Pastor Stephen Pinto – The Place of Pressure

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her as soon heard the news, series 3 to 2. Zero. Defeat the use of eight 85 two stars for as soon as well as soon as she is still the news stations serving as you use for two kids periods Strip away from On the one thing is to use as much. As soon as an be as much as close as soon as she can you choose his or her teens As well as cents shipped to 5 hours to recently, sentencings Mr. Be reached via righteous because he’s the team’s conservancy’s to oppose the movie stars as some of the source, start because of your tickets, call 81 of these symbols of your teens. Of course. Answer the right shoes because he’s obedience and state. She’s about CSCO be about 2 inches from the 87. He stopped because of a sixth as soon as closing costs, because sending money they were to just pull into the press only: Coleman students in a sense of easing of equal, she told combination of importance: the sea is your actions as the two issues were talking to two, the per her her her and her per per per her her as we’ve seen since her in this moment of worship the new versions of some marvelous to new areas since then reality of the PC market is normally not, the two chains

His arms, you need is a speech recently, five to disperse. And as she tells of those two issues to the city’s streets and the 2077, so people be the rates as well as the Reds to our people as innocent and six more mentioned to worry , said the sentence was easy, June 26. He is still being raise money, then it’s all very close supposed to be closed circle Issues that came to the rest to use as eight, two, who chooses because it’s the second was based on its knees and a funny he isn’t sure which you work for handle a potential for your lines into these tents, concluded that the person and your efforts into these 10 states, it’s, Simmons the old folks to install seat, see, since it your plans to use permit the sale, signal that if you ask, don’t reveal ways are to be used to be, Cuc your teeth into law Charmaine one to show me over all, doesn’t show meal, small, go in this situation the time being, 62 and still sees some American Standard, you will affect issued its innocence, you spoken word about: kitty the people in the storms, assertiveness. The Soviets, and stand strong vision extends all can be released as the Spartans of your estate arena she sees five, everything that you have been trying to save trying to to see shows a bookish UC jury, about one many times we see the freeholder chosen to 1¢, to reprise of Assisi your people. It would be back to six Singapore, if we have more control over an apostle, closing the software report quoted with an alleged to be released? It was a visor competition as forgot to take charge of the two priest, corporation to misuse them to the bee, 81 It’s made these promises to be devoted to see comments as you speak these promising a pretty massive was just me, but I don’t know all that you have for me using a singer city should seek baptist preacher, but I want to stand before you were watching and the use of that, I want to stand would you have spoken for an unlimited use the signature dessert economic one I do not understand increased a simple one. But I do not understand every situation report at the stores where I stand for new musicians into the TV issues that, as you were just from trusted about ordinary TV is alive feature is the biggest health and healing sickness or CC to Gary so to him and his east and can you repeat after me a script. Peterson, who I believe I believe that no let them formed against me shall prosper for my righteousness is all from old but whatever I do when Prospero door I’m like a tree that is blunted by the rules award to prices redeeming from poverty crisis should be made from Cigna’s crisis should be immune from spiritual addicts top properties given the wealth to sickness he’s given me helped and forte please give me time Allies the blessing of the lord eight make it to reach me at snow toying with its it is true one to me a call into the water of guard the lordly perfect

package concern its main you know church you might not understand what you’re going through right now with a twinkle. Parcells is off 20 Seven are many times we do not understand about. Resort for one person can you beat L.a. this over your line is a pretty promising, since you’ve heard that the lord with profit to missing off of their fixture that that’s conservative meals to people said the lord with perfect that fits conservatory in all of my ways I will acknowledge him and he directs my Parks this pair of truth abides me and he teaches me all things any guides mean to all our troops the piece of gold which passes all understanding keeps my heart and my mind through price cheeses and things Richard Goode and the old and perfect and lovely and have good report I think all these things I did a piece of guard role in my heart and I refuse to worry about anything I let the piece of code role in my heart and I refuse to worry about anything got is on my side board is Amy now polled can be against me is given on all things that pertains to this lives and our team is there from a proxy, off his divine nature to him and Canadian travel or continental is a year if he’s grading Allies continue at the four visit is evil about the seriousness of the novelty him and him and please be seated as you see that these reach out to the Latinos and blacks and to go to sites are unaware Sunday night with the user is a simple story about. Canada Resources. The man him and that such a blessing to be in the house of port city. Sure that the commissar to Syria are you happy to be here today will serve those its core competency of my hubby only a few people and in some are you happy estimates uncle bill PM and eight months we have a few announcements for the week the marketable. People sense. On Tuesday marks the at 6:30 PM about the PDC to we have a reacts fellowship as a 1 to 5 corporation and the axis for you than power to succeed people research so if you will receive, we have the look of a church are issued. Please both young and old and 60 stores 86 or 1¢, coming together in seventy’s and discussing biggest issues Speakers to set up for calm it could be spiritual as well as once pitched 73 points or speech. Ignore people eighths on some days on origin one for every Sunday relationships based on the one stored on, or was it. I mean us your possible source reported two on other days it could be on how you could succeed in your exams before separate people must have been received, 6:00 AM so I was each and every one of few hours or will rise to insert if you see young at heart , Sargent called fall into the mix 6:30 PM. A pocket PC to the cost of about 803555. If five, and be a part of it. 1.25 it’s not like the church second thing about 100-8077 units and InfoWorld are interaction that we have executed. It works still eighths, and so please come and find out a nurse to 80 On Wednesday. Activity at 6:30 PM about the student will have a weekly bible study as a 103-2123. The topic that the discussing on now 83 systemic example, boys: discipleship service or seven be reduced or out and walked doll discipleship means with regard to the bible

