AM Quincy: State Representative Tackey Chan (11/13/2020)

okay we’re checking in again with state representative tacky chan of quincy for our friday tacky talks hello techy it’s friday the 13th yeah joe it’s a lucky number lucky day huh we’ll see we’ll see it’s not over yet i guess lucky in the fact that we’re here uh unlucky in the fact that we’re in the second surge definitely now in the pandemic right sadly that is uh very apparent um you know state cases continue to be up i know there was one day that was a three day total not a one day total but still mounted over two thousand and sadly we’ve crossed the ten thousand dollar ten thousand dollar ten thousand person death threshold um we had talked about this last week how we’re creeping up there and a couple weeks back how i was trying to be optimistic and i’m one quarter the size of that as being optimistic but that’s no longer the case and uh this country’s well over a quarter million-ish deaths and ten thousand come from massachusetts that’s insignificant for a state that’s 6.8 million ish people and you know the two states of a million uh positive confirmed infections already in this country and the death count is going up everywhere there’s more lockdowns in place but it’s isolated lockdowns i don’t think i don’t think a state will ever close i do think that there would be isolated shutdowns they could do in other countries if there’s a hot spot they’re going to go in and close those hot spots where they try to see what it is but also like to remind folks just because the test results are high doesn’t mean that it accounts for all infections there are people out there asymptomatic um people have no symptoms at all and people that could be continuing infectious which is again wear your mask it keeps you germs to yourself so i don’t have to get them you know wash your hands wear your mask try to limit contact keep the distance from folks this is continual message that we’ve been talking about since the summer time and uh nothing’s more sobering than the fact that you know in ten thousand the governor opened the field hospitals as a precaution and hospitalizations of both the icu and regular hospitalizations up dramatically so i mean it’s real it’s it’s going to be real in our face a second time yeah he i mean he did make a point uh to stress that it’s not as bad as it was in april in may um however he doesn’t want it to get that bad either i think the general population in this state has been you know mostly very good i think most all of us are very good there’s those outliers that you see in the news that create unnecessary drama um thinking more about themselves than the public and not believing in the science and the medicine which is also disturbing because i said before it’s a state of our health kid there’s a reason why we have such high rates of obesity why we have um issues regarding controlling diabetes and also other chronic health issues it can’t be addressed if you actually listen to your doctor about it and ways to mitigate it and with the coronavirus uh you know those underlying conditions that we have that’s very preliminary country may help save your life if you get it because those underlying conditions are less severe or doesn’t exist so i mean it’s kind of a reflection of how we view medicine and science of how we take care of ourselves individually as well as try to each take care of each other as a as a unit yeah well and now there’s evidence too that if you just want to be selfish about it that wearing a mask can protect you from other people’s germs as well yeah the belief is that if the particles uh hit the mask and there’s not like a large number like someone’s didn’t like just spill like vomit on you or something really a lot you know the belief is it should be able to deter some of those particles on the outside but then again it shouldn’t deter people from wearing a mask because you think the other person’s protected from when they wear masks because the air still comes in from the sides in a bubble so it’s not a conventional aerosol i mean the aerosol sits in the air from appearance but it still kind of has a spray effect so yeah it reduces the possibility but it doesn’t eliminate a possibility which is why when two people wear masks you know the air circulation is much lower between the two people which reduces the possibility and of course these two should you know wash your hands keep you know be aware of your surface contacts um and things like that so you know as you head into the winter months i mean people wearing wet gloves i mean if you you feel like you should wear gloves and you know when you go to the stroller or not you have winter gloves now i mean just clean those um again you know i have pants uh hand wipes and hand sanitizer in the car

