PPP: PS5 Teardown: An up-close and personal look at the console hardware

my [Applause] super fast on the ssd ps5 about to shut it down turning what around it’s a repeat you clowns try you feel hard try to sabotage the ps4 with the cross play outrage when you beg the xbox to turn it off with the pcc we see through all the anti-consumer [ __ ] jump gate puddle gate snow gate y’all full of it pump faking for the internet that’s not how you gonna win the war you need content exclusively that’s the only way you gonna change the score so chill get off his dick and demand that he put in more effort in it for real feelers and [ __ ] you [ __ ] should really be from where i am here to help you lost [ __ ] combat the depression that’s turned into fear cheers to all of the bangers we getting because we ain’t done with this year last of us part two goes to tsushima final fantasy remake lost soul inside you got weed plays like bleeding edge and battle toes and another goddamn halo if they come out with another forza y’all should let that thing go cause i be in my bag call me mark cerny people getting mad like a mark cerny they hatin on me hard like a mark cerney got that ps5 swag like a mark cern dual since it’s the coolest sense can’t no controller do what it can do got a microphone built in the bottom i can talk friends without extra tools they hating hard they hate the guard he pro control mccain no consumer deny the fact that we live in large ps5 gonna be hitting hard developers loving the tech that he put in the box and even though we gotta separate planet fans no we smart enough to get it done the ps4 show to see the one xbox is a relevant settlement what’s better than getting the medicine to battle the pressure from owning it holding me back ain’t no one holding me back sony be holding the strap killing the games you know it’s a rap changing the game killing with tech bringing the pain filling the gap i can’t wait to get the launch line up pray to god i don’t get lined up before i can hit the lines up to grab me a couple five bruh i’m passionate i’m fired up phil needs to be fired he his policies i’m tired of jim ryan in charge now got a dream team on playstation cerny doing the lord’s work better give this bit of vacation cause i be in my bag call me mark cerny people getting mad like a mark cerney they hatin on me hard like a mark cerney got that ps5 swag like a mark cerney ernie this continuous improvement in amd technology means it’s dangerous to rely on teraflops as an absolute indicator of performance and cu count should be avoided as well in the case of cpus we all understand this the playstation 4 and playstation 5 each have eight cpus but we never think that meant the capabilities and performance are equal it’s the same for cus for one thing they’ve been getting much larger over time adding new features means adding lots of transistors cerny tried to warn all y’all that the ps5 was going dominated said pump your brakes on the t flops all the number talk was a big mistake it sounds good but don’t tell it all even more for fans to insinuate everything needs to work together for the architecture to be truly great the ssd is super fast but the bottlenecks had to be removed the custom io was born with the crack md compression there’s another tool backing pad for the people looking 4 000 titles i guess is cool hold your hd for the blue race so the movie nights i’m looking forward to amd with a smart shift ps5 should be super quiet no more jet engines in the game room i’m a gamer fan not a freaking pilot eight cores of zen 2 and a cpu that’s super fast hardware for the raid tracing and the gpu that’s built glass waiting at the midnight launch standing in line i’m so excited for ps5 so many games i want to try wretched and clank got me so high for ps5 button is the new wave cause share button got super cloned by the switch

first now the xbox is late to the party as usual when his gym start and the games drop rip his funeral have the feedback adapt the triggers can’t wait to finally get my hands on it might build building the controller now look at just how far game attacks come no loading screen streaming bigger textures but we can’t forget the tempest engine revolutionizing gaming audio no extra hardware or subscriptions playstation is the best brand hands down they killing it 24 mil in five days that’s a ton of views for revealing it bigger worlds with more immersion what a time to be alive play has no limits bruh that’s why i’m getting a ps5 waiting at the midnight lunch standing in line i’m so excited for ps5 so many games i don’t want to try ratchet and clank got me so high for ps5 crime big boss battles in 4k for the biggest peoples gran turismo 7 the best racing sim ever created 20 on the fps 240 if they get real creative horizon 2 is the benchmark for all games coming next gen gorilla has outdone themselves they want all the smoke from the competition demons always look insane astrobot looking real crisp sac boy on another level eternal got me like holy [ __ ] how’s mark did it from rk to triple a big banger status destruction all starts coming through causing mayhem and wreaking havoc clean the bridge of spirits little devil on the inside god falls plus many more games coming at launch on ps5 waiting at the midnight launch standing in line i’m so excited for ps5 so many games i want to try ratchet and clank got me so high for ps5 i’ve been able to illustrate a bit about our design and decision making process today and why playstation 5 has the feature set that it does now comes the fun part we get to see how the development community takes advantage of that feature set i’m hoping for the completely unexpected will it come from audio ray tracing the capabilities of the ssd or something else i guess we’ll find out soon enough thank you for your time today playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast every wednesday and sunday bringing truth with the wordplay no alternative facts we taking over the airwaves playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast y’all haters know the name because we’re getting all the games playing on the best network xbox is the blame triple a with the multiplayer spinning hella stacks on them flash sales backlog i won’t never finish it won’t diminish your new games appear every time i hit the storefront i get bombarded with game deals i’m like sony please stop with the madness my pockets can’t take another year days gone in depth stranded last of us part two man ghost of tsushima even when i’m not sleep i need dreams concrete genie with the judge eyes no baiting switch like crack down every time a sony game drop it look better than when it was announced that facts homie no cap homie cause ps5 is what the people need don’t care if the game in 4k if it’s looking like another sea of thieves playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast every wednesday and sunday bringing truth with the wordplay no alternative facts we taking over the airwaves playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast y’all haters know the names cause we getting all the games playing on the best network xbox is the blame playstation is number one game over to the competition survival when you add the top psn outperform the whole division nintendo and xbox this don’t include the consoles sony putting them numbers up and high stepping in beast mode so what it means for consumers we keep getting this greatness triple a big budget titles pushing gaming forward so the opposite trying to start with the cross play cause xbox is super dry preaching tearing down the water keeping free to play for a high life playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast every wednesday and sunday bringing truth with the wordplay no alternative facts we taking over the airwaves playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation plus podcast playstation

plus podcast y’all haters know the name cause we getting all the games playing on the best network xbox is to blame parental discretion is advised [Applause] there are some frustrations that i have to let loose so uh let us begin since 2013 [ __ ] told me to wait told me it’ll be cool sick it’ll be straight way to e3 phil got us i swear he gonna turn it all around xbox would be great seven years later still holding out hope folks praying to the guys because they wanna see change looking out the window watching all the hoes and dreams go huffing and puffing them bursting in flames patiently waiting i waited for nothing they cancelled more games than they put in the oven you cal was a sheep and you swear that you gave us praising this [ __ ] for constantly frightened blame is diabetic but he was the realest he told you the truth but you got in your feelings now how do you feel when you look in the mirror he sold you a dream like a couple of children who are we kidding you knew it was business this dude is a liar look at his eyes his crooked smile and his wicked vision gave you the expert had nothing to show bragging about powers by the pro 4.2 was greater than six and that don’t make sense you son of a [ __ ] no one wants an xbox no it don’t matter the services the t flops you can keep that little game pass we good bruh if you ain’t focus on games then what you good for nothing [ __ ] no one wants an xbox it don’t matter the services or t flops you can keep that little game pass we good bruh if you ain’t focus on games then what you good for nothing more xbox is the worst platform ever created xbox is the only console i have traded that’s true you probably think i hate it no i hate the people that’s behind the brand and the fans are nuts for not giving a [ __ ] about having a console without a stance they rather stand but will not demand that the people they pay provide better content the series x is a lost cause i would never buy it i’m just being honest this waste of money just like the x blowing smoke with broken promises big talk but no action with a [ __ ] as the head of marketing team green is a running joke playstation got miles morales with a loy in the background now that’s what i call having talent no one wants an xbox it don’t matter the services the team flops you can keep that little game pass we good bruh if you ain’t you can keep that little game pass we good bruh if spencer convinced you [ __ ] that playstation get next off y’all [ __ ] been waiting a hot minute like three dots on a tech strike didn’t they promise you game play not traders ran on a desktop y’all [ __ ] don’t know much though nope the squad of king gold cutthroat xbox [ __ ] talk major [ __ ] i’m looking at him like the [ __ ] phil spencer came through the back room left you [ __ ] at the front though cut five games made game pass i told you [ __ ] not to trust old i’ve been there and i’ve done those shooting facts like a snub note day one buying playstation hold it up like a gunboat i’ll expose all you [ __ ] [ __ ] getting used like a sex spot pc beggars getting y’all exclusives ain’t no reason to hit game stop because no one wants an xbox no it don’t matter the service is the t flops you can it don’t matter the services or t flops you can keep that little game pass we good bruh if you ain’t focus on games then what you good for nothing man i want diversity on your platform i don’t give a [ __ ] what type of impact you think this [ __ ] has i don’t care what kind of goddamn impact only thing i wanted to impact is my thoughts that it’s a badass [ __ ] that’s the only thing i wanted to impact you know at the end of the day invest in the games that’s all i got for y’all obj deciding after seeing that conference y’all want to get a xbox series x april nobody want that xbox trash it’s ps5 album ares ain’t nobody want that xbox trash julia no i’m good i’m so disappointed

but it’s looking like you need to do better six years with no gains i’m losing here i need road gain these executives gassing us up like they body filled with propane they lie a lot they have no shame they let us like romaine now i’m fed up no more leeway no more weight loss no more cocaine it’s the definition of insanity thinking things to suddenly change more game pass unfinished games spec talk with a damn shame halo infinite looking hella trash velocity looking super sad ps5 did the real work instead of trickery just to fool the fans phil’s still telling tall tales said first party on all devices your [ __ ] liar forza 8 state of decay they both devices that showcase was [ __ ] this shouldn’t even be allowable it’s time for us to hold xbox and microsoft accountable you only have one job to do in that show games for the fans waiting but you still couldn’t see that through five and a half years of no pressure you scream power selling xbox to another company willing to compete for my dollar signs i told y’all [ __ ] not to trust him he’s not one of us he’s one of them going in circles like usain bolt he running it that [ __ ] we was all hyped for the 23rd supposed to drop that mic on the 23rd 23rd came and the mic floated like a hummingbird when you go to learn halo was garbage what can i say forza didn’t show gameplay that zombie game showed hell of promise it was there that [ __ ] ruined my day but hit you in the chest with the services now you [ __ ] can’t breathe right they cut you short and took your vision like three months you fooled me once with the terror flops world’s supposed to be much bigger it’s what i get for expecting [ __ ] fool me twice but that’s y’all [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] is [ __ ] [ __ ] that’s all that’s it [ __ ] xbox ain’t no competition is the switch so switch [ __ ] y’all [ __ ] ain’t tired yet asking phil to retire yet still rolling with that [ __ ] [ __ ] ain’t put rams on them tires yet ain’t figured out here lie yet the [ __ ] still ain’t inspired yet phil laughing in your [ __ ] face y’all [ __ ] out here signing checks you only have one job to do in that show games for the fans waiting but you still couldn’t see that through xbox to another company willing to compete for my dollar signs oh look these [ __ ] think i’m weak as [ __ ] but imma show these fools soccer [ __ ] clear across the room with my yoga boobs cammy coming through bison won’t leave us alone that nigga’s still mad cause entanglements are having rose y’all thinking it’s a game mk just for lames sam show is cool tekken’s just insane mike got them physics blaze blue is plain king of fighter got them hoes in my shirt i got that killer instinct ready for war ready to settle the score hop on them six back to back i’m getting w’s ain’t no tit for tat i see you struggling with the button bashing you suffering i’mma keep attacking ain’t no hustling with the taking master cap whoever got me out here breakdowns i’m the king of fighters this tournament of champions got indian terry beaugard putting feet and fists to the competition his seat is hit for the opposition this is a bad decision divide and conquer like long division i’m on top of my game with mad precision it’s mortal kombat sonia blade with no titty physics slim thick she [ __ ] dangerous but look innocent in a sense johnny cage got the benefits he shot up the club and got cassie cage that’s winning [ __ ] jackie bridge can get to dick cause i’m a street fighter elite fighter here chun li with the fireballs i sleep nicer when i beat guys i’ve got vega climbing up

and down the walls trump calling insane game trying to get info on joe biden sagging chilling with the tiger king pillow talking with m bison dead or alive i’m choosing right you hire booster or again fool consume me putting [ __ ] in your face then back flipping on top of you i can never lose it’s the art of war my man rider was a [ __ ] beast your fake kano with a dirty aura controller too about to meet feet we got skull girls in guilty gear marvel vs capcom blaze blue bushido blade grand blue is here to stay capcom versus snk rival schools in primal rage fatal fury and shack food just to name a few from back in the days yo what is good ladies and gentlemen what is good ladies and gentlemen boys and girls y’all already know what time it is [ __ ] i’m sitting there at work [ __ ] i swear for god the uh my phone started blowing up i’m like yo what the [ __ ] is going on man bruh i had to slide up off my doc bro i had to slide up out the office my [ __ ] and then i took a look at my phone and i’m like hey these [ __ ] done did this tear down and then i thought to myself this is why i tell y’all bro i tell y’all all the time [ __ ] ask for [ __ ] for the sake of asking for it now that you have got this tear down now that you’ve got it now what now what i need y’all to answer that question what’s next what is next i’ma tell y’all man and today i’m probably gonna try to keep the stream a little short because i got other [ __ ] that i gotta do but i’m i’mma be honest with you bruh this ain’t change a [ __ ] thing not a single goddamn thing for me bruh not a single thing bruh i’m not happier i’m not upset i’m nothing right now bruh because none of this [ __ ] means a [ __ ] thing until i have that big sexy beautiful beast sitting on my entertainment system but for all you fake ass [ __ ] ass techy wanna be ass [ __ ] right are y’all satisfied with that are you satisfied did you see what you wanted to see do you understand what you saw huh do you understand what you saw that’s a real [ __ ] question i swear for god some of y’all playstation dudes bruh y’all [ __ ] be killing me dawg y’all [ __ ] be letting these xbox [ __ ] ruin y’all [ __ ] minds my [ __ ] they got y’all worried about [ __ ] that don’t [ __ ] matter dawg the [ __ ] didn’t matter before it don’t [ __ ] matter now my [ __ ] and now you see how little it [ __ ] matters now what do you have like y’all really sometimes y’all playstation dudes bruh and it blows me because some of these dudes are real [ __ ] playstation dudes y’all are real [ __ ] playstation fans man but y’all [ __ ] be letting these [ __ ] xbox [ __ ] have y’all moving a certain [ __ ] way for absolutely no [ __ ] reason bruh i’m talking about [ __ ] who had a box with no games for the last [ __ ] seven years my [ __ ] for the last seven years they haven’t had no [ __ ] games but they got y’all [ __ ] getting upset at sony for what cause you couldn’t see the guts of the [ __ ] playstation this is the reason why i said i don’t understand you [ __ ] bro this is the reason why bruh because now that you have got it now y’all [ __ ] let me tell you what y’all [ __ ] did the second playstation did this the second playstation showed off this system it wasn’t you didn’t even give a [ __ ] about what you saw you got red on twitter and now what xbox [ __ ] that’s what y’all did

