And she’s our actress Namaste Why don’t you take a seat I’ll be right back

Okay, sit up, stretch you bodies and put your chest up And don’t forget to smile Ready? I’m sure the producer’s gonna faint Everything looks good Why don’t you go and change so, we can start the next shoot? This girl looks bold I like her I’m ready to invest So, brother Biplove Now that I’m investing 50-60 Lakhs Maybe you can fix me a date with her What are you saying? Why would a person like you say something like that? It’s because of narrow minds like yours that the film industry suffers What do you think you’re saying? Sorry, but you can’t talk like that in my studio You may leave Dibya, what kind of person did you invite? Hey, Mr. Photographer! I’m becoming a producer Don’t you dare insult me like that It’s because of people like you this industry is degrading First try and understand this sector well, and then you can invest Dibya Ask your friends to leave Or else, I’ll end the photoshoot right now Take this guy and leave I don’t want to work with this guy You brought me here to insult me? I came to invest for a movie because I felt pity for you! You’ve humiliated me enough I have no intention of investing Looks like all their energy has been sucked dry Look at them, daughter They look so depressed Pappu What are you thinking about? Don’t mess with me right now I was wondering how all the people we owe money to would find and kill us Crap Why do you always talk rubbish? How could have Dibya known what the producer would do? Think of something new What new? It’s Dibya’s photographer that kicked us out Now, she’ll find someone new Hey! If I had a producer with me I would’ve become a star long time ago I wouldn’t be here with you guys Alright, fine Listen, Pappu When is your guest from Hong Kong arriving? Why? So we can ask him money and get my back broken again? Oh, come on! Why are you so pissed? I have an excellent idea What idea? A new idea to break my ribs? Your ideas always get me into troubles Listen We’ll have to manage Rs. 2 Lakhs anyhow Just listen We’ll use that money to clear our dues We’ll use the rest to change our looks and everything And rent a nice car Get it? We should go to a place where there are VIPs and businessmen These places like Baghbazar and Khasibazar won’t work Only people like us come to these places How can we make a film with these people? That’s rubbish! We don’t have access to such things We also need a recommendation Poser. I have a way out of that too But first, we need money Alright I know a guy He takes interest of Rs. 500 per day Let’s borrow money from him What? You wanna take a loan with interest? That too Rs. 500 per day? That would be Rs 15,000 a month Pappu!

You think too much, brother No risk, no gain You need to lose something in order to gain something Is that clear? Okay. For now, I’m lending you just 1 Lakh But, you should pay back on time Next time, I’ll be lending you more What if we get into more trouble? I wonder if we’ll be able to pay back Will he break my bones as well? We’ve borrowed money at such great interest -The car we rented is really fancy -Shut up! You talk too much Don’t mention about the car or anything else Everything okay? -I’ll go park the car -Okay. You do that Come back in 5-10 minutes Alright Hey Two cold coffee And one Italian Pizza Thank you It’s so expensive in here Why did you order for that? Quiet Ordering cheap won’t work out in here Just keep quiet I’m sorry -I’m a bit late -What is this, Mr. Pappu? Waiter! One black coffee. That’s all Thank you That’s all Bastard You must’ve ordered all the good stuff And all I get is a lame coffee It goes well with your status Now, let’s get started Excuse me, Director sir You must do our film anyhow Now, look You can turn stones into gold You’re the most happening director at present You must work on our project Please, sir Just this once Listen, Mr. Pappu How will I direct a movie with such a low budget? Now even if I do work in a low budget, it won’t be qualitative I’ll lose my reputation if there is no quality in my work Because my name is the reason my movies make it to the top -Don’t you think so, Ms. Dibya? -You’re right, sir Mr. Pappu This is what I don’t like about you Most importantly, you tell me to star old faces A movie runs on its subject, its contents And its director Let’s talk about the movie ‘Darpanchhaya’ All the actors were new The movie was a super hit and earned 7 crores Or we can talk about ‘Loot’ All the actors were new It earned 5 crores, and the movie was a super hit And talk about ‘Saayad’ All the actors were new They earned more than 3 crores Why don’t you get it, Mr. Pappu? I get it now Oh my god! Nepali cinema has started to become a booming business Nepali film industry is rising up I should butter up this man The work is related to media, it’ll surely be fun Name and fame, all at once Director sir You must direct this movie, please I’ve failed in this before I hope that with your help, I’ll surely succeed Please, I insist Look, Mr. Pappu A dog wags its tail, but the tail never wags the dog Why don’t you understand? A dog wags its tail, but the tail never wags the dog I find your conversation very intriguing I’ve been eavesdropping By the way, I’m Garibnath Agrawal I’m a Marwari by birth, but live in the Terai And I run a few factories Hello, sir. I’m N.G. Pandey, A.K.A. Narayan Gopal Pandey Please, have a seat And She’s our actress, Dibya Hi And a friend of mine You’re very beautiful I like her

Thank you Alright, then. I should leave I’ll call you later Please, give it a thought Okay, Mr. Pappu I’ll think about it I’ll call you I’m very impressed with you Thank you Here’s my card Please Thank you I’m also fond of acting I sing a little too I’m a bathroom singer I’m very much interested in working with you Create a good movie and I’ll invest Tell me, how much will I need to invest? Mr. Garibnath I won’t be able to give you time Mr. Pandey Instead of all the other types of movies Create a movie related to a family of businessmen Then, this industry will thrive I’m a Marwari We use our brains and earn loads of money Absolutely right I’ll be working on your project Plus, it would be a nice to bring in a family of businessmen into Nepali film industry What say? I like your thinking Finally, we’ve got a producer He saw Dibya and was in complete awe I told him to invest 70 Lakhs And he’ll get 5 crores in return He was so happy The day everything is finally in motion If I don’t break at least 2-3 people’s teeth you can change my name! I won’t be called Pappu Production They underestimated me too much Now, I’ll show them Darling, I have good news We’ll be starting to shoot for our movie Any day now Thank you Good night, bye Hey, Poser We set up everything And the first thing you do is tell your girlfriend? That’s not the case Poser! I gotta hit the gym The shooting will obviously start I need to be on a diet I need buy some new clothes I’m trying arrange everything Try to explain it to him Hey, Focus Out Production! Tomorrow onwards, everyone will come to an agreement I’ll handle the actors And you Don’t talk with your girlfriend on the phone all the time Hit the gym and tone your body Director sir We need to ask the producer for at least 5 Lakhs We’ve risked so much for the sake of this movie They’ll start bugging us once we start the shooting We gotta pay the rent We gotta pay the taxi driver We gotta pay the grocery We gotta pay Gautam uncle We gotta return the borrowed amount along with interest We gotta return Pasa’s money We gotta pay for the clothes and wrist watches we’re wearing We gotta pay the mobile phone service Isn’t that too much? I don’t think 5 Lakhs will be enough This is making me sober Other things are okay But I need a fair advance, okay? You’ve got lots of power I need to pay back Arya too You asshole What are talking about? Do you really need to pay back your own fiancé? Just give her a kiss or two Satisfy her and make her forget everything Camera rolls in The actress turns A tight hug A long kiss The film will be good Shut up! This is what I don’t like about directors You drink a little and start shooting the film wherever you are Shut up, you fat ass! You’re drunk I’m drunk, man I’m gonna go sleep Sleep or pee? Sleeping, guys and girls Go and sleep, you guys We got shooting tomorrow -I’m going too -Just stay for a while Pappu! Darling! I gotta go to the gym tomorrow You go to sleep Poser! Fucking bastards! They’ve emptied the bottle Clang goes the glass on the floor

