Farming Simulator 15 Steering Wheel Unboxing and Setting Up

well folks look what I got here I got a box that’s right I think we need to open this box that’s my first time opening I am not seeing this myself yet so hopefully you guys can see okay don’t have the best of lighting here Oh where’s the fun I guess that’d be considered the front I know that looks right fancy I think I’ve got the full set I got the wheel pedals and the side panel I was initially considered maybe just getting the side panel cuz I do have a Logitech g27 already but I decided to get the whole kit just in case you know I don’t know why but it sprays a few extra bucks get everything okay I’ve got some tape up here let’s see what we got in here more boxes for starters petals Oh instructions yeah we can throw those away box good stuff okay let’s set the camera back down here a minute you guys probably don’t see a whole lot let me get this stuff out here those petals are definitely smaller than I thought they would be just compared to theirs my g27 petals gas brake and clutch look at the size of these now okay Oh an interesting plug type I’m not seen that tape before you know the wire is undone here okay we got the wheel got the nice little ball thing outta that’s cool some buttons back there I got these annoying little cheat twisters on them I hate these kind of twisters but okay looks like that’s where the petals plug in oh no I like this they gots rubber grips on here that’s nice that is one complain about I have a belt my g27 it does not have any rubber grips on it so it can slide around on my desk a little bit and of course this one being a little bit smaller it’s probably definitely needed now the g27 has a little bit of weight to it nice deep pads got kind of a self centering I don’t think there’s any force feedback on this from what I remember so it’s just gotten that’s not like a really nice centering force there oh it actually works too got horn button in the cool now that’s something I’m not seeing on the steering Oh before that’s cool okay and one last piece of hardware here nine of the main reason for the whole thing right this plugs in separately okay see that’s why I was wondering about it’s like you can use it separately but I was wondering like how do you use it separately it’s actually got its own USB plug so yeah there isn’t I’ll maybe have to look at the thing just to make sure

but it’ll see me pour it on that so it looks like you do have to have two available USB ports again nice you got nice little rubber pads on it looks like it our holes there if you want to mount it say some interesting slots and there too like those might be for something but I don’t know what your loader controls some buttons on it I’m not sure if these are considered one butter to button looks like one button very nice by the way I’m gonna have to get this set up here a moment get it hooked up and I will be back and just a quick a little intro here before I set this up I just wanted to show you guys my current setup this is my G 27 I have setup here mounted to my keyboard tray of course got the shifter steering wheel pedals are down there and just looking at the wheel here the new farming sim wheel that is I’m hoping I can set the wheel probably in about here somewhere I might have to move my mouse pad a little bit or maybe get rid of it and I’m gonna try to set the control panel here and hopefully still have my mouth available yet so I’m gonna get that set up I don’t really have a place to set the camera so I’m going to take care of that a moment and then I’ll start recording again here once I’ve got it somewhat set up and plugged in okay folks I got the side panel and wheel and pedals I didn’t notice one thing there is a thing that flips out from underneath the gas and brake here just kind of sits underneath there this all say it feels kind of cheap but it should work I don’t see why not obviously not as fancy as the g27 but like I said an issue that might be my plan I might use my g27 yet and then just use the side panel the only promise I might not have room for this on my keyboard tray or I might have to do something different but I still have my mouse back here yet I had to move the pad that’s fine I got my keyboard up here you know typically when I play without the mouse this is gone and my keyboard comes down here with my mouse and keyboard so I did not see any installation stuff for this so I’m assuming you plug it in and it’s good to go we’ll find out I guess got the farming simulator is up and running obviously so let’s get a game going here and just see once if we can move something with us and then we’ll wrap up the video and obviously I do like this this is kind of nice you see this and a lot of tractors really let’s yeah turn your wheel fast I might have to do something to solidify my keyboard tray here my g27 actually would bump up against here and hold it solid this one you know I can do the same thing but it’s in really far so I I’m I might have to take her with us to set up a little bit got the the pedals plug in right here by the way I’ve got this steering wheel and pedals part those are plugged into my keyboard back has a USB port on it and then my side panel I’ve got plugged into my computer over here I guess I could plug them both in over there it doesn’t really matter I just this is typically where I my g27 plug in I plug my g27 into my keyboard up here okay we’re really good the game yes yes my first look at the map well let’s see what’s here just tap to a vehicle the wheels turn let me fire it up here now mig-27 I have actually got some buttons configured for my drive control and there’s I have a lot I’ll figure that out I might have to do some key configs let’s see what’s here it is control space there you go do that okay hopefully folks can see okay and we’ll just take a kind of a quick drive around here see if I can hold the camera back a little bit more using my GoPro so hopefully that’s working okay

and the break is yeah okay yep that’s it horn ya cat horn oh I’m assuming one of these is maybe look around no no that’s okay zoom in and out okay you can switch views I thought for sure one of these would be look around but they don’t appear to be doing anything like I say might have to configure some of us or I might have to reset my controls cuz obviously I’ve got it set up for the g27 that might mess with stuff cool loader control here by the way I don’t know if you folks and see that up on the screen but it is moving the real on the combine header up and down in and out that is nice this should really be nice for loader work I think not see speed I’m turning it down if you folks can see that the corner there it seems like it’s got a lot of turning you have to do oh that’s cool you can actually push it and it locks your speed in very nice ok switches between vehicles I’m just pushing buttons here I know it seems like a good thing to do alright I don’t know if anything needs come pre-configured oh that does that your finances store so you know stuff like this you know I really don’t see a point of having that on the control that much rather hacks you have tracked or controls on here but that we’ll see once I need to I’m pulling yeah ok probably a button here that unfolds it probably and that might have just been the one cuz if I do let’s see it was this button here yes so if I must be fold unfold 10 is open the pipe is this higher a worker I wonder yeah okay I bet you this is higher worker anyway like I said folks looks nice I am going to hopefully record an episode with this setup here on the Gold Edition obviously hope you folks enjoyed this quick little video here unboxing and setting it up nothing to install it I just plugged it in so that is really nice just plug it in and you’re good to go your experience with that may vary I don’t know if everything will just plug in that nice all this turns cool buttons back there so yeah looks good I’m not much to sing about it yet until I actually start playing with it so hope you folks enjoy and like I said and leave any comments or questions and thanks for watching