Farming Simulator 2015 tutorial PC gameplay

well good a farmers welcome can’t really say back to firm simulator Saturday sort of kind of in a way but welcome to pharmacy meter 2015 new game never played it myself yet I just literally just loaded it up right now so and that’s not entirely true okay I did come in already once and adjusted the not that the graphics and stuff here so it’s all HD and stuff hardware’s medium right now just leave her at that um so yeah and I’ve actually loaded a game yet though so let’s load something up here career looks like they gave us a whole whack again 2020 save games too until you so we’ll use one here start we’re just gonna do it uneasy oh we got us another map to scan D named area represents an important agriculture or center in the middle of the Nordic forest show board your homes residents how modern farmers run this map also contains tour that introduces to the game’s fundamentals ok well let’s load up that one I guess I don’t know if this is more like a forest forest one or what I’m not too sure taking a bit to load though starting right there we go I think apparently still loading hello confirm simulator would you like to start a short guided tours will show the basics of the game sure welcome to the guided tour game elements your map and the lower like everything’s probably pretty much the same ish mm-hmm chuckle map you go to spotting key to the map that’s a question mark there Oh combine weight feel this is one of the fields you will own from the very start the sweet is conveniently completely grown for you to a stage where it can be harvested mmm time from time for you ended up combine to get it started okay a matches II you know under vehicle and your vehicle okay attach the hitter okay first do you attach a header that’s sitting right in front of you keep it I on the help panel which shows you the available functions okay so that on now I got to unfold a Harvester and I guess that’s it turn Irish you’re on turn accelerate s break reverse cruise control three probably one two and three hopefully – twos not working it’s only once beat bruising from let’s just get out and have a look here the week doesn’t look too bad it’s a little you gonna mine only got the graphics on medium – right so probably be there do you when we get to this thing ready to unload as soon as a harvester take its fall or even before that you could unload the kind of the trailer standing next to this field trailer standing next to this field wouldn’t you already turn off the header and drive to

the question mark to the trailer when you’re ready turn off the header drive I would do that crazy game developer guys don’t know how to farm you’ll take your harvester off the field unloading I’m gonna move the combine if I position of the trailer requisition for automatically Jackie looks pretty cool now it is it well you can dress for the field of the reckon I don’t generally like that I would have a nice to see that get mushed down okay so we’ll wait firm to Phil we got here Pearlman prestige turbo while we’re waiting for him to fill up here look at all this stuff here holy cow harvesters go I like how they said this up this is kind of nice jeans Hoss select the category look we got three different types of chainsaws to choose from Husky Jones Reed McCullough wow I really like how they set this off actually this map here cuz you can I need a plow okay click that and select category it brings you up all the plows that’s available but it’s really cool back front loaders tippers stuff that comes on sale I guess cultivators forestry equipment – oh like out expensive wow that’s pretty cool Oh or week this guy let’s just see what other equipment they give us Oh little cultivator oh that’s pretty sweet it’s like it’s really chopping her up and stuff lantern oh I was a thing ever heavy [Laughter] another old tracker that’s gets us about it that’s pretty sweet cars to get in the way again huh cars actually look like cars oh you run me right over holy cow come on please check in with ya it’s gonna stop a rummy right over we actually stop for me hmm well then isn’t that interesting all right how’s this guy look in here what are we at here now 51% you see in the bottom right there that’s kind of sweet probably walking this whole field down here like

64% 65% has Canaan because gives you a little Janey’s months over but down in the right corner you can see the 2782 66% it also gives you a little bar graph to that’s pretty neat visuals visuals are always good I got us wait till he’s following us here we’ll unload them now how is this briefing settings that’s good they set it up as no missions to start with plant withering oh wow you can turn that on and off now that is cool I like that that’s not now you don’t have to go in and hack the game now funny they don’t show you gonna save that they don’t show you map there but it’s different here maybe yes store just we’re gonna storage biogas wow this is waiting a lot better now there’s the map change vehicle filter tractors harvesters tools oh wow he even tells you exactly where stuff is now how do you reset stuff hmm nice gross fruit type so there’s lots of stuff planted right now sheep owned cows own sources are zero Thresh Darius’s statistics that’s kind of cool gives you all that that’s neat seed usage fuel usage Wow that’s it for that that’s kind of cool now you do that it actually pauses the game which just kind of don’t really like that too much you know normally he would have kept going and you could do your stuff in the you know done that’s okay what works did they still got that stupid circle draw distance thing I guess that makes it run better on your computer and stuff see this oh it was Mike to see that we kind of disappear here in the sack like the straw on the ground here yeah see starting to get out of that circle i high-resolution sir I wish they didn’t do that I walk leaving tire marks it’s kind of cool they sort of disappear looks like after a bit but I didn’t realize that I would have been full so I guess I’ll park them back here somewhere how’s this guy making it getting all dirty it’s got those chisel plows on the cultivator here too really digs in good that’s pretty sweet oh he is fault okay