‘No!’ screams the girl The hero enters A big curtain reveals a big screen ‘Directed by N.G. Pandey’ Our movie will be better than everyone else’s I should congratulate the producer Where’s the card? Hello? What’s with the lady-like voice, sir? Who’s calling this late? I’m the director I’m calling Mr. Garibnath Agrawal Listen Hey, listen It’s for you For me? Who’s calling at this hour? Hello Namaste Did you recognize me? Yes, tell me Why are you calling me so late? My heart is happy Thank you so much All of you are Late Latifs If I hadn’t come, you’d have slept till noon We’ve finally found a producer You guys should be a little more serious Don’t you have a functional brain? Director sir. What happened? -He isn’t answering, man -Try again. I’m sure he will I’ve already called him 4 times Hello? Agrawal sir? Namaste I’m director N.G Pandey Who Pandey? What Pandey? Why Pandey? Brother, I don’t know any Pandey We talked about a project yesterday, remember? I’m the film director Pandey Oh! That Pandey? I don’t want to work with frauds like you You drop down from heaven unto hell in your business But that’s not how it works here Sir, wait Listen to me Who said what to you? What do you mean who? You people called me all night, and told me a lot of things My wife didn’t let me sleep You were drunk, and now I know what kind of a person you are Thank god! That alcohol saved me Shit! Stupid! You stupid! Asshole! Good for nothing! Why did you act smart and call him? Idiot! Sorry I was drunk and excited I don’t know what I told him -You guys should’ve have stopped me! -Were we sober enough to that? You dumb director! Ruined everything! From now on if anyone lay their hands on booze How do we pay back that guy’s money? How do we go in front of him? Here comes another one Finally, I meet you! What kind of behavior is this? You lock and leave before I wake up And come in like thieves after I’ve fallen asleep It’s been 6 months you haven’t paid rent! You think you can stay here for free? If I don’t give money to the bank on time, they’ll stop my payments On top of that, I have a family to feed I’ll add interest to your debt now Please brother, it’s nothing like that Our filming will begin soon After that, we will repay whatever we owe you. Isn’t it guys? Please, brother Shooting? It’s been 5 months you’ve been throwing this excuse at me Where’s your film? I don’t know anything else Empty the flat and I’ll bring in another tenant Please brother, don’t say that I swear we’ll give you your rent ASAP You are three freeloaders And this new chic You do nothing except lie about the shooting and roam around I’ve seen dogs, cats and now monkeys on TV but not you people! Okay fine, I’ll give you 15 days This is the last time, or else I’ll lock up this apartment myself

The old man must’ve really had enough Pappu! What are you thinking about? What would I think about? What does one think in times like this? I’m wondering which bone Pasa will break when he finds us If he finds us, he’s going to play our ribs like guitar strings Oh god! Save me! Don’t worry, Pappu I’ll think of a solution Save it, you fucking asshole! You don’t need to come up with any ideas! Pappu! Stop using cuss words! I don’t like it! Why are you interrupting? So, It’s okay if she watches adult movies together -And what I’m speaking seems to be dirty? -Shut up! Listen, guys There’s nothing we can do with our struggle It means Now we’ll have to use our wicked brains Wicked brain? Yes! Wicked brain You all know about hypnotism We’re going to use enchantment to make a movie Enchantment? To whom? What do you mean who? The president of Producers’ Association Don’t talk like a mad man I’m definitely not supporting this What kind of a solution is that? No way! I’m not following you into this mess and jeopardizing my career I taking so much risk to make you a star, and you won’t support me? What’s wrong with you? Don’t be so violent! Why did you hit him? You.. wont.. support me? Come on! I’m warning you! I’m way too stronger than I look! What the hell! This is why your project never goes ahead All you do is fight like cats and dogs! Keep fighting! I’m leaving! Yeah yeah, leave! Sorry, bro Sorry Stop it! Guys, come on! It’s not like we have any other option! Just Calm down and give it a thought Think of all the profit we’ll make, if this works out Have some faith in me If this doesn’t work, I’ll quit the film industry I’ll start working in the farm No one except the four of us will know about our plan I know a priest We’ll go see him tomorrow We’ll enchant our guy Think of how many movies we’ll be making after doing that But, this is way too risky No risk No gain Okay fine This is the last chance we’re giving you But, if we get into even more trouble this time, our friendship is over Have some faith in me, bro There will be no problem whatsoever Listen Even Dibya knows about our plan Now, besides the four of us, no one should know about this What nonsense! It’s not four. It’s five! Five? Who’s the other one? Who else? The one who’s gonna put him under a spell Namaskar! Tell me, what’s your problem? Guruji! We need your blessing The main thing is We need you to enchant this person Let me have that If you put this guy under a spell, he’ll come after us And then, we will use this person to make a movie Yes, Guruji! Without your prayers, we shall be doomed! Okay Please, have patience We need holy water for enchantment I’ll go upstairs and bring it Okay, Guru Hail Guru! Hail Guru! I’m really scared, dude Come on you wimp! Keep quiet -You can never do anything -Of course, he can Here

