Setting up ShoutCast DSP Plugin for Winamp

welcome to try netbiz tutorial on setting up the shoutcast DSP the first thing you’ll do is open your browser go to shoutcast comm and once that loads choose broadcasting tools scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll choose the latest shoutcast DSP plugin just like download tell it to save the file and then go ahead and open the file tell it to run skip through this set your destination directory for your one amp is located in my situation that’s correct if you want the documentation you can have the documentation click install leave set as the current DSP plug-in checked and if you want go ahead and run one out and here we have our first look at the shell cast DSP the first thing you’ll do you’ll go to output and as you can see here I already have the server information copied over from the welcome email so you’ll enter in the IP address and the address the port by nine nine six for this case stream ID ill leave alone and the password for this is cast go ahead and check use a shoutcast v1 mode unless you’re set up for username and password for DJ for djs and then click yellow pages uncheck check or uncheck your choice if you want to make the server public if you make it public it posts to the shoutcast radio directory name your show URL in this case we’re new just trying to cast done that various John there and then you can use the other options here if you like now using this if you want is an option you can manually update your songs if you so choose I recommend just letting one amp update it for you it’s a little bit less hassle next go to encoder always going to be an mp3 encoder and then choose your source in this case it’s going to be 128 kbps with 41 4.1 kilohertz and from there we’re good to go so just take connect and when it starts saying sent you’ll be sending your information all right and as you can see we’re still playing so what you’ll do to make sure it’s working pull up a browser go to tip it alone trying to cast dotnet : near port number 99 9 6 and we’re playing now another way to test it is through another media player and I set this one up before I started just choose Windows Media Player and there we have it now say you want to talk over the airwaves you go to input and change that from when app 2 soundcard by the way it bounces up and down and that’s how you set up the shoutcast DSP if you have any other questions please go to try net cast dotnet and submit a support ticket thanks for watching you