Arkansas. SB seven he reduced or a similar. You know many people say that I’m a disciple of Christ server put us on CD set You can see that increased but what does that really mean makers to seven for Marty isn’t just following his teaching assistants uppermost resources office that make your disciple Mr. Singh up to force an RTC because Jesus gave as Alaska monument offices Yet the middle of it, 1 to 1 of his abortion start to CDC noted: to all the arts in not seek a plot on the path to the report and make disciples eight CMP DC so you would be meaning something very important because 7070 visit the campus of the samples so I urge you to come on windows 84516630 PM about 8 feet of the be a part of this bible study bought about a Sylmar to two pitch and know more about the sandwiches of one resists you reduced for a we have a women’s fellowship on that this coming Saturday and Sunday questions or talk about 25 and 1:30 PM increase of five so are the the women in the search for part of the Spanish it is some accuse the default on to the city would be going to this children’s film you call ability to sell the Saudis also to volunteer in some activities sorrow of both MPS activity report this is an orphanage basic forces in several central figure out all the children mean we are affected with HIV or is also sought down… BC, so we’ve been are trying to leuna postpone this for some time now our reserve your money out of 22 sort of resources since it was so that we can get more and more women involved in cereal with the 5258 or sick of it so this is happening this academic analysis of a supercedes 70% wanted me a few women to override 255 if you want to be a part of this jewelry on the par 68 I urge you to meet Sister Janet Duvall 0.7 points in the cells is to remind a circus in the bosses today via one, set in a sense here at the end of the service to the conclusion of this is your last opportunity to tools to be about affect the public are you posting it did before about as it’s often we have limited seats available as a war. The Passover one. It is acting they planning a set of mode of transportation off-season, question. And so could ease up one vote will be closed so we would be taking this up on a first come for services are normal, but the sort of. It so please call if you’re interested I are two to go and meet the sisters and O bridges to use and for the source and secondary seasons of 175 minutes for 72, do we have anyone here for the first time Mr. the market at the seaport article before anyone was risking us for the first act in your body and soul of one else was present, any one of the 91, is one sister year you’ll be getting a form of a program for minority set up this fall to reopen system up and give it back to the socialist 8145. The cells so that we can connect to do it for the week book and so your content I urge all morning on a few holes, newly toppled by 72% to solving the support of at least take the time and fit an employee of the system for me to ask any good omens, as the ninth inning we believe that you’re here for the reason all your toes into SQL eateries and not bite incident five. Corey Siegel it should be going for the offering, Percy rules of court Two years to prison, our new new new new new com New or beach to if they had a a bad as bad as the as they have a as a job they had a ms half as bad as they

had a job they had had a LL they had jobs as they had a job as they they had had a job he had a job they had a bad job if they had had a job as bad 1/2 as bad as they if 1/2 as bad as a-half off as 1/2-a-bad-a-half job as 1/2-a-half bad bad a high- bad-add half as bad as bad as a as a as a bad as the as-as-a-N-a-N-a-half job half-a-days and 1/2-1,000,000,000-a-half bad bad bad bad-as if they had a job as half-a-ha-ha-ha ha ha ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-AF job if 1/2-bad-half-a-half-a-half-a-hal had a- as-a-half bad news and the idea that the contested senate for this couple of minutes and thus help raise at the press conference that you can please put the west’s and uplift at the white says put your hands together again but some praise and displays a ban on gifts and other select had a million new name were that is so wonderful and the town is a modest UNC bodies that have been the same everybody’s so amazing that moment the word than the FDA’s journey that is one of worship,

arose as of this important. The one that is prepare ourselves to you from his words will appear on the compound with supporters will be to taking the time and made the sacrifice to come into the house of the college of the service providers to me, just one real reason some displays some gypsies are limited to preserve the depression of the year to date, and said I wanted them to the city will be present with most of the top of the DC at the time watching football and the entire night starting this week to be separate from the movies of the market which will be supported just one thank god for your presence and disputes. August resources to its money to prepare her for a moment to none of the city as workers. As one of the distinctions apology to provide all of the two were needs a more chin ning been a her one day soon the same as the as a as a V a S a as long as soon as a a a a S a V a job in a job as a as they had a job as a job in as a day job in a Z a job in a CNN-S as a bad job a day job in they had a job and a loss as a word they believe the racial and soon as the were seen as soon as soon as the cars as a Ukraine is on the song on the shading the or soon launch of a ease of a a an were the LME were soon GL in her season as GTE is e.g. saw a as soon as soon as long of a GC soon as a EL a SL a ND a L as high as

as as saying the LV a L a V-EC a L a job as a a a L a L a job as a job as a job had a LL a LL-a a test for the race is older than the same race NMS CDC-CLZ-as soon as the name of the server as soon as the CBS morning news of us a lot of them as the navy’s address any of us as soon as soon as soon as bad as they had a a EL a MENS a LL a job in a job had a job as soon as the age of a EL a SE -mail sat in the race this morning just-in-C-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-h -ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-h -in-a-0.5 million as of this time around this money in his mind on them in the house and the rest of the members of the anti-Asian I had this more as a complement of lovers of the decision made it this morning is a fickle Contras a model minister to you this ago, Henley and even as it take to seize that is, praying off the server will create an artist and again, discourages commit this moment far that I just thank you and to the worship of images coming to praise and worship the time of giving the time of sewing and sacrificed me just thank you note that read that we’re able to order you that everything that you given to us farther reaches to get the Glory for that even as we sit at your feet this morning we print that your presence were just saturate the space and respect for up to the words into our hearts in thank me come with this moment into your hand mortgages. Mary and Jesus to be Disgraces all we need him as a consequence for those and are taking some of your precious time but a one to turn the very quickly to the book of Matthew into chapter 26 or more But too short a six or disappeared to report one thing that it does one use the opportunity to welcome you to do this morning, which troopers for photos, joining us from the first time it this way, the researchers are without support for Mr., for those that are watching this were on the wording will fail to converge most part, more details pray that you missed this morning is to ignore you will, was. If you are so concerned about his group are too deep a threat to people that it was time for guard is Kurdish people on that our guard is grouped according to an all the time go to school and cereals or you are reading from at the top 26 in your bible some reading from vs. 47 downwards are two possible to Pierce the couple states and why he was still speaking below Richard is one of expand the great multitude of sorts and parts came on the cheapest and even if I would like to go back to. But for that back to assist 36, 1 to 50 persons and there. And the commission 27th article that Jesus came with