something can wipe down all the surfaces with the same hand sanitizer also the stores are giving you hand sanitizer and hand wipes i’ve seen people happily using those uh going through the store so you know they’re retailers and are providing you uh the ability to take care of yourself so you should really take advantage of it yeah that’s not where it’s spreading you know it’s been quite clear it’s it’s uh formal informal gatherings and in private homes so really is where the bulk of the spreads happening well the social edition this is the aspect right people are willing to stand a couple shopping cart links from each other in the store and you’re constantly on the move so it reduces length of time of contact but when you’re indoors with other people even your social distancing inside your own home you’re in a contained space the air doesn’t move the same way and there’s not as much movement so it increases more respiratory fluids you know traveling through the air and if you wear mass indoors that reduces that possibility but again it’s length of time still expel some air come in and air coming into the sides of your mask so unless you got like a full hazmat suit on of your own contained air supply i mean it’s very difficult for you not to infect an area if you’re in there long enough um next to each other in a contained space so i think that’s why then you know these close contact gatherings for long periods will have a higher chance of infections effectuates directly correlation to infection plus time right what uh happened to the state house this week techie anything exciting since last week chatted i know that uh budget discussions pretty much wrapped up yeah we talked a bit about the budget last week i gave you some of the highlights and we actually achieved the two-day budget debate via telephone we continue to stand in practice of conciliated amendments uh debating our amendments via telephone this time as well as speaking to the ways means shared throughout this throughout this entire situation through microsoft network zoom and regular phone calls and texting so we had you know multiple methods to try to reach the ways and means chair and the ways mr chair staff the ways means was able to figure out how to get small amounts of money to various people including myself i got you know twenty five thousand for germantown neighborhood center and seven or eight thousand dollars for quick asian resources through the house budget it’s not um the money levels we had in the past but at this stage of the game i’m happy to get any amounts uh we have a fifty thousand dollars for the hazmat unit at the fire department so that’s what the state’s been funding that equipment and training at the quincy fire department and uh we also have 95 000 for overtime patrols uh for the summer time again which is the generally about the same amount we get every year so the summer time obviously is a long way at this point it feels like but um you know next year you know if things come to normal and even not come back to normal um the need for stability state police patrols on queen shore drive and freshwater property will still be needed yeah how is the uh c street quincy short drive intersection project uh going is that fully funded now uh yeah i mean i got that money god that was back in like 2012 14 it seems everything seemed so long ago now so i mean i got the initial startup with like 1.2 million 2 million in startup funds that we were fortunate to get out get through through the state procurement process for their money and get that project started the intersection looks great i drove by it um about a week and a half ago just to do the look through and it did an incredible job in the second phase of c street project i know some of the neighbors aren’t happy with that but the road does need to be done in traffic improvements and it’s going to be very painful given all the other projects the city is going through including gasoline changes the sea wall they’re doing paving upgrades i mean there’s a lot going on down in the neighborhood so you know they returned to us for more funding for uh the rest of c street we got some funding in the transportation bond bill about i think it’s about three and a half man i asked for um but the senate may have asked for a little bit more money it’s been real confusing right now because of this pandemics really screwing up how we do business and you don’t have a clear funding mechanism for the transportation bond bill which is why it’s sitting in conference committee so long again to remind folks there’s an 18 billion dollar plus bond bill in my 25 years of government i’ve never seen an 18 billion dollar bond bill issued by us um it’s not the big dick bond those are separate bonds it was done through the old um turnpike authority so to fund the 18 billion dollars we need a dedicated revenue stream

to fund part of it and given the pandemic has screwed up rental cars gas tax usage um ride shares and corporate taxes aren’t really good right now our funding mechanisms to to back that 18 manila bond is not going to be making meeting projections uh in this cycle or fy22 so i’m not even sure how we’re going to back this bond we could just bite the bullet issue the bond and then continuing the funding mechanism in the hopes you know fy 23 things come back to normal and then we just don’t bought we the governor doesn’t borrow as much money in the interim waiting for the revenues to actually back the bond so i’m not sure conference committee’s got to figure it out wait and see on that one i know the mayor’s uh here in quincy is concerned about that and um as well i talked to him earlier this week he estimates uh about a 10 million dollar loss in revenue total loss in revenue um so he’s concerned about what that will do to the property tax rates uh enough for next year oh absolutely i mean every time a storefront closes that affects the commercial property tax rate um the ability for people who pay their taxes results in in default and the city will most likely be very cooperative on deferment which is once again yeah lost property tax revenue you can’t pay your property