PS5 (2020) – Revealed in Sony Patent!

[Applause] the playstation 5 is something that I’m extremely looking forward to I’ve always been a PlayStation guy myself and the ps4 Pro is good but the next generation of consoles will be a world apart from what we have now so welcome to our leek server series the longest running series on the channel by the way six years and still going strong so we’ve already done a few episodes on the PS 5 before so make sure you watch those videos first for the full specs and performance and everything in terms of those but in this one I’m just going to talk about the design and some exclusive features so yeah here are all the latest excel rumors on the PS 5 including or own PS 5 concept based on the actual PS 5 patterns so yeah grab some snacks and drinks and let’s have a look access any restricted websites such as for example Netflix us from outside us and make your connection private and secure by using privates in our taxes check it out using the link below okay so in late August 2019 well spotted a Sony patents on a feature PlayStation design and this shows an absolutely insane looking unit so not only does this pattern show an extremely big and thick units but it also seems to have a ton of cooling and this thing looks so so futuristic we have this big a shaped indentation here in the middle which is full of spaces for the air to flow we don’t have some gigantic fan exhausts on the sides some more fan exhausts on the back and the bottom on the side panels this thing is built like it’s going to have a jet engine inside and maybe that’s because it’s will well not literally but it will be really really powerful but ok how legit is this patent really well it’s a genuine patent filed by Sony on a 13th of August now there are a few people saying that it’s just a patent for the novel and kids of the PS 5 and other final units but then Sony and almost everyone else they never really do that like why would a company file a patent on something that won’t even be the final version and something that would never really see the light of the day outside of the development studios and here’s something really interesting so if we take a look at the Sony ps4 Pro patents the filing looks almost identical to this PS 5 filing so we do have a different designer buddy both seem to have Japanese names so you know very likely people from the Sony HQ in Japan they both have the same registration code office BR so yeah DC applications look extremely similar in terms of well everything oh and guess what the ps4 Pro design that we’ve seen in the patents is exactly the same design that we’ve seen in the final version and this is why I believe that a ps5 will look ID are identical to the patent filing or extremely extremely similar oh and here’s another thing that’s worth pointing out so you know that a shaped vents in the middle of the PS 5 well that’s actually an upside-down V and V is by doing the Roman numeral four five and yes I know that this is a bit of a long stretch but it could also be one of the reasons why Sony decided to go with this unusual design and then even if you take a look at the side vents they also look like these so yeah this could be a reason behind Sony’s weird ps5 paedon design now another reason for his design is like I said before for cooling so the way the cooling seems to work on the ps5 at least from this patent is that a ps5 sucks air from that middle section that v which looks to be a gigantic air intake so yeah airflow shouldn’t be a problem and then it blows all that air out from the sides and yeah it actually makes more sense to have the cooling on the front by the way now that I think about it since on the back this that’s usually where all the ports are and all the cables connecting your TV to the ps5 and the consoles usually end up being very very close to the wall which means that airflow is usually heavily restricted on all the consul’s the front however that’s the only side that’s you know empty doesn’t have anything in front of it usually so yeah it’s free to breathe so it makes a lot of sense for defense to be placed on the front and the sides rather than on the back we still have some vents on the back but nothing compared to what we have on the front and besides speaking on the front here we have what seems to be the blu-ray drive we have five LED indicators and also five USB type eight ports as well as what a weird connector which could be for the PS VR and then we have the circular module which we didn’t really know what it was at first we actually removed it from our concept but we’ve actually had a recent report by agus moto that claims that a PS 5 will actually come with an actual camera yes a 4k camera for live-streaming built right into the console itself and apparently the Xbox to the next generation and Xbox project Scarlets will also have something similar as well so I think that this is a really good idea overall the only problem is you know the angle see I’m just hoping that