that’s exactly what the [ __ ] y’all did what you want us to be outraged about next xbox [ __ ] [ __ ] come on bro what they gonna push y’all for next what they gonna push you for next come on y’all same [ __ ] [ __ ] that let me tell you y’all same [ __ ] [ __ ] that didn’t give a [ __ ] about ps now now y’all [ __ ] is talking about sony need to do a game pass like subscription not knowing how [ __ ] stupid you sound my [ __ ] my gripe right now [ __ ] them xbox [ __ ] my gripe is with you playstation [ __ ] [ __ ] dawg y’all are who my gripe is with and my gripe is with you guys because of the way y’all let these [ __ ] xbox [ __ ] have y’all [ __ ] dancing around this [ __ ] y’all letting the [ __ ] and that ain’t seen a single [ __ ] xbox game running my [ __ ] a single [ __ ] xbox game running a [ __ ] next-gen xbox game running on the next gen xbox you ain’t seen a single [ __ ] game but y’all letting that [ __ ] who didn’t see a single [ __ ] game running on the box that they about to buy my [ __ ] y’all letting that [ __ ] have y’all dancing come on dog y’all gotta do better bruh i’m gonna do it y’all gotta do better bruh yo shout out to cb3 sony don’t eff with any of these media outlets like digital foundry at all hold on i’mma get you to respect that your tweet deserves cb3 imma give you not tweet but comment it’s gonna play one more time because of lionel’s so let me let it go there we go hey okay so cb3 says sony don’t f with any of these media outlets like digital foundry at all just shunning these media outlets and influencers this just proves that they don’t need them at all whatsoever i’ma tell you right now i agree with everything that you just wrote every single thing that you just wrote i wholeheartedly agree with it i wholeheartedly agree with it and i’ve been seeing this as well sony really ain’t [ __ ] with these media outlets but for good reason but for good reason when you already in microsoft back pocket why the [ __ ] am i gonna give you exclusive information so you can pass it on over you know before the [ __ ] is time to be passed on you know what i mean like i don’t i don’t blame them i don’t blame them at all as a matter of fact i respect them for it i don’t need an influencer to influence me to buy something i need to see a premium [ __ ] product i need to see what that product is capable of and that’s it i don’t need a [ __ ] on the floor like a [ __ ] dog with a box [ __ ] i just don’t need that [ __ ] bruh like that [ __ ] don’t move me it might move y’all [ __ ] it might get you all hyped and excited depending on how y’all feel about stuff like this but that [ __ ] don’t do nothing for me bruh not a single [ __ ] thing you know what does something for me see in the game like nba2k1 uh 2k 21 and we gonna get to that because that [ __ ] look glorious bro i don’t even play basketball like that [ __ ] but that [ __ ] made me want to buy that [ __ ] dog that [ __ ] look glorious it looks next-gen but anyway uh carlos crespin they’re scared of a screw what scared of a screw of a screw okay so i’m assuming that this is some some more fake outrage that came after they showed off the playstation right all right cool we gonna get to that too carlos shout out to my [ __ ] lionel lionel bogan i’m more interested in the trophy changes that we didn’t see coming big facts big facts big facts uh let’s see shout out to hi hi-fi wolf gaming appreciate it bro um let the games do the influences that’s facts carlos perez i need a tear down from matt pack who the [ __ ] is matt pack who the hell is that i don’t even know who that is um laughed my eyes off post stuff had me rolling yeah post up is a whole [ __ ] clown i’m pretty sure he he he was a huge joke today my [ __ ] um it’s true samurai mentality post up has turned into a chemist

yo man y’all [ __ ] be letting post up half y’all [ __ ] dancing bro whatever the [ __ ] he said i’m pretty sure is stupid as [ __ ] that’s the reason why i don’t even really care i don’t even want to know what the [ __ ] he said xbox had nothing to do with me wanting to see the tear down okay nick what did you get from the tear down bro what did the tear down do for you my man what what did it do for you on a personal level how has how has your life how has your expectations changed for the playstation since you seen the teardown and i’m not even saying this to be disrespectful it might come off that way because i’m being blunt but it’s only because i just want to know what your answer is trust me i don’t want no smoke today man i’m in a [ __ ] fantastic mood y’all might not know from the way i’m talking but i’m really in a uh in a fantastic mood man what the [ __ ] okay that’s cool i’m leaving this alone right now uh let’s see post up has turned into a chemist um let me see naruto now we just started i just hope that liquid metal housing holds i mean what no dog we’re not gonna [ __ ] do this we are not gonna [ __ ] do this what the [ __ ] do you mean you hope the liquid how the liquid metal housing holds up what the [ __ ] do you think they did you think they threw that [ __ ] in there when they showed us the tear down bruh bro that’s the problem with you [ __ ] bruh y’all always put in stupid doubt in your mind for absolutely no [ __ ] reason my [ __ ] like not you don’t have a single [ __ ] reason to think that that liquid metal whatever the [ __ ] it is is going to fail but you’re putting you’re planting that seed for no [ __ ] reason my [ __ ] and and keep in mind i’m not mad i don’t even really want to come off as disrespectful but i i’m sorry i got to keep it real with y’all [ __ ] because nobody else ain’t gonna keep it real with you like you got a whole bunch of [ __ ] around here that’s gonna be super [ __ ] nice to every comment that y’all say and that’s only because they want you as a viewer my [ __ ] me personally i come here to chill hang out with y’all [ __ ] you know what i’m saying whoever shows up shows up if you don’t show up you don’t show up but come on bro we gotta start having these real conversations bro we gotta stop with this [ __ ] bruh like you ain’t hear nobody talking about oh well uh i hope i hope the design that the xbox series x has i i hope that doesn’t fail like you didn’t hear a single [ __ ] person saying that but for some reason you feel like you have to say that bro why why do you feel like you have to be pessimistic about the [ __ ] that they created what they created was [ __ ] magnificent and we gonna get to that video too me personally i’m just happy you know what i’m happy about let me tell you what i’m happy about for a second right i’m happy that playstation addressed my concerns as a playstation gamer i don’t give a [ __ ] about what xbox [ __ ] want i don’t give a [ __ ] about what xbox [ __ ] expect from playstation they addressed my concerns right so that loud ass playstation 4 pro while i still love my [ __ ] playstation 4 pro you have to admit that the decibel levels like [ __ ] the [ __ ] levels on that [ __ ] is just crazy when that fan ramp up you know what i mean so so the simple fact that let me tell you i don’t have a single reason to doubt what playstation has done because mark cerny has already explained this in detail don’t get me wrong [ __ ] have taken his words and they have twisted it they have turned it they have done a lot of [ __ ] [ __ ] with the words that he said but the words that he said still remains the same and everything that he has said we have saw in real [ __ ] time you know what i mean um hold on let me go back a little bit my bad uh david frost one thing that irks me about that big block of cheese that i’m so glad that the ps5 has is a usbc port why is xbox behind in that regard to be honest with you bro i don’t know and to be realistic with you i don’t really care i just like making fun of the xbox bro to be honest with you i ain’t got no beast i ain’t got no gripes with that [ __ ] machine or with microsoft i just don’t give a [ __ ] for it right i don’t care for it it doesn’t do anything for me it doesn’t move the needle for me so i don’t really care about what microsoft is doing realistically um but i’m telling you sony thought about the customer they thought about us when they made this [ __ ] now i’ma get to why i feel like sony thought about us again i haven’t even gotten to the show yet you got to remember i haven’t even

played the [ __ ] tear down which i’m going to play the goddamn tear down i haven’t even played the goddamn tear down yet because i want to address y’all because y’all my [ __ ] y’all my [ __ ] y’all show up every [ __ ] time i go live and i appreciate you [ __ ] so i need to have a conversation with y’all first before we go ahead and play this video before i bring jamya bum ass in here you know what i’m saying before i do all of that i gotta address y’all because y’all [ __ ] are important y’all [ __ ] are important you feel me and i want y’all [ __ ] to know that y’all important we might argue we might tussle i haven’t even had you know what’s so great about this [ __ ] i haven’t even had to block a [ __ ] like don’t get me wrong i block [ __ ] that was saying some stupid [ __ ] but i haven’t even had to block them off like just for being just toxic you know what i mean like it’s crazy like i can’t stand the dumb [ __ ] so they didn’t say anything toxic but they were just saying some dumb [ __ ] and got blocked but i haven’t even had to block anybody for being toxic man and i appreciate that man i appreciate that y’all [ __ ] come through hang out and act like y’all got some goddamn scents at the cookout [ __ ] i appreciate that [ __ ] um shout out to my [ __ ] plus on black dog ps5 is being undersold i don’t understand any of that tear down stuff i do love and feel my money won’t be wasted and that’s the way you supposed to feel when you purchase a product plus on black that is the way you supposed to feel as a customer as a customer you are supposed to feel like that product that you’re being sold is a premium product if you don’t feel like it’s a premium product then they they didn’t do their job they didn’t the and when i say they i mean the manufacturer the person who produced it the people who produced it didn’t do their job so i’m glad that you looking at this [ __ ] i’m glad that you feel like it’s a premium product and we definitely gonna get to it we definitely gonna get to it um so let me go down um let me see i’m trying to catch up with everybody for one game that [ __ ] is gonna come and bite them in the ass too i’ma be honest with you um let me see david frost oh and think about the insane customization that’s gonna come with those side panels we won’t have to buy another ps5 bundle just the side panels yo you know what that you bring up a good point right there uh david and and honestly i feel like that is good that they’re doing that because imagine how many of those special editions that we miss right and the only reason why we missed those special editions is because they’ve sold out now what happens when you make plates all you’re doing is making the plates like to be realistic um what’s the name used to do this right like xbox used to do this they used to make the the plates in the vinyl coverings right um and they did that with the 360. and to be honest with you i actually missed that because i remember the very first customized plate that i bought for my xbox 360 was that assassin’s creed version of the customizable plate and that [ __ ] looked dope as [ __ ] my [ __ ] like i kept that [ __ ] on there and the reason why i did it is because the white on that [ __ ] xbox used to get dirty as [ __ ] [ __ ] dawg for absolutely no goddamn reason so i’m glad that they made the plates and i’m i’m glad that they made them removable in the way that they are um i just want to see what they’re going to do with those things right i want to see the different types of customization uh things that they’re gonna do um i hope they start with miles morales because i would love to have a [ __ ] spider-man ps5 or at least have the plates and it’s good because you can then customize that [ __ ] whenever you want to have you know those customized plays so one day i might be feeling like spider-man miles morales right but then when the next god of war come out i might be feeling like [ __ ] i need them god of war plates my [ __ ] i need the god of war plates um so i think that’s really cool i think that’s really really cool um let me see what category isn’t the series x uh behind in man the series x is trash money i mean it’s great if y’all [ __ ] like it and if you want it right i’m not gonna harp on that and i’m not gonna be upset about that and i’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t be happy if you went out and purchased or or you went out to go pre-order xbox series x i hope that you have a great time with that xbox series x and i’m not even joking like seriously i’m not being sarcastic i’m not trying to be condescending i’m not trying to be in it at i hope that when you get that product to your house that you enjoy it but if the first thing you do when you get this product as you get back home and then you get online and start talking about this product instead of playing with it then there’s a problem there my boy there is a [ __ ] problem there i’m just saying i’m just look i’m just saying don’t don’t [ __ ] hate me

don’t hate me hate the [ __ ] who created it right and again y’all [ __ ] can talk about game pass all you want bruh it’s not gonna change the fact that nobody gives a [ __ ] and that [ __ ] want to own this [ __ ] [ __ ] ain’t ryan here talking about they want to go out and [ __ ] written games [ __ ] if they was really doing that [ __ ] you know well maybe maybe you xbox [ __ ] for sure you know what i’m saying and it’s cool it’s cool hopefully hopefully you enjoy the [ __ ] that you setting yourself up for and hopefully you enjoy all the money that just really just gonna go out the window my [ __ ] like hopefully you enjoy that all of this collection [ __ ] that you talking about you know all of these games that y’all quote unquote clamoring about talking about you want to go and um you know have backwards compatibility and all of this [ __ ] right all of your talking points you’re you’re being a hypocrite around your own talking points because if your ass ain’t buying games guess what you ain’t got nothing to be backwards [ __ ] compatible i mean it is what it is and most of y’all [ __ ] y’all don’t even really play games like that let’s be honest that’s why this [ __ ] makes so much sense to you because you don’t really play games like that see me i have a whole collection of [ __ ] games physical and digital right and the greatest thing about that is i don’t have to pay for ps now subscription to access my games i don’t have to do that and see another thing that i think that you dudes don’t even really think about is these games go on sale and and i don’t know about xbox but playstation be having some wild sales [ __ ] i’m talking about [ __ ] they be having a uh all in japan sales you know what i’m saying they’d be having a 50 off sales sony be going nuts with the sales let’s be real they be going crazy with the [ __ ] sales so why in the hell am i gonna rent a game when i can simply buy it when it comes out which more than likely i’m going to do or if i do decide to wait i’ll just wait for it to go on sale and guess what i’ll still buy it and i will own that game clearly you never know when you want to go back and play a game because y’all [ __ ] is hyped up about og backwards compatible xbox games right you’re worried about 360 games right right right but how you gonna do that if your whole [ __ ] library consists of [ __ ] you rented you gonna spend seven years written games that you don’t own my [ __ ] like come on let’s let’s be realistic about this um let’s see what up guapzilla what’s good [ __ ] daryl brown what’s good my boy ss9 buchita what is up garuda legends how you doing fam how you doing how you doing the outbreak what’s good and ship it in what’s good kimberly what’s good s2n illusion paradox cluster what is good um hate consumer what is good eastern conference yin ko zero what is good a dazz definitely thanks for keeping it real and not pandering to your audience can’t do it bro i can’t do it see you are you gonna keep playing that uh house flipper absolutely bro i love that [ __ ] game dawg i’m waiting because they got a um they got an update that’s supposed to be coming out for it and i don’t know when but whenever it does you know what i’m saying if it’s like some dlc [ __ ] i’ll i’ll probably [ __ ] buy it all cuz i [ __ ] love playing that game um what’s up star guardian what’s good homie oh my god damn need for speed hot pursuit bruh look i can’t wait for that game to come out [ __ ] i’m buying that day one [ __ ] matter of fact i’m pre-ordering that [ __ ] facts uh let’s see let’s see phillip what is good philip kunvungas zero stick skills what’s good lay what is up homie what’s up homie kaelin what’s good my boy super milkshake what is up mark piggins what is up okay so now that rollo to god damn stardust hopefully i ain’t missed my [ __ ] rolo to god man come on man let me let me let me let me add my boy rollo man bralo gotta be a [ __ ] moderator in the building my [ __ ] is always here man i [ __ ] with you homie i [ __ ] with you homie what’s up oc read what’s good oc triple o c triple o c what’s good my boy caution what’s good my man what is good captain thug nasty hiding behind the tree in the woods [ __ ] what’s good nasty what’s good g junior what’s up g highlight eddie what’s up my boy deadplash what’s good krytopsy what’s good s what’s good man

shout out to y’all [ __ ] man i [ __ ] with y’all [ __ ] john tuka what’s good mike g what’s good my g glad you’re here brother glad you’re here um okay so i know i said this [ __ ] like three [ __ ] thousand times but let’s finally get to it all right all right let me make sure the closed caption is on because this [ __ ] is in all japanese and i respect that i definitely respect that man um let’s go ahead and turn on the desktop aight all right so let’s go ahead and take a look at what sony has been working on [ __ ] i don’t even really need to turn the volume up but just for immersion what’s good manny loko what’s good sunisa sinisa what’s good i heard xbox sent you a series x hey if they did boy i’m the worst i’m the worst influencer in the world my [ __ ] station play with this yo yo hold on hold on first of all first of all let’s just take a look at this big beautiful beast [ __ ] [ __ ] this little list let me tell you this [ __ ] look big cause this [ __ ] small as [ __ ] as a matter of fact this dude looked like the dude that was in the picture that was holding up the goddamn thing and we didn’t know if it was real or not he looked like that [ __ ] he looks like that guy but look at this look at this big sexy beast right here look at it just look at it oh my god this looks absolutely fantastic it looks clean and pristine look at that aries let just look at that just take a look at that you see that big sexy alien beast right there you see that [ __ ] look at that look at that oh oh that’s what i’m talking about [ __ ] that’s what i’m talking about baby all right let me go ahead and move on vp mechanical design department hardware design division sony entertainment yasuhiro utori yasuhiro utori yasuhiro utori yo my man got one two three four five screwdrivers [ __ ] it’s about to go down he about to break this [ __ ] down down [ __ ] let’s go 390 millimeters high 390 millimeters high the size is larger than that of the ps4 for sure it is for sure hold on where is mine god damn it i have to look at i’m gonna have to look for it later okay 390 millimeters high 260 millimeters deep 104 millimeters wide but resulting in a dramatic improvement in performance in terms of processing power and quietness talk your okay so i do want to know what the [ __ ] this port is gonna be for true witty liquid cooling sick the price is worth it oh i’m not doubting none of this [ __ ] i’m not doubting none of this [ __ ] um i wonder what this port is for right like because there has to be a reason as to why they put this port specifically on the front i’m wondering if maybe it’s the port for the controller because maybe the controller comes with a double-sided usb-c port maybe but i still just don’t know the rationale the rationalization for this i mean i know that it’s a super fast port right that that i know right off the bat but i want to know what they were thinking when they decided to put this port because literally they could have just put another regular usb port right but they decided to put this usbc port it’s it’s going to be interesting to see what they use this for but i’m i’m curious about that you know the rear side has two type a

