Santa Monica College 2018 Graduation (Full Ceremony)

you good evening on behalf of Santa Monica College I welcome all of you to this

year’s commencement exercise an event in which we take the greatest pride you may

all be seated I want to extend a special welcome to

the parents loved ones and friends of the graduating class of 2018

I am dr. Katherine Jeffrey the superintendent president of Santa Monica College the proud superintendent president of Santa Monica College the number one Community College today is a special occasion and it is extra special for two reasons you are among the largest graduating class in Santa Monica colleges history with 4,000 4918 students have completed 6325 degrees or certificates this year so that would be 37% more graduates and 51 more percent graduate certificates that is amazing in one year the other reason why today is a historic day is because we have 18 students who will be the first in SMC’s history to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in interaction design in 2015 SMC was selected by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to be among 15 colleges who would take part in an unprecedented pilot program under this program SMC could offer a bachelor’s degree in a field of high local demands and one in which the University of California or the California State University did not offer a bachelor’s degree these eighteen graduates have engaged in rigorous program activities they’ve trained in user experience design and technology and they are set to take their skills and become interaction designers and truly shape the future and just in case you’re wondering what interaction design is it is the practice of designing interactive digital products environments systems and services understanding how users and technology communicate with each other and all of us pretty much have one of these things which is an interaction device and our students learn how to use this the inner to interface with this and they learn much much more that’s in the simplest form they had a graduation program last week and have a chance to present their final projects to us and it was just amazing and I was so proud of all of you who had your work displayed you’re phenomenal thinkers creative innovators and I cannot wait to see what you do in the future we’re so proud of you I want to welcome our worldwide audience that’s watching today’s ceremony on our live white webcast and you may have already noticed new this year we’ve invited an aerial photographer overhead so the aerial photographer will be

taking footage of the ceremony today from beginning until the time the students cross this stage to receive their diplomas so please take note of the flags that are behind me the flags on the field this wonderful display showcases the diversity of our SMC students and we have flags representing 101 nations all the countries of origin of our students and now this leads me to one slag in particular the flag of the United States of America I would like to invite this year’s student speaker Ryan ants to come forward and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance please rise please rise I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for me Thank You Ryan please be seated it is now my distinct honor and privilege to introduce the individual trustees of the board of Santa Monica College Community College District please hold your applause until all have been introduced and trustees please remain standing until everyone has been introduced the chair of the Board of Trustees the Honorable mr. Barry Snell the vice chair of the board the Honorable dr. Margaret quinones Perez the Honorable dr. Susan a Munoz the Honorable dr. Nancy Greenstein the Honorable dr. Louise Jaffe and the Honorable Rob Rader is not with us today and the Honorable dr. Andrew wowser is not with us today and we have our student trustee who just finished his year serving as the student trustee chase Matthews Thank You Trustees chair schnell would you please offer remarks on behalf of the board for those of you who don’t know you were listening to the sounds of Earth Wind and Fire one of my all-time favorite groups I was told to be myself today so I had to bring some of my music with me greeting friends family faculty staff in the lustiest class of 2018 my name is Barry Snell and I’m chairman of the board for the trustees of Santa Monica College on behalf of the Board of Trustees I would like to thank a group of people who

