Simple Flexible Cuff Bracelet polymer clay tutorial

everybody it’s learn from one’s graphs I have had several us lately to do some cuff bracelets and I’ve showed these before these are just some little plain bangle bracelets made on a aluminum can you know a soda can this was that for the first bracelet that I made it check out how thin it is but I absolutely love it I wouldn’t recommend making them this thin because they can’t break pretty easy to it I’ve worn this one many times and not ever had a problem with it so we’re going to make something similar today here’s the one that I’ve got on the on the paper here is ready to go on the can and be baked see not apologize because it’s got some pearl X on it I just did the hammered the hammered metal technique and put some little heart cutouts on it now this edge on here is something I’m fixin to talk about this is the raw edge after running it through the pasta machine a few times and the more conditioned your clay is the more you can work this out I stopped at this point because I wanted that edge to about that that being said I’m going to talk about right now clay and where you buy it from and how big a difference that makes I bet lots of people lately talk about when they buy primo and how hard it is and that is just absolutely freaking me out this is sculpt III and again I’ve heard many people like we talked about when they bas sculpt III and how soft it is and how almost instantly workable it exactly the opposite results this is this right here sculpt III it’s a blue pearl sink now blue pearl is exactly what it’s called and you can see how it is very and I’m going to use the word even though it’s probably not accurate it’s very dry it is very dry feeling it’s very drop almost feels like paper it’s that draw feeling this on the other hand is this black to pump it’s called Twilight no it’s called twinkle and it’s the Primo accents this stuff is like the feel of it is like silly putty it’s got a good moisture to it it doesn’t feel dry like this does it’s stretchy it and this is right out of the package I literally all I did was roll my Roland acrylic roller over it as you can see I didn’t even like mush it up and roll it again this was literally cut it off the block and I rolled it this is this gold this is the 18 karat 18 karat gold which have several goals which I really like I like having a choice of and you as you can see this stuff is super super soft absolutely right out of the package that was a block I literally just cut off and it’s that soft so I know for a fact where you buy your clay makes a huge difference I have never ever gone to a store a box store so to speak and bought any clay that was this soft no other than sculpey original and my Walmart which can come out like ice cream sometimes I order my clay from an online store here called polymer clay superstore and I’ve never gotten clay that wasn’t this fresh so I don’t know about other online stores I continue ordering from them simply because it’s so fresh so absolutely love it I love

working with it it’s so fresh so that’s my word of advice find a place to order from that has super fresh clay if it’s not if you buy a block and if I was going to a box store that’s what I’d start off with I would just buy a couple of blocks of whatever your different brands that you want to try our and if you get them home and they’re hard as a rock don’t bomb from there any more talk to the management try to get them to reorder whatever you have to do but don’t buy it you will save yourself so much headache by not making yourself work with hard clay it’s there’s just no there’s no reason for it it product should not sit in a store that long to where it just becomes almost unworkable I’ve run this through my pasta machine no less than 20 times workin my frayed edges back in and it is just well as you can see it’s dry I feel like I’m I feel like I could drop a drop of water on there that would just soak it in even though it’s clay and it wouldn’t but but this is what we’re going to this is what we’re going to work with today I’m going to Marble these two together so that should help with the dryness just a little bit I could take a little bit of clay conditioner which I don’t happen to have any but you can also take just a couple of drops of liquid sculpey and continue continue to condition it more and more and more and it will soften back up but for this for this particular project it’s not going to be that imperative so that’s what I’ve got I’ve got the blue and the pearl blue the twinkle and the 18 karat gold and you can do this with any colors that suit your situation but three colors is what we’re going to do today I’m going to roll out a base bracelet then I’m going to roll out this and cut some shapes out so that the gold will show through the shapes so that’s what we’re going to do I’ll be right back okay now the first thing I want to say when you’re making a bracelet especially if you’re going to make one a custom bracelet don’t measure your wrist measure around your hand around the thickest part of where your hand is going to go through the bracelet that sorry about that I gotta change my back sorry but that that will be that measurement around the fattest part of your hand will be the minimum that you can make your inside diameter of your bracelet because although it’s your wrist it has to fit if your hand that has to go through all right so once again this soda can the regular size soda can will make a small to medium sized bracelet for something like a large bracelet you’re going to need like a Arizona iced tea or something that comes in the bigger like 24 ounce can okay so I’ve rolled out the twinkle promote accents prima is it pink Remo effects I’m not sure that this particular moment I’m a bit crowd of no room to move is the primo accents both of them okay so I’ve got those rolled out and I’m just going to start to twist them together now as you can see on my paper right here this is where that copper colored action think that is the copper set over not and it’s leached out a lot of the polymers out of it out of the clay if you’re a clay that’s too soft that is something you can do to firm up the clay