ports with super speed usb support which is great which is great i wonder what it is i think it’s like it’s probably 3.2 ports it’s either 3.1 or 3.2 ports for sure but i guess another question that i have is why go with these ports on the back i know they did it for future proofing reasons or whatever but i want to know what their thinking was i want to know what it is that they have because one of these ports of course is going to be for the camera hey let me let me turn these alerts off because this [ __ ] i mean i’ll still see the stuff that y’all put up there but i’m turning the alerts off because it keep interrupting me uh you can totally see the pride throughout the presentation hey she dummy thick bro hey [ __ ] david and fat star guardian you you absolutely right bro uh the build quality of this thing already looks great it already looks great but i mean we definitely gotta get through the rest of the video and then i’m gonna bring my man jamaya in here so you know we can chop it up you know they they’ve they went with such a simplified setup and i’m wondering i mean because there’s other things that they can do because think about it there is no optical port on this right but then again i guess that’s really kind of a good thing because technically you don’t really need any special equipment to get the great 3d audio sound that they have um pretty much every headwear every headset that you have will be you know pretty much compatible with the 3d audio sound and you know the usually when you have the optical out that’s when you’re going to hook it up to like some surround sound system or something like that but nowadays i mean you got a lot of surround sound systems that have that has eight hdmi pass-through so i guess optical out is pretty old technology at this point i mean don’t get me wrong the clarity in the audio with the audio out with the optical audio ports are fantastic but i think they’re going in a different direction because they have their own audio thing that they’re doing this time around and it’s crazy that they’re doing all of this it’s more powerful than the ps4 pro it’s more powerful than the ps4 it’s more powerful than the xbox one xbox one x and it’s more powerful than the xbox series x but it just has a regular standard acn connector this is a regular connector you could take the [ __ ] cord out of your tv and plug it into the playstation you good to go my boy you good to go and they were able to do all of this and keep this little small port so it also it it also you know it it it makes me wonder and makes me ask the question why did they go with that [ __ ] huge uh power cable that looked like something that should come out of a [ __ ] pc for the [ __ ] um for the ps4 pro you know what i mean like that’s what i’m that’s what i’m thinking now i’m i’m wondering that’s the question that’s on my mind now why did they go with that big ass port for the ps4 pro huh all right let’s keep going oh [ __ ] freaking chat stop moving because i was going back up for the thing all right let’s go wow okay let’s back this up so this and this these are all intake both of these sides are pulling fresh air in and the entire backside is to push air out yo these [ __ ] ain’t playing about this cool and [ __ ] bro they are not they are not bullshitting around with this [ __ ] dog they making sure that they can get all of the fresh air that they [ __ ] need all from the top coming all the way down top coming all the way down i don’t know why i’m doing this with my hands you like y’all can see me top all the way down top all the way down it both sides is pulling in fresh air and it’s pulling in fresh air and then it’s going to shoot that [ __ ] out the back these [ __ ] ain’t playing bro they not

[ __ ] playing my man yo it’s crazy bruh it’s crazy but it makes sense it’s crazy but it makes sense i’m glad that they went with the design that they did because again i don’t think that we’re gonna have the issues that we had with the playstation 4 playstation 4 pro with the fan spinning up like [ __ ] 1 000 my [ __ ] and sounding like a goddamn 757 [ __ ] bull and jet and [ __ ] like that yo this [ __ ] it’s smart engineering is what it is it is smart engineering wait so the playstation comes with this tool nah i highly doubt it does i mean all you would really need is a flathead screwdriver or hell not even a flathead screwdriver just get a [ __ ] butter knife [ __ ] butter knife that [ __ ] the [ __ ] up but nah i wouldn’t disrespect my playstation like that first of all my [ __ ] gonna be standing up i want my i want my playstation to stand up and be prominent [ __ ] like i don’t want my [ __ ] to be laying sideways [ __ ] like a [ __ ] that’s getting ready to get [ __ ] no i want my [ __ ] to stand up i want it to stand up stand tall and stand out you got me [ __ ] up but let’s watch this [ __ ] take this [ __ ] off yo these [ __ ] thought so far ahead they thought so far ahead with this [ __ ] like y’all don’t even understand it they thought so far ahead with this [ __ ] that not only that they you take the screw out but they gave you a little plug that you put in the little hole you know where it was and then you hide the screw inside of this you turn it i think you turned it like clockwork clockwise or counterclockwise and then you clip that [ __ ] to the side and now it sits on its side like that’s [ __ ] crazy dawg like these [ __ ] are like yo you know these [ __ ] gonna lose the screw right you know they’re gonna lose the screw we need to create a compartment so that it can actually hold on to this that’s what we need to do we need to create a compartment so these [ __ ] won’t lose this goddamn screw that we probably gonna have to resell them yo i [ __ ] with this [ __ ] dawg i low-key [ __ ] with this man like facts big facts bro this [ __ ] is this [ __ ] is dope look at that they even got it so that it clips in to that little place so there’s no way you can [ __ ] that up yo look at this [ __ ] look at this [ __ ] come on come on dog y’all can’t tell me that ain’t some sleep [ __ ] right there you can’t [ __ ] tell me that that ain’t no sleep that ain’t some sleek [ __ ] right there that’s crazy bruh that’s crazy yeah i’m gonna get them in as soon as we as soon as we uh finish talking about the um as soon as we finish the video i’m gonna get some [ __ ] in here and we gonna talk about this [ __ ] because of course once we get to talking bro it ain’t gonna be no way for me to play the video and for people to hear it so i’m gonna bring them in as soon as we uh i mean the videos on the video is only seven minutes is thank you jesus they made this [ __ ] easy to [ __ ] take off they made it so simplified that a [ __ ] dummy can do it they made it so simplified that a dummy can [ __ ] do this dog like come on fam this is crazy yo that [ __ ] gonna be huge it’s gonna be huge on my [ __ ] entertainment system [ __ ] i don’t give a [ __ ] about no [ __ ] being huge what the [ __ ] is wrong with you [ __ ] man oh it’s big it’s [ __ ] big it’s big for good reason

it’s big for good reason yo and both sides come off yo they definitely selling us some money troonbyfire appreciate it bro sony is a hardware company and it shows in every way this is a labor of love to me look at the ps symbols everywhere on it it’s a celebration of playstation and its fans that’s my take i agree i one thousand percent agree actually pcie young yo okay okay this changes [ __ ] a little bit this changes things just a little bit bro hold on let me bring these [ __ ] in i just gotta let them [ __ ] know that they’re gonna have to you know when we watching the video they’re gonna have to hold it down hold it down a little bit uh [ __ ] god damn it [ __ ] come on man come on man there we go man there we go man how y’all doing man man we’re just [ __ ] talking about [ __ ] [ __ ] scrambling right now yo hell yeah yo first and foremost we still playing the video so we got like five like four minutes and something left on the video so i’m gonna try to get through this [ __ ] um but we definitely gotta talk about it bro we gotta [ __ ] talk about this [ __ ] dawg yo do you see this jamiah yeah you see what’s on the screen you see these different [ __ ] holes you already know what that is right yep this is yep because my motherboard is built exactly like this my [ __ ] where i could put different size [ __ ] m.2 drives in my [ __ ] and then you get in the back i’m like that’s just so smart you know what i mean yo let me tell you something let me tell you something let me tell y’all xbox [ __ ] [ __ ] something bro because [ __ ] was like [ __ ] was like oh um you know if i want to if i want to put a ssd in all i do is pop the card into the back right that’s what [ __ ] were saying right right but let me tell you another one you at the mercy of microsoft [ __ ] you at the mercy of microsoft if microsoft only decides to make a one terabyte drive forever you’re at the mercy of microsoft you’re stuck with a one terabyte drive let me tell you something about this though the great part and the reason why i’m excited about this what y’all see on the screen is different manufacturers with different card configurations have the ability to make drives that are compatible that are compatible with the goddamn ps5 you know what that means for us as a consumer that means as a consumer i have a choice of who the [ __ ] i go with as far as that m.2 drive of course i’m going with whoever playstation say is certified by them right that way i can hold playstation accountable if some [ __ ] ain’t working right you feel me but i’m going with whoever they tell me is the card that they certified for this that will work the way their ssd work right and i’m gonna be honest with you the only thing i’m gonna use my secondary external drive for is to swap games between the internal that’s what i’m gonna use that [ __ ] for right so i ain’t gonna pack it to the brim you know what i mean if it’s games that i feel like i’ma play down the line i’ma store that [ __ ] on the um on the secondary drive and when i’m ready to play it i’m gonna move it to the [ __ ] playstation 5 drive you know why because i know for a fact i know for sure that playstation 5’s drive is not going to it’s going to work the way it needs to work so i’m going to use that bait just for like like an external basically um but i’m glad that they did this because this bring more opportunities for different um people who create these drives and that hey more competition [ __ ] gotta compete for them dollars now shout out to dl johnson 2013 i rather have a big console over one that you got to put in the freezer to not burn your house down hey hey let me tell you man let me tell you man these [ __ ] can talk all that [ __ ] that they want but let’s be realistic these [ __ ] is at the mercy of microsoft they can’t do [ __ ] unless microsoft allows them to do something you feel me so this is gonna get pretty interesting it’s gonna get interesting um um

the thing about the m.2 is it was made to be directly uh attached to the motherboard which is why i found it strange that microsoft has um you know put plug and play memory the whole point of having to nvme is to have it attached to the motherboard so it’s that much faster it’s direct you know i’m transfers so i find it strange that they have a cartridge for ssd that’s also what i’m saying yeah i mean i technically i hear what you’re saying but technically it’s still directly on the board it’s just you insert that [ __ ] from the outside yeah i i don’t like that like well i mean okay so a lot of things get all [ __ ] up and [ __ ] you know what i mean constantly put it in and out of there like that just don’t sound right oh yeah no no no no things definitely gonna fail it’s definitely gonna fail you’re gonna have a failure rate for those things and that’s because of what you just said they’re constantly taking it in putting it out taking it and putting it out first of all a dummy can open up this playstation because all you do is lift up on the [ __ ] panel and pull that [ __ ] up and it comes completely out with no issues and then all you’re doing is putting the goddamn nvme drive on that [ __ ] closing it back up and probably never touching that [ __ ] again whereas with the xbox drive you constantly taking that [ __ ] in and out in and out in and out nah nah yeah one thing though is um i think phil or aaron said that they’re gonna have third party uh cartridges they’re not they’re coming in in the future coming in the future they lie they’re gonna have their own [ __ ] yeah it already is a third-party partner i don’t see why a company would go out their way to make those shds you know what i mean that’s not what it is they’re not gonna they’re not gonna make it proprietary they did the same thing with the 360 man there was a proprietary hdds that i don’t believe had third party did they have a third party atv for that [ __ ] nope so so why would they do it now there’s no reason to do it why sign with seagate i think realistically they did have different hard drives in them though right so the enclosures were the same but they did change the actual uh manufacture of the hard drives in that [ __ ] because at first it was uh i think like uh western digital and then they switched it to seagate actually which is funny because that’s who they that’s who they partner with now get out of line dude i don’t like hearing down the line they always changing [ __ ] down the line always changing i mean yeah first and foremost i can’t believe [ __ ] ain’t mad that they gotta buy these goddamn cards my [ __ ] because they killed the vita for that [ __ ] yes they did i did too killed the video i murdered the veto over that [ __ ] yeah 80 dollars for that [ __ ] i mean they paying what 40 60 extra for these proprietary memory cards and then what’s on the market it only has 800 gigabytes of drive drive space when they put it in there which is weird to me i don’t even know what that is uh shout out to marcus moore ps5 was designed with quality and care unlike series x where everything was thrown inside a brick so incredibly sad yo i saw a picture on the [ __ ] on the internet you know it had to be j dub ass [ __ ] he had a goddamn picture of the xbox series x from the back and then you know how they had the little thing where they were pushing all the parts in it and then he had a picture of a goddamn look like a i don’t know like a scooby doo van [ __ ] with a whole bunch of [Laughter] man all right so let’s keep it rolling go this way oh he about to really start taking his [ __ ] apart now yo everything popping legos yo what the [ __ ] yo do y’all see this [ __ ] fan my [ __ ] god damn let me put that [ __ ] on my pc [ __ ] god damn oh [ __ ] bro do y’all see the [ __ ] blades on this [ __ ] [ __ ] lex level bro what i have never seen no [ __ ] that look like this like i seen the old ass y’all remember you should know jamaica them old ass intel processors the the [ __ ] heatsink that come with that [ __ ] yeah i mean it was circle like this but god damn all these goddamn blades bruh this [ __ ] about to be pushing air out the [ __ ] wazoo my [ __ ] like god damn that’s crazy bro

that [ __ ] look like a goddamn turbine engine [ __ ] that’s what that [ __ ] looked like it looked like a [ __ ] turbine here’s foreign this [ __ ] took the goddamn ultra hd blu-ray drive apart bro like why did [ __ ] really wanted to see that [ __ ] whatever man this [ __ ] said only fans p.s yo so they really do got the wi-fi six in there bro we gonna talk about it all that technology bruh all that technology in this small ass form factor bruh this is crazy dawg this [ __ ] is cpu has 8 cores and 16 threads and runs at up to 3.5 gigahertz amd ryzen’s in 2 amd radeon two based graphics engine the gpu is driven at up to 2.23 gigahertz and delivers 10.3 teraflops yo shout out to top dog after watching both tear downs ps5 look like it’s worth 500 xbox series that looks like it’s over 100 overpriced yo man i’m gonna get to that too man i’m not i’m trying not to say no i’m just trying to let this [ __ ] play out a little bit but we gonna talk about it bruh we have installed eight gddr6 that delivers a maximum bandwidth of 448 gigabytes per system memory 16 gigabytes okay so it’s uh two gigabytes per chip yep now this this is the [ __ ] that i’m a little bit worried about bro as a person who has bought consoles wow for a very very very long time i must say that i am a little bit i i am a little bit i’m a little bit concerned to say the least right because the primary ssd is soldered to the board meaning if anything happens to this ssd if it breaks if it gets corrupted if it’s un um unrecoverable then you gotta send your whole playstation into [ __ ] um playstation yeah that that i’m a little bit pissed about i’m a little bit upset about that and the only reason why is because again i’ve had hard drives fail on the playstation 4. you know what i mean so it’s not like it’s an impossibility right and if you really put time into your playstation

