Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 163 – Full Episode – 27th February, 2020

Greetings I, Anup Soni welcome you to yet another episode in the ‘Black Headlines’ chapter of ‘Crime Patrol Satark’ Like all other days, today is also about to end Some will discuss about the news of the past while others will argue over the coming days On one there’ll be peace and agony on the other There is a long history behind every day and date of this age old world And the news headlines of the day and date we’re talking about today was shocking There was an outbreak of a wild fire in one of the cities of our country on the day A shop, a house or a building was not on fire Instead, a living person was burnt in that fire A girl was cruelly burnt alive that day But our entire society was scorched Police administration – Down Police administration – Down Police administration – Down Do your duty, police administration. – Do your duty Do your duty, police administration. – Do your duty Police and the administration were trying to calm the mobs The girl who was burned was a commoner We may or may not know her But we all know the ones who burnt her Not by their faces but by their deeds They are the ones out of whose fear we tell our sisters and daughter to be careful and to call us or the police in case of emergency But still we tremble out of fear every day Then we all gather in mobs and demand for justice and the safety of women At times, even the criminals become a part of these mobs They stand with us, shoulder to shoulder But we don’t realise that their hands are covered with someone’s blood or are burnt by burning someone One, two, three, four One, two, three, four – One, two, three, four One, two, three, four One, two It’s very difficult, Pragyan I can’t do it It isn’t difficult. I’ll show you where you’re going wrong After the move, okay? One, two, three, four Simple I think the students are here Who’s over there? Let’s stop it for today Okay? You aren’t focusing at all What are you up to? We’ll practise for an hour after college today. Be here We are already practising an hour before college starts I don’t think the principal will allow us to practise after college Anyway, I’ll see you later during the recess. Okay? Bye Okay, bye So a group is any column of the periodic table Same group of elements have similar properties Because their outermost shell have the same number of electrons Our Chemistry teacher looks more like a model than a teacher We studied about alkyl metals in the last class Now we’ll study about alkaline earth metals So, can anyone tell me how are they different from alkali metals? Vinod Hear me out before noting it down So, alkaline earth metals It includes Beryllium, Magnesium Calcium, Strontium, Barium and Radium Mom, do you want to make wrestler by constantly feeding me ‘Paraths’? You’ve already lost so much weight by jumping around

Eat good food and enjoy Don’t think too much about it And anyway you’re learning to dance, Sister You’ll soon digest these ‘Parathas’ after dancing My dance teacher has already given me a diet chart So should I listen to him or the two of you? Forget your diet You travel up and down for 75 kilometres There’s no need for you to diet You’re talking like I walk the entire 75 kilometres Give me a cup of tea Hold on for a bit. Let me pack Anchal’s tiffin first Her bus will be here any minute Move back Sir, please come The girl was burned right here Where is she now? Sir, a man took her to the City Hospital in his car City hospital is ahead Let’s take her there Let’s go – Yes, let’s take her there Pick her up – Come on, pick her up Does anyone know the girl who was burnt? Did anyone see the person who burned her? Does anyone know how all this happened? Sir, we don’t know that I live nearby I was hanging my clothes to dry And then I saw that girl burning Help me Did anyone among you see the person who burned her? Nobody? Sir, we found this mobile phone Sir Here’s the torch and a bottle of kerosene I think these were used to burn the girl Why would someone burn a girl alive? I am sure it’s a case of love affair or it was done by goons Round-up all the nearby gangs And keep the enquiry on We might find another eye witness who’s not here right now I am going to the hospital Check all the nearby areas Two of you come with me Are you the guy who brought the girl here?

