What does student success mean to you?

so student success to me means a well-rounded overall Illinois experience so everything from coming to Illinois finding your home obviously doing well in the classroom leaving with a degree finding employment after Illinois in my eyes I think the university should focus on making a level playing field for all students no matter what your major or what programs you’re involved in because it really just gives everyone an equal opportunity and allows everybody to have success across the board you’re on this campus and you figure out what your identity is who you are what you want to do and I feel like the first part to that is that students have to really dive into themselves and really find themselves Student Success especially includes for me teaching students about life lessons and ways to live a good life after they graduate from Illinois I think it’s really important that students have a broad experience that includes internships experiential learning opportunities international travel and engagement not only with other students but also with faculty grad students and members of the not only champaign-urbana community but the global community as well a successful student should have both broad and deep knowledge of the world and of the areas that they’re interested in it’s not good enough to just know math I have to know how to communicate how to write how to interact with other people other cultures how to work in groups the University of Illinois gives you a really good opportunity to be surrounded by people who come from very diverse backgrounds from you and I think that that’s really important when