Marketing Plan: Find A Lawyer Now (Auto Accident and Personal Injury)

alright everybody that’s enough warnings you’re all stuck here with me thank you very much for joining my name is Henry ski i am the distribution manager well i am one of three distribution managers over here at ring partner and the only web master guru so thank you all very much for for joining guys I know everybody’s really busy and a little bit later in the afternoon one o’clock here in beautiful Victoria British Columbia so ya know i wanna i want to thank everybody for joining i know it everyone’s really busy trying to get us calls or maybe you’re interested in joining and maybe you signed up by accident doesn’t really matter how or why you got here the fact of the matter is that you are here this is marketing plan number for us as a series of webinars that we’ve constructed to try and focus on individual specific campaigns now a quick know my word is not law I would like it to be but there’s always a lot of changes going on a constant theme of our industry is that you know i mean you all know the internet it moves at a million miles an hour and so do we and so do the campaign’s so hopefully the information I’ve provided you know will will remain true it has remained true for quite some time we tend to only pick campaigns that have some staying power and and really good legs and and you know we’re not anticipating anything major changing in fact the one major change change on this campaign is going to be to your benefit so it’s one of the reasons that we decided to to pick this campaign here for you all today I hope everybody can hear and see me okay we’re just going to do a quick power point here shouldn’t be more than 15 or 20 minutes if you have any questions make sure to type them in the questions bar there will probably get to them at the end hopefully I will answer them along the way but yeah if you have any questions let me know and if I don’t know the answer off the top of my head i’ll make sure to research it and let you guys know so without further ado here is marketing plan for find a lawyer now auto accident personal injury and i should make a quick note i think it’s actually personal injury auto accident so if you’re typing in word-for-word you might not just type in auto accident and you’ll find it under the my campaign or find a campaigns list in in boca there okay so what are the fundamentals of this campaign legal legal in itself is is a very different beast than other paper call campaigns in particular it’s a little more compliance heavy than others and it tends to pay out more which brings some positives and negatives into into effect positive and that obviously a lot of you are really interested in it and unlike here in Canada in the u.s. apparently everybody sues everybody once a week litigation heavy for sure so you know a lot of questions I get a rather a frequent question I get when I’m dealing with new partners is do you have legal campaigns and we absolutely do we have a number of different legal campaigns but this one in particular is probably the most notorious it pays out the most it’s also probably the hardest to convert for newer partners and they’re also quite stingy on what is or what isn’t a personal injury but the fundamentals are that it’s a legal campaign and we’re looking for callers who have suffered a personal injury through an auto accident one of the common questions I get is you know does this does this include things like tractors or you know sort of non-traditional you know automobiles so like motorcycles as far as I can tell and throughout all the calls I’ve listened to the common theme is yes as long as it’s an automotive vehicle or body or some kind it will work things like cycling we’ve got once in a while and that one does not count unless they were you know striker or swerved to avoid a car or a tractor or motorcycle or a bus hitting them so definitely keep that in mind don’t limit yourself to just cars you know and and if you want target um you know different kinds of cars you know like a like a convertible or you know were you hit by a luxury car or you know of this you know bus or there’s a number of different sort of methods that you can you know to make sure to target because you know one of the one of the common themes I will say of you know auto accident personal injury is that it’s very competitive so hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys some more tips here in order for you to narrow down your targeting so you can find that niche I think if you just straight up bid on you know personal injury or auto accidents you’re gonna have a really hard time getting any kind of traffic because these clicks are worth a lot of money we talk a lot about on these webinars priming you want to prime the callers to call in which means you have to know more than the caller make sure to educate yourself guys make sure you know the definition of a personal injury this is when it gets a little tricky sometimes people have different definitions of what a personal injury is from what I’ve read and from the calls I’ve listened to basically it has to be an injury suffered due to negligence by somebody else so you know somebody slipping down there stairs you know

