DIY: Home made Berkey Water Filter system

all right folks guess what I’m doing today I am cooking today just kidding today I’m gonna make a murky water filter system and I just bought these filters these are carbon filter from bulky and it cost me a hundred and seven dollars for two of these and I was looking for a whole system but because I’m living in the great state of California great state it is not available for sale in California because of the water regulation so I have to make my own lucky so I bought you these from Walmart this is a crock pot stop office when the car stock pot would lit 16 corn or four gallons so this is four gallon but it’s terrible quality that still it is stainless steel by the way very thin metal and the lid doesn’t close look at that look at that this is a gap here the loop is closed tight it’s very cheap I’m not going to use a lid but the body is sturdy enough for me in two of these will stack up like so just right so two of these you stack up like so just right so I can make the bulky water filter system going anyway the top part rest on the rivets here some are better than the other and the filter is gonna go on the top top part like so so I’m gonna drill two holes and one on this side one on this side so the filter is I’m gonna go to the top like so and the bottom is gonna be holding the water okay and it doesn’t have a faucet or spigot that’s what’s called this one so I have have to stay on it from this water mono okay I’m a drill hole here and today in like so so I can dispense the water so I’ve been buying water from my whole life we use so it’s kind of water for everything for cooking for drinking making soup anything that we eat or drink we use that water and the water close to the water we bought from the vending machine the great glacier

but here the classroom vending machine these are outside of the supermarkets in 25 cent per gallon and recently they raised the price to 30 cents and they found that ridiculous so and I also make a calculation and I’m gonna show you so we we go through one of these five gallon jug what a jerk every single day and let me show you how much we spend on water per year for the last hundred years so we got 25 cent per gallon and that’s per water Chuck water bottle like this one right here that is one dollar 25 cent per bottle right and that’s every day every day we spend we use one of these per year that times 365 we pay 456 dollars a year that’s a lot while we drink a long water but that’s a lot of money to spend on water so I think it would be a lot cheaper and also it’s just it’s not so far security because first of all you don’t know what in the city water in the tap water then this today is supplied to you and there’s a lot of stuff in it chlorine calcium carbonate other nasty stuff that you don’t even know what they put in and also when you go through these welding machine you don’t know what they put in the vending machines either they advertise as reverse osmosis filter you throw lots of filters and stuff do you realize but who knows or inside this machine may be just a blank I mean an empty box let’s just go straight from the tap to the tutor to the forth to the dispenser up here where you put the bottle in I mean you don’t know right so and then in a disaster strike in emergency situation you out of this you’re not gonna buy this you can’t buy this in in an emergency and in a power outage or things like that nature disaster you cannot buy one and everybody is gonna fight for water so with a water filter I don’t have to go through all that plus every week I spend an hour going around to feel this photo an hour or more that’s the man of time that I can use to do something else more productive so there’s a lot of plus in getting this lucky water filters and that’s why I’m doing this today so let’s get to it all right so just drill my two holes and look at the difference this one is clean flush look at this one it’s just so jacket melt because I pushed down the drill bit too hard while I’m drilling it and it makes a very rough hole now I have to find a way to flatten this out speed rough so when you drill this do it slowly and do it don’t push down too much don’t don’t make too much pressure on the hole

otherwise end up with this just find a way to flatten this out and on the other end too not a good thing this whole flap and flush so I’m trying to install spigot to the bottom bucket and this this is 3/4 inch spigot so I have the drill take 1/4 inch hole look at this oh I have maximum size is 1/2 inch even the ones I’ve sold install Savage good find anything bigger and the next best thing is the step drill bit which costs like $50 which is ridiculous but I found this this is called a countersink and it’s gonna allow me to draw a drill or bigger hole without having to spend 50 bucks this cost me 20 so it’s not bad but yeah so I hope this should do I almost went through the hole just want to show you this not very clean home see it’s jagged and this is that this ham here it gets a jump down the gas just have to be and gently instead up pushing it the more I push the mark jagged the hole it’s gonna be so I just have to do it gently I suck just done with a hole it looks like it’s so clean no and I just use the file and some sandpaper and sand it out smoothly no my spigot now next step is to prime the filter and basically what you need to do is to to make the field of wet that’s all you’re gonna do getting it ready to use because when it’s dry and there’s a low air and here so you got to let all the air out by replacing it with water so that’s what they call Tommy and so we you put this on the top here and then you put the faucet against the top part here and let the water and throw run through and then you will see one of sipping out throughout the top to the bottom all the way and that’s all you got to do and also when you hold the filter make sure that you hold it gently because I’ve seen people breaking it this part here break away from the carbon because the only thing that’s holding between the carbon filter and the plastic holder here is some clue that’s it so there are just some glue around the base under underneath this plastic hold it here so you gotta be very gentle alright so just put it against I guess the best part is the whole under carbon is them holding on this you know that way don’t fall out because this is very fragile the clothes very fragile so hold against the faucet turn the arms use cold water and turn the arm slowly just a little bit not too much and just wait you see it see the water start to seep out from the top and then I go slowly to the bottom and want you to let it run for like a little bit more here so what

I’m doing now is replacing the area inside the filter with water that way there’s no bubbles trapped in the filter to prevent it from filtering the water effectively and that’s it I’m done planning now I’m getting ready to put in the stock pot all my homemade Bucky what is called milky filter system alright so I have my stock pot right here ready to install the filter and showing you the two holes I drilled one on each side alright and just put in with the rubber washer all right so I’ve just finished installing the the to filter in here and this I think is the most delicate part of the installation this thing is very fragile so I have to do it gently and have and because the bottom is sticking out so I just put two filters and hand-tighten on the bottom you have to tie to make it tight enough so it it does lick water down and not too tight to break the clue again you know the connection between the the filter and the plastic hold on the bottom but that’s it and I just put it on the top here like so alright and I’m good to go find the lid watering and I’m good to go and it cost me $11 each we taxied my trial dollars each so 24 four to ten four dollars it’s figured I steal from the other bottle but I see it sold online for about five dollars so this is about five dollars and it took me probably half a day to make this because I had to drill this hole which I didn’t have the tool for it so I have to run to Lowe’s to buy it so half a day probably more than half a day and this is this again at my best Walmart and 16 quat or four gallons and the same system like this if you buy the whole complete system from bo keep up because you about three hundred and fifty or more cost me about thirty dollars and half a day to do this if you are experienced you can probably do it in in a shorter time but this tale is pretty tough to drill through so I think it’s a pity quality still i like stainless better than aluminum because aluminum move over time stain and leave a white residue which I don’t like this is easier to clean and it’s tougher than aluminum so hopefully it will last and next time I’ll do a video about

the water quality and we’ll see I’m going to make another video and because this video is too long and so next time my video and I revealed by the water quality to see if it’s water to make this but so far I think I hope that it will because every time I filled water cost me well over an hour just to go there and back to feel the water and I have to do it every week and spend $10 probably know about almost $15 a week just for water so that’s a lot of money except money number one and save time number two and I can be independent meaning if there’s a disaster I can help water drinking water where everybody is frantically looking for it so let’s see I’m going to do the water quality review in my next video so I’m gonna put in the description link in the description below so just just look for that and we’ll see all right let’s not happen thank you for watching