they would add some sort of you know a really wide angle lens and then you can crop in on yourself or maybe even a pivot or something that he can move the camera or maybe you’ll probably do this in software but you know something to adjust that camera or then you know just a fixed module because that would be an issue for a lot of people now we’ve actually modeled our very own concept based on this patterns and we even made some very small design improvements which I think make it look even better than the actual patent let us know in the comments yes essentially what we did is that we removed that we are psvr connector and also that camera circle in favor of just 5 USB type 8 ports which are now perfectly aligned with a blu-ray slot which on the patents interesting enough they they were not we then made the whole console thinner now it’s still thicker and overall order than a ps4 Pro is however it’s a much more slimmed down and also a sleeker version of the patent that so he has now we also kept the big v-shaped intake that Sony had on their patents but we redesigned the cooling on the sides so instead of just having the fan I’ll take we added a water cooling system that goes from both sides and then loops on the inside could be in both the CPU and the GPU at the same time now Sony will very likely add some blue LED lights to the intake and the I’ll take cutouts so we added some lights as well now in our case we actually made the water cooling tubes glow and blue and this is something that’s quite easily doable by Sony by the way and I think it looks nice I think it looks really really good now realistically guys I don’t see Sony using a water cooling system unfortunately such as ours and our concept just because you’ll have to refill the water every now and then now if they did do it properly you might not have to you at least not at often but from a functionality standpoint this would actually work the CPU and the GPU could be located right in the middle and in that case they would be cooled by both the water cooling system ends the fan in taken out take on the back we kept the same ports as on the pattern so for more outtake cut outs two more USB type a ports the poor connector an Ethernet port as well as an optical audio connector which could again be replaced by a PS VR or an external camera connector you know on the patent you can’t really tell what kind of port that is so yeah it could be replaced in case Sony does decide on not including an optical connector and then finally on the bottom we have the rubber feeds which basically point towards the PS 5 being just an horizonte mounted console so especially considering the air outtakes on the sides don’t expect a mold is vertically unless Sony releases some first party stand specifically designed for it is okay now remember that Gizmodo report that I mentioned before well that one is actually pretty huge apparently a credible source has sent some photos to Gizmodo two photos before the PS 5 patent even got leaked and both photos actually matched up with a patent perfectly so yeah from the looks of it this is the PlayStation 5 also the code name for it seems to be Prospero and according to gizmo does report Prospero is actually the name of the main character and William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and you’ll see why that matters in a second it matters because apparently that play Prospero is a wizard that supported by other characters like Ariel and goons and those two characters Ariel and Gonzalo are fun fact the actual code names for AMD’s next-generation CPU and GPU for the consoles also according to use models report the reason why the PS 5 won’t arrive until late 2020 is actually because of ray-tracing support so we know that both consoles the PS 5 NEX box t will support ray-tracing which is awesome really awesome however it’s just not ready ads on AMD’s part 4 that may be or not be architecture ok now here’s something really awesome that I personally found so the PS 5 will indeed support 4k resolutions at 60 frames per second and even 120 as well as 8k resolutions as well now this is not just me saying this or even saying this based on leaks this has been officially confirmed by Sony so this is 100% coming 8k and 4k 60 and 120 which is awesome that’s insane actually even you know more than awesome now back in November 2018 Sony actually had a private event in Tokyo where they showed some a.k TVs and on those ATVs we had Gran Turismo running in full HK at 120 frames per second that’s Jesus that’s insane guys 8k at 120 that’s insane and what’s even more insane is the fact that Gran Turismo is actually a PlayStation exclusive game like you cannot play this on an Xbox or a PC you need to have a Playstation order to play that game and I really don’t see Sony porting that game to the PC just for a demo that I’ve only showed you a few handful people at a private event so I strongly believe that 8k 120 frames per seconds that footage was actually coming from a PS 5 ok now back in September and this is where I’ll mentioned that specific thing that I found so I’ve had a chance to go to IFA in Berlin which was an awesome follow instrument that for some Berlin photos not really Jews only a few of them and I might post some more but anyways so I went to Sony’s booth and there they actually had some Sony 8k TVs and can you guess what one of those TVs actually was this playing yes I’ve seen it with my own eyes gran turismo running in full aid camp seen that in person so what are my thoughts on what could be the first PS 5 footage well to be honest it looked extremely extremely sharp like I could get so close to a TV and

