[How To] Use Swap Magic 3.6 DVD (or CD) With Playstation 2 Slim To Play Backed Up Games Tutorial

do it hey guys this is versatile from VST power so in today’s video tutorial I’ll show you how simple it is to use a ps2 slim and using a swap magic so what I have right in here is a swap magic disc three point six this is actually the DVD version and when I turn it around this is what that disc looks likes it’s a silver pressed disc likewise I have the swap magic this is the cd-rom version three point six and that’s what the backside looks as well so you can use these to play your backup games now granted and today’s tutorial I’m using a slim ps2 so that’s my slim ps2 down there and I also did the tape strong tissue mod if you don’t know what I’m talking about please go see the other video tutorial idea that shows you how to do that procedure so what I’m going to do is I’m going to put this swap magic into the ps2 and let’s turn it on and with the lid open you can see that my disc is spinning that’s how you know that I have done the tape tissue and straw mod correctly so let’s go back to the TV wait for a second or so PlayStation 2 now the disc has stopped spinning momentarily here there we go sweet so what we’re going to do is I have a backup game today it’s called Gradius 5 so this one looks like burnt copy Gradius 5 it’s on the DVD so let’s go ahead and swap out the swap magic like so put the game in people don’t believe me so let’s go ahead and press X it’s spinning great let’s go back to TV and the game will load momentarily now I have free mcboot so I had to take out my memory card momentarily so that the game will start correctly and then I can go ahead and put the memory card back in and a second once we get to the memory card screen which I’ll show you here so it says oh you got no memory card that’s fine so let’s go ahead let’s put in my memory card like so go back sweet the game has started so if you don’t know swap magic is a utility disk that you can use to play your back though games it works in all types of ps2 s the slim and and so it doesn’t avoid your warranty per se but you do have to do if you have the slim ps2 you do have to open up your ps2 in some methods if you want to do the tape mod tissue mod and thus trauma to block the three or two door sensors depending on your ps2 version and of course the game is going to run full speed just like I would expect it because it’s running off the disk so that is the tutorial for today if you like this type of video please like favorite and subscribe so hopefully one day we can get to from pitch at YouTube otherwise if you have any nitpicky questions that come in here on YouTube page I’ll get back to you soon as possible once again thank you for watching take care bye