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– So, I am just applying now This is honestly just to prevent me from getting a pimple tomorrow Now I’m going to do the Clean Magic Face Wash Okay, so I’m applying now – There’s no product Where’s the product? – Your honor – Okay – Your honor (banging) Where’s the product? – Electric chair – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel It’s your girl, Jackie Aina Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie (bones cracking) (coughs) So, Millie Bobby Brown, America’s sweetheart even though she’s not actually American She’s British, right? Stranger Things is actually my favorite show, like between Stranger Things and Game of Thrones even though Game of Thrones disrespected all of 2019, but that’s a different topic for a different video Anyway, I happen to be a fan of the young Millie Bobby Brown Recently came out and launched her own skincare/clean beauty makeup line which we all know as Florence by Mills I think that it’s actually a really good thing to see someone that is so young that is just going out there and putting herself out there and putting her name on something at such a young age I mean, she’s a business woman, like this is a big deal and I like the fact that she went for the clean beauty category which we don’t really see a lot of in the lower priced category which this brand kind of is, but I’m gonna talk a little bit more about prices a little bit later We don’t really see a lot of clean beauty, we don’t really see a lot of your skin but better brands that kind of target that drugstore mass market, and that’s kind of like what this brand is It’s definitely a brand for the person who wants to be a little bit more minimal and I’m kind of getting the starter pack of Glossier vibes from this brand which I’ll be testing out for the first time today I actually feel like you guys like when I do these kinds of makeup companies that are kind of minimal because I’m so glam and I’m so shazam and I’m so wham bam bam, Lilly Lashes Miami, honey Liquid lipstick concealer, about four layers of them though I think you guys are so used to a different kind of Jackie that when I’m trying something different, it’s almost like a spectacle, like what’s she gonna do? Is she gonna mess up, is she gonna like it, is she gonna love it, is she gonna hate it? I really wanted to get my hands on this brand because it looked like they actually had shades for me and that’s not usually something that I expect from new brands, let alone clean beauty or light glam type of brands They usually don’t run very dark So what I did was I bought about half of everything and there’s a combination of skin care as well as actual makeup products in this line It’s a full line So far I see that Ulta is the only retailer that carries this line and the website which is florencebymills.com, the name of the brand I do have to say I love the branding and the packaging I like that everything is that soft, matte finish Lavender, like nobody really uses lavender like that I mean, I think it’s really pretty, really clean It just feels like, oh, this looks fun, simple, straightforward And according to the Ulta website, there’s 15 products in total The first product that I’m gonna talk about are the eye patches This actually was one of the products that I was the most excited about because I love eye patches, I’m a frequent lover and user of eye patches and I definitely feel like if I had been a little bit younger, which I do feel like this brand is trying to target this brand for is the younger audience, I definitely would of used this They just seem like really cute, really fun, something that you can just throw on I ripped this one, please, it’s already a disaster This is just a really fast way to wake up the face, relax yourself We need to teach the young girls about self care We need to teach the youth Why do I feel like this a political campaign rally? It would be for me If I ran for president, girl, the first thing that I would be tackling is hyperpigmentation You can donate to that campaign, link in bio These are the Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Patches They’re $34, now, the only thing that confuses me about the brand, the branding Obviously, Millie Bobby Brown is a young girl, she’s probably targeting other young teens that are in her age category $34 is (stammering) I was like where? In whose household, Millie Rock? I’m not gonna blame Millie for the prices because this is obviously not her doing, like I’m sure she probably has no say-so I’m sure she does, it’s her company, but what I’m saying is she probably doesn’t understand what that market would look like I think that $34 for any product in a brand that is targeting or seeming to target the younger, teen audience is a lot of money Now granted, yeah, you do get 60 eye pads, so that’s two months worth of product Or now, ’cause you’ve got two eyes So that’s one month worth of product which, for the average working woman, is decent, but I definitely feel like that’s really expensive for somebody who’s really young and is still in school and relying on their mama and their daddy for their paycheck though They feel really good and they’re not sliding around like most eye patches do which is really annoying and they’re shaped like whales Is that spinach in my teeth? ♪ That whale, whale, whale, whale ♪ ♪ I like the way the eyes go ♪ ♪ Florence make the eyes go ♪ Okay, I’m done with these

