The Basics of the Horoscope 1 – The Vedic Astrology Chart

there are so many new people coming to study with me who have absolutely no astrology background at all Don I decided to do a short course on the very basics of astrology the very basics of the chart just so that people who are first getting into astrology can make their way around the chart not get lost in certain controversies and just get a good solid start so I’m gonna start that with this first video all right so at this video I’m going to talk about the different chart styles and the different things that are in the chart so when you’re looking on a chart what’s there and what are all the things and what’s their purpose so a basic understanding of that so with respect to Indian astrology the charts are in a square type format they’re not around format as we find in western astrology the round format of western astrology is a new a new way of doing horoscopes actually it used to be Western astrologers used to use a chart very similar to this bottom chart here which is the chart that’s commonly used in North India but yeah Western astrologers used to use a chart very similar to that a little bit different okay but in North India this chart is the most commonly used chart and so it’s called the North Indian format and South India they use this style more which is the South Indian format I use both actually okay I mean I’m going to talk about these two you know diagrams a bit and explain what why they’re good what they each have something that’s good about them and they’re better at different things so for certain techniques using this North Indian chart will be easier to see the technique and another technique using the South Indian will be easier okay so the South Indian chart is about the signs and it emphasizes the signs of the zodiac and in fact in this chart system this box up here is always Aries that box is always Aries and it’s usually just shown blank although with computers now you can select to have like number one for Aries or an AR for Aries or little zodiac glyph of Aries depending on your option preference but basically from this box onward we go clockwise and we get the 12 signs of the zodiac so we have areas in the first box Taurus in the second box Gemini in the third box cancer in the four Leo and the fifth Virgo in the sixth Libra in the seventh from there Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces and again depending on your computer option you can select glyphs you can select numbers or abbreviations to letter abbreviations usually so in this south indian chart the signs are always in this fixed location this chart emphasizes signs you want to see where planet isn’t if what if it’s aren’t is something in cancer you know look right here so when you’re looking at all the different charts and we have sixteen charts we commonly use in Vedic Astrology and you want to see is there any time that there’s a planet in cancer and you have to look through sixteen charts really quickly and you just want to look at cancer and every chart really quickly you can do that really easily with the South Indian style chart okay so the advantage of this chart is it lets you see the signs okay now one of the other big advantages to this chart is that in astrology on there’s something called sign aspects or Rashi aspects signs are called Rashi and Rossi aspects on work in a certain way that are emphasized by this diagram for instance Pisces Gemini Virgo and Sagittarius all Rashi aspect each other meaning they all have an influence over each other and that’s emphasized by these four corners all influencing each other and that other signs aspect each other in a way that’s easy to see for instance if you just go down or across those signs also Rashi aspect each other so this diagram is doctor built for raashi centered sign centered techniques like jaimini sutras the Jamie school of astrology is largely sign based system use assigned based aspects and this chart is by far the more advantageous chart to use with that school of astrology okay but anytime you want to see and design to know where they are this chart has the advantage okay there’s North Indian chart what it’ll do is this upper diamond is always the

first house of the chart okay this is always the second house third house fourth house fifth thousand six seven eight nine ten eleven to twelve so what this chart does these four boxes emphasize the first before the seventh and the tenth and then the second third fifth six eighth ninth eleventh and twelfth are not so much emphasized so it emphasizes the structure of the horoscope that 1st 4th 7th 10th are considered the angles of the chart and you can easily see the angles then every angle has a trine which are the fifth and ninth from them so to just go out here to the two triangular points from the 10th you come out here from the fourth we come out here you can really easily see the houses and their trends so whatever you’re dealing with the technique that’s more house centered then this is an easier chart to look at okay they both have their advantage you can get used to one and easily see any technique and the other chart but they both do have their advantages and I literally will switch back and forth and my software in the call of software by pushing the f2 button I can toggle back and forth between these two so if I’m using a technique that I want to see the angles or see the houses really easily I’ll just click on that say I want to look at 16 charts and I want to see if there’s a planet in the second house and any of those 16 charts well I can just look at this box every time because I know the second house is always right here so this house the south sorry North Indian emphasizes houses the South Indian emphasizes signs okay then what happens to show where the signs are in the North Indian in these corners here they’ll usually show like a say 7.7 means it’s the seven sign Libra and then this sign would say 8 for sport vo 9 for Sagittarian 10 for Capricorn in love and for Korea 12 for Pisces one for Aries and so on so they’ll have numbers there