worked so hard stayed up late and put a huge amount of effort to this momentous day I mean of course our parents teachers and mentors without you I don’t know how are we really able to do this right but anyway all kidding aside graduates you should stand tall and be proud of your accomplishments this very moment brings back memories my graduation at Morehouse College my mom and dad it often Theresa Snell we’re so proud of me as your parents are today of you Morehouse is the only historically black male college in the United States of America yeah went to the house the reason I’m making this point is because during my time there I competed with other black males that were smarter than me better-looking than me I had more money than me but the reason I’m making this point is that wherever you this will always be the case wherever you go there’s always someone smarter better brighter than you however one thing that we all were taught at Morehouse was that your character is the most important quality graduates the strength and originality of each one of you has always been inside you and Santa Monica College is only one of the steps of your ladder of greatness Howard Thurman a scholar and professor from Morehouse College back in the day when Martin Luther King was a student there made a statement the statement goes like this there is something in every one of you that Waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself it is the only true guide you will ever have and if you cannot hear it you will all the rest of your life spend the days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls it’s pretty deep so in closing I want to remind you graduates stay true to your dreams be genuinely you it swirls cold but stay young at heart listen to your internal voice and you will always find the right path to the graduates of Santa Monica College 2018 I salute you thank you in your highness zone we’re safe now you always tried to get the remarks in advance so we kind of know what’s gonna happen here on stage but he refused to follow the directions I couldn’t pull the strings and so now I know why he had this little surprise for us there was a lot of fun right a lot of fun it took several of us way back way back graduates as I mentioned early on tonight this ceremony is being webcast live trusty snail so we just went live with that so that means any of your family members grads and your friends who couldn’t be here today can see this in real-time what’s happening right now so with over 5,000 family members and friends around the world for the grads who make up this class we are streaming live our commencement program so your family can watch the Facebook live post and I know you’ve got your cell phones with you I know they’re on so right now you can text your friends and family that they can watch you get your diploma here today on our SMC website on your lives but we don’t want you to forget us here

at Santa Monica College your relationship with us does not end today you are and will always be a part of the Santa Monica College family the best way for you to keep in touch with us and for us to keep in touch with you is through our Alumni Association so after graduation you’ll be able to see the Alumni webcast a time-lapse of today’s entire ceremony and the mashup of all you graduates will post to the front page of the media wall we want you to stay in touch and we want you to look forward to celebrating your future accomplishments with us so now I acknowledge those who have mentored talked counseled and guided you will the faculty and staff of Santa Monica College please stand up and I’d like to ask the graduates to join me in giving our colleagues our friends our mentors a round of applause this the graduates do faculty in recognition of the role that you’ve played in contributing to their success and I thank you so very much and graduates of course we want to remember your family and friends so grads please stand face the audience and give them a round of applause to thank them for their support Thank You graduates it is now my privilege to introduce the remaining members of our platform party and our special guests please hold your applause until all are introduced Teresita rodriguez vice president for enrollment management our commencement speaker I’m so proud to have Nellie Galan former president of entertainment for Telemundo an Emmy award-winning producer she’ll be formally introduced later dr. Nate Donohue president of the Academic Senate at SMC mr. Ryan and your fellow graduates who will deliver the student challenge I would also like to acknowledge members of the SMC foundation who were in our audience other donors and supporters who have given finances to help support student education through scholarships and I’d like to thank the many college employees who have worked for months to prepare for tonight’s ceremony thank you everyone now I’d like to invite dr. Nate Donohue to the podium to provide the faculty challenge on behalf of the Santa Monica College Academic Senate good evening Santa Monica College woo good evening to the graduating class of 2018 family loved one and friends my name is Nate Donahue and it is my honor as president of the Santa Monica College Academic Senate to present you the graduating class of 2018 the faculty challenge as your faculty we have had the thrilling job and distinct pleasure of helping you our students to connect with grow and