you’re gonna be using that [ __ ] a lot that memory is gonna be accessed a lot when it gets strained when it gets [ __ ] up when something burns out you just asked out you’re gonna have to send that whole [ __ ] thing in to be repaired yeah like because if if any you know ssd you can only read and write so many times so i don’t know if like after five years you know what i’m saying would it be the efficiency of the internalization but we’ll have to see they have they have to have thought about that you know what i mean yeah so i’m kind of like gonna give them the benefit of the doubt yeah because i doubt they don’t want to have to pay for it yeah yeah that would be like that would be suicide if they just if it just if it’s going to fail to the point where they have to replace all these goddamn ssds you know that that [ __ ] would be crazy though um but i guess i gotta see it in action right i gotta i gotta see it in my house see how it performs see how the cooling you know really is from a first person perspective you know what i mean because we’re seeing it third person with this person on the screen you know or the people who were playing the video games on the screen but i want to see that [ __ ] in my living room [ __ ] i want to see that [ __ ] in my bedroom i want to see that [ __ ] in my game room my [ __ ] like i just ma i need this i need this soon customer just period the wires just just the console just curled up in the bed best pillow i’m gonna give it the best pillow oh man yo and this is the big [ __ ] here right like a lot of this [ __ ] is important but this is probably the most important thing that’s in this goddamn uh system this custom ssd controller breath foreign the ps5 utilizes liquid metal as the tim to ensure long-term stable high cooling performance so they really they really did it they spent two years researching it too oh [ __ ] they they they really did it they this is great engineering listen liquid metal isn’t anything new most people that got pcs don’t use liquid metal for whatever reason it is available you can buy it but the fact that they thought about this and this costs a hell of a lot more than that regular thermal pace yo dc um come through bruh j dub what’s good my boy uh come through my [ __ ] like you know you know where we at [ __ ] we have to hang out we at the [ __ ] hangout yeah he said he’s in a car he’s gonna jump in right out there uh the pc the p yeah watch the discord because bro i don’t be seeing [ __ ] when they just be sitting there like i just happen to see link uh the ps5 utilizes liquid metal as a tim to ensure long-term stable high cooling performance they really did it though they really they really went for it and they really they really said you know what this time around we’re not gonna get these [ __ ] no [ __ ] excuses you know what i’m saying this i’m gonna tell you what this is this is a labor of love for the people who dealt with the goddamn ps4 you know i’m saying for the people who dealt with the jet engine this is this is the thank you for rolling with us now not only did they thank us with games because remember we still got um oh [ __ ] hold on i don’t even think i i don’t even think i read this all the way through my bad j dub what’s good panel my bros ps5 tear down got bots jumping out the window sony tech for the win yet again let’s go you already know you already know bruh but they did it man i mean you got to put some respect on sony for this because they didn’t have to do this they could have just went with some [ __ ] thermal pace right they definitely could have did that but they actually decided that they wanted to give us the experience that we deserve because i mean we’re giving them 500 bucks and the thing is i do

truly believe that the playstation was supposed to be priced higher than hundred dollars and i think that’s the reason why they’re coming out the gate selling them games at seventy dollars yeah cause like this technology in here is like there’s no way this [ __ ] the digital is only 3.99 like you know i mean that’s crazy yeah yep it’s only 3.99 but see the digital is a trap my [ __ ] that’s what you got to realize with the digital dog they they taking a loss on that digital for sure for sure they’re taking a loss and they’re taking a huge loss but the gain is going to be worth more than the loss because with the digital you have to buy everything from their store yeah it’s a it’s pure profit for them going forward as far as the first party games go yep so literally they’ll probably lose more money on the physical than they would on a digital in the long run just saying but i mean it is what it is should have that um i don’t have that i need one more level i think i’m not i’m not on pc so i can’t do it i don’t think you could do it on your phone i can’t do i i don’t know how to do it if you can on the phone i don’t have the permissions because you got this guy you got this group oh the invitation group that’s that’s invisible to me yeah i don’t even see it like if i come in all i see is the sick lord you are worth all right i’m gonna put you out dc see if you’re able to get back in hey all right that’s the toes that’s the toes of the console and they painted the [ __ ] toes that should’ve said you know something you said sick uh sony took the ammunition out of these guys guns to talk about heat overheating jet engine sound and now they’re coming up with everything else that they possibly can to try to throw a wrench now it’s the weaker system the bigger system all this other shenanigans dog but we’ll talk more about it yeah yeah all right so looking at the heatsink right this is a huge heatsink when i say huge this [ __ ] is huge it’s almost like the entire ps5 is the gpu right yeah that’s what it looks like pretty much but i’m okay with that oh yeah i’m definitely everything watch out well what y’all gotta give mad credit to is the the fins on that heatsink bro them joints there’s so many if you go back and like tear down like a pro and everything like y’all was talking about the liquid metal i don’t know if y’all know i’m kind of a nerd every playstation i buy the moment i take it out of the box i open them up and i put either liquid metal or quicksilver uh thermal paste because the thermal paste that comes on every playstation was hot ass garbage man what it comes it’s better than what comes on the playstation 4 pro and the vanilla i’ll tell you what ever since i’ve done that i still got a first generation first day launch ps4 it makes no sense i’ll record it for y’all it’s total quiet since then all i do is standard cleaning but ever since i changed it to like a arctic silver it’s never sounded like a jet engine hmm okay both of mine sound like get in here they they definitely put some thought into this [ __ ] dawg this wasn’t just no overnight [ __ ] we just gonna throw this [ __ ] together they put some thought into the way they built this [ __ ] and truthfully man you you gotta respect it bro you gotta respect this [ __ ] man i i can’t i can’t wait to get this [ __ ] at that crib seriously go ahead now since i know trumby fire had a super chat accident about the fan the the front of the thing it’s not pushing air out through two sides it’s pulling the air in through both those sides and it’s pushing it out the back completely so it’s right like pushing the [ __ ] out the front i know that’s what that’s

um yeah if you if you if you watch the the the take that the tear down it pulls from both sides that’s like the best way you could do it bro so you know basically what’s happening is the fan is right here when that [ __ ] is spinning it’s pulling air right and once it pulled that air in that that air goes through this basically the [ __ ] works like a radiator my [ __ ] that’s kind of how this [ __ ] works bro and and it takes that it takes this [ __ ] the aluminum the aluminum [ __ ] here it takes that air and then it pushed that air gets pushed out the back all right so real quick defense 120 millimeter and your average pc the the first three things in the front that equals 120 millimeters they’re all 40 millimeters each and that’s how you um measure the fans so it have an equivalent um you know the equivalent of heat um you know dissipation as a um you know three uh fans set up for a pt to give you guys a reference but it’s not just that though it gets worse bruh it gets worse i mean it gets better it gets better no no it gets worse for the [ __ ] who was trying to hate on the playstation running get that [ __ ] oh um yeah before before before you say that i got a question if i’m not mistaken the fan on the xbox pushes air out right yeah so that’s my that’s my issue with it what sony’s doing is basically what i do for my pcs i pull in air and i exhaust it from the back if like that’s the best way that i’ve ever cooled pc i’ve been building pcs since i was like 15 i’m 37 now uh i haven’t had any issues but i’ve always built it so the circulation either pulls air from the front even from the top it expels from the back sometimes i’ll even put a fan at the bottom so it pulls air in from the bottom the thing with xbox is it’s pulling air from the heat it’s not pulling in any cool air there’s no cool air being pulled in at all it’s only excellent heat so i get what people are saying like oh it’s not overheating but the problem is where the hell is the cool air coming from please explain it’s coming from that little tiny spot at the bottom underneath that [ __ ] mouth we’re dead but here’s the thing though you know this better than everyone here and you guys when you put something like that in a media center or if you put it in not only is it going to get hot but that little plate that keeps it up that’s not high enough to pull air from the bottom and those holes aren’t those holes aren’t even all those holes aren’t even available to pull air that’s why i don’t understand why is the base so close to the um vents that’s what i was like i don’t understand that design like it makes no sense like if you put it like on say you put it on like uh or your desk whatever or put it in the entertainment system it feels like a door to it like how is it supposed to get enough suspicion air that’s cool when it’s literally blowing air into the [ __ ] compartment and recycling it like it makes [ __ ] sense dixon they put this [ __ ] together not giving a [ __ ] that’s why money clearly that’s what’s going on it’s just they didn’t give a [ __ ] you got all these components just stacked on top of each other in there and there’s one big fan i mean it doesn’t even look like they tried let’s try not to cut nobody off um i’m sorry let’s try to let everybody get their [ __ ] out first because this [ __ ] just gets all disorganized go ahead thrash because you were saying something no i was just saying that uh that um you can tell by just looking at it i mean nothing nothing about it makes sense that’s why i asked on twitter what pc guys would build a pc like this because it’s basically like a baby pc who would build it like this and all of them was like yeah it’s all messed up the fan is out of place the way it’s sideways is out of place i would put my motherboard against something not just suspended in the middle they said that if it makes sense look at the heat sink is that a it’s not um it’s not any moving part it’s like at the bottom of the thing it makes no sense like you know i mean like it’s crazy also to add to that too if you guys haven’t been paying attention take a look at the motherboard and see how places that actually absorbs heat is actually separated and moved further away from other parts that’s another way of basically having coolant uh where things will get hot like the gpu or let’s say the the uh the s the nvme because that those create heat they’re all separated and pushed apart you look at the series x everything is crammed together i don’t care that’s also something else i wanted to say and i think one of you guys touched it um i think brass touched it with like the whole sponsor me stuff youtuber sitting down people like austin evans people like digital uh digital foundry every other youtuber that’s actually gotten a chance to touch this system all the pc guys should be lose should lose all their credibility because there’s

not a single one james would never do this uh bit will never do this uh none of the guys from um unboxed none of those guys would ever build a pc to the point where all of your heat is just there’s no way to pull cool air in and none of these people have said anything to microsoft if they’re so called for the people why didn’t no one say anything about this because they got paid [ __ ] it’s not just what do you mean you think something’s gay right [ __ ] xbox is a tear down no there’s like here’s a tear down he’s the nba sign this [ __ ] and now and go enjoy your [ __ ] um youtube channel yep they don’t want to lose that that’s what that’s digital foundry’s problem they don’t want to lose it’s like that’s not it’s more digital foundry it’s everybody anybody like that old girl with the chair the old girl went to talk about the playstation and oh i got i don’t like playstation because they end up giving me free [ __ ] so [ __ ] them i’m not putting them on my channel that’s what they’re becoming that’s what they are that’s what it is it’s just all about what can you do for me and if you do for me i’ll do for you place like gamer like but a place like gamers nexus and sites like uh um you know like unbox those guys they don’t care about partnership they’re they expose everybody right wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t if i was a youtuber and i got this right and then it comes down to it like imagine all of us get a ps5 right sony entrusted us and told us this this and that right and come to find out that there’s a major flaw and every time you tried to mess with it this was a flaw you didn’t say nothing because of an nda and then when the system finally comes out everybody’s looking at you well yo y’all lied to me bro you should have said something they’re not gonna say anything now they’re gonna be like they’re not gonna they’re not gonna have any outrage like how many times does this feel like how many times does you know all these xbox podcasts lie and nobody ever calls them out they only get bigger you know what i’m saying so like i don’t understand i don’t understand why you think that somebody’s gonna finally be like just enough to knock you know what i mean no they’re gonna be like right yeah man you know you know things change you know like a post up he’s already scrambling to other [ __ ] you know they’re already struggling with new narratives and [ __ ] like let’s talk about this ps5 though like [ __ ] out the other [ __ ] like look how that heatsink touches every component that’s actually you know that’s gonna be um conducting heat you know what i mean like that’s how you make a heat sink i don’t understand why the xbox’s heatsink is at the bottom of the thing or on one side and the air that is being pulled from is coming from a site that’s already stuffed with [ __ ] you know pieces like how does that have a good airflow like that’s that’s that’s my issue with the xbox well i want to see the uh i want to see the ssd i missed that part they showed it yeah i just want to see it i want to see how big it’s small they never showed it yeah yeah yeah they showed it no they did it you know they they’ve never do you guys know how big the mvm it’s like a three inch two inch card it’s like it’s like a small like [ __ ] like uh debit card type of thing like yeah that that’s fine but they never showed our dna they confirmed it was our dna can you see so can you rewind it to the ssd the ssd is attached to the motherboard it’s those three you talking about the xbox i’m talking about that xbox okay obviously the playstations ssd because i you know it’s super fast you know you know what else too hey sick you know what else too complete people ignored that part where he showed the uh the the apu uh he literally it literally states rdna two but everybody completely skipped that even even other youtubers like mad people skipped that oh no it’s a point it’s our dna 1.5 but with two features or some [ __ ] whatever they say no it is it’s full rdna too it’s dna it’s on amd’s website yeah it literally says already at a2 but that’s his first look the thing is though is nobody understands what that even [ __ ] means that’s not the whole point like just wait i don’t know what that means like i don’t know what they actually put into it like it’s just a different architecture like i don’t understand why people take that [ __ ] and try to make it to be some huge thing hold on let me get this super chat real quick technically the aluminum housing also acts as a heat sink i’m just saying the aluminum the aluminum housing acts as a heat sink it’s also a a frequency shield so it acts as both yeah but sony is only moving away from that moving on i know i i read somewhere no i read somewhere that they they moved away from them left they got less aluminum and more something else because it’s more it’s better for cooling and stuff so i thought i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know if that piece is aluminum but it’s basically that piece that he

pops off to get to everything i think okay i know he’s saying that’s a shield i mean that’s the wheel i don’t know i don’t know if it’s gonna do any type of cooling but it’s a shield for like radio frequencies and stuff so is the xbox getting is it overheating or is it just getting high so because i i was going over the laws of thermal dynamics this morning with people so nice to make sure they understand something getting enough for a long period of time that [ __ ] gonna blow a head gasket yeah that’s true not to mention it’s also going to throttle like crazy that’s the way it runs yeah with that cpu stays cooler than the other side of the pillow bro i hope that [ __ ] has no problems because i want them to focus on games you know what i mean i don’t want no excuses i don’t want no e3 2025 or none of that [ __ ] just focus on your goddamn games you got bethesda now you have studios you have pretty few studios let’s see some actual games being produced like i don’t understand this narrative like these dudes like keep talking about these studios and [ __ ] and then when it comes to the hardware they act like they can’t you know that [ __ ] doesn’t even exist you know what i mean like you never talk about the hardware anymore like right they talked about 12t flaps that [ __ ] went all the way hold on hold on hold on hold hey link what was you about to say i heard you was about to say something bro oh i was saying um also with the cpu running at a constant frequency and not being able to throttle down that’s going to cause a lot of heat issues too i would think it is yeah and that [ __ ] is going it’s going to throttle regardless as far as no no no no let me tell you even in a computer even even in a pc when your [ __ ] get higher that frequency dropped bruh yeah yeah i think that’s my frequency all the time i have this like you know you got the preset silent mode ot mode and [ __ ] like that gaming mode like for that [ __ ] not to be adjustable i don’t see how that was a w i don’t think they even they didn’t even understand what they were trying to um have a w for you know i mean like i was just about to say that because even pc even pc cpus they throttle like you know they they frequency changes that’s why there’s boost mode graphics cards do the same thing so by saying it’s constant that’s that’s not a positive thing i don’t to be honest i don’t even know like i don’t even know how you lock that because the safety of cpus even if it’s locked they will tr they will turn themselves down if they’re about to blow up yep but i think it’s got 52cu the way i look at it the way i look at it as far as the overheating goes if people are noticing it and saying that it’s real hot i don’t think they designed it to me that’s over just period you know what i’m saying if you’re [ __ ] noticing it to the point where you got to say something about it and this is like window central people when people if people are talking about it then it’s hot you know what i’m saying just period you know what i’m saying but it’s not that it means all right well you saw they signed that deal with home depot right so the console is going to come up with vouchers for moderating which you’re in but there’s a difference in being hot and overheat yeah but then there’s also a difference on what they designed it to be they designed to be that hot because if they do that then it’s overeating you know what i’m saying it’s just plain old overeating if it’s not designed yeah we don’t know what the where they designed it to go to what if they decide to only get it 90 degrees and you’re right it’s overheating because i mean 120 on your hand at five minutes it will burn your hand you get a second degree burn at five minutes you know also to add to something too one of the things that people are forgetting is that if this system is putting off that much heat that what is number one thing most pc guys do even tech channels they also equate the room temperature if your room is getting hotter along with the room temperature it becomes uncomfortable for you but it also doesn’t allow the system to actually cool down because there’s no cool uh room temperature air in your room anymore so most people either have to get a fan they put what do most pc guys do linus let oh i got to put a new duck in here i got to put a fan in here they got to do something to create new air so i i don’t understand how people are like looking past these things these so-called guys that are pc dudes all of a sudden now seeing that they built their pc but all of a sudden have a problem with taking the screw out uh i don’t know how they walk out you know sick like in server rooms some shits are super [ __ ] cold you know what i mean like you welcome them [ __ ] and shits is super cold like i yo pc [ __ ] go no we’re not doing that dc i i have no longer pcmr i have this