taxes i mean that’s what happened same thing on my level i mean every time someone who’s a job they either can’t pay income tax or they pay less income tax because of their employee unemployment unemployment is taxable it’s 100 taxable so people should be mindful as april hits and you got your unemployment benefits from the summer that is taxable income but it’s not the same volume that you would have had if you had your job so that’s why fy22 is actually the scary of the two years of first compared to fy 21 because of the full impacts of felt um of the economy because our fiscal year uh beginning begins on july 1st yeah and of course that that’s assuming that the pandemic is over by then or at least to his has waned what there’s some promising about a couple of vaccines you guys saw as a testica pfizer has put out a report of 90 effectiveness which is even greater than the flu shot which is about 50 effectiveness obviously there’s no more studies and testing to be done but that’s actually a tricky one a couple supply chain problems before we’re getting bios and yields people to eject you this is a two injection um vaccine and it has to be refrigerated negative 94 degrees fahrenheit so that’s not your standard freezer um so ups has to now retrofit a whole bunch of trucks to be refrigerated they have to make special containers to cart this uh material if the vaccine is above that temperature is no longer a usable vaccine so you have to you know know how to eject uh quickly um and obviously you gotta replace needles alcohol pads you know a whole lot of things and certain communities around the country do not have you know what we have in massachusetts you know rural communities particularly have small community hospitals very small community health centers that are hundreds of miles apart and rural america is now getting hit hard they thought they could be shooting from this because um you know they’re in rural america you’re 100 miles from a major city 20 miles from a major city but you know given the fact that we do need to move around and our commerce does move around by vehicle i mean trucks and and so forth um there’s only a matter of time that it reaches those rural communities so there’s a lot of logistics consider i mean modernist now moving to starting you know phase three they’re looking at some positive results um china has a vaccine they’re testing in other countries in a kind of a weird program where it’s like well uh we’ll let we’ll get your first chance to buy but we want to test our vaccine on your citizens yeah and of course the russian russians are now claiming to have a 92 percent effective vaccine but you know there’s been no published documents so i’m aware of phase one or two trials much less a phase three trial so who knows if it’s real right you know johnson johnson’s still out there they slowed they had slowed down theirs because of adverse effects patient and um you know they’re starting up again so uh you know big pharma i know people hate big pharma but big farmers right now trying to um get this uh safe and uh the only big farmer can manufacture this many doses and even then you know producing a minimum five billion doses and you have to make in pfizer’s case twice this is two to two doses you know five billion twice so that’s ten billion doses just to get through this you know civilized part of the world much less even talk about third world developed countries that won’t have any refrigeration whatsoever

it’s a daunting task for sure and it’s going to take a while to wait to weed out i’m sure that’s why i think the estimates of you know next spring to have a widely available vaccine are not out of the question yeah and that still may be daunting to get to and let’s come back to supply chain issues so obviously no surprise countries are manufacturing ppe needles vials so forth all kinds of medical equipment and medicine are prioritizing their own countries first which again you know we need to get our supply chain manufactured up locally which again goes back to the major corporations in this country to try to you know figure out ways of building medical supplies locally very quickly or even its close neighbors like canada for example you know you know our cooperative neighbors for like a better term so unless our internet because the current national situation with our president continues to degrade that with his behavior but uh this is a whole other part of the conversation uh but yeah i mean that’s part of it too we can get our needles gloves and stuff made in usa and you know that would help out on supply chain and distribution yeah um a different topic jackie what do you think about the proposed cuts at the mbta yeah i’ve been getting some emails and calls from people about you know don’t cut the tea maintain services um i talked to a friend last night about this and believe it or not i in my time in office 10 years has resulted this is my third has resulted yeah this is my third mbta service reduction um some people even notice for example the bus at beachwood no has been there since i was a child that was one of the first lines cut i don’t think anybody even notice those gone in that instance now cutting the peninsula to 216 in particular could be more problematic for me they had reduced service before there was a second round of reductions of service and i didn’t really hear a whole lot of problems but this third round of service reduction could be more problematic particularly