Model 3 Details and LIVE Q&A! – Teslanomics Live July 31, 2017

– What is up everyone? Thanks for joining me here today on Teslanomics Live If you’re watching this after the fact or if you’re new here this is where each week I break down the Tesla news I recap what’s happened, I give my thoughts on it, and I give any updates about the channel, or anything else that I have going on So they typically run a bit longer and I do have a long section at the end for Q and A So I try to segment ’em and make ’em bite sized but still pretty in depth And thank you for joining me yet again Of course what else is there to talk about right now other than the Model 3 event last week And I have to just say thank you to all of you, first and foremost, about helping me get there by using my referral program, or my referral code, and sharing that with other folks Already almost 10% on my way to getting a free Roadster, which I don’t even know how I feel about that If that happens but so you know the referral program is back They have clarified that Folks like myself and other YouTubers that share our knowledge and our love for the company and everything like that to really help educate people and do those things, that is okay for us to advertise or use or promote our referral program The things that they didn’t like were the things like people taking out billboards, or Google AdSense, or things like that So anyways, there’s a ton to talk about today And so I figured let’s just get right into it First and foremost we have our test rides And these test rides were fun I can’t believe I actually got to ride in a new Model 3 And what you’re seeing here is some footage that I took of the cars as we were waiting in line getting ready to go up and get in one and take it for a ride My impressions were that these cars are just absolutely gorgeous, and that unlike maybe some of the photos and some of those things you’ve seen out there, where it doesn’t really do it justice I tried to get a lot of detail here and something even had this guy go clean it for me as I was trying to film So these were all beautiful, amazing cars I really can’t emphasize how good they look in person enough And so whatever you’ve seen in the past if you’re skeptical about it or anything like that don’t be Know this car is gonna be just absolutely gorgeous They had several colors on hand, here you saw the white, the red, the black I think I saw a silver one too I tried to get some close up shots of the details on the outside They do have some new press photos that they put out as well So there’s a lot more detail out there The one thing I don’t think I got a shot of was the arrow wheels, because I don’t think any of the Tesla cars had them I also got to go on a test ride myself And in doing so I had them open the frunk and that was kind of nice because they weren’t doing this for a lot of people I wanted to get the trunk and the frunk but there was a big line and so people were waiting and they wouldn’t really let us kind of just stand there and film for an hour So I was able to get them to open that for us though, and even got a shot of the vin You can see the one I rode in here was blue You can see how that opens up there Had some other people taking photos This guy really had his hand full with us when it came to filming and all that, because we were all YouTubers and media people Yeah, it was, they were super chill about it We tried to open the trunk like I said, but they wouldn’t let us but that’s fine Someone else I think Tesla Geeks who have another awesome YouTube channel where they dig into this stuff You can go check out their channel, and I think they have a great shot of the trunk I was in vin I think it was 306 I can’t quite tell from here And then I didn’t really get any interior footage, that’s something I guess they actually didn’t want people to do, because some of the other press weren’t allowed to do it So anyways, but I did have some shots of the screen here I could say that the screen itself was incredibly, it was small, but it was perfectly placed to where it was like the right size I don’t know if you’ve ever actually

had a situation like that where you know the screen is too big and it’s kind of cumbersome and all that But this was perfectly placed, and one of the craziest things about it was how the strip of air vent on the back is all controlled from this display So there literally are no buttons whatsoever Everything is controlled from here, even which way the air is going, or where the sound is or all those kind of things Unfortunately the drive was pretty quick, as you can see it was 11 p.m. so there wasn’t a ton of, a ton of detail that I could actually capture here A lot of the other media companies were able to do that in advance So that was my experience with the test rides I really liked it My feeling about the car is it’s pretty awesome It’s certainly a Tesla and lives up to that standard that a lot of us with Model S’s and X’s are used to And I think people are gonna be really excited about it when they get it So yeah, there’s that Now I wanna get into talking about the details which were released a little bit after And I’m gonna go through these kind of in a high level ’cause there’s so many And then on my website I have a link, and I’ll put it in the description below, all of the additional details that we have So first and foremost what I want to talk about are the different versions So you have the standard version which is $35,000 I’m sure a lot of you know that by now They go 220 miles on a single charge That’s EPA rated and after owning a Tesla and stuff I can tell you honestly it’s gonna be less than that Plus you’ll be going in trip mode, so you’ll probably only get about 200, on a regular charge, on a good day And then these are gonna be delivered starting in fall of 2017 So that’s not too far away And this one goes zero to 60 in 5.6 seconds So not nearly as fast as one of the upper end Model S’s but still a pretty quick car, and pretty fast compared to other EVs certainly, and even other cars like BMW 3 Series and all that Which we’ll talk about in a little bit Now the long range one is the $44,000 model So it’s $9,000 more, and yes, I have a lot of questions that you submitted about that, and I’ll talk about that in a second And this one goes 310 miles, so it actually gets 90 miles more which is pretty significant Now these are already being delivered, I guess, 30 of them were delivered there They actually made, so I don’t know if you’ve watched the full Elon presentation, but they’ve made 50 of them so far they said And 20 of them are for engineering, and testing, and those kinds of things, and then 30 are for customers So those are the ones that were delivered So these are already being delivered and employees are getting