How My 6yr Old Tamed This Quaker Parrot (Without Me Knowing!)

so the cool thing about not introducing them to a cage or an aviary right away is that they are learning to fly a little bit around the house I didn’t realize left he couldn’t fly I thought that left he was fully flighted but he’s definitely not [Applause] he flies down to Shay who’s incredibly clipped is flying way better than lefties doing circles and everything it’s pretty impressive so I’m teaching them to get their food and water on these various stands of a few others around here as well and they’re learning to fly around well the cool thing is is though even though we don’t have much of a relationship yet because this is only day two when they fly around and land on the floor or land somewhere that they don’t want to be they easily step up to us and we can hang out with them and transport them back to where they actually want to be and so it’s it’s allowing us to associate ourselves positively for these guys which is really really cool and I’m really happy about it and it’s doing it for all of us so not only just me but Capri and Dave we’re all able to kind of do that with them and take them around and and help them from places that they don’t necessarily want to be since they don’t have the full ability to fly up right now so a lot of times they end up down on the ground or on the furniture and we can go over there after a little bit and pick them up and take them back to where they want to be so why the heck do I teach a bird to touch the end of list ik first thing I teach targeting or touch training to form a way of a language between me and the bird it’s a very non-invasive training technique because I’m not using my hands I’m not coming into the birds bubble in a way that would scare it and so I love targeting because it’s a hands-off approach that everybody can use yeah I think he really wants your food are you going by again so I’m just doing with lefty I’m just clicking and rewarding for not backing away from it being okay with it really really close because he’s not quite there yet you good Oh awesome so I hold the tree close to the stick that time and he did touch the stick knowledge eight good good right let’s try some treats okay as most of you know who have followed me for a while I find it particularly important to be weighing your bird daily especially when you first bring home a brand-new bird I went through about a 12 hour road trip with these guys and they were getting treats from my daughter they were drinking water but sometimes that kind of travel and that kind of stress can lead them to different sort

of eating habits they might stop eating usually bringing a bird home on day one it’s great way to introduce a new healthy food which is what I did but I like to track weight so that I can make sure to avoid any illnesses and spot them quickly okay to get you some nuts as you guys probably noticed and if you remember from day one lefty does not appreciate seeds as a tree he actually prefers nuts and I kept forgetting because to shave for seeds so my brain just my brain thank you hey guys so I know that you’re super excited to get this update on lefty now what I expected based on what I had been told about lefty how aggressive he was how he was uninterested in interacting with people as a whole I was expecting this aggressive bird to either stay in the travel carrier day one and refused to come out without lunging or a bird that would come rushing out and be ready to bite me and I didn’t get either of those responses and honestly ever since lefty has been here he’s been not aggressive it actually spooked me a little bit because I thought maybe he’s sick maybe he’s not feeling well maybe something’s wrong I’m not gonna lie I panicked about his life span a little bit because I started thinking like how long do Quakers usually live in captivity and as pets and I looked it up in the first thing that came up was like 15 to 20 years and Lefty of 16 so I was like oh my gosh and I panicked and then of course I was weighing him every single day and in doing that whole thing and he was just so cooperative he’s so tolerant and although with me he definitely does like his little bit of I would almost call it hissing it’s not quite like a cockatiel hiss but it’s like a like an an exertion of air that’s like telling you it’s kind of a warning to back off get away from me and so I was trying my best to just completely respect him and go at his pace and obviously I haven’t been feeling great I haven’t been feeling 100% which makes me feel like I’m probably giving about 50% every day I feel like only last about half a day before I started searching really wearing me down and because I wasn’t able to be as interactive as I usually like to be with brand-new Birds Capri my daughter was actually picking up the slack for me and spending a lot of time with them and she wanted to give them water she wanted to give them food and she wanted to make sure they have everything they need and the sands are in the right places for them anytime they were flying or going off somewhere or getting scared by something and ending up somewhere in the house she was the first one there to pick them up and help them and literally I don’t know what she did you guys I almost feel like lefty picked her uh in a sense and for those of you that have ever been picked by a bird you know what I’m talking about this bird I don’t know what happened one day she’s like hey mom look and I came over and she was on the couch sitting with lefty in her lap kind of like up here though a little bit but she was hunched or slouched a little bit so she was like super comfy on the couch and she was petting him and I was just like what uh why did you do what happened ever since that moment Capri is pretty much deemed lefty as her bird as the cuddliest sweetest bird I literally thought I was going to be doing a youtube series that would help so many people with aggressive territorial quakers because that’s what I hear about them and Here I am and I have this bird that is so sweet none of us have been bit by him and Capri has taken him outside to the batting net because we thought oh what a great way to spend time with him outside I originally wanted to net in my porch but I started the process got overwhelmed within about 0.5 seconds realized it wasn’t going to work started looking up aviaries realized I have a bunch of aviaries why do I need to spend money on one that can go on the porch I

