SouthXchange Account Creation and SetUp for best visibility and trading experience

Welcome to the Safe Zone School All About Safe Zone is mainly an educational website aimed at providing a learning platform about the safe zone and anything that is related to the safe zone. Safe.Zone being the official website Welcome to the safe zone school for another session. In the safe zone school we learn one topic at time and now we are going to learn about one of the finest crypto currency exchange The south exchange Mainly we will be creating an account at South exchange and we will be setting it up for better visibility and better trading experience you can start from here the South exchange in this website we will see a different options like why should we go for SouthXchange because it has low fees is secure real-time mobile-friendly there services include support fees. fees is very low. There are different types of wallets. You can click here and see. There is the API for your developers if you require Now this website is available in two languages English and Spanish and the register button is here at the center of the page. So we click on the register button enter the email you need to type your own email I’m tapping all about safe zone test email Prefer a gmail if you have. Now enter the password two times and click on the register button when we click on the register button we will get a successful message for the first time. Now we need to be checking the email. I go to the email and yeah we got the email from South exchange. If you do not get the email, just try to whitelist this email now, In order to proceed we have the next step is to we can actually close this window and and we need to be clicking this link so that our email gets verified account has been successfully activated now it asks for login here we need to be giving the same email that we registered with. I resistered with and I entered the password this is one of the security feature we will see later but the first time we do not have this security feature and we need to be leaving this blank and we login there are some messages if you see just you may ignore them now The first step we need to be doing is upload a photo ID proof for this we need to go to the account – My account and do the setting we will go to this user ID verification enter first name first name and last name if you do have a middle name enter that middle name also first name middle name last name now look at this is. Here, a scan of your government ID proof is not required here we need to be he he need to be having a home screen of the South exchange in the background like this with a laptop or your mobile but the homescreen of South exchange need to be visible in the background and with that the government

ID card here. Such type of card. ok now I am uploading this test image itself, but you need to be uploading your own image now he will send this Status is pending Status is pending okay. now or it may take up to 72 hours or but normally it happens within 24 hours mostly and the good news is that we need not have to wait for the user ID verification to proceed further. We can actually proceed further getting our Bitcoin or any other altcoins into your account and we can start trading So, the next step is actually setting up of your account for better visibility and better trading experience what we have done until now is that we have just created the account and send it for the verification. Now we will learn we will learn about other things first thing as we saw here is the language which we saw outside it’s available in English and Spanish again is another important thing you need to look here is the real-time connection which is established now this can be a green button or it can be a yellow button if it is a green button it means the real-time connection is established and this very much required to be in green for us to be trading because if it is yellow it means the values which are available here it may not be current it may not be current current current values it may be old value it is very much required that this this indicator is there in some website if we do not have this indicator we do not actually know whether the values which we are seeing is is the server value or or just our local values our system this is a very important feature over here so this this one or this language key now the all these thing are available in this Prairie bun right three ribbon and then we have this have this blue ribbon okay two ribbons are very important oh if we are on any page okay we will come to accounts again later they a we are on in any page this is normally the home page and all this thing if you see these are the markets different types of markets yeah now as we do not have set any market it is showing something by default if we choose some market to be able all say I want to see a I want to trade mainly with sprinkle okay I’ll go with to the market there are 140 types of markets available here in all different segments and twinkle is available to be traded with all of them all these five in in all this five segment sprinkle is available so EWN KL i am selecting and you look here look here hey all these markets are there market means it is denoted by slash two different points in two different currencies now when I’m putting one favorite everything went vanished and my favorite one only remain here so I have set etc’ twinkle USD and twinkle BTC now another one I want to