nurture your passions over the time you have spent here together we have explored our mutual passions in art studios and theaters academic and career counseling offices math and science labs businesses newspaper rooms on the athletic field and on the runway your faculty have been honored to participate in this collaborative production of intellectual debate the making of beautifully designed objects and interactive human experiences critical inquiry and social justice we together have shared food laughter struggle protests and ideas and we have built a community around the positive affirmation of our humanity the process is absolutely transforming for all involved and let me tell you folks it is the best job in the world to be working with students all of this ambition curiosity courage passion and creativity and wonder make for a heady and stimulating intellectual cultural and political community this is the community that we build together and this is the community that is proud that makes us proud to be SMC but passion can sometimes be a funny emotion while it motivates and drives us it can also dominate obsess and consume us as you transition toward a new beginning with powerful strength and skills your faculty challenge you to channel your passion into joy and to create a movement of transformational love that will heal this society be careful not to solely channel your passions inward to feed your ego and become competitive winning for the sake of winning and therefore forgetting why we do this work in the first place remember the reasons you started this college journey and completed it at SMC to self actualize your identity to provide a better tomorrow for yourself and for your family to learn how to think critically and to change this world you should and must be over the moon proud of your individual achievements on this auspicious evening your perseverance that of your family friends and loved ones your hard work made this happen but remember winning trophies in the adulation of your peers was never the goal yes make money be successful travel the world and become elected into political positions of power police do all of those things but remember that what we seek and need in this world is simple joy and bliss these are the methods by which you will change our society we are human beings not human doings and ultimately we are not measured by our material and professional achievements our social media popularity I love my likes but instead write on the content of our characters the integrity of our values the strength of the community you will help to build and the company that you keep your faculty challenged you to take the passions that you have developed and exercised here at SMC with all of us and let them radiate as beams of magnanimous joy everywhere you go through the fabric of your communities creating bonds of strength solidarity and love one of my favorite writers the poet and feminist Audrey Lorde said that quote the sharing of joy whether physical emotional psychic or intellectual forms a bridge between those who share it which can be the basis for understanding and which lessens the threat of difference this my students is your lofty challenge and we believe in you now and always communicate your passions through the language of unspeakable joy and you will create the bridge that will produce an equitable and just world love is always the answer congratulations to all of you we love you so much we are proud of you come back often and good luck it’s now my pleasure to introduce an outstanding student and graduate who will present the student challenge while I don’t want to give too much away as we’ll have the privilege of hearing from him shortly but I would like to offer a teaser so here are a few things about Ryan Ryan has first-hand experience with the ups and downs of life his family went bankrupt when he was a teenager and at

the age of 16 he was forced to leave school go to work to help and support his family and Ryan came to SMC from Singapore via Canada and it was here in Southern California that he would discover a passion for serving the homeless for women’s empowerment and for policy making thus selecting political science and philosophy as his majors he became involved in Associated Students serving as a commissioner for the director of advocacy then as student body secretary he also joined Phi Theta Kappa and now serves as PT K’s executive vice president I encourage you to read Ryan’s bio which is in your program and he has been accepted into Columbia University and UC Berkeley he’s currently deciding where he wants to go ryan graduates today was an associate degree for transfer in political science it is my pleasure to welcome ryan Aang to the podium to deliver the student challenge before I begin I like to dedicate my speech in honor and remembrance of the many people who are struggling with mental illnesses as a suicide survivor and in lieu of the many high-profile suicide cases in the past few weeks I believe it’s important for us to remain ever more vigilant and be on the lookout for our peers for those of you here who have your phones today please take them out and key in the following number one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five that’s the suicide hotline number and for emergency purposes you may never know you a stranger or a friend or family member might need it and now two main thing xyx in my family became bankrupt I left school got a job and began working to support my family at 19 while serving in the military was informed that my father died as the sole breadwinner I was certain then that my academic career was over but I was wrong today I’m here a proud SMC graduate pressin Jeffrey Board of Trustees faculty staff friends and class of 2018 cliche as it may be life is short because of this I challenge all of you to live a purposeful life which I believe consists of three elements first a purposeful life challenges us to stop worrying and start living understandably our circumstances can sometimes cause us conservo and daddy but during such times is paramount for us to hold on to the audacity of hope’ remember the irrationality of being anxious and recognize that we possess the ability to shape our future two years ago I came to SMC with nothing but faith hope and determination thankfully with the help of many remarkable individuals in no particular order such as Professor Kristina gable professor Christine shouts professor Eric Alpha John faculty Christie chambers and associate dean dr. Nancy grass along with incredible support from a church committee I was blessed with many opportunities among them I serve as fight air carpets vice president the associate student secretary and got to speak before 4000 scholars in Nashville Tennessee Abraham Lincoln once said that to predict the future you have to create it