them to a place called takes me and said to his disciples stake here on a goal and pray over there any topics and Pete and do something separately and he began to be sorrowful and and deeply distressed and stick to them my soul and is exceedingly sorrowful even to get to stay here and watch with me direct evidence for that and fell on his face and prayed saying all my father if that is possible make the score pass from me know that there is but a sizable but as you were any came to the disciples and found them to sleeping with many to send the morning and set to Peter what could you not to watch with me 1 hour watch and pray there still is to enter into temptation the spirit and he is wearing French is we begin the second time you went away and prints and all my father it passed to me unless I think it your way and it can any came and found them asleep again for the icebreaker be so he left them and 20 games and prayed that our time saying the same words and it came to his disciples and sent to them are used to sleeping in wresting the old yards attend and assign a man is being betrayed into the hands of singer rise the respite going to see a Trier is a time when the store and this takes the time that would talk about today but it’s the com, a crucial be many times we don’t understand the fullness of this report the specs and Nepal, are pressing for today I wanted to stop about the stakes and am going to tighten the speed of message plays off pressure Shipments to do some research Work is still plays of pressure and it appears to be all faced different baby all we’re on a different places and our lives some of the vote would be filled, and we are under pressure all but different things and online, support the principle that will be shown some of us are under pressure to live up to expectations festival, LucasArts apiece or pulled reports live under the live up to two months select the mortuary the minds of society of people that are so stupid amount of work that you don’t, and minds of Ventura limited to the minds of our parents, aunts and sometimes they just under pressure to survive the public resources report that is to be a star so much in a meeting the minds of people but I need to survive that of a political be sure which way is to be pressure to back and told situations that are banging and up the circle the back of a citizen of the configuration some prestigious put 4 to 1 year to the police on the focal point for the kitchen to prepare pressure to even display your parents of the senate appropriations committee for two and depending upon where you want and left it tastes different types of precious little more multiple, compared the two of the filter and say you are on the deck journey to your destiny so is the different about the pressure and intensity The political battle that the city to what if a lot of people be a piece of property and it brings us to this text when that Jesus is that it’s a mini these other support for abortion sentiment this is on the mount of all its seizure of more than the garden of that some members of the predictable get so many in itself means a place of all impressively determine the origin of the deal, over the place and that we and the bible says another consolations that it was is passed on to gold deposit a picture failed because it builds up 2% from a federally about that is not the first time he’s been to this place has been considered a political disorder for the company than ever he was a Jerusalem this was a suspect place to shop for depression was alleged that you will be only a call. This is probably the place that you went away to spend time unknown with a father because

the delete any publicity department away from the crowd that away from the pressures and that the minds of the crowds away a place of escape and wrestler the police or the more than 40 states probably a place when he was recalled to be generated, while the position of the displaced also means the place of all impressed some university que sera your own place, and this was the place where they used to extract to be all in the from the one that says you have enacted the table, we departure The city and the process of extracting on the boy is very different in the process used extended the lead of the people feel date that the pie and along on and on all rooms are parties that road all its yet that’s it for soared into Saks and that put it on top of the title is on appeal reviews of the day that, the service and they have this huge beam that the space on top is that they are deemed being are dates are weeks old. The plot the mental patient and they start putting pressure on that plate as it keeps coming down the old database system set up a consultant at ease the pressure that extracts the all in the from the corner is in a place your colleagues answer key buckets and we are the hence more the pressure more the only preceded the peace operation of the soul demand. And all employee is expensive in terms of the court share the prize that the pain for the point is not what it calls for the owing to come out to the party, payable above the knee, Peter of paper trail don’t paste that don’t place the value off the boat people and based on the price you pay for the products that bit of the butt of a notary public Peter to pay Paul Watson be cut if you really want to know how much it costs for that point to, to just need to ask the corner of Tennessee to report a complete with paper was a peak of the mother of the because the only they all have to explain to you and try to tell you the pressure that I could go through to produce what appeared in custody, if that’s the technical, the place over TCP Port it’s available and demand in there and you can enjoy the benefit of the light but you don’t understand the pressure into went to give you what you have the cheap portraits to be a fair discipline that report what the subcommittee that other state Atty. support guess you enjoyed the money at bring at the end of the month two of the house and to pay out there and so we cheaper to post the topic of people all over the shoppers are portable pulled the departure of a duo don’t I and the pressure and then through to get me to where I am a gene called prop up the subject of a simple mail support you don’t understand the pressure of that I have that work to produce spectacle of a presentation: pour the PSU CPR mount but be a more just and does not want now that justifies the pressure that you on to produce you have a problem in a more public suspicion that place or permission before put some of idea. I’m talking about you to buy the pool and many people don’t understand the value that you have people come up with other data they don’t understand the sacrifice that you go through (certificates could understand the pressure that you’re on the peace your petition and all that this eases the outcome because coach for Baker and distance to build a simple but people who have been working and people that have been producing a result, to put these in setback to check met with justifies the pressure and I went through the property after the shaker, for a pharmacist future mate with either some in the principals to be and Jesus went to the space agency that the Atty. also do a meeting place; it will hold it up the place of escaping the place of peace and hope to see what the hell you paste at the place of commit to you to permit still the meeting places one is significant to guard and you don’t cope with the cities chosen to two because god always looks for a place where he can connect with the station said it was applicable divinity and human humanity connecting that if the money to support make the body was a place of connect to you that operated under the politics is not enough between them and connected with got connected to Marin counties of the devil have supported they’re too but got walked and talked to them and the poly much of it to an end by defeating was no more he he he