if you’re an essential worker and he needs to you know needs to get transportation um but also given to telecommuting and the change of how we do business now has also reduced people need to go into boston so i think one of my major concerns really you know obviously the local rides and wants to get to the mbta stations to quincy center but you know how they’re going to get around locally to go to work and i do have some concerns about that the t is looking at 400 million plus shortfall just from the lack of ridership change economy and fear of riding the t you know no match no entry uh people don’t like that but you’re in a contained space in a metal tube inside tunnels so you want to talk about no airflow um and even though there’s less people riding in tv you got a little more social distancing entity you know but the bus doesn’t give you the same level of distance inside so this is this is a bit of a quandary and uh you know we allowed the mbta in the diff close the books the budget made a sub budget last week to close the books on fy20 and we allowed the t use bond money to pay some of their salaries which is again we just we don’t encourage um but given circumstances we’re gonna bite the bullet and eat the cost later on on the interest of those salaries to try to keep some jobs going so the t is still you know obviously trying to preserve jobs and cutting services one way to do that perhaps when we get through the dynamic and the economy comes to some form or normality we can restore those services but the hingham ferry um is going to be cut out because there’s not enough ridership you can’t meet a certain volume of ridership if a ferry is privately contracted if it exceeds the cost of the field it becomes impractical it’s costing money to run it exactly yeah depleting money they won’t be in business anymore right um part of the plan is not to raise fares do you think that’s a mistake it’s raise fare or less people riding you may not even make enough money back when we raised our fares you had you know 95 capacity so the revenue stream is much more consistent if you’re looking at your capacity of under 50 and you raise fares you won’t make up enough money anyway okay so unless you appears astronomically yeah it’s not going to work which would be you know prohibitive i’m sure uh it forced more people away well even the garage the parking fees people you know walleston station where i live you know fills up before 8 p.m anybody who’s listening knows this now maybe even sooner if it’s when economy is really hot you know by 7 30 7 o’clock it was full but you know nowadays it’s you know almost three-quarters empty um so you know those are revenues that aren’t there anymore yeah and when two businesses start to not be able to get advertising because they’re either out of business or they have cost constraints so you know those

annoying ads you see on the mbta uh whether in the tunnel on this on that flickering ad or um you know under buses or uh inside the trains you may not see as much advertising the convict continues to be very difficult even for major corporations so there’s also lost revenue yeah commuter rail of course is being slashed back as well um so it’s it’s all modes that are being that are being impacted uh you know as you say there’s even less motor vehicle traffic because people are telecommuting that’s absolutely correct our change of doing business among ourselves that’s left that doesn’t have to be in person doesn’t means you have less people in the office and given the fact the schools you’re going remote you know obviously we’ve have friends who’ve had child care issues you know working remotely but you know we also try addressing the budgets child care issues regarding people that have to be in person you know our essential workers um all right people have to do direct retail because that’s the only way to do the business that i set up for online sales so you know we try address some of those issues in the budget to make sure there’s enough money in those areas but yeah i mean you know we’re changing how we do business and um transportation um has been an adverse impact i mean i told people housing transportation the two keys for our economy housing is still in short supply in specific locations unless you’re in a college area uh which is right now in abundance and uh people aren’t taking transportation because you know this is a world we’re living in what is on the uh uh house agenda coming up for the rest of the year well it continues to be a prioritization of the conference committee and kobe related issues we move some smaller bills forward so for example um there’s a oil that bans the use of certain types of flame retardant materials on things like mattresses which is actually toxic when it actually catches on fire so yeah so we moved that bill out of a committee uh i’m sorry out of the house i think it was two tuesdays ago at this point two two wednesdays two mondays ago two months ago i believe so i mean we’re moving some smaller bills forward i mean it doesn’t you know grab the boston globe headline but we’re moving some very small pieces i mean i’m always the uh preparing yet other set of public hearings i think i have one next friday after my call with you next friday the committee will have another set of public hearings my committee staff was still working some research projects that will be done in december for me to review but you know we’re slowing down the rest of the