is put it between two sheets of this is just the thicker cardstock 110 pound card stock from georgia-pacific comes from Walmart put your clay between two sheets of that and let it set overnight and try it again and see what you think because the Pearl sculpt III is so draw it won’t crack on me so I’m just going to keep twisting it down a little bit you do spirals of the twist a little bit tighter it’s smooshed the ends and a little bit I don’t want a bunch of blue with no twists sticking out the end sorry we got rain coming in supposed to tonight so it’s kind of humid and you know whatever weird thing it does to the atmosphere where I have like wild flyaway air today it’s tickling me okay hmm sound just a little bit more you could get up my acrylic block but come back here it’s a little difficult all right and there’s lots of tutorials out there on marbling and mixing colors and stuff like that really if you start mixing two colors of slay at some point you’re going to get a marbling effect it’s just a matter of stopping yourself before you get a complete mix of the colors and then we go with that crack again let’s keep it’s continuing to crack in the same spot again and mash those ends back in there let’s see about rolling it out all the time now the one thing about that I’ve noticed about the glittered clays is they have a bit of translucence to them it’s not a lot but it’s a it’s a little bit but remember to set this down on the paper it’d be easier to pick up alright one more time here and I’m going to kind of just going for Nazi I guess kind of look I don’t want it to black or to blue now get Mero looking for okay now I’ve already got my gold rolled out probably longer than what I really want it to be so let’s fix that and this is also the Primo accent so it’s lovely and solved and the exact roundness is not important right now okay so what I’m going to do is you can roll this out with your acrylic roller or whatever but I’m going to use my pasta machine I want to have it as close as I can to an even thickness between these two and I’ve

just got it set on the widest setting on the machine sorry now that amount could have explained what I was going to do just a little bit more I’ve got this one flatten it out a little flattening it out a little bit and I’m going to run it through my pasta machine this way not this way Yuni okay I’ve got two choices or kind of like that sorry I’m gonna keep clashing with the camera with the camera with the glare on the camera Wow okay so what we need to do is decide on our width and right now my can is in the oven so run my pasta machine its be cleaned and again open apologize because I’m quite a distance from the camera I only got my move do not do not do a camera I’m doing it we’ve got a longer blade it’s also probably at this point a little bit straighter how do you abuse my little one Wow alright and as anal as it sounds you’re going to see about the same ah not the same but my cut wasn’t was it that’s good that’s what for about an inch okay don’t do that there we go that’s a little better and what I want to do is cut the other just a little bit narrower and we’re not going to stack them yet so let’s longest straight side here and this time let’s make ourselves a couple of marks which is easier said than done from way over here but I’m going to try it anyway I remember my pencil leg sticking out now my instinct tells me to go with an eight but don’t know if enough gold will show neither side of that so I get 3/4 of an inch check mark oh yeah and put a Big O dent

in there in the base one on and right on the edge right where I wouldn’t want but stuff happens right now obviously save this bit you can make earrings you can make necklace you can make you can make you can make so don’t wat that up like I was a compelled to do for a second okay now what you want to do is take whatever you’ve decided to use for your detail in this case I’ve got a little star cutter and I’m sorry if I’m all over the place today start cutting out and it is sticky in here today nope look fit and save your little stars but you can go off the edge if you want however you want your pattern to go don’t know that for sure so let’s fix that to okay again just continue along cutting out random shapes you could do flowers hearts I’ve got the flower cutter out to do let’s go just a little bit and turn your cutter should we been doing that more the whole time right second you just clip that cutter has a sharp point on one of the sides okay and you can choose to cut your ends off flush or you can leave them ragged I’m going to leave a like it now forgive me if I have trouble but trying to line this up we all can see and I can see it’s not going to be easy okay bad everywhere because that gold is so fresh they want to they want to meet right away they want to stick which is a good thing I like that I like fresh clay okay possibly you don’t very good this edge just a bit let’s see