even have an extra cage right now in my garage that I could disassemble and reassemble on porch which I’m sure my husband is dying to do and honestly what ended up happening is I thought he left he reacted and responded so well in the batting cage he seemed so happy to be outside in the sunshine and his feathers looked so much better I don’t know if you guys can tell but he looks gloomy and bland and like shady kind of in indoors his feathering especially like the stuff right on the back of his neck kind of where it goes from his neck to his back it just doesn’t look ideal I want his feathers to just shine and be bright with color and be more vibrant and and he’s very receptive to bathing but I’ve been thinking like I think he means sunlight like sunlight needs to work its magic on this birds plumage so that in a healthier diet I think is amazing which is the stuff that I do from day one so I made the natural feeding system with lefty and Touche around so they could taste test everything and take part the cool thing about the natural feeding system that’s like a pro and a con it’s awesome because it takes a while so you have a lot of time to incorporate your bird into making it and when a bird thinks they’re not supposed to get into something they usually really like getting into it and so making this with your bird is kind of fun because they’ll take part and sometimes they tend to slow you down but lefty and Touche were really cool about it and did a lot of taste testing and really got in on it and lefty especially and it really made me super happy so they got to be a part of that process I made the natural feeding system for them this is like the breakfast meal and then pellets are the rest of the day because lefty and Touche are really small and they’re only around a hundred grams each I free feed them so I give them the natural feeding system but then I also give them pellets a while later and they have pellets the rest of the day this is just to make sure that the transition was okay they are eating the pellets fantastically but their whole diet was completely changed into a very healthy one so the rescue had been mixing whatever pellet they were on with my organic pellets and said that they had been starting to eat them but they weren’t 100% transitioned over until they got here so just during a transition I highly recommend you weigh your bird to make sure it’s not losing weight to make sure your birds not just be like no I’m not gonna eat that I’d rather die just be really careful because some birds will will get extremely picky while others will just take to it really easily I haven’t had problems before but I still get paranoid about it for whatever reason especially with a like a lighter smaller bird so yeah making the natural feeding system with them was super fun taking lefty into the batting cage was a game changer for me it just let me know that he’s more relaxed not that he wasn’t a little bit flighty and a little bit nervous every every now and then but he’s way more relaxed outside than to I decided that I actually wanted to leave and go somewhere now I realized that keeping bird’s cage list isn’t really possible for a lot of people for a lot of reasons you know just the fact that people prefer to cook people prefer to leave the house I was able to test this theory and leave them cageless for about the first week because of my patrons because they made it possible for me to devote 100% into my project birds so I got to stay home with them I got to make sure that somebody was always home to make sure that you know they were always safe and nothing was the matter and it worked really great and I’m really glad that I did it I’ve never done it before I can’t really explain why I chose to do it this time it was more so out of the whole thing of people saying that these types of species of birds as far as the Indian ringneck and the Quaker parent are territorial of their cages and I didn’t want to have to deal with that immediately I wanted to avoid that at all costs I think aviaries do a great job voiding cage territorialism because you literally are walking them into an aviary it’s a lot different than the facts of you can’t fit in their cage um when you actually walk in and you’re in their space quite constantly it really changes up also for our birds for those of you unaware we rotate them so there’s no jinxes aviary or Rocco’s aviary it’s everybody’s aviaries so they switch all the time I just move them around the only thing that stays consistent is Jenks has to have a lock on his which