They feel good and, by the way, whoever had that girl film that fake tutorial where she wasn’t applying products, why y’all set her up for that? That’s not her fault, I’m not blaming her for that I’m gonna try this Zero Chill Face Mist You guys know how I feel about a face mist Let me just read it real quick Shake before use, done that Close eyes and spritz over face, anytime for an instant pick me up, sounds good (heavenly music) Oh, that smells good It kind of smells like rosewater (heavenly music) And lavender, oh That smells good, oh my god So, the Zero Chill Face Mist is $10 Okay, this might be the cheapest product on the whole roster It is a botanical rose-infused, I knew it was rose! That restores good vibes when your skin has zero chill Rose and lavender I’m a genius Rose and lavender work together to give skin a big sip of common moisture with just one spritz Well, I went over the budget, but that’s okay It’s a natural skin soother rich in yummy nutrients and thyme extract Do you pronounce the TH in thyme? – No, ma’am – This wonder mist instantly transforms your skin from moody mills to major mills Love this, like I would actually use this I would recommend it to friends, my mom, my little sisters, every generation It’s not that much product compared to most face mists, but this is pretty good I also did not moisturize my skin because I really wanted to test out the Dreamy Dew Moisturizer It is a nighttime and daytime moisturizer Now the only thing that I will say is I don’t like the fact that this doesn’t have SPF in it I think that it’s especially important for those of you guys that are a little bit younger You probably spend a lot more time outside than the average person Like when people see pictures of me when I was younger, they’re like why were you darker? It’s like ’cause I was a kid and that’s when you spend the most time outside That’s when you’re the most active I’m not that active as much as I was when I was younger, so I feel like SPF is even more important when you’re younger, right? I feel like because it is a clean beauty line, it’s especially important to implement SPF in those products because there aren’t a lot of clean beauty SPFs out there Tidbit, can we get a daytime one? I know you say it’s daytime or nighttime, but I personally would not use this during the day I’m only doing it now for demonstrational purposes On the website Dreamy Dew Ah, that smells good Dreamy Dew (sniffing) is $14 Oh, that feels nice, oh, that feels really good This kind of gives me water gel cream vibes, but in a tube I actually really like this This feels and performs like a product that is a little bit more geared towards oily skin simply because, like I said, that water gel feel, it is not oil slick It’s not thick, it’s not creamy, it’s more gel-y, it’s more watery and lightweight Like, this is just gonna soak right into my skin I put on my serums hours ago, so my skin is perfectly prepped Ah, that feels so nice And (sniffing) this also smells so bomb Oh, it’s out of stock on the Ulta website, I guess the girls are really here for Miss Dreamy Dew Dew Wow, talk about a product that I was not expecting to like as much I almost skipped all of the skincare and I figured people are probably gonna only really care, like the meat and potatoes is really gonna be the complexion, which we’re about to get into, but I’m really glad I tested this The key ingredients are willow bark extract to help balance the skin and keep the pores happy I don’t really go to moisturizers for pore care My serums and all that stuff do that Lotus flower blend which is Egyptian and sacred lotus flowers that control oil so you don’t feel dewy and not greasy First thing I detected was exactly that, very that Vitamin B12 which is the calming that helps hydrate and bring out the inner glow Sure, we’ll throw in some glow I feel like I look pretty glowy, I’ll give you that Before we get into the complexion, I just wanna show you a closeup of how the skin looks Granted, I did do a sheet mask, so I’m extra glowy and loved by the Lord today The next product that I have is arguably one of the most talked about and that is the Like a Skin Tint Now this product in particular has me really excited because I love these products that I can just literally just throw in my bag and go I know I don’t talk about them on my channel a lot because this is a full glam production I think most of you can argue You come to my channel to see me look like a completely different person and these products don’t do that, but as far as my everyday life, going to check the mail, going to Trader Joe’s, going to Sephora, I have a deep, deep appreciation for products like these This is basically a Light Skin Tint or a tinted moisturizer It’s all basically the same thing I don’t see anything that eludes to there being SPF I’m docking points for that because please believe if I’m running errands and I’m wearing this out during the day, I would not wear a product like this at night, only if I was traveling I just need my sun protection, like I just need my sun protection, but you’re not getting that from this, so you’d have to wear three layers of moisturizer You’d have to wear this moisturizer, you’d have to wear your SPF, then you’d have to put this on and nobody wants to be that person It is $18, that’s a little up there in price I looked at the Maybelline BB and CC creams that they offer I also looked at the CoverGirl one and the CoverGirl one,

