Showcasing Your Programming Projects – Code Jam Winners and Top Projects

hello everybody and welcome back so as many of you know back in early august i started hosting the first ever tech with tim code jam essentially this was a coding competition where you could go in either groups of one or up to four people and submit some kind of project that fit the theme for this code jam which was generate now all of this was run through my discord server you can find a link to that in the description but now the code jam is over it lasted for 30 days all the participants have submitted their projects and i’m going to be showcasing to you the top nine projects now the way we picked these top nine projects is anyone who submitted i think we had about 50 submissions actually had to vote on their top three favorite projects that were not their own project that was submitted so that gave us a list of actually our top 12 projects so they were top 10 but there was a few ties so i’ve pruned that down to nine so i can fit them all in this video and what i’m going to be doing is showcasing all of those projects to you guys some of them are really cool and then i’m going to be choosing and announcing the top three winners all right so that’s all i wanted to say last thing if you want to join the code jam if you want to join in on weekly coding challenges a bunch of other stuff as i said join the discord server from the link in the description now let’s go ahead and get started so i’m going to dive in in a second but i want to quickly give a big thank you to everyone who participated and i just want to mention that these projects are at very different levels so there’s some of these projects that you guys are going to look at and be like that’s amazing there’s some other ones you’re going to look at and be like oh why is that up here i just want to make you aware that people of any age were able to participate in this so there’s some people there you know 13 14 years old that we’re making projects we have some other people that probably are computer science students and in a group of four making projects so of course we’re going to see different levels of projects here and please just be nice you know people put a lot of work into these projects and even though it may not seem the most impressive thing in the world they put a lot of effort in and well i appreciate that effort and just want to give them a thank you for participating all right so let’s go ahead and get started the first project i’m looking at is the abstract art generator now i believe this was done by one person and i’m pretty sure this was done by burak kali now i apologize because i’m probably mispronouncing that name but i’m just going to boot the project up and then let’s showcase it alright so this is the abstract art generator so i’ve actually been messing with it a little bit before i started showing you guys this let me just undo what i did but this is generating a bunch of random art when i press generate randomly and it looks like there’s all these filters on the side here that i can kind of mess with and that will actually give me something that fits those filters so if i press generate now you can see i’m getting all these kind of rings i can choose the color palette let’s go soft gray wow yeah that’s really interesting so there’s all these different color palettes here you can see the colors right there looks like i can choose all of the different properties for the different layers so let’s go with filled polygons and cornered and wow yeah that gives some really interesting and cool shapes also looks like i can put some kind of overlays on here so it’s like some kind of gradient or a little ring around okay i can remove that there’s a help button i can lock these uh filters i guess and then if i press generate randomly yeah so it won’t change the locked properties that’s awesome and then i can export this let’s just export this as image and yeah we can go to the desktop and there we go image is there let me give it a second and i think my computer is lagging some reason i’m having trouble opening the image but i can see the preview here so i’m going to believe that this is working fine and i guess that is the abstract art generator so just to give some thoughts on this this is a really cool idea i’m really impressed by the stuff this is able to create it actually looks really good and even just the number of options that are provided here in terms like the color palette uh and like all the different layers and the complexity and the shape size and how nice the ui looks this looks really polished i can imagine you put a lot of effort into this and i can really appreciate even just you know the spacing being the same for example in between these two options having buttons being consistent and kind of spaced out evenly yeah it looks really nice really awesome job and if you did this by yourself give yourself a pat on the back because i can’t even imagine just trying to think about this right now how i would go about doing something like this all right so moving on to the next project here we have stranded i believe this is by franklin dennis and wow he fresh you can see them kind of on the right hand side here looks like this was made in c sharp and i have actually looked at this it looks like this was made in unity now i’m not going to read through all of this because i’m not reading through all of them but i believe they called their team pixel jam and yeah there was three of them awesome all right so let me boot up this project and let’s see what it looks like all right so i got the project booted up and yeah this is a 3d game made in unity

