February Lifestyle Favorites | Diet, Exercise, Movie, TV, Music, Camera, etc

maybe yeah says Alex welcome back to my channel so today the video is a lifestyles favorites video I decided recently that I’m going to be breaking out my favorites video by doing one Beauty one and it one can doing doing the other one lifestyle because I seem to talk a lot and I’m so proud products forever so the time it’s the lifestyle part of the favorites video it’s like I’m rushing through it I can’t really talk about much I mean I even cut it out of my last video of my January favorites just because the video was just getting too long so that would be a great idea to break it out for you guys now if you’re new to my channel welcome my name is Alex and I am Beauty attic next door and I’m really addicted to makeup so that is a reason why for for me having that name also my channel is cruelty free so if you want to subscribe please hit the subscribe button below so that way you can be notified of more of my videos in the future so now let’s jump on in to the lifestyle favorites I’m I’m real excited because now actually I couldn’t spend more time with you guys and stuff and mention more things with you I’m so first I’m gonna kind of go over like food related stuff I’m an app and then I’ll do like movies TV music and other stuff like that so first let’s do food just because I have a lot here I want to go over with you guys so as I may have mentioned in another video or in a future video I am on a special diet I’m working with as a dietician to try to figure out what I’m having a lot of health issues it’s pretty much try figure out um ways for me to eat and things for me to eat they’ll help my body work better um still process there’s a lot that needs to be done but in the meantime there are a hat are there have been some helpful foods that I’ve been eating a lot lately that have helped a little bit in certain areas so one of the things that my dietitian wanted me to do is to increase my fiber so I did that and it hasn’t helped out immensely so one of my favorite from meals that I have and I have a bunch of meals throughout the day a lot of it turns out to be just like snacks so I’m just like constantly eating just smaller portions spread throughout the day so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been taking a Quaker Oatmeal I had this one in organic instant oatmeal full 100% roll grains and this is maple and brown sugar so I take one packet of this and then I take I take three spoonfuls of the steel-cut oats which is also a hundred percent natural whole-grain I’ve heard somewhere that this is better for you then um regular grains um and definitely better than the one with you know they make the brown sugar in it the thing is eating only this is just too much like it’s too crunchy I can’t eat it it’s just is it just annoying but I do like having a little bit of crunch to it and also it gives me a little bit more oatmeal without having to add another whole whole other packet and more brown sugar so I just add in a couple more scoops of this into that it’s a nice mix and then there are two items that I also like to mix into my oatmeal sometimes I have not put them in there sometimes I do but my dad’s just said this will help increase my frizzy so um actually there’s three things so the first two things are or the first thing is these almonds so I wanted to incorporate almonds into my diet just because that they are good for me I got the light consultant lightly salted version because regular salted is just way too salty and really dehydrates me but then the plain version it’s just plain I’m like I want some I want a little salt so a lot of the products that I get are like lightly salted I’m so friends is this one is a lightly someone’s it says it’s heart-healthy 50 percent less sodium than the marketed one so once they’re fully exalted this one has 50% less sodium in it so I like to sprinkle like a small handful that on top of my oatmeal and then it also sprinkle a small example of the raw sunflower kernels so just some sunflower seeds that I sprinkle in there and if you guys want to see a video where I can show you different recipes or things that I eat in a separate video I could to like do that on some of its really basic though it’s not something gonna be like super interesting but I can just kind of do a video and show you guys like what I eat and different things that I like to eat that helped me out with my diet I’m in case you’re someone who has a many GI issues or yeah maybe I’ll help you now another thing that my dietitian wanted me to start doing is to add a tablespoon of almond butter into my oatmeal be eMeter is fine but I had for some reason peanut butter kind of bothered me but almond butter has not bothered me at all it works out great if you’re someone who can help in order maybe hi almond butter I actually think it tastes a lot better than peanut butter and it also smells better I don’t know what it is so on what I’ve been doing is also adding a tablespoon of peanut butter into my oatmeal and just mixing it around tastes really good and then also whenever I like sometimes when I make toast I’ll put almond butter on top of it or if there’s anything that I can kind of add almond butter to I try to a my that’s my my dietitian wants me to do is

try to add this to as much things as possible so I’m all for it it’s really good now when I put it on toast I’ve been used putting it on of this whole grains healthy multigrain bread but I think of a complete like Atari its grocery stores as well um and this is a good source of fiber and there’s no high fructose corn syrup in it and I don’t know if you guys know this but a lot of people think that wheat bread is good for you and I think we bread is better for you than white bread but whole-grain bed bread is the best overall I just forget why but it’s based on like how it’s made like there’s certain products that you either take an hour put in or something that makes it better I can’t remember what it is um I read it a long time ago but this is the best for you and it gives you look at him at five or two which is what she wanted to do is to increase it so whenever I’m having like maybe pasta for dinner I may put some butter on this put on the side if they wanna have a peanut butter sandwich I