Reclaiming the Solar System

to my left to your right joe haldeman and alastair reynolds so and and oh here’s a great been very coming in late for not too late and the talent time exactly should we are here to discuss the topic reclaiming the solar system which it might be a title that doesn’t have a whole autumn necessarily literary truth to it I dunno but it’s okay because it at least gets us started as a good talking point and I think it is at least possible to postulate that between the near future science fiction which being near future is kind of necessarily mostly on earth there closer earth and space opera which very often is out there in the great beyond one way or another that there is this zone in between in both space and time that someone difficult or are a little underpopulated relative to the others maybe because it’s a little bit harder to write about we’ll have to discuss that but it’s really a missing an opportunity that is a very grand way because our neighborhood the solar system is filled with a beautiful and startling and potentially human places and we know more about it than we ever have before because of these robotic probes that have been going out and sending back pictures they’re in high def that when you’re used to the Viking Lander photos like I have like 10 years of looking at Viking data anything that comes nowadays is just so high definition it’s like having a nomination it’s great and so about here is and we noticed that pal Reynolds is representative of a whole group but Noah is Britt colleagues that have been doing this must’ve also Paul call and I think would be 12 point you is using the solar system isms fantastic story space but they are just the beginning of it so maybe we can start with that and then we’ll just kind of bounce around amongst my worthy constituents are Lee Parker said it Dizzy Gillespie and will will will see what people have to say about the various parts of this and as we get through the hour let us not omit any of the great neighbors that we have for their human potential so al when did you start and we’ll just well I I would sort of slightly question the premise of the topic I suppose because when i started connecting the science fiction in the 70s and 80s there were always these fantastic books out that you you might usually say was a tour of the solar system looks where the event you will take you from one planet of the other again get a sort of perspective based on the then credible state of the science be it they’re very fuzzy Voyager pages you know I even go back to the memory of whiteness for instance mr. Robinson’s want to be very low for the book which I really had a big effect on me as a reader in deities against infinity first benefit Joe’s world sequence and then in the episode of when the server side Latonya damn thirsty I things like vacuum flowers my spawn likely excuse metrics by from sterling you know books that really got scripts with the solar system as if that was and then into the 90s we have an hour sequence and yet desert isn’t there is a little upper ticking now with with my colleague paul khoury’s down the whole sequence of novels dealing with realist if you can see solar system that scans 2312 and i don’t think it went away it may be a little bit more of it perhaps the recent slew of as you say HD energies is a little bit of a catalyst of the imagination two sunrises i think that that little sub jean has always been there and probably always will be there so i think this panel earlier was the very first book I read and my life was rockin AKI by Philip st. John is less ability and it is about a sort of prompt reading on one of the sources system where I stood with rocket super basically just jalopies would go ahead and touch every get back to earth and one factor was first just slowing his dollars nigro nine-year-old whoever Oh for a nine-year-old that’s just how did

they test great I was thinking about that arrow star mentioned that’s actually why i wrote the market race which was my way of saying that i intuited that we were about to go back to the solar system not just as explorers but as X lighters and so part of the Martian race is about a scenario that actually was proposed occasionally in both Congress and NASA that you if you really want to send expedition to Mars you copy the British method of the seventeenth and eighteenth century you set up a price that we heard of this place called Bangkok somebody go there you come back with a hole full of all this exotic stuff and we’ll give you this prize and that way we don’t spend anything until you survive and NASA and the other large space agencies do that and then the spacecraft close up on the test and kill some astronauts in Florida and doesn’t look like it is going to do it with prices still there so closely modeled on me head-turner you complete with a southern accent puts up a 56 billion on the Bison last equipment sends people on a manned expedition they stay there on the mental energy orbit and and then the Chinese appeared with a nuclear rocket it’s an interesting the point is that listen flu edition united states at the same time John Muir was beginning to explore disseminated the High Sierras which back at the Sun are living in this year Leland Stanford was building to renovate it our people to see it so i think the exploration association will proceed in that matter because there are things to be done asteroid mining some other enterprises and that will tend to give us the infrastructure with push things out and your normal Antarctica is really about continent that didn’t get explored very much set to work the first visits until the United States and others built the Naval apparatus and the aircraft that could take you there in large