that are the numbers of the signs that’s the traditional way to do it’s just write a number there with modern software usually you can select two instead of having the number of the sign there you can put a two letter abbreviation of the sign like a are for Aries instead of the number one or you might be able to put the glyph so the symbol of Aries you wouldn’t know which is sort of like the Rams warm symbol in the box that has the one in step okay so in this chart it’s required that the signs are being written in so when you see one of these charts you all see first if you want to be stuck in or third or fifth or fifth or seventh or ten what you’ll see it a seven eight nine ten eleven twelve one two three four five six which are showing oh this is the seven sign Libra this is the eight sign Scorpio and so on but this is always the first house always the fourth house always the seventh house always the 10th house always a second always the third and so on okay but the signs have to be written in on this chart or else you can’t use it now with the South Indian chart what happens is one of these boxes is the first house and the box that’s the first house will have a line written through it’s a meal and will have a line written through it or some software might put in LG for long enough but traditionally they’ll just draw a line through the corner of the box which does this is the rising sign on the east which is the the log nut or the ascendant and then from the ascendant each box is considered a house so Leo’s the first house where goes the second house Weaver’s the third house fourth house fifth house and so on so that’s your structure of your two charts okay one is a structure of houses and therefore needs the signs included one is the structure of the signs and therefore needs the first house marked okay now there’s a lot of other things in the chart obviously we’re missing planet still but before I talk about planets I want to talk about the chart itself a little bit more the most important thing in any person’s life is themselves everyone is trying to get through life we’re walking down this road of life this path that we have to walk down and that path is shown by this first house okay which is marked with the slash in the South Indian or the northern you know the up chart which is actually the east direction in this

chart for the North Indian okay and that first house is the path of your life and certain boxes from your first house which means certain places certain signs from your first house are conducive to moving you effortlessly down the road of life other houses create the hurdles that you have to overcome as you go down the road of life and other houses present some difficulties that you have to deal with as you go down the road of life okay and so we have what’s called good or bad houses now good or bad houses simply mean there are things that you have the challenges struggles or is easy okay and that’s how you want to look at these houses you don’t want to look at them as these horrible things you’ll know sometimes you have a really extreme comments made about these houses you just want to look at it in that context you’re trying to get we’re part of the road is downhill part of the road is a steep scary uphill a part of the road you just enough is not a steep scary uphill it’s not a downhill but it takes some sustained effort and will to cover that part of your life okay and the houses reflect them so one of the thing that’s really confused as people who come from Vedic you know come from Western astrology where houses are calculated a little differently is why we use the houses the way we do and that’s the reason because we’re looking at each of these blocks as being more or less supportive to the person journey through life okay now Western astrologers instead of just saying this is the sign on the eastern horizon this is the eastern horizon and each sign is one block or one step from there Western astrology doesn’t do that Western astrologers will say this is the first cusp and the second cusp is over here in Libra so from leo all the way to this first part of Libra is the first house that’s not how we see it okay I’ll talk about those points those house cuss a little bit later but we use what’s called full sign houses to start with because we’re emphasizing the difference blocks from the ascendant block okay and each one of these blocks supports the ascendant which means supports you as you go down the road of your life more or less okay so the angles and shrines and we’re going to skip down here to the North Indian to start with this the angles and trying so the angles are and we’re counting from the first house is this is the first or the ascendant Algie from there the tenth as are in the fourth seventh and tenth houses are the angles okay and the trines are the 1st 5th and 9th from the first the first house is primary or trying but he’s also an angle so the one we say that angles and shrines we’re talking about the first fifth ninth the three trying and the fourth seventh and tenth the three angles those are six houses in total those are the houses that are the smoothest houses in the chart those are the houses that require the less effort to move forward with those are the houses that when there’s planets in those houses and they’re good planets things work out the most smoothly so we like planets in those houses because it helps those planets work out they have the least amount of obstacles to on you know every plan is trying to do something in those houses it has the least amount of conflicts involved okay so those are considered the more suspicious houses there are angles and trying to consider auspicious because they make the whole process easier if you get a lucky chart we’re all seven of your planets are an angles and shrines that’s a fortunate chart that that alone will help a person’s success augment a person’s success and well-being dramatically and also support longevity okay all right then we have what’s called the dish Donna’s dish Donna means a bad place okay each of these signs from the ascendant is a sauna or a place okay the bad places are the six from the ascendant the eighth from the ascendant and the twelfth from the ascendant each of those requires something that we don’t want to do okay the sixth house makes us have to work very hard pay our dues deal with the obstacles and hard realities realities of life it’s basically the idea that nothing’s free you have to pay for it you got to struggle for it you have to prove yourself for it you have to get ready for that’s what the sixth house demands of a person so until we’ve accomplished