Make sure the person in this photograph eats this And he’ll be after you from tomorrow Guru, this is all for now Hail Guru! Can I have an apple, please? I’m hungry Hey, fat-ass! This is it! Stop! Stop! Brother, note down how much we owe. Okay? Let’s go This is the Producer’s Association This is where we’re going Steady… Hey! We’re on our way Wait, wait Let’s pray first! Hello? Yes 85 Lakhs is our budget Of course, the movie will be made We’ll bring in both old and new actors Yes Sir, Namaste There’s no problem from our end Okay Please, send him We’ll come to an agreement Okay How can I help you? We’re making a film So, we were wondering if we could get some tips from you Good. Very good I’m a little busy today Why don’t you come tomorrow and we can talk Sir Laddoo What for? Today was a Nateshwori’s ritual And this is the offering I’m a devotee of Nateshwori That’s why I organized the ritual Alright, then We must’ve disturbed you But, it was great talking to you Our pleasure, sir -It’s okay -Thanks for your precious time, sir Thank you very much It’s not getting in! Pappu! Getting it in is my thing How do I do it, you ask? Watch Show us! You’re an expert! I’ll bow down to you Uncle! Can you bring us some cold drinks? Out of the freezer! Let’s live like there’s no tomorrow Take it! Is today supposed to be the longest day? I have a restless feeling Exactly, I felt the same when I went on dates with my girlfriend Here, take Thank you, uncle Here! You guys remember, don’t you? You guys owe me Rs. 2235 altogether But I see you’re very happy today, so the drink is on the house I’m not charging you for that You’re also in a good mood, uncle! We’re the ones excited and uncle’s giving away free drinks It’s nothing like that A lot of good producers come here If I encounter any good ones, I’ll talk to them about you No, uncle. Not the ones that come here They don’t have a roof over their heads and they want to make a movie What about you, uncle? How much have you made by putting up the shop? Are you interested in making a movie as well? How would I make a movie at this age? You are the ones that will I will pray for you Hello The president of the Producers’ Association has asked for you You guys need to come here quick Hey guys! I think he really got hypnotized He’s calling us right now I think we won’t be able to make it today, we’re a little busy

What should we do? Can we come tomorrow or the day after? No. He needs to talk the film You need to come to his house right now Alright, then We’ll come even if we have to cancel the meeting Yes. We’ll come Namaste The film is finally going to be made! We’re going right now? Hello Hey, taxi! Come and pick us up Dues? I’ll pay for your car and your own body as well Curse the roads of Kathmandu! Isn’t this the house? You go. I’ll fix things up with the cabbie You’re going to have a main role in our movie, okay? Forget the fare for now They just went on without me The old man has a nice house Let’s walk like this Don’t! It’s made of plastic -What’s wrong with you? -Such a rich guy and he has plastic fruits At least act like a gentleman Who’s this? Thank you Thank you This is great You want an apple? What about this? Namaste, sir. Namaste Did you have any difficulty finding my house? Not at all, sir. I knew the location After all, I’m the production manager Good Why would such smart boys like you have any trouble? By the way, what’s your name? N.G Pandey. I mean Narayan Gopal Pandey Mr, Pandey I’m very glad to meet you guys Thank you, sir Quite frankly, the film industry needs more people like you I’m impressed with you all Your thoughts and your beliefs too I’ve become your fan I want to do a project with you But before that, I want to give you a surprise Surprise? For puny guys like us? Guru! You really are a god! Thanks to you, our work will finally come to pass You idiots! Frauds! You think you can put me under a spell? Who told you this, sir? We haven’t done anything I swear I have nothing to do with this You tried to hypnotize a responsible person like me Didn’t you think about what the repercussions would be? Didn’t you? I swear to god, sir We didn’t do anything Still lying? Guruji! Do you know who he is? He is very close to me He is my Guru Yes These young men came to me saying they wanted me to hypnotize you So, I pretended that I needed to go upstairs, and called you Sir, Namaste Yes Something strange has happened today! I would always get girls wanting to hypnotize boys or the other way round But today, here’s a group of young men with your photo wanting to hypnotize you Really? That’s why I’m informing you Teach them a lesson I don’t forgive those who do wrong You guys deserve a punishment Inspector! Run, boys! We can’t stay here anymore! We should leave!

Hey! Listen! Hey! What are you doing? Why did you drink it? -I feel better -You feel better? Do you know what that is? I pissed in it when I got drunk Leave it. Pack up! Hurry up! You bastard! This is all because of you! Drink your own piss! Asshole! You disgusting creature! I’m in trouble because of these pigs! My career is ruined! Hey, drama-queen! What do I face Arya now? Police! Police! Damn! Do these policemen have any work? They’ve been chasing us all day and they haven’t stopped yet We didn’t even do anything wrong All we did was give him a laddoo The police doesn’t bother about thieves, but chase us for hours just for feeding laddoo They’re back, the police They’re coming this way. Run! What are you doing? Whoever touches me, I think it’s the police Whoever I see, I think it’s the police Just shut up, and come this way Not that way! Didn’t I give you bastards 15 days? Now all I can do is cut you into pieces to get my money! -Brother, may I? -Yes, cut him into pieces! You think I’m scared of you? Don’t wave that animal slaughtering thing at me! I’m telling you, I’m going to call the police! Police! Police? I’ll deal with you guys later! They’re here! Gently This is all because of this bastard I denied this idea from the beginning It’s so cold and there are insects everywhere They keep biting me! Shut up, Fatty! Now how do I face Arya? What do I tell dad and mom? I jeopardized my career by following this idiot! Now who will bail us out? Who? I will bail you out Shut up! Now how do I face Arya? What do I tell my parents? I jeopardized my career following this idiot! Now who will bail us out? Who? I will bail you out Bishal

You were once very crazy about movies You’ve worked so hard to come back to Nepal and make a movie I think you should work with these boys I have faith in you guys One day, you guys will find your way to success They will not betray you Brother Gautam Because I believe in you I am willing to work with them Thank you very much, Bishal Let’s go, sir. Oh! sorry, sir Please, sir I’m over-excited Prakash, let’s go -Let’s go -Yeah, let’s go Now that we’re going to work together, we might as well introduce ourselves Your introductions? I’m N.G Pandey A.K.A. Narayan Gopal Pandey I was born in 2035 B.S in Bhojpur Hobbies: Film-making and acting Education: MA in Film Making from Russia I’ve been struggling here in Kathmandu Since no one in Kathmandu seems to understand the modern of modern film making I’ve been unemployed for quite some time now Name: Jhappu Rai Nickname: Pappu Production Born in 2043 B.S. in Buipa, Khotang Interested in making movies Experience: Tried to work in Mumbai in the film industry So hard my shoes had worn out and my socks had holes in them Still they didn’t let me enter the gate So, I crossed the border of Birgunj and came to Kathmandu And here I am, still trying No one’s with me, so I feel like dying I’m Biplove Aryal Born on 10th of Bhadra in Syangja Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Acting from Oscar Film College, Kathmandu