about the [ __ ] [ __ ] is [ __ ] fugazi i’m a i’m a centaur yeah blow my mind bro like why would you want an xbox when you have a pc it makes no sense to me well let they looking at it like if xbox wins pc wins yeah because pc’s getting all their games we already had their games the [ __ ] what else it’s us against the world i mean i it’s uh i said it’s [ __ ] but not sick sick brought up something in this earlier diatribe he’s right um these guys job is to create a scenario where you’re unhappy with playstation because they’re pissed off at xbox they’re still mad at xbox you know so the more sony acts like microsoft it makes him feel better like hey microsoft’s doing the right thing y’all need something like game pass like no i don’t i want to own my stuff i don’t want to rent it i want to own it if we wanted something like game pass then it’ll be playstation now all day long yeah they would just yeah they’ve already said we’re not gonna do it so you know hey because those games cost a hundred million dollars to make you know who they need their return on i mean they’re crying over seventy dollars i mean like that’s not my fault a po you know you can’t afford the owner you need to yo stop doing it you know do something sell a kidney whatever you need to do so i just i don’t get that it’s just it’s not like everything is going to be 70 dollars but yeah some of the stuff that i’ve seen like yeah i paid 70 dollars for that you know we went to premium route they gave us a premium console if you mad then i don’t know what you’re mad about i don’t know you know you know you know you know sick the part that kind of like it pisses me off and i’m trying not to get disrespectful to people i’ve been uh on a whole monk thing lately but people literally saying that the the playstation 5 had lazy development bro how do you have lazy development build a heatsink from scratch just so most of you guys don’t know that heatsink they they built that they are indeed built that most people don’t understand when it comes to the company sony go look up the company sony look at what it means when sony started their company they wanted to basically start a company where they challenged themselves in creating things uh a part of it it’s called passion projects those two guys doing arm wrestling they came from other companies to basically build things to try to change things this is a hardware company from the get-go from the walkman to tvs why you think when sony builds like why do you think sony goes ham and building like high-end like tvs why when everyone’s going oled because they still feel that there’s a boundary to push so when they say that this had little to no r d there’s little x’s triangles and circles all over the system the actual plates that have to be rnd the cooling the dual fan the fan that sucks in both sides i don’t know if pc that does that once again dc i have to ask who are you hearing this from uh there there are people go go to my twitter there’s xbox dudes that are saying that that’s where you [ __ ] up you know these [ __ ] are upset yeah they’re bad they said halo infinite looked good until it it got delayed then they were like oh yeah you know what it was all right you needed to be an oven for a little bit more time them [ __ ] are going to say whatever is in microsoft’s best favor you saw you saw you saw the jabs that microsoft was pulling about like this is how you turn your system vertical like and and i’m thinking and i made it right i thought i said yeah this came from this came from microsoft’s uk twitter this is how you put the system vertical listen okay still upset about this is how you trade games they’re trying to get that moment and they just can’t get it let me get this super chat room kudos to microsoft that they have actually uh measured the circumstances of the xbox series x so we can actually wrap a standard measured wet bath towel around the xbox series x to cool it down better listen man i wouldn’t rap nothing [Laughter] hey but no no no look look with sick humor when he had his round table and he had crap gamer on there sick humor or yeah

right not sick i’m sorry xbox community once it’s 1080p 720p moment they’re still they’re still looking for that like they’re so mad that that happened and like that’s what they’re trying to do right now they’re just looking for something yeah but when they open this show you said it’s not even funny when they do it it’s just like [ __ ] you still salty about that he said they laid that xbox down like it was a [ __ ] ready to get [ __ ] here’s how you lay down you’re right that’s what they did you know so that’s but they’re still looking for that moment you know i was like oh no we gotta have ours because that that was a punch in the face to those guys they should be looking for some games yeah it hurts it doesn’t matter if that guy from sony said oh the ps3 is so good people are about this second job people are like what no we’re not you know we’re not going to buy your console you know people yo i keep saying this but people said that they don’t remember this y’all remember a while back when the ps the playstation 1 came out and there was a toys r us commercial where the kid literally started working at toys r us after he got his paycheck of three uh what was it 299 a 399 it was he quit this isn’t the first time sony’s made that that that remark before yo i don’t know it’s weird because like people allow [ __ ] like years later that they wouldn’t allow you know like 10 years before so it’s where sometimes people just get pushed yeah or like the media the media can spend the narrative easily you know what i mean like if the media would have went with it like yeah you guys needed three jobs then people would have said okay but since the media went against it that’s when everybody else was like yeah yeah that’s not that’s not good so people are awful so easily it just which kills me to say because i don’t think influencers have influence but apparently they do no yeah well yeah you’re right they do i want to add something because i don’t want people think that we’re a pony show the the dude from uh giant bomb uh most people don’t know but nvmes get extremely hot uh they run about like 70c at most times and if they’re pretty bad when they get even hotter so him pulling it out immediately and touching it yeah it is hot to the touch that’s what they’re supposed to do but other than that the system itself shouldn’t be expelling that much heat let’s let me tell you i don’t give a [ __ ] about that dc let me tell you something if if me speaking the truth about xbox makes me a pony then giddy up giddy up i don’t give a [ __ ] about [ __ ] call me a pony man suck my pony dick all those parts tony’s losing money i don’t give a [ __ ] what somebody’s losing [ __ ] they’re giving you yeah amazing console for cheap and you’re worried about what they’re doing the sony going this extent on the cooling solution because they’re saying that they spent a lot more than any console manufacturer would i there’s only been three for a hot minute now so i don’t know who they’re comparing but do you feel that because of that is the reason why we don’t have like a gpu that’s on the same level as the series x they had to put money elsewhere no well no tell me this when you say a gpu on the same level as the series x what what what from the series x are we talking about because i’m talking about the scene i mean i’m talking about the cu counts no no no no i need something that shows me that those cus okay i get where you’re going no show me something show me point me in the direction i’m i’m willing to search where can i find the the the cu’s in in whatever it is that the xbox is putting out there where can i find that that is that is a fact that’s the thing because i’ll show you exactly what the playstation can do i can show you the greatness of [ __ ] playstation i can’t show you a single thing and as a matter of fact they’re purposely trying to hide what the xbox series x can do why would you if you know you have the stronger console they went out and bought xenomax for eight for eight billion dollars dog that don’t raise a red flag to nobody like yo them [ __ ] are scared of something and get eight billion people think they were eight billion plus an extra billionaire they spent eight billion and they already had more studios than sony

well i think who does that google no no no no amazon who does that when you were already gonna get the games anyway well but if google were to put we have no actual proof that google was in the running the by bethesda if i’m wrong no no if i’m wrong if i’m wrong no no if i’m wrong point me in the direction that shows me that google was putting in their bid to buy cinemax you’re you’re correct but there’s addition by subtraction so that’s what this was not to mention bethesda’s games over the last this generation have been disappointed right microsoft isn’t gonna make that better microsoft who hasn’t put out a good game since god knows when what good is it gonna be for bethesda to sell to microsoft in terms of making better quality games it’s not it’s not it’s not for better quality yeah it’s not for that it’s for it’s for games we know that they bought that [ __ ] and they’re gonna use it for game pass but why would you buy something that you could have got in putting game pass anyway i could answer your question oh that’s because amazon was going by that’s the only reason why that’s the only way it makes it okay where is the information about amazon buying them buying this game again hold on hold on i’ll tell you i’ll tell you i’ll tell you all hold on let me tell them real quick yeah it’s in the same exact place where microsoft’s information was when they was buying destiny you know what i’m saying was on the right it was under wraps well of course not but that’s the only thing that makes sense because like you said it’s cheaper for them to just put their games on game pass and not buy them and it’s not helping their console none and they’re saying that their new competition is amazon and google and we know amazon got enough money to buy bethesda and amazon just stepped in with a deal with not only apple but with you play so i feel like they bought them because they want to make sure that they have as much leverage as they can for digital for that for that service let me tell you this first and foremost any max they weren’t a publicly traded company which means they didn’t they weren’t forced to sell anything they didn’t have to sell that that’s what i’m trying to put on the table for you they could have kept doing business the same way they were doing business and it wouldn’t have made a difference uh let me answer your question sick the what you’re the answer is they have an issue with their system they’re having an issue with uh showing their system because they i i think the game the system itself is not gonna be able to show the games properly they’re already having problems or trying to elude from ak this is another high fidelity vr that they’re removing off the box again with 8k and they’re having spotty issues with hdr i don’t know how a company that can make old games i mean uh so so what happened is they’re buying these companies to say hey even though our box is trash you’ll never get these games on anything else but this so get it anyways because that’s the only way we’re gonna be able to play you can get it on pc you can get it if you’re not a console gamer i mean if you’re not a pc gamer you’ll be able to get it on playstation or [ __ ] with the phone you can’t spin my bad go ahead oh no i’m just going to say you can’t spend eight billion dollars and then on top of that take on 2 300 new jobs which is gonna cost you about two billion more a year paying those jobs that they said that they’re gonna keep and make your [ __ ] and then and then on top of that be making games like star field and that new mural win and having to pay for that as well you’re not going to do all of that [ __ ] and then take it off one of the biggest markets in the console section you know what i’m saying you just not you can’t it’s impossible just like they are though no they’re not telling you i’ll tell you i tell you one of you they can’t they can’t they if they didn’t if they didn’t do it with minecraft they’re not gonna do it with this my bad go ahead i’ll tell you one thing that tear down was fire okay okay hold on hold on i’m glad you’re here persona so now that you have the tear down what has changed it changed in terms of what what just what has changed what has changed with you what has changed with your feelings about playstation what has changed yeah weren’t you walla before yo jeremiah what’s good bro how you feeling man uh for me what’s changed i mean i’m i’m glad that they did the turn down nothing no nothing to answer it for oh no no nothing’s changed in terms of me not buying me me buying a ps5 listen i got three and that’s it that ain’t that ain’t changing um but in terms of the the teardown i’m happy that they did show that because that is something that i did want to see so i’m really happy that they showed that and in terms of how like in terms of that tear down i’m glad i’m actually i’m actually glad they didn’t do the

tear down too soon because i feel like this this news and seeing this was right on time and them showing like that liquid metal cooling solution and how they’re doing everything in the guts of the console that’s a lot of like that’s a lot of intel you just given away for free on how [ __ ] is done like it’s real intricate how this console is made it’s it’s quite fascinating actually i called it i was beat i still wanna tech break down what’s underneath the skirt but um i understand the way the ssd works though but i would like to see how the other mechanisms are working in there and i want to see if the ssd looks like what i didn’t see you you didn’t see the ssd the ssd is fine motherboard they got all the information you possibly want about it all right you wanna know what you do this is what you do craig this is exactly what you do you put ratchet and clank in it okay and that’s how you figured out what talks to what that’s all the [ __ ] that matters in the game xbox got six xbox got six teraflops of power my [ __ ] and they got bleating edge how how much is that six teraflops of power all that all the compute units and whatever the [ __ ] is in it matter when the output of games looks worse than my girlfriend’s mom you know what i’m saying like it’s just it’s all bad you know what i’m saying i can’t i guess when you put it like that i don’t care it’s all about the results about the results informative like tech talk with mark cerny and [ __ ] [ __ ] trash that [ __ ] all day every day so just like you know what we’re gonna do this [ __ ] in japanese [ __ ] it’s gonna be seven minutes like you know i mean like so craig when you say you want to you want this in-depth talk they tried that already and they’re like nah it doesn’t work because [ __ ] is stupid so we’re gonna give you a seven minute [ __ ] video in japanese but even the seven minute video i mean even the the road to playstation video like a lot of what craig is saying he wants they did that that’s what i’m saying like i watched it three times i’m not sure i’m not sure what else you want to see like that’s why i’m confused that what what your ask is well like i said i want to know how it’s working screwdriver can you give us an example of what you mean by you want to know how it’s working how the processors are working how they’re all talking to each other but mark sonny did that he told me he told me concept but the concepts are came to fruition yeah i know i see proof of concept and i would like to see more i like to go underneath the hoop that is one of the things what this tear down what’s foreign therefore it works but what what makes it beat why does so you want to see benchmarks i want to see it i want to see how it’s talking to to the other product why why though because i’m not but why you going to spin it anyway they already sold so craig let me ask you this if you don’t get more are you not buying the console i know i’m getting the console if that [ __ ] used human souls you would still buy it it don’t matter you’re crazy don’t matter stay up to molly [ __ ] okay yeah shout out to shout out to craig hey hey shout out to obj man obj he has shown me the light man i i didn’t know that it felt so glorious to just block [ __ ] on twitter whenever they say some stupid [ __ ] [ __ ] i mean i started doing that [ __ ] i’m like i’m gonna dig into it right now yeah remember i asked you my bad uh uh jamaya but remember thrash i had actually i was like bro i don’t know how you do it bro know how you sit and talk to these stupid [ __ ] bro like i can’t do it yeah you’re right right [ __ ] all right cuz i used to do it on twitter i’m like dude why am i why am i talking to this dumbass man [ __ ]

the argument now is um our dna based what does base mean what is based i’m like it’s already an a2 are you people are you people no i made an investment in amd at 16.29 so i want to see what i want to know exactly how my investments are worth nobody’s going to trade that intricate [ __ ] by god they’re going to show me i’m going to invest why wouldn’t you actually rush what is our dna and what does it do that’s what i’m saying that’s what i need to know that’s why yo you’re never going to know like what is ampere it’s an architecture nobody’s going to explain to you every single line of code they wrote oh my god you’re never going to know that craig i don’t know i still don’t know what vhs what is it vr vhs vr what’s it called vhs vrs what’s it called i call it vhs it’s going to degrade your outer for to help your energy hey craig anybody has a video tomorrow so you maybe you’ll see how that’s fine that’s because if sony’s not going to do it that’s perfectly fine if amd is going to do it that’s fine yeah i mean it’s just that’s all i want to say it’s amazing technology yeah right yes that’s something yeah craig you gotta stop while you do it’s all off track like yo yeah yeah i mean i can go back and watch this thing to see if they show these i know they show where they showed where the other one’s going to be right there they put a little a little [ __ ] thing over it to say this was the essence all right i just missed it there it’s connected it’s like it’s connected directly to the motherboard so it doesn’t look like it here it is correct it’s right right hold on let me find the podcast this [ __ ] that’s the that’s what i already paid that says liquid metal all right that’s not an ssd look at that he’s right here in front of me this is the ssd right here that’s it yep yeah oh that’s terrible i thought it’d be bigger than that okay that’s disappointing it’s terrible i just thought it’d be big craig stop trolling bro from a hard drive to right now this is like [ __ ] strong that’s what i’m saying minority report right here that is small you know yeah all three of those are the ssd yeah now it makes more sense it’s just pointing to one that’s what the series was though that’s all three of them all three of those nodes are ssds my uh i have a que i have a tech question for y’all um based off remember in the earlier in the in the breakdown when he took off that first little top that where you could put the expandable storage yeah is that are you only going to be able to put one card in there or more than one one stick yeah but i’ll put one but you’ll you’ll be able to put the different sizes of cards in there because ssds they come in different sizes you know and some of them even have heat sinks which is weird because he said that they’ll have to the ssd should have to fit in the bay but the bay that i saw it looks like any ssd that i’ve seen thus far should be able to fit in that [ __ ] yeah well i think what i think was pretty fascinating is the fact that uh with this you don’t have to um you don’t have to like like when you put it in there it just adds on to the already existing memory which i think is fantastic but i think the part that worries me is that the motherboard is the single part of failure so if the ssd stops working on the board the whole system is [ __ ] yep and that’s that’s the only that’s the only thing that worries me just like as a tech like as an i.t guy that [ __ ] worries the [ __ ] out of me