okay the wheat is being dumped into the trailer if you want you can go back to harvester harvest more wheat and load it here until the trailers full how loading as soon as you want to continue with the tour exit the harvester under the tractor standing in front of the trailer okay then well that’s cool it doesn’t oh I like that it’s got a you know it fills up in one area where you’re filling it the most that is really cool so you really got a watch you can’t just sort of dump it anywhere it’ll probably spill up over the edge that is really cool I really like that we’ll just let him finish this up here I guess get the last little bit might actually see if it will spit up spill off over the edge that’s if it does hold man that’s really cool I don’t know how long today’s video will be but just give you a little sample a taste of the game how it isn’t stuff so it’s kind of cool steering wheel it moves stuff pretty basic in here showing you an active life counter on the console that’s kind of neat hmm it’s really cool you know dirty footprints that’s neat hey last but not least I wrote here really really really curious to see how the bales are gonna react as in if you remember the bales were like on ice before it really sucked I don’t have enough all right a brief journey a new location to the market your map drive the tractor – with the trailer didn’t get a spot and touch the question mark there okay then mmm one sell it

that’s what this all about making money on loan this is unload station one of the places in the map where you can sell the harvest you can check current prices and products by opening the statistics menu on the storage prices make sense selling your harvest move the tractor into the trailer located on the top of the pit as soon as you unload the symbol appears the right side of the screen you can unload it and install the wheat download well that is awesome that way they’ve done that I really like that also nicely done selling your crops in the mean in the main way to earn money as a farmer there’s a main way to earn one he’s a femoral be switching vehicles let’s switch to her tracker you use the tab key quickly typically seconds through all your vehicles do this until you reach the tractor with the next question mark beside it which probably was this one so I shouldn’t have started yeah it was ha ha I jumped the gun a little bit so I’ll just get him down here and then molag go back to the question market start cultivating yes cultivating fields fields can be harvested need to feels that have been harvested need to be cultivate can be sown a new sow in the new the field is being harvested recently now needs somebody to cultivate it Irie enter the tractor touch culture behind them ok did that good news good now lower the cultivator and drive to the cultivated over the field to cultivate the soil sorry I’m not sure I’m driving in China one read a – ok see neither do we up here is probably gonna say a little bit blah blah blah and blah blah anyways go see what he says here oh yeah well done that’s not helping for now you can finish the field later if you want my next task now switch to the tractor that’s got the question mark beside it and exit the vehicle to trigger the next message okay sewing fields feel that I’ve been cultivated are ready to be sown for this you need to use your sewing machine reenter the tractor attach the sewing machine and that’s placed behind it I think I’ve already done yet filling this one machine sewing machine attached is currently empty drive it drive the tractor and next to the seed pile pallets in front of you filling the sewing machine you’re done when you’re driving close enough to start filling the sewing machine seeds fill it to the brim to continue well done now drive to the field which is marked by the green flashing ring on your map and touch the question mark there time to so select the seed you want to use turn on the low turn on and lower the sewing-machine then drive over the field that’s pretty cool I don’t know if I’d be that much dirt floor not but anyways that’s pretty sweet that’s enough for sewing to her you can continue later if you want if you want to know more about general workflow you can visit tutorials found in the main menu for more in-depth information now let’s jump to the final part of this ture again switch the track that has the next question right beside it and exit the vehicle and trigger the next message

the vehicle shop this is where you sell your vehicles and tools or buy new equipment you can either visit the shop in person by activating the shopping symbol in front of it or trigger it anywhere by pressing the buttons shown below which we’ve already done end of the tour or that’s the end of the tour end of the tour look for more question marks provided information with specific game elements you can also use one of the phone boosts to find additional explanations end of the tour a good luck and have fun in the world of farming thanking you so that’s kind of sweet you actually go in oh it’s locked so let’s have a look in here cars only one dear oh dear wheel loader slurry tanks what am I looking for here tippers trackers oh boy there’s y’all ruler fueled hurler regular one of my favorites don’t have enough Corsa versus Linder steyr Pearlman same case of course a new Holland’s in the game now Lamborghini do its Wow tracks on that one that sweet and of course the big big case they got in there too so 620 horsepower craziness all right I guess that’s all we can do with this guy for now really want to see if I get some kind of baler or part of the Baylor’s man loadings header trailers more baling technology probably can’t afford any of this 8,000 for that guy that a little more reasonably priced big baler roll belt baler so this would be a square are they’re both squares maybe doesn’t seem to tell you that hmm I think this would be a square that’s around ninety three thousand jeez I don’t think I can squeeze that much money here oh it just did look at that oh it took me out of my screen there why I gotta track her at the store there dude just really wanted to try the the Baylor’s here okay come with me mr. Baylor I have no real idea where I’m going right now we’re gonna hack is my home oh I see 38 24 24 there’s trackers going almost been 29 field number 29 I like how they got the map nice and big but it I wish it was a little smaller actually okay so that should get me to what makes your work hard