therefore obliterate yourself doubts and strife for excellence in doing so you may become a gold medalist Olympian find a way to terraform us or perhaps achieve a Nobel Prize second the pursue life challenges us to serve and empower others especially the marginalized a stated in a book of Proverbs the righteous cares about justice for the poor but the wicked have no such concern collectively we can and we should rectify the many social concerns that face us today here in our alone we are facing an unprecedented crisis and a catastrophic increase in children into the foster care system many of these people and kids live in perpetual fear and anxiety but they don’t have to if we do something about it indeed we often hear the phrase we should love everyone but we should be honest with ourselves do we actually know what love is I’m not talking about the you do you ideology so commonly held among our generation that’s not what love is you do you merely means not judging others love requires care concern and compassion love is demonstrated through serving others to love is to abide by agape or selfless love task lies principle question becomes what are you doing to love others finally I mean living purposefully we should always remember to appreciate the miracles that we are currently the diameter of the observable universe is about 93 billion light-years wide and each light year is six trillion miles I have no idea how big that really is but my point is this with such grandeur and complexity I marvel at a season existence and I hope you do too every breath that you take is a miracle in and of itself beauty surrounds us all and the world is made more beautiful because we exist in it turn to your neighbors and tell them the following you are a miracle and you are beautiful but never forget to give tanks for all that you have and all that yet for Chief continue to seek grace and to be gracious and for the final time be proud to be thank you and God bless lion that was wonderful that was lovely and I don’t mind anybody turning to me to say I’m beautiful I mean thank you and I don’t mind saying it to someone else so you’re beautiful out there beautiful you’re beautiful up here too we wish you the very best as you move from SMC to continue their education and to live your life to the fullest I have no doubt that you will live and you are living a purposeful life so next we’re going to hear from another inspirational individual and I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce our 2018 commencement speaker Nellie Galan Nellie Galan a former president as I said earlier of entertainment for Telemundo she is an Emmy award-winning producer of over 700 shows in English and Spanish and the New York Times bestselling author of self-made becoming

empowered self-reliant and rich in every way can’t argue with that in immigrants who came to this country at the age of five from Cuba Galan worked her way up the ladder from being an intern in assistant then the youngest television station manager of W in Ju channel 47 until she became the first Latina president of entertainment for a u.s. television network Telemundo she is also the founder of a movement and I have to say this with movement she’s the founder of the movement I belong to she is someone who seeks to empower and train Latinas and multicultural women and their families her message of empowerment is one that serves us all she is the New York Times bestselling author as I’ve already said and she has published this book was published by Random House in 2016 and the book has been published in Spanish and in Mandarin and Nelly has completed a two-year 150 city book tour in the United States she just started the international leg of the tour in China so she spoken at venues and forums including the United States Chamber of Commerce the no ceilings initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation and the United Nations she is a member of the board of the Hispanic scholarship fund the number one resource for Hispanic Latino scholarship programs and in addition Galan serves on the coca-cola company Advisory Council she’s an emeritus member of the Smithsonian Board and she was featured in HBO’s the Latina List documentary and national museum show Nelly holds a master’s degree in arts in counseling psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology maybe you’ll explain to us what that is from Pacifica Graduate Institute and she’s currently completing her dissertation for a doctorate of psychology in marriage and Family Therapy and she lives right here in our own neighborhood around the corner with her family in Venice California you can read more about Nellie Galan in your programs but right now I would like for you to join me in welcoming our keynote speaker Nellie go on to the stage she prepare wind is coming I have to say that I’m very proud president dr. Jeffrey four chairs now Vice Chair dr. quinones Pettis members of the Board of Trustees graduates faculty and staff of Santa Monica College and guests to be in a school where the leadership of the school looks like the students I can’t tell you how rare that is in this country that our schools our corporations and our government doesn’t look like the people it serves so I am proud to be here with SMC with all of you I have to start by thanking all the parents your parents have sacrificed and have given so much that they did not do this for you not to go out and do something great with your life Latinos means Latinos yo se que significa octo de los Papa sake yo quiero que ustedes Stefan tiene tenemos que Ella Harris knows me knows I said Casas Grandes porque con lo que van a ser knows mano you are a nosotros so Nino Suenos you heard dr. Jeffrey tell