3 years of training in Acting at Gurukul Tired of going after film producers and directors I’m just an ordinary and unemployed struggling actor I’m Bishal Bikram Rai Born in 2019 B.S, Bhojpur Occupation: Business Education: Dragged myself to complete I.A Interests: Film-making and business Experience: Went completely bankrupt the first time I made a movie and then fled abroad Now, I’m back in Nepal after 7 years hoping to make a successful movie And I’m Gautama Baajey, a shopkeeper in Murga Chwok Education: Failed 7th grade twice Okay then, lights-man, camera and everything is set, isn’t it? Alright. We’ll talk about payment and accounts later, when we meet I’ll talk to you later I’m getting another call right now Dibya Check the script. All of them must be in order Yes. They’re in order Doesn’t seem like we’ve missed anything Okay Good morning guys! Good morning, sir Please, have a seat What’s up? Everything’s set for tomorrow? Everything’s final Artists final… Script’s final… Location final Everything is ready The only thing missing is action -Would like anything to drink, sir? -Smart boy! But no thanks -Pappu Production -Yes, sir I’ve deposited 40 lakhs to our account And I’ll deposit 10 more next week I’m sure it will be enough, won’t it? No, sir. It won’t It’ll be more than enough Smart boy! Mister Director Whats the schedule for tomorrow? Tomorrow is our first day We’re gonna have a press meet So, after the press meet, we have an item song shoot with singer Sheetal Moktan Wow! Item song shooting? Are we done?

Bye Hey! Don’t bring in the eggs! The producer is here Just don’t bring it Do you have to put it here? Don’t put it here You’re only making us work Where’s the payment? Don’t do this in front of the producer You’ll get your money. What’s the big deal? Get back to work Hurry up! They’ve been asking for the clothes for too long now Hey! Get rid of that glass! -Namaste -Namaste Everything’s fine, Pappu? My Kanchhi -Greet her -Namaste So, Pappu Production The work is going well, isn’t it? Good. Smart boy! The shooting’s going well Bring in 2 chairs! The younger wife is covered with so much gold I wonder how much the older one has got Whatever, it’ll come to use later At least, our movie won’t foreclose -Hi Dibya -Hi -How are you? -Fine, sir She is my Kanchhi -Namaste -Namaste Yesterday’s item song was amazing But I’m just not satisfied with it What wasn’t good enough for you? Attitude, attitude! And I think there was less glamour in it Come on, brother If there’s too much glamour in it I’ll deal with you later There’s enough glamour for the story line! Ouch! Why did you pinch me? I was just discussing the scenes, darling Why are you getting angry so easily? Hello Brother Arun Please send in three cans Just water? At my shooting? Water out! Juice in! Juice all around! Where is that guy Sharad? He got angry?

He’ll come to my office just for money? We’ll deal with it You don’t need to worry about the money In Nepali movies, the storyline doesn’t demand much glamour So, it’s all up to us now So, what would you like to eat? Look at him flirt with the actress His wife will teach him a lesson tonight Yes, sir! Go to Durbarmarg And bring some Fried Chicken from KFC and Italian Pizza from PizzaHut -KFC? -Yes Everyone ready? Bring it up Dibya, come here! Just a moment, sir I gotta give my shot Sure Listen, Namrata I’m a servant of my country For me Nothing is greater than my motherland, my mother and the women of Nepal Love and romance comes second to all of this If you think you can understand me, respect my beliefs and stay by my side I’m sure I love you too I’m a child of Mother Nepal too But Cut! Cut! Hey, Dibya! What are you doing? Remember the dialogues! Is this all we’ll shoot today? Go and explain it to her Camera! Rolling! Action! Biplove I’m a child of Mother Nepal too One more, alright? Biplove I’m a child of Mother Nepal too Sorry. One more time, please Take 10 Take 12 Take 15 Take 18 Cut! Darling. Hold this, please Why do I have to go everywhere? Dibya! What is wrong with you? You’re letting me down Hey, watch it! I’m tensed right now! Go away! What is this? Why is everything going out of hand today? Hey, Dibya! Do it properly! Bring out the actress within you! What? What? Attitude! Attitude! Okay Sir, don’t worry Why don’t you go and sit? No, I’m going to stand right here and watch! Okay. Fine Alright. Get ready! Take 21 Biplove I’m not a weak lady Mother Nepal’s daughter Cut! Hey! Get some refreshment Damn, these bills! I forgot the numbers Where is the poser? -Didn’t you hear that? -What is he doing there? Wasn’t it enough there that you have to do it here too? Bastard! You should’ve fed us well at the shooting You feed us on the lowest budget possible He’s complaining! He’s a drama queen. Forget it! He was the one over-eating We’ve begun the shooting -But it’s gonna be very difficult -Why? How many takes did Dibya need? And that producer! Always trying to act smart! Never keeps his mouth shut! I’m going mad! Forget the rest What was with the producer and the actress? They were sticking to each other so much Leave them be, we can’t say anything If you utter a single word, this chance will be gone! We’ve finally found a producer Just shut up and tolerate anything So, tomorrow’s schedule has changed? I’ve arranged everything for the action scene The fight master will do everything Okay. Everything will be done! Help! Help! Cut! Hi. Hello. Everything good? -So, the scene is going well? -Yes, sir. Action scene is going on What’s up, Pappu Production? Eat it. Gives you energy What? Get to work!