drove the rose was up and said I want you to pay me tabernacle in Oscar is other than the taxes enacted week but I want to listen and the patch I wanted to live with my peoples of the Divac, but I want to have a place of connects the lead you to clinics of the tabernacle was outscored the place of meeting recap of articles at the end of the local and NEC with Salomon you place a room with southern Pacific time proposal a close your Glory of god came in the style of the two even if the city god is always looking for a place to Confucius to provide you with text without a lot is looking for a meeting place to share your approval, it is a time of the time of prayer is a top of the pa is a momentous meeting because people public, it is not just that action out of religious appearances are images of compassion city possibly the biggest of the shared but it’s a place for got to connect with us again the oldest as applicable and talk to you in the body when you reach out to him but open to the share is always looking for that patient has a value to put excel and the space for two Jesus was so significant tapes in a taped demo of publicity was that symbolizes a place of can make a study of the unusable Eastwood is perfectly prepared to conduct its many lookout dedicated when I think about a garden no scruples of the others think about a place where they can this go away above flood of juanita’s if I can just enjoyed being sure what indication that they need to try to drown out the weiss’ that are trying to bring disturbance and I live coals and see all the fat: the political activities are wired the birds chirping in the flowers and the trees and the fruit software love and these were sold 44 winter and many a time that could be in what this garden symbolize to two cities that are of little pieces considerably the aisles and issues and but this night was two for the state the lead for a place of escape some of them are dependable that it took effect in a cell now has become a place of pressure metals and the party still and place of recipes are you good people now has become the play’s pressure the theater to go and do the preschool and Jesus has come to the end of this alive and well it should see a URL for the service to pay 33 in the house. Wolf was only the beginning that Houck years and ministry Poseidon you because every bit the Enumclaw from a string briefing by the reach of the deeper into recession healing and giving a second free. Inside the ninth but now it’s all coming to this point to send a clear support where he set the wedge only be of the pulpit of his destiny as a beast the purpose of this alive because of it always come down to this one last night the semester December 6 army that the entire he’s an office like is going to be unfortunate to track the source of it is possible to be wary because Cal was just the next day, Clayton showed up and we often talk about calories of about a call and the often preach about having a showstopper it’s absolutely right because without having to be would be held a systematic like a supplemental place Calgary and the duel between god and man the called the public has a single greatest by Congress to reconsider the conciliation center is set up to call the recall seeing as the single greatest act that changed the gala depletion of paternity to set up the cash or SQL server that NT and the choice act and the release of the call but we often forget that Smith didn’t appeal support the team and Cal was the manifestation of that decision and get some of the quantum and is the sort of bizarre to get the money and offering in our lives default of the people don’t get the CD out to people or to get to see the outcome of the situation of like a really simple reason that it’s because there still but no one recognizes that that is adept so many before progress of the quantity of data many are, quote you know the times of you gets Indonesia plummeted more than 10 times that your pride for only the whole company said the times that you 40 or older but to send the times that you gave up and said but I can’t do this anymore culture, 27% poverty with a manifestation in the public and quality money to stop but gets many with the pressure in the private nations to get the money to the police report

and you can truly never understand and appreciate candidate who don’t understand it summoned into the Chevy Caprice in a closet report will purchase a persecuted with the idea. And that understand that Jesus knew what was happening to publications as does a person it was his decision to come back together so fully knowing what does gonna have to set this up because it was amidst all social plane was decided it was his last trip integers of these and any employer says it wasn’t a NT try to prepare his disciples attack to talk about it the same capacity to aura of a small but they can understand the recall people he then I believe that even as he was growing closer to Jerusalem to place a portion of the dreaded as you approach the walls of Jerusalem to push in the revisions are and BackOffice money will be knowing that as a public because they never understood the purpose of the default in the paper says that was so caught up in the manifestation of the titles listed only meant as a video and many people and Christian church don’t understand the perfect of that the purpose of Christian Electronic Data collected by the people that accepting that is caught up in the manifestations of $1.00 a gallon in the police often at the launch of the preview of indicted at somebody say man on that, in the heavenly. And even at the table when he’s breaking bread in the capital to hold about he upgraded the suffering from print commune in one points either to dump 10 to the open up a novel on the reporter said it’ll be up and the bread and the widest or all of the company of thing: that these are the pride of a deeper into the office capers or our assembles the company bought the old but I’m upgrading its estimate of the last of Saint Michelle Nielsen of this is now the representation of me is a systematic legal persistence of my party society of orange, so this is a new composition of the deals and ended and even that intensity of the situation is on and off the press proposed a message was still they can understand the Moorpark quickly and now he’s going to the garden event, you will drop to any told his disciples week and will be to the cities of Palmdale that the markets and each is to prevent an innocent people walk you through a round of the crowd of the 5000 sheep in the 42nd is no longer the product to 7000 to 46. Not all the people that he invented the modern the state that was set free Internet was the subnet mask indeed the baby now he’s come to a moment that is just him that I have only that, we and the three that he took in the collection of your because I believe that there was a moment they said that if anybody can stand with me in this moment of my greatest power point of my position at least the study guide to what is it because the president of the most important: to toast with the support company was the first one to really the bullpen for land dedicated communist about privacy and and the sons of savage and enjoy the next two anything specifically shocked the show even handle close connect with the spring event in the politics of the push of a piano was that help them start the ministry that is a little be a colostomy that was the study that he talked about the prices they should support the peace and he then was 80% of the one place in the puppies the study’s author just to be status as the company was the one key figure that one of these of the only two that had a revelation of the translator a shame black and other former prosecutor said the only two that solved what Dole Food and the Jesus was based on what to eat at ortiz’s it off to proceed with these whether to me that so imposes an analyzed the talking with what has released into the night the piling on the west about speaking of bands upon the footage of Apollo is anybody understood before anybody would be standing would be it would be pleased to see that a shock to the plate, for that support any tube and an event to the garden. People here that we have a widow says only two and three and one of the palm PC party and women further issues chicken coop I don’t need to be the typical the trust you that you gonna pray for the purpose of the common person object of interest with a deep understanding me in my criticism over for them to do that, over PVC and never asked you to do this before. The senator might never sent ever before, and they can prevent me because I’m going to do something big issue they share the Dakotas with the people of this kind of

organizers need to disable Moshe percent of the disciples for eight weeks to perform, and the bible says he even further in the rich people up, all he was a role in the case and you have to understand one thing you can point to how their book kills people out to you workbook to report to detect no matter what too dumb to sacrifice our discontent people for two people your destiny is yours and yours or rollback is intended to send it to point to rely on other people to help you get to where you need to go into that the capacity of a percentage of the payroll to party be you would be stuck with the kids talk too much personally support in their name and you are all supposed to just like a proud with asset bubble permissible inflicted on the stand that the people that are parting that today to call the police, to the proposal deeper that you’re sleeping around with today in the solitude to quotient is it OK if I speak normally two years, but part of an assault idea. They’re not gonna be the ones that is gonna be that you to achieve a distance of a 6.7, but – if it were basically said, is so what you can produce us for a command was the voice of a report that you probably have money in the title of the NL’s NBA repeal for the good time shows as the people, but reel people would do little for reliever they show up in your heart to replace record to record the park police order to work and somebody say American or so. And the preselect in the classical book because you would understand that this journey is yours in your son or about one of the sabbatical that’s your idea And surround you in the short people involved, but never speak with you when motion is a pusher and has even gone and print it, kill sea. He came back the first time you have a copy of any sort them sleeping. He didn’t want to alter the army is that people although they say that would be needed to defend the someone pointed to several people truly been there but understand the intensity of the pressure that are meeting in Oakland, seven opposed to the PRI selected to the because it is not their patient custody by the PRI still are you with me. You have to face the pressure off you’re like most of the time and no doubt about it all to that of a centerpiece of the 37 am I gonna get some payments this morning in the idea And the irony of this entire situation: the perfect for cell is that Jesus is in the garden supposition, beat out there and reminds me that to it as the garden where the first problem started days, but was it the ratio of dollars of American people will pay less, died in the item friend sent a boorish of delicate by billy Peterson the bible that Adams decision brokers to manipulate a shot that can be solved that Dominique of my teachers are bodies is known and stop in the garden issues and the people support have I done at the close ones man’s decision that route system where the seashore bass are a couple pm Eastern Wyoming and so he disavowed us a vision software; pickup openness and the idea is not in the gardeners who have told us a lot in the shot by defeating it was a charter and he was spraying 830 the first time a vehicle uses, can’t I can do to see some of them are part of their father can do this they should the benefit is just too much for me to file a report. I know that you’re the board of the impossible it consisted of judicial abortion, know that because to the board of the possibilities you can make an impossible situation: sickle to the prosecutor chipper fell 4% of the city to despise I know that you can make a way to sixth with the issue because this is to work hard for me to take us a seaport of this report will but not mine will be part of the market and this is what you want to split two for I would submit to the park Arbuckle peace, and became the first avenue stores to sell persnickety novelty of leave the city’s open the door. It’s a row. I know now I’m old interest or the norm to see that as a publishable systems and back the people, and cried beginning to sell or close them for a shell of the hue and taking off the paternity was on a shored up recently and the police to stop or a shell or fuel being here to be a national poll of coaches for PC pollution abatement was on the shoulder belt base of support official, any crime and said, I can’t see your guy in my strength back onto this is unfortunate, but it’s not in people’s minds are

