Dil Ruba | Episode 13 | Eng Sub Digitally Presented by Master Paints | HUM TV | Drama | 20 June 2020

I have heard that boy is ready to keep Ayaan Ghazala and Erum were praising him so much that my heart broke There is still time If you decide for Sanam then I can do anything and force them to stop Asalam o alikum Hello Sanam It’s Erum speaking Erum? Where is Sanam? Sanam is busy with Ayaan I only called to check up on Sanam and Ayaan They are absolutely fine. Sanam is getting married this friday Marriage? Yes. Khurram Shahzad Does Biya jaan know about this? I don’t know. The marriage got fixed today only Many congratulations Sabih called What was he saying? He was just checking up on you and Ayaan And I also told him about your marriage What? What do you mean? Shouldn’t I have told him? Why are you guys after my marriage? Sanam, we have found such a nice proposal then why should we delay? And besides it’s not like Sabih will say yes Samia aunty is going to talk to him If he gets convinced or not, we don’t care We have fixed your marriage with Khurram Khurram is a very nice boy, Hammad also likes him He was saying Sanam has such good luck Luck? Sanam, you should also stop being sad all the time, he won’t like this dull you. You should become the old Sanam now Is that you saying that? What else? Remember you used to call me an oldie. Look at me now, fashionable only for Hammad You getting married into a wealthy family will affect me also How? Hammad will also obviously try to become wealthy looking at Khurram Did you speak to Khurram? Is he some sort of stupid that he can’t see that he’s twice my age? Tell me? And far more beautiful and younger than him Sanam is getting married this friday. He’s a very nice and rich man, Khurram Shahzad I knew that Sanam would never choose me Maybe she couldn’t say it clearly in front of Biya jaan and Biya jaan got happy for no reason Biya jaan won’t get upset with Sanam if i refuse, so i’ll refuse myself

Yes? I was waiting for your phone call only So, what did you decide? Biya jaan, it’s not possible for me Sabih.. But why? Biya jaan, it’s not possible for me to accept Sanam now May you be happy in my home and in my life I can’t believe you’re the same Sanam that I met for the first time You look very pretty This present is the representation for my love.. In the name of your beauty You’re already so beautiful but you look more beautiful tonight What happened? Nothing. Thank you Did you remember a moment of your past? It’s very difficult to escape from the past. I’m sure you miss your baby Don’t mention the baby too much in front of Khurram until he doesn’t mention it himself Bring him home after a few days I’m not cruel that I would come between a mother and his child Thank you It’s okay Sanam, I won’t put any restrictions on you, I just don’t want your past or your child to come between our relationship I’ll try my best Good You’re a smart girl, I’m sure we’ll have a great understanding No mom. Check if he has fever I’ve got a headache. Only a mother can take care of her child That is true mom but it must be so difficult for a woman She has just gotten married, a new husband and on the other hand she has to be away from her child God shouldn’t put anyone through such a test Mom, just pray that Khurram accepts Ayaan and Ayaan and Sanam go to their home Why won’t he accept him? He has made a promise I am also wondering the same, it doesn’t take time for a person to change

What are you saying? Khurram isn’t like that. I’m sure he will never change. Hand him to me I hope it stays like that Sir please give me a bell if you need anything Okay I feel i’m in some kind of mansion I can understand. All of this must be very overwhelming for you, right? Can we go to my house for a while after breakfast? Why? I wanted to meet Ayaan, I’ve been missing him alot I have some important work to do, you can go with the driver Okay Don’t bring him with you on your way back, we have to go for our honeymoon Honeymoon? Why? Don’t you want to go? I mean Ayaan is still very young That is why I was saying that he can’t come with us, only you and I should be going for the honeymoon Please don’t be upset I just want us to spend some time together, I atleast have that much right Why hasn’t Sanam come to check up on Ayaan as of yet? A baby is innocent, he can’t speak but he can feel the absence of his mother Aunty, they just got married. They’ll take time to adjust If Sabih would have agreed then these issues wouldn’t have happened Strangers are only strangers at the end of the day What happened to Ayaan? Aunty, give him to me. What happened? Why didn’t you guys tell me? There is no need to worry so much. He has a slight fever, he’ll be fine You should have at least told me Sanam, it’s better if you take Ayaan with yourself. How can a small baby live like that? She’ll take him. Let her get set herself first Have you guys not told Khurram about Ayaan? We’ve told him but it takes time to accept somebody else’s child The baby will get sick like this Sanam, if you let me then can I take Ayaan with myself today? I don’t know what has happened, she looks so worried It isn’t how you’re assuming, we told him everything before fixing the marriage Asalam o alikum Walikum Salam. Please come I am Daniyal, Khurram’s father I am Sanam I know. Sit down. God bless you You didn’t tell us you were coming