their configurator access and all that stuff And this one goes zero to 60 in 5.1 seconds So just a little bit quicker than the standard version Now, I’m gonna call out a couple things that, normally what I do is my long and my short here And a couple of these things I’m short on and I’ll talk about that real quickly I’m short on the paint And this is because black is the only color that doesn’t cost extra So there are several other colors here, there’s midnight silver metallic, deep blue metallic, silver metallic, pearl white multi coat, and red multi coat All of which cost an additional $1,000 So if you don’t want the black car, if you don’t want a black car, then you’re gonna have to pay 1,000 bucks So I’m short on this because I think that’s kind of lame I think that you should at least have two colors that are available that don’t require an additional charge, so there’s that The next think that I wanna talk about are the upgrades So you have the premium upgrade for $5,000 The enhanced autopilot convenience feature for $5,000 And the full self-driving for an additional three So let’s talk about that real quick, because in order to get your car early as possible, what they call first production, you have to get the $44,000 upgrade, I’m sorry, the $44,000 long range version with the premium upgrade included, so $49,000 Now, the premium upgrade includes heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood decor, and two rear USBs, 12-way, and I’m reading this from the website if I sound like I’m reading it from a website, 12-way power adjustable front seats, steering column, and side mirrors with custom driver profiles, premium audio with more power tweeter, surround sound, and subwoofer, tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection,

auto dimming power folding heated side mirrors, LED fog lamps, center console with covered storage, and docking for two smartphones So that’s what that premium package includes and it’s, I mean it’s decent I don’t know if I would actually get the premium package here So myself, but I do want to get my car earlier, so I’ll probably end up doing it anyways And those things are all great, I just don’t know if I care that much about all of them to pay the $5,000 personally Now the enhanced autopilot is the $5,000, sames as the Model S I believe And this is the one that will match speed and traffic conditions It’ll keep you in the lane so it has autosteer and autobraking It will automatically change lanes, transition from one freeway to another, exit the freeway, and self-park at your destination So that’s pretty awesome and of course this is gonna get better and better over time Now the $3,000 for the self-driving this is something that you’re basically buying now but then will use later on So laws and things like that aren’t really caught up with the ability of a car to do this Tesla has said that they’ve already figured it out That the car can do it and that this November to December they should have one that actually goes from somewhere in L.A. to somewhere in New York without a person having to touch the steering wheel or controls whatsoever So yeah, that’s pretty awesome I don’t think I’ll get the self-driving, but I will get the other two So it’s gonna be a pretty expensive car for me Now, one thing I didn’t mention yet was the wheels So in addition to the upgraded paint, if you want anything but the arrow wheel, meaning the sport wheel you have to pay an additional 1,500 bucks I’m kind of short on that because I think the arrow wheels are hideous But at the same time I mean I guess it’s fine I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world And I am curious though since I’m getting 21 inch arachnids for my Model S through the referral program, thank you yet again Will I be able to take my 19-inch ones on my S now and put them on it? Because that would be nice and save me 1,500 bucks So that’s something that I’m gonna ask Tesla about sometime soon Now Elon showed some other cool videos there, and I want to show this one here Because I think safety is something a lot of people ask about And here’s a video showing the side crash test I don’t even need to narrate this I mean you can see which car you would rather be in in this kind of a crash So the Volvo S60 is the second safest car on the road apparently, so there you go And when Elon showed this at the event it was a pretty insane applause, a pretty raucous So yeah, the engineering team did an amazing job here And this is part of Tesla’s secret sauce, which I’ll probably do another video on down the road anyways So when we take a look at the interior this is something that I know a lot of people were worried about But after being in it, now Trevor from Model 3 Owner’s Club did a really great write up where, and he of course this is his thing, he was touching and feeling everything like that The interior of the car is really nice I was really impressed with it These are the official photos here These aren’t mockups or anything, this is like the real deal And talking about the all glass roof, as you can see here, they did an amazing thing with the back windshield I believe this is similar to what you can get on the X But it’s a beautiful car, really, inside and out So yeah, I think people are gonna love this car Looking at the exterior here, again, these are just the shots that Tesla released the press photos Yeah I mean it looks, still I see these angles where I’m not in love with it But in person I think the final production versions are fantastic and people are just gonna be totally, totally in love with it Now I wanted to compare this, the Model 3, to the Model S And thankfully Tesla has helped me do this So let me just over here to the webpage which has these details So on here if I scroll down you can take a look and first I just want to talk about the production timeline So the production timeline here is the ramp, the S-curve And if you recall I made a similar S-curve and actually a lot of people were giving me shit about not having the top of the S-curve be at 10,000 because that’s where they said what they want to ramp up to, 10,000 cars per week Well as you can see here, their production timeline looks very, very similar to mine

