PS4 Original Teardown Tips & Tricks

hey guys this is Steve with tronics fix today we’re going to be taking a look at a ps4 model 1001 I’m going to do a teardown of this baby and I’m going to show you the tips and tricks to make your tear downs go easier we’ve fixed a ton of these here at tronics fix and so we know all the easy things to do to help you from causing an important anymore problems when you tear it down now we also get a bunch of these in where someone tried to tear it down themselves and caused problems with it which makes it so it’s going to be more expensive when we have to repair it because we have to replace more things in addition to whatever the original problem was so let’s get started on this teardown ok so first of all I’m going to show you guys the tools that we use here we’re going to need a small pair of needlenose pliers we use a small slotted screwdriver this is a 1/16 we use a Phillips number 1 screwdriver for optical drive repair we’re going to use a Phillips 0/0 screwdriver we’re also going to use a t8 security Torx bit now a lot of people and a lot of online guides say to use a t9 we’re actually going to use a t8 because the t9 is actually tiny bit too big for some of the screws in these the t8 is a tiny bit small but it still works great and we’ll remove all the screws just fine we’ve got a brush here to brush out any debris we find we’re going to use some arctic silver v thermal compound you can use whatever you like and also we use two q-tips you may need more for what you’re doing depending on how many of these you’ve done so those are the tools we use you may find other tools that you like to use as well but that’s what we’re going to use during this teardown ok we’ll start with the easy one that’s the hard drive cover which is right here it’s the glossy one so this one we just put our hands like this and pull it out like this this one’s been off several times so it’s a little easier than you might find yours to be but you just give that a good pull to the side and let us light right off so the next thing is taking the hard drive out we just got a Philips screw right there just kind of unscrew that one now it’s important to have something to keep your screws in I’m just going to use this yellow lid right here I’ve done this enough times that I don’t need to keep track of my screws or where they go it’s just kind of automatic at this point but if you’ve never done this before you’re going to want to keep track of where each screw goes luckily in this model a lot of the screws on this top top part are all the same so none of that’s going to really matter as far as putting it back together so the next next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and take the stickers off the warranty stickers and then also these screw covers right here I think I forgot to mention in the intro that we’re going to need a pic to get those off you can also use the flat-head screwdriver if you’d like I usually use a pic because it’s easier we just put the pic in and you just pull off like that so that’s going to reveal two more screws and then we’re going to take these screws off as well behind these stickers none of these stickers have to go back on if you don’t want to put them back on they just cover the screws and then of course the middle two or warranty stickers so now what I’m going to do in the interest of saving time is I’m going to go ahead and use my electric screwdrivers for these screws just to get them out quick I don’t recommend using an electric screwdriver unless you have a lot of experience doing these just because you don’t want to get them cross threaded or anything like that okay once you get those out we’re going to pull off this bottom cover the easiest way to do that is to pull up like this pull up over here and then that’s just going to slide forward and slide right off we’re going to flip it back over I’m going to take off the other top piece right here so what I’m going to do is take the screws out first like that now what you want to do for this is put your hand right kind of where the power button is get your fingers under the lip of it with the heel of your hand right here give it a good pull up you can hear that it sounds kind of like snapping that’s normal now it’s going to be a little bit loose but you’re going to want to pull up on this part until you hear a second snap like that and then just slide your hands over to the corner do the same thing pull up with your fingers like I did sometimes it’s a little hard but it’ll come off like that now it’ll kind of catch on the back on the back right here so we’re going to pull up like this and just slide it back carefully and that frees it so now we’re going to turn it back over next we’re going to remove the power supply Phillips head Phillips head these are the number one and then the t8

security Torx so just take these off now these are Phillips heads they have they have long screws in them and then also they’ve got this funky metal piece right here so when they’re in there you just you just take this metal piece grab it and pull up on it and it’s got these pieces here they’ll catch on the plastic you have to wiggle it around a little bit so we’re going to take that one out this one I’ll flip up to give you a little better view of what we do here just grab that wiggle it around and then that just pops out okay now the trick for the power supply is putting a finger you’re going to what you’re going to see is there’s a place where the wires come out right there and there’s a little lip you can grab with your finger right there so I’m going to do that with one of my fingers the other finger I’m going to pull up on this edge we’re going to pull up on this edge first you can see how it’s loose and then after that I’m going to pull up on this edge so we pulled up like that and that pulled it up now don’t pull it up any more than this it still is connected by some wires so we’ll pull this out flip it up like this now you’ll see it’s connected by wires right here and it’s connected by wires the connector down here so what I do is I take my needlenose pliers I pull on one side of this connector and up on the other side and then I go back and forth until it comes all the way out it’s going to be tricky to do that where you can see it but we’ll do it the best we can so now you don’t want to pull too hard on this you just want to give it a good a good pull good tug and just go back and forth you’ll see it come up slowly if you pull too hard you’ll pull that battery connector off and then you’re going to have to send it in to us for repair so you probably don’t want to do that we are happy to fix it for you though if you’d like okay now with your needlenose pliers you’re going to notice some other connectors there’s a connector here this is for the optical drive and there’s also connector down on the very bottom for the optical drive and the connector here for the Wi-Fi antenna so the Wi-Fi antenna we just take our pliers grab it gently but enough to hold on to it and just pull straight up now one of the things that I’ve seen a lot I’m going to get this close so you guys can see it is this connector right here a lot of people just try and pull this out like that and that’s not a good way to do it because it’s going to break it so this metal tab right here that I believe you can see you have to push down on and while you push down on that what you want to do is just wiggle this back and forth and pull slightly out just slowly and that’s going to pull it out what happens if you don’t do that is these metal tabs on here pull off and then those get stuck in that connector and you can’t get the the connector back on or the ribbon cable back in there okay the other thing we’re going to do is take this cable off and what we’re going to do with that is just get our needle nose pliers grab each edge of it and just pull it straight back and this one we go back and forth a little bit as well until it come in pull gently until it comes off so there’s that those are all off and that’s everything you need to disconnect from this side so what we’re going to do is turn this over now like this then we’re going to go ahead and take off the APU clamp which is right here we’ve got two Phillips in two Phillips those ones will come off with the number one so that’s we’re going to take off next there’s one there’s two so then that just pulls off we set it aside okay now another tricky one for some people is the fan connector which is right here some people just try and jerk that off and they end up pulling the black piece which is right there off of the motherboard so what we’re going to do is take our small screwdriver or slotted screwdriver and get under the gray connector and just pull it up just gently until it comes off like that and you can see this black connector right here that’s what a lot of people accidentally pull off of there and if you do that you’ll probably be sending it to it to us for repair which is fine got those in stock and fix it for you anytime but just be careful not when you pull that off to not jerk that off as well okay now we’re ready for this whole plate comes off we’re going to take off one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 t8 screws these are the security Torx so just keep in mind that you got to make sure if you get a security th screwdriver Torx that you’re going to need the security bit or the security end on it and that’s the one with the hole in it in the middle of it so we’ll