numbers so i think that’s we’re beginning open up the solar system in that way to not just exploratory robots but it will be good economics and will be something like welding and that’s going her yell or trying to depict the future in which you have all the beauties and you also have all the human element of China expand your horizons in one and i think this situate it happen it’s going to be called in rumor cheney quite a qualitative change called the license and that to these narrative lee interesting and i intend to get back in subject seven ish is all about working on right now well let’s think about novels set in the solar system because they have got to present certain problems and here’s one of them i want to propose to you is that too plausibly suggests that we’re zipping around the solar system where distances are pretty dank not stiller interstellar distances thank god but pretty big means that you’re necessarily putting your story a century or two centuries or three centuries out from now so that we’ve got the technologies to make it plausible because one of the things i want to suggest is that the solar system science fiction is a kind of realism in that you don’t have to be in folk magical abilities to get there and you tend to do it in the next few centuries so that there’s still a historical connection now well this is interesting in two or three different ways but it sets out the problems too in that you then you have to do a future history and i’m going to say that there’s there’s near future science fiction there’s space opera and in between in this cell gorgeous listening today is the future history we’ve been taking it from my lines notion that you can’t a cane a whole bunch of different narratives in your future history but what I’m saying is that it goes further than just day after tomorrow which is near future and yet it doesn’t go the millions of years out of space off right to the indefinite future it’s actually historical you’re saying hey 300 years so then you have to talk about what happens in three years that’s pretty so now all of you have have done rifles in this sometime a little bit about the kind of stories that you end up telling listen to the same thing I’ll go tell us about the kind of story you’re doing in solar system and then Joe great like in ten novels which was out there generally speaking in the

universe with me oh aight relativistic starships as if it off to Epsilon Eridani you know all that stuff I after I visited Kennedy Space Center in 2008 I hadn’t had an epiphany that I wanted to do every we press the reset up is fnally and get back to the nuts and bolts of plausible space exploration stressing the difficulties the fact that you know even things in the sources to run on my way the environment is very hostile but also the potential the beauty the one that would actually step in setting foot on another planet but I stand says you then immediately start thinking about the realistic mechanics avec the sort of the future historical question of how you get from here to there for me it’s all it’s also very intuitive and I was listening to a lot of them West Africa music at the time and I started sort of thinking if I’m going to do this trilogy about space exploration why not move this is a geopolitical focus of my future as well rather the west vs china all the West versus the Soviet Union why not have Africa the Sylvania is truck driving his space program so that to me was an interesting sort of felt like I was doing something that at least felt interesting to myself and that became that Lisa’s interesting is thinking about the mechanics of the fusion rocket so how do we actually get to Mars how many days does it take to do is look like a melting pot of differences of ideas stirring around in it but it also i want is to get back to a type of site prediction which I would say so almost in the sort of clarkia mode where there are over business there’s most of the high hella drama but space itself is enough nursery it’s an environment it’s going to clearly if you give it half a chance that fact in enough is enough of a motor for the slaughter banana remember reading through Clark’s novels with the end of the chapter I just couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter even though there was not a lot of explosions there most of cosmic mr. see there’s enough of a plot motor to pull me through the story like to kind of try and get back to back in Miami science fiction that’s me because that suggests that really it’s a kind of nature fiction which I like myself and Nikki to think about maybe a Jack London you know the human struggling in nature and that the solar system is then it comes like okay it’s nation is still a narrative what is up to you know there’s a fantastic scene in okay forgive me but I forget which of the mouse books it is but where there’s that amorous sort of adalaj / flood with huge bowl is telling you know the little Rover is always caught up that’s just pure it’s pure nature versus human frailty it’s just pretty anything about working in this regime is that you don’t require a fundamental discoveries and we can go there we can actually put a story there without changing physics and any revolutionary way I’m writing a story now on all of foucault’s needs and basically the government area started they had a pretty heavy in similar orbit it is going to land on Mars the factory that would build up slowly accumulate war and optional fourth would allow them to make Mars base in 10 15 year old them which is right kind of our dolphin through our departs now but then something goes terribly and you know that’s the basic plot of minions story the fun part of this was I think you always research about hobos cars and keep keep one foot right here and realized in that sense and in perth city sumar me the social conditions on earth about that bathing suit to make a lot of very direct comm politics in the morning so this is a really fun place to write branded a novel that right probably look pretty old-fashioned 15 or 20 years of the focuses a great story space at many of you might not remember that it is so low to the planet that in the high northern and southern hemispheres on Mars you can see it’s under the horizon by flying at night and that’s so strange earth is already graduated business and