sitting muffled thing and walk away Shirley Macbeth because it’s too much to carry the seaport in Singapore the but not by the department will be no speed and net connections and it came back again because the old embassy public issue is separate from a form 1 hour to be a portable, and I understand that and how one might prejudice to one for most of that state that these are the people to become to be left without becoming one make our will be an acquittal in their it came in the recipient of a neighbor, and the bible says that’s pretty he went again that he put about you will need to understand the pressure that was unchanged has won the Prix circuit decision never before at the embassy that he played the same Pratt Preate time shows the pray and use a ceo pay you couldn’t do this anymore to do this any other state that and have I got all the actions from you to a petition Federal Reserve is a precondition that concerns the solicitors could show probable I prayed and you told me to heal the sick and raise the Shalikashvili in the multistate a malicious and people but never has never been mentioned that he prayed that there’s a tiny devotion to the people of all for the same letter and shall and sometimes we pay them more relieved more righteous than Jesus is a little patience for patients reported once you pray that god is enterprise: an ally of the infertile reporter and the Jesus prayed for each of the staff report uses but I can’t take the start of the cards into possible consideration the people and limited in by inmates human body and the midst of all the money sitting the Tigard on the upset when people are not the guy with the times of grief for almost a party which are often is also applicable after an opening in another place the bible said the endangered came in minister to them, or between the source over the mobile, too. When no one stands with too much to pass on the future that will guard as police with you too deep for that even when you think that the people that you trusted the most severe shortage of the preschool skills and let you down the public if this piles of the polls your children to solve all your best friend, they are the people that you’re given up everything told you shop that the couple will even when they don’t stand with you that no specifics of the Todd is always you need to show that ended and the bible said the angel of cannot be less than a gentleman Friday edition came and strengthened in the loop level for pat him and left him up to them that they’re so this measure would understand that the security of the situation with the publicity to misplace all have crying need a result of spreading for the lot of pride severely and attended many times also spread they’re got me a call to find out how many of us has spent blunt make little to move all over the city’s soul Perot’s to play with me yes. But in a however think and spyware situation is a pocket passer penalty to a never become back to the intensity in taxable as a lot of the pack (and possibly predicted would be acting that the Fabrice Becker for the passenger plane isn’t any pray that the bible said that his sweat turn to belie the provider detected up the query is sort of this year and you pray the party of god take this away from the two and one physical and as a disciple slept about reducing the DSS for suppressed shoes and the priest and sometimes you can be so disappointed before predictable history on the sacrifices that you make to the second fiscal two people and show that they never won a sacrifice for your leadership was a certificate sometimes we ask local why do we need to pray like this is of the one possible because of what is the use of coming on a Friday night and praying for the Chelsea Clinton to the report before the group reported that as people that they praying for his part in all my son open the show Clinton appealed for 10 fared much better ones to come getting to seek further details of it is impossible and people up to the people I just leaving their life on the own terms you caught me to come in to seek financial pain of the Korean family to filter that said, why do I need to sacrifice for them that publish the statistical and that was Jesus is crying and maturation. The key issues these guys are sleeping seashore told they don’t realize I’m doing

this for them in the Viennese topic is to put people enjoying their lap and you don’t realize we’re doing it for them in the shows the season opener is that some people to be established to solicit that it is even a part in the status and what about closer to my decision in a portion of artists. And people can take you so far the shopper, tomorrow will begin you go to borrow Michiko a full system and people would be there to take it to only a certain distance is also one up, so it’s a paradise, if used albeit a storm in most of its know we sell you will never become more that is supposed to be the service could just wasn’t allowed to tell yourself that even though they don’t believe me I’m going to go further and see the plate, was a vessel zero they don’t support me I’m going to go further support the person that I have said that are not stay and play with me I’m going to go for all six of a copy of it was a bit of a city that I don’t understand it but I’m still going to go further and see the corporate passionate issue levels as I know what I’m calling for his unique pressures to consider papers up in the http and sometimes to end once you got to be bearing to be known. A couple of course it’s practical Prieta send that is not Pocono to the purple. But the only way you would buy and sell some of our policy is you Gotta make a decision that you would call 400 on that basis of the most recent idea. Because we’re the people that around you, the shop with political they don’t understand that this to me that record for competitors to crack into a penny and Jesus took them three times to these disciple seizures receivable report all incidents that and says that I would do this all over for injured and for one and you pick three times in to see for themselves and the people for the two together four item number three doing in the scriptures that Jesus prayed put himself in the seventh that wishes of people didn’t end as he speaks with and black people keep the events and so the pressure is so great separation, call because the Corning is great sign of any call be careful what you pray 4 to 1 of the people for the castle multiply what you wish for swap reporters about things that we like to wish for Grapes destinies of worthy goal is to be green light in the fourth grade corning’s off the fourth quarter: but I pray that use me like that perfect solution to today’s concert at grace that you use me like that big business about his vocal support nothing because we have attracted to the Glory, selected that block but we don’t want to go to get some in the roof of a participant, and note that the church is attracted to the Glory, because these are too, but I don’t understand that the board in the resurrection started with a preparation and get some republican opponent is which of course, people started to burn the women. If you don’t go through get some of the balanced budget, you will never walk into your Glory question about channel that will it starts with a preparation and get some examples that a person and it’s a preparation dispute deal and afar, is it simply partial and paste of Buena. Idea Demand. You can’t party yourself to your destiny to about the vision for defense, to offer that you can stick yourself up to greatness about, and she parked nearby dried up to somebody else’s sacrifice for your breakthrough into a publicity to prepare for people to discontinue got to go through your gets many too far to go up to this addictive and any pretty time CPU Airport three times of better understand why me to do this, chewed up with them fix But I’m going to put my foot down for the sake of your mission aboard were four people at the dinner in ministry reported Tuesday of a turnover have the permission to to preach of treating the parameters, does anyone about it, for that ministries that is the calling of service in the spirit, and Mr. Anand and when you call it when you saying that I’m giving my time for ministry have to be critical for the purpose and inside giving my service to god and his kingdom to be comfortable Service Centers for one idea you would be so far but most often than not to make place will people look at ministry as an opportunity to resolve the political report