because but i think confident well no that’s why that’s why i said i think hardware yeah that’s what i was saying i think playstation definitely well sony did a lot of rigorous testing yeah on this console and i think they’re really they’re confident yeah like that sony started as a small electronics company a long ass time ago before they even became officially sony when you change your name so like they’ve been doing this [ __ ] for [ __ ] like 80 something plus years no since the 70s or the 60s or something like that they’ve been doing this for a long time they’ve been doing this for a long time in the 80s and 90s you couldn’t look without seeing a sony product sony started in 1946 it was called it was called tokyo or something tokyo telecommunications and then they became tony like bro like sony is known for hardware because all this time and microsoft is known for software but it’s funny how sony’s has the software in the hardware well well that’s the thing but i’m over it yeah but even when you look at the console like you can tell especially with this teardown a lot of thought went into this build yeah it went into the builder’s console and the design and i i think that’s also going to play a part in how it’s done just because you know when you look at the competition it just doesn’t look inspiring it doesn’t look next-gen and even when you look at the the components it just doesn’t look like the leap that playstation is doing if that makes sense yes 12 teraflops and it’s more powerful but it doesn’t matter good question we haven’t seen anything running on it so we don’t know if it’s more valuable yo y’all some techies i actually want you to explain like they have pride in it like they want to do the best best so hard work so when i was looking at that that playstation breakdown all i saw was pride hard work dedicat that’s all i saw you know what i’m saying it’s just there they love their work microsoft they just threw that [ __ ] in there like literally you could like a box of [ __ ] skittles [ __ ] not not a bag the box you buy at [ __ ] movies shook it and just put in there bro like sell it that’s it but they’re like [ __ ] they’re showing off i got liquid metal with my [ __ ] what you got in your [ __ ] i got liquid metal yo yo what’s it click that link uh yo y’all need to explain this tech power up thing to me well before we do that can we just appreciate this [ __ ] real quick my [ __ ] i appreciate what like can we appreciate this [ __ ] that’s on screen right now guys the white man god i think i i get my x 900 [ __ ] next tuesday whoa mine’s coming on wednesday night oh [ __ ] i’m excited yo oh yeah we appreciate this [ __ ] for one goddamn second my [ __ ] like i said nominal i don’t even play basketball [ __ ] [ __ ] this [ __ ] make me wanna [ __ ] play this [ __ ] and play like i’m i actually know what the [ __ ] i’m doing my [ __ ] actually like i was like just to [ __ ] around with this [ __ ] yeah i may play this this [ __ ] looks crazy bro this [ __ ] looks crazy as [ __ ] damian lillard my god i think that’s it yeah that’s a little bit no that is god i thought he had shorter hair oh [ __ ] bro whoa whoa this [ __ ] here bruh come on man come on man come on bro the pc is not even getting this version look at look at this sneaker man this is crazy to me i can understand why they probably couldn’t it across all those different [ __ ] type of cpus i mean gpus look at this [ __ ] dog that was mark cuban jeez they thought of everything let’s [ __ ] luca yo look at this bro yeah yo i recommend the kid playing [ __ ] like on the ps1 and [ __ ] and like to now you [ __ ] can’t tell me you’re not

willing to pay more money to get more this [ __ ] i don’t understand the neutral gamer doesn’t want to pay more i’m gonna be honest i feel like all this stuff like watching this tear down i believe that playstation is taking like 150 almost 200 hit on this console because i don’t know man 500 500 even 400 just what what period where was like it just it’s too like this was definitely supposed to be like a 600 god so frank i feel like it let me tell you like this i’m gonna tell you some [ __ ] that you don’t know right business is business is business all of that [ __ ] that sony been doing they they’ve worked with amd on this goddamn uh hardware bro in this rdna [ __ ] this is the reason why i laugh when [ __ ] was like but the xbox is gonna be more power they worked with amd on this goddamn technology bro do you not understand what the [ __ ] that means for the playstation it don’t mean my partner [ __ ] xbox that’s why we ain’t seen [ __ ] we see nothing i’m still surprised i haven’t seen anything yet that [ __ ] you still haven’t even seen next-gen games running on the concert the next night game like that’s going to be the next guy that’s going to be a portal into another world where you put that on your tv bro yeah they got did you guys uh talk about my comments talking about let’s talk about uh the comments bill spencer made about uh ray tracy and 8k oh yo listen because this has been happening for at least three years now first it was single player games then it was it was frames then it was uh exclusives he for some reason he downplays [ __ ] that he that the console can’t do or is not producing like he’s been doing this [ __ ] for years and now with this whole ray tracing [ __ ] it’s like it’s really like it’s funny spooky bro cause you’ve been talking you were talking this [ __ ] too like showing minecraft with ray tracing and all this [ __ ] in the beginning who started this [ __ ] buzz about ray tracing on consoles [ __ ] yeah when they came out with that [ __ ] ass [ __ ] minecraft that was running at 1080p in like [ __ ] 20 seconds uh 20 frames per second yeah mm-hmm [ __ ] kept hollering direct x-ray tracing like yeah shut up i think they low-key i think they low-key see that halo can’t do it and these other these other games not doing it but then halo can’t do it out of patch and they probably look at that patch like you know what even with the patch is going to look even worse [ __ ] we think we got craig nick we about to have craig baby mama on here too like it’s about to be just all messed up i feel like they they hyped up that ray tracing without i haven’t seen any ray tracing on the series x yet has anybody seen nothing and then they said that hey ray trace and patch everything is a patch later i think there is there whatever development tools that they have for their game creation is behind whatever sony has because it’s becoming apparent that something is not right right well i also think it’s the someone made a good comparison um on twitter i think was just to the day before but they said that remember that uh mac pro that looked like a trash can that came out a couple years back and had really really bad heating problems was it jw i think it was it had really bad heating problems and now we’re seeing this with the xbox i think we’re not gonna and this is just a therian like don’t take this to heart but i feel like we won’t even be able to see xbox at its full potential because it might actually catch on fire there are prototypes and then the retail burst is going to be cool i’m gonna go i’m gonna give them the benefit of the dollar i’m not gonna buy so watch yo but the thing is that she was in standby and he said that thing was pumping out heat i’m right yeah now you know why are you so funny i’m gonna tell you why because it couldn’t turn off it couldn’t fully turn off until it cools the system down bruh that’s the reason why even in standby that [ __ ] was still [ __ ] running on hot air bro you know i got a theory i had a theory on that too they got one about three it got 20 360 games in the background loaded up still that’s why but that’s actually a good point all that quick resume [ __ ] yeah that’s exactly what i’m going to say

that [ __ ] gonna burn up that console bruh i’m telling you you don’t need that many games running no it’s bad design yeah it’s bad design because you can just start you can just stop and start look you just save and boom you know what i’m saying it should be able to just same and pull it save and pull it but it seems like they got it still running you know what i’m saying if you’re using quick resume or something because some reason it’s still running if it’s if it’s hot while on standby it’s still running something you know what i’m saying so something has to be wrong with the design bro like just period yeah it has to be i gotta get my eyes ready for work y’all [ __ ] be easy i’m gonna be in the chat though all right all right all right pc [ __ ] i’m not a psd as an ssd for life yeah i gotta go i gotta get over this ssd thing everything’s just small i thought i would be peace out so i was watching um kind of funny this morning and there was a guy um not greg but there was another guy on there he was talking about how that if you want to change out or add an ssd to the ps5 it’s pretty complicated and if he wanted to play on pc he would just play on pc it i did it didn’t look complicated at all that’s people over i don’t know what that guy gary wither i think his name is or something that was on the um i think he’s one of those ex-cast people or whatever but um there you go right there no no more needs to be said there are a podcast called xcast [ __ ] well not not only that i think what and i was talking about this on my podcast earlier um i think one thing people need to understand is especially with this whole school [ __ ] one playstation has been doing this for a couple years now like couple generations now right um and two you know it’s crazy how people how stupid somebody’s like influencers and people think people are like you think someone is so stupid they don’t know how to unscrew like how stupid do you think people are especially people buying these consoles that’s one two uh you people don’t realize but they screw and unscrew [ __ ] every day you opening a water soda or whatever that’s unscrewing something you turn the faucet that’s unscrewing the valve that keeps the water from coming out the faucet like you unscrew and structure every day and not only that but everyone’s got a butter knife or a knife or something in their kitchen use that to unscrew the goddamn you know come on man this is actually easier than changing out the hard drive and the ps4 because at least you don’t have to flash the firmware to the hard drive because you already have an internal drive so you’re literally just adding storage you’re not even having to do anything else so just i don’t understand how complicated i don’t understand how popping off a cover and taking off one screw is is building a pc i mean he tried to make it seem like it was just like bill i mean you might as well be building a pc and i just didn’t get the compare he was the thing it just didn’t make sense to me the thing that kind of throw me off with the whole overheating with the plate xboxes um people were talk people were talking like as if this was like hold on let me play real quick let me get this super chat real quick uh so sick what about the xbox series x external ssd your thought my thought is that i don’t have a thought that’s for the [ __ ] that’s gonna go out and buy just it that’s for the people who go out and buy that [ __ ] they gotta deal with that but they hypocrites at the same time because those same people was telling you oh oh you shouldn’t buy the vita look at it look at how much that memory card cost [ __ ] you gonna be able to put more games on that vita memory card then you will be able to put on that goddamn series x card that’s a fact exactly that is true though that’s a [ __ ] fact hey what about this what about this comment real quick my bad um somebody asked somebody asked aaron greenberg um what was with the price looking like for xbox games next gen his answer was does the price of a game even matter if it’s on game pass what yo so they’re talking all this [ __ ] about these they get that [ __ ] going to be seventy dollars as well of course straight up straight up they’re talking all that the industry has already decided now you have to start making some choices is this game worth your 70 or not period it is what it is come on y’all [ __ ] wouldn’t even buy 60 games so what’s the what’s the problem exactly what’s the problem gaming is an expensive hobby if i if yo sick if we went back and calculated for the last

15 years how much money we spent on gaming my wife would slap me so hard bro [ __ ] i’m stupid i probably spent like 30 grand in my [ __ ] my girl still don’t know she bought a ps5 she don’t even know subscription services too what people don’t realize is the price steadily increases and once you’re hooked into it you don’t really have a choice if you’ve got this huge library of games that you don’t even own you’re going to have to continue to pay for that if you want to play those games exactly so in the long run it’s going to cost you more than just simply buying the game exactly but they don’t see that yeah then they get jay lives in their own waiting room yo i can come back home real quick the price doesn’t matter if it’s a game pass that’s what they say that’s what we’re saying let me let me get this let me get a super chat real quick ps5’s and api are running through its own dedicated i o chip which gives ray tracing the clock speeds that’s necessary xbox series x don’t and direct direct rtx frame refresh rate is already lower from the start huh operating system and api are running through its own dedicated i o chip which gives ray tracing the clock speeds that’s necessary xbox series x don’t and direct ray tracing uh which he i guess he’s talking about uh microsoft’s api for direct for ray tracing uh frame refresh rate is already lower from the start um i think microsoft i think they bit off too much i think they bit off more than they could chew with this yes and i think that’s one of the re i wish i was here come back can i’m low yeah what the hell is going on better yeah yeah better i would say i was saying that like i wish i was able to combat alex battaglia because he was talking about like the the reason why spider-man’s uh remastered the way it looks is because of like the amount of information that is taken and it’s actually going to be able to take more data to do ray tracing because that’s also a memory cache and with it going through its own io throughput because of its own flash memory controller it’s going to be able to throw back more ray tracing reflections faster than the series x can that’s why they went ahead and put a ah a so-called rt blocks which i still have never seen yet i’ve just heard of uh which is why sony did not have to do a direct rt block in order to do that well we saw one console doing it and another console that ain’t and that’s my [ __ ] that’s all yeah sick didn’t uh didn’t uh uh what’s his name was it still special that came out that saying that they’re having a problem with ray tracing yeah yeah hmm i’m wondering why them influencers who really ain’t biased you know yeah they get free [ __ ] but they’re not really biased i wonder why they’re not talking about it [ __ ] too busy because they ain’t played [ __ ] on the next-gen console that’s that uh yeah that’s ray tracing the show this [ __ ] you playing they playing backwards compatible games i gotta i gotta i got another question too if these consoles are getting rather warm playing last generation games what’s gonna happen with next game games because they’re gonna man i’m just gonna bruh well what i mean is uh i mean that’s really what i was gonna say because they’re not playing next generation games and these games are not utilizing the full power of this console so how hot is it going to get not utilizing the full power what is the full power we don’t know if you want to know the full power you better uh seeing mark cerny made everyone over at microsoft his [ __ ] man yo let me tell you something with mark turner but you gotta realize that that other [ __ ] that was doing that [ __ ] tear down he’s a part of that team yeah yep

yeah yeah yeah listen yo mark cerny and the engineers at playstation yo they better continue to pay the [ __ ] well because they’re geniuses you see how people are pushing the goalposts now they’re saying that the dude looked uncomfortable or everything was overwhelming to tear this down yo people don’t know japanese people dog i’m sorry i’m clapping it i get very no no no he’s right japanese people they they always serious very serious people yo they are one of the things that most people know is that japanese men end up they prefer work over marriage that’s why there’s a lot of women in japan that are not married because these dudes put work over all of that it’s considered a shame if they don’t work and they enjoy their job that’s right population diminishing you ever look at people in japan they always look serious bro even when they’re smiling yo like what the [ __ ] is gonna do that sorry sick but who’s gonna really tear that [ __ ] down that way you’re gonna take the cover off you’re gonna do a screw [ __ ] that’s it like you gotta put it back on no no no no pick out the heat sink and [ __ ] like stop not only that but to kind of add on to that who the [ __ ] got me smiling at the camera so this is like ain’t no listen bro my man is attack dude he’s trying to he trying to he doing his job like my man is on the job like what do you want like that’s the problem with some of these people in this community bruh everybody ain’t gonna be all smiley that that’s that xbox [ __ ] with that smiley sunshine rainbows [ __ ] you want me to tell yo my wife when i knew something was wrong i knew something was wrong when microsoft started recruiting [ __ ] youtubers [ __ ] when they just started recruiting anybody who would peddle their [ __ ] i knew something was wrong y’all [ __ ] ain’t been focusing on that [ __ ] though y’all ain’t been just kind of seeing the way that they move bro like these [ __ ] are trying to manipulate people into buying the system if the system is already the dopest [ __ ] system in the world then it should speak for itself right but that’s why i’m saying like with playstation i love that they’re they’re doing the [ __ ] themselves they’re just like yo we doing what we do look how much hype has generated today just off of some you know just some some dude they work at sony just just open the damn console up that’s all you know explaining everything they could have had [ __ ] ninja do um you know a breakdown on mixer but [Laughter] they always have their own people doing it yeah so so there was a youtuber that made it i’m back out though i’m out later bro a dude said xbox xbox series x is uh overall better system anything ps5 could do uh uh the ps uh the series x could do better right i know who said that yeah so i switched it around and i said xbox one x is overall the better system most powerful system and anything ps4 pro can do it apparently can do it easier so i said smaller xbox one backwards compat xbox one power xbox one game access xbox one overall compatibility xbox one pia exclusive ps4 pro then i put with all of that who won i think people i think some of these people underestimate what consumers care about the most like the [ __ ] we talk about with tear downs and all this [ __ ] this is just this is just conversation at the end of the day on november 12th when we all get either our playstation 5 deliveries or go to the store with the ski mask in the blinky or you know whatever we do to get our ps5 you know however you get your ps5 when you plug your [ __ ] in on november 12th you’re not thinking damn i wonder how that liquid cools moving around in there and like you don’t care about all you care about the games listen and that’s what people don’t understand people that are going going out in droves to get this console next month they can’t wait to play spider-man demon souls godfall destruction all-stars whatever cop whatever they can’t wait to play the games on this goddamn thing they’re weird that they’re thinking that the xbox can do everything that the playstation can do and can do it better you’re going to be in for a long goddamn generation that’s what i’m saying i don’t mean nothing yo the weakest console being the most powerful or the weakest never made you win anything bro like gamecube was more powerful n64 was more powerful the original xbox was more powerful what did that do what does that do let me tell you from the stuff that they claimed would be on the [ __ ] playstation we’ve seen i mean that would be on the xbox based on i guess them running on on pc it looks i’ve seen [ __ ] on playstation i look much [ __ ] better yeah ps4 and that’s on one point one point one point seven to one point

