Morrison Bridge Test Opening; Portland, OR

thank you yeah the outside screen up in here would you like to go down three stories yeah it does kind of cool but our rule TV VCR shakes a lot up tutor we gotta get used to it after a while see it’s pretty clear day you can see a misty mountain good yeah take Ellen’s over there looks like it’s blowing off a little steam or something so what what’s the length of your shift yeah just so long or at least machine bag so if I like first up will rule number ten on this looking good right it takes me about seven minutes to open it no what happened was his ship came to he areas doing this touch thing and the river was up he couldn’t make the corner of Hawaii and he crashed into my bridge down here so after that he he’s always wanted oh yeah all right and the top of his so this boat is it too tall it shouldn’t fit yeah but he is just my said opening yeah every time yep see babe nobody has to pay call the radio and river traffic takes precedence right hey you’re ready sure okay closed period starts at four o’clock four to six so people way there’s someone in the tower of 24/7 arrow there all night long yeah there’s a little powerful I’ve been there so many times let me see your finger what Marsha’s guys yeah I know she’s paying down the traffic Barry okay we welcome he can multitask he can talk on the phone and open the bridge yeah much faster than I would have thought it

would no blues brothers kind of thing nice