not as an opportunity to sell an important because some people as a corporate entity to be sold to the report to keep that would save an opportunity to exhibits Michael and a simple two people for its still, that opportunity to accept that’s my potential poets people pull passing all present it but you know everybody ministry to the parties as a pass or not that because they’re there to sell me show that a person, because the pesky yourself get there for the Glory center software, but only people to consider what therefore it’s a mini server computer and it never been one of the Monday for the Glory, call play with me and I can spend over to speak openly and I see this point and in a church is not about the church in our church in parts of listener, because you want to one and tier two vertical for some time during a recent article for storing to the puzzle to foresee a pickle ball but use of guard on Yorktown Bridge this isn’t just about the pope record is not not like you all would be done but not my friend to the city of the public that may come up with supple plaza to the prayer of Jesus a political opponent, peeled issues we’ve installed as long as it it helps me the most of the Wilson of purpose and status of resources’ convenient rest of the postal purpose of the holiday no longer becomes convened a force in the protocol for that you won’t see me to go figure. So we have so many questions that sign that you will see them to the purple Lebed republican from the Sullivan award each of the prep team to be there for some time but anyone see the whole look into the port, reported Sunday, not attend worship game that be the percent and the ones who was up to 40; it’ll get reported any other ministry with the public about why even in church member of the why because we want to serve board based on our way to pass, false evidence to the report will be and garden never use somebody who is selfish and to devise some extent there some key points because of a sideboard based on your town messaging of prophecy because some people on us like to take the board for yourself to set a public love people and every question would go to war breaking moment these jackets are, some will go to level it so many moment and get some money that the question would be arson to show some opposing who has been BU sell that ever opened the keys that toppled as the use of your wear safety before opening a way to conform to mind their political platform a leveling the company into alignment with the intensity of wall or the continue to live life on your intellectual trigger these are people on these idea. And sometimes you know it is but I don’t like it departed the citizen in parser have at it as an fee includes some of the park there is sometimes depressing some of the foreign key for us to come and prayed for the people and the people don’t care if you pleased with the substance of the same about a howl what I want to die on the possible way that you ask me to believe that people don’t care to publish the original quarter, to the people that parses a decision was up to me I’d walk away skeptical of the money because the and that’s what the core of ministry is so difficult to separate them in the second wall because the same card and not serving the am serving you go to the citizens of purpose of my time is your time impossible to my money is your mirage or super national my energy is yours in the GC, using either way you want to use his vocal juror idea in the protocol of ministries, easy but then, he started, and the call to Christianity is never easy being a penalty kick some people first idea And many men to park avenue. No school reporter for you. There was a change to the partial schmoke because that before he was distressed that he was he was under pressure of falling PC prices still but the study came to the samples are looking guys restaurant in the publicity blitz. If it wasn’t as good now get out because now the time has come. If it did was to deploy and in the default helped me a host of December but as they spent time in the presence of boat people move the prospect of appeals to two he spoke PCB, patient in the moment of potential Pope Paul the PC and the only way I am able to handle my pressure you should wear, she should’ve a piece is because you replaced it with this piece of

seven for prices to reports that it the only way you would handle you get some way of defense for support, is when you have an income two with Garson often complain, Tenney gives you his piece that passes understated on tap into parts to produce peace that puts your heart to read set the tone that the outcome. But I know it’s difficult to see them succeed but I know it’s going to be painful as it is what got me know I’m going to be an all-oldies into civic person that already run away and not going to be a noticeable so sick of people what is the confidence to face of what the U.S. naval forces capable is who is returning to keep that it will heavenly of the many couldn’t begin to understand Alaska Temple hills and another nation of god is with the anonymously together a qualitative apiece in your the way the company still can you be able to go 4 to 2 parts to the piano who might be a role in that situation even though you might be forsaken by been able to pull the punish all but you will have the confidence of coconut even though I don’t like the situation is even a lesser god is able to take my planes at the political map one is able to take my suffering of the polymer that what is able to take my finger on mortician got is able to take my loneliness of sleep two and turned around on his Glory to listen up most of what goes on to get some money] about 80 hours of sweat time in 90 as a patient was not obliged to seal the soil and was prepared to handle it despite the processor fitted with Africa’s until never handle choices session in a quality never prepared indexes are needed to prevent its most people are putting all the defense our promise of people and will face as suffer a loss to Oakland is always as a Jewish and the featureless and why we had defeated a republican who is why a runaway development of the reasons why we give up the middle because we never prepare ourselves fortunate people in debts and many computer but guard says it should be this is mine where the similarity this is what I helping to scripture, and when you and I knew when to my velocity turning purple Kennedy of into a creek. It also added made a bad decision that are shirts and agony of the people that is shorter than the source, corporation Jesus minute decision the broker, the sieges of their decision on his inability to a how the cheeses break because that was a reasonably pleasant praise and worship, washable issue wasn’t even the prairie to them about the it wasn’t even the blind, but assault it was his position is that is still the only way that you would break the console Assembly report please omit the sort that you can’t praise awake through it to me about is the role if it was the way you can’t play awake through winter sustainable Yzerman ~ you have to make a position to the podium is still an idea in the end a moment of intense pressure assembled a pleasure to be made to position the encoding is that many of you were here too People with multiple use us about 1 minute decision away from eucalyptus breakthrough so I’m mistaken DC circuit that because it are affected in any of you today “I just want decision a way to support into a decision from leaving our lives of decency to configure the but god and never make that decision for major version reportedly sought never forced the closure said before Saturday’s you deny the charge, do decisions that affect, he says I’m leaving the decision to you and the support Mr. Is still a question that you need to ask yourself that the shoppers to the proposing is either going to continue to do this you always above to go to repair the parcel are you going to spend and not be all back killing your witnesses guardsmen as that of a personal travel to do well to help with a click of a republican two but are you willing to make a decision made to play up organ is not one of the park by permission of a PC that might seem a lot of [but not by name of a legal but you were you in all people a cost of building to submits to that russia’s Sergei are but a police report suspicious 5% of the gritty cheeses and you’re the proceeds of a poem. Poet joy Picus said the four and four others like it did before every moment he was earnestly sessions update the solutions courtroom will shepherd a decent

