Getting Started with AWS | Amazon Web Services BASICS

Hi. Welcome to the video. My name is xxxx And in this video, I want to introduce you to AWS, the Amazon Web Services. Now if you already know AWS , you know they have a lot of services and getting started can be tough. If you don’t know them, we’ll get to know AWS in this video. By the end of video, we’ll have a very basic website being deployed on AWS so that we can actually visit it in the web And you will hopefully have a better understanding of what AWS is about how it generally works, and how you can navigate general services they offer. So let’s get started lets get started so called regions each orange circle is a region each of these regions also have availability zones that are like extra rooms in a big hall you could say which are clearly separated from the upper rooms so that if one room fails the other one still keep on running

you could adjust the domain, though you cant change the general the root domain here on this page. You would need to do this in a different service and I won’t do it here