you my story I love to say that I am self-made and the reason I say that with pride is because I am an immigrant like so many immigrants in this room and immigrants we crush it in the world we do great because we’re not entitled because we’re humble but because we work so hard I am NOT JLo I’m not Beyonce I’m not an athlete I’m a turtle I started as an intern I worked my way up I’m the first Latina to run a network I produce 700 shows working on my doctorate there are no excuses if I can do it every single one of you can do it too and I have parents like all of you so you I know what it’s like that’s why those my fast animals get ahead knows what loud roar loud so are you all ready for real talk please I’m gonna tell you everything I wish I knew when I was your age so you can all go out in the world and do great things and make us all proud are you ready I wish I knew that to be chosen we all want someone to believe in us we all want someone to choose us to be chosen you have to choose yourself first and ladies and gentlemen there is no prince charming sorry no one is coming to save us not a mate not a lover not a company not even your school you have to do it you have to wake up every day and love yourself and tell yourself you are the best and when you go out in the world I know that we’re amel date I know that we’re humble it’s a beautiful thing but you’ve got to stand up because you live in a country that only sees people that are loud so if we all have to take acting lessons that’s what we’ve got to do believe it or not I’m an introvert can you imagine voices are cultivated over time what else do I wish I knew that there is no true empowerment until we are financially self-reliant we have to make money and that doesn’t mean we don’t have a mission but mission and money are parallel tracks we can’t go save the world and then not save ourselves at the same time or we are wounded healers I want all the people in the audience that are multicultural to understand that we are the number one customers in America and in the world the students that are here internationally emerging countries in the world are crushing it and together we are all owning the economy of the world we all need to be abundant and good people and people that give back to our communities and our families but we need to be abundant and we can be I don’t want you to think that going out in the world and making money is a dirty word because in this world people that make money that give back to their communities change the world I think it’s important to say that in life to succeed you have to turn fear and failure into your best friend we are all afraid every day of our lives and when you are fear fearful and when fear shows up you have to just say do it anyway do it anyway do it anyway and when you fail but you will I’ve only done three or four things in my life that have been successful and that’s all anybody remembers if I if I gave you my failure resume you would cry for three hours to succeed you must fail often so to do great things fear and failure when failure happens you get back on that horse and do it again I wish someone had said to me that in your pain is your answer we all have pain most of us are the other most of us

have had difficult lives most of us have had obstacle courses for lives but why was that given to you don’t throw it away take it and turn it into profit figure out what problem you need to solve in this world through your pain you’re an expert in it so your pain is guiding to you guiding you to what you must do in your lifetime it is both your mission and it will bring you abundance I think my favorite word in the English language is completion most people begin things and never complete thank you for completing today first I am a turtle I wake up every January first and I write down three things I’m going to do in the year one big into little I break it down every month how am I going to do that those three things every month what are the three things I’m doing this month to complete those three things what are the three things I’m doing this week and what are the three things I’m doing today not 50 things not 20 things not a hundred things three things a year a month a week and a day and the turtle always wins the race it’s important to say and especially at my age to say to you be louder and braver you’re going to blink and you’re gonna be 50 and say why didn’t I speak up be like those kids that have defended the gun you know the gun laws be or against the gun laws be all of the people that are braver what are you waiting for where are my daugher kids are you why are we all not standing up for the darker kids we all must stand up for what we believe every day when you see someone hurt another person do something wrong to another person if you don’t stand up you are complicit and that’s all you have is your territory so I leave you with this when you do well and I know you all will give back to your parents there’s a special place in heaven for kids that give back to their parents all right I got a so you see I’m not I didn’t get on the flotsam stairs don’t know what I’m in okay so here’s what I leave you with whenever you’re afraid do it anyway whenever you fail get back on the horse take baby steps every day like a turtle and all of you class of 2018 go win the race there’s a book called feel the fear and do it anyway you can get it at there’s nothing wrong with being afraid you’re afraid of something you don’t we’re gonna feel the fear do it anyway and graduates you have some amazing things out there waiting for you and I know some of you a little anxious little nervous about it but the world is waiting for you and ready for you and some of you have been out there in the world and you came back to SMC to get better prepared for what’s out there waiting for you this time around so there are tremendous tremendous opportunities as you walk across the stage and through the doors that would lead you to your next your next adventure Nellie Galan thank you so much and as a token of appreciation we have something for you and Ryan is going to present it to you on behalf of Santa Monica College we thank you for your message your