ownership, he was reminded of what you and me it’s an updated that will because of one man’s to begin possibly software from all we are here to be sold for 40 degrees and why he quit state for one that decision point across some of his operatives interest in national polls because he made up his mind in the garden supposed to represent is still bullish on the less you make up your mind, like the 2.2 pieces of you would never call false impression that it will continue with me this morning and even always struggling to control the back because the backing his mind and guardsmen mind that goes for us to talk to the back of the two leaders, but the performing use submit the sale of skirt and keep the ball down your name at the core of the people semester with how painful it difficult it can be a part of Tuesday he would take you through the birth defect, as idea. The only reason why Jesus went to go through the process, so we can choose the person or is he prepared himself to PRI party made up his mind that the SEC and made a decision in the that’s why he could be dollar bonus to the disciples you guys are still sleeping that soak again approached them to go to pick apart is its ability to limit for the growth of cable competitor or mike Bordick and pray that we now see what’s gonna happen because of a deal with appropriate question never put the blame on them to send me up and publisher was he knew that it was his destiny to achieve guards are excerpts that is to beat the bills to force the bubble, but he is and will then be don’t go where the to: The loss, but over the first thing we to report that shows, it was to blame so was typical of the system will buy patterns can give me this education department that could be stored there still nobody supported me through this decision that someone to book because it sits it always one to blame someone else workers over the depressed and Jesus issuing as inches and while you have to take the position yourself therefore to be sober, and you can’t be willing to go in orbit Jupiter pianist and because your destiny is yours and yours on the web is to beat a path to your purse and your purposes individual, depending not corporate to pop the issue below sold Jesus knew his purpose is to permit system and those bills that time that he back to the event told us about the only but he can form may even see that compound and informed instance where to go to conduct call for miss a forgettable you in your back, Fables and backbiting that many of you have gone to a moment to get some anywhere you cried and senate can’t get out of the situation, with other facility to the PRI mitigation report Friday button possibilities and set god take this couple is: if you do the post. Take that shot only knows how the American interface as a lot away the Kuwaiti ports to a still a god never change the situation there was a success shows a person to a still is a long, this report writing and got sick to part with migraines support all up to the desired mission to prepare a specific for you to step into which eases the dishes strengthened and peanuts and gave him a species and producer And that’s that these to be that strengthened and novelty for the crusaders before and quantity, although few would face across little servers, before there is no shortcut department that is both the ski cap by DC everyone would face shop proposals offered us, but the question that you need to ask a cell with that the policy and might prepare Swedish are or what is the head of steam, because and in Christianity would like to talk to the report destiny and press saying that were killed in that part of that is in the peace and still the Jesus said would take up across some issues with the bookstore and four on the issue that is a question that he’s asking you to the beach and that is still oppose, I you prepare the two of the party as no one is, caddying for you updates on about all this work will are you prepared into play to face what is ahead of the process to convert and the only way you would do it in San Juan a picture that you could define bill Gates’ secret to the report that some of the annex and you’ll get some additional completed Monday that he would pour out disgrace support unit because of the circle and his strength on you use of all anyone he endured the deep into a position that permit was issued bases I’d be signed with

the mission is to perform cheeses and she wishes no turning back , but the cross performing a quadruple I have decided to PC. I have decided two PCT no one can decide for you concerned that these people will I have decided to shoot the CD to formal cheese this week when she’s is that the defection of your life and 73 that are truly can you say I have decided to have long since she is the kind of a default points ahead of music labels to prove I am ready to carry that process the apple can apply I’m ready to face my situation here for customers because the only time you can do that person for dinner. If the confidence that you begin text see, called fuels picture of the two. Find your pitching and hitting and back to prepare you use an occupant of the four yukinori, it is time to feed when print Benavides one of three right now. We’ll be in a row that the conduit in our one supreme court, fair, above all for this so many times, and so we can I just one run away, the ratio of the directors would give up the machine at home, sometimes the pain is so sending a different method will season times the weight is so heavy for republican who sometimes that two years or so that all announcement came one day the goddess into two kids at least you all the best are about as soon as the search for you to get the Data Service sector. At this time you should be faster be at 42 to the county of CQ to test me to my own 2 feet long and does so that you can leave your life when you’re trying to keep the peace of the conformed to my video called for buyable, whether you pay the friend the city to be that you would be done that you would be done, Pacific, neighbors and never understood the statement , computer as CP, seven guardsmen is trying to be accomplishing unlike the fighting a runaway of scalability as a result, because of a lawsuit because the cost of the charity gets so many other key officials sometimes too heavy to bury for a political dynasty to the student of mine, too. East of the sessions to e-mail he missed my strength of the release notes. If I have started a good couple and not completed to seizure, steel, English, if I have to call you have an unqualified use them All the stuff that is not the case so far with energy consumed the East Coast and in fish of them don’t walk away right now, don’t walk away from the death of don’t give up, because the prices have been the scene were you so the couple is resolved, as her were one of the pressures of your E valley, vision and robin from the promise of your turn to foreign affairs committee, and your taste. These were pieces of movement that you have to sign some of these cheeses made a decision in the garden, but it’s your ms , the im ready to face any shares her soon because I know would still be, as per annum if you have prayed that , as the mountain mine, ’cause my name on my feet, mind you, but one that’s what you want for the rest of her descendants that this issue so long to be the full of the scene but it is the only decision that you have seen this service is available as though she soon as the sun for your way to use for an easy means something you have been the main as her no one would stand if you soon as possible during the seven holy land and other briefly what has been shown before you go up even understand your tears and sweat and tears from cinnamon, one of the citizen of the visit is not that close to their custom, one only you understands the game and fresh air to life on them as one another like the pressure that is put on the corner extracts the volume of these of investors may soon be sold at least the pressure that was put on you as it strives to see as a review The fun of the Soviet position while Sony is the dean of the known she’ll never police did not see the case were her a soon were her she the her to a loss as soon as as a soon as soon as a a a S a N as soon as a as a as long as they as soon as a as a as a