okay I like that little gentle pressure make sure they’re both stuck together really well okay now we can take this and wrap it around the can and I’ll show you that in just a minute okay here’s this one out of the oven now and the only thing I’ve done to it is I put a coat of gloss glaze on it so far it’s got holes in here and I’m going to put some jump rings in a large lobster claw clasp after I do the other things I want to do to it I may do some embossing some patina Hotel what I’m gonna do though this one again is one that is very thin but I just made it for myself so it’s there very flexible now of course I could I could break it probably pretty easy but I won’t be putting that kind of pressure on it so but this one’s to layer and on the thickest setting of my pasta machine so it’s quite a bit thicker and of course if you’re doing a cliff a standalone cuff bracelet you’re going to want some good thickness and I know a lot of people use supports of a brass armature underneath their cuff bracelets and if I was making something substantial I would definitely definitely do that but these are just some small I’m so sorry I just get trying to get it on there I used to have kind of he’s at a different can that had a line around it at the perfect spot where you could learn something up I’m just trying to get it where its condoms to right across from each other so that it doesn’t come out of any kind of block that being said it’s walking oh yeah big time that’s a little better really I’m all over the place today my husband bless his heart he has never been the kind that was good at them just going out in the yard and do his own thing on the weekend you know we we spend a lot of time together on the weekend and it’s a wonderful thing let me tell you I don’t I don’t mean that the wrong way but I don’t get much done in here on the weekends so I do play a little catch-up during the week so here we go this is going to go in the oven just like this and you can put little feet on your can or something if you have a problem with it I bake and a bed of polyfill stuffing polyester fiberfill inside of a big pyrex dish in the oven so this gets cradled in some polyfill and you may have an occasional little tiny piece of polyfill that will stick barely to your clay but ofcourse it comes right off so all right I’m going to stick this in the oven and then we’ll be back to finish it okay so here it is out of the oven and it’ll be a little stuck to your can when you get out of them what I do is I’ll go around and kind of just pop again and loosen it up and you will come right off okay now we can glaze it we can do all kinds of stuff to it I’m going to actually get my sandpaper out and try to smooth up some of these edges just a little bit and then we’ve got our holes right here for our findings to go through I’ll

probably put three jump rings on each side I may put five on one side just to have a adjustment a little bit of an adjustment and then a a lobster claw or a toggle clasp or something this edge is a little wonky hey not bad for being as far away from yourself as you have to be when you’re on camera not bad I love that glitter with the pearl it’s really pretty and glazed it’ll be even prettier so we’ll do that and here’s just a few these haven’t been baked yet from the scrap clay just some little pieces for some earrings those will hang with some glass beads or something so I will get my sandpaper out and sand on this I’m not going to do it on camera because I’ve got such a mess on my dress but and then I’ll come back and glaze it or show it to you glazed or show it do you finish I’m not sure yet but that’s basically it that’s how I would make a cuff bracelet and again like I said you can see how flexible and if you’ve not worked with clay much normally if you bake something it’s almost like it continues to cure if it’s tomorrow this will be a little bit firmer and a little more set feeling I don’t know how to describe that but here is the other one so far I’m going to 15 I’ve done to it it’s actually some patina antiquing gel and then I put some of the vertically embossing powder it’s only been embossed so far right here a little bit right here I’m out to put it back on the can and do the rest so alright there we go I’ll come back and show both when they’re done alright again here’s this one all finished and I absolutely love the way it turned out some jump rings and bigger lobster-claw clasp I have I have bigger ones but they’re quite a bit heavier and we weight the bracelet down quite a bit now one of the things I do plan on doing is going back and from one of the maybe one of the sides or something hanging a little just a little bit of a charm possibly a heart like this or something to that effect here is the one we fished sorry for the glare of the spark go really key like the way it turned out and this one is double thick that is still plenty flexible toggle clasp on this one really cute all right so cuff bracelets like I said there’s many many tutorials out there on how to make cuff bracelets with support inside without support inside there’s many many ways to do them but my husband or not are going out to not with them my I always say sister and brother-in-law even though it’s my husband’s sister but they were like seven and eight or my husband has started dating just like my sister’s so they’re like sisters to me so I’m thinking about wearing this though tonight so hot that’s it cuff bracelets collar Joe later I know