I’ll probably do a follow-up video on this And granted, this is really just an illustration, but if you remember what I had it was very, very similar to where we’re looking at about 5,000 by the end of the year And that is almost at the top of the S-curve From there it’s gonna be micro little incremental improvements to improve that production line If they’re even able to get there with just the Fremont factory My thinking is that they will actually need to find a new factory, an additional factory, to produce that many cars per week Just because after being there personally I don’t see it now and looking at some of the old numbers from the NUMMI plant It doesn’t seem like it makes sense And at the bottom of the screen there, of course, ’cause what we’ll get into here is the comparison that’s the link to my referral code So if you, or anyone you know is gonna buy a Model S, especially now that you’ve seen the price of the Model 3, please go ahead and use that You’ll get 1,000 bucks off plus free supercharging which is pretty awesome So here are the Model S and the Model 3 side-by-side Just wanted to run through this comparison from the Tesla website because I think it’s pretty good, and it really helps paint the picture of it Now take a look at the very, the size of the car at the top It’s actually quite a bit different It’s over 12 inches difference there So it’s one of those things that, I don’t know I mean it’s a smaller car but the interior is actually pretty big as well Now the timing of course on the Model S you can get one in seven days which is crazy Custom orders take a month to two months But the new from inventory are awesome, and by the way you can, I was looking at it just before I got on here The new inventory of cars are you can find some reasonably priced 75 D’s or 75 kilowatt hour batteries there that really rival the price of the Model 3 But you’re getting a lot more car So that’s why I have my referral code up, because I actually think a lot of people are gonna see this and say, Model 3 okay, when I spec it out it’s gonna be $60,000 before tax incentives And if I wanna wait for all-wheel drive I might not be getting much of a tax incentive So why don’t I just get a Model S now, get my full tax incentive and it’s maybe $5,000 more for maybe double the car? So I really think this is gonna be a compelling choice that people are gonna have to make between the two So you can be guaranteed I’m gonna be digging into this in much more detail So the Model 3 of course you need to wait 12 to 18 months The performance, I mean these the Model S is just a smoking fast car Even on the low end there, even at the slower version And then the range, yeah, you go 249 to 335, that’s gonna be fine for the majority of people out there I don’t think plus 300 miles is really necessary in a lot of situations Me, I do have a couple road trips that I take several times per year for work And those require me to need that extra mileage So, yeah for me it makes sense and if you have a situation like that then I totally would go for the biggest battery you could possible afford Now of course the Model S you get free unlimited supercharging with a referral like mine And then the Model 3 you’re gonna have to pay So it won’t be a lot but you will have to pay if you need to use it The seating and all that, you get the Model S it’s basically the same honestly They say plus two children, yes, fine rear facing seats And that’s super cool I think I’ll maybe add that to my car in a couple years when my son is older But you know, I don’t really, it’s a bigger car so it’s more spacious inside, of course But really I don’t think it’s that big of a difference there Now twice as much trunk space is amazing In fact my Model S has more storage space than my wife’s SUV And that to me is such a major thing, because when we get our 3, she’s gonna take my car and we’ll be have a great family car And the Model 3 has a very small frunk and if you look at the rear trunk from some of the other videos people posted it’s good, it’s a good size trunk, but nowhere near what you can do with the Model S So of course the Model S has two displays, the Model 3 only has one And then the Model 3 specs are laid out right here They’re pretty good and it’s a decent size car, on the interior but has a small outer footprint, because they don’t have as big of requirements for having like a really big engine and transmission, things like that The ratio of outer footprints to inner room is really efficient, so yeah, there’s the comparison of the Model 3 to the Model S

I would go check this out on Tesla’s website if you haven’t yet, of course after we’re done here Now the other thing I saw that was interesting out there was this battery comparison And this was coming to us from Bloomberg And on Bloomberg what they have is, what they’ve done is they’ve taken the vehicle model, the range, the MSRP, and then just divided those two to figure out essentially the price-per-mile Now what you have here at 310 miles on the Tesla Model 3 long range edition, they’re calling it Range Plus I kind of like that You have essentially the cheapest one So the Chevy Bolt EV is next in line and that’s still pretty good I actually still think that’s a great car for a lot of people, it’s very practical Ad then the standard one comes in third place So this is good news, I would say people are really concerned about some of things about the price here, but when you break it down like this I think it paints a clear picture of essentially what you’re getting for your money Even when you compare the other Tesla’s out there So I think Bloomberg did a great job with this and it highlights, really, the mass market appeal of the Model 3 Now Bloomberg also had a good comparison that I wanted to show you here I’m not gonna go into too much detail, but this has the Model 3, BMW 320i, and the Mercedes-Benz C300 which are all kind of in the same class of vehicles They’re the lower end luxury market So I think they might call them affordable, or accessible luxury When you look at the price of course the BMW’s a little bit cheaper, the Tesla’s right in that range You’re gonna get, if you get it early enough you’ll get incentives on the Model 3 which are great, so it’ll actually lower the price a lot compared to the other ones there And then you know taking a look under the hood, it’s the fastest one out of all of them Of course gets the best fuel economy, those kind of things It’s gonna be the cheapest, they didn’t mention, but it’s gonna be the cheapest to fuel as well, because electricity no matter where you are is far cheaper than gas So after that you have the size of the vehicle, it’s comparable I would say, it doesn’t seem incredibly small or anything like that But it is the heaviest car of course due to that giant battery And when it comes to interior head room, and all those things it’s on par It’s almost the best And then trunk capacity it is the best So again, for a smaller car like this the trunk and all that is pretty decent You get an eight year, 100,000 mile warranty for the powertrain and driver assistance options of course, has autopilot, but it also has full self-driving which none of these other cars will ever have So there’s that (laughs) So again, if you look at it this way I think what it’s not exactly a Honda Civic, but it does compete with