honey, ’cause I pulled the receipts, their BB cream is 9.99, so I know BB cream and a tinted moisturizer aren’t technically the same thing, but they function the exact same way If you really think about it and the Maybelline, even their full coverage foundation is cheaper than this It’s $12, 12.99 and their BB cream is 8.99 I mean, Mrs. Florence, girl Once you factor in the British pound conversion, that’s coins This is $18 and you get the same amount of product as the other ones and I’m a little confused with who are they trying to market this product to and why is it that the products don’t reflect that? I feel like this kind of should of been more of a Nyx category product I did pick up five shades and I must say, I’m quite impressed with the decent, decent There’s always room for improvement Let’s just start with the darkest shade, why not? And before I hype it up too much, I’mma swatch it before I get too excited ’cause it looks pretty dark in the tube Oh, and this comes in 20 shades, by the way, which I think is pretty impressive So this is D200, is described as a deep with neutral undertones and this is the darkest shade Not bad at all, not bad at all And actually, dare I say, I feel like when you blend it out, it gets a little darker I know this isn’t technically drugstore brand, but it’s giving me the prices and I definitely feel like that’s who they’re trying to target, so I’m just going to put it in that category Most brands like this don’t run very dark, like I mentioned earlier You just kind of get in where you fit in I bought all of the dark shades so that you’ll be able to see a gradient and a range of like, okay, this is the worst case scenario, this is the best case scenario The next shade that I have is Deep 190 and this is described as deep with neutral undertones I appreciate the fact that they went neutral because if something is too golden or something is too pink, then it’s a little bit harder to finesse because this is such a lightweight product, like I’m not expecting there to be 30, 40 shades It’s a sheer product and the people that I’ve seen try it have said that it pretty much blends out into basically nothing depending on how you apply it, but it’s said to be very, very, very sheer There’s a lot of moisture in this product, it definitely feels very creamy, very hydrating Now there’s a huge gap here I definitely feel like they would of had room for one more shade, but like I said, it’s a tinted moisturizer, so I’m not judging overly harsh The next shade up is Deep 180 and this is described as a deep with warm undertone And Deep 180 we have (groaning) Oh, it’s been blurry down there that whole time My bad, y’all Deep 180 looking a little orange, just a little orange Damn, even when I blend it out with my finger, it pretty much disappears Deep 170 is the next shade up and it is described as deep with warm and golden undertones, so that is Deep 170 I feel like this color got a little darker, I see it for sure Definitely darling And the next shade is TD 160 which is Tan to Deep with warm undertones I knew I wasn’t gonna be a match for this at all, not even close, never, ever, ever would you ever, not even in the winter Not even if you ever kissed the face of sun in three years will I ever be this light What a beautiful chocolate range (giggling) You got four of ’em that are dark, one that’s deep Personally I’d like to see two more in the deep category I’m gonna take a little swatch of Deep 170 and see how I like her Here is Deep 180 and then here is Deep 190 which I think it’s gonna have to be Deep 190 Oh yeah, oh, oh, sweetie, sweetie That was easy So if the second darkest shade is my shade, then yeah, we need a little improvement I personally prefer to apply a product with little to no coverage with my good ole-fashioned digits but instead of doing my fingers, I’m gonna see how it applies with a brush on one side and then I’m gonna try to pat it in on the other So let’s just do one pump per side Did I grab the wrong damn shade? I’m sorry, Millie, I won’t curse no more I just wish this had a little bit more, a little bit, little more warm (suspenseful music) So I’m just buffing this in (sniffing) There’s definitely a little bit of coverage in there This is a little on the hydrating side which is, again, why I did not wanna apply this with a brush, but you know what? It taught us a lesson No, no, no, no No! No, no, no It’s the brush, ditch it I just wanna use a little bit less on the other half of my face and I wanna blend it out Do you see what I’m saying? Look at how it looks when you’ve swatched it versus how it blends out It darkened Anyway, let’s just blend Already I kind of like what this is doing with my fingers way more just because this feels like my skin is taking to it a lot better and it’s not laid onto my skin as much, like it sheers out Now I definitely saw people that were applying this with a sponge This is not the kind of product that you should apply with a sponge because it’s already so light and sponges make it even lighter If you want the product to be that light, just don’t wear any makeup Even when applied with fingers, even though I feel like it looks slightly better than this side