would not be able to count as a personal injury or anything like that it has to either be you know be found that it was negligent on a different party or you know maybe not negligent but at the fault of somebody else you know we’ve had you know we’ve had issues you know people calling in about you know slipping on ice and you know somewhere depends on where it is that can get a little tricky so do your research guys try and find a number you know maybe four or five different sources look up what the definition of a personal injury is make sure to educate yourself and I know that’s hard because you know a lot of a lot of our partners just want to get going they want to drive calls but I’ll tell you guys the only partners who make this work are those that know personal injury inside and out maybe have a friend or a family member who is a lawyer asked you know just ask them you know for a five minute chat about you know what a personal injury is how successful are they one of the good cases versus the bad cases so keep that in mind guys I won’t be able to educate you you know a hundred percent on the legalities I’m not a lawyer my sister is maybe I could ask her but I would say that’s one of the major hurdles we’ll talk about that a little bit later on but we have many many many calls that happen where somebody will call in and immediately they’ll ask you know you know hi this is Frank with personal injury what is the nature of your personal injury and so many times when people going oh well I don’t know if it’s a personal injury I was looking for a bankruptcy lawyer or something like that they’re going to hang up on them right away so that’s something I’ve noticed is that a majority of the call durations don’t even come close to the kinect duration and that’s a pretty telling sign that we’re basically targeting the wrong people right up front you know we’re not targeting like close because otherwise we’d see a lot of calls that are through the duration but really we’re seeing such a dichotomy we’re seeing a ton of calls that are way over the 2 minute duration and a ton of calls that barely make it to a minute so that’s why I wanted to do this webinar to make sure that I give you guys all the information I know so we definitely keep that in mind we’ve talked about it auto accidents only we do have a personal injury campaign that’s not auto accident related so if you feel a little intimidated if you like you can’t target you know auto accidents may be around where you live there just aren’t a lot of cars or not a lot of car accidents that’s fine i would i would stick with regular personal injury more fundamentals it’s a two minute connect duration I should have put that connect duration instead of adoration so you guys know the difference between that because you’ve obviously watched all my webinars you know you’ve attended attended every single one and you would know that we’re looking for connect duration to get paid so the difference between that is a rock hall and a paid call of you know rock all is any number or any time someone calls your unique number and when they go through the ivr you know our ivr that we’ve set up at the beginning that does not count towards the kinect duration we’re leaning for two minutes lasting a call once they get transferred to the buyer so i get a lot of questions being like Henry this call is two minutes and four seconds why didn’t account and in my head I can already tell why it’s because they spent you know 30 seconds in the ivr or it’s a repeat caller those don’t count guys so definitely keep that in mind a relatively good hours you know monday to friday 926 you know sort of general office hours and the good news is that we have nationwide coverage so you know we do we’ve had some legal campaigns in the past where we have some difficulty targeting you know compared to states but that’s always good you want to target campaigns with good coverage so targeting what is and is not allowed we do allow content / review sites like SEO you know promotions are good display social media oh i have displayed twice in there sorry guys display twice and search only you know these are the only promotion methods allowed we do have quite a few requests about if we can do billboards or offline you want to stay away from that guys and you absolutely want to stay away from craigslist and directories we don’t want that traffic i understand that many of you can make it and the quality may even be good but I’m telling you guys now we don’t have a good selection of buyers that will accept that traffic and a lot of our compliance issues that we’ve had we have met that many compliance issues to be fair but those that we have a lot of them will stem from craigslist you so please stay away from that guys it’s a good way to you know maybe got some traffic initially but you’re not going to get paid for those leads because we’re not going to get paid for those leads so definitely something to definitely something to keep in mind all right so now the good news I know I feel like I’ve been harping on a little bit and we just been giving you bad news and bad news and bad news this is a pretty significant change to this campaign the good news is that the campaign now accepts two different kinds of injuries so before it was pretty much only major injuries were allowed so you know right away they would ask okay you have suffered a personal injury okay any broken bones or a hospital visit and if they hadn’t broken any bones or gone to the hospital they would hang up on them and they would say we can’t help you with this kind of injury now the big change is that now they’ll accept minor

injuries as well so things like torn ligaments headache whiplash basically any kind of injury they will accept so that’s really good news guys fundamentally that’s a major change to the campaign we’ve already seen a big uptick in conversion rate from about fifteen percent to 25 almost overnight peyote you will be will be 150 if they press one and one and that indicates the first step is that they have to press one the ivr goes something like this thank you for calling the personal injury experts if you’ve suffered a personal injury from the result of an automobile accident and wish to speak to an injury lawyer please press 1 if they press to their they’re gonna get hung up on the eye dr is going to say thank you very much but this is not for you know this is not for you we’re only looking for people that have suffered personal injury so if your conversion rate is looking low have a look at those key presses they’re likely pressing too and you’re targeting the wrong kind of people the question after that is then going to ask about a hospital visit and broken bones press one that’s where you’re going to get paid more that’s where the payout comes from 150 if they say the injuries were minor minor no bones broken but they still want to talk to a lawyer about it press two and that’s going to pay out seventy dollars to you this is important to remember guys are payouts are not set in stone there are fluid