Chicken? This is what I don’t like about you guys You’re feeding them chicken, that too in a fight scene for my movie? Go get some mutton! You need strength in order to fight! -Pappu production! -Yes, sir Mutton all around This is bad, really bad! Dammit! Cut! I said, cut! Hey, hero! What the hell are you doing? You both are okay Jump! Jump! I told you to hit him here, not there! What if something happened to my fighter? Where’s the producer? Oh god! Look at you! -Sorry -What sorry? What sorry? Mr. Pandey. I can’t see the actress anywhere today She doesn’t have a scene today No wonder why this set seems like a tasteless dish! Mister Director You should call the actress even if she doesn’t have a scene The unit will be in fresh mood So now, you’re supposed to block this kick And this one too Hit him here And the face! Simple Practise it Okay? Juice! What juice? Forget juice! Action! Cut! This Poser! I feel like going in there to fight, myself Don’t worry, sir. He’ll do it Of course, it will take time What are you doing? Is this all you’ve learnt? Is this all we’re going to film today? No I’ll go and do it myself Sir. Don’t Listen to me This is how you do it You pull him and you hit him You hit him hard Who the hell is this? Who is this? Who are you? I’m the producer who spent Lakhs to make this movie So, you’re the producer! If you’re the producer, you better stay in your own area! Anything can happen to my boys You should get an ambulance ready There is no fun in this It should at least be fun -So, you don’t like it? -No -You’re not having fun? -Not at all You don’t like it? Alright, then If you don’t like it, I’ll do something that you will This is your agreement paper And this is your cash There’s a little money left Come to my house, I’ll write you a cheque I know how to beat people up! Boys! Carry the weapons and let’s go! Guru! Now, you’re the producer and you’re the director! I already made a movie before Of course, I can direct a fight scene No problem Come Biplove Do it well Bring out the tough expression and try hitting me Guru! Please, don’t get angry The producer is always like that Try to understand There is no way I’m going to work now Look! That producer is teaching me how to fight Block like this and hit like this Now, let him practise I’ve got other projects as well I’m not working in here There’s no way I’m working in here Don’t even try to convince me! Guru! Wait! Stop right there! Get lost! What’s the matter? -The producer is teaching him how to fight! -Stop are you yelling at me! And then, you aim and punch Ambulance! Ambulance! Doctor! How is the patient? His molar is broken He’ll need a new one He can continue working after 15 days of rest Oh my god Now we’ll have to pack up for 15 days We could do other scenes, but he’s in all of them! We’re screwed! Stupid girl

I’m the one that got beat up Why are you crying? I’ve told you so many times not to get into this mess Today, you broke your teeth Tomorrow, your legs And then, you ribs I worry about you so much But, you hardly care about me Picture this If this movie makes me a star, the day I walk on the red carpet I’ll have my one hand holding yours and another waving at my fans You’re never gonna change What have you done, sir? Because of your small mistake, the movie’s budget has increased by 7 Lakhs We have to stop shooting for 15 days Do you even know this? Every technician has to be paid per day Do you think I did this on purpose? I was a bit unsatisfied So, I stood up If you had done your work right, this wouldn’t have happened Yeah, right! Don’t come to the set from now onwards Stay at home and drink whiskey We’ll complete the movie ourselves That’s not fair I’ve invested as much as 50 Lakhs And of course, I need to know how it’s going After all, I am the Producer Mister Producer You should’ve just sat and watched, but you caused a havoc out there Watch you mouth, Pappu Production I know everything I’ve made a movie before That’s why the movie was a flop, right? With this behavior, this movie is going to be a super flop Don’t say that. Come on I’ll go completely bankrupt if this movie doesn’t work out Okay. I’ll do as you say That’s more like it Now, go home and rest for 15 days Consider it a vacation -Alright, I’ll leave -Namaste! Oh my god Trouble, trouble everywhere! How are we ever gonna get this movie done? Look at the producer! He’s such an idiot Just don’t bother Remember the days when we had to struggle It was so hard to pay the bills Money was always the problem At least, he’s investing some money Remember the days when we had no one to invest Those days Sir. Please, take a look We, the young generation have been trying to make a movie about patriotism with new concepts And we hope you will help us out for this cause I had a dream of going to the moon But, I couldn’t Look. Here in Nepal, it’s not so easy to make a movie I’ve been in this business for 25 years And it’s still difficult to distribute and run a movie What experience do you guys have? You don’t have money, or a proper team You can do this instead Go after a fine director And after a few years, you can make a movie of your own And if that doesn’t work Try finding fools who’ll invest And I’ll help you with the rest Thank you, sir Okay Hello -I’m N.G. Pandey -Hello -Pappu. Pappu Production -Biplove See you around We’re fishes in the same pond Sorry It’s a pleasure I think you’ve got a bright future Then after That poser joined our team, didn’t he? And now, look at him We’ve made a hero out of him Cheers! Duplicate I can tell by the smell Hey, Focus! Why are you messing around? Get up! The producer’s gonna be here any minute now Come on! Get up! What is my dream? Stay as a production manager for the rest of my life? No My dream is to become a producer and sit on this chair someday You’re the director I’ll collect money from this movie and the next And I’ll make my own movie, and you’ll be the director! If he’s the director, then I’m obviously the lead actor, right? Oh. From tomorrow onwards, we’ll be free of half the tension Feels like we just started the shooting And it’s already finished That’s true. But what do we say to the producer? He bugs me too much! Don’t you worry about the producer! I know how to handle the producer How? Dibya doesn’t have a scene tomorrow So Dibya and the producer will go somewhere else He’s very fond of Dibya No way!

What if people sees us? Especially, the media personnel They’ll write all kinds of nasty stuffs How will the media know? No! I really don’t wanna go Okay. How about shopping? Get yourself some new clothes Namaste, sir. Namaste Namaste Naughty boy I was just checking the spring Please, have a seat The tea’s mine, sir I’ll get you another cup So, everything is good? Yes, sir By the way, Biplove Are you okay? I’m fine, sir The shooting’s almost over now, right? Yeah. You can say that I don’t have a single penny in my pockets Pappu Production! Give me Rs.10,000 right now We can balance it out later 10,000? Excuse me, sir Can you please sign this voucher? What the I have to sign on this to get my own money? Sir, it’s just a part of the system We have to abide by it, don’t we? The budget was 50 Lakhs It’ll soon reach to 75 Lakhs And he asks me for 10,000 He’s gonna loot me -Pappu! What are you thinking about? -Nothing, sir I was wondering if the money’s enough Hey, director! (Speaking Newari) Guru! I don’t understand Newari Speak in Nepali, please Oh yeah! You don’t understand Newari Not even a bit, right? It’s okay What I’m trying to ask you is Whether that mindless guy, producer will be coming to the set I can’t work with him fooling around in here I’ll go mad! Hey, Guru I’ve set things up so good The producer won’t show up and I guarantee you that Really? That’s Great! Cut! Cut! That was terrible! Why are you so worried? The director can handle the shooting You’re with your movie’s heroine Why don’t you chill a bit? Let me go and try this out Okay. Do it quick I wonder what’s happening at the set All because of Dibya I should really go and check Action! Stop Hey, guard! Open the gate You can’t go in, sir Hello! Pandey sir! I think Bishal sir left and he’s coming to the set Okay. No problem The shooting is over, so he won’t be much trouble Pack up! Pappu! Where are you? We’re wrapping up here And I can’t find you The producer’s money is finished If I’m seen out there, the technicians will cut me into pieces Get it? Oh! And I got rid of the other number, so don’t give this number to anyone, alright? Alright, alright So much tension! How dare he tried stop me! He didn’t know me well! What’s wrong? What’s this, director sir? They’re setting up the equipments just now Didn’t the shooting take place? Yes! This is why I should be here! This is what I don’t like about you guys! Sir! They’re not setting them up! They’re packing up The shooting is over And where were you all day? I umm I was a little busy with some household work You should’ve told me that today’s the last day of shooting I would’ve organized a special programme The gate keeper’s lying on the ground, unconscious What’s happened? He was trying to stop me So, I showed him who’s the boss And he just kind of fell Truth be told