I don’t know, man And I feel like it looks worse on camera I look really red Y’all see how this look like a world map? You see Russia in there? So the benefits of this product is it says it’s supposed to hydrate the skin, brighten the skin, nourish, moisturize, make your skin look smoother This isn’t smoothing my skin at all I’m gonna put on the next one on top, like the next lightest shade because I think this was a little too dark and now I’m concerned How weird, these colors are so tricky Like you swatch them and they look one way and then you blend it out and you like, “Wait a minute, I didn’t commit to this.” Okay, so now this is deep (sniffing) Oh my god, that smells really bad It smells like foot Like, why does it smell like Pumas? Okay, so now I added that extra layer of D180 Is that helping? I’m turning more red Violet, you’re turning violet Look how I look Oh, there’s no hope for this product, there’s no saving this I don’t like the way that it blends I don’t like the way that it looks I thought I was gonna be able to work with the colors, but then you kind of blend them out, they look a little more different My skin’s itching, oh, my skin’s itching Oh, it’s happening, oh, it’s itching, oh (squealing) So there are 20 of these See You Never Concealers I know what you were doing with that name I like that And it retails for $16, you get a half ounce which is a cute amount, but I am hearing that this is a very, very, very minimal coverage concealer So, fortunately if a product is minimal coverage, then you may end up using more of it which can be really annoying The first color that I’m gonna use is the darkest shade again This is in the color D195 I’m not sure what this applicator is called, but basically these are the metal droplets that you can apply the products straight onto the eyes and it’s supposed to act as a deep, but my skin’s itching, oh my god And it’s supposed to act as a deep (groans) Okay, so what I was saying is this is supposed to be a de-puffer He agrees with me back there It feels so cool and cold in the morning It also makes the application a lot easier as well because then it flattens out, right? This is D195, I originally bought this to act as a contour, but then again, if it’s so sheer, it may not even show up, I don’t know, we’ll see I’ll put that to the side and see if I can kind of make it work This is D180 There’s caffeine in these concealers which is supposed to be good for waking up the under eye and it’s the most brightening There’s also vitamin E which is a skin soother and it reinforces the skin’s barriers to protect against pollution When they say clean, they mean clean af So that is the shade D185 D175 is deep with gold and neutral undertones D185 is deep with red undertones and then D196 is deep with red and blue undertones The next shade that I have is D165 which is described as deep with golden undertones and that shade looks like that That’s just about my color Okay, we’re gonna put that one to the side The next shade up that I have is TD which is tan, dark 155 This is described as deep with red undertones and she looks like that Huge gap in between those two, but these are pretty much the only deep dark shades in the category As we did earlier with the Like a Skin Tint demo, I’m gonna do one side with the brush and then another side of the concealer with my fingers Bottoms up This applicator feels really good TD 165 seems like a good match So I’m just gonna dab that in No swiping, I’m not swiping, just pressing That blended out really easily It has a watery but also creamy consistency I’m getting some peel from some of these products, so I don’t know if you guys see any of what’s happening here, but that’s not my skin I exfoliate, okay? That is the product like balling up and basically when that happens, it just means that the products aren’t compatible with each other They’re not meshing well Now that could be the products not being compatible with what I had on before I started the video which was the serum or it could be that there are problems with just being rubbed on each other Now for this eye I’m going to dab this in with the brush Oh, that blended out nice with the brush Yeah, dude, this is balling up especially around my eyes This is also lighting, guys Look at this, look at when I do this, there’s texture I’m not proud, my pores have been exposed, and most of the time y’all tell me I don’t have pores so the fact that it looks like I have pores is problematic I feel like I could almost work with this product It’s the color that’s giving me problems The reason why I went with 165 is because normally when I’m wearing a no-makeup makeup look, which is literally this, I don’t wear a highlight concealer, I wear a concealer that matches my skin tone So, because I like this, I’m gonna add this on my face and see if we can fix what we have, y’all I’m really trying to make this work And we just keep applying and applying and applying I’m getting more red and red and red,