Yes, sir Who is that girl? Sir, I don’t know her Actually I was passing by and saw her in that condition so I brought her here in my car Do you have anything that belongs to her? Yes, sir She was carrying a purse It also got burned a bit But I have it in my car Go and check her purse Check for any ID Quick – Let’s go to your car Doctor! How is the girl’s condition now? She’s in a critical condition There’s a dermal damage Vocal cord is also affected We can’t tell whether she will survive or not ‘Anchal Garg’ ‘Tai Agnya Mahavidyalaya’ This college is almost near the crime scene Hello! Mr. Eknath, I am the principal of Anchal Please reach the City Hospital immediately Anchal has been admitted there Admit What happened to her? Please don’t worry Please reach there as soon as possible Bandana Sir, Anchal joined the college last year as a trainee Few months back we made her permanent Was she having any enemy? No, sir In fact she’s a bright teacher She’s so organised Everyone here likes her Perhaps, someone has done this for personal enmity Anchal’s home is in Shriguna Ghat That place is about 70-75 kilometres from here So, what was her mode of transport? She used to come by bus She was in a happy mood today morning Then suddenly what happened for which they had to admit her in a hospital? I also have no idea His principal didn’t tell me anything Let’s go and check Hurry up, it will take time to reach there Let’s go The crime scene is hardly 100 meters away from here I am surprised, how nobody here could know about it? Your students and rest of the staffs must be using that route to reach here Actually Anchal used to come one hour before the college starts Really? – Yes. – Why? There are only two buses which comes here from her place If she catches the first bus she reaches here one hour before But if she takes the second bus she reaches very late But she utilizes this time How? – Pragyan is the dance teacher of our college He lives nearby First Anchal learns dance steps from him The college route for Anchal is permanent She always uses the same route to come here Was anybody bothering her? Did she ever complain you against anyone? No, sir Never Find out where’s the bus in which Anchal used to travel We can get information from the driver and conductor of that bus The attacker might be following her bus He can be anyone staying between the college and Anchal’s house Hurry up. – Yes, sir Okay – Ma’am He says, he saw a guy near that girl He was having a bike as well Ma’am, I was heading towards my home from the market I saw here a man with his bike After sometime I heard a girl screaming I saw the girl burning but the biker was missing Who was that biker? Do you know him? No, ma’am But he was wearing a brown helmet Also it was a R3 Super model bike There was a horse sticker on the back of it If his statement is true the biker must be out of reach by now Still, send an update to all the toll gates and traffic signals about this biker He’s wearing a brown helmet and having a maroon bike Remember it’s a R3 Super model bike Also there’s a horse sticker on the back of it ‘Within two hours of this incident’

‘the eye witnesses started sharing the videos and photos’ ‘of burning Anchal.’ ‘After that, media also started showing interest in it.’ Today morning a 24 year old female teacher was attempted to burn alive right here Police administration Down Police administration Down Police administration Down ‘This news also reached to higher officials.’ Police administration Down Police administration Down ‘But the parents of Anchal who were traveling’ ’75 kilometres to reach there were still unknown to this.’ Hatred is like a kindling and Anchal was torched in its fire But who did this to her? The police were rounding up the city’s history-sheeters But was it someone else who torched Anchal? If it was somebody known to Anchal, who could it be? Only Anchal had the answer to that question But would she ever speak again? Her chances of surviving looked slim Start preparations to shift her to the trauma centre How’s her condition, doctor? Her condition is rapidly deteriorating Our hospital only has the basic facilities We’ll have to shift her to the trauma centre ‘I never liked chemistry.’ ‘But ever since you began teaching me chemistry’ ‘I’m falling in love with it.’ ‘And maybe, with you too.’ Got a secret admirer? If you want, I can talk to him No, it’s okay, Pragyan I’ll handle this myself Which standard does Vinod study in? Did any of the history sheeters reveal anything? No, ma’am None of them have spoken so far Sir, the situation is very turbulent And I’m shocked at the public’s lack of sensibility I mean, why leak the video? And now the media is involved Sir, I can’t tell you anything as of now It has only been two hours since the case broke Sir, I’ll try getting results as soon as possible Sure, sir Ma’am He too saw a bike in close proximity to the girl with two men on it Two? What did you see? Ma’am, while passing by I saw two men and a bike at that location When I heard the girl scream the two men had already fled Can you give us a description? Well, one guy had a brown helmet on and I wasn’t able to see the other guy’s face Did you see any sticker on the bike? I didn’t pay so much attention, ma’am The first witness told us he saw only one men on the bike Now the other witness says there were two men? Hello Is this the conductor of the bus that leaves Shriguna Ghat at 7 a.m.? Yes, sir Where are you right now? Didn’t the police tell you Anchal has been moved to the trauma centre? Police? What exactly happened to Anchal? Sir, it’s true that I wrote the letter to Ms. Anchal