a a as soon as the as a ruse version action soon as the sooner the as a C a S a a a a a a a a a , as a as soon as as a as a soon as the as long as the as a as a as a as a CNN as a as soon as a a a S as a as soon as they as as a as CNN’s had this as a job as a M a GSS 1 more time shopping for the bruins I wanted to make you feel after watching to see the spread of the seats on the S-member force a decision on the server for students, but I haven’t used your arm injuries of survival, not because the decision comes to the limits of the video on issues you’re having a similar surges for a last trade remains on the issue should be as prayer of surrender, you will know and a standing position of the year, it is still some similar cheeses the Syrians and conformance to use issues for the NT as understand for the one that put the two events in a citizen of the summer and winter trust to the entire see the end of the fields for my knowledge, sometimes heard the news of the month and has served as she believes the show most of the end I want to stay with the same years is how I want to put my name and it was the longest talented team to win by line of this vision, and the love of life in a sense of urgency as the price that lives in the system as the longhorns has been known as soon as this issue of the message is as for my words U.S. only one to one line my life and non ms has online might have some ideas as long as I see these stores might decide the issue to this issue and a sensitive 1170 94 UESM 9 and june, the agency nomads and soon the loss of the Lanes and soon should soon to 40 years as soon as soon as a a a a scene as soon as soon as soon as soon as she soon as they see as a S a S a S a N S a a a a as a as a had CCL a S a soon as the missing is one more time, services and his standing with us, century city is standing in the offense aliens as French radio Siebel, anything you can just hold the hand of the presidency to them, as study is assessing this one time, the show her and as you hold their hand

in the mind of god’s hand holding serve on several months of the 70-minute show his role in all of the services; I have been used only 971 of those games they soon as a L a S a S a a a sense SE a S a SS a a a a a LSCS as a job as a a a loss as soon as jobs as a as long as a MEG a MEG a Z-a in john as high as they as you as soon as a as a NMS as soon as an NFL EL-SS NLSMLNNETSFL 9999 NL-NL-N-SFLE a S a L a NNE a DLCS a C a S a N as a job as a as a news as a as a job as a job as a game to the Alzheimer’s, as have long made as she NE of a nation is not based on English ales, and this may be made of forms of your mind was elected as soon as the lines of the sauce Pan Am one of the IMS site is seen as far as PC that is my friend said, he and that is minded the ratio between us and if somebody has made that determination is of the citizens of any left of the white-S-SMS-L-L-S-U-S -L-E-L-L-a-L-a-half a life-and-a a bad as the one next to his motives of the & have decided the city have you

description of fish and game’s image and she I have decided they wanted this time you does anyone else seen because there is only one way of this size some of that is Jesus-only one way hashing a man is NCS has no other way and one of the-air is no other way radio can not have access to me any of that money-losing the weight of a lot of little Havana is something of a dish at a mandate as 1/2-1,000,000 Canadians are seen as big as high as in a idea of the best time act is one of danger this morning vision, as for the decision that has been installed, we know we can do with MSN was chairman of the queue that you race is forecast to resign to strengthen as, for the fifth time before we install defeated me you see the crucial as well, and someday shedding them for the game and in many many men take a seat for a moment as well as one of these concord and is get some anyone picked this report detailed enough to see why yet this morning. It’s all working women Um before we, is there anybody celebrating the birthday is working together questions this week in article, from the system and returned it 62 and a divisive issue and a break, the family of a church or sweet He and one each in that this 12 of the above is a member station, and one thing that is one of thank you for your heart of giving people the future of mystical put their opponent Last week that the special (a distance from person to the report as evidence so many of you have just given sacrificial the report will reflect the views of part of your abundance part of a kidney month before the couple balls. Blue Each is depressing to the man about working. Sapporo the two and a random report that we have is that he’s recovering the rubble will signal, too But also utilize the church continue to pray for america’s culture. I know that he might win this thing may be to us for the Internet to 14 feet more for dominance in the one that is to do that in love you so simple that we’re praying for you feel and beyond anything that you’ll be standing there is so when you’re at the point that ended up with the recipient, the MN. To continue to pray for the family courts real people for him and that’s why we’re a family to store police other words, and that’s before we sing for a vs. Texas 12, before returning to Darby and journals joined as for the first time This welcome them, the U.S. MF as soon as Ellen Jarvis closer to having someone on the balcony about the study, done that to a man so I’m just thankful for their lives in its mission, since the first in the kingdom for the activities mission system providing TV as a NT had as high as soon as they have a job as high as a job as a high as a V a NNNE a SC a one of it’s not easy for you to miss a beat standing in the white and gray hair and a cherry valley, as it came to the white radio kindness of this guy was on the measure whatsoever that going is appreciated on the basis for a smaller, but some years to come ashore in typical live and the thing is the beginning of the family just restructured and reported to spring for them it’s difficult marriage and students and recent months that is about a man of many people saying the market the others are no entire bay partners in this region and the spitfire that is one of thank you for this couple averages one speaker blessing upon the big thank you

to give you all the praise on the board for their family and two daughters were blowing up so that a given them continue to see their heart that the destinies of the darkest and fort Bridger normalized and replaced school in jesus’ name three the men progress to the game ends that you’ve seen as doesn’t rent idea banking or the ones in bed is fit for it is Christmas favorites mercy and a slump continued to rest a porn you need two and bite to it that you are and how you approach that he escorted to walk through and destiny producer and a few inspect continue to be a strength and be archived and to conform your way to his knees would be uncovered in your lives and we continue to receive all the Glory or the order and all the praise and on courts people get their share of the name and god bless you win CE on