put the almond butter on it if I want kind of more of a dessert I put Nutella on it so um I’ve been really I’m so glad that I increased my fiber because it won’t quite cease my fiber and it made me sick um but now that I mean who see my fibers actually helped me out a lot so maybe I’m something we’re going on prior to the surgery that I had in July maybe I don’t know but for some reason it’s working for me now so I’m just gonna go with it and so like I said I like to put Intel out on top of it I got this and oh my gosh I’m almost done with my day and another Charlie I’m through this so quickly like Nutella is so good but now that like I’m on a special diet um I’m trying to minimize crap that I’m eating but this is actually good for you um it’s hazel and spread with cocoa in it and it tastes really good so I like to like I said put it on toast or my dietitian set to even just like dip my animal crackers into it just because it helps to increase my protein apparently so I’m really a lot of the options that she gave me I’m like these all sound good to me like it’s not like I feel like I have to eat the weirdest yucky crap ever so I’m like I’m all about to tell us so I try to this is another I am like between she pretty much wants me to alternate between Nutella and peanut butter so or not people are almond butter so that way I don’t get sick of one of the other and this one I kind of use more as like a dessert and the other when I kind use more it’s like lunch kind of thing so I don’t know if you guys wanna see a video where I can I go more into like my diet and stuff like that I could do that and also I throw more products a new chirping bars these are really my go-to like little quick snacks like if I want to eat something real quick um these also have a lot of fiber in them so although they are real fruit and whole grains so these she suggested as well which I’m surprised I was like okay awesome that but yeah I can do a whole other video on that I probably just made this the video I wanted some time talking so much but yeah if you want to see that let me know down the comments now as far as drinks goes kind of goes off of what I was just talking about but I’ve been using this organic peppermint tea that I picked up at Target I’m just because with my interstitial cystitis which is a different issue for my GI issue um but it also got they all kind of connect I can’t drink coffee I can’t have whether it’s decaf or caffeinated you know I can’t have soda energy drinks or anything’s pretty much I have this to drink or water I can’t have lemonade can have orange juice because they have they’re acidic so this is like the best thing to have if you have a lot of GI issues because it has the peppermint in it but this is known to be really good for your digestive health my digestion did warn me that some people do have a hard time with it um so maybe it’s not best for everybody but for me it works it’s thank god there’s something that I can drink that has flavor that’s hot you know especially with it being winter time it’s just so nice to have because I’m like I want a warm up damn it and there’s like literally only one day at work cuz me get like free like little coffee packets and stuff peppermint tea there’s only thing like I know this is what I have at home on the weekends um but I’m so I had I used to hate tea I hated it I was so mad at was like I don’t want tea but I was like I just need to learn to like it because otherwise I’m just gonna be able to drink which barters frankly I like water but a candle and what’s in flavor particularly if I’m feeling cold at once my hot so this has been such a great solution so I’m so glad I found and I really like the way that this tastes okay they’ve been eight in the beginning of this video is gonna be like super health and fitness so the next thing that I want to talk about is an app that I got so when I saw my dietician she wanted me to keep a journal now I tried food journals before but they were just so basic like they weren’t really a helpful I never sleep up with them but this one I had kept up with and it is called my symptom so I’ll try to do a close-up of it I mean just enter an icon but it’s just this little app that I have right here on called my symptoms and so I’m not going to show you everything in Euros quick quickly flashes but what it shows you you can list everything you eat you can list it as a snack dinner breakfast lunch whatever and then you can put in when you list it you can put in what you ate and then you have a note section sometimes in the news section when I do and I put like I ate this and maybe feel sick alright ate this I fell fine so I add that in the note section but you can also list your symptoms so we’ll have a whole list of symptoms you can just

check mark off what symptoms you’re experiencing you can say the duration of how long you’ve had those symptoms you can add notes there and the symptoms always pop up and read so that way you’re going through you can see the red flag okay what did I eat before this red bar of all these bad symptoms um and then you can also put your bowel movements in there I know that’s TMI but you put that in there specially for something as a GI issue but I want to list that something that in there as well you can also put in your exercise your sleeps you can say when you woke up you went to sleep how your sleep was would you say that you slept really well or so you slept look bad um they have a bunch of medications I look to my medications in there which also helps me keep track of when I take my medications if I had to take my one medication three times a day my other medication two times a day so it really helps me keep track of that as well so it’s a really helpful app so whether you have any health issues or not if you want to use it just to uh you know go on a diet or just to maintain your health keep track of your medications your sleep whatever I think it’s a really helpful app and it’s definitely the best one that I found out there so father I found it now the last health related thing and ona mentions you guys in my lifestyle favorites is regards to exercise now I wasn’t added like for a year I didn’t work out at all especially since I had my surgery I didn’t work out at all and then I kind of maybe work out twice one month twice