I wanted to give you a surprise Dad, when did you come? What a surprise! I just came So? How did you find her.. Your choice I am proud of my choice my son and I am sure that Sanam will take care of this house and you, right Sanam? I’ll try my best You can’t just try, you’ll have to do it. You’ll have to make him leave his bad habits Sanam, arrange something for dad to eat Sure Why are you letting me down in front of her? I am not letting you down, I am just trying to make you understand Try to change your lifestyle, till when will you keep on wasting your time and money? You’ve already divorced two wives Can we talk about this later? And besides I’ve only told her about one divorce Why did you lie? I’ll tell her later on and besides be it one divorce or two, how does that matter? It matters Mr. Getting divorced two times is not a small matter She is also a widow and a mother of a child. I’ve only married her because you asked me to I chose a poor widow girl for you because she’ll try her best to adjust with you She won’t leave you like the two wives before her left. She won’t leave so easily You didn’t come for lunch I wasn’t hungry What’s wrong? You look upset When you find out about people’s hypocrisy, one does get upset What do you mean? What all have you tried to hide from me? Your two divorces or the lies you told me that your heart had fallen for me? And now suddenly I have become your dad’s choice Okay so you have found out the truth The truth can never stay hidden. God knows how many of your flaws have you hid from me Yes I have a lot of flaws. I am a very loose, out going kind of a person. What will you do? So then why did you marry me? Why did you cheat me? I didn’t force your family. In fact they had started drooling looking at my house and luxurious life So then why did you lie to me? What had you said? That only a moment is enough to fall in love? Why did you need to say that? Dad liked your picture and told me to marry you I had to say something to impress you and you got impressed Why do you girls go crazy at the mention of love? I won’t stay here for a single minute It’s your call the driver is standing outside I am so helpless I left my grandchild who is an orphan pratonless Ghazala is just concerned about Sanam’s marriage and not about the baby Hello?

Hello Sabih? What happened Biya Jaan? Why are you crying? At least tell me, what has happened? Son, I am very worried. I don’t know how Ayaan must be? Biya jaan, look, Sanam is his mother and how can a mother be careless about her son? You don’t worry she will take him I am telling you Sabih if she doesn’t take him in a few days I will bring him here My Razi’s son is not abandoned Biya jaan this is not possible at the moment because you have gotten your visa and you are coming to me after a week May God make everything make fine otherwise I won’t be at peace even if I come there By the way, is someone okay in her house? It doesn’t seem like it son He didn’t even come to pick her, he sent the driver and he is a strange arrogant rich boy You didn’t agree otherwise… Thank you I missed you so much but i’m sure you don’t know I know that is why I am here with you the very next day of my wedding You love me and you marry someone else? Such a cheater you are This marriage is just a formality. You know I did it for dad’s sake So was I not good enough for him? What do I lack? He wanted a homely girl, you know someone who is simple Who can take care of me, who can take off my home So he found such a girl? I’m sure you like her now I don’t like her, she’s boring. And guess what? She’s a widow, she has a son What? Why would you do that to yourself? She’s dad’s choice. I sent him so many pictures, he liked her. She’s not my choice And you married your dad’s choice, amazing Honey his fever is not going down Mom, then let’s just take him to the doctor tonight then maybe he will get better with his medicine by morning Yes, you are right but call Sanam and tell her Mom, if Sanam is unable to come then she will get worried for Ayaan Yes, that’s right too. So then don’t call her. We will go ourselves Honey, is everything okay? You have come at this hour? I told you not to get me married but you two had to destroy my life What are you saying? Tell me What is left to tell? Sanam, has Khurram said something? No no, how can he say something? He is a good looking, rich man right? Only the lucky get his proposal Now look at my luck! He has divorced two of his wives, he is a loose man! What? Dad would have thrown me out of his home and his business if I didn’t do this Do you know that when will he transfer this property on my name? When I will show him that I am living like a happy couple in this house No matter how much time it takes? If you love me, then you will have to wait And I don’t wait then?