some of the more affordable luxury mass market vehicles out there like the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes-Benz C class All right, I’m gonna take a drink of water and I’m gonna start the Q and A Thank you to everyone that submitted your questions in advance If you want to know how to do that get on my email list at there is thousands of people on there now So when I send this out I get a ton of stuff and a ton of feedback And I really do love it I had over 130 questions submitted just this morning about this livestream today So I’m gonna get into it here I’m gonna go through these, all the questions I got, and then I’m going to ask, or I’m sorry, I’m gonna look at some of your questions in the live chat So if you do have a question you want me to answer hold on to it for now and then I’ll let you know when it’s time to do that in the live chat So, water first So Mike asks, “When will the Model 3 “be available in Tesla show rooms to test drive?” I believe there was a tweet or an announcement a while ago that it would be Q3 of this year And so, yeah, look for that very soon I wouldn’t be surprised if some are already showing up in the next month for sure But yeah, they should be there probably well before you’ll need to configure yours, unless you’re a Tesla or SpaceX employee Bob asks, “Could you review the “federal tax credit situation again? “Now that most of us have an idea “from the Tesla site as to when we will “get our cars we are all trying “to figure out now if we will be “eligible for the tax credit?” Well I was gonna, I may do a video on this, but I just did one not too long ago, so maybe it’s not worth rehashing it yet So there’s a lot of assumptions here, right? Tesla is extremely close already at hitting that 200,000th car mark And if you’re not from the U.S and you’re unfamiliar in the United States we have a federal tax credit of $7,500 it’s 7,500 up to the 200,000 cars from a single manufacturer

So what that means is that Tesla being only making electric vehicles is close to hitting that, and once they hit it that credit starts to phase out So just to recap how it works, if Tesla were to hit the 200,000th mark in Q4 of this year which is that’s what I’m estimating Some people are saying that’ll be a disaster Other’s are thinking early in Q1 they may hold out and start shipping European cars or something I think they’re gonna be smart about it I’m thinking they’re gonna hit it in Q4 this year, and so if they do that every car that’s after the 200,000th car that’s still produced within Q4 gets the full tax credit Every car that they make after that in Q1 of the next year also gets it Then for the next two quarters it goes down by 50%, and then for the next two quarters after that it goes down to 25% So I have a video explaining this with charts and graphs and all that kind of stuff and if you Google it there’s some probably good website out there that have it So that’s essentially how it works My estimate is that it will be they’ll hit it this fourth quarter If they don’t, or if they can somehow strategically not hit it, that would be ideal But if they don’t actually hit 200,000 cars by the end of this year they may be having other issues going on with their stock and those kinds of things and their finances Yes, I’m sure they’re smart and they understand how this works but at the same time they need to make money and they’re still a company that needs to survive So yeah, I think that’s when it’s gonna happen And so depending on where you’re looking at you may get a reduced tax credit, especially if you’re looking for the all-wheel drive option “Whatever happened to the matte black “Model 3 color?” Joby asks Yeah I thought that was super cool I think that was just maybe a prototype And maybe the matte black hides some imperfections or something like that Of course you can go get your car wrapped or do whatever you want You don’t have to get it from them that way you can just get the standard and then probably go spend that money elsewhere Julia asks, “I’m on the East Coast, “meaning it will take longer to get my Model 3 “I’d love to pick up my car in California “and drive it home, hopefully getting it a bit sooner “I’d love to visit family along the way “Can I do that?” Well it depends on whether or not your family wants you to visit them I suppose No just kidding, so I have heard of somebody doing this So call Tesla if you can, email them, whatever however you can get a hold of them and ask them So I have had somebody tell me that they are open to this I don’t know if it will mean that you’ll get it sooner, but you may be able to save some money, or maybe a week sooner or something like that Seth asks, “Are you getting all-wheel drive “or rear-wheel drive?” I am getting rear-wheel drive For two reasons, one I want my car sooner And two, I don’t care about all-wheel drive I live in Southern California and it never snows, really doesn’t even get that cold, and so I have no need for all-wheel drive I understand that people, before you jump on me about that, better traction control, better mileage Like five more miles or something, or 10 more miles like you get on the S, whatever All-wheel drive would be cool but I’m willing to pay maybe 500 bucks for it And I know it’s gonna be well above 500 bucks So yeah, I’m getting rear-wheel drive Kevin asks three questions and one of them I’m gonna answer in detail “I’m not sure which model to get “is the extra 90 miles worth the $10,000?” It’s actually $9,000, sure “Are there any details on financing yet?” Not that I’ve seen “I live in an apartment complex “so charging overnight won’t be ideal “Do you have another solution that might work?” So I’m gonna answer these in reverse I live in an apartment complex charging overnight won’t be ideal, correct Find other public ones, there are some free ones out there you can use those Move into a house, buy a house, or use the superchargers and those which will be fast and convenient, but they do cost money, so there’s that I haven’t seen any details on financing yet I would recommend getting your own loan and just showing up with the check, that’s my own personal opinion Don’t take my advice as a financial advisor, please And number one I’m not sure which model to get is the extra 90 miles worth it? So the extra 90 miles are worth it if you go on road trips, or if you want to go on a road trip and use it So like I said, I’m in San Diego I go back to Phoenix It’s from point A to point B for me is about 400 miles So right now in my Model S 60 which has 200 miles only, I actually have to stop three times because once I get into Phoenix there aren’t really any places to stop, and Phoenix is a really big, geographically a large city So for me, yes, I will be getting the extra 90 because it is absolutely worth it Now the question of whether or not it’s worth it considering the price, because I see