that task we don’t get to move on to the next step of our lives Dave house is the house of our weakness our vulnerabilities our failings or shortcomings things that we have to somehow learn to deal with in order to have a full life the eighth house also rules the occult and that’s why the cloth has to do with unraveling your weaknesses and discovering your your problems enough routing them and working through them and healing them that’s all part of the eighth house which basically it’s the house of confronting the parts of yourself that you don’t like too so yeah things will happen in life that forced you to confront yourself and that is the eighth house and until you resolve that confrontation you’re limited in what you can do in life and the happiness you can have so it’s a bad house in that it makes you deal with that things but also it’s a house that’s required okay then the twelfth house is the house of losses and the house of losses of course you’re at the end no you go all the way around and you finish something when you finish something you’re done with it okay I think about as a kid you have a particular tour that you really really love you spend hours and hours with this toy and one day you’re done with that toy okay and you give that toy up that’s what the twelfth house is well and that wasn’t really painful because I was a natural progress of growth right you just kind of grew out of that toy that’s a twelfth house influence but oftentimes the way we grow out of something is we have it taken away so maybe sometimes the parents like jeez you’re way too old to be playing with that you need to get serious about something else in your life and they forcefully take the toy away and force you to grow up more so that can also be the 12th house where when when things are done when our need for something is done when the Karma of something done when the evolutionary need for something is finished it can be taken away from us but we might still want so sometimes the 12th house would be felt as a bad place but really what it is is just finishing up a job well done completing something letting go of it to start a new cycle of development okay so those three houses though planned planets in them will be challenged will be have to let go the things of the 12th house we can’t hold on to them as much as we want the things in the eighth house will push our buttons and reveal to us our vulnerabilities and make us have to go and figure ourselves out the plants in the sixth house will help us deal with real problems you know the real problems of living you know getting a job that works staying healthy get enough money to survive just these real basic I’m on earth what do I need to survive type problems that we’ll have to confront and get strong enough and capable enough to accomplish and the strength of the sixth house is the strength of ability it’s the strength of capability of having the skills and the intelligence to make life work okay and I’m a troubled sixth house we represent a person who just can’t make their life work okay just don’t have the skills the intelligence to live a life that works so they’re always by themselves in trouble financially and with health and so on okay so six house is to make you develop your skills that you can survive eight house is about dealing with your garbage and weaknesses so you can define health health health elite and the twelfth house is the house of letting go the things you no longer need so those are difficult and planets and those are going to be create more difficulties for you okay and those are all taken from this first song they’re not taken based on house cuts the way Western astrologers do it’s a very important distinction that you have to know then the second third and eleven signs those houses or houses of some extra work to make the plans work in those houses you have to work a little harder do a little more then you probably want to but they’re not like big difficult houses they’re just not these nice smooth sailing houses of one five nine and four seven and ten okay so in these North Indian short you can see those really easily those placements you could just see really easily and the South Indian you can’t see it that easily so I say the first house is leo that means the fourth is Scorpio the seventh is Aquarius and detent those tourists it doesn’t just pop out of you but with a little practice it’s totally just as obvious so you can use either system you want you’ll get comfortable with the eventual okay but there is a difference in use and a lot of strollers get so used to looking at one style of chart that they can’t look at another style they look at another one they’re like like what do I do I don’t like to advocate that that’s to me is like being able to go out when it’s cold but not being able to go outside when it’s warm why can’t let’s make it so we can go outside when it’s warm or cold and have