The place is amazing Did producer sir bring us here to show us his land plots? It would be nice to relax in the evening, in the cool breeze and have a view of the city The lights of Kathmandu Yeah, right! All the money has gone into making the movie That reminds me, Pappu production I see flaws in your calculations On top of that, everything looks like it’s been doubled What are you saying, sir? You’re the one who asked us to give everyone juice instead of water And you asked us to feed everyone mutton instead of chicken You fed the actress lunch straight from KFC and Pizza Hut all the time Alright, make the final calculations Find out how much we owe to whom This movie’s gonna get me bankrupt! Sir, the amount due for equipments is 3 Lakhs The amount due for technical works totals to 4 Lakhs Dues for food, water and others is 1 Lakh The cost of the property was 1 Lakh 50 Thousand I had paid 10,000 before the last day So, 1 Lakh 40 Thousand is due And the cost for publicity will be at least 10 Lakhs Yeah, 10 Lakhs The estimation is 19-20 Lakhs So, you should manage 20 Lakhs, sir That’ll be enough Sir! Mr. Producer! What happened to you? -Hello, sir? -Where am I? We were doing the calculations, sir -Whose hand is this? -Oh! It’s mine What are you saying? Do the it again. This doesn’t look right Looks like we’ve lost 2 movies worth of money in one All the accounts are clear and correct, sir I even gave them to you yesterday I’ve checked twice, thrice already The first 50 Lakhs and 5 more later So, the total is 55 Lakhs I have the remaining amount too Here You said you would make the movie in 50 Lakhs I gave you the money I’ve spent my personal 5 Lakhs as well Hey, Mister Director! What have you done? Now where am I going to bring such a huge amount from? Bishal sir It’s because of you that Poser’s teeth broke, right? Then 15 days of our shooting was canceled But, we had to pay the technicians per day There were days when it rained and many things goes wrong And the number of days increase You know what that means! -You’re whining so much! -Keep quiet No, sir You have to get the money, anyhow Or else, the technicians will follow us home and create a big fuss They won’t let us live in peace No matter how much the editing is done They’ll stop the editing of the movie And the movie will be put away in a box Many movies haven’t been released because of such things! This shouldn’t happen to our movie So, you’re gonna have to get the money You should’ve informed me about this earlier Now where will I get such a huge sum from? Does it grow on trees that I can just pick it? Bishal sir It’s already night. Let’s go home Let the night fall I’m not going anywhere I have no other options I tried, but there is no way I can get the sum When others were in trouble, I helped them And now that I’m in trouble, no one’s there to help me Sir You have an option What option? Look We have a lot of problems In order to solve them, we must do at least something Let’s sell your car, for now Sell my car? Yes, sir I know a reconditioning center We’ll go there tomorrow The car will reel in at least 15-20 Lakhs Let’s clear the dues. Alright? Make the remaining stickers We’ll do some publicity. And then we’ll get some money from the distributors -Please, sir. You’ll have to manage it -Yeah, he’s right Why keep the car when there are so many problems? Why don’t you sell it? And when the movie does well Then You can buy a nice Toyota Fortuner I shouldn’t be selling the car I’m using But, if this solves my problems I’m ready But the film must make it to the charts! Sure, sir Prakash, let’s go

Why are you late? Work is such a weird thing It’s so hard to find and once it’s found, it’s so hard to do I know I’m a little late Please, don’t mind There was terrible traffic Well, no matter how good our movie is, it looks like Hindi movies are still the in thing So, it’s better not to have too much hope It’s very difficult. Very difficult This is our producer He’s the distributor I’m Panchan Supari Film distributor I’m DLT Domestic Local Tourist Native from the west They call me Bishal Rai It’s been 9 months since I returned from the US I’ve always been interested in making movies I’m working with these young folks to make a movie So, we need you to help us publicize this movie Okay. Okay You invested in Nepali cinema during such a crucial time For that, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude You do this Re-shoot your movie And include some older casts Then make a huge poster with Rajesh Hamal’s face on it And then we’ll approve your movie Sir Movies make it based on its contents, not on the casts Our audience doesn’t really understand the contents, sir Our audience responds to music La La La! Understood? And then… Pow! They respond to action And finally They respond to dialogues delivered in loud voices So, when new people start mocking movies They should be concentrating on these components Mr. Panchan Supari Those Hollywood and Bollywood movies have reached such a height And we’re still stuck with the old timers How will the film industry develop like this? Development of the film industry is hardly our concern It’s the government’s If the people who have the responsibility don’t really care Why should we stress over it? That’s not the case, sir If reputed people like you don’t push towards developing such new ideas and experiments Then, who will? You keep asking for the old stuffs There’s no respect for something new Okay fine, brother Pandey Where’s your movie? I should at least take a look at it The movie is in the studio for a final touch For now, we’re showing the distributors the rough movie for an advance payment Let’s not talk about advance right away So, you should first finish your movie, we’ll watch it, and then we’ll talk Okay, bye I’m busy. I don’t have time What an asshole! I’m the one who invested so much And he’s the one talking big! So, who’s the star cast in your movie? We don’t have any star cast Everyone’s new But the work they’ve done is impeccable Your movie has neither a nice banner, nor a star cast Not even a spicy number What have you actually got in it? Be honest with me. Come on, tell me Entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment No! Rajesh Hamal, Biraj Bhatta, and Nikhil Uprety! I’ve been in this business for twenty years, I’ve grown old with this industry Just by making and distributing movies See I can tell if your movie’s gonna be a hit just by looking at your face So, I looked at your faces and I sense this movie will not make it At least have some respect for other people’s work If you can’t do that, don’t embarrass as well I don’t like discussing things and being pressurized It’s my own wish And it obviously isn’t compulsory that I have to buy your movie Just leave We’ll talk later Please, leave I’m sick and tired! How would I know such things? If the movie needed a star cast, you should’ve included some You told me to invest money, and I did You guys are getting me bankrupt, aren’t you? What are you guys trying to do? Don’t say stuffs like that, sir Look at the quality of the movie Have we compromised with anything?