inspiring words for your energy and for your passion thank you so it’s now my pleasure to introduce Teresita Rodriguez our vice president of enrollment development who has some special announcements Thank You dr. Jeffrey I want to make some brief announcements about our graduates this year marks our largest graduating class in smc history 4918 students are receiving 6325 degrees and certificates of achievement 18 students are receiving our inaugural Bachelor of Science and interaction design and 1400 and seven are receiving two or more degrees or certificates students graduating with the Bachelor of Science degree are wearing black gowns those graduating with an associate’s degree or a certificate of achievement or rape are wearing royal blue gowns you will notice that many of our graduating students are wearing a stole sash sash or cord mmm want to tell you a little bit about what those are a student wearing a light blue sash is graduating with honors and those are students with a 3.0 – a three point six nine grade point average students wearing a silver sash are graduating with high honors and those are students with a and those are students with a 3.72 3.99 grade point average a student wearing a gold sash is graduating with highest honors and those are students with a 4.0 GPA a student wearing a blue stole served as a president’s ambassador a student wearing a gold cord and a gold honor sash is a member of Alpha Gamma Gamma Sigma Honor Society a student wearing a gold sash and a blue and gold intertwining cord is a member of Phi Theta Kappa international honors xiety a student wearing a stole lined in the Kinte cloth is a participant of the black collegians program a student wearing the colorful Latino stole is a participant of the adelante program a student wearing a red stole is a participant of the care in yo PS program a student wearing a purple sash with blue trim and gold lettering is a participant of the Guardian Scholars Program a student wearing a stole with the Associated Students logo held a leadership position in student government and lastly a student wearing a white stole is a student-athlete as we prepare to call the students to the stage to be recognized so that we do not detract from the occasion we request that you do not use air horns also please do not photograph the graduates from the field there is a designated photography area in the center of the bleachers and a professional photographer will photograph each graduate as he or she accepts the Diploma cover graduates have been advised on how to order these photographs there are also professional photographers available after the ceremony on the field to take professional family photos which can then be ordered we ask that all guests remain in their seats until all the graduates have been announced and the recessional has exited the state of the stadium immediately following the ceremony all graduates and guests are invited to join us for light refreshments at the Alumni reception in the quad you exit through the North gates and proceed east towards the quad graduates we congratulate you and wish you the best Thank You vice president Rodriguez I now recognize the Honorable I don’t know if I should bring him back up but the Honorable mr. Barry Snell the chair of our Santa Monica College District Board of Trustees for the formal conferral of the degrees trustee Snell will the graduates please stand

president Jeffries on behalf of the faculty will you certify to the trustees of Santa Monica Community College District that each of these candidates have fulfilled all the requirements of the college and is worthy of a degree or certificate of achievement they will receive chairs Snell I do so certified thank you please be seated okay so that’s the first part you’ve been certified grants now the names of the graduates will be read by the faculty members Paul Jimenez Eve Adler Greg Brookins and Jason Beardsley and the Bachelors of degree recipients will first come across the stage followed by the associate degree and certificate recipients and the marshals I ask that you now please direct the graduates to the presentation stage for receipt of their diplomas and while the bachelors degree recipients are coming to the stage graduates who are still at your seats follow the directions of the marshals thank you story it is my honor and pleasure to call forward The Bachelor of Science and interaction design graduating class of 2018 Oh hen Shema seein interaction design Evan Pierre interaction design foreign Bichette interaction design michael Sonnenberg interaction design petra and nicholas interaction design alexandra basu interaction design ha Anna inter-annual interaction design Heidi got debt interaction design Casey McAllister interaction design Kaitlyn jet Virage interaction design Maile melon interaction design Terrell butts interaction design Michael Cote interaction design AJ modi interaction

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