fun so use both charts and in my courses I will use this chart mostly because most of the techniques I do I do so much jaimini the lots of lines all flip over this chart and everyone saw a lot of people will complain so oh you switched over that chart for this course I’m like yep get used to it learn to use both charts okay it’s not a hard thing to do and when you use both charts it will make your life easier they both have their own purpose and the systems of astrology practice in different parts of India probably cause the soldiers a favor one style over other styles there’s actually other styles of charts use in different parts of India that you hardly come across them I’m going to mention them okay all right so the different blocks from the ascendant are usually called Baba’s which means the existing existence I don’t think Bob is the best place for that we translated as houses the Baba doesn’t really mean houses okay it means the existing thing or the state of something existing it doesn’t mean a house like a house that you would live in exactly okay sometimes they call the green haw green hah literally means a house or in a place that you can inhabit and the planets inhabit these different boxes okay sometimes are called Shawna’s which means places these are the different places from the ascendant okay so you’ll hear them called Baba’s most commonly so someone says in Vedic Astrology it’s in the 6th baba they mean it’s in the sixth sign from the asunder if they said it’s in the ninth baba they mean it’s in the ninth sign from the ascendant that’s what they mean and they use full signs for that so you need to be really clear on that don’t go well my Western chart it the seven sign no it’s an onset of science in the seventh house no don’t use those Western House differentiations for Vedic Astrology again the reason is is because we want to see how that planet that’s placed in some box from the ascendant is relating to the assignment is it related to the Senate in a difficult way because it’s in the 6th 8th or 12th sign is it relating to the ascendant in a harmonious way because it’s in the 1st 5th 9th fourth seventh or tenth way how is it relating to the ascendant that’s what we’re looking at for that planet and then astrology we have something called yoga’s which are basically saying well the 12th Lords in the 1st and this means that the 5th Lord is in the 7th and this means doubt so they’ll give these permutations is saying this gives you this in your life when we deal with those yoga’s we’re always dealing with these full signs so the ruler of the fifth would be in this chart the fifth house is Aquarius would be Saturn in the seventh which is eras Saturn and Aries would make that yoga happen it’s all signed based it has nothing to do with the house cuts they use in Western astrology ok all right so then what else you’re going to see in the charts is you’re going to see lots of grahas or planet so you’re going to see the planets sprinkled around the chart right so stay will get the Sun in cancer and Saturn over in Aquarius and you know mercury st. Leo whatever I’m gonna have the planets in the chart you need to learn a lot about planets ok I really recommend that after you get done with this mini little course here and get an idea of the structure of the chart that you jump into my Graha sutras book I also have it as an audio course if I recommend you just get the book it’s cheaper way the audio course doesn’t have anything in it that’s not in the book just get the audio course if you want to if you want to listen to it while you drive and you don’t have someone to read the book to you otherwise I really recommend you get that book and read it over and over again because that book has everything you need to know about planets I find most the time when people who’ve been doing astrology for years and years ask me a question they are asking the question because they don’t know enough about the planet or they don’t understand the signs well enough they’d understand the planets or science those two basics if they knew those two basics they can answer their question so spend a lot of time understanding your planet through reading the kraaho sutras but as a big part I’m not going to talk too much about plants in this course I will talk a little about it but you’re gonna find the planets in the chart and the location of the planets it’s in the fifth house the fourth house the third house is always based on the sign from the ascendant it’s not based on Western astrology cusps those costs power of purpose and I will get into those but they don’t have the purpose of deciding where the planets placed for where the planets placed we’re saying how far is

it from this song how far is it from the ascendant Sun is the default place but we also might want to say how far is it from the Sun Sign or the moon sign or how far is it from the swamp ship sign we have all these signs that we like looking at where planets are falling from the Sun is the most common one but it’s not the only one and anytime you talk about that it’s always based on simply how many signs from a certain sign is something else is a planet located so you have to be clear on that okay then most astrologers don’t use it there’s the bhava cuss the bhava comes from those mathematical points in sky most astrologers only use the ascendant cusp or the first cusp of the chart what we call the log not in Vedic Astrology however I strongly advocate that you use all twelve cusps Western astrologers use the twelve cusps and they divide the chart into a twelve slice pie with that I don’t divide the chart into a twelfth slice pie with those cups I base the pie on the songs okay but you’re gonna find the cusp within those signs and those cuffs are important in fact every vedic astrologer emphasizes the first cusp okay because that’s you now first cusp is you and we need to know where it is we need to read the chart from you and then we’re going to take the degree of that cusp and calculate the divisional charts of it to see in other charts where your first sign is okay so that’s a critical point that ascendant on point okay sadly most astrologers stop there they don’t use the other eleven cusps if you get a chart from my you know if you get a chart for my chart calculator if fall to the heavens calm or you see any of my classes you’re gonna see that each box you’re gonna see a number so you might see two here three here 5 here 6 here 7 here 8 here 9 here 11 here and 12 here you’ll see little numbers in the boxes those that shows you in that box is custom ember five plus number six customer seven customer eight customer nine and so on okay so I left the cust about two three I’m gonna pick on this okay two