From the script writing to location hunting Property, mixing, everything is in top notch You don’t worry, have faith and remember- our movie is a blast! That’s okay But you’re very over confident How can we do well with this Poser as the lead actor? We should’ve included at least one star cast? Do you know the value of a well known face? You think our movie is gonna make it with this face? You think people are gonna pay to watch this guy? I don’t wanna even look at him! I feel like beating him up Exactly Stop acting smart, you guys! You wanted to be more like Bansali And you? A line producer! You dreamt of becoming a producer! Your dreams were too small And you, the director Aren’t you supposed to guide me? I’m just an actor I did everything you told me to -What’s my fault? Hey, poser! Stop blabbering! This isn’t the time to fight! It’s time to think Think of something! Bastard You people keep thinking! I’m leaving! Sir! Where are you going? To commit suicide Looks like he’s really gonna kill himself If he does, we’re screwed! He won’t. Relax. He’s the son of a Rai He can’t die that easy He’s only trying to threaten us We can’t push him into such a mess, guys Plus, he had faith in us and invested We should get his hopes up Yes To be honest, Bishal sir came to us as our guardian angel But what more can we do in a time like this? We put in so much effort into making this movie But, I’d never thought this day would come We have to save this producer, anyhow A producer is like the mother of a movie who brings everything they’ve earned all their lives and invests it in a movie Every worker From spot boy to the theater’s usher From cameraman to the superstar All of them can earn their livelihood, thanks to the producer We musn’t forget this, man Hey, wake up! Poser, get up! -What happened? -The producer killed himself! Come on. Hurry up! This is it! Whoa! Fucking idiots! You won’t even let me sleep with my wife in peace This is what I don’t like about you guys! Are you crazy? -Didn’t you say he was dead? -It was just a dream I’m still alive! Boys! I’ve already spent 50-60 Lakhs because you guys told me to do so I even sold my car Also, I took a loan from the bank My house is the collateral And they’re asking me 7 Lakhs more Where do I get the money from? There’s no more option No more And top of that My wife keeps shouting at me She keeps telling me she’ll go her mother’s What do I do? What do I do? Sir, the shooting is already over Now it’s only the publicity and technician’s payment that’s due If we do that, we’ll at least get some cash from charity shows We have to come up with a solution Hey, Producer! You’ll make us work and not give us our money? It’s been 3 months and we haven’t got a single rupee Do I have to bring in some force at your house? If I call your landline, you don’t answer And you mobile’s switched off If this goes on, Mr. Producer I’ll shave your head and make a rope out of your hair And use that rope to pull a dead buffalo and throw it off a cliff And bury it and plant oranges in the same burial spot Then after five years, I’ll eat the oranges Hey! Stop blabbering around! You’re trying to cheat us? And exploit us? You’re trying to exploit us by making us work hard? Don’t you feel shame? Let’s see how you’ll exploit us! We have contacts with some police inspectors Not only that One of my cousins is a ward chairman I’ll contact him as well Hey, Kick them out Say something! You were talking big before

Kick them out Hey you guys! Are you guys drunk or what? Pappu! take them away -Who am I? -Production Then who’ll do the talk? Come on Hey, get out Come on. I’ll do the talking Where did they come from? Hello? You can’t do that, sir The promo and the song should be public I’ll definitely send you your money tomorrow What are you talking about? Of course it’ll be released Sir, I’ve fixed everything Why don’t you relax a bit? I can handle small problems like this And I also have a solution to our problems What is it? Tell me Set me free from all these problems Don’t bother me anymore This is what I don’t like about you I’ll tell you something you’ll like A little closer, sir What about your wife’s gold? Bastard! You’ve already ripped me apart Now, you’ve laid your eyes on my wife’s gold too? This eye is done for! Sir, you’re poking my eyes This is a fake gun from the set Where’s the real gun? Where’s the real pistol? I’m going to kill all of you and then I’ll kill myself too -I’ll kill you all -Bishal sir! Cool down! This is not the time to panic This is the time to take careful steps If we fight amongst each other like this, how will the problem be solved? It’ll get worse Pappu is right You’ve invested 50-60 Lakhs If you can get it back by investing a little of your wife’s gold, then why not? Let me make this clear- Our movie will be a super hit If all the money comes back to us, everyone of us will be filthy rich! Then you can buy your wife even more gold Okay, fine But if this time If you try to cheat me Deceive me It doesn’t work out Remember this I will not let you go I’ll kill you one by one And then I’ll kill myself as well He’s not answering the phone and he’s not home either I really need to talk to Biplove My parents are talking about my marriage with some other guy Where did they go then? Hey, Kaliya! How many people were there? They’re three and I’m one? And yet you cheat me You will pay for this. Oh, yes you will! Pandey! I told you last time If I go bankrupt, I’ll drag you down with me This is all because of you The movie that you guys made was neither approved by the distributors and hall owners nor was it approved by the charity All you did was fool me, deceived me and ruin my life I won’t let you live I’ll kill each one of you turn by turn And I’ll kill myself as well Sir! You want to kill us? Then kill us! Kill us all!

But know this! This is not our fault This was all destiny Didn’t we try hard? If destiny was not in our favor, what could we have done? Listen, guys This problem arose because of us, and we have to solve it This has nothing to do with the producer We’re stuck in a quicksand here This movie disease can only be cured by a movie There’s no other option By a movie? How? Hey, people already know bout our movie, don’t they? It’s just not getting featured in any theater All I know is, if our movie makes it to the theater it will be a blast! That’s right But how are we going to do that? I have an idea So, what were you doing all this time? We need money for this too We need at least 5 Lakhs Money! Money! Money! Look what money has done to him! If anyone ever talks about money again, I do not know what’ll happen to you guys So much tension! What do we do now, Pandey? Think of something! Listen, guys. We’re gonna have to release the movie ourselves We will rent the most happening cinema halls for a charity show for 5 days And screen our movie there Then we call all the press and media, and create a positive vibe! Then, our movie will reach the sky! Oh god! Oh god! This is what we call an unintelligent thinking during the time of destruction Where is the money for renting a theater? So, now what? We don’t have any solution? We’re gonna run away from our troubles? Remember this, boys! There is always hope and I’m going to keep trying until I die Pandey has never given up, and he never will What did you say? Besides giving up, what else can we do? Take poison and die? What are you saying? This really isn’t the time to put the blame on each other Hey! When we didn’t have work, we used to think before doing anything Now that we have a movie, we are fighting What we should do next is find some money and screen our movie Now, this Poser is going to get the money Where am I gonna get so much money? You could solve this problem if you really wanted to Talk to Arya Her dad can lend you any amount Yes Pandey is right What is true love, if it isn’t for situations like this? But think of this You can also figure out if Arya’s love for you is true What are you saying? You think I love Arya for the sake of money? I truly love her And I can’t exploit her love for me -I can’t do this -What else can you do? A friend in need is a friend indeed We always have friends when we’re happy That’s not it You’d have understood me if you’d ever loved somebody All you do is make fun of my one true love Brother Gautam How much money do you need? Is it 5 Lakhs that you guys need?