literally see the smallest details it was it was incredible like you know those vector images where it keeps them again and the image still remains crystal clear however the graphics weren’t grades so they look like a ps3 game which does make a lot of sense actually so Sony did say that PS 5 will support 4k 60 and 40 120 but the thing is they haven’t really said anything about the refresh rates for 8k resolutions so for movies I’m assuming that a que 120 Hertz will be supported but for games I mean there’s not even a single graphics card on the market a PC graphics card that can do even 8k 30 frames per second on the highest settings not even to mention 8k and 120 Hertz so the graphics would need to be turned down quite significantly reason why they look like a ps3 game on you know this potential PS 5 a good example of this by the way would be why PAL to remaster for the ps4 Pro if you know that game it’s a really awesome game that’s a ps3 game which got remaster for the ps4 Pro and ps4 and it actually runs in native 4k 60 on the ps4 Pro however the graphics really look like a ps3 gamer then you know the more modern graphics that we have with a ps4 on a PS 5 however I really don’t see grunt restore running at 8k 120 with those low graphics and settings I actually do believe that most games if not all games will be kept at 4k 60 or 4k 120 in some rare cases and then dynamically upscaled to 8k just like you know the ps4 Pro already does with most games so most games on the ps4 Pro they run in 1440p and then they get dynamically up scales using checkerboard and rendering to 4k now here’s something also quite interesting so we even had a PS 5 controller leaked a while ago now this is something that I’ve actually talked about before in the previous video but I want to address it again in this one and just a tiny bit because there’s a few things I want to mention and the main reason for this being the PS 5 development kit so if you take a look at this photo right behind the the controller we have a development kit for the PS 5 which actually looks way WAY difference to that PS 5 patterns that got filed for recently these are thick units that look like a PC case and these are something that Sony and Microsoft do indeed sent to developers so that they can work on their games but they never send the final units before the consoles get officially announced and released and here’s a fun one here’s a first look at the ps4 development kits for when you know the ps4 got released back in 2013 so as you can see this was a very fatty unit similar to that PS 5 development kit that we’ve seen and yeah didn’t resemble anything when compared to the final release units instead the one that the final unit end up looking like was actually this patent also if we take a look at a ps4 at the moment could controller it doesn’t look very similar to the PS 5 one as in it was very very thick it was chunky was bulky and probably quite uncomfortable as well but it did have all the main features and you know the main looks of the final version of the ps4 controller that we ended up getting for example it had the light bar it had a touch pad in the middle and like I said before the general look that a ps4 controller that we got and then taking a closer look at a ps5 controller we can see that a touch bar is now a full touch screen that can display a few social elements such as the ability to chat with that display which is which is amazing like typing what the controller is a nightmare and a lot of the times even using your smart phone is slow because you actually open up the app and connected to the ps4 and you’re having a touch keyboard on the actual controller is huge that’s awesome aside from this the d-pad seems to have been redesigned we also have two speaker grilles on each side of the display and the share and the option buttons have been inverted so that there are as on to lower than you know vertical like we had before my only concern with this controller is the battery life you see if you add a display to your controller which normally lasts you for like what five to six hours on the ps4 at least you would severely impact the battery life but yeah I mean aren’t that the PS 5 is looking like a beast of a console and I’m really really really looking forward to it so yeah let me overcome so do you guys think about a PS 5 the controller the touch display on a controller and everything that I’ve talked about in this video check out the previous ones you can learn more about the specs and all that and everything subscribe unifications you got to see more detailed tech videos like this one hopefully was and more like summers episodes like this one was and also you can check out our websites after that comes such articles in which we now post articles written articles of videos such as this one and some you know cool other stuff as well so definitely check it out and yeah let us know in the comments what you guys think about everything the videos and the websites it necessary provide you think of watching I’m Daniel and I’ll see you guys in the next one it’s an effect tiny now it’s Jacek