Jo Tou Chahay Episode 42 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 29 May 2020

Whatever connection was there between us is now over Think again and keep your hand on your heart and tell me that this conenction can be over very easily? We have been loving each other for a long time, there is a very strong connection between us. You were mine and will always be mine Who are you to decide that what will happen between us and what will not This is my decision and today in front of everyone I break all relations with you. I don’t want to marry you For coming into my life… congratulations Thank god my desire to acquire you was fulfilled Now you belong to me and me alone and you need to always stay mine I’m very possessive when it comes to love I cant bear the thought of anyone even looking at you You’re the kind of wife I’ve always wanted And by the way, there’s a surprise for you We’re going on a world tour tomorrow morning Tomorrow? Um… So… so soon? Absolutely I want us to spend some time alone I don’t want anyone coming between us Beside I can take you anywhere I want now and no one can stop me doing so Not even you Your mother, however, knows that we’re leaving for foreign climes tomorrow morning Ya Allah , thank you a million times Bisma is now married and she’s settled in her own home Oh Allah, please rid my son Armaan of his problems Please give my son, Burhan, wisdom Guide him towards the path of righteousness Amen… Amen Shama? Shama? Hmm… Wake up, its time for prayers I cant seem to wake up… I’m feeling so tired But you do have to offer your prayers so wake up Hello? Assalamwalekum Is that Mr. Obaid? Yes Who’s this? Mr. Obaid, this is S.H.O Jawaid from the Saddar, Police Station It’s with great sorrow that I must inform you that your son Burhan was shot dead in an encounter with the police He was involved in a burglary I’m waiting here for you Kindly come immediately to the police station What’s happened? Who’s call was that?

Is everything alright? Shama… Shama… Shama, your beloved Burhan has been killed in an encounter with the police No!!!! No!!!! Oh hey!!! Ahhhh!!! Ahhhh!!!! Shama! Get a hold of yourself Shama… what are you doing??? Shama??? Sometimes one falls so low in ones own eyes that one feels ashamed to even ask for forgiveness from one’s Lord Ya Allah , how do I say to You what I want? How do I ask You for Your mercy after what I’ve done Your generosity… am I even worthy of it? Your forgiveness… it is for every culprit, every sinner Please forgive me for I am a sinner of the first order Please give peace to this heart of mine which is filled with disquiet Please make my heart easy from this uneasiness that fills it Please forgive me my Lord… please forgive me Fasiha, the fact that one knows that one is accountable is enough Abbas you’re a very good person and you’ve always looked after Mashal Please pray to Allah to forgive me Yes, absolutely He does forgive people But there are times when He only forgives someone after He has made a person realize the seriousness of their sins really well You cannot understand the uneasiness and anxiety of my heart I do understand it Fasiha But the remedy for this pain in your your heart lies with God alone When someone hurts a virtuous, good and innocent being of God then The Divine Creator of beings does not forgive that quickly or that easily No, no… don’t say that… Dont say that… don’t say that Abbas… Fasiha, God is Benevolent Ask Him, I’m sure He will forgive you Abbas, your tea Thank you Dad… mummy… Come out Arisha! What’s happened? Its really bad news! What’s happened??? Is everything okay? Dad, Arman just called me to tell me that Burhan was murdered! What! What Yes He… he was involved in some robbery… and he got killed last night I was always suspicious of his activities and I’d been warning them all along This is really very sad whats happened Oh Lord… Dad, I think that we should go to uncle Obaid immediately He’s at the hospital as Burhan’s dead body is there Mummy, you and Arisha should go to aunty Fasiha’s immediately as she’s lying unconscious Adan is unwell I’m not going anywhere! Have you no shame at all! There is a time and place for everything! Have some fear of the Lord, Arisha! Hell has been let loose on their family and you’re here talking nonsense?! Did anyone come when I was ill??? Arisha, you should look to the hour and situation sometimes! You’re always grumbling and complaining! And what about how you do to people? Have you ever given any thought to that??? Ever since Mashal left this house, both families have suffered some problem or the other God’s silent wrath doesn’t just fall upon someone for nothing you know!