After 15 years of running the shop, I’ve managed to save that much amount You can have it Use that amount to finish your work No, uncle Don’t do it If we can’t return your money, you’ll regret your whole life I have complete faith in you You guys have done well God is always with you I’m sure you all will be successful Have you gone nuts? Do you even hear yourself? Just think If my organization finds out about this, think of what will happen to me Don’t talk rubbish My business will collapse I have a good reputation, guys What crap! Come on, sir First, you don’t let us make a movie And now you won’t let us screen it You’re gonna have to help us out, sir We’ll keep this a secret No one will know about this You won’t have to worry about anything else We’ll handle everything, sir Hey! You brought money? Now you’re real businessmen I’m 100% sure You should have told me this before You guys are so dumb! Now you guys have nothing to worry about I’ll give you more than just one theater I have control over almost every theaters I’ll do the needful But, be careful Be careful. I have a good reputation If anyone finds out about this, I’ll have a bad reputation You don’t have to worry No one will know about this Okay. That’s great Thank you Thank you You should’ve told me before Hello! Publicity is at its peak Our movie is being released in three different halls, simultaneously Listen, boys This is when we need to utilize the power of the media Understood? Sir. Don’t you worry Your movie disease will now be cured Yes? It’ll be screened in three halls from tomorrow Yes We, ourselves are the distributors And it’s a charity show too for Children Health Foundation Then, it’s set to release throughout Nepal I’m longing for your support Hey! -Look at the TV -What is it? Because of the rise in the price of petrol Some student organization has called in a Nepal Bandh tomorrow People from different sectors of business are against the Nepal Bandh Oh my god! What the hell! Crap! This country is cursed! We’ll achieve nothing in in this country There are always Bandhs and strikes Shitty politics! Don’t worry, boys It’s only a matter of one day We’ve got the remaining 4 days We’ll achieve something in those 4 days How can we benefit with only 5 audiences? It’s over. Our movie didn’t make it This Nepal Bandh got us pretty bad We’ve only got one day What do we do in just one day? Sir?

What have you done to yourself? You look like a fallen hero At least zip it up And put on these buttons Shit! What is up with our luck? Nothing works! Destiny is just not in our favor, boys 50 Lakhs 55 Lakhs No. 60 Lakhs No. 70 Lakhs 70 Lakhs Sir. There’s no need to panic Quite frankly, We’re gonna achieve nothing in this country People here don’t appreciate our hard works and effort We’ll never find the solution And no one will ever let us work here Instead, the problems will pile up That is why we should leave Kathmandu tomorrow And then we’ll go to Mumbai But, we’ll go our own separate ways And we’ll meet up there We’ll send our first paycheck to Gautama Uncle Then we’ll support Bishal sir You and your destructive thinking! You guys go ahead. I’m not leaving And I can’t betray Arya Okay! Don’t leave. You stay right here But only if you can handle the situation here Because they will come after you, and they won’t leave you alone What is he saying? What do we do? I’ll get into serious trouble What else can we do? We’ll do what he says! My brain isn’t working anymore Then go to my friend’s travel agency Get a flight ticket to Mumbai for Bishal sir And bus tickets to the border for us Biplove! My name is Alan Singh Nepali I’m a Nepalese Russian Hand me the documents that you were gonna give the Interpol

And take away your mother and your sister Mother? Sister? Son! Mr. Alan! You have no right to do any sort of illegal works in my nation And I will not let you succeed! You are wrong I’ve never lost any games in my life I’ll give you a million dollars Give me the documents Never! You can never buy me! Son! Brother! Don’t act out of spite, use your brains Today, your country is in my hands Your politicians are sucking up to me for money and power I want to stay in the highest region of your country So I can control all the satellites signals around the world I will have this world in my hands If I want to Within a minute I can destroy your Mt. Everest, Lumbini and Pashupatinath I can change your country’s flag I can erase your country’s map You dare talk about my country? I’m a Gorkhali! I’m the son of Mother Nepal I will never let you succeed! Let him go! Let go of my mother! Let go of me! Sick dogs like you are a burden to this world So, you’ll destroy my Sagarmatha, Lumbini and Pashupatinath?

You’ll erase my country’s map? You’ll change my country’s flag? I’m a Gorkhali! Whoever lay their eyes on my Mother Nepal, this is what they’ll have to face I liked it very much Superb! I enjoyed it very much We need more movies like this The movie was very good. I liked it Film ‘Rastrasewak’ has succeeded on the 5th day of its release The number of audiences for this movie has not only amazed the film industry But, it also rescued the drowning Nepali film industry The movie shows nationality and patriotism So, due to the increasing demands, the movie will be screened all over Nepal Film ‘Rastrasewak’ is produced by Bishal Bikram Rai And is directed by N.G. Pandey Driver, turn the car around Stop the bus. We’re not going to Mumbai What did Gautam uncle tell you? You guys finally succeeded That’s right Mister Director. You sent us away but you were here all the time It’s a surprise I didn’t give up. I tried until the end After I sent you away, I want to the theater I met the manager and told him about my plan I begged. I cried. I did everything I could And I set up everything I put up a ‘House Full’ sign without letting anyone in And then I asked my friends to send in some boys My boys are too busy You know the country’s situation I can send in 200 of them Then I called in the police And the journalists too

There was a huge crowd and the police began charging at them I reported the news to the media Work hard with dedication Don’t always depend on luck You guys are witnessing the result of hard work Our movie has reached the sky There are offers from different countries to screen our movie Our movie has been nominated in every sections in every awards Alright, guys Let’s celebrate US? It’s been finalized. We’ve received the money Australia? Done Dubai? The film was screened for 2 weeks Which country’s left? What about Bangladesh?