eight t flops come on man you know what’s funny i can’t wait till pretty much that week of the ps5 and xbox series x launch because it’s really going to show who really all the talk all about talk and hope really about the games because if you’re on twitter debating [ __ ] after the 10th or the 12th you’re right yo man you ain’t okay my brother like i’m not listen i ain’t talking i ain’t debating none of you fools on [ __ ] social media after the 12th crazy hell no i catch anybody talking about hardware power the weakness system just launched i’m blocking you you could cause you’re supposed to be playing them games on the xbox on the 28th game that’s why i said theoretical games theoretical games well they got the third party games yeah they do have those they guys are part of it they have theoretical power they have theoretical games they have theoretical uh they got bethesda radically theoretically theoretically theoretically uh would it be assassin’s creed i’m gonna tell y’all something real quick all of that tech and all of that stuff don’t mean nothing if you don’t know how to use it and i know tvs receivers sound bars projectors and all that stuff there are tvs that have way more zones than the 900h they have way more panel colors than the 900h but the 900h monkey stomps the [ __ ] out of them every time you turn it on off the box black levels that all of that [ __ ] don’t mean nothing if you don’t know how to use it bro yeah i just i just bought a q90t i was gonna say that the reviews that i’ve been watching with the 900h has been glowing they keep saying this is a great thing yeah i love mine i love mine [ __ ] [ __ ] the reviews [ __ ] i got the tv in my house well that’s what i was asking you that’s why i said i was asking you that day you were doing the podcast yeah i wanted you to go deeper into um like you know like your thoughts on it and [ __ ] playing games and all that stuff i think you should do like a video talking about it because i kind of want to see ddr the hdr yes yeah that’s crazy bro yeah i got to see i got the 65 inch coming man listen i’m about to be a part of that sony 900 club don’t worry i thought you know it’s a lot more to it than that because i’ve been trying to figure out what tv that i want so i was in best buy it was between the q 90 the 85-inch q90t it was between the uh the 900h and then it was between the oled the 77-inch uh cx so i went so i took a i took a usb stick and i downloaded like all sony’s uh games that they showed of course you know it’s compressed and stuff but whatever and i went and i switched between each tv and honestly man each tv has a strength and weakness and it uh you’re going to see uh zone control local dimming on samsung’s but in game mode they turn off their backlighting so your blacks will never look like the video you saw go to i don’t play super gold i’m just saying you know even auto auto low latency i get what you’re saying but in auto low latency mode regardless of what you do it’s going to turn off the local dimming and you’re not going to get the same blacks that you got even when you’re playing video i’m telling you it’s because i have those tvs at my house well i almost pulled the trigger on the lg cx man but yeah that that 900 eights had that 2.1 and everything i was like four four thousand dollars 65 right before the ps5 comes out they haven’t really had to but they haven’t said anything i would hope so yes they did they put out a video recently go to sony channel i think they put it out a couple and uh and our and already told sick and attentive information about it i recently purchased it and i was using the tclp series before that which i thought it looked good i mean you know and i hit this tv up and uh i mean the hdr i put in goes to tsushima i played um the last of us um uh death stranding and just uh the avengers game and the the eight the quality on the hdr is nine day difference between the television i had and this tv well i got the samsung ks 8000 yeah which is i had this since 2016 really really good tv so i’m gonna get this to my grandmother though they’re brighter

the color on this [ __ ] it was nice as hell man the the picture on this thing is still like no it is i got i got one little wait till you get things [ __ ] you’re gonna be like what the [ __ ] was i doing all this time make my samsung look like a goddamn tv though i got the q a that cost me four grand what tv did you have before the ks8 okay all right uh it’s a it’s a 4k tv have you noticed that your depth within your image even if it’s non 4k actually looks different yeah so what do you what do you mean by that explain that deeper yeah so sony has an exclusive processing chip no one else has this the only other company that has something like no no it’s not the processor the processor has it but the only other company that has tech like this is panasonic it’s called object-based hdr remastering what it does is it looks and analyzes each frame like let’s say if you’re at a beach and there’s people in front it considers the people up front actual images and it creates depth behind them and it does that 16 times if you get like the x9 the x950 it actually does that uh hundreds of times the 900h does that 16 to 22 times no other cd has a spec where it creates depth so any tv that you’ve had before doesn’t matter samsung their ak it’s exclusive to sony it basically creates 3d depth definition between the object including uh as well as upscaling yeah well that’s right that’s tight i had a question though about this box that still works while you’re gaming does it work in game mode never turns off you can’t turn it off oh okay oh [ __ ] all right all i know is return ratchet claim from a 30 frames per second game to a 60 frames per second dude that was one thing i was gonna say when i popped that that disc or the flash drive in that image processor it was doing some work that hoe was doing some work but i’m telling you right now i seen that clear as bad it looks 60 and i know it wasn’t so that image processor is it’s a beast that’s for sure i had to go i didn’t know i didn’t go 9008 i went uh 85 z8h so i have an 8k in the living room but it doesn’t have a 2.1 it does have 2.1 it doesn’t have very ain’t got no 8k games though hey hey did y’all notice that um microsoft was recycling parts on the inside of the xbox series x from the xbox one x what do you mean oh it’s fact i found out today i put it in my video today yeah [ __ ] [ __ ] um like the blu-ray the the blu-ray that they got the ultra hd same exact blu-ray from the tags everything exactly 100 the same yeah i got a question for you bro the q 90 versus the 900 so you just go cut this [ __ ] off i know go for a tv tv go ahead go ahead hey [ __ ] this [ __ ] all the time call me out on this [ __ ] [Laughter] but now i was just wondering like between the q90 and the 900 like which one you think is a better team overall overall i’m gonna have to say 908 tonight the q90 will be brighter but i’m not losing out on dolby vision i’m not losing out on dts because video games their license that they choose by choice is dts and samsung’s actually only support adobe only uh they actually took out dolby and they don’t support the i mean they took out bts and they don’t support dolby atmos which you everyone in here has netflix you’re paying extra for adobe vision so why not have a tv that supports it netflix does not support hdr 10 plus which is uh samsung’s version of hdr the only place you’re getting that is if you buy physical movies or if you watch on amazon only disney even supports only dolby so i’m never going to lose out on features that are way more important uh then on top of that too you’re they only give you one hdmi 2.1 port and it’s not your er so you’re not going to get enhanced audio back from your er port you’re only going to get hdmi 2.0 b so you’re not even going to get lostless audio for your receiver for your games or any of that [ __ ] so i’m good on samsung um

guru today i got my sam one you got my samsung looking like a zenith for months [ __ ] i had a zenith like [ __ ] 20 years ago that [ __ ] still worked man oh man but the weight the weight dc talking he got my [ __ ] looking like a zenith flight it’s time to upgrade i don’t even know i got the q90 bro i should look like a westin house everybody knows what is it if you had a zenith tv more than likely you had an extra xbox in the back of your car because that’s when she was popping out at your friend’s house to do cross-play on halo bro my mom’s had a big-ass zenith in the living room when we was young i just played my games on that [ __ ] yo she ever used to [ __ ] chew your ass out like you gonna [ __ ] up the colors on the tv yeah yeah yeah yeah every time my mom used to play pac-man and tetris together when i was a kid she used to bust my ass in tetris ass uh them big-ass panasonic tube tvs from the 90s that my grandmother had some things were like 55 inches things big as hell yeah i had one tv you know she would never let me game on the tv until i introduce the race card games that’s what her weakness was so when i got the 64 i would get san francisco rush it was a rap bro i got to play every day because that was her rush yo that used to be my [ __ ] back in the day bro yeah real [ __ ] rush cruising usa [ __ ] out yes i play all that my mama every day yeah at the arcade man about the recycle machine man [ __ ] your tvs man that’s what they talk no no no i had i had saw that they um they used an xbox one x um blu-ray players inside of uh xbox series x didn’t even upgrade upgrade nothing yeah i mean they already using the outside of that [ __ ] might as well use the inside they had a lot of the [ __ ] at the um you know in the warehouse nobody buying those xbox one x my [ __ ] itself you know i wanted to play like they had better versions of games my [ __ ] did you actually well that was now now oh my bad now yes i’m saying that now we know why they discontinued it you can still buy it so it’s discontinued but you can still get it which means nobody really wants it exactly you know you know what’s in the x box because samsung was their supplier for their uhd drive samsung they’ll make usb drives getting a new partner they just recycled what they had leftover that’s all i gotta say about that all i know is playstation just shat on these [ __ ] now when i look at xbox i see a cheap console that’s overpriced i don’t give a [ __ ] how much more power they’re playing with oh yeah i know i thought they’re getting tired are y’all forgetting about the people that was saying that uh the ease of just popping in a an ssd versus now i got to pop the side off i got to use a screwdriver uh how are you going to put a nvme in there with a heat sink it doesn’t look big enough like and a lot of these dudes are saying this are supposed tc guys like these dudes move the milestones so much i don’t get it yeah but they lose credibility with every word that comes out of their mouth so i want them to keep it up you’re right because they said that they had data that said the system didn’t support rd and a2 well these aren’t i don’t think these are real pc gamers i think these are born again console gamers turn pc when the xbox disappears they will too let them do it you see what sony doing sony like man [ __ ] these [ __ ] none of y’all [ __ ] ain’t getting no [ __ ] consoles suck my dick [ __ ] myself yeah they didn’t send digital foundry one to tear down they don’t why would they would you send them to the foundry song after they spent the entire generation trying to downplay your [ __ ] and then when the next generation come they try to downplay the [ __ ] that they was up playing this generation [ __ ] them [ __ ] was talking cash money [ __ ] about the xbox one x games that were backwards compatibility uh backwards compatible when they were praising that [ __ ] at the time how the [ __ ] do you praise it just a few yeah it’s not even like the xbox one x is old

this [ __ ] is barely what two years old almost three yeah so basically what you saying is what you were saying at that time was complete [ __ ] but y’all [ __ ] keep running back to these [ __ ] to get information [ __ ] man i mean i get it i get information to use against they ass [ __ ] that’s what i do [ __ ] on that stay on their toes around me let me tell you and it’s crazy because these [ __ ] is putting they all on the line they putting a reputation on the line they putting everything about themselves on the line if microsoft fails they fail right along with them because [ __ ] it ain’t gonna be no oh now all of a sudden oh we love playstation playstation showing y’all [ __ ] right now they don’t give a [ __ ] about y’all and we still gonna sell our [ __ ] in droves and if we put up pre-orders right now [ __ ] that [ __ ] is gonna sell out instantly and we priced that [ __ ] at the same price as this bum ass xbox series x that you’re trying to push as a powerhouse [ __ ] [ __ ] out of here making microsoft need influencers [ __ ] sony don’t that’s basically something who you yeah i’m lebron in this [ __ ] i’m asian lebron young me with a longer wingspan got me [ __ ] up these xbox [ __ ] is acting like they haven’t gave like they haven’t had playstation be touched by influencers i’m like yes they have they get japanese influencers like just because they ain’t cody’s move my [ __ ] don’t mean no influence just touched it you see them japanese [ __ ] being weird as a [ __ ] playing with that [ __ ] again because that’s what the [ __ ] they do they give the controller they the dude was blowing on the playstation controller and then they had to do blowing off the fire on the x-box no uh you know like in some countries you can still buy the series s you can still pre-order it i don’t think that console is going to sell like they think it is oh it’s not no they don’t think it’s going to fail i don’t think they i think they don’t want it to sell my guy i promise you they don’t want any one of the [ __ ] they don’t want it to sell ever since i’ve seen that tweet the [ __ ] said that it’s okay to buy a ps5 i’m like they’re not trying to sell this console they want to phase that [ __ ] all the way yes they do yes they do x cloud could y’all ever imagine saying no no don’t get don’t get a ps5 go ahead game pass baby i can’t imagine i can’t imagine nobody nobody selling anything i can’t imagine any of them ever saying that [ __ ] my [ __ ] that’s nothing whole that’s like coke saying yeah go ahead and buy a pepsi [ __ ] get pepsi diet it’s better than ours like it just it would never happen like mcdonald’s it never happened when i saw that and i saw that that tweet didn’t get taken down it’s still up to date when i saw they didn’t get taken down i said they’re not even trying to sell this xbox that’s not the game you know what it is they try to come off as like this kumbaya we love everybody [ __ ] when it’s it’s really [ __ ] and it’s backfiring on them really bad and they need to be on some [ __ ] you pay me type [ __ ] they trying to transition gamers into pc cell phones and tablets that’s what they’re trying they want console gamers to be used to that type of life that’s why when they ask how much these games are going to cost he said game passes how much they gonna cost straight up you got [ __ ] walking around thinking paying paying for games is bad and i’m like what buying games full prices they think buying games at full price is anti-consumer what that’s not even that’s not even the biggest problem the biggest problem is these [ __ ] don’t talk about video that is because they don’t play no games you can’t talk about nothing you ain’t playing they don’t have any games the lines have gotten blurred that’s the problem because no well no i’m saying the lines have gotten blurred in terms of what what gaming is supposed to be about because they think about gaming a lot of people are trying to become

gamers for check it’s not about the enjoyment of games it’s you know when the monetary value of gaming has gone up to what it is now and gaming is mainstream and people see that you know they can they can make some they can make money and build careers off this [ __ ] you get a lot of people that don’t care about the integrity of gaming or care about gaming and what it is and just really just want to make money that’s what a lot that’s what a lot of this is like that’s what almost truly yeah and and you know not you know not to say that you know i ain’t trying to keep saying people can’t come into gaming and enjoy gaming and nah not at all but a lot of people’s intentions is not to make gaming better it’s only to make money off of gaming but they try to mask it as them trying to make gaming better by speaking to you know the gaming politicians you know they never speak on how they feel it’s about how the gamer should you know what the gamer should experience what the gamer should feel all this other [ __ ] that it’s like [ __ ] you ain’t telling me nothing you keep telling me about why this is wrong for the community but why you think it’s bad for you [ __ ] don’t give a [ __ ] about yakuza [ __ ] don’t give a [ __ ] about man either but they mad that the ps4 won’t transfer to ps5 you don’t play the [ __ ] game so why does this matter to you mm-hmm what the [ __ ] are you talking about dirt like another game you none of you [ __ ] on this [ __ ] is going to buy but dirt but [ __ ] is mad that the ship won’t transfer to ps5 you want to be in game pass nobody’s mad except people who having higher resolution than the ps4 pro they’re not even playing it more players over on pc i don’t even know why y’all worried about these things i’m not even worried about what i call all them [ __ ] out [ __ ] say hop on the sticks and once they say they don’t happen on the sticks i’ll say [ __ ] i’m blocking you get the [ __ ] off my channel [ __ ] ass [ __ ] you ain’t no gamer i ain’t got time for you that’s all i do but the thing is those dudes are detrimental to gaming bro like do you think rd you think what what’s your name at rdx do you think rdx would be popping right now if bill spencer aaron greenberg and none of them knew was messing with them no of course not people going forward because they feel like they gotta they got a fan base but you can ignore you know you know why it bothers me sick because let’s say microsoft gets sega none of those dudes that hype up microsoft give a [ __ ] about sega and if sega wants to die they still wouldn’t give a [ __ ] like this way back in like like early 2014 2015 i would even say 2016. a lot of remember that whole i don’t know if you guys were like in facebook gaming groups and [ __ ] but a lot of people was pushing that whole patriotic [ __ ] where you’re trying to say it’s unpatriotic to support a japanese uh console and all this other [ __ ] and how you know buy america and you’re an american you’re supposed to buy xbox and all this [ __ ] and and i’m i’m just like that type of rhetoric i think it’s still prevalent even today and with come on go ahead quick not good job good i don’t think i thought you were finished oh you thought you had like i said man like we got to realize how much power we got as a community of real gamers like we gotta we don’t listen to each other enough not as far as our content but as far as getting together and actually planning [ __ ] [ __ ] if like like i said before if it’s a million hardcore gamers left out of the hundreds of millions that’s out there we [ __ ] 10 000 of us can go straight to phil spencer and say we want this all at the same time news people will pick it up and that should get changed immediately just off of ten thousand it’s just that we we’re too busy looking at the numbers of these fake ass [ __ ] that’s around us when them [ __ ] want to be us to begin with or want to act like us to begin with that’s why they want to have conversations with us you know what i’m saying they they the [ __ ] who pushing [ __ ] bleeding edge and then a week later it’s done [ __ ] spent months pushing crack down when that [ __ ] came out a week later that [ __ ] was done nobody was even talking about it you know what i’m saying but the problem the problem is i think because i agree like paying attention to the lowly the low-level ones like the low-level scum that really don’t matter yeah like debating them doesn’t matter or even like engaging i agree 100 but where the problem lies and where it affects everybody and i’m talking playstation xbox and ted though whoever is when the influencers are are putting those their thoughts out there and their thoughts don’t align with what the community really wants i’m talking hardcore or down to casuals right what the community wants and how the business models have been created and have been maintained from generation to generation is under attack now exclusives is a perfect example something that has worked for over 30 plus years in gaming now needs to change why because you hate another brand so much not to buy

