策略管理(學院) 第3講

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thoughts away no telling how neither my funk the cuckoo number want a t-shirt audience her nearest honor my fancy GOP ja called Camp indeed dealer Joe so neither am i found some owner suggest some may found to our to the sahana Justin I found a sitter the material just my phone Golu soo-hyun pound out as a number to us all and I had you okay then she dies you to the cop Tampa Nino years BTW alko nah man this angle enjoy the coney in some time I found the Elis hand una sopita called Johan Santana each year during the peace yo yo yo honey tengo true whole nother 229 sounds it’s an official call the pd nominee Wagga Joe Johnson empezar dealers Oh Joni the Kirkwall ha ji han qin AI de truck went out shit harder going in san jacinto kuya codices wanna turn my phone at hockey chingu Danny Donnie Joe hey hotshot a shareholder who nominated Isola had to endure he’s our continuity sorta animal no way no joke when Kanye in Santa legal Camp interior dimension parsonage entry entry go swimming ha thi yo Sal Khan Chaka campaign diria say consonant Anthony and a no es seguro en su lado de lo digas s honking Italian consulate infinito y miser yes frequency Antonio siddhappa takada Conan yo Chang pretty toy in my van de yanin is Ohio a cow san van adobo sauce on Yoda champion hibachi yo kwon jang-ho decision arson Sam I’ve increasingly darshan Shah a hibachi devon devon Sawa julissa toep Saddam Saddam maria jose antonio de cuanto intrusion pata is also hilaryramsey web data cited evidence to dance on such a champion yoshioka dojo Pancham pan Rubicon some mango tango decoder johansson ban 30 my van chua thousand with John bandicut Renoir liao cheung-kong eating doughnuts Hong Kong TCC Bay Dental mythology madhab jata Volusia unconscious under a rule Angela needn survey tada ratio ishihara culture some handsome a Jersey cow t stand in sushi oh nice and chewy chocolate see John to ankeny sanyo tell my fam country ortodoncia gonna want amla e Japan Campanella Gaddy down here a vehicle who was your source or a knight 2000 Sang Noir so tan Honda vida yo Chang de sangre de hecho hoy can’t I see me Rouge on shreng gear creepy in TNA fidgety John Cena has acordado sedona Santo so does he need each animism ian hodder big an ovation racing jochen this in Sochi know my fans hey Donny Luca congi on pension cho chi or qi know my fans and eat in denali nama toy viendo la santa maria perez impotence ano hana piensa not sent a horas en franais get in danger sahana konjam Atencio challenge and hayden ali khan zhang han han elyria webicon noisy delusions Vin Diesel pensando Ohio chillin kanuda ha saleha mohsin George inainte Tiago cemented adoption today Serena wana da da da da da minha way she called olefination champion Patricio thousand see Dada Sinjin reza pahlavi sent a champ in davao the charcoal is ETA delirium robot soccer coach arizona cerveza ha noi e ja da TI pensamento each other in funa power engine freida Pinto y sería tiga in social today fin de santiago rugosa charge empezar Tyrion Tejada was a cinch over PA attention Leo sang-soo agency de protonjonsa totally random chance invitation paraguay see tioga in social today seem ta vindo Gangnam filipina commando casino yendo pasion toy diciendo ha so Teresa yo tambien que você dolloway see George and Rosa fancies lock on a mannequin see our logo papacy enojona how do I penetration yo jajaja jajaja de algun dia de sangre in social services sequins and adoption ha surveillance estoy hecho nada surveys aluminum vocab ian hodder samoa motion 30 days champion yo voy a contar a gas engine contain little jean pensacola since taipei ho Yi Han Chang ha no ha no ha

flotation away see Kira Solomon tolerance iya me high queen seon elyria samosa vieja cancion de equation hapa hua Qian phone sir chi gong way Oh dong bein gone cuckoo EG kohn-sham tandem tasmania TBH on the other chen funa hostage high near fancy downtown for banging the Charter hija de birria tejeda change her power in watts and urgent under G 10 Ganga gingi notices away in white center valley in the show guy o times and chief will depend on Tobias decay Virgin Gorda San for Game militant Oh Peterson was gonna pave enchanter be laminar flow energy at itt analysis amazonas pcr Gen the Rt at Antioch watching so heartened sanguine SI tengo sunita info how many she was in a tenday woman let’s hang yeah the thing goes the portal would enjoy gershon she does for me home change so she shall attack without cinta nah meditate on a fence in Indiana to a potent offense iguana hey yo yo soy chances soria Jinzo horas voy a salir fnc de tutti quanti femina mention colosso no way to enjoy es nada y agua en SOT sorry Angela paavana sergeant renewed hustle hustle fine fine teen gangs important a gorilla so today’s young Jean Segura got see Erin Hammond pieces Janet engine in wet areas on home page opportunity agenda see a convoy dodji da see a trade archana jose de tony garza reaction Cuccinelli Garcia a poinsettia que tenia como tratar de lindo junction in mesa de cho chang todavia change ISA taman da foo champion tomodachi et toi chavez ave john hammond shuichi devon ave poopy yo cuando y donde hay de pau hana I don’t an association en en de see a typo Don cerebro de donde en su so change okay nashit Randy decenzo tissue denali the Cinque matando fans / wanna see no linkage Rio Tinto de fruit or infusion I knew my piranha treasure lleno de rio tinto de shanghai info so jetta jetta surface under an cuida encina see a robot reading yo Frank want a reaction Luciana engage any option go eat on generic anando saturating jose de que sinto sua circus in today’s era una too eager Kwon SOA encanta little churchy dominating way robot retriever so rio tinto saludo cement rato for Parc de literatura donjon our Haven wasted al a zombie away tom windle induction champion the price log inflation a champion de mo vaughn Ching hai Oh Josie champion Aloha Jane Fonda tada sin duda finances versus Champion John Cena and vegan food Oh time Linda want organs and all the genes ha shamisen sang-hwa chomping at oh no real need a empezar EDT Engram addendum luoma Union pour en su IPO fancy Sangala cacophony on cydia had a comment eh oh eh oh eh da wah oh my service in sin seguro en su PR sudah see Jonah mkay tada Kwon SOA inconsiderate rental sites honking indulge in dungeon path i quote hi nan chang pao-chai N Sync one part of a tendency to 13 san-tomás in Sri sida Turkish origin for neuro-oncology da concessionary choosing edit radisson generation yo yo certain china delegate engineer as today’s LOL metalman a certain gender hydrogen yo Kwon Syngenta’s rachana had a thing is it on third race in de francy gongju que piensas haedongcheong see a Belgian ET tada syngenta santa rosa GDS calatrava’s since our true pioneer acquaintance I’m going into hockey is a Tony arsenic a portal megatrends Oh Jackson Tom Hawaii taejeong 30 Han Chewie others in generation yogi tea a tranny NC central asia info china kingdom 17 sooner yo even a dolphin show telugu gracy aloha yasuharu you italian so TW tanahashi OT tebya ha ha jo yoshi-p stanky t Stanga poor fencer say John ChaCha in soho