so if you end up running the campaign and send good quality and a lot of calls and things like that we can definitely make that work we can probably pay you a little bit more we’re getting some really good questions guys I’m going to try and answer them all one of the questions we’re going to now is about pay-per-view or ppv traffic or pop traffic excellent question i would say that’s not a hard no but it’s not a hard yes it sort of depends on what the buyer says so the best thing to do in that case if you’re ever unsure send in the creative to distribution at Ring partner calm and we will find out from the buyer if that’s if that is allowed I would say the conversion rate for something like that is probably going to be lower unless you already have that you know if you have the pop on a site that is about no legal troubles um I would say but if I had to bet and I am a bit of a betting man as you guys know I love my Vegas visits I would say it’s probably 60 40 yes it probably depends on the creative and we would probably count that as display so great question make sure to email it to distribution at Ring partner calm and we will find out for sure for you but yeah I would lean towards it probably being allowed so excellent question guys we got a lot more questions I’m going to try and get through them all so let’s move on a little bit from targeting two crucial information now the crucial information I feel is the most important part of these webinars and this comes from my own history as an account executive I’m not on that side anymore i’m on the distribution side of course and myself listening to the calls and this is where the meat and potatoes or if you’re vegetarian just potatoes comes from i’m gonna try to get as many nuances as possible i’m gonna try and help you guys out your you knows a lot of competition out there there’s not you know not everybody is watching this webinar you guys have done yourself a favor i know i’m patting myself on the back a little bit here but i think this is going to give you guys a competitive advantage and hopefully get you going if you decide to run this campaign and get a paid call if you attended this webinar i’m going to give you a $25 bonus for your first conversion on auto accident personal injury so keep that in mind guys if you run personal injury auto accident and you drive a paid call I will give you a $25 bonus on top of that payout just for your first call just for your first call so that’s for attending the webinar want to make sure you guys are you know encouraged and enticed and want to get that to want to get the campaign rolling there so definitely keep that in mind here’s some crucial info oh my god you guys and I’m gonna I don’t sound very professional here but do not target lawyer lawyer names or law firms and it’s worth repeating I hope you guys are listening I know some of you are probably on a different window and that’s fine and you can’t see my face right now and hey that’s fine listen to me do not target lawyer names or law firms I cannot tell you how many partners that we found out are doing this and we have to suspend them it doesn’t matter if it’s an old creative doesn’t matter if you did it by accident it doesn’t matter it does not matter you guys we will suspend you immediately we cannot have you targeting lawyer names or law firms period they are very quick to find out and obviously it’s against the terms and conditions and it doesn’t matter how good the quality was you were running into the risk of us not paying you for your lead so do not pretend to be a lawyer or any law firm they will find out and they love to throw around their legal weight it’s not going to work so guys if I’m gonna be heartbroken really if I find out if any of you did this now I’ve said it enough so I’ll just say one more time don’t bid on lawyer firms or lawyer names or law firms or attorney names or what have you just don’t do it another thing not to target don’t target those who already have a lawyer or looking for their lawyer because they lost their number this isn’t necessarily a compliance violation but they’re just going to hang up on them in your conversion rate is going to stink you’re

not going to make any money we are looking for callers who need a lawyer who don’t already have one and have suffered a personal injury guys we talked about priming a lot we want to prime our callers here’s a classic example mention in your page or your ad text or your pop-up or whatever that this is for callers who need a lawyer if they’re not you know if they’re unhappy with their current one and want to switch over okay that’s that I think that should be fine but we can’t have people being like yeah I already got my attorney involved oh I can’t find this number I was just calling him for information no good i know that sounds unprofessionally you guys with me making that noise but that’s that’s the noise that we’re going to think it’s it’s no good quality is no good so you want to make sure that you target people who need a lawyer who are looking for one uh one of the things you want to avoid also and I say this about almost every campaign is information seeking the only information they should be able to be to the only information they’ll need is the information that you’re providing them with on your landing page or your ad text we don’t want people calling in saying oh I’m just shopping around looking for some information they’re gonna hang up they’re gonna hang up you guys I know it sounds mean and it’s not me I’m not hanging up on them but I’m telling you now the buyers are gonna hang up on them these are serious payouts we’re talking about so avoid information seeking we want people we want action you know we talked about you know in the getting started webinar not to be overly aggressive or hostile well but you could give them a friendly push you can encourage them to call in and likewise you know rightfully so if they are injured they need a lawyer and you can provide them with one with this phone number if you are new and I mean new to ring partner and you don’t have experience running legal campaigns do not run this campaign I understand