that’s not helping at all, but I do definitely see a little bit more coverage in that concealer, but at this point, I gotta try to make it work Oh, this feels really greasy on my skin though, and, by the way, before anybody says anything snarky, “It’s a tinted moisturizer, it’s supposed to feel greasy,” Wow, I look red! (screams) This is not okay This isn’t acceptable I definitely feel like the concealer’s probably gonna look a lot better as a color match and as a tinted moisturizing product Let’s re-jug the skin The product that I actually really love (heavenly music) And the lavender smell cheered me up and I feel optimistic about making this concealer, America’s next top skin tint I’m not gonna apply too much just yet Imagine if the concealer and the skin tint are the same exact thing (cackles) Jokes on you, fool This is definitely a product that applies better lighter as opposed to trying to build her up and the concealer already looks better, way better Is it the perfect match? Nope, ’cause I’m looking at the mirror and I can already see it, but it looks better Gonna put some under eye as well for the extra coverage I prefer this applied with the brush I feel like the brush really allows the product to hug that under eye area and cover really nicely The brush kind of just takes the work out of adding that product on The finger is sheering out the product a little bit too much and this is already a really sheer product So I don’t wanna take away the little bit of coverage that it has Okay, so I just wanna let you know I did take a picture of this situation in natural lighting and it looks way more extreme because of my lighting In natural lighting it looks decently wearable, it’s not my color of choice It looks a little bit too dark It definitely doesn’t look as red as it’s picking up on camera I don’t know why this product just looks so red for it to be such light coverage I have no clue why it’s doing that I’m gonna set my face with some translucent powder because I’m just hoping that this will tone down the red I’m not doing this to get rid of the glow I actually like the way it makes my skin look I’m trying to make lemonade out of lemons, okay? I don’t drink lemonade, but that’s beside the point Better already and that was my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, by the way, because this this is a pretty neutral color, so I knew just what to grab to tone this down And also, let’s be real, the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is pretty freaking awesome Like even when you wear it on it’s own, so points are definitely being docked There is a brow gel, Tint and Tame Brow Gel This comes in five colors, it is $14 That’s a little high in price for a brow gel, I’m not gonna lie I wouldn’t expect the brow gel to be five bucks because I feel like it’s a brow gel We all know the tea that brow gel is just clear mascara, right? Like isn’t it the same thing? The shade that I bought was in the shade brown and this is, I think, the second darkest shade It’s not the second darkest shade, it’s the third Why didn’t I get brown? What’s going on, Jacqueline? There’s a black and there’s a dark brown I’m not sure why I got medium brown, maybe that was a mistake It’s almost like the color of my skin Do you see this? That, that’s what it looks like It actually looks like a really pretty color Oh, yeah, that’s lightening my brows and I don’t want that I don’t want that, I don’t want it, I don’t want it On any other day I’d be down, but today I’m not down, down, down, down I would actually use that color, that’s a really good color I’ve never seen a brow gel that caramel color That was kind of cute though, that was a little bit of a banger – Did you just hear that? I’m scared – That was my foot, not a fart, so don’t try me Now that I’ve set it with powder, I actually really like the way that my skin looks The skin tint or the concealer, I should say, can’t really take too much credit because we’ve put another product on to enhance it Now I really hope that these cream blushes will save the show because I love a cream blush I love a liquid blush, but I really love a cream blush She has six shades of the Cheek Me Later Cream Blushes which are $14 I have the shades Stellar Sabrina and it’s really cute I watch her video when she launched it and she named them all after her best friends, so cute Oh, pigment, okay So Ms. Sabrina is real pink, oh I wouldn’t wear that pink though (laughs) Sabrina, she’s really cute, it’s a really pretty pink And then gorgeous Gia Gia is a more plumier shade, this is so my mom’s kind of color This color right here screams my mom This is the kind of lipstick she would wear every single day This is exactly her I’m gonna save that one ’cause I do like that one more than I do the first one The next shade that we have is Real Ray Ray’s my best friend’s name too, oh Real Ray looks a lot like Gorgeous Gia, a little bit more purple though Just as I thought, G It’s a little more peachy It’s described on the website as dusty rose Dusty rose, what a dusty beautiful rose (giggling) I’m going to start with glowing G, that is so cute I love that I’m telling you guys, I love cream blush If I only had cream blush for the rest of my natural-born life,