graphically wise it doesn’t really look like much has really changed now mind you guys still got it on medium settings too so I probably could throw it on the high setting because it seems to be running pretty good okay let’s go run some bales here of course you know it’s um number field number 29 Wow so it seems like it’s got an autumn that’s awful something’s not right here in order to pick up me I might work she just might be a square baler I don’t know yeah just super really really curious on how they’ve set up the bails as if they’re like no nice is that really sucked before I didn’t like the bails the Hitler before it really sucked so this would be interesting to see I can get one here pull it down takes a lot for a bail here takes quite a while to get him going again for some reason he doesn’t keep the speed which makes sense in the turn you’re gonna slow okay square round or what oh that wasn’t the right button and load baler oh of course she’s around he oops mmm you know I don’t have anything to pick them up with of course but looks like the fundamentals might be a little better here’s hoping well I might as well bail the rest up we should get maybe two more out of it oh wait take them so long dick it’s kind of strange

it’s not very big be else either hmm seems to be an awful lot packed in there for small bail huh if she could have change the size that John Deere baler I really like no I don’t know that would actually work right in this game or if you’d have to change it like you know the eleven had to be changed for the 1313 game so I I don’t know I was gonna work or not now technically bails on a sort of a hill like this I should myself as the walkin farmer guide be able to come up behind the bale and push on it and roll it down the hill now whether I will be able to I don’t know but um be an interesting little test now another interesting thing which I bet you this one won’t do whereas my John Deere one I like did is I’m not gonna have enough here for a full bail the other one you could wrap whatever it was that was in there and dump it out now I’m willing to bet that this one won’t and you’ll end up having you know half a bale stuck in there so now if I wanted to use this baler for bailing some hay I’m not sure how you do that because how do you get that whatever is left out of there I don’t know there must be a trick or something so we’ve got twenty percent here which is probably not even know wants to see what happens we press over absolutely nothing that’s not super to good yeah so there we go no there’s some more question you marked down here of course is fertilizer fertilizer tank drive this tanks fill your sprayers and with fertilizer during this filling process money deducted from your account duh now I think somewhere I’ve got a spreader Oh what now what is this I know what is air but it’s potatoes sugar beet sweet potatoes stuff and woodchips I do believe woodchips storage despite you can store your display woodchips you have to retrieve them by using the wheel loader and shovel this will be potatoes and sweet potatoes store your potatoes sugar beets buy along them two conveyor belts are located behind where you can fill your trailers and the seeds again here yes so some where whoa this looks like my storage silos are a temporary storage for your commodities drive to over the unload spot with full trailer and load its contents the symbol is display to the right as soon as you’re in position to start unloading trees commodity from storage position trailer below the pipe and then their side to activate it the trailer will be loaded to a full or until storage is empty so on the other side there’s pipes Oh how do you select to know which one you want I don’t figure that it was some time it’s just water over here we’ll go read them though sounds are like these you know for your

water tanks that make sense okay Oh buddy is done Thanks 32 holy cow somewhere there’s got to be even sure we have one is a fertilizer spreader or something well car car Oh cars are hard in this game early okay so now what are we going back up this rope here Wow what’s this thing say welcome brand new firm okay just a mist that won’t start because that’s my ranch ranch oh right so um where it’s all my stuff now I’m not even sure if I do ona there’s your you own trailer I don’t think I own a spreader no I don’t and I don’t think I’m gonna have enough money now yes but anyways that’s just a little taste of the new farm simulator 2015 for us um farm some savage farm sim Saturday will resume with this game I do presume and I’ll probably start in to the West bridge hills Mathis I know it a little more better and stuff and this one I like to play the map a lot before get kind of used to you know so anyways thanks for watching today we’ll catch you for firms in Saturday and have a good Appetit