but I haven’t done anything to her Look, Vinod Anchal isn’t dead yet She’s alive She’ll tell us everything once she regains consciousness So tell us the truth right now If we learn from her later, you’re in big trouble Sir, I’m telling the truth She even forgave me for my mistake What’s this? Sorry, ma’am I understand infatuation and the likes But do you think your behaviour was right? You’re a very bright student And you should be concentrating on your studies I hope you’re not going to repeat this mistake Right? – Yes, ma’am Since that day, I began to respect her even more I’m truly disturbed after watching her video Are you disturbed because you fear being caught? No, sir I couldn’t even imagine doing that to her Which way to the emergency ward? Go straight and then left Wait a minute Wait What happened to my daughter? Look, you can’t meet Anchal at the moment She’s in a critical condition Why can’t I? She’s my daughter Anchal Who torched my daughter? Who did this to her? Do you recognise her? Yes, sir She’s a regular passenger She travelled in the bus this morning too And she got down at the Farjat bus stop Someone tried to kill her by setting her ablaze So she’s the girl I’ve been hearing on the news? Yes Was she travelling with someone Did anyone try to harass her? Sir, there’s a guy who often travels by our bus and he knows the girl Who is he? I don’t know much about him but a couple of days ago, they had a fight You better leave Anchal, please just listen to me for a second I said, go! Or I’ll There’s no need to create a scene All I know is that he always boarded from the Ram Nagar bus stop Can you give us a description? Sir We’d like to hear your comment Sir, do you have a suspect in mind? No one would do this, not even to their enemy My sweet little daughter We will catch the man who did this to your daughter Conductor of the bus which Anchal used to transit said that a boy used to harass her and that he used to board the bus from Ramnagar The conductor described him as a fair complexioned man

of around 27 years old Jay lives in Ramnagar Who is that? An alliance had been formed for sister Anchal and Jay Their wedding date had been decided Just a minute It’s Jay’s mother Yes? I was about to call you up to give you the first invitation card of Anchal and Jay’s wedding The wedding won’t take place, Eknath What are you saying? Yes, I don’t want to marry my son to a girl with questionable character They called off the wedding after making fake allegations about sister Where in Ramnagar do they live? Are you Jay? – Yes, sir Why are you.. What did I do? – Where are you taking him? Where are you taking him, Inspector! What are you arresting me for? I wanted to take her as my partner but But she didn’t want to And so you tried to burn her – No, I didn’t do that Why did you call the wedding off since you wanted to marry her? My mother had a misunderstanding about her How? A few days after the alliance was formed This is the sort of girl she is We were going to get stuck with her! At that time, I didn’t know what to do and mother called off the wedding I always thought it to be false Someone had tried to create the misunderstanding Who gave your mother the photographs? I didn’t see who left the photographs I believe that person might’ve had something against Anchal I was about to talk to Anchal about this but she wouldn’t talk to me Anchal will tell us what she thinks of you once she wakes up She might tell us that you tried to kill her.. – No, I didn’t Look, if you want time to bring yourself to tell the truth that’s all right I’ll give you time Just keep in mind, the longer you think about it the more it’ll cost you Jay wouldn’t reveal anything The eyewitness said that the attacker was on a bike but Jay doesn’t have a one He might’ve borrowed a bike or he might’ve hired someone who has a bike Have you any trail of the bike? We’re checking the nearby traffic signals and tollbooths We’ve yet to find a bike with a sticker of horse on its rear or a biker with a brown helmet

The biker might have a connection to the either the area of her college or the area of her house Inquire all the garages between the college and the house He must get his bike serviced at some place And checking parking spaces too Sir That area’s 75 kilometres big This process will take a lot of time And we don’t have time to spare Increase the personnel, brief the informers and your teams I want results as soon as possible Are we clear? – Yes, sir The bike is black, a horse sticker on its rear The biker will have a brown helmet Don’t miss an inch of all the area You will search Shastri Nagar and you all will report to me in the evening Is that clear? – Yes, ma’am Is that clear? – Yes, ma’am.. – Okay More than 3,000 policemen and informers had gotten to search the biker She has lost her voice, her windpipe is burnt She has lost her eyes, she’ll never see again She has actually got second grade deep dermal burns Scalp, face, upper neck, upper back right upper limb, left hand are all burnt Although we’re trying our best, we can’t be certain And we will keep you updated about her condition Thank you Yes? – In a parking space of the Anchal’s locality I found a similar bike, with a horse sticker on the rear Have you found out whose bike it is? Sanjeev Dubey? – Yes, ma’am Is this your bike? Yes, ma’am Where are you taking him! – Why? – What did he do? What’s the matter, ma’am? Tell me something I was watching the news about that girl in my house I was mad at the person who burnt her But you’re saying I did that You were mad at someone else? Or were you mad at yourself? I don’t even know her Because that bike is similar to mine you think I’m the culprit I haven’t gone that way for months Your answering as if you already practised what to speak and what not to speak No, sir. Trust me – I haven’t done anything Hey, this was wide ball Learn how to play Hey, why are you laughing at Anchal? If anybody laughs at her, I’ll break their teeth You bowled well But throw it at the wicket Is that okay? Sir Sir, we searched Sanju’s house But we didn’t find a brown colour helmet anywhere He looks crook I’m sure he’s trying to distract us Get his call records Check all his activities Speak to Anchal’s family about him Yes, sir Here you go Have some almonds I’m not in mood Don’t act like this Eat some almonds I don’t want to eat anything Dad shouted at me Hey, if you eat almonds your mind will get sharper Look, even I eat every day That’s why I pass in my exams If you eat it, you will pass in your exams too Here you go Eat it Is it so? – Yes Sir