I would be just fine Do you see how that adds a little dew to the skin too? Only complaint that I have, not about this product, but about the line in general is I’m so surprised to not see any highlighters Mills, Mills, Mills I feel like she really should of and could have incorporated a product that was either a liquid highlighter or a cream because honestly highlighters are that product for the girl who is on the go and doesn’t want to put a lot of effort into how she looks even though this product is adding glow onto the cheeks and I think it’s really pretty, this could fade, this could wear off throughout the day, and sometimes there are days where I just want highlighter and nothing else and I feel like that is a product that could of really sat well in this collection as a whole We could live without the peel-off mask I honestly don’t even know why I bought peel-off because, you guys, peel-off masks don’t really do anything Most of my aestheticians that I’ve ever worked with are like chuck the peel-off masks, dude, they don’t do anything That damn noise – I’m scared – This one is really pretty to look at I mean, come on, it’s pink It’s also spilling, so let me not, let me not Just save yourself and buy yourself a cute little sleeping mask or a night cream or a regular, real actual mask or sheet mask which will be way cheaper than these I recommend the ones from Neutrogena, just saying ♪ Say, say, say, say ♪ The last product that we have are the glosses I didn’t buy all the glosses because I got to budget sometimes I did buy three, I bought the three colors that I thought I naturally gravitated towards The first shade that I have is Moody Mills (sniffing) I’m sad that there’s no smell There are five colors, they are $12 and she said that, that names or the shades are named after how she feels So, Moody is a peachy nude I’ll swatch it, fine I wasn’t going to, but, oh, okay It’s not as sheer as I thought it was gonna be All right, Mills The next shade is Modern Mills This one is more red, like a raspberry You fumbled back with the scents though I wanna smell raspberry or strawberry when I put this on It’s fine though, I’ll let it slide this one time And the next shade that I have is Major Mills A la Ms. Pat Every time I hear the word major, I think of Pat The coverage in these glosses are bomb, like they’re glosses I feel like you definitely get your money’s worth with these Now the only thing is $12 It’s a little up there for a gloss If I can get the quality and the coverage and the variety and the scents in a Nyx butter gloss for like, I don’t know, five, six bucks, I mean, $12, you’re basically paying for better packaging I’m pretty sure you’re getting more product Don’t quote me though, I could be wrong We’re living in a Nyx butter gloss world and I’m a Nyx butter gloss girl Since we have it, I’m gonna put on the shade Major Mills because it matches my blush This on it’s own has amazing color pay off, but this look feels and looks a little matronly for me I just need liner It feels nice on the lips, not goopy, not sticky, not thick It says there’s vitamin E in these and shea butter I definitely feel the vitamin E Vitamin E feels so good on the skin The quality jumped out My good sis put her foot in these glosses Maybe she skipped over the skin tint, but the glosses feel real good and actually the more that I rub this in, the more I like it How you doing? You cute, you single? No, you engaged? Okay, I’ll try again next year So this is the final look This is Florence by Mills, by Melecia, Bobesha, brown Dexter Whoo! What a journey I don’t know what it is the past month, like I went from never wiping product off to all of a sudden doing it in three, you guys, in three This is the third tutorial What is going on with me? The first thing that I definitely wanna say, now that we’re seeing more celebrity brands, the people who watch my reviews, here’s the thing, guys okay, I’m not a kiss you know what I’m not a kiss A-S-S, you know how to spell Your faves will get the same energy as everybody else and also if I’m not using a product correctly, like, I don’t know, let’s say like a liquid shadow or anything else, you don’t have to be a jerk about it in the comments, guys, it’s just makeup Makeup has been repackaged and repurposed in so many ways There’s nothing here that I’m using that has never been used before When you get in the comments and you’re like, “Of course you didn’t like that product, “you used it with your eyes open.” Relax, scale it back a little bit I tried to educate myself on the products as much as I could with the information that I have I did more than what I know the average consumer doesn’t do, so I’m judging it based on the knowledge that I already have from other products Obviously I know that Millie is not in the kitchen making these products herself I’m not really judging her, I’m just talking about the brand So putting all feelings aside about her, we’re just gonna talk about the brand, the brand, the products, the meat and potatoes First of all, whoever had my good sis on Instagram TV demonstrating her products but wasn’t actually putting anything on, you’re fired That was not a good look at any age it’s not That’s not a good look at all The second thing, pros, is that it has a decent amount of starter shades I think that there’s definitely an obvious effort to make most people feel included with how they distributed the shades Do I think it could better? Of course Some of the shades swatch one way

