Flying on Water in Montego Bay with LIFT FOIL JAMAICA!

oh yeah it is 6 19 in the morning just driving out from montego bay to fall mouth i just happen to have a couple friends from canada that are visiting with their families and managed to arrange some foil boarding electric foil boarding so big up sefton stewart from efoil jamaica and we’re gonna try these boards out it’s like an electric surfboard but they’re raised out of the water on a foil looks insane and i’ve wanted to try it for a long time so very much looking forward to this and yeah sun’s gonna come up and we’re gonna see if we can figure out this crazy piece of technology all right here we are oh [ __ ] what’s up boys yeah yeah i just said it’s going to know who we’re looking for uh whip you like this corolla why is it every time i see you you pick me up in a shittier and shittier toilet is this what you’re going to wear to go surfing today okay we’re good thank you thank you yeah this is beautiful it’s perfect are you ready to shred i’m feeling very shred tacular ready shreddy you know what you got you got perfect perfect perfect yesterday we were gonna go stand up paddle boarding and the guy wouldn’t let us have the paddle boards because it was too wavy i was like isn’t that the point of this you can warm up on that look at this we’re just waiting for the foils evan’s doing some warm-up paddleboard tell me how do you warm up for foil boarding with my stuffed yoga moves you see the headstand here stop yoga yep yep yep oh that was right onto your spine i totally forgot i was filming too sorry no you’re the hero all right save some energy for foiling crazy take him down man how are you that’s small too man the brains of the operation oh man that is so sick i gather these things are [ __ ] rad oh they look so fun the only thing okay yeah four bolts all it takes four bullets that’s his workout aggressive that’s where the pricing comes from some good engineering you gotta pay to play

can we get some more horsepower on this yeah what you do is you gotta diddle this knob and it’ll uh add a few extra horses get your sprocket wrench on that that will do i like this one’s for the extra husky gentlemen which one’s the best for doing handstands on that one supervising today you got to be the lifeguard though in case they get in trouble out there [Laughter] first one to the abandoned freighter wins looks russian looks russian i was going up there man i got scared and turned back some bad man stuff happening over there i think that thing look i have been to the bottom of the ocean before oh we’re exploring today all right have a good vibe yeah i’m gonna go and do this you know this is like priest link up this wall initiation smoke all right get it good you know as you come on that player this morning there’s a two guy right there oh yeah in the grill so i’ll get me a nice border weed and try my best for not going out of the camps and i have to give more cars before yeah yeah just come deep brother yeah it’s smaller but small things always come smoke ceremony and get out there yeah smoke ceremony first yeah it’s not involved in that sort of thing i can film first and then try next so yeah i’m in all right let’s do it if you look right there you’ll step right there often in nine feet of water just where the sun breaks so ever it’s been cleaned out and we can see the bottom of the ocean right now like clearly so that’s why i’m excited to go there early yeah yeah yeah so okay look at this business card is maddie coming up with ideas like this for your business this is ingenuity these guys are going to be the guinea pigs i’m going to just shoot see what we get first i’ll be here for support mike’s here for support social support also helping the turtles by digging absolutely yeah somebody has to be the controller here man just make sure things go smooth we’re gonna put this somewhere safe we’re gonna move this to the water [Applause] right don’t run me over yeah right buddy that dome is going to be my target so far so good everyone still got all their limbs wow shredders yeah yeah john

it’s like surfing without having to paddle yes it’s like all the hard part is done for you and it’s just a fun day hell yeah i rode for six months on my stomach because i had the first one and no one to teach you’re just self self-taught wow six months right now my stomach people just like what is this like is this can you stand on it it’s called dick dragging oh man six months and then like i went across the channel here first time i stood up and then the first time i took it to kingston i wrote it from lime key to maiden key yeah and everybody was like yo you crossed the channel i was like was there a channel i don’t know about our channel i just wrote that’s sick it’s fun man come on these guys get in under 10 minutes man yeah these guys are good surfers that’s it yeah they got the skills you’re the second big guys you ride this thing in less than yesterday there was a guy like 270 no kidding yeah man he got up on me right i think i couldn’t believe i couldn’t believe it’s surfing with none of the hard work like it’s just the fun part that’s why they’re charging yes okay it’s all just soul card yeah john i got some sick shots of you guys john’s got like the big the big indigram turn i stopped talking to him and just told him what to do once like just listen you’re gonna do this shuffle your left leg forward and step and he just did it right away man these guys are rippers the team from minnesota and these guys are the fastest to ever stand up on this thing [ __ ] now pressure’s on me oh that’s the thing that’s the thing now it’s like having your sister do something before you exactly you’re in a competition no and that’s it that’s what the trouble is so good so are we getting these for the county or what so i’ll pick two yeah it’s really weird looked hard but you guys said you’re the fastest ever to pick it up it’s like dude once it’s like you know when you’re trying to like get going on a wakeboard or on a surfboard or something and you don’t have the speed you need yeah it gives you the speed so like you can get up super easy so like it takes the it takes the guesswork and the hard parts out of it so it’s just the fun part now it’s just figuring out how to carve on a friggin blade instead of on a board yeah the sharp turns were hard yeah or like or like you go and you want to just like like it’s a skateboard or a snowboard you want to just give it a little toe to like straighten up a bit and you’re just like over the handlebars oh man that’s fun get ready you can do some stretches or something stand up uh jet skiing yeah uh okay yeah like that the same weirdness with you this is this is an absolute workout though when you get home you’ll realize all of this is worked out and switch the batteries over and man i was in so much pain i got to take a lot of shots today and then i got off the boat and jumped in the car and drove for like two hours and when i went to get another car i was like oh god somebody help me my legs they don’t want to go yeah fireman you’re wearing that whole suit right in the water if i wearing white i will straight white island blue yeah cm glasses cm boats everything all right ali is a match not not the style but the red and black is for half hyena apricot symbol so i’m happy in one suit looks so this nice so crazy man wow and the pressure’s on because of these guys learning so damn quick yep you better stomp a kick flip any tips evan go fast die young yeah get some front foot front foot gas gas gas you look good you look fast

it’s pretty awkward but it’s fun dude just like you you’ve got the balance now just just open it up and see how fast you can go mikey in the put cut up yeah johnny go get some johnny kitty all night that’s so fun and relatively easy to get up yeah yeah well like again it gives you the speed right so it gives you everything you need yeah yeah those good look at john’s glistening muscles all right first time foiling i’m able to do it pretty good it’s not too difficult and uh yeah it feels insane so i’m controlling it with this my stance is pretty tight and we’re rolling here in montego bay jabby how’d i do yeah i’ll take it easy you know yeah yeah i’m fun but uh yeah so fun yeah i think they’re good yeah yeah i really want one for at home imagine cruising down a river or wherever it’s like having a blast now go do it yeah first time doing that relatively easy to learn definitely awkward at first you got to be a lot more forward than you think and your feet need to be close together so if you’re a surfer it’s way tighter than you would normally imagine compared to surfboard but still very easy 10 minutes we’re all up and riding john’s ripping evan’s ripping septon’s killing it mikey is out there killing it too i really want one of these things now have a blast i’ll put the link below hit up sefton and yeah you got to try this out it’s insane i think he can meet you anywhere montego bay negril wherever