a lot of people asking this In fact I got probably dozens and dozens of questions that I saw Let’s take a look and do a little math here Let me make sure this is showing up right, cool So if you take a look at the Model S, you have the two options that are available now, the 75D and the 100D There is a 75 option but I just wanted to be apples to apples here You’re looking at 259 miles of range versus 335 miles of range, so that’s 76 additional miles you get by upgrading from the 75 to the 100 So the price difference however is $23,000 different Now I know some of you are gonna say that there’s other differences and things that are included, yes, yes, yes, fine But these are what you can buy So let’s do the math on that and you’re looking at about $303 per mile more that you get between the Model S Now when you do that same math on the Model 3 you’re looking at only $100 per mile Because you have 90 miles difference with $9,000 difference in the cost of the car So yeah, you’re doing pretty well People are complaining about this, but when you look at it in the context here, it’s actually a better deal You know, remember back in elementary school they would say you know she could buy the 16 ounce thing of mac and cheese or the 25 ounce mac and cheese and you have to do the math by dividing it? That’s essentially what you should do when you’re really trying to think about is that reasonable or not It is a lot of money don’t get me wrong, $9,000 not something I just have laying around, but comparatively it’s not bad It’s a really great deal It’s probably the best bang for your buck when it comes to all the other Tesla’s that are available Paul asks, “Does all the panoramic glass roof “in the Model 3 make the cabin too hot “and is the glare of the sun an issue?” No, so I have panoramic glass roof or, I don’t know what you, it’s not the all glass roof like the X but my S has all 100% glass basically just with the sun roof and those little support bars Just kind of like the Model 3 does Now, this does not make it too hot because they have some really really great UV protection on there I have never even noticed it and I live in a place that gets reasonably warm and is very very sunny So yeah, it’s not an issue at all And then of course, you now, if the cabin being hot well you can just turn on the AC because it doesn’t require the engine to run, and is really efficient So, thanks for the question, Paul Lukas asks, “How many kilowatt hours “does the big battery have?” Ah, and I chose this one because I want to share a message from your lovely Tesla PR Department about this, and Elon spoke about it as well The reason they haven’t announced these, and they’re not going to have different badging, like they have on the S and the X which I wouldn’t be surprised if they start getting rid of that so it’s more consistent as a brand But they’re getting away from the notion of the size of the battery, and they’re just getting towards the range of the car Now this doesn’t disprove my, this doesn’t disprove, this doesn’t prove or disprove the rumor that I heard about different and bigger battery cells However, that’s essentially what’s going on there So we don’t know how many kilowatt hours it has, or doesn’t have, and we probably won’t unless somebody just tears it apart, which I would have a hard time letting somebody do to my car So yeah, we’ll find out maybe some point in time but it’s not something that they’re really focused on Thanks for the question Mario asks, “I live in Miami and drive “roughly 50 miles a day for work, “and every two to three months “I drive up to Orlando to go to Disney with the kids,” awesome, “230 miles away “Should I go for the higher mileage “or rely on destination or superchargers?” Well, it depends how old your kids are, but yeah, I mean if you’re going every two to three months I would go with the bigger one because that extra time to stop it will add maybe 30 minutes to your trip So it’s not a tremendous amount, but it does suck So destination chargers absolutely, so wherever you’re going I would make sure, excuse me, when you get there that you have a destination charger, and then if you need to stop at superchargers there’s one in between would be super helpful Thanks for the question, Mario Steven asks, “If we are expecting our Model 3 “to be delivered in the fall can we defer “until the dual motor is available?” Yes, I believe so So in fact what I wanna do is I wanna go back to the Tesla Model 3 page and I want to show you what you can do And you should have this, everyone that has a reservation holder There’s a section here that says check your estimated delivery And when you click that it should take you on here and I have two different reservations, and you can see them here So I have my first production one which will be October to December of this year at 49,000 And then the other one is 220 mile range

it’s the standard battery from December to February of next year So that’s actually not that long to wait And then on the right is where you can find the dual motor all-wheel drive choice of 210 or 310 mile range, meaning that both of them will have the dual motor option and that’s June to August of 2018 So that’s definitely going to be in the range where the tax credit may be running out so there’s that So there you go, that’s essentially how I would go check I’d go to the Model 3 page and take a look at that Thanks for the question, Steven Martin asks, “If you check the Model 3 in person “and compare it with your Model S, “do you think that worth to buy one “with $59,000 before the incentive, thank you.” I think you’re just asking me which one would I buy? Well, man, it is funny after I got back home from the event and I sat in my Model S I was like, oh this is so nice It is such a nice car and it’s like big, I have tons and tons of room I’m like oh this is really nice So I think this is a really difficult question Now, I have a Model S already and it’s almost paid off so I don’t wanna have too much debt so I don’t really wanna buy like a new S or another one and all that So the 3 is definitely what I’m gonna go with Plus I want to be able to share that experience and everything about it with you guys But at the same time I could see this being a very difficult decision For me I would probably boil it down to what is, in terms of the size of the car, what’s more important to you? So do you need more storage because you have a family and things like that? Or do you need the rear facing child seats things like that? Or is a smaller car better for you? I know some folks that live in real big cities and parking is a nightmare and so they need a smaller car So the three is better in that regard, forget