defense you chargin so Javier got a toyota kijang headin on the chin gently yes vs honda CD album yet introducing dongjun obvious right sangha sangha intrude on Jonathan lake wanaka chalice in handy champion Adrian neighbor Ronnie Teo jomkwan ko ko dongjun to Suzanne eternally change how the kajang ET Jacqueline and even then charges in Dunedin done now how the chains owner Tony Indian you is it is the album que yo son cosas que je doma Aloha our passage da Vinci Isis tom has she even manteca song CD the poofy know me Tom good songs on the train es lo que de pinga I’m okay Dada seria de tierra function at some tea judgment events haces thanking the orphan now social the poufiness early earthen sappy I tiruppur furniture again Joe fan film the head start see dat zijn gong hustle had a champion aloha hitachi on sagutin kindergarten Jenna Yoshi on HTC Air Force on a ventilator agenda Chancellor swimming so those words in the intensities and whose origins who are have a woman’s high gear think she does the whole Seager hot yummy gurgaon she no matches on a woman to attain shout which other ginger knows when Tyrion thought Hannah does she Paddington know quite a genie Olsen a treat for me that was the Porter had his where you go translate she number Tom transit ishida sugar gone yet the horn home ok fancy you go go to our hatchings and you’re sort of short time Dylan I chose his sins hanging with her change was a boy Daniel hot oil the easier since hanging shoe we also had a cool d Varley super going to end the other than that no matter gonna do shit hotel chain to attend Sager quite an amenity fancy machine show subfield that I got through god of grimoire and then go tansen 10 20 cause I’m you know pretty much indeed and have English eat shit now at this angle and you had a teens encounter tility nanchang do not solicit tender go Johnny me and attended a turkey Russia until it’s hanging yeah p she also your hand bullets hang yet hulu and order Gonzales had to be enjoyed jeans I have the chin Dench algunas it face how the Chung naw man this’ll gonna go to be on its hang ya know at three and ten years what handle jaws were Gonzaga da fazenda tone the insanely shank one digit is super Dolan got zillions huh hey Suguna just coach our children to Transylvania and so Allah comeon you I hold younger fool doing for your chip a handsome you need sinfulness your tights and look what your father in the pendejo you got that whole yeah they chose Hosseini pshaw tour yo shit honey yokohama dena shi zhe way to narrow down changa muchacha de 13 second and then go Father cool i assume k shah mins ago true nah man i telephone just ching chang chong tojon woman 30 notes hang in here grants warmed the IC IC enemies from sonia Tony Adagio I wanna know corny technology and Cheney at all Faith hunt order comes Palatine’s and he knows the code a check or Nina kinky the charge n again and goats Hanson eating the shit hole the most sentence would go on your hand what is a neat zillion on the home your hand how the chocolate region no madam i jus sanguinis new units hang ye to without seeing the icj year and was young cuando tenga no tonin go to the atomic Nomad sinfulness at your opinion even 200 shots again sanguine initiate she wait so you woman telling a joke hit solid single quotes yeah I had a father and CEO heating the charcoal teaching and ago James and sweat under my tempo di fidelity agronomy a Normie ok Fenway to your signature aunty gonna do the same time g20 was told the geograph nimir de Senlis tranching 22nd so four years younger children no matter how when she attained a century d 0 d steyn antigua cheered when surgeon to a mission a nap Atlantean go untold xuzhou Horner she won an NGO thanh she arte no I’m potencia timber 21 min chintan a yo societies home the 21 depends on Serena Joshua 2009 go lavado de san na ma ahn jung hwa jang me and hiding sodality tu felicidad numero de agua jajaja far tonight and artists alert atlanta Hanukkah enjoy a chance and chintan coordinate en saw the Hornet encino mamando qui Xuan Qi Qi Xin Zhao