finish taking these off and this metal plate is going to basically just pull straight up after we get these all off okay there we go now this metal plate will just pull basically straight up it’s got a little bit of tension pulling down on it because right here right under here is where the got some thermal pads on here for the memory chips so those will stick a little bit but that’s fine you just keep pulling and they’ll come up now you can see the thermal pads right here you want to make sure that these are all on there because if they’re not then your console could overheat so we want to leave those there and make sure your memory chips are staying cool next we’re going to have the motherboard and for the motherboard all we got to do is pull up right here now this is a tricky part for some people because you can’t pull straight up because of this metal piece right here so what you got to do is angle it up like this kind of give it a wiggle back and forth and then that’s going to pull straight out for you so then you got the motherboard you got to make sure that when you put it back together every one of these thermal pads is on these ones are on the memory chips and then the other two are on this metal piece so now what we’re going to do is clean off the old thermal paste so we can apply fresh thermal paste when we put it back together so that’s what you’re going to use your q-tips for we’re just going to UM go through and get that all off of there I’m going to show you how we do it here you just take the q-tip just pull it off I kind of rotate it while I’m going and that gets it off quite a bit easier so we got that I’ll set the motherboard aside for now then we’ll go ahead and do the same thing here you just rotate it a bit after after each pass okay there’s that one now you want to clean this with something I use 99% isopropyl alcohol and that’s a good thing to use get it nice and clean so what we’re going to do is we’re going to make one pass going back and forth spinning as we go that’s going to clean it off fairly nicely I’ve spent one of those tabs you can just bend those back down and then also the same thing on the APU chip I’m going to go back and forth on this just to make sure all fingerprints and everything are completely off of it and we’ll throw that one away okay so that gets most everything off I’m actually going to go ahead and take this metal piece out because some of you may need to replace your fan at some point so what we’re going to do is take there’s one screw here one screw there one screw there we’re going to take those out and we’re going to use our Phillips number one these ones are smaller screws and you can use a smaller Phillips if you need to but we found using that same same one works just fine so now this we’re going to do the same thing as the motherboard take it here and lift up on it and you got to make sure that your Wi-Fi cable is removed this one as you can see is catching right down there so we’re going to remove that and pull that out and there is your heatsink you can see the cooling fins there so that’s that’s a basically heat interchange err so the heat goes through these fins and the air cools it and that’s what keeps your APU cool so we’ll set that aside if you need to ever need to replace your fan all you’ve got is one two those two screws right there and then there’s a metal piece that slides up so I’m just going to remove this real quick okay now the fans ready we just pull up on this metal piece we’re pulling up on the rest and then just comes right out and there’s your fan right there so now that that’s out the only thing left in this is the disk drive so what we’re going to do for that is it’s got 1 1 th security Torx here there’s another one hiding under these cables there’s another one right over here and another one right here and then this this Phillips small Phillips screw also has to be removed in order to get it out and this can be done you don’t even have to take out the motherboard for this you can actually do this just with the power supply removed so we’re going to go ahead and take out the Torx t8 screws first now when you put this back together you need to be careful this a lot of people don’t don’t put this back on before they

put the screw and this is what keeps this Wi-Fi antenna in here so you got to remember that the next thing you got to remember is this connector right here it’s the same as the one down on the motherboard you’re not careful you’re going to you’re going to break this cable or get the ears stuck inside this connector so you push down on the metal piece wiggle it back and forth while you pull and that gets it right out so then the next thing is you’re going to have one more cable down here and that’s this cable that plugs into the motherboard so what we use is just our pair of needle-nosed pliers we grab right here on the block plastic piece and we just wiggle back and forth till that comes free then we use our t8 screwdriver to pull out that last screw down there then next we’ve got to get this screw out as well let the last screw for this so then this just pulls out after we take the Wi-Fi antenna off then this just pulls out like that so then you’ve got your disc drive now this disc drive has a problem where it won’t read discs but if you look close you’re going to see that the roller is stuck up in here and it’s not down here where it needs to be that’s because the rollers have become dislodged on this one and they need to be repaired so that’s how you get this thing apart and the next thing I’m going to do is show you how to assemble it