the price So I guess what I’m getting at is you can get a Model S, a lower end Model S, for about the same price you can get a higher end Model 3 So really price let’s just say you can kind of forget about the price and compare them on things that are, other things that are important to you, and then decide that way That’s what I would go to Thanks for the question Jim asks, “As one of the many who “stood in line on 3/31/16,” in the U.S. we put the dates in all different orders That’s March 31st of 2016 “To pay 1K deposit on a car we hadn’t seen, “we were excited about Elon’s promise “to get something cool, any word yet? “Signature red?” I think it’s gonna be free supercharging And I haven’t heard a word yet You will know probably the same time I know, which will be a tweet And honestly even though, I do have a relationship with the Tesla PR folks, they’ve even made it clear that a lot of times they find out about things as Elon tweets ’em as well So that’s just kind of how it goes My guess is free supercharging because I do believe the cost to Tesla of offering that is relatively low, and but on the consumer side it’s a really big win Also, maybe it could be free autopilot or something like that, so we’ll see Troy asks, “Hey Ben! “Just wondering if you could comment “on the legroom in the front and rear? “I’m six foot five.” So hey Troy, thanks for joining me, yet again I can’t really comment on the back I was just in the front, but it actually seemed pretty big If you go watch my vlog about the event I met this guy Andrew who was probably six three, six four, maybe, so not quite six five, but you know a taller guy, and I didn’t have it in the video but you we were chatting about it And he said that the legroom was good for him You know, honestly, if you’re comfortable in a BMW 3 Series, or Mercedes C Class, you’ll be comfortable here There’s really nothing that crazy about it But I will say if this is a real big concern for you, maybe go get in one of those cars and see how it feels If it feels tiny and you can’t handle it you can get a lower end or even a CPO Model S for the same price as you could a Model 3 So honestly, that may be a better option, ’cause you’ll have more room in there for sure Lou asks, “What is the cost of Tesla 3 all-wheel drive?” We don’t know yet, but if you look at how they’ve copied the pricing model from the Model S on some other things We can assume that it would be the same price as the Model S So I would assume that and then if it’s lower than that then awesome then you’re kind of in a good space Jeffrey asks, “After experiencing the production Model 3, “has it changed your desire to purchase one any? “Was anything different?” Yeah, you know, the interior it’s so clean, and modern, and simple, I don’t know If I had to choose let’s say I could either get an S or a 3, without having to worry about the cost difference I would go with an S I think it’s a better car, absolutely

I think Tesla agrees with that if you see how they talk about these things I still want the Model 3 because I want the longer range for my road trips that I have to take every year Also it would be weird I think to have two of the same car, I don’t know And me and my wife we want to go all electric that’s part of our family sustainability plan We have solar already, we have a couple power walls coming, and then we have one EV we’re gonna add another EV, so we’ll be all electric there And we should be good, so, cool Well, thank you everyone on the email list for submitting your questions in advance Now I’m here to take your questions on the live chat So I’ll give you a couple seconds here, I’ll take a pregnant pause, drink of water, and let you guys ask your questions Super chat is enabled so if you want to be sure that I answer your questions click on that little money icon and put a buck or two bucks up there and then I’ll make sure, it’ll pop up, and stick there for a while So give me a second here as these come in and I will get to drinking my water Okay, Andrew asks, (mumbles) “Hi Ben, thanks for the great content “How do you think the future resale “of the Model 3 will compare to the Model S and X “given the amount of cars added to the fleet?” You know that’s a good question It’s pure speculation at this point, because it’s so far out But I would say by the time that they’re making, by the end of 2018, let’s say they can clear through all of these reservations I will say that they’ll be, it’ll be good The resale value will be good because it will still be hard to get one But it won’t be unreal But until they’re clear of all the reservations I think you’re gonna have a lot of like appreciative value essentially So if I get mine in October I could probably sell it to somebody else, that month, for more than what I paid for it, right? So there’s that “Are you surprised about the all-wheel drive release date? “How does that effect your delivery estimator?” Well, I haven’t updated my delivery estimator I don’t think I’m going to, because they officially have one now The Model 3 Owner’s Club does have a survey they’re doing, so if you guys aren’t in that please go check that out That’s something that they have that I think will be interesting to see what people are deciding to do, which option and when and all that kind of stuff So yeah, there you go “Do you think all-wheel drive will be introduced “while the full tax write off is still available?” No I do not I am a super early reservation holder, and Tesla owner, living in California so I get it super early And for me it’s June to August of 2018 So at that point I think I might be, I actually might be okay in that time frame But soon after that it’ll be gone, so yeah, there’s that All right, “Hey there,” Nomaragum? Sorry I can’t catch your name there Thanks for the donation there “Hey Ben, how would you say the interior quality is “versus say an Audi or a BMW?’ Oh man, you know, I don’t even know if Audi and BMW are in the same class I love, I love Audi probably my favorite interior of a car Surprisingly Volvo is really good, too Beemer is also good but I think Audi kind of takes the cake there I think they still do It’s nice on the interior of the 3, but it’s not a premium finishes So they don’t have leather and those kinds of things, they went vegan and all that So yeah, I don’t think it beats Audi or BMW I think those guys, in terms of the finishings I will say though if you aren’t a fan of buttons and knobs and you think that stuff is old and clunky like a Blackberry phone versus an iPhone, then yeah, this is the iPhone version of cars So yeah I absolutely think that the interior kind of design is the best of any car I’ve ever seen, save maybe the Model S I think they’re pretty comparable But the quality of the materials I don’t think is as good as Audi or BMW So I would rank it third if those are my three options there “Is a roof rack available?” I don’t know I imagine there would be some way to put a roof rack on “Hello Ben, would the price of EAP increase “if activated after delivery?” You know, I assume so, but I haven’t seen that As I guess some or whoever first gets a configurator will probably have those options on there So yeah, there you go “I’m from Finland and heated seats are kind of mandatory “Do you think they offer the “winter package for the Model 3?” I don’t think they’ll have a winter package for the Model 3, but the premium package does have heated seats so you should be good to go I think it has heated back seats as well Go check out Trevor from Model 3 Owner’s Club