and already really impressive i’ve never made any like 3d games let alone anything in unity so it’s really cool when i see this stuff working i can actually run it on my computer but it looks like i’m in a maze and i believe from doing some basic reading that this maze is randomly generated so it has these things that slide up and down first of all that’s a really cool touch i wonder what happens if i stand on it and it goes up or maybe one oh when i get close to it it opens okay that’s how that works and i believe i’m looking for wow okay i don’t want to go off the edge of the map here that’s interesting i’m looking for like the next level or some room or something like that so i will run around a little bit and see if i can find how to advance forward but if i can’t seem to find that then i might just have to assume that this works oh wow and i have fallen off the edge okay so it seems like i am continually falling through the floor when i die i’m not sure why that’s happening but i’m going to leave it at that it looks like that was a randomly generated maze really cool i like the 3d structure i like this little guy in the animations and yeah i’ve never made anything with unity so it’s always impressive when i’m able to see kind of a finished game all right so this next one i have here is called deep card i’m trying to figure out who this is by ah here it is so it’s by nuria ido and dolev i’m probably mispronouncing that so again apologize for that and again called deep card looks like this is a website it says it was javascript python css and html and the website may take a few seconds to load okay that’s fine so let’s look at this oh that loaded pretty much instantly we have deep card we made a deep learning neural network we fed it some greeting cards here’s what happened let me click this okay so about page actually let’s go in full screen mode uh this website makes personalized cards for birthdays and other occasions after making the card you can get a custom link to give out to your friends everything on this website is absolutely free to use awesome all right so let’s start now what type of card do we want let’s go with a good luck card cool what’s your name my name is tim and hello there who is the lucky recipient let’s just go with tech with tim all right next uh give us a few words to start off let’s go with hello world the classic programming uh and sure finish loading your card a little pacman thing this is kind of cool loading the algorithm feeding the developers debugging code and here we are all right so this is cool generated card to tech with tim it says hover to open i am oh there we go so i guess my computer was lagging or something and there we go hello world is believing to live but i think all right so it seems as though their neural network may not have learned to speak english quite yet but this still is really cool i assume this is the link okay link copy to clipboard awesome let’s see what happens if i go to a new tab here and i open this and awesome i get the card now i believe this card is a different color i don’t know why that’s the case i’m just going to assume that was intentional maybe but that is neat so it just generates a card i guess it’s using ai for the string here nice little animation when i hover over top of it yeah really cool idea and again definitely fits the generate theme awesome let’s move on to the next project all right so next i have the star map generator so generate a star map biased on the settings you choose we have little finchy and john paul iii as the authors for this one all right let me boot that up and i’ll be right back okay so i have the star map generator in front of me first of all i like the fact that it comes with some welcome text here so i kind of get an idea of how it works immediately this just seems like a really cool idea i’ve never seen anything like this before it’s like kind of like constellations almost looks like it’s like randomly generating a bunch of stars and then it actually has some text popping up here so really cool idea really unique i’ve never even heard of something like this so let me just try doing something like tim let’s see what that gives me wow so it actually just makes the stars out of tim and kind of randomizes that really impressive i don’t know how you guys went about doing that but that’s really cool i’m assuming each letter maybe you mapped to some kind of pattern and then maybe you randomized it let’s go hello world generate that one off the screen but yeah that makes sense let’s move the y down a bit um save oh i don’t want to save image generate okay there we go actually let’s try to save it let’s just see what this looks like if i save this save it as hello and do we get it popping up hello can i open it i think my computer is just having some uh issues opening images but i believe that that is working let’s go to settings oh wow so i can change a bunch of stuff here i can change the colors so i guess i can use green for the background for the stars let’s go with like like a red color here okay use that for the stars constellation density let’s see what happens if i crank that up uh yeah sure we’ll show the

constellations number of stars let’s go with 10 000 back and generate and wow okay yeah so that is a drastic change looks like i can change the size oh that’s really cool okay so now i can actually see all of the things popping up awesome that’s really neat and i guess i can change the x position too let’s go 23 generate and there we go awesome so i think that pretty much showcases what this is but really unique idea really impressed by this maybe the ui could use a little bit of work over here but i’m not too picky this is a neat idea and definitely fits the theme of generate so the next project i have here is the all in one generator looks like this was done by four people we got uh sars2 uh touhou tour yeah i’m not even gonna try with that one uh yeah okay you know what guys you this is the people that did it i’m not even gonna bother butchering their names anymore and yeah it looks like this is a website so let me boot that up all right so i have the all-in-one generator running so this is just running on a local web server right now but first of all just initial impressions really awesome looking website this is really clean looks really professional you’ve got music generator a nice little thing here maze generator password generator color generator date generator subscribe to receive updates uh address one two three four django street nice nice nice i can appreciate that all right let’s see how one of these generators works get started oh i guess that just brings this to me okay let’s go image generator okay this is cool so this is reminding me kind of the art generator obviously it just randomly does it i don’t get to pick