the console to play the games that are exclusive to that console how the [ __ ] does that work that’s that’s the [ __ ] that’s crazy let me ask you a question persona you’re a very passionate person when it comes to gaming i know yes i know you play your games i know you put time and effort into your games can you control could you control these influencers no i ain’t [ __ ] i only got 1500 subs lift up no no ain’t [ __ ] so if you can’t control these influencers why even get upset or get mad at what they do if you can’t do [ __ ] about it right like one thing i say is i think we push the narrative even farther right when we always go behind what these dumb ass [ __ ] say and we amplify the noise yes well that instead of just letting that [ __ ] because again you can’t control their circle bro no you can’t you can’t even if there’s a conversation with these people bro what exactly would that change they wouldn’t change anything honestly it really wouldn’t change anything because they feel the way they feel because of how the structure is within the within gaming in the industry but just because they speak the way they speak and how they feel does not mean that i agree with that you know if you know you don’t have to agree with it what i’m saying is i’m not amplifying their noise bruh because again i always say that there’s people think that exposure is being exposed it’s two different things though it’s two different things and right now we are in a bottomless [ __ ] pit my [ __ ] like there is no such thing as exposure you don’t had [ __ ] who basically been around this [ __ ] uh uh talking about games they never even [ __ ] played never even played so what the hell do you think pointing out the inconsistencies with these people are actually gonna do most of the people who come to these channels they coming because they ain’t got [ __ ] better to do [ __ ] so let me listen to these [ __ ] ranting rave you know what i’m saying i figured that [ __ ] out a long time ago because play a goddamn video game and see how many [ __ ] show up if i get 40 of way little much less right so i came to the conclusion that these [ __ ] come here for entertainment right they just come because they they just want to hear what the new talk of the [ __ ] town is with this video game [ __ ] my [ __ ] most of these people i believe don’t even play video games [ __ ] no they don’t there is a select few people who i know that be on this [ __ ] that actually be putting in work in these games bro most of these other people they talk about games they tell you how great games are and as soon as them games come out all of a sudden they no longer oh man you know i wasn’t interested but well that’s the thing though my whole thing blue today so i ain’t interested in this game no more like well well that’s the thing my whole thing is especially going into the next generation is you know seeing how this generation has started how how it’s unfolded and how it’s ending the the the goal post moving the the lies the misinformation and [ __ ] like that i’m tired of it man and as someone has been in gaming since i was like four years old you know it’s so like someone has been a part of this back when it was looked at as not being cool not being accepted not being you know something that was you know immature and and all this other [ __ ] right being a part of it for that long and seeing what it’s become i’m done trying to explain to people why certain things that are happening is wrong because it’s just going to happen and i look like the fool when in reality people feel this way but they’re too scared to because they scared the [ __ ] uh uh lose friendships or status or all this with [ __ ] on the internet i mean you’re the only status that matters people are scared to to [ __ ] speak their mind because they scared of a company not giving them free [ __ ] what kind of world like what kind of [ __ ] is that bruh like when i started seeing [ __ ] like this i’m like yo man i’m not this type of person because i have to speak my mind i can’t lie to [ __ ] because i’m lying to myself as well i’m not being real with myself especially with a hobby that i love and care about then don’t do it that’s what i would look at exactly though that’s why i’m done you gotta keep running bro of course but that’s why i’m done i mean because like a couple years ago i wanted to be a part of the industry i wanted to do interviews and and you know go to e3s and do all this like [ __ ] cuz i thought that like that stuff is cool and it still looks cool on the surface but then when i started seeing like the back end of the [ __ ] and even this whole [ __ ] with this paris dude and all this corporate shilling and

and blacklist and i’m like yo man i don’t like i’m good i’m good man who is paris i keep hearing about this guy who is he it’s some munchkin ass buff [ __ ] that’s tall you know what i’m saying it’s one of those yeah like one of those samuel l jackson level house [ __ ] you know what i’m saying when he played in um and django and [ __ ] you know like just you know he’s one of those [ __ ] you don’t pay attention to he’s one of those you can look until they pass their old videos and see they won’t even doing gaming like that now they’re doing gaming like that because they got more views you know what you know what made me sign off and this happened this last week what made me sign off and really is like you know what cuz i was kind of like still one foot in one foot out but i’m like completely done [ __ ] will complain about companies having to crunch to make games but don’t want to spend full price on the games how does that make sense that makes no sense in any capacity you want the developers to be compensated properly but you don’t want to give them the proper compensation that makes no sense you keep saying oh these developers need to be made pay for their extra time and pay for this but you don’t want to pay full price on the game when is that logic let me tell you what i’ll tell you what it is it’s microsoft it’s microsoft and the message of what microsoft promises to deliver you they they they put their games day and date so they feel like triple a games what they call or what they think is triple a games uh should be a game pass material game regardless of how much work was put into it they overlooked the fact that halo costs 500 dollars because it’s going to be day and date on games pass so since game pass had this big push and everybody feels like it’s this big deal now everybody wants a deal without thinking of the consequences that it has on the actual gaming itself as far as support and like you said now you got dumb [ __ ] who over here you know talking about crunch and crunch this and crunch that but then don’t want to pay full price for the game and they don’t want to do that because that’s what microsoft is trying to tell these gamers how the game and that’s what it did and then because microsoft is saying it you got the influencers like the rdx podcast like all of the xbox guys who every third word is game pass people feel like that’s supposed to be the norm of what it is to where people don’t get compensated and compensated the only person that’s winning in that deal is [ __ ] microsoft you know what i’m saying because now they’re trying to get more people to come to games pass because they’re not selling their [ __ ] and have microsoft give them a lump sum to be in games past and then microsoft would get a piece of the pie that they wouldn’t have got off of somebody else’s work mm-hmm that’s what that’s what happens to control and all that when phil spencer talked about control we can get to roll control and it [ __ ] up controlled cells so where they have to hurry up and try to scramble but it was too late to [ __ ] like [ __ ] it we don’t go to the playstation because y’all [ __ ] is awesome [ __ ] it [ __ ] with it [ __ ] with the third party developer you know what i’m saying and that’s that’s the sad part about it but when you see the route that plays not places but when you see the route gaming is heading like we we on the ship we’re on the titanic and it’s night time and [ __ ] not seen the iceberg and it’s like bro i i see this [ __ ] a mile away this subscription-based [ __ ] bro netflix is like 20 billion dollars in debt people keep using netflix as this netflix is yes they put out some good [ __ ] but then they the [ __ ] are in debt trunks [ __ ] that they putting [ __ ] out [ __ ] they’re not even the worst of the worst [ __ ] they like in 14th in debt who joined the streaming world monday disney isn’t more that it was in more debt than disney is in 64 billion or 16 more whatever 64. i think it says four billion it’s a [ __ ] crazy number t att i think it’s in the honest they get ever since they put they put um when they got h that new hbo go hbo max they mixed all that [ __ ] together they in the hundred billions in debt now because of that and they couldn’t they trying to make it back and they think that gaming which is a different type of media which is it’s not the same as creating a mortgage a two-hour movie and [ __ ] like that because you still need to sustain like this contracts and stuff like that but with with gaming it’s a continuous thing people go back to games people do like you can’t sustain this [ __ ] and that’s some type of no you can’t it’s no system there’s no way to sustain it but yo but my thing is like with that netflix stuff and it’s the same thing i keep saying i’m gonna keep preaching it like what are the milestones what are the things you know what game pass is like now regardless of how good you are imagine if usain bolt but running in every race regardless if he comes first everybody gets the same medal everybody gotta be there day one they get the same what is the milestones you know what i’m saying look at the studios that netflix closes

because they’re in debt like oh this isn’t a banger gun this this show’s done that studio’s gone like that’s my thing like we haven’t seen it yet but i feel like we’re gonna lose studios that we held close to our heart because of this [ __ ] like what is the milestone of a game you work your ass off corey ballrock he works his ass off right imagine his game come day and date what is the milestone what is the sales what is your bonus how many copies sold hot you know what i’m saying what a review score is is a milestone but what is it that you say you’re launching a game and it resonates with the gamer because that’s what the the motive is to resonate with the game and give them different experiences when you see 30 million of a game sold within two months that means you did your job that means it’s unforgettable how what downloads downloads is a second thought how many times y’all went to your app stores like oh this game looks alright i’m gonna download it that that’s a secondary thought bro like what the [ __ ] um i can’t cause it do you guys think that microsoft has enough studios now to where why does it matter about the amount of studios they have it’s not about how many games you could pump out it’s about talking about the quality of the games right now and a hypothetical in a hypothetical let’s say that the quality of the games are it’s a viable sustainable uh thing let’s say that um and every month they’re putting good titles in do you think that’s gonna be the the thing that they need to do in order to keep people to subscribe and to continue to subscribe because yeah i think about it if you like you know people are like okay well six months the game’s gonna come out three months another game is going to come out and then i’ll just subscribe for 15 and then i’ll cancel but if there’s a good title coming every month and you’re like 100 subscribers you’re going to be held for that month anyway so you’re going to end up subscribing and just you’re going to stay subscribed out of all 23 studios there are only four maybe five dependent games that will have people subscribe halo fable elder scrolls fallout and um [ __ ] i just had the star field those are the five games currently yes currently those are the five games out of 23 studios that people will and three of those are from one well from bethesda or whatever um that’s five games three and a half years are at least three years out four years throwing three to four throw another doom in there you throw another fallout in there thought no you’re talking to hypotheticals though because doom is in there right now but that’s what i’m saying but you know what i mean but we’re saying every month everything is in isn’t it hold on i don’t know none of that [ __ ] [ __ ] matters bro because right now today they say 15 million people got games passed and not a single [ __ ] game is the most played thing on an xbox right now no i’m saying not a single one of those game pass games or even in the top 10 you know what i’m saying so it’s like it doesn’t [ __ ] matter dog like these [ __ ] don’t even [ __ ] buy games pass they just want to talk to us that’s it like don’t get sucked into that bush they just want to talk to they do they just want to be able to sit down and talk to real gamers like they are a real gamer that’s it these [ __ ] do not [ __ ] game i don’t know how many of these [ __ ] i’ve been called out especially like in tekken i’m like oh yeah [ __ ] [ __ ] run take it no i don’t got taken yes you do you got game pass don’t you that’s run tekken you know what i’m saying i know what’s on game pass let’s run it you know what i’m saying okay let me see yo these [ __ ] are real scared to give me give me their [ __ ] ids and all that let me see let me see your gamer score let me see what you running the last [ __ ] i checked emmanuel this [ __ ] didn’t even this [ __ ] last time he played something was in like july [ __ ] and it was like that’s 10 [ __ ] gamers i don’t even know what i’m saying to knock yeah like these [ __ ] don’t game dog like this game pass is already a failure my [ __ ] that 15 million is not concurrent no matter what they do how they do it they are they are pertaining to people who don’t even game bro they don’t even [ __ ] they’re playing do you know what you know what’s on that top here in this [ __ ] call of duty they are paying full price 60 games you know what i’m saying they’re playing call of duty my [ __ ] or free to play games like apex that’s it you know what i’m saying like these [ __ ] don’t even want [ __ ] they don’t mind spending money because they buying call of duty they don’t mind spending money they just don’t care nobody cares about game pass [ __ ] like because it’s just

game pass microsoft come out every every month and they can come out with a [ __ ] banger every that game automatically lost value lost just you don’t feel the same about it you’re like really low thrash you don’t feel that bad how about is that better yeah it’s better you don’t feel bad about a 15 [ __ ] game or a game that you feel is free because a lot of these dumbass [ __ ] think is free you don’t feel you don’t have that same passion about that game as you would a game you paid 60 dollars they get thematically lost value yeah i’m saying so that’s also something i want to add like i hate when people like why do you care about how much if the game is a success if you’re getting it for free it’s for us it’s for the gamer yo you know how many games you know how many studios japanese jrpgs [ __ ] die off because the game didn’t sell well enough for a sequel like yo like stop saying dumb [ __ ] like i care about stuff like that like if games don’t do well they don’t get sequels bro uh i i agree it’s it’s a it’s something that people don’t really understand and quite frankly i think they don’t even care about because just look how they look how they talk their actions and the way they talk it doesn’t match and it’s like bro like what’s going on here you cannot tell me you love gaming and this is how you speak when it comes to to buying games oh i don’t have to buy that or i’ll wait for sale what you ain’t buying again all the time when you buy when you buy specific things like you buy a shirt you buy like a collector edition it’s because you want it and you support that game but you also want to show that you you love this game or this thing that jordan so much that you’re paying to support it every dollar you donate and stuff like that is because you want to show support what is game pass showing support to greed of downloads the [ __ ] is that well not a not only that but i think also uh let’s use sneakers because that’s a perfect example you got [ __ ] that are spending their last of their check on some jordans but k-swiss payless and all that [ __ ] the shacks are only 25 50 [ __ ] don’t want that they want the [ __ ] that looks good looks appealing and that’s playstation play people will spend top dollar for the playstation games they will spend top dollar to have the playstation experience they will only people that talk like this would like oh you know game passes end all be all those people that listen yo persona is very as a very passionate gamer dog yeah i did not know this about you until i hear you spoke my guy yeah i love gaming man i’ve been gaming for a long time i just don’t want to see my my hobby well my hobby will never go away because if gaming crash i’ll just play all the old games on the playstation and all the other other systems like i’m fine but i want gaming to continue to grow and move forward you know i want gaming to continue to be sustained in how it’s supposed to be sustained gaming is like an economy you know an economy can only flourish when everyone is putting money back into the economy you can’t have this group of people hoarding money and not putting back into it it’s not sustainable because you can’t keep putting money into something and not getting a return and we’re talking the proper return inflation those things take into effect it’s clear people never learned macro and microeconomics inflation is a very real thing fifty dollars today is almost almost three four maybe a thousand dollars in the twenties inflation is a very real thing that people when it comes to gaming it’s the only thing people look at as it needs to stay stagnant no no gaming needs to grow as well and i hate people that use the argument of oh well they got they making money off of micro transactions xyz are they making that money off of you have you bought micro transactions if not then how does this affect you if you’re only buying a game and moving on the micro transactions doesn’t concern you in in any capacity but they always use that as the argument it’s like so you don’t want to make more money so you

think going to work oh i’m making 50 000 that’s enough that’s what you think no you want to make a hundred thousand 150 you’re trying to make as much money as you possibly can because you want you want money you forget persona some of these [ __ ] go to work and make eighteen thousand dollars a year and think that that’s enough [ __ ] yo listen man when i was younger the bar is low bruh that’s very odd that’s very true i agree because the way some of these people think i mean speak and think i have to wonder what does your real life look like and the reason why i ask that is because i’m a very competitive person even in my day-to-day in my job and my i’m just i’m very competitive and i’m always trying to grow i’m i’m not no like no i worked two jobs when i was young i’m making six figures now like come on man stop man i gotta stop man people need the people want to make money people want to buy good things they want to you know these developers got family stuff [ __ ] got to make money it’s a business businesses want your money man either you buy it or you don’t all right so i’m about to wrap this up because i gotta get up early in the morning and [ __ ] but i do want to thank everybody who came through and uh you know chopped it up and [ __ ] like that um shout out to the chat man you guys are freaking amazing you guys came through chilled hank hung out for three hours mom three hours bro three hours we’ve been here shout out to y’all man i definitely do appreciate the conversation um but yeah i’m out man y’all be easy good show