Deimos means drag yeah yeah good I don’t have one bright kindling never to give like this week’s post of a cult starship century which ad in it but has a novella in it called the man who sold the Stars and it covers this whole next century the point of view of an entrepreneur who slowly pushes out in the solar system will robots 3d printing their thermal rockets and so forth to to not only just drop mine asteroids things like that but the kind of new business models for moving into the solar system for example if you want have follicle materials like worth to and so forth they’re available free and cometary nuclei that occasionally fall in this way so there’s a bit of capturing available there little things like that and it ends up with him actually managing to take part in the first interstellar expedition which is to a brown dwarf that’s not really very far away I’ve noticed that damn second closest star to look to our son was discovered this year by the infrared telescope wise IM would show in their data analysis and they have millions of points look at still they suddenly realize this thing is only about six light-years away it’s been there all the time we just didn’t see it visibly minutes it’s mostly an infrared light we were so this guy realizes that every time an open respectful window on the heavens you find out a new stuff and that’s probably going to be true to the solar system to this stuff community always there look at NASA’s problems right now trying to find a small enough volkswagen sized esta ready to go snag there probably find it so these are dramas of exploration but they have title something something there that will inevitably used in some fashion but also always a gift of wonder I mean really like to see what series looks like for example the gorgeous it asteroid and they’d like to be there and I forgot how much it takes but plausible athlete stand could probably jump officers stand young stand could get your ball in it and but in any case I mean so it’s what the rumor would be to joke site a kilometer all surface Eminem’s go back down I mean is a whole new let me get it right we’re gonna find all kinds of stuff like that that’s not like your story about baseball what can I say he’s still play baseball that’s gonna have to 138 jeans mr. i know she didn’t write the baseball on moon story they became see 60 seconds late gps baseball so there are always funny things are gonna happen and i’m not putting in that kind of element in the story because you always find it people particularly those out in lonely distant places like you know the high sierra is under more years ago or asteroid or Mars they’re gonna find something that’s fun to do and finding a new fund thing too is a lot of it says real really i really bad student UCSD 19 early 60s 19 and it were part of a four of us who got PhDs at UCSD became despite the efforts of faculty science fiction writers me and then renovation a bread and now stand and they were you brother you may not know had just helped invent the first wet suit for oceanographic purposes wanted the patent UCSB wisely said are you kidding how many oceanographers earlier in the world not nobody’s gonna be making use of this is not worth that that’s how you see lost half a billion hours but lack of imagination so there are examples there and having the cleverness to think of those kinds of things is what makes

stories were the device for imaginative and that was so on we just make a scientist for payments outside if you were if you was a conscientious science fiction writer the twenties he would have turned to this fact a around our Arrhenius right hemisphere knowing that this corey said surface of lee vs don’t propose making you smokes okay that’s what the great man tells be probably back off i go to my swap story had small library home astronomy rose and I found one unit Chris cursor from an old letter ever done on which had a bomb up what the users right in Mars fiction and intense they response into contemporary science about parse this ship running low on and going off there and Venus I me this is a very different fle to do we have to admit that the wonderful Rutgers Leslie play Opie season is great fuel source for this j / mountain and you know those discussed a five-part she never acts like bodies that is because now that we have steam on the whole idea of recycling our ancient ideas are going back into the past the training into science fiction is a very common thing to do very fun and then actually when you read 19th century fiction you realize that a steampunk just already contemporary we there so it’s not that much of a retro thing to do I wonder also about you guys that face did my three co analyst can do things that I can do in terms of actually using real physics to make plot developments and how things happen because of physics of the situation which I’ve admired you to begin all three to divert it varies from some boy and he’s very envious because he’s been able to make sure all I can do this well I just had called carpeted Charles chebula said Charlie need help and I can’t do that I’m Stephanie but i thought i would call chris mckay at NASA but it isn’t the