Homemade 300cc TANK / PART 7 ( Tensioner, returning caterpillars )

And in this video we will finally see if this tank will be driveable And of other things we need to do tensioner for these two serpentine belts We made tensioner from 4 different bearings and we just need cord to connect all that

And we are done with rear tensioners and stringing the whole system, now we need to put back tracks and see will we be able to start this tank. Stay to the end of this video!

As you can see, this engine is perfectly good for this behemoth, it has enough power to start this tank, but the only problem is this gear who has too big “teeth” to drive the track,

that happens when the track wants to seperate with gear. And we will solve that problem in the next video because our time’s up, winter is coming, it’s getting cold in

the workshop so we will leave that for the next time. If you liked this video, hit the like, share and subscribe button and see you in the next video. Bye! Regarding next video, expect repairing of this 2 gears, we will put much bigger pulley, engine will be less burdened and tank will have more power, and of course, test of this tank I’m really sorry because it is like that, but you can’t forsee all this problems, it’s difficult to improvise. I expect like, share and subscribe and see ya in the next video. Bye!