any parameters let’s generate a new image okay that’s an interesting looking one another cool one i’m curious how they did this or what they’re doing to generate this image with but this is really neat so they’re definitely generating something awesome let’s move on to music uh okay i’m going to assume you didn’t finish that one let’s go back to the other page okay let’s go to maze then and generate maze okay that’s really neat so it’s generating a bunch of different mazes you can see the starting position is kind of moving around awesome awesome would have been cool if you actually solved the maze but i know that’s a little bit further uh let’s go password uh password requirement i guess i put like the number of things i want okay let’s go with that generate a new password awesome okay sweet let’s go with like 45 can you handle that nice giving me a nice strong password color create a new color generate color let’s see if it does this boom is giving me a bunch of different hex color values and showing me what they look like as well as the rgb code that’s actually pretty cool awesome and then date create new date and it generates a new date awesome so this is pretty impressive i like the fact that you guys went with kind of some smaller projects but tied them all in together that’s really cool and the website especially this front page here just looks really nice really clean uh yeah super impressed by this awesome work guys let’s move on to the next project all right so the next one i have here is chest end game training looks like i can actually just go right here to the website uh oh there’s all this stuff here i’m not going to read through all that but let’s go to the website and see what this is all right so chest endgame training is what this one is called and this is the website so they act actually i didn’t have to run this it’s hosted on heroku it looks like so select checkmate in a number of moves i can do random or i can choose like four or five oh okay so i think i understand what this is doing it’s saying white is uh the current move and checkmate can be achieved in four moves that’s really cool so what it’s trying to get you to do is being is be able to look at this board and determine where you would need to move to uh actually achieve checkmate so that’s i guess why it’s called end game training let’s go with five and just make sure this works for different ones awesome so it’s saying okay there is a way to achieve checkmate in five moves can you figure it out that’s really cool now i wish there was some way where it would tell me what that was because i’m not very good at chess so it’s going to be difficult for me to determine if this is actually working or not but i guess we could go with one and see if we can figure that out if there’s some move where we go for checkmate but it looks like yeah it’s generating some kind of board that we could move to to actually checkmate this piece i’m not very good but i’m going to assume if i put the knight here if white’s moved then that would checkmate the king here but yeah that is really cool so nice work again would have been cool if there was maybe some way that i could actually see what the moves were but good idea especially if you’re good at chess you would probably appreciate this if you’re trying to train and kind of test your brain and figure out the checkmate awesome nice work let’s move on to the next one all right so next one i have here is password generator looks like this is by silly goose and swan amman otherwise we’ll call him kevin i guess let me boot this up and let’s check out what it is all right so we got the password generator here looks like i can pick the security so i can go weak medium secure

strong let’s go with strong for password length let’s go minimum length 10 maximum length 20. sure we want a capital letter and a symbol let’s also make it have two slashes in it i guess uh and generate password all right sweet so we got c dollar sign yeah just some random generated password that’s kind of cool let’s keep doing this and yeah that is working now my only complaint is that i had two slashes here and it’s just moving one i guess what that’s saying is like okay just put stuff here that you want to show up in the password and we’ll make sure that it shows up but if it’s duplicate characters and i guess it just assumes oh you just want one of those anyways this neat i guess if i get rid of symbol then we only get well i guess pound is pound still assemble i don’t know but anyways this is kind of working and yeah that is cool so nice work generates password i also like the fact that you have this so the first part of the password is a slice of the alphabet copy basic passwords do not say when window is closed so making that a bit user friendly and telling me hey i got to copy this beforehand if i want to save this password awesome nice work and let’s move on all right so next project i have here is the tree generator this one is short enough that i can actually read through it it says this is made using c plus plus and opengl and is mimicking fractal patterns using recursion awesome okay so yeah we can see this written in c 89.4 percent c plus plus 9.6 and gl sl i don’t even know what that is one percent all right so immediately seeming a little bit more advanced to some of the python stuff i mean just because it’s written in c in all those languages but let me run this and let’s see what it looks like all right so when i run it i get this little thing popping up here it says this is a tree generator using fractal approach blah blah blah rendering is done using custom engine majoring the gem using modern opengl techniques use wasd to move mouse to rotate the camera click to generate a new tree and escape to exit awesome let’s press enter i guess and see what this is wow okay look can i go full screen oops i didn’t want to do that i want to go into full screen mode uh f11 ah that’s not working okay you know what i’ll just do it here and i guess i can kind of mess around and see what this looks like wow okay that is really cool so this is a really realistic looking tree like i’m quite impressed by uh what this looks like can i i want to go down i don’t know how to go down let’s keep clicking oh