the next month and then eventually I was like okay maybe maybe my problems exercise maybe that’ll help with my health so I started working out more but I wasn’t noticing any change but then my girlfriend knew if she wanted to get in shape too so she and I’m showing you the booklet but she got this thing called a master of the hammer and chisel so she got the nudies but she gave it took the dvds for mom so where’s actually screaming this on our TV pretty much it’s just a workout program it’s called hammer and chisel just so you you’re chiseling your body you’re getting yourself in shape so it’s just we’re a bunch of different workout videos and you know you’re doing stuff where you’re working on cardio toning up your stomach your arms your legs everything agility balance like it’s really helpful and you whenever you’re doing the workouts you’re kind of working on everything each day so you could be doing a lot of leg stuff that day but you’re still working out your abs and they do have a 10-minute ab workout it’s really helpful which actually I’m gonna start doing whenever I do my workouts I’m going to add that on even if it’s not on the schedule because there is a schedule you know so Monday you do chisel balance Tuesday you do hammer plyometrics then on Saturday total body hammer and the ten men ab workout but I just kinda light it on every time I do the workouts I think that they are a lot of fun I don’t like plyometrics I really hate plyometrics but every other one I really I realized she’s low balanced and chisel agility which will the ones that my girlfriend hates the most I feel like I got in shape I started noticing getting on some cuts in like my my abs like it saw them coming in and granite I started off by doing it like two or three days a week and then I went to do in five days a week um but then I started losing weight and I can’t do that so my dietician told me to stop doing five days a week so I’m gonna cut it down to two to three days a week again um probably trying I’m gonna try to do three just because this is actually really fun I’m like I was getting really in shape and I honestly think it was easier for me to do the workout if I did it five times a week as opposed to two because it just kind of becomes routine um and I was having so much more fun with it trying to do it now their schedule is as if you’re going to work out six days a week so if I didn’t have my YouTube channels or my health issues I would definitely be doing this program full-out like six days a week with superior one rest day just because I feel like they they all look amazing I definitely started noticing results this is the first time that I ever worked out and was really like I’m seeing results and not just like losing weight but like tone like the toning of it like I’ve never felt like pulling before so I think that it’s a great workout program I’m gonna do what I can for now but I kindly recommend you guys to check it out because there are at home workouts that you can do you just can get some exercise balls and exercise bands they’re like a little mat you can do all of your workouts from home you don’t have to truck out to the gym um you know you don’t have to work out in front of other people if you don’t feel comfortable doing that um and they’re for fun like I can’t just like run on a treadmill because I just like in staring off into space and just waiting for it to be over but this that keeps your attention you’re like okay we’re gonna do this move and they’re gonna do that move and we’re trying to move we’re gonna go back to doing that move again so really keep your attention it keeps you busy goes flies by for the most part um and you actually really feel like you get a good workout so I would highly recommend checking that out if you’re trying to get in shape and get healthy I think it’s really helpful are than I saying it I want to talk about is my camera so this is the sony a 5100 camera and all these lists all the details about this camera down in the description box for you guys and I got the white ones close-up the white one was nice my um my Canon t5i that I’m filming with right now it’s black I thought it’d be fun to have my selfie camera I’m gonna call it be white and this is strictly used for selfies I don’t I have seen some product shots with it but I feel like my Canon t5i is

really good as far as video quality goes and also really good as far as like pictures of products goes which is great because I can actually hold a Canon t5i that way now when I take selfies I don’t want to be holding that big of a camera so for the me like this is a good size my weak little arms still can find this a little bit heavy after so long but what are you gonna do um but it’s really really nice it takes really high quality photos so my selfies are you dienes on Instagram now sometimes they are clothed like screenshots from my video which aren’t as good but sometimes it’s just the way that I have to do it like a pull-up products or I forgot to take a picture with this but I have the because like whenever I do videos I usually I’m just like filming and I go or I’m like holding up like for this video I’ll be like you know and then I just take a screenshot of that um so some of those are but like I’m just strictly taking a selfie and I’ll post it on Instagram I’ve been using this and sometimes I’ve been using it for my thumbnails as well just because the picture quality is better and more detailed so you can really see the detail of your makeup which is why I got it there’s so many instagramers youtubers that use this because it shows their makeup so well and it does so I’m really happy with this camera I’m really glad that I got it it took a little getting used to at first just because I’m someone who doesn’t read instructions and I’m like it’s just gonna work so I didn’t mess around with it a little bit but what size is this flip up screen so you can you know it’s like this but then you can also flip up this way so then when you’re taking your selfie you can see yourself here and you can take it but you could also still pull it down and just take it that way as well um sorry highly recommend if you have money for if you want to save up for word you want to get a good selfie camera to boost your Instagram or even some of your thumbnails I think that