you’ll find out why when you see his reaction video to see Morgan again so if you weren’t already aware of jinxes shenanigans so yeah I’m really I’m really happy with the progress I don’t feel rushed any longer I’m really taking my time and I’m relaxing through the whole process I felt very guilty for feeling sick and off my game and not giving enough and I’m realizing that what we have to give in the moment that we give it is enough and that’s just the process that it’s going to be and maybe that relates to people that so that maybe get a bird when they’re not feeling great or when their schedule is different or whatever hopefully people can relate to that I’m super pleased that my daughter is playing such a huge role in this she is very hands-on with both birds and I do reel her in every now and then I say have you given him a break have you made sure they’ve been able to be on the stand and have food and water in a while how long you been hanging out with him watching a movie or whatever is she’s doing so there is a little reeling in but honestly I’m really happy to see how well she’s doing with these birds and I feel like they’re teaching her in a way just as much as she’s teaching them but I’m really letting them set the boundaries for her you know if she goes too far she understands that if she pushes a bird to the point where it has to do what she wants it to do versus what it wants to do most likely gonna get bit which is what has taught her respect in the past for birds she understands that there’s a consequence to forcing an animal which I love that she understands the consequence because the consequence sucks nobody wants to get bit it hurts especially kids you know that’s how they develop fear from a lot of animals is getting bit or getting hurt by an animal but in this circumstance she knows she’s been bit by our birds for pushing too much and pushing what she wants on them and so I feel like she has a very healthy respect for these birds and and isn’t overdoing it but she’s definitely pushing their limitations as far as their she’s pushing them just outside their comfort zone and then they’re adapting to that and it’s a really good healthy progression I’m super proud and super proud of her it’s been so cool to see I honestly I feel like Capri deserves all the credit for lefty she’s she’s doing everything with him he is clearly her bird it’s adorable my goal with him is to make sure that he’s just eating and continuing to eat the healthiest foods that he is getting lots of outdoor time from this point forward now that I know it doesn’t overwhelm him and that he enjoys it that he’s getting daily baths and I just want to see his plumage and the difference I need to make sure it takes him before and after photos but I feel like the transformation in his health is gonna be the biggest thing and then I think we’ll also see a personality difference because he’ll be feeling better and acting better in that in that respect so this this journey is going to be a lot more relaxed on the training side of things a lot of the time I start kind of trick training right away and in doing that whole thing but honestly I feel like these two birds just need more socialization more interaction more stimulation and to focus more on the health side of things versus forming a super strong bond I think that’s just going happen from offering them these amazing environments I guess that’s gonna be totally new to them so I’m really really excited and I can’t wait to introduce them to new people and I can’t wait for the quarantine time to be over in 30 days because you know originally I had planned on waiting that 30 days having him cageless for 30 days oh my lord and and then transitioning them into the garage aviaries which the garage door is wide open so it’s kind of like outdoor aviaries but a lot more protected because it’s three-quarters enclosed and I thought that would be a great transition before going outside but honestly they skipped a bunch of the middle stuff and they’re just outside and they’re loving it and I’m I couldn’t be happier so I’m really excited to share more progress with you guys I just want you guys to be aware that I’m taking this one a little bit slow I’m just kind of taking it by what it seems and and that’s a pretty chill pace so so yeah we’re getting there but where we’re going at their pace and its really cool so if there’s anything that you guys feel that I should be doing or want to know if I have plans to do or concerns

you have with these types of species any questions I would love to see them and read them in the comments so I know what kind of stuff I can do with these birds to help dispel any myths about these sort of certain types of species and how to work through certain behavioral things because I realized the cageless lifestyle isn’t for everyone I do know people that do it like normal as a normal thing and I’m having fun with it I’m not gonna lie I’m having a lot of fun with it but I think it’ll be a game-changer when these two birds are fully flighted capable confident birds right now they lack quite a bit of confidence and so they aren’t just like going around the house like crazy it doesn’t look like that they’re pretty chill birds they definitely come and join me in certain and joins certain people in certain rooms and want to hang out but it’s not like you’re constantly going and retrieving birds by any means so I think that this is a phase that’s working for right now with where we’re at but I actually hope it doesn’t work long term because I want to see these guys grow into just confident crazy little buggers again these videos would not be possible without my patrons over at my patreon so thank you guys again for making it possible for me to try completely different techniques that I wouldn’t normally be able to try like this cageless lifestyle this has been so much fun and I feel really blessed that I was able to do it this way for so long and I’m gonna continue with it for a while so as long as the birds are inside they’re gonna be cageless at least for this initial 30 days of quarantine and then honestly I’ll be putting them outdoors more often but this has been really fun so thank you again to my patrons it’s so cool that you guys have made this possible I feel incredibly blessed and grateful and I think Capri is probably the most fun about this so if she knew what patreon was and could thank you guys I’m sure she would because she’s loving interacting with these guys and sharing it with all of you you