Mein Na Janoo Last Episode | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 31 March 2020

Nain, tea Wait won’t you ask me anything? What’s left for me to ask? You did what you wanted to do Did you not like Nihaat getting beat up? Did you feel pain? Tell me Saira Why did it bother you? He reached the hospital and me? You can’t even see me? Saira, why are you quiet? Okay so you’re angry at me Who cares about my anger? I just listen And what do you want to hear? Yes, I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it at all and I feel a lot of pain as well, that’s it Saira, do you have any idea if I wouldn’t have beaten him up, if I wouldn’t have made him lose than I would have lost you Nain, Nain, I am not a game that one creates a show and loses me or wins me over I am a human being Nain! Nain, I am going to go visit Nihaat You didn’t control yourself when you were beating him up but he still survived. I am going to go visit my sisters son Go ahead, it’s not like I stopped you from going Phupho, I’ll also come Saira, I kept fighting from him for you and you’ll go to see how he’s doing? You yourself said that I’m free then why are you stopping me? Alright then, I’ll take the both of you to Nihaat I don’t know what to say, it’s useless for me to say anything Nihaat, you tell us.. did Nain call you or you took him yourself? How does that matter that Nain called him or he went himself His condition is proof that his mind is still where it was You tell me Asma, will you still blame Saira for this condition of Nihaats? Saira will Saira not come? Where is Saira? Where is Saira? Nihaat, Saira has come to meet you Saira Nain, you shouldn’t have beaten up Nihaat, you did the wrong thing by beating up Nihaat like this You shouldn’t have beaten him up, you should have killed him because I hate him Saira I hate you, I only hate you Are you in your senses? Asma, let it be. He can speak for himself If he can do everything then let him give his own answers Saira Look Look, everyone found out Take a look, you cannot threaten me anymore. What will you say now?

Who will you kill now? Who will you leave now? What threats will you give me now? Nihaat, you didn’t feel any pity for me? You didn’t think even a little about me? I am a human, right? I am also a human You destroyed my marriage! You destroyed me! Saira Don’t take my name from your tongue! I hate you! I don’t want to have anything to do with you! Saira.. Saira you.. you yourself told me that you love me Yes! Yes, I said it! I said that Nihaat because you were strangling me! Like this, like this! You were strangling me like this! I said yes to save my own life You had gone mad! You would have killed me! That is why out of desperation I said that yes, I love you. You humiliated me in front of everyone! The person who I wanted to value me the most, you humiliated me in front of him! But now I’m not scared of anything, I am not scared of you nor am I scared of anyone else because I don’t have anything to lose anymore, not even Nain When a woman says no, then a no means no I said no, I stopped you, I warned you but you didn’t listen Nihaat then how is that my fault? I had become Nains after marriage but you took him away from me I curse you! I curse you that you burn in my hate! That you go mad! That you writher that nothing gives you peace Nihaat! Saira, enough.. enough Saira You will be alone Nihaat. I hate you! I only hate you! Tehmina! Kiran! Is somebody there? Tehmina, ama ji is calling you Let her. What else does she know other than shouting? I’ll go One second, listen to me carefully If you think you’ll be able to live in this house with respect then that won’t happen, you have the worth of a servant in this house, it’s better if you’ll remain living like that God is the one who has set my worth and he’ll be the one who’ll protect my respect and life Then why didn’t anyone show support when you were mired down in the accusation of adultery for years? Don’t say such things, you never know when karma could hit you Farah, you don’t have any complains from me? I never had any complains from you That’s true Whatever you did, I don’t know if you did or not, only you know that. But I gave you punishment for what I saw Who are we to give punishments? Only my god knows how much I’ve sinned and how much your son has sinned If you’re holding a grudge in your heart then how come you’re at peace? Why do you do all my work? Why? When a person is at peace, his heart becomes the witness I never had any grief nor did I ever complain, I was patient and I was compensated for it

One decision of mine destroyed so many lives Oh god, please forgive me.. please forgive me I’ve been posted to Islamabad. We’re shifting there, do you understand? I won’t leave and go anywhere else Did you see? Saira is still on his mind, he’s still stuck on her Nihaat, try to understand that Saira can’t be yours If she can’t be mine then I’ll be become hers I cannot lose Saira in any condition, I am telling you guys. I have to live with Saira Enough Nihaat Enough! Enough is enough You are coming with us, I will never leave you behind. Do you understand? I won’t go and you guys also won’t go anywhere This is my house, the decision will also be mine I am going to Islamabad with your mother, if you want to come then you can! Farah, if lunch is ready then go give to ami.. What is this in your hand? Nothing Give it to me Poison bottle, you were putting poison in ami’s food? No You want to kill her? I was just taking food for her I’ll tell her right now! Ami! Ami! Tehmina, why would I do that? Now that we’ve started the work, it will end Inshallah Ami! Ami, look at this! This Farah was putting poison in your food, I saw it with my own eyes You’re standing here and lying on my face. I saw this bottle in your hand myself Ami, I am telling you, she wants to kill you Thank god, I got there on time and I caught her red handed Ama ji, why will I do this to you? Why will I try to kill you? Because you want to take revenge from ami! Ami, she still holds a grudge against you in her heart. She wants to kill you first then me and then you Farah can do everything but she can’t kill anyone You mean to say I’m lying? Yes! It’s better If you stop lying now It’s been years since I’ve been having her cooked food, I never died then and why will she kill me now? Farah hasn’t done anything of this sort I am not lying ami! You should be ashamed of yourself for doing such a cheap thing Ama knows that you’re lying, she’s been good to you but she’s still telling you that you’re lying to your face! Farah, come with me What happened ami? Are you okay? Will you drink water? Drink water