Your choice Dad, they have gotten me married to a man with bad character! Ghazala I used to tell you, gather all the information but you were blinded by his wealth You guys have shown great enemity against me Sanam, can we be your enemies? We don’t know what is there in your fate What is there in my fate? I am unlucky, I have a bad luck and you people didn’t do anything First Razi died, now I should die? Sanam Is Sanam still sleeping? Dad, she went back to her house last night. I think she heard us talking My God. What have you done? Why didn’t you tell me then? She is a very stubborn girl. I couldn’t stop her, how could you? I had to say something to impress you and you got impressed Why do you girls go crazy at the mention of love? Let these boys be. Any girl who talks to them nicely, they fall in love with them Why is this happening with me? I lose love as soon as I get Neither could I enjoy Razi’s love nor did Khurram’s love turn out to be true Did I really get affected by Junaid’s curse? Oh Ghazala what do I tell you. The entire neighborhood is envying her luck She comes and goes in such a big car with a driver and the neighborhood women are telling that lady who helped in Sanam’s proposal to get similar proposals for their daughters too You must remember that after only a few days her poor husband passed away What are you saying? It’s not me, this is what the neighborhood people are saying Maybe he has changed his number Was it Khurram calling? It’s alright, God will make a way. Did you call him? There is no need for that Who else were you calling then? Junaid What? Then? Was calling to apologize to him but his number is powered off. Maybe he has changed his number Okay listen, Aunty Naseem is sitting outside, you don’t come outside She will create a scene and she will go out and talk in the neighborhood. Okay? Thank God she left. Was she asking about Sanam? Yes. Now only God can make a way otherwise people will talk and make our lives hell Mom, mom, why don’t you talk to Khurram? What do we talk about? I think maybe it was our fault

The more I am trying to make Khurram’s life better, it is getting even worse Sir, your tea Sharafat… Yes sir Have you seen any change in the environment of this after Sanam has come into this house? This house was a club before her. Khurram sir’s parties, friends, gatherings and… But now she has gone The more I want this house to come together the more it crumbles I don’t know why all this is happening? Sir, can I say something? Khurram sir is not serious about his life He doesn’t realize that as time passes neither will he have friends left nor money I don’t know how much longer I will live, who will take care of this boy after me? By the way sir, Sanam madam is really nice Maybe she can handle him. At least try to convince her once You are right. Where is Khurram? He left as soon as he had breakfast Okay you tell the driver to get the car out quickly Alright After such a big deceit you are expecting me to send my daughter with you? Look, when circumstances seem to be getting bad we should try to make them better There is a huge difference between circumstances being bad and a person’s character A spoilt person with a bad character rarely changes But we can hope for them to change. And I am sure that Sanam can change my son We have already been cheated, we don’t want to be humiliated any more Try to understand what I am saying When a girl has already been tagged a widow and then she gets the tag of a divorcee too, her life becomes very difficult I can do one thing for your satisfaction I can transfer my bungalow to Sanam’s name But that can be only until she is Khurram’s wife You want to tempt us with your house to keep Sanam as your daughter-in-law forcefully? And whenever your son feels like it he will divorce her and throw her out? Look if Sanam files for divorce then she will have to leave that house but if Khurram divorces her, then the house will remain in Sanam’s name Try to understand me please I am not tempting you. Take it as if a helpless father is trying to get his son settled Yes Dad, you called me? Actually I have made some very important decisions today. Mr. Lawyer, please tell him Mr. Daniyal has transferred this house onto your wife, Sanam’s name How can you do this Dad? This is our house, yours and mine. Who is she?

Listen quietly If you divorce her the house will remain hers on the contrary if she files for divorce then she will have to leave this house and she can’t be forced in any way to file for divorce Dad, this is too much. You are not trusting me but her? And yes, any work or any strange person cannot enter the house without Sanam madam’s permission I disapprove all of this! If you disapprove all of this then you are free to leave this house Okay then it’s better for me to leave No uncle, don’t ask him to leave the house I am not asking him to leave the house, he is leaving the house himself I want the two of you to live in this house happily but I can’t do anything if he doesn’t want to live here Look honey, I have arranged some amount for you from the factory account which you will receive every month Thank you You have made a stupid decision What do you mean? I mean that entire property is yours, the house is yours and you have quietly given all of it to that girl And I am sure your dad has done all this so that you come out of your strange activities What are you trying to say? That if you had acted to be a good son in front of him then you would have easily gotten your property Now because you have lost your first chance, let’s come to the second chance. I mean avail the other option Other chance?