Sir, when Anchal was burnt, Sanjeev’s phone was active in Shree Guna Ghat Sir, there’s one more thing Around 4:45 in the morning Sanjeev called a man by the name Mukesh According to the eyewitness, there were two people near the bike Maybe the second person was Mukesh Where does Mukesh stay? – Sir, in Shree Guna Ghat where Anchal stays Bring him – Yes, sir Why are you so angry? Will you say something? I don’t want to talk to you – But why? Because you said I’ll pass if I eat almonds But again.. – Hey, I said if you eat almonds you’ll become smarter You had to study If you don’t study, how will you pass? I don’t know If I fail, even you should sit with me Even you’ll fail Yes Where’s Mukesh? Yes, tell me Come on – What have I done, sir? Listen to me – Where are you taking him? Even he is responsible in burning Anchal Hey, there’s nothing as such, sir. Listen to me Sit down. Come on – Hey, my son Hey Hey, where are you taking him? Sir, you are mistaken I am a married man with a child Why will I burn her? You called Sanjeev at 4:45 in the morning What did you speak to him? Sanjeev, has a small baby My child was also sick I called him at 4:30 for the medicine of vomiting He didn’t answer my call He called me back later Sir, if someone calls at 4:45, he can’t be called a criminal He is very clever He won’t open up that easily Do one thing Make Sanjeev sit with him Tell Suman to show Mukesh’s photograph to Anchal’s family Then we’ll see what they say about this Yes, Suman Tell me Vishal Call Sanjeev’s wife One of them is an attacker If someone was following Anchal from Shree Guna Ghat to the crime scene, he must have removed his helmet somewhere He must have bought petrol from a petrol pump Check all the places Show their picture We may get a strong evidence – Yes, sir On one side, the police was keen in finding the identity of the attacker On the other hand Sanjeev’s wife was called for investigation The other team of the police was busy enquiring from Anchal’s house to the crime scene Also we had a group of people who were demanding for justice Did you see the public outside? Now think what they are going to do to you if I hand you over to them There will be public outburst They won’t spare you or your family They won’t ask for any proof If you want your family to be safe and you don’t want to spoil your family name I’m giving you one last chance Think of it Anchal was the woman you loved since childhood, right?

We got to know everything ‘Why are you laughing at Anchal?’ ‘If someone laughs at her, I’ll break their teeth.’ ‘Don’t behave like this Eat almonds.’ Sir, Anchal was my girlfriend But that doesn’t mean I burnt her Your friend has confessed He told us You took his bike Do you have any proof about this? We found another friend of yours Prem I did so much for her I loved her since childhood Stop it, Micky! Recently, you’ve been ignoring me I’ll raise an alarm if you do this again, get it! Tell me, sir.. Nobody breaks up for trivial issues Your burnt a girl alive Is that a trivial issue for you? You’d married Kirti Aachal wasn’t at fault I wanted to marry Aachal but she refused I thought, when she hears about my marriage out of jealousy, she’ll agree to marry me But that wasn’t the case I got married to Kirti But still, Aachal refused Then, I thought of making my wife as Aachal Repeat your name again What is your name? A-A-Aachal But she couldn’t step into Aachal’s shoes I couldn’t live without Aachal Then, I decided if she can’t be mine, she can’t be anybody’s partner That’s why, I jeopardised her marriage But Aachal’s father was finding a boy for her again That’s why, I burnt her Do you even know, your demented ways made a girl suffer? Has she survived? It makes no difference if she is alive Nobody will marry her now The ghastly act of my son is unpardonable Even you should also burn him alive Take any steps against him My son isn’t worthy of living For the past few days, Aachal was fighting for death She tried her best to stay alive But today, at 6:30 am, Aachal had a heart attack We stay in such a country where ages back we’d a tradition of ‘Swayamvar’ for marriages The woman had the liberty to choose her husband Our life had such teachings where the women were respected The world used to call us the golden bird but today, the stark truth is that that women are deprived of their rights Rape.. Acid attack Women these days are being subjected to brutality in the worst possible ways And their helplessness will give us sleepless nights until there is a balance between the men and women which at one time, it used to be our pride and respect

I, Anup Soni, will sign off We’ll meet again in Black Headlines of Crime Patrol Satark with another new case And remember, the thin line between crime and you depends on how alert you are Be alert and protected ‘Jai Hind!’