Did someone try to kill you? Who is it? Where is he? I can’t see anyone here Thank god I came into your room on time otherwise you would have been in heaven You.. You tired to kill me.. You.. put a pillow on my face.. Waleed! Don’t make any noise What will you tell Waleed? That Tehmina tried kill you? How will you prove it? Tell me? I always supported you ami, only you. I always called you ami jaan, ami jaan and today? Today she became dear to you? She became one of your own? She is innocent No ami! If you ever call her innocent again then one night like this one, I will put a pillow on you and kill you and everyone in the morning will say that the departed died in her sleep and went straight to god Nobody will believe that Tehmina did this. I won’t let anyone take my home away from me ami Nain, tea it’s hot Wait Sit down This is not my place Why? Who took it? Doubt. I am not worthy enough to sit next to you. it’s better for you to distant me from yourself Sit down Saira Saira, can you forget everything and remember that I love you? Saira, I couldn’t know Why? Was I like this? Someone you love, can she be like that? I thought you would never hide anything from me You thought I was saving Nihaat I thought you shouldn’t be scared of him He would have killed you Nain, he wouldn’t taken you away from me. I didn’t want to lose you Saira I would die the day when I’ll believe that you broke my trust Look I know I am blind but Saira you were my eyes, you could’ve at least tried seeing by being Nain once then you would have realized that no one can make you helpless and no one can kill me And besides we don’t die when someone kills us from a weapon, we actually die when we die in somebody else’s heart And when I can’t even hear that person’s name from you then why did you give him that preference? I gave preference to what you said Nain, to what you said To what I said? What did I say? You had said that if he does something like that again you will kill him or yourself I didn’t want you to become a killer because of me I got scared because I love you. What else do I have? What do I have except you? Forgive me

Forgive me Nain, no So then just keep loving me, Trust me, Stay mine. Can you do that? Yes. Yes Nain Now no matter what happens in our life Saira, I will never doubt you and I will never leave you. I promise you Saira Ami, where are you going? Wherever my husband takes me because a husband has the first right over his wife and she follows him like I am, like Farah did and how Saira is doing Ami don’t I mean anything to you? How can you leave me like this? You are my son You are a piece of my heart I have given birth to you I can’t leave you alone like this. You change your decision please, come with us No ami, I can’t go. Please don’t leave me Asma! Let’s go now Abbu where are you going leaving me like this? You can come too, right now No abbu, I can’t leave Saira and go but you two also don’t leave me, please. It’s my request Alright, as you wish. I have transferred this house on your name you can live here if you want I have hired employees who will work for you I will be sending the money for their salaries and your needs There is no other right of a child over his parents, abbu? Being a father, I provided you with education, made you stand on your feet I have fulfilled my duties as a father and I will keep on doing so till I am alive but what have you given me? Alas, neither could you fulfill your duties as a son nor did you do anything to make me proud Asma come, let’s go Abbu, I… ami I can’t even walk. Don’t leave me like this Don’t leave me ami please. Please don’t leave me. Ami … Asma! Don’t leave me. What will I do? Ami, I, Ami I am Nihaat your son, I can’t live without you. Ami what will I do? I can’t walk. Don’t leave me, ami, I, abbu! Ami… You’re here? So you found out? The one who can reach within you, you don’t need eyes to see them You find out where they are and how they are just by feeling your heart Your breakfast is ready madam, sit down and enjoy eating Nain, do you remember you made breakfast just like this the next day of our wedding? Yes but that was the beginning of our life’s journey and this is the beginning of our trust’s journey and be relieved Saira everything has the taste of my love and trust Ama ji, will you speak the truth today?