I think he did a really good job going into those details And thanks for the question Let’s see, “Is EAP worth the 5,000 considering “the 3 costs 35K?” Yeah, absolutely, I think I don’t actually don’t have autopilot but I will absolutely want to get it, because it’s pretty awesome Especially, no I guess if you don’t drive or if you live in a more rural area it’s probably not worth it But yeah, absolutely, because that’s your ticket to self-driving so there you go Oliver asks, “Is there a front trunk in the Model 3?” Yes, in fact if you go rewind and watch this video earlier, or watch my vlog, yes, you can see that I got some shots of that “Would the driver side seat have a heating “without premium upgrade?” I don’t think so, James Anthony Dante asks, “Should we be concerned with the “service availability with all the “new Tesla’s hit the road?” No, not actually I covered this in a previous one where Tesla is now I think tripling the amount of service centers, and people, and all that kind of stuff So the service shouldn’t really be much of an issue I do know though that certain parts of the world like Spain, for example, it is harder, so there you go “What do you say about the Model 3 you can buy right now? “One of the Tesla workers said his new Model 3 “he just got last day for sale.” Huh, I’d love to see that, that’s P. Heinz question If you have the link to that I would love to see it I am going to talk with a lawyer tomorrow about the option of selling reservations And so I’ll have a video coming out in a week or so, I’ll try to get some official answers from a lawyer and see what the deal is “Do you think the same price of the “accessories on the Model S is reasonable?” You know some of them yes, some of them no So yeah, like autopilot, yeah of course There’s really no difference I’m actually surprised that things like autopilot aren’t a subscription service That’s like a SAS business model, that’s a much better way to do that So, anyways, “What do you think the standard roof will be?” I think the standard roof will be a steel one, or whatever, aluminum it’ll be metal I don’t think it will be glass Hey Tyler, thanks for the support Tyler asks, “Your concerns about “no instrument cluster gone?” You know I never really had concerns about an instrument cluster but yeah the screen is so perfectly placed, that, yeah, and you know the whole left side is essentially the driver’s information It’s almost like, it’s not in your foveal vision, you know your direct, but it’s just right outside of it just like your binacle dashboard would be as well I don’t see a problem with it at all Thanks for the question and the support Ross asks, “Where are the air conditioning vents at?” There’s actually a strip and I think somebody has good footage of this, there’s a strip along the dash and in there it adjusts based on what you do on the screen So if you want it to go more to the left, or more to the right, or whatever, there’s a little thing that you move your finger around and it changes where the air goes, and how much, and all that kind of stuff, it’s pretty cool It’s funny they were like super jazzed about it And I was like, oh cool, how about the battery and stuff? “Do I have to pay a monthly payment for a Tesla?” It depends “When do you think the cars of Tesla “are gonna be available for the common Joe?” Yeah I heard, I saw an article saying that Tesla would be doing another cheaper car, at some point in time, I don’t know I would say maybe a used Model 3 you can maybe get for 20,000 or less five years from now or something like that Ron asks, “Have you seen the standard upholstery? “What is it like?” I’m actually not sure It was 11 p.m. when I got there, it was super dark So I can’t really say, there you go Let’s see what else “I think there’s a next gen Roadster “on the production ramp map out a few years down the road.” Yeah, there definitely is because it’s part of the referral program, so yeah, that’s definitely “Do you think now is a good moment to buy Tesla stock?” Hello from Germany, or hello to Germany I can’t actually say I don’t want to be, here in the U.S we have laws about things like that I can’t give financial advice I am a stockholder and I am long on the company Meaning I think that they’re gonna be successful long term But the way the stock market works and the way companies work don’t always operate, so don’t take my word for it “Is Tesla coming to India?” Yes, at some point in time, who knows when Let’s take a look “Y is gonna be more than the 3.” I believe so Price of supercharging, hey I have a video on that So Tesla’s announced it and I built a little tool you can use to click on different states, plan your route, or whatever, or in different countries

and different provinces and stuff And you can do that and see the different price It’s usually kind of the average price of electricity So something like 19 cents per kilowatt hour in California or something like 7 cents per kilowatt for Texas or whatever “Any word on the cost of the 3 warranty packages?” I don’t believe let me check the pricing information, warranty, no I just see the two warranty lines here the four year 50,000 mile limited warranty, battery warranty 8,000, or eight year 100,000 mile, or 120,000 mile with the long range Yeah, I don’t see anything about an upgraded or added warranty, so yeah Let’s see, hey Rad 878787, “Do you know if we can sleep “flat in the Model 3?” Yes, I saw a photo of this somebody did a rendering, or is it on the Model 3 webpage? Somebody had one where you can sleep in the back I forget how tall it is, but man, that would be a tight fit I suppose you could, but I probably wouldn’t, personally I think if that’s something that you’re interested in I would go with the Model S for sure Thanks for the question and the support “What happens when the screen cracks, “or breaks, turn black?” I don’t know, I don’t know how or if that would happen I guess they would fix it Let’s see, (speaks in foreign language) “Anything on a hitch?” You know I don’t know if they actually have a hitch available