Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Mokey’s mulu ponte he is a french philosopher and he was born in March 14 1908 his father was killed during the World War one Monti completed his philosophy education at the Ecole Normale superior in 1930 he was the youngest ever chair of philosophy at the coll├Ęge de France he was awarded this position in 1952 he was also the major contributor for the temple death an influential political and philosophical magazine upon contributions to the hermeneutical phenomenology is associated with extensionism and now what is extensionism it is a theory emphasizing existence of the individual as a free responsible agent determining one’s development through one’s well-being in the world and the role of the body the world’s meaning is based on one’s perception we are what makes the world real the world cannot be experienced without the body for without the body there would be no perception through the body the conscious grasps the meaning the concept of embodiment is radical intrinsic and transcendence the world is what we want to make it the self and the reality construct and comprise each other experience is not possible without the body reception reception is not excited indiscriminate one sees as it is the experience developing well that’s pretty much it thanks for listening