and then you put them on and they apply a different way, it was a little weird Other pros is like I said earlier, they’re filling in that void of a lesser expensive Glossier That doesn’t really exist and if it does exist it’s probably ashy and that’s why no one’s talking about it So I like the fact that they are doing that and they’re doing it from a clean approach That’s definitely something that more people are interested in and more people are talking about as they should be You got the right to have options The branding is amazing, I love the sheekness of the colors I love the way everything looks It’s not intimidating, it looks like it’s easy to use It looks like it’s really fun to use and it just looks really cute sitting on my desk Like I don’t know, there’s just something about it that makes me wanna give it to my sisters Now the cons, we will just reiterate the cons one more time We’ve already talked about the price point I’m kind of confused as to who they’re marketing the prices to because it’s definitely more expensive than a Maybelline or a CoverGirl, but Millie Bobby Brown is 15, 16, so who else would her demographic be? I’m not sure I just can’t imagine this young girl trying to make products for someone in college because that’s just not the vibe and the function that I’m getting from each product offered So with that said, that should be reflective in the prices so that it’s available to people that you’re trying to sell the product to I get it, it’s a different time and the girls are bringing home the bacon a lot younger than they used to, 10, 20, 30 years ago Everybody’s a YouTuber now, everybody’s got a job, and a salary Kids are working younger, but not that young The other con is that it is online-only, so some of the colors you just have to try your luck and pray for the best I don’t know if this is going to be in stores, let’s actually check and see Is it in stores, is it in stores? Oh, you could actually buy it in stores It doesn’t say that it’s listed at all my local Ultas, but I do see that it is in store So, I take that back You do have the ability to go in store There’s no highlighters, like I really feel like this brand needed a highlighter and it needed some products with SPF There’s no sun care products, no highlighters, what? The peel-off mask is not a product that I think that you should invest in I think peel-off masks, like I said earlier, are pretty pointless I did like the brow gel The brow gel surprised me, it was actually pretty good The spoily thing is really small, sometimes that can be annoying and hard to work with ’cause I feel like I’m gonna break it If it’s too small sometimes it gets goopy and you don’t get an even spread of the color, but I like the color, so I’m gonna test it out when I wear makeup I’m going out tonight, so I’m washing off all of this The gloss is fire One of the best products in the color category was the glosses, boom The products that I would take back are definitely Like a Skin Tints This just didn’t do it for me I see what they were trying to do, but they didn’t do it right The concealer was actually decent I think that the concealer had better shade options, a little bit more coverage, not much, but enough I was actually kind of curious to see if the brand was playing tricks on us and if the concealer and the skin tint were the same exact ingredient ’cause sometimes, like okay, is it the same exact thing, sis, and you’re just trying to get me to buy more? You’re not actually putting the innovation and neither is the same exact thing, but I did search through some of the key ingredients It’s not the same ingredient, so I did check that out of curiosity I really, really liked the moisturizer, it’s amazing It’s not something that I would buy I have a lot, a lot, a lot of moisturizers that apply just like this that I need to go through first I actually did really like it, I really liked the smell Okay, I take it back, I would buy it It smells really good, you guys It smells so good It has this really sweet, rosie It just smells really good And my favorite product, the No Chill Face Mist Sorry, zero chill, but basically the same thing This product just did it for me I think that you can put this in your bag, put this in your gym bag After you workout, tszuj that body Maybe put it under your arms too Some of the products that stood out the most seem like it’s the skin care Like even the eye patches were great, they felt great, they were comfortable to wear I don’t know how many of you guys would be invested in some of the skincare ’cause some of these items were a little upper echelon, a little more top tier, more expensive Everything else was really fun to play around with Not the greatest products, but not the worst Congratulations, Millie Bobby Brown I think that this is wonderful that you’re doing this I mean, I just love seeing young entrepreneurs not only be talented and kill it in the industry, but like the fact that she’s a young mogul starting her brand, I would love to see more of that in the up and coming generations Like honestly, this is a big deal to see your name in a product line in Ulta Girl, that’s freaking goals So hats off to you and I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next In the meantime, speaking of next, what you gone do is watch the next video You wanna see me drag Haus Laboratories? 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