stuff as the year comes to an end and swearing in day shows up this first wednesday after the first tuesday of january so i’m never sure how we’re going to do swearing in day and uh for newly elected reps and senators swearing in day is very very special you only get one so you know those other things so i also lose my chairmanship when the year turns so when during the day hits all committees reset so i will lose my chairmanship so we’re trying to get the committee staff and i try and get some stuff done before i lose my chair at the beginning of cycle i become an acting temporary chairman just holding holding it together without any official capacity into the caucus votes for chairmanships which is again a logistic logistical issue as we go with the next year as well as elect a new speaker and electing the clerk of the house how is that all yeah just a few things yeah your things and a bill filing deadlines in the third week of january so among our staff we’re already discussing how we’re going to try to handle january sure um of course now that the ballot questions have been determined uh one of those comes under your your purview right in your committee yeah i’ve been taking quite a few press calls on that lately it’s surprising they’ve got press calls prior to this question being done so everyone knows about right to repair at this point because you got bombarded by every advertising appointment you probably nauseated seeing it in back to back to back commercials the short answer is your car can still get repaired at a third-party repair shop okay that was before this ballot question and after this battle question that has not changed so if you’re listening to this and you’re concerned about not getting a car repair don’t worry you’re fine third-party shops can still get the training and equipment the same as any car dealership the issue again is the wireless issue about the ability car to transport your information to the manufacturer and the accusation that the third-party repair shops claim that they’re sending information to dealerships to contact you to have the cars fixed there now let’s be practical about this you’ve been to a new car dealership anyone’s bought a car you only see three bays you have 1500 plus third-party repair shops there’s no way in a practical universe that

dealerships can handle that many cars and we have 1500 independent repair shops okay let’s get that myth out of the way that being said there’s concern about how to retrieve data off of the computer in your car regarding repair data uh i believe the current statue already allows that for change technology but i think we can try to address that the online platform is the tricky part where people can get at your data wirelessly to your car or through a website or i don’t even know yet because i don’t understand what the statute is trying to tell me but there’s a data security issue so the public should be aware that you voted for a ballot question allows third-party repair shops to access your card data without your permission okay so if you’re listening to this podcast just be aware you voted for a ballot question allows third party repair shops to go into your car data without your permission there’s nothing in the statute says your permission’s required so if you’re one of those people that don’t like the legislature changing ballot questions then you obviously support people just going into your car taking your stuff so i hope to get phone calls saying please stop that i was just going to ask will the legislature take action and change that uh with having discussions with the house senate and the governor’s office regarding can we delay the law’s implementation so we can have some time to figure out the actual practical technology aspects and build a law around the technology realistic of the technology we discussed here before we started this call the legislature was reactionary because i can’t tell you what the problems are yet do i see the problem right and now we have a problem because a bad question passed uh and i need a new learning curve regarding the reality of how technology works and how to protect consumers in particular i’m not interested in your third party repair shops nor the manufacturers new car deals i’m interested in you the consumer how to protect your information well able to get the information message card repair which i still believe the current statute already allows that because the statue literally says that they couldn’t get the information so that’s the least of my concerns my concern is people be able to get your information in your car about your knowledge yeah so the more of the story is drive an old car absolutely if you got a car that’s uh 20 years old you should be okay aside from the fact that it’s probably falling apart nobody can access your data because there isn’t any well my last car got 14 years those people wouldn’t know me knows i had this old blue passat from 2003 um after um i got my new car in 2000 let’s see two years ago so 2018. so uh yeah no i try to make my car last but the frame was literally coming apart at that point i mean they had the car inspected and they’re like the entire bottom parts is going to collapse there’s no practicality to put more money in the car and those of us that live close to the ocean uh as opposed to be with a little further much inland knows the impact of salt water on cars in quincy uh anywhere in the coastline so we have that double whammy that