would be a great investment on outside priority I think the video I’m getting the like something like the Canon t5i to film your videos to have high quality videos and them more important but then the next step would be to get this and then my next step after this is to get a single lens so that way my video quality can be bumped up even more so than it already is now but that one I’m not like I really want to just get it but part of me is like at the same time like I feel like my video quality is okay like I’m fine with it I think it’s so much better than it used to be um and I’ll get there eventually so I think I will be getting it in the next couple of months I’m just trying to see how a couple things shake out as far as like movie goes because if we move I don’t need a bus pass anymore so all the money they saved up for my bus pass I can use within there to buy the kit the lens but if not I I want to make sure that we have the place before I do that I will wait till we sign a lease and then once we do that and I can give up my bus pass then then I’ll get it but I’m going to wait on that but for now I’m super excited that I have my Canon t5i which is also another favorite of mine I can’t show it some filming on it but then also this camera up once again it is the sony a 5100 alright the next thing that we’re gonna jump on into is movie so I don’t always have a favorite movie each month but I definitely have a favorite movie this month and luckily one of my friends for some reason always gets like early passes to see videos so videos to see movies so one of the movies that we recently saw was Deadpool so you have to see that before I came out oh my god guys you need to see this movie it is so freaking funny I mean from the opening credits like I’m not gonna tell you what in the opening credits makes it so hilarious cuz I’m not gonna ruin it for you but you need to see it if you’ve seen it let me know down the comments like what your favorite part is what your who your favorite character is let me know what you think because I died it was so funny I laugh like pretty much the entire time I love Ryan Reynolds even more than I already did before like one of my favorite movies once it comes out on DVD I need to get it like so it’s so funny but I don’t like get into specifics with you guys just because I don’t wanna ruin it for you and you give away any jokes but like pretty much Ryan Reynolds character is just super funny and sarcastic and hilarious um it’s so good you got to see it good now I want to jump into TV shows with you guys so one of the TV shows that me and my girlfriend have been watching on Netflix is Parks and Rec now we’ve already seen every season except for the seventh season but I just got notified not too long ago that the seventh season was released so I think we’re finishing up the fifth or sixth season like we wanted to rewatch everything because we hadn’t watched in a long time and then we’re going to get into the seventh season but pretty much the characters on that show are just hilarious Leslie Knope is one of my favorite characters of all time if not my favorite character she is amazing I don’t anyway too much but you know she’s kind of the main person in the show but I love all the characters it’s just really funny Ron Swanson is my man I love him he’s so funny excuse my language but he’s so funny if you haven’t seen that show you need to check it out if you’re really into like the is you would really like that show so definitely check it out the next thing that I wanna talk about with you guys is teen mom so I’ve been loving teen mom um I really love me see I love all the

characters in separate Farrah sorry but she’s so mean oh I heard she really had a rough childhood and I feel bad for her for that at the same time like she’s got out of control like she really needs to treat people with more respect and I really wish she wasn’t on the show just because that’s my opinion just because I feel that she tames it I feel like it’s just so negative and like every pretty much every scene with her she’s being rude to someone she’s being mean it’s like I don’t want him to see that like I know there’s it’s showing the different perspectives on people lives but like same time it’s too much sure if they’re gonna show her trying to minimize how much they include her in the shows because to have like that much negativity to see someone treat people that exact constantly is so frustrating it’s just but I was so excited to see Tyler and Caitlin’s wedding was so great um Tyler’s vows can we talk about that a lot of a lot of you people out there need to like listen to that speech and take some notes because that was it’s one of the best things ever I absolutely loved it um and then also I just love Maci in general I love family he’s adorable he’s so cute I think one of the episodes he asked one of the cameramen they show him asking a cameraman to like hold his light he would hold something for him while he like fixed something like a shoe or something it was so cute and he like he took it left but um he’s just adorable so I love team ah I love seeing um I love like carry but I don’t know I love watching the live scene grossing what happens to them also what do you what do you guys feelings on Matt I have a such mixed feelings on him because I’m my friend he’s like scratchy eighty but I’m firm he’s like he’s cool Oh sometimes I don’t know what to feel about him but let me know down if you guys watch the show let me know what your thoughts are all that how that something’s amazing there is one song that I have been listening a lot this month to a lot this month and it’s something that my girlfriend share with me it’s from gsella day and it’s called hypnotic so I’ll just play a little bit for you but yeah pretty much is just like a really sexy sultry song it’s where I love the beat to it so the listening to that a lot lately all right I think that is everything let me know down the comments what your favorite lifestyle products are from this past month what movies have you loved music food let me know what you guys have been loving and then if you haven’t subscribed to my channel already please make sure to hit the subscribe button below like this video if you liked it and I will see you all in my next video bye but I talk so much