Summer peach makeup (ENG subs) | Летен прасковен грим

Hello! Welcome to my channel! In today’s video I will show you how to put on this make up It is very warm, fresh and perfect for summer, due to to the shades in it that are peach-colored If you want to see how it is done – keep on watching First step is to apply the base I am using Kryolan – Ultra base Apply all over the face (one or two pumps of product) Now to put on foundation I am using Kryolan TV paint sticks, I have transferred them in this palette for easier use I will open the palette – this is how they look now I will use color Ivory and maybe this lighter tone will be mixed in some areas Firstly I am using a brush then continue to smooth with beauty blender I applied foundation on my neck and decolletage, because I want to make my tan even and to conceal some minor flaws I continue with covering the dark circles under my eyes I want to use this correcting color which will conceal these dark spots Actually this are veins, located under the skin My skin is very fair and see-through and that is why it looks like I have big dark circles under my eyes That is why I have to use correcting color Afterwards I will cover it with skin-toned concealer I will apply this concealer under my eyes This is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles This is how you extract the product I am picking it with a small brush and this way the sponge on top of the concealer stays clean Now I will use this Kryolan concealer

for covering other small imperfections on my skin Next I will apply the powder Again I am using Kryolan in light derma color It is time for eye shadows I will start with this color This is Inglot palette In the description below you will find list of all the materials that used for this makeup I will apply that color slightly above the fold of the eye and I will blend it well The next color that I will use is this one from the palette This color goes in the fold of the eye and in the outer end of the eye With a clean mixing brush I blend the color until it looks perfect Now I will apply the next color and in fact this is the most fun color from the entire makeup I will use this palette – actually these are blushes, but I really like this color I will put it in the middle of the eyelid Now the lightest color,

I will use this one The shade goes in the inner end of the eye and right under the brow For the lower eyelid: in the end of the eye I will use this color – the darkest one, that I applied earlier Next to it – a bit of peach, the same shade, that I used in the middle and in the inner end of the eye – some light color I am finishing the eye shadows with a darker color, which I want to put on in the base of the eyelashes of the upper lid it will be like an eyeliner I don’t want to put on sharp, and strong colored eyeliner – I aim for a dimmed look so it can emphasize the upper eyelid and the eyelashes For the eyebrows I will be using this NYX product: this is NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder The darker color I will apply in the middle to the end of the eyebrow and the lighter color I will apply from the beginning Mainly I have to fill the empty spots without overdoing it I begin with brushing my eyebrows It is time for face contour I am using this Gosh product I will apply this color, which is perfect for contouring Now I will apply the blush

I am using the same shade, that I placed on my upper eyelid Next is the highlighter – I am using Maybelline eyeshadow the number is 501 This is eyeshadow, but personally I love to use it as a highlighter as it is perfect for the job A little bit of the same color I apply in the beginning of the eye I want to illuminate the eyes more and for that I will apply skin-tone pencil in the lower waterline of the eye You can see the difference, right? It is time for mascara I am using Maybelline Rocket Volum Express The eyes are ready Now we will proceed with the lips For lip contouring I use this pencil from Sephora As you can see my lips are chapped and very dry, for which I apologize, but I will work with what I have In the middle of the lips I will apply some of this pencil It is peach-colored and that is why I chose it For more finished look I apply lip gloss Bourjois 3d effect lip gloss It is one of my favorite products Naturally – the lip gloss is peach-colored The look is done I hope that you have enjoyed today’s makeup

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