One only brings it upon oneself because of ones own doings! Is that understood?! You’re absolutely right Come on then get ready Go to their house immediately while we go to the hospital Lets go Go on… lets get ready Good morning Congratulations on the first day in your new house I’d been waiting desperately for this day and finally its here I still cannot believe that I got such a beautiful wife God be praised but you are looking lovely Thank you By the way, I wanted to ask you something Why do you love me so much? Why would I not love you? I’m going to keep you close to my heart Anyways, hurry up as its nearly time for our flight I’ll get the luggage placed in the car Come down quickly Okay Its a lie isn’t it? Its a lie My Burhan would never leave me No He’s here He’s at the door. I’ll go open the door! My Burhan is here… my Burhan is – Shama Bhabhi , did you hear what happened with my Burhan? Yes, I heard Shama Did you also hear what happened with my Burhan… did you hear? No! No… you… you heard wrong!!! My Burhan would never leave me and go away! I’m coming Burhan! I’m going to open the door! Shama, calm down! Come to your senses! Burhan! He cannot go leaving me! Calm down Shama… I still cannot believe that I got such a beautiful wife God be praised but you are looking lovely Oh no… how long has this been off I should have at least called mummy to tell her that I was leaving Bisma, hurry up! Its nearly time for the flight! One minute! I’m just getting my bag and coming! What’s wrong Mashal, you look rather sad I don’t know Sara I feel this strange burden on my heart Oh hey but you’re such a positive girl so why the feeling of burden? I don’t know yaar… I just don’t understand it myself Mashal, there’s a message from Madam for you Your documents are required for the admission to be done But I don’t have them with me Your admission cannot be done without your documents Yes… I know but… But what? What’s the problem? I don’t have the documents… I left them at the place where I was living So either get them sent across or go and get them yourself My going there is not possible Sara But there must be some friend or someone who’s empathetic towards you you must have someone who can get them for you? Hashir! Who’s that? He’s my cousin But my mobile got left behind Do you remember his number? Yes, I remember the number I’ll go borrow a mobile from someone Alright Its time for the janaza to be taken Shama is still unconscious inside and Bisma still hasn’t arrived

She’s an only sister but she still hasn’t arrived to say farewell to her dead brother They got married just yesterday they have the Valima today so maybe the in-laws stopped her coming He’s her brother! What kind of in-laws are these… cruel tyrants They could have at least sent her around the time of the funeral No my dear, people these days are selfish and uncaring of others Had they been relatives they would have felt the pain and sorrow God alone knows how much the sister must be suffering Patience son… You’re the one who needs to now look after things after Obaid Arman, son, call up Bisma and ask her to at least come see her brother’s face one last time I’ve tried her number several times dad but she’s just not answering her phone Uncle, its time for the janaza to be taken Son, just one time… just once, call up Bisma At least try… Here take it… I got it so now call him He cut off the phone call Shall I try him one last time? Yes, yes Lets go She’s not answering her phone dad Lets go Its time for us to take the janaza His phone is switched off So what do we do now? Look, they’ve come to get Burhan No! No, no, no! I wont let you take my child! No! Have courage Shama! Where do I bring this courage from… I don’t have any You are forcefully taking my child away from me I will die Obaid, I will die! No… you cant take him… you cant take him Mummy… mummy its time for the funeral and people are waiting outside… So what do I care! Let them wait! My child is not leaving… he’s not going… Aunty Shama… listen to me We’re getting late for the burial You! You took his life! You are his enemy! You killed him! You killed him! What are you saying! Mummy! Mummy please get a hold of yourself! Look… my son is saying that he’s his killer… he’s his killer! Let me go! Bhabhi … Please don’t say such things… Burhan!!! Burhan! Pick it up… Let me go Have courage Shama… have courage Recite the Kalima-e-Shahadat Don’t take my child away… My baby…. Burhan! Maa Sadqay ! Maa Wari ! Mera Shehzada ! Get her some water! Someone get some water… Sham… Shama… Shama… Shama… Get some water Three young men were killed in an encounter for theft and robbery There names were Burhan Ahmed, Shahid and Saqib Burhan Mashal? Mashal??? Why did you start crying on hearing the News? Tell me what’s wrong? Did you know those boys? Burhan was my uncle’s son Oh Uncle Obaid is very nice

I don’t know what condition they must be in So do you want to go to them? So tell me, do you want to go to them? No Please stop crying Shama Be patient… because there’s no other choice but to be patient Be brave My child… Brother Obaid, please make Shama understand just look at her, her tears just wont stop Shama… be brave Obaid, where have you left my Burhan My young son is sleeping in a grave right now while I’m sitting here still alive Why have you been so cruel to me? Shama, be brave We are all helpless before God’s Will But where is the rational behind taking a mother’s young son away from her??? Look Shama… He is our Divine Creator, He is our Master We can never understand His reasons for doing what He does I… I raised him with these very hands… I fed him with such love… I nurtured him… I pampered him with these very hands… and did you see… did you see… how when he was leaving… these same hands never even got the chance to touch him! I couldn’t even give him a loving hug! I couldn’t even give him a loving hug!!! No Shama… You need to be brave now You should pray for him to be forgiven How??? How do I convince myself that my son has actually gone? Oh but I will die without him! When one’s heart is hurting… its very difficult to get it back in control Burhan… Mummy, please Be brave The doctor has told you not to cry so much So what??? What will happen? I’ll die is all that will happen, right? Well, that’s good then isn’t it? My son is alone out there and I’ll have gone to him Its good… I should die For the love of God, please stop talking like this mummy All of us need you! Dad, Bisma and I… we all really need you! Burhan? Burhan? Come Burhan! Come Burhan! Come… Burhan Come just one time and I wont let you go anywhere again! Come hug your mother! Come Burhan! Burhan??? Come Burhan! Burhan??? Enough Enough Shama… enough You had become so consumed by your rebellion, your resistance to authority Burhan that you forgot all about death I wish that I could remember something good about you… some kind virtue… because then I could have prayed for you to be forgiven but but what do I do… no matter how hard I try, I cant seem to utter any words of prayer for you