same as being able to tweet your own thoughts during your own calculations and so his elder sisters very good for that I should make those food coming reminds me of a in the market race I actually got from NASA their whole workbook of charts but when you can launch from ours for the time period I wore it which is about 10 years now so I mean they educated that boy yeah just time but I decorations too so I is great for health back in that very early 90s got me a foreman zone yeah the space elevator like once you take the rock off the top nice pace of iron bars which is it fall I asked Charles I feel that is really alarming trouble a certain point first I said how much you have to slow down almost to bring it down that’s a terrible and then I have ever liked your later how much would you have to speed up demo student to get famous out of the merchant system is from the fool around and do a captor actually example like that put on PhD qualifying exam that you see fun and about half people got it right I often ask chris mckay of NASA Ames questions like this and sometimes he’ll send back the answers and it would be like an x over Y even Wilson a it’s like any decent effect without much commentary like even years is not always hi handsome you know this fully sort of knowledge so I find you just where I was doing you remember if i wanted to get the relative positions of the planets correct to the epoch of the book so what if on it Beyonce okay now’s a good time to go to Mars decisive i got got good software it’s just some free web and you just play around there i found okay is it here’s a point where it would be very easy for the characters get from Earth to Mars in short as possible time sorry that was the day to play novel the start of the action arrival and I’m happy will write again I’ve have seen where I just got two characters one looks at the full moon for African carry over another how long this is this is checkable if I don’t get it right ala hell do i check where the full moon is visible by a different date yeah then untrue this one you can use the sex shop but here it’s an access to hold the additional stuff you’ve got to get right where it if you’re up writing or something set in the earth 30 Billy did

don’t worry about that nothing something I didn’t go until I wrote this last story he would be personal check fmr items and you find out where the full moon is up to each one over the years of now no problem a triangular to focus oh and nobody is compiled those men and so you guys are all out to different relations in the morning this’ll close your eyes I do a lot of like tekkit as I the questions but while we’re doing the question is to think about let’s make sure that we mention kind of a favorite place in the solar system that you’d like to go if you like to write about what you have written about and so that we can just give today’s and just office I have cause I Belinda sponsor whatever I listen to think about the corners and then let’s let’s say take questions and see what people when I have a stop about yes he’s not a bit of a story as anyone you were talking about Aunt our career as an analogy exploration amanda anka and we all know what were the first two people to get their due Alabama where every was the third in the 1950s is any one of the Ruby where and how we got there give me the South Pole to the South Pole it was actually sir edmund hillary i need to go back there on a bunch of massey ferguson tractors modified farm fracas what the panel here especially like what would be equivalent of those tractors exploring the solar I think there’s their old frankerz you need money thats a practice for that Triple DES sir edmund hillary is swimming around the bottom end of ross island that he looks out absolutely eatery jurors the worst germany in the world which recounts Jerry Gerard hours and Wilson hiking in winter across the south end of ross island to hit kroger to pick up some emperor penguin eggs so that you could prove that ontogeny being put my lucky she’s not and so they made a rock k kroger that a heavy pen and this little this is all entirely about 80 degrees bullet lost but and managed to get back at such and such a Hillary reads a book and from the accuracy of chariots description was able to relocate the rock-cut and find about 100 to my articles that the three guys hadn’t found in the dark in there quick escape is all now in Christchurch museum including one of the emperor penguins that they had problems I had a service that would have been incredibly useful obviously just said in their dirty very strange story yes um you don’t have a lot of fiction regarding Uranus what kind of stories would you like to sit there his name I started thinking about that I think obviously one thing you have to come up with is discovered between now on them of something that had something vital that Iran has has Michelle says I don’t know it’s going that clean this pronounces uncaught matic sort of humor yeah but loving do that what was intended to be resurrected I mean in terms of resources whatever comes your way is there ever that have been intelligible and the one begging to both of them yet there y plus didn’t bring guilt in booty girls the thing to do bear would be actually go right because the right of Uranus is a unique in solar system notes like tunes accorded into each other it’s stuck and there are some canyons of that for the money that I just fought on that’s true actually WP source because I remember here’s a debating a description of the atmospheres of both yearns and to visit there is a layer probably fairly pure hydrogen at the top the atmosphere and therefore Scoob and pick up a lot of free hydrogen it’s useful with this not ever and you do Brian scoop vessel so if you just spin up get harvested resource now you go again and it’s useful to the Bluebird actors things like that so it’s kind of like peeling the plan you did