f is the USD it abt see et CUSD history market mainly I am interested in I want to see what is the BTC price I want to see hee hee – my two main markets of twinkle here we see that the volume of twinkle in the last 24 hours is forty three point eight million twinkles have been traded and here in the USD market fifteen point one five seven million twinkle have been traded and this is a current last traded price this percentage means compared to yesterday which is 24 hours back at this time the price and the price at today at this time also today the price is 28.5 7% lesser than what the private price was yesterday right it may be zero point zero seven cents and now it is zero point zero five cents which is so about 28% keeper right Oh this so we have said to the markets if you want any other market you can set off your own I prefer to have these three market you may have some of your other coins may be trading say light coin or Bitcoin cash so you prefer to put them similarly now going to the wallets into the wireless I again want to have my twinkle Pinkle ballot I am putting it as a favorite it also appears here well it always appears on the right of the market in this blue ribbon now I also want to see this D wallet I see when wallet to make it tedium valid I have these four pallets and these three markets I haves so we until now we have set up the favorites now coming to the accounts we will set up everything in the indy account settings yeah now what is this chat settings is this is the this is the name that we will see if we want to chat in this red box okay whatever name you want you can in a mere a all about safe zone I may have this complete name you may have any name want if it is available it will do that name nickname have been changed successfully if you want to change your password you can do it here we’ll come to this two-factor authentication knowing your current session now this API is there this is not required for us here you can see your status my status is still pending this is a test one I do not expect it to verified because they will not verify this I need to hit my correct correct name now coming to the two-factor authentication this is one of the important a very important security feature I would recommend you to enable this one but or enabling just you need to take care that you save is number somewhere yeah cuz once you lose this you are once you enable this this QR code and this text everything will vanish you will not be able to access your account unless you have this QR code we save it I recommend it you to save it in a proper place and enable this one we need to download an app in your mobile which Google

Authenticator app once you download that download that and if you if you are not having you may need to download this Google Authenticator app and you download that need to scan it is the QR code and every time it will be giving our code and while logging in it asked for the two-factor code that once you enable this one you will not be able to log in without this or two-factor code this increases the security of your account if you do not want to or enable this one it is up to you however it is recommended to enable this two-factor authentication code now Oh as of now this is a test account and I’m not enabling this work would now go to create final step are we doing is creation of wine addresses okay oh so to create the coyness addresses mainly before trading I would recommend that you create all the addresses say USD there is no need of creating an address for all other altcoins all other cryptocurrencies whatever you want you can you can keep creating all the addresses but there is no point in just creating to whatever the favourites or whatever the ones you want to trade with just create those addresses okay Oh for creating that click on the ballot either either you can click it from your favorite can go to palette and to select any any of this valid you I click here that is isn’t this is the shortcut menu of the main menu but cut bring twinkle is there now huh yeah here this beat is the estimated value by default they have named it in BTC but I normally we are not comfortable with BTC I would recommend I mean I would prefer to have it in USD is not about only with this this field is estimated value for all the valid they it was in in for example it was in EDC now if I go to USD it is still in BTC if or to aetherium it is in beer with BTC is also invaded if I am changing this to USD USD it is changing everywhere for all this well at C inning the estimated value is always in USD sorry now we will create one valid we would create this pellets for this we cryptocurrencies one is for twinkle process it’s very simple just in it to click on this button he get new address yes it has instantly created an idiom wellit this is not your valid for who said your eater this is your unique address which is created wherein you can copy it and maybe send it to your friend who then you D Winkle get only twinkle in your twinkle a valid you want to create a aetherium ballot a team process get new address it has got another each idiom valid starting with ax and a 42 digit number but you see that is a dress and this dress what are different who please make sure that you send twinkle to your twinkle mallet and eat if you are sending either they still then eater to your ETD ‘invalid similarly I will also create a BTC valid I click on get new address and this mortem really creates a unique it is valid it can valid for me

another point is a week there is no option to create another be disavow another wrinkle Valatie we click on this gives an error you cannot have more than one one address however if I click on et Liam or BTC ballot it actually creates other valid but I would again recommend not to click on buttresses unnecessarily and mostly you would get confused yourself because of multiple addresses just try to have one unique address 1 address for one valid that is oh that is more than enough similarly in eater there is a there is a note that please not send it here iam directly from other exchange make sure you’re transferring your own valid and from there to you to our exchange is from my interval it you can send it to here maybe from some other blockchain or some other exchange they are saying not then directly from other exchange yeah and the minimum deposit for each valid they are stating here the minimum deposit say someone is sending lesser than this value it it will get lost so please make sure we will we will cover all this thing in subsequent capital now congratulations you have set up your pallet and you know or your set of your account and you know it is so where to find what it is so your account is set up for best visibility okay if you like this session at the SafeZone school who are we’re going to if you like this session at the SafeZone school you are going to like other sessions as well you choose to subscribe at all our safe zone if you liked this session at the safe zone school others are going to like this as well you may like comment share all about safe zone at YouTube Facebook Twitter LinkedIn thank you for earning at all our safe zone and hope you will hope you to see in other seasons of the lives on school thank you