people in western mass doesn’t have the same impact and of course we have winter which just brutalizes your car that’s right they get a lot more uh snow and road salt out that way so yes it’s you know pick your poison well exactly it so i mean those who know me i mean try to stretch things out but even i had to like get a new car there was actually a lot of new car sales this past summer time during the pandemic when people got the 1200 bucks and uh you know people should be aware that you buy a new car you don’t need the services as much because new cars have built so well uh they don’t need to be serviced as often so it’s a it’s you saying why buy a new car you know having employment issues because your savings on the service area is what you’re saving money on yeah most of them are much more fuel efficient um as well depending on what you buy um and there’s a lot more choices in hybrid uh now than there for was too yeah my car is at least uh 50 to 100 percent that’s more efficient than my upper side for 2003. sure i invested much less money even though i’m paying a loan in the car so because i was putting in like four grand five grand a year um on trying to keep the odor car going at one point and that became just economically nonsensical right keep that up and eventually if you’ve paid for a new car with your old car yeah so i know people are having a tough time these days but i mean you got to start really looking at your bills and really figure out put to talent here costs including maintenance yeah and there’s a good time to remind people winter is here um the sun is going down faster and your energy consumption at home is going to go up again like you discovered in the pandemic beginning last time so your water usage will continue to be high obviously because we’re home more often but also um your energy consumption is going up because they’re losing daylight people should look at you know not plugging their equipment when

they don’t need a plug-in and particularly cell phones and laptops you use the battery as much as possible um it’s healthy for the battery anyways to be discharged every so often um and uh just you know look at whether weatherizing your home uh because we were often trying to save gas in heating bills so be prepared everybody look at some energy cost increases on the electric side in particular as we get to winter months and you can take precautions now to address it yeah speaking of uh energy the third party electricity provider issue is cropping up again and i only know that because i was uh solicited at my home by somebody who knocked on the door and said let me see your electric bill yeah do not give people personal information under any circumstances again i mean the census is now over there no census takers there’s no other folks there’s no campaign anymore so people are not knocking your doors and they should be knocking your doors to be honest with you in a bit of a pandemic um to be perfectly frank uh so yes again do not give bill numbers financial information your electric bills or financial financial information um the dpu has been issuing new guidelines uh regulations this past september the implementation this winter for door-to-door sales and solicitation on any third-party engine supply folks um again you don’t feel comfortable don’t do it right do your homework you can contact my office i contact the dp you can contact the ag’s office regarding your concerns um on third-party suppliers um energy is much more complicated people get rid for i love folks talk about electricity with me and they explain how electrical billing works and things like that and people’s heads start to spin um so going into your food knowledge about what you’re getting into is is very involved i mean people don’t buy cell phones on a whim they do some homework electricity should not should also be the same level screw so again there’s no campaign there’s no senses takers um you know you shouldn’t have you should tell people who come to the door to leave the material behind and we’ll you know we’ll talk some other day yeah it was unfortunate because they misrepresented themselves by claiming they were from one of the utility companies you know one of the major ones and they obviously were not no absolutely this is a fraud scheme that’s been going on and after we got off this uh webcast hero this uh podcast uh i need to get the information from you exactly who it is happy to help you with that jackie yeah there’s gonna be a phone call by me so good uh anything else we should touch on i really i’m curious to get your take on what’s going on uh nationally with the uh with the election yeah we haven’t watched this much cnn fox news msnbc um abc news uh i’ve ever seen i mean watching a cna which i’ve talked multiple times is my english news channel over in singapore um and dw over in germany and um it’s been pretty uh different from big polite you guys can choose your own words at home um it’s not really just about the conceiting issue with president trump it’s really about the transition of power and i agree with every security expert the longer we do not display the good to transfer power puts us in a disadvantage to have the new president-elect come in uh you know on the boots ground running and and put his team in place right away uh with the knowledge of what’s happened before and you know to continue the work that’s going on now i mean something people realize what it didn’t we didn’t know what