What’s the use of a life… where you cannot even bring someone to utter a prayer for you Obaid, we’ve committed a major sin You’re right brother Abbas Any news of Mashal? No mummy, we still have no news We’ve searched everywhere… I just don’t get where she could have gone? Just thinking about it is what makes my heart quake… thinking where that innocent might be and what misfortune she might be going through I feel that Mashal’s curse has come upon us Curse? Yes If a prayer can bring good things then curses too shall not be in vain You’re right Obaid The moment Mashal left both our families have faced hell Arisha almost died and Burhan… he left this world You’re right We were very unfair and cruel to that homeless orphan… and even with Apa ji Look at what’s happened… I suffered all the curses and my Burhan left me… I have nothing left! The constant thought that fills me with fear is… when on the Day of Judgement, God will ask us, You all couldn’t, even together, bear the responsibility of one orphan?’ ‘You couldn’t even protect her?’ What answer will we give Him? Will our namaz our rozay and other prayers and offerings, help us get out of answering? No, never And now you two tell me, have you ever shown any kind of sympathy towards that homeless child? Did you ever treat her well? Fasiha, Arisha and Shama… you all were also very cruel to her You all disobeyed God’s command! And you two, being men, you failed to stand in for your late uncle as his daughter’s protectors God says in the Quran, a person who pushes an orphan, does not feed the poor… destruction and ruination is preordained for them Now you all tell me, will God forgive us? Yes? Oh Allah, we have sinned against you Please forgive us And please keep our daughter, wherever she may be, under Your protection Amen Amen… Amen Yes Shehryar, so have you spoken to the boss? Yes, thank you yaar I’ll try and come back as soon as possible In fact, I’ll do one thing, I’ll book my flight right now Thank you yaar I owe you one Arman? Are we going back? Arisha, ‘We’ are not going back I’m going back What do you mean? What it means is that I now no longer wish to live with you and nor am I interested in you in any way! Arman… I’m your wife

And I really love you a lot… Don’t you dare Arisha! Dont you dare mention love to me! I hate love and you after the way you’ve exploited me in the name of love! Are… are you doing all this because of Mashal??? This is not because of Mashal, its because if your own behavior Arisha! Arman, for the love of God, forgive me I know that I’ve made many mistakes But once… just once, forgive me You’re unworthy of any kind of forgiveness I never knew that the huge mistakes I made, would one day come before me like my sins Oh Allah, what do I do? Mashal, good people are like wonderful perfumes and wherever they go they leave their fragrant scent Uh… I don’t understand what you mean Ma’am? This morning when I was doing my round of visits and the ladies that are a part of your group of women, were all praises for you So much so that Rashida was saying, ‘Make Mashal my daughter.’ Ma’am, all this is because of the way my Apa ji raised me All she’s ever done is taught me to love She never taught me to hate anyone And its not possible that love not show its effect Anyways forget all that, , I called you here to tell you that Mrs. Zohaib is coming over tomorrow morning And she will handle the organization of all your documents herself She’s taking a real interest in your case without seeing or even knowing you Is that right??? Absolutely You have no idea of the kind of happiness you just gave me Ma’am Hello? Yes, yes, of course… this is Mrs. Shaukat Yes… right, she’s here Okay, Allah Hafiz That was some DSP Rehan He’s come to know that you’re here DSP Rehan? But Ma’am that’s my friend Ramsha’s cousin! Ma’am… Ma’am… please I don’t want to leave this place Please don’t tell him anything about me! Please relax No one can take you away from her by force Thank you so much Ma’am I only want to study now and build a future for myself Ma’am In Shaa Allah , whatever you want is what will happen Now stop worrying and go get some rest Thank you so much Ma’am You’re welcome Shama? How much more will you cry? Stop now You will become ill at night if you continue to do so What more does a helpless mother have except for her tears Obaid I always tried to make you understand, but you refused to understand You’re right I’m the one who pushed Burhan towards his death I was suspicious of him… but I kept covering up for him I’m convinced… I’m now convinced that mothers are responsible in spoiling sons and making them wayward I… I pushed my son to his death I did wrong by my son I’ve done a great wrong… I… I also did wrong by Bisma I’ve ruined the lives of both my children I also did wrong by your Hashir, please forgive me

Shama… this is what is the difference between ones own and strangers Ones own will always put everything aside to gather around one even if its over a minor thing Whereby strangers, they wont even bother to ask An example of it is Hashir Despite everything that happened, he stayed by your side throughout But Faraz, he didn’t even bother to phone us Gather yourself together now How do I do it? Shama, you need to get a hold of yourself Hello? Assalamwalekum brother Hashir Congratulations!Mashal has been located What! Are you sure??? Yes Brother Rehan just called me Where is she right now?