idea now see the scene depth in it once I went to Mount Wilson and we were looking at the bagel on the 19th century stuff telescope and we trained it on Mars and Mars was like it was the astronomers and this is like the looking at the full moon on Earth and Mars is too close Mars is too easy and a telescope is just blasting as far as web interface I’d say our service without trust so they trained outright we were seeing perfect images of the connections been trying so that was one amazing night other questions yes folks just you know Miranda would be a great spot for your extreme sports yes you know big baby bump I person on the planet computed that picture of that clip without wanting to load you rock but oh yes it’s a big I forget that commerce but it’s a bit worse than the other Canyon and the a piece of that respondent so it’s gotta be fun festive yep d beautiful I actually start our story of about I see what you could do a lot of this right I skating in twelve point 09 gee the things like that so and what would scooby why have you been taking Norma’s long strong that’s hub and its own fund early changes sport and effects whole analysis of how sports changing to change gravity air pressure and all that is so has always been of interest to me and so we would think of really really strange things but your heart you jump across the castle the end where the consequences if you don’t there’s a hunter listen I workshopping compa stated that i always make to beginning science fiction writers who begin and inevitably point out the impossibility of fit exactly what they’re what they’re proposing is happening in the story where some helplessly blurts out that oh how I like this isn’t in this the phrase is skate fast over thin ice yes at the interesting here panel thinks there’s enough of a storyline entertainment the colonization of Mars of Mars 102 but what Turkish a voyage to a private bus something done yet again run but i would like to actually here I mean I’m thinking this Mars one thing is just theatre ass camera resolution or one of those convenient the delusions that allows the people doing it to think that it’s real and that is actually a scam in other words they’re never going to get there and they’re taking money from people to apply so is it it am i right I’m does it’s fundamentally I think that if you ask you would get bunny and say please have a few little details now three first fight the power that’s their proposal for me I think catfish yes a venture capitalism you don’t know what you’re going to get out from be a whole new world an investment yeah and then okay I just wanted to ask you know there’s ideas of where we should colonize and actually build a permanent habitation offworld could it be the moon should it be Mars what are the advantages by the boats or an asteroid hollow about living aside ma’am that is so I mean that’s the whole damage coal and all kinds of ideas are well over half central that’s a good thing to do I mean you Mars like the movement bad weather so I would like place where you can adjust it’s a triple gravity because we actually don’t know what happens between 0 and 1 G I mean I was wondering miss optimum this between 0 and 1 and what is not I move involved to it but maybe the evolutions not interested after you’ve reproduced you know maybe stick to lose your ability to reproduce their selections gone and then it is fun but but poor teaching teeth of gravity and you look longer the never-was look about that and avoid you just have a bunch of asteroid colonies need to just say but i think i’ll be one of those of the split ends and where we have to go out to the services have been some of us who

will insist on taking 1g would take so again fuel their big traditional as tradition asunder illness don’t be because i knows how would it work we’re living in space that’s just throw away gravity maybe we bring me after living microgravity environments right we make that play to spike the real microgravity is really dangerous though and i’m planning to buy once Christ come down a weekend warmer than Bigelow’s hotel which they believe will be up really feel I must told me that if you can’t make it up we Craig so here’s Academy happen said how much would it be what’s what’s the may be the lowest possible you can envision Natan within the next decade per week in orbit and he said or mud and and I give and I think i’m gonna make text so he’s not thinking about their totally outside the capsule is really part of our that special stars my destination where there are people living in the asteroid belt or living in my whole body cheap this isn’t there at all now how do you know what’s about science and that makes it really interesting because these people can be get a zero gravity Thank much a spaceship break and they go through zero gravity and joke follows them like the tailor is it up pick up the stuff we go immigration and so far again good god knows what help you thought bringing this garbage in their personal gravity right oh you think you know your jet streams and coming yes in fact I just think you two to add today is about the sports you could have like a solar when sailing on a test not get with a slingshot effector on the planets and they’re going to get their timing just right oh yeah so you’re not limited to just be a solid object space guy yeah this is that asset long of an honorable tradition inside station these space jammers well Vanessa mission to fly out and provide us with an early warning system for yell mail 1.14 fly next year make no way these goals in yeah well there’s some great