three I’m gonna put four and five over here okay so in this chart on to make it so Taurus and Scorpio don’t have any cuts falling enough that happens so I’ve got the first cusp in Leo which is where that line is second cuts Virgo third cuts Libra so if I want to read the chart about you I’m going to read the chart from the first cusp and I’m going to calculate the divisional charts for that first cusp and read all about you okay now I’m going to read about your mother I’m going to take the degree at the fourth cusp and read your mother from the fourth cusp and then I’m going to read I’m gonna take the degree of the fourth cost i’ma calculate all the divisional charts for that degree and read your mother from that from that place in those divisional charts if I’m gonna reach your siblings I’m going to look at this cust with number 3/3 capacity of siblings and I am going to you know read your siblings from Libra then we’ll take the degree about third cusp and calculated in the divisional charts and read your siblings from that point in the divisional charts so basically the very same thing that I do for your first cost I’m going to use the other cost for for the other people in your life okay now what most Vedic astrologers will do they only even include these costs they don’t even bother with them instead what they do they’re gonna read your mother from Scorpio and then in the original chart if in the save in a bunch of chart you have Virgo rising they’re gonna read your mother from the fourth from Virgo from Sagittarius I don’t find that working very well it works much much better in fact it’s scary how we’re good it works how accurate is read it from the fourth cusp in that bargain which means we take the degree of this fourth cusp we calculate it and we find where it falls in the divisional charts so these cusps these are the bhava cups with in Sanskrit they call the bhava spewpa spewpa means the exact point or the degree the exact point on the circle

okay and the bhava is existing concrete thing so if we really want to see your existing concrete mother we have to read it from this fourth cusp not from Scorpio okay Scorpio being the one two three fourth from your chart is an angle and planets will be happy in this fourth house that’ll help them move forward okay all other factors equal of course but this house is not your mother your mother what she goes through what she suffers is the fourth cusp which in this chart could be inside tutorials it could be in Libra but and it Scorpio could be in either one of those three it’s not going to be exactly 90 degrees away from the ascendant okay so that’s an important thing too so you’re going to see signs cusp and planets in the chart and you’re going to see those same things in all the bargain charts or divisional charts if you look at the d9 chart the navamsa chart which is important on your marriage you’ll see again the signs the planets and the bhava cusps okay or simply the cusps those are the exact concrete existing points that work hunk work really making predictions about so it’s very important to examine those points to see how your mother’s well-being and health is studied the fourth cusp Scorpio is not going to make so much difference okay look at the fourth cusp if you want to see your siblings look at the third cusp and so on okay so that’s what those cusps are those cuffs are not for defining locations in the chart we don’t do it that way with Vedic Astrology Western astrologers do that but I don’t find it works well so Western astrology would say well from this degree all the way to this degree all of that is your third house it’s like no I cusps it is a point it’s a Baba’s futa an existing point just like this ascendant is you in your existing point I’m going to take that very degree I’m a calculate based on that exact degree the other divisional charts the other things in your life I’m going to do the same for your fourth clasping fifth cusps and so on okay and it’s those cuffs that are the things were actually predicting about so the others they’re extremely important I mean you look at it so by seaside are down here on that chart on in Scorpio I’m not going to predict their mother’s going to die all right they have problems with their mother okay now when Saturn is in Scorpio a personal always have some Saturn Scorpio issues while Scorpio is nourishment and the nourishment you don’t get I know a person in signing Scorpio didn’t get a lot of nourishment okay and yeah that would mean that while nourishment starts with the mother and people with problems in Scorpio can therefore actually have mother issues but that wouldn’t even be a safe prediction it’s just lucky it turns out Scorpio if I see Saturn in Sagittarius I can certainly say mother was not able for the you know was not able towards the child growing up and that mother had huge burdens that were bigger than her ability to care for the child and not hurt the kid I can say that with the circuit here it’s just general the person was born with emotional needs no matter what Simonson if he knows corpulence the first house the tenant house the ninth house I don’t care if solder is in it a person has a lot to deal with when it comes to learning how to get their emotional needs met and they feel all the great lack of that from the moment they were born and all can be reflected in their relationship with their mother but also everyone else it’s not necessary mother specific but if it’s on the fourth cusp yes there’s a soldering issue a feeling of loss and estrangement and separation specifically with the mother so you can say Oh your mother wasn’t able to take care of you well the first six months and your death will be very good on this if you say the same thing for Saturn the fourth sign and the fourth cusp is in there you won’t necessarily be that accurate if there’s a certain sign that’s a mother centered sign namely cancer or Scorpio which are both mother centered signs then you can be correct on that there was any other sign you probably won’t be correct okay and we want to describe the mother’s nature well if Saturn is on the fourth cost with the mother we can know mom’s going to be a site renowned person and mom will have a saturnine build and it’s not relying appearance or if it’s in Scorpio no mom won’t look at Saturn at all okay so these cusp of the concrete existing things and we do need to use them but as

