Custom Fan Covers For Games

what is up guys Jimmy here with another video and thanks so much for watching today over the year past year the most requested video that I’ve gotten from you guys is to make a video talking about fan made custom covers okay and so the covers I have before you guys today is Strider gravity rush tree mastered Shenmue 3 transistor fire watch and finally hit man I don’t honestly think that there was a retail release for strider on the ps4 I believe there was one for the ps3 not sure if there was ever at least in the United States I know there is not a release for strider on the ps4 and so I love that game I thought Strider was just super fun so I I made this custom cover with gravity rush remastered I made the custom cover for this is cuz sony sent me a code i’ve got the digital copy on my ps4 love the game and I’m like you know what I gotta get this game of my collection I need to just I need to print out a fan-made custom cover now the the next three ones imma talk about transistor awesome indie game Shenmue 3 gonna be coming out soon and Firewatch another awesome mini game these three ones I got online this one I believe I might have gotten on just a Google image search and this is actually a beautiful cover but Shenmue 3 and Firewatch I got both of those covers actually from gamers on the custom covers reddit side if you just if you’re on Yahoo or Google just type custom covers reddit and there’s lots of gamers making their own covers and then finally Joel Valle made me this custom cover right here for hitman I’ve got this game digitally on my ps4 and he was able to make that for me which I really really appreciate custom covers guys are awesome because see you have a game in your collection that you love playing but you think the artwork is terrible or you think the cover is terrible you don’t have to have that cover there’s actually you can you can slip it out and and just put something in new you’re like you know what I want something different I want something better you can do that you can have an alternate cover which is awesome second thing is there’s a lot of games out there like Strider that never got a retail release but you’re like you know what that’s worthy of a retail release or that is worthy of a physical copy gravity rush remastered in the United States at least was only made available a physical release if you bought it from in a game like fire watch not available at retail only digitally and I’m not sure with transistor though not sure if that’s a that’s a physical physical release but guys this is an interesting thing in terms of actually editing it I’m not going to first go into that I will tell you first and foremost custom covers on reddit is fantastic because if you find a cover you like you can go from there because it’ll give you the template it’ll have you like you know the dimensions and the template that you need so if you want to create your own custom cover for a different game you can then just in your Photoshop program cut out the picture or artwork and then put in your own artwork or custom cover that you want to create or you’ve got the ps4 logo and you can drop in your own rating or whatever you want to drop in there I actually turn it personally me I just used the free paint that’s included in the Microsoft Windows and I just make my own fan made covers it’s it’s a it’s actually a lot of fun and so you know it really comes down to a whole lot of trial and error and also it’s your choice do you want to just get a already established custom cover or you want to make your own there’s a lot of covers out there that haven’t been made for a lot of some games so you might have to venture out in your own it can be a whole lot of fun now once you have the the artwork or your own custom fan made cover the final part is to actually print it out this actually this is another thing that definitely takes a lot of trial and error and I would highly recommend that when you go in there before you print it is to go into the Print Preview check out the dimensions and make sure that you have the picture or the cover you know the dimensions kind of

stretched out that the or at least once you print it out take a look and compare it to another piece for recovery like you know what that looks pretty good or you know what I need to just kind of extend the artwork this way or however which way it might take a little time to figure that out in terms of printing that’s again a little bit of trial and error but once in fact you do have the cover that you want to use in your game case all you have to do is I would recommend this is actually something from like a scrapbook family members letting me use where you just put the sheet in there you just cut it cut off the white borders and then you’ve got nothing but the cover now once you have the cover you can in fact just put it into a game that you have already established like an alternate cover or also eBay is a great place for ps4 covers like oh man are those expensive no actually they’re not expensive at all you can go on eBay you can get ps4 covers I’ve seen him for round a buck each say for instance you get a lot of 20 for 20 bucks and oftentimes you can get free shipping with a lot of these Lots now some of you might go I don’t want to get 20 you know fine you can get two or five or one ps4 cover they’re really cheap just go on eBay type ps4 cases and you can go from there and guys I hope that helps any of you guys that make your own fan made covers your experience with that definitely let me know your thoughts and experience in the section below as always guys thanks so much for watching I’ll talk to you later