a gsa was until now right all these terms we didn’t know general you know service agency i mean we didn’t know it was that important yeah runs everything you know the unglamorous parts of government right you’re not a secretary of defense i mean these are the administrators that make the day-to-day wheels going that we now discover is essential for a transition of power so i mean for example i mean had one of my relatives text over saying you know this look we’re going to end democracy in america because it looks like you’re having a military coup like no we have a civilian military most people don’t realize that in third world third world countries and communist governments the military is co-equal branch of the other branches of government very equal branch meaning they have a say in the operation of government our military is subservient to the three branches of government uh including you and me as voters who vote for congressional members so they’re not a co-eco branch of government and you know historically the u.s military is not getting involved in local politics i mean that includes public displays which the general that was with with the president at the church in dc you’ll regret it that should never happen it was not a military related um program

and uh but he is the commander-in-chief and uh that is disturbing so um the certain uh foreign interests you read in news all the time that has been influenced by elections particularly russia but you know china iran and other countries uh with cyber cyber capacity like north korea you know most likely have been attacking assistance trying to influence the elections uh through fake advertising and conspiracy theories sounds familiar all of the domestic conspiracy theories are planted by other folks including people who are basically paid by four governments to play conspiracy leaders so you know there’s a lot of interference going on and i think one of the telltale signs of countries supporting president trump was how long they took to call president president-elect biden china and russia in particular the other two major military powers in the world uh did not call uh president-elect and even the chinese president xi did not call president biden or something note they only had the foreign ministry do it so there’s a clear indication of that people ask me why well it’s easy uh standard cold war politics is what they’re all playing right now you have a domestic unstable situation which is how the america is perceived by the rest of the world as we’re domestically unstable and instability only benefits our enemies and our competitors so people will say oh china and you know russia looking for better trade status and this and that no i mean they’re looking for the best deal that works for their countries not for our country and the president’s continued behavior only reinforces their desire to have an unstable domestic situation um as we withdraw our status in the world stage by not uh being a leader to who not being a leader the world would call it the w-20 or the w8 uh not being a leader at nato not being a leader in the pacific as the chinese keep building islands in the south china sea or helping our long-time allies the japanese south koreans in other countries and semi-autonomous areas in the pacific and uh you know we still have to recreate a premier problem in ukraine um and of course you know all of africa northern africa and like libya and other places as well as syria that we’ve basically just decided that we’re not going to be a foreign player anymore so you know there’s you know you people you know don’t think about foreign affairs is a major part of our lives but you know our security at home is so we don’t have military conflicts is very dependent on our foreign affairs capacity you know and not to mention the fact that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic which um you know is is really not being addressed right here at home yeah as we talked earlier i mean pfizer johnson johnson maduro are three of the biotech companies of not even a dozen globally that are working a vaccine and we have very stringent testing i know people complain about fda about their slowness but we’ll talk about a new vaccine here you want to have confidence that people will have a positive impact by this vaccine which is not the same standards being used in russia or china you know the eu uh european union and the us have much more closely aligned fda standards as well as canada i mean it sounds very cold war doesn’t it yes it does where you have the traditional uh western democracies um in a pandemic of higher standards versus a couple of communist countries with large economies and military capacity also competing against us in a whole new type of diplomacy which is now called vaccine diplomacy so will we get there first i don’t care i just we just want to you know have the ability to achieve this yeah it’s recognized reminiscent of the space race you know back in the 60s yeah the references you know uh warp speed and sputnik how many people know what sport speed is unless you’re a star trek nerd that’s true once you’ve a star wars nerd there’s no warp speed i mean i’m a star trek star star wars guy i’m not like a trivia guy that good but i do you know big part of it i’m watching the mandalorian tonight you know and eagerly waiting for the next episode but i get to pay for cbs because i just can’t justify paying for another subscription service to watch the star trek discovery and other you know picard i really want to watch picard but i mean i’m just looking at the price of like maybe i’ll do it at christmas time and just just do it but giving service but yeah i mean you know they’re using terminology what i always find very interesting that uh pop culture related to the general public