point to read things from so we want to see your mom’s angles we’d go well Sagittarius the 4th 7th and 10th are your mom’s angles the areas and Leo the 5th and 9th from from Sagittarius are your mom’s Tron’s that’s how we have to see it okay all right and if you use the North Indian chart in the software you’ll also see the numbers here so you again this chart we have the number one for first house it’s 2 3 4 5 6 7 and so on so we see the same thing where the fourth and fifth could both be in one box that means the fourth and fifth cusps are there okay all right so that’s how we use the cusps so those are the ingredients we have in the chart okay in that all the planets are there all the customer there and their signs are there but the very foundation are these signs these blocks these chunks these steps every sign is a step a step a territory a place that like almost on a– a place and in that place congregate many things you’ll have cusps congregating in those points and planets congregating in those points and those planets are gonna congregate with the cusps and have an influence so if Saturn’s and Sagittarius with the fourth and fifth cusps Saturn’s didn’t influence the fourth and the fifth cups okay it all influenced them both equally it’s actually influencing this sign and the sign influences everything in it including the fourth and fifth cusps so it’s very simple no reason to get it confused but lots of times people come from a Western background and that confuses them to think of it that way but that’s how we think about it with Vedic Astrology since Vedic Astrology we get my new differentiation between one person to the next because we use the divisional charts Western astrologers don’t use the divisional charts so they have to try to figure out a way to differentiate why one person born 30 minutes later is different and their only excuse for that is the house cost changing the location of the planets okay but that’s not even enough to really explain the de fresh change in between people born ten minutes apart most of the time whereas with Vedic Astrology literally elf every just based on cusps every 12 seconds there’s a different in some divisional chart I mean a very obvious difference every 12 seconds just based on saw dis based on bhava cusp and sons okay every 12 seconds there’s a difference so we can differentiate one person from another who’s born just 12 seconds apart and with the with just the Western astrology chart 12 seconds will make any differentiation even 10 minutes usually won’t really change the chart that much okay so the bargain charts the divisional charts are the key to why the person born next to you in the hospital five minutes later has a completely different life than you okay that’s how precise astrology is and it gets that precision from using these bhava Buddhists it’s the only way it gets it so it’s really critical to use those points some Brett traditions of Vedic Astrology do emphasize the bottom of screw tub does exactly but I’m House cusp but most traditions don’t and the reason is because most traditions emphasize yoga’s yogurts were great they’re simply based on planets what they rule from the first house and where they’re placed from the first house all based on signs and that’s a great school of astrology it works the difficulty with it is you have to learn so many yoga’s you have to just know thousands of them to be ready to read a lot of charts okay good you only can be as good as the amount of yoga as you know but there’s time there’s scientific technical ways to read a chart where you can learn a set of rules and then apply that and read the chart and those rules require to be useful to be accurate requires to use the bhava a lot okay so that’s why we have them so that is the structure of your chart that’s what’s in your chart that’s the basic ideas of how you use these things okay now I told you you after this side of videos to go on to the next step you want to read graha sutras book okay you can get that from Vedic – astrology dotnet also you need to learn your basics about the signs 12 signs of the zodiac they’re so important you know like I said if we see a person who’s got

Saturn in Scorpio right away we know that have nourishment issues doesn’t matter what house that falls in we know that person has a difficult time doing what they knew need to be emotionally nourished okay and to be nourished in general and that’s because of the nature of Scorpio not because of where what house is falling it’s just the nature of Scorpio so there’s a lot of things about those signs you need to know I just finished a new video course called the new Rashi sutras on that and I also have I also have an old Rashi sutras audio course and you can watch both but I more strongly recommend you watch the new videos okay and that will be out in book form soon as a good friend of mine is working on transcribing that for me into a book so we’ll also have a book available before long but you really want to get those basics of the Rajah’s and planets down okay the other base that can you learn is that hypothesis the cusp which means what is the first house what is the second house what is the third house this is real simple basics I’ll be including the video in this series to talk about that basic it’s a very simple thing what the houses rule you just learn it and don’t forget it there’s you know ten six to ten things that you want to remember about every house and that’s it usually once you learn that you know it’s pretty simple things that are easy to forget because there’s a lot more data the details of the Rajah’s and the planets the gras so you want to need to spend more time learning those okay all right so enough on this first video I’ll cover some more the basics in the next ones thank you