wow another tree okay so this generates like pretty fast immediately knowing how this is done just using recursion i’m pretty impressed by how many fractals there is and how quickly this actually generates and oh my god this is a huge tree let me see if i can jesus if i can move out and see this properly yeah this is a really neat project awesome work i’ve never messed around with like 3d graphics and stuff before so this is really cool to see and looks like it quit out after that but awesome work tree generator looks really cool and really impressed with all this rendering and 3d stuff i have no idea how to do any of that now i apologize i forgot to mention this is by storm creeper it looks like this is by one single person the tree generator i didn’t see your name in the side so i forgot to mention it but storm creeper nice work on the tree generator all right so next we have a password encryption generator so i’ll go into that in a second looks like this is by noms 2168 believe that is a discord tag and one of these two guys is him in terms of the discord name again i’ll link this down below in case you guys want to check that out but let’s boot this up and let’s see what this password encryption generator looks like all right so here it is a little bit small and some of the stuff is kind of cut off that’s fine but let’s pick a method let’s go md5 let’s go hello my name is tim let’s see how this is encrypted i guess i can view and unview oh okay that’s kind of cool like i open i shut and it gives me the encryption nice and i can copy it to clipboard let’s see if this actually works notepad paste awesome so that does indeed work that’s great uh whoops go back to the in generator here let’s try with a few other methods okay and it’s giving me the encryption i don’t know what hex i does i guess it changes it to hexadecimal maybe maybe that’s what it’s saying yeah actually that would probably make sense hex i i guess i can view an unview and i guess that’s really all the show for this project i guess there’s just a few different methods all right so that was the last one nice work on that now i’m going to showcase and announce the top three winners so in third place i have the star map generator by little finchy and john paul i wasn’t sure if that’s a bunch of eyes yeah it looks like john paul i congratulations guys you have come third place a quick refresher this is what their project was the star generator this is just really cool and the reason why i’ve selected this for third place is because this is a really unique and creative idea i haven’t i didn’t see

anyone do anything like this at all all the other projects i saw were something that i could have predicted i never thought anyone was going to do something that looked like this and even though i have a few complaints on kind of how the ui is laid out and especially this settings page i’m willing to overlook those just because of the idea the execution and just what a neat project this really is so congratulations guys you’ve come third place and as i’m gonna mention after all these projects i will reach out to you and talk to you about how you can win your prize so in second place i have the all in one generator by these four people over here congratulations guys i do not know how to pronounce your name so i’m not even going to try but let me just refresh you on their project and talk about why i picked it so this is the all-in-one generator obviously the reason’s pretty clear it looks really clean i’m sure you guys put a lot of work into the ui in the front end of this website you have a bunch of different ways to generate things like password color date image maze i’m gonna forgive the fact that your music doesn’t work although that definitely was a factor in my decision but overall really good job and i like the fact that this really fits the theme and i can tell you guys put a significant amount of work into the ui and making this just feel really clean and really good so congratulations as i’ve said i will reach out to you guys and talk to you about how you can claim your second place prize now in first place as i’m sure you guys all have guessed i have the abstract art generator by burak kali congratulations this was by far the best project not to put anyone else’s down the ui is really clean everything looks great it works amazingly it creates really awesome stuff like this just looks so cool i can imagine people actually wanting to use this as like backgrounds and wallpapers and all kinds of stuff like that you have the fact for overlays you have the help button this just feels overall really polished it feels like this is a finished project and well it just is a great really awesome looking and just fully complete project and that’s why i’m picking it it’s one of the only ones on this list that i feel like doesn’t have any bugs or small mistakes you put a ton of effort into it and well you definitely deserve to win so i’ll be reaching out to you you are lucky because you are an individual which means you are going to take the entire prize that would have gone to potentially four people by yourself but congratulations and uh thank you again to everybody for participating in this competition again i will link all these github repositories down below if you want to enter in the next tech with tim code jam hopefully we’re going to have to be a bit more organized this time because this was our first time running through this competition but definitely check out my discord server down below so with that being said that has been it for this video i hope you guys enjoyed i want to quickly give another massive thank you to everyone who participated and a big thank you to all my discord staff for making this possible although i am participating in this somewhat and running a little bit of the competition these guys my staff are really the ones that handle all of this and they just deserve a huge thank you please let me know in the comments down below which project was your favorite and hopefully i’ll see you participating in the next code jam over at my discord server which again you can find from the link in the description alright so take it easy guys hope you enjoy and i will see you in another youtube video you