that the payout is enticing I understand that you may still want to run it I understand if you have a really really good website do not run this campaign you guys this is for people who already have a good amount of experience you might get approved I’m not gonna lie you might get a proof if you have a good creative but I’m begging you listen to me and run either find a lawyer now general legal or the excuse me or the legal raw call campaign just until you get your feet wet if you basically I don’t know sorry guys I don’t want you guys to lose any money I don’t want you to waste a ton of time and energy with the hardest legal campaign to convert I want you guys to get your feet wet I want you to establish a base and an understanding and find your niche will find a lawyer general legal and legal rock hall or and or legal rock hall once you get comfortable with those campaigns that’s when you want to move on to auto accident and really ramp up I can’t tell you the number of times I see new partners come on and they’ll say okay Henry I want to where I want to run rehab tax and personal injury auto accident and I just shake my head and like oh no they just looked at the payouts they don’t know what they’re doing they’re not gonna get any conversions no this is not a good strategy you guys and if you’re gonna run any one of those campaigns I mean don’t run all three for the for the love of God just don’t run one of those they’re difficult they’re difficult to convert you guys there’s a reason the payouts are so high don’t be sucked in and I know I’m sounding negative but honestly guys I’m I want you to succeed as much as possible I want all you guys to make you know tens of thousands of dollars with us a month that’s what I want and I need you guys to trust me with my level of expertise that if you’re new to this if you’re new to ring partner and you’ve never run a legal campaign before don’t run auto accident personal injury run one of the lower paying out but easier converting offers first let’s move on to crucial info number two and I appreciate you guys I know this is a tricky subject and we’ve got so many of you here I just want to thank you again and being patient but I trust you are you have to trust me that my that’s not really scolding but my my urging comes from a good place okay so what are they going to ask for the first thing they’re going to ask is have you suffered a personal injury if the person says yes or no that’s going to determine how the call goes if they say no they’re gonna hang up on them right away we already talked about information seekers and things like that but I want to talk a little bit about confusion on the color side this is going to be your biggest enemy you’re not gonna have a hard time necessarily getting people interested in calling about a lawyer like I mentioned before there’s quite a lot of litigation quite a lot of lawsuits happening in the United States huge country there’s 300 I mean you guys probably all be yelling at me there’s something like 30 what 350 million people i know it’s about 10 times the population of canada but there’s a lot out there so people are going to be looking for the stuff the problem is that people are going to be calling in and they don’t necessarily know the law all that well and i know i don’t know the law that well but these people do and one of the one of the barriers we’re finding is the person calling in might have a good case but the person picking up knows that they have a limited time to determine if it’s a quality lead or not so they’re going to rush over things they’re not going to be able to sit down and let them tell them their life story they’re gonna you know there’s only gonna be like a window of maybe five or ten seconds maybe 15 for them to get their information across so that’s why it’s really important that you prime your callers with a good amount of information you know make sure repeat colors don’t call in you know say if you’re looking for a specific lawyer don’t call this number this numbers not for you you want to make sure you get a

good conversion rate on this guy’s because basai it’s not wasting money and maybe you’re doing SEO you don’t really care you know about your conversion rate but I tell you the better the conversion rate you get the more likely we’re going to pay you more or lower the duration or extend the hours this is all stuff that’s going to be a competitive advantage to you versus you know other partners and bring partner running it or people on other on other networks out there it’s a it’s a dog-eat-dog world it’s really competitive so make sure you’re a step ahead and I I can’t emphasize this enough guys make sure you do your research go talk to you know maybe you have a lawyer and ask them take five minutes your day set them an email ask them what they would consider a personal injury ask them you know if they deal with any auto accidents you know it’s their case and if you can ask them some general information about you know what are the wrong kinds of cases what are the good kinds of cases things like that that’s that’s probably the biggest biggest hurdle here it’s much like something like tax or you know loans or something like that where people’s knowledge are not you know the information level is so low and it’s it’s hard to get that across I mean it’s not like home services where you know things like plumbing or tree removal or HVAC it’s so easy for the caller to call and be like yep Plumbing’s broken need a plumber you know like well what if they you know compared to legal where what if they got injured on the job okay is that a personal injury is it auto accident personal injury is it workers comp is it you know there’s people just don’t know and sometimes you won’t know every case is totally different so somebody keep in mind for sure our guys we are on our last slide thank you all for for staying with me here and I think we’ve got some good some good tibbetts in here I want to mention so let me let me get this straight they’re not calling into a lawyer’s office they’re calling into a service that will connect them with an attorney so that’s probably something