so it’s like if you said beam me up scotty people may know that better than war speed true so uh you know but it’s become a pr campaign right and uh which is unfortunate we’re here to save lives you know not be worried about pr campaign or who looks good yeah every time i read how many you know lives could be saved if people had worn masks earlier and if there had been a national mask mandate and you know if if if if how many lives could have been saved it’s it’s it’s really disheartening to think that it was so politicized rather than you know just based on science yeah in places like france and germany and italy it is in protest against mass england they generally come from fringe groups again do not believe in science and i believe medicine i talked last time about the fact that people were pushing this hurt mentality near this false narrative that if we just ignore it uh we all gonna become immune um if that’s so great and your loved one dies i don’t know what to tell you clearly her immunity doesn’t work right you need 90 plus population to achieve the immunity this is what the vaccine is about the vaccine is about achieving hurt immunity if you don’t believe in vaccines i mean even though you probably had four at least four vaccination shots when you were a baby in this country which is required for you to go to school so you already have vaccines most likely unless you’re over the age of 60 um you know the reality is that you know we need to vaccinate 90 95 percent of the population uh to create that type of herd and we don’t know if it’s a continuous booster shots we don’t know it’s a one and done or two undone there’s still a lot of science need to be done out there and we have some positive news of course i mean rudivica which is this very small amount available medicine less than 50 000 just treatment the president had one of 10 people actually received this experimental treatment when he got a covenant 19 um obviously he’s a world leader you know he gets access to you know he’s an important person he gets access to this medicine but i mean there’s also been antibiotic medicine that’s been approved by fda for emergency use so not just the vaccine but also the therapies ability to treat uh the symptoms to give you a chance your body a chance to fight uh the disease and recover it uh cover 19 breaks down the cell walls in your lungs once the cell wall breaks down all the you know all your bacteria that’s naturally occurring in your body goes in there you get an infection ammonia hits and things start to really get bad you know triggers all kinds of other issues so again i mean this is a winter time is our illness season narrow virus codes flues in a mirror of other issues that we have um if that’s compounded of having copen19 you know that’s just going to be so much worse yeah that’s one of the biggest concerns is you know when it first outbreak began it was turning into the nicer weather so outdoors was an option you know that that window is just quickly closing now exactly and hopefully you know the spread of the flu and other viruses we normally deal with in the wintertime we’ll be lesser because we endorse more we live in contact we’re wearing a mask with washing hands um i know i mean i don’t have kids but you know i have friends that have kids you know actually almo almost all my friends have kids now in the talk we talk about all the pink eye they bring back from home from school and they bring back a neurovirus and moves through the family and all that i mean with limited schooling and less contact hopefully they’ll reduce those viruses from moving around um in your own family but you know again if you get like uh bronchitis like i do bronchitis season is my um vice in the winter time the idea of bronchitis and cover 19 is it’s a combination that you really don’t think about to uh reach out to you uh tacky some good ways like to ask you yeah we do use 617-722-2014-617-722-2014 dialing um so you know you may not see a recognized number from my staff but we try to get back to you you can email attacki.chan t-a-c-k-e-y dot c-a-n at again i i’ve been for example came bombarded by emails i got like over 70 minimum emails regarding hotel workers and trying to figure out how to deal with recall hotel workers if we ever come back online right now i’ve been furloughed they’re being laid off permanently as the winter months come so um i’ve been getting a lot of emails on that so i do i do um suffer from email overload um so phone calls are still preferable um we got state representative tacky chan facebook we put a lot of information up there you can scroll down the long list to see maybe something will help you out as well as we put a lot of the service agencies information there

that may save you some time from having to call my office or email me so would you encourage people to try and look at my online services first if it’s not there definitely give us a ring all right sounds good good to see you again thanks so much thank you great to see you joe and uh you know let’s see live friday the 13th and i’ll talk to you next friday all right sounds good take care you