Now you will keep conditions with your mother? I have wasted fifteen years of someone’s life Because of it I have such a burden that I can’t even face myself and ama ji only you can lighten this burden off me. One truth from you can set me free from this Kiran, Nihaat, Saira, Nain, Everyone’s life has gone upside down You will still stay quiet? Everyone’s life got destroyed just by planting one seed of falsehood ama ji You were the elder of the house, you should have kept everyone together and this is only one truth away Show some strength What truth Asghar? What are you saying? I don’t know what you want. All of us were happy here you came along talking about the truth It would have been better if you… Control your tongue now I won’t control my tongue. I have just started speaking You changed your wife, who couldn’t get her hands off her brother-in-law in the presence of her husband… Enough! Stay quiet! Why should I stay quiet? Why had she gone into Asghar’s room? She made her daughter’s excuse to meet Asghar Tehmina you’re crossing your limits now! Alright… if she can prove that she went into Asghar’s room accidentally then I’ll be quiet Ask her then who despite of being a married woman, in the middle of the night went into her brother-in-law’s room Ama ji, should I leave? Will once again motherhood lose to hatred for Farah? Ama ji if I leave this time, you’ll never see my face again No Asghar, please stay son. Stay Who sent Farah to my room? Who dropped Saira that night? Answer Ama ji Why are you asking Ama ji, how would Ama ji know? Ama ji knows! Is he telling the truth Ama? Answer please! Everyone knows that Farah made an excuse to go into Asghar’s room No! No lies anymore.… I was sleeping, Tehmina came into my room and she said to me that this is the only way to get rid of Farah, to portray her as characterless, by stripping off her dignity in Waleed’s and then she left Saira in Asghar’s room and I witnessed all this with my own eyes And she wanted Farah to leave this house and she takes her place. I came under her influence You’re lying, Ami. Why are you lying? I am not a part of all this. She did all of this, she did it Stop it Tehmina! If you say one more word, I’ll forget that you’re my daughter’s mother I’ll throw you out of the house! Enough, all of you please forgive me Asghar son, please forgive me. Waleed please forgive me Farah I’ve been very cruel to you, please forgive me. For God’s sake forgive me For God’s sake forgive me! They way you have gotten wounds in your legs, your knee is completely fractured due to which your veins have stopped working Nihaat I’m really sorry to say that you won’t be able to walk with that leg Now your knee can’t even handle an iron rod All this is done by your grandmother, not me! Whatever dadi did you supported her! You believe what others say more than your own mother? Mother? A mother’s every step serves as an example for their child but what did you give me? Embarrassment? Kiran I didn’t do anything Stop it ami, you put up such a big accusation on a respectful woman You ripped her off her dignity in the eyes of her husband and took her place, Bari ami had to face so much because of you. Because of the fire you ignited You are my daughter Kiran I have done so much for you

I went to all lengths to get you married to Nihaat and you won’t support me? Why did you get me married to Nihaat? Just to boost your ego? To win from Saira? No my love Look at my state. Neither do I belong here nor there. Where do I go? My mother’s sins are a rope around my neck I wish I wasn’t your daughter and instead I was the daughter of that characterless Farah and all this wouldn’t have happened to me No Kiran, I will fix everything. I will fix everything I will talk to Nihaat. Your house will be a home again I don’t want to live with Nihaat and what will you fix? Everyone knows what you did. Go from here Go away from here. Before I get so embarrassed by looking at you that I kill myself No, Kiran… Nain, you drop me off and come back, I’ll come myself Not at all. I’ll stay there until your paper gets over You will wait outside for so long? It’s better if you come back home and rest You are my rest and peace. Do you understand? Now let’s go Hurry up, let’s go Nihaat Saira Kiran Kiran, Kiran why didn’t you come to meet me? When I have come to meet you see what I got to hear Kiran I want to apologize to you but I can’t control myself I know We can’t control someone forcefully. Neither could I control you nor could you control Saira Kiran, , come back. Please Why Nihaat? Why should I come back now? Kiran, look at my condition. Look what state I am in. nobody even visits me anymore Ammi and abbu have left and I am completely dependent on the helpers of the house that’s why please come back I have no one These are divorce papers Nihaat Divorce? No I don’t want to give Kiran a divorce You are better off alone Nihaat, you will destroy the life of whoever you live with Kiran I promise you I will fix everything, mamu you made me your son Have you taken care of the ones whose son you actually are? All my life you played with my daughters’ and my self respect but still I never said a word to you. And today you are asking me to take care of you I will not divorce Kiran, I will be left alone mamu, I have no one, I can’t even walk, what will I do? Kiran I promise I’ll fix everything Nihaat I wish no one gets cursed on their words like you did You used to call Nain blind right? Now look, despite having legs and relationships look how helpless, alone and disabled you are. No one wants to live with you Nihaat Kiran don’t leave me, I don’t have anyone I won’t give you a divorce, I just won’t give you a divorce There’s no use, there’s no point son please sign this Mamu no … Mamu Sign it! Kiran… I don’t want to live with you Nihaat! Divorce me! Let’s go Kiran

Whenever you need help let me know, I will not come but I will help you out. Good bye I have taken a divorce from Nihaat… wont you say anything? Won’t you scold me? Won’t you say that all this is because of Saira? Say it! Do you have the power to fix everything that has happened in my life? Ami why aren’t you saying anything? Ami…Ami…Ami Ami… Sir… please have your food Saira Sir if you don’t eat now you’ll get sick Saira…