and the retro science fiction about solar system along no longer exists the Brightside crossing about the mercury that I’ve been very interested in order yet it seems to me to be a spectacular human location despite its difficulties and now you know this rolling ever so slowly I had put that to use them to drive you to hasten is it it’s a lot of phonological other questions yes so uh this sort of wondering it sometimes you guys have experiences where the modern science end up sort of bogging down the deposit every too much so that I’m sort of thinking about you know that there’s a lot of furniture about a foreign Africa foreign agent and then as we learn more about it sort of goal without food I don’t think you’ve known to my but I think you did think too much nothing that you know when you when you have these imaginative landscapes that idea get colonized and stories in them and there’s always that we’ve got that process will always be driving this terrific good rap there’s no discovery continents on the earthing people and we now know more about sources to this so except that’s why I in my theory is that these there’s always a tendency to break the frame there’s a novel set within the solar system you know countless examples a with the discovery if it means to achieve interstellar travel is over so the son that is obviously the solar system was a bit of a prison you know it’s not room enough for the sort of human destiny I think that there’s that always ready that push outlets to keep claiming new territories of the regulation during Arrakis is basically Mars isn’t it it’s not as unfettered by Mariner this is the mouth of the imagination but transplanted feelin like is amount of the sources maybe we have time for one more person then let’s remember some of these favorite places before we end as we are coming near the end there’s another question will take them and then we are to that moment favorite places to give us a is a solar systems oh

wait one more crystal and probably how’s it going what is it dead ha something because that device a notebook that it’s losing in Africa I don’t think it you touch in three on because of the holdup if you’re that’s what I guess it’s pretty people yes because you can hear that tight as together parts atmosphere is livability you just do what my favorite place okay that’s true you can really fly very well could you fly alone from them what were you with the dosa volume and you know forgot Mesmer online how about the Oort cloud these are very very farthest edge of the solar system which is also the edge of interstellar space I I talking about cause I wanted a race of humans genetically modified so that they can rip there for hundreds of thousands of years and they are bred to be the first people to live and Connor other races that’s all they live for and it lost contact with earth they so you know Star Search story work you forget that they’re in starship and then they build up a new civilization hot air guns I’d like to see that being these people on either their free bread or remanufactured you to have a maximum authority to use of extremely scarce resources way out there and their wives are extremely slow I mean one action years but you have a lot of them and they’re they’re full accomplishments are things that are that take centuries and centuries to do but that’s okay because all they have to do is wait for that long time thousands of your sense is something comes into that space I think that would be a beautiful the series going to store it in fact may need you can go pretty hair first the slow life yeah what do you think I Zhao a favorite place life on a suggestion I’ve always liked the idea of Jupiter the Galilean satellites the car services calera solar system right when I must write a book that went no further than just the moons of Jupiter just something you don’t just some exciting thats cabernet was grievously you crazy I got hell in this racket here i think really do justice but those foreign ones being so different to measure purses a wave radiation it is but my place is what i call the realm of the sky of ice below the eyes on saying Europa and whatever big you are whatever frequency you look in or maybe it’s an acoustic wave you’re using you look up wait there’s Scott ice a solid stuff and you are living in a minute they will think of as molten eyes you’re looking at moulton eyes and ears the sky of ice a solid sky think about the conceptual of normal view of an alien creature of course in which is the opposite of our page you look up and you see whole universe hey look up and see and finally and of course solids so they have trapped between two spheres and and what does that make you into what kind of creature the bar but fell softly they may be any different the Firebirds there they thought the starters on campus are some people did but it’s got my cable but there’s different things things like speaking you know how its prepared going years and so there’s something I nanoclay don’t want is not and of course they might be practicing this guy of eyes too thanks for years I thought I you know Alaska vision of what Bill how that I end up what’s the story yes the way for the story woman the cosmic background radiation we look at is our sky device but that’s a great image and should be fault that i’m going to end there is we kind of do have to end with the suggestion of Saturn which i think is Phoebe but I’m actually a little bit lame on this and if the name is slip in my mind but it’s the movement

is not in the same place as the Rings is about 70 degrees out we head that way as you go around and Herbert you just see rings you see Saturn’s go and pull cell phone and that’s where I want to set my doula and I have so thank you folks you