for this one But we’ll find out I guess as people start to get more orders of it “Do you think Faraday Future Cars “will replace the Tesla?” Yeah, no, no not even close I’m for competition and you know a lot of people I talk with at Tesla are for the competition as well They want Faraday to be successful They want Lucy to be successful Because really the goal is about transitioning over to electric The goal isn’t about Tesla being the dominant player in the world on making every single car, that’s not sustainable, they can’t work that way So yeah, they definitely, they and a lot of people I talk to there want them to be successful as do I Because I think the goal is for us to switch over to electric cars not necessarily just certain electric cars, so yeah there’s that “When will Tesla come to South Africa?” That’s a good question I don’t know, you should tweet at Elon Maybe he’ll help you out with that one “Will the Model 3 suit 3x toddler car seats?” Ooh, like 3x is the size, or three toddler car seats? If the answer is three toddler car seats, no 3x toddler car seat I would say no as well So no, I’m just gonna go with no Thanks for the question “White interior?” Okay this is a good question That’s not listed as an upgrade option for the interior And every single one of the 30 there was an all-black interior So they may not have different interior colors, you may have to go after the fact What’s up Soul Justin? Thanks for joining me M. Taylor S, “Keycard thoughts?” Man, okay, so I think what I heard is that you can it will actually be Bluetooth to your phone It uses something called Bluetooth LE And my buddy Austin Evans did a video on that which I would go check out if you haven’t He kind of went into more detail there And I’m guessing MKBHD will have one soon I like that it’s Bluetooth and I just walk up to the car because if I have my phone it works I don’t like the idea ’cause they say the keycard is a backup I really don’t like the idea of having to pull that out and tap, or anything like that That seems ridiculous to me So I’m hoping that the Bluetooth thing just works well and that’s that James Anthony asks, “Hey Ben, any idea if the back trunk “is big enough to fit a golf kit “without folding rear seats horizontally “or at least diagonally?” Yeah it should be, go check out the Tesla Geeks I think they were the only ones that got them to open the trunk and take a look inside and it was pretty big, so there Let’s see what else, keycard, keycard “Which is the first production cost “on the estimator indicating?” Yeah, yeah, okay Butch asks, “Why is the first production costs on the estimator “indicating 49K and not 44K?” I believe this has been confirmed but I asked and haven’t gotten an answer myself, was that the 44K for the longer range battery, obviously And then 5,000 for the premium package Again, I probably myself, probably wouldn’t get the premium package if I were buying it if I had my choice because I also want to get enhanced autopilot, and different color, and different wheels, unless I can use my wheels from my other Tesla, so yeah there you go

Joe asks, “How do you pay for the Model 3?” With money, I don’t know what else “Is there enough trunk room for a dead body?” Probably not “When do you think that the electric cars “will be more prominent than gas powered cars?” 2026 and it depends what you mean by prominent But I think 2021 it will be the tipping point, and so five years after that is when we’ll really see it happen “The extended range price is 44 grand “but 49 on the website what does this mean?” Yeah, I think that’s the extra premium package Ah okay, I want to answer this question because I wanna do a video on this And I know we’re coming up on the hour and some of you guys gotta get back to work, so I appreciate everyone that’s joined me so far Please subscribe if you haven’t, get on the email list, all those kinds of things So Zohar, sorry if I pronounce your name wrong, “Hey what happens if the car in self-driving mode “arrives at a situation where someone will die, for sure, “but it has two options take the life “of people in the car or the people outside the car?” So actually here, let me see if I can pull this up This is the question is an ethics question, utilitarian, and it’s a classic ethics question Let me see, utilitarianism ethics I think it’s called So this is a classic ethics question and it’s an ethical theory And so the idea is is that that if you are a utilitarian you would choose the option that saves the most people But the question, see people are asking this question because they think like aha, you can’t have a self-driving car because it will make the wrong decision So I ask you, and I ask everyone else that wonders this thing or has this like aha that’s you can’t do it because, that same thing What would you do? Would you kill yourself and your family instead of a school bus of children? What would you choose because there isn’t a right answer? If you killed yourself and your family oh my god you’re a horrible person, oh but you saved the school bus of kids Or if you kill the school bus of kids, oh my god you’re such a horrible person, hey but this is me and my family I love my family, I’ve got to save us So it’s the same problem So it is a funny thing I want to do a video on it, because there are some really great examples I think that are like centuries old So this question maybe for some people that have never heard it before seems novel, or clever, or something like that But really it’s nothing new And I’d ask you, what would you do? Would you kill yourself and your family or would you kill the school bus of children? That’s what it comes down to The machine is only gonna do whatever we program it to do I don’t think we’ll see general intelligence in machines for a long, long time So yeah, I dunno we’re a capitalist country here in America, probably save the people in the car because they’re the paying customers and that’s how it works Sorry for my drab Elon moment of a dystopian future like that, so there you go Okay guys well I appreciate everyone for joining me yet again Don’t forget you can go to, get on my email list, make sure that you get your questions asked in advance of this, so that way I don’t miss any of those Plus you get all kinds of other things just like the latest updates, and random videos of me playing guitar which happens sometimes As well as other deals, if I have a promotion going on with anyone, as well as announcements about new products which I am actually starting to work on So I love you all and I will see you back here, by the way, we have a new schedule Monday, Wednesday, and Friday now So you get even more me in your feeds So I hope to see you there on Wednesdays and Fridays starting this week So (speaks in foreign language)