to keep in mind and maybe something you want to promote is that you’re they’re basically calling into an aggregator they’re not calling into a specific law firm so you can use language like qualified experts will connect you to a you know a lawyer in your area that’s really key people really love you know local stuff you know if you want to use a local number and then redirect that to your invoke a number you can absolutely do that put yourself in their shoes if you you know try and pretend you’re a potential caller and look at your creative look at your banner look at your landing H like your ad text would you feel comfortable calling in to that number and I I mentioned a little bit of this on the getting started webinar and I say that landing pages don’t really need to be as sophisticated as maybe cpa offers because you know that doesn’t need to be as flashy you know for a camping like legal and that for a campaign like auto accident personal injury I might have to take that back your landing page has to look really good we have a sample landing page available for you to use but i would go above and beyond that check out on bounced check out a couple of tools make sure that people think or know that when they go to your landing page and calling your number it looks really good I mean really professional this is serious stuff I mean they’re looking you know they’ve obviously been injured or maybe a loved one’s been injured and they can call in for loved ones by the way or family members i should mention that but you know if they’re going to the site they’re gonna call in a lawyer it needs to look really good it needs to look like a professional really professional website um we do it’s probably one of the campaign’s where we actually deny people straight up just because the creative doesn’t know the line debase just doesn’t look good enough you know for a lot of ones as long as it’s not you know overlay hostile and contains relevant information probably probably approve them but a lot of them don’t pass the eye test so make sure you get you know some good looking pictures maybe some stock photos on there make sure you know all the you know information that they’re looking for is on there um yeah i mean i enter you know in terms of judging I you know I’m not the be all end all of you know of deciding the creative is good or not but i would say that for something like this you need to go a little bit above and beyond in terms of creatives just people need to feel really at ease their they’re probably scared a little bit little frustrated maybe they’ve already called into something like this and it didn’t work out you know maybe they’re in pain hey we’ve all we’ve all been there chronic pain or an injury and i don’t know but you guys but I’m miserable when I can’t go to the gym or even walk or even you know reach up to grab something it’s really frustrating so you want to try and be as you know soothing and professional as as possible and stuff like that one of the questions actually got this question twice about pbv and thanks guys so much with 50 on red be a good platform for this that’s a really good question I want to say I think so I’ll have to double-check it probably depends a little bit on if pbv is allowed in the first place I would bet that it would be and if it is I think 50 on red would be fine too so thanks very much for that question I will make sure to find out and get back to you on that one okay so what else are they going to ask for they’re going to ask about specifics of the injury right away and then they’re gonna ask what state if they don’t really meet those criteria they’re going to be nice enough but they are going to say we’re gonna recommend that you contact a local attorney instead so I feel kind of bad because

this marketing plan is is almost more for you know what’s tough not to do rather than what stuff to do you’re gonna have to you know obviously figure that out a little bit on your own but this is you know all the information i can grab for you guys and we were to mention this a little bit but before it was just broken bones or a hospital visit or torn ligaments now minor injuries are allowed no matter how minor if they were injured in a car accident if they hurt their wrists or whiplash or busted a tooth or something like that you’re going to be paid out on that one as well one tip I wanted to mention also if you’ve been denied on the campaign previously or you’ve ran the campaign with little success now might be a good time to either reapply or try it again I really do believe this new conversion will will help and that opens up a lot of targeting opportunities for you guys you know you can use language like where you seriously injured or were you just minorly injured doesn’t matter any degree of injury call it and you’ll be able to get connected with a local lawyer all right guys well that brings us to the end of the presentation I want to thank everybody for joining me we got some excellent questions on there thank you all very much went a little bit longer than I want it but then again then again you know I usually do i usually do ramble on a little bit so yeah if I can you know finish up with any you know thoughts I’ll just mention that this campaign is not for a new beefs not for people that you know haven’t run legal traffic before again remember major minor injuries pay out and make sure to prime the caller before they call in this webinar will be recorded make sure to follow us on twitter at twitter in partner we’re on facebook we’re on slack if you’re not part of those groups make sure to message me i’ll make sure to set you up with that we’ve got another really exciting webinar next tuesday by very second about ring pools and this is something i wanted to do a long time it’s our knife lesson in the Ring partner curriculum if you will and in Boca a couple of people from avoca are going to be joining us Somalia and Sean and we’re going to go into the details about ring pools super useful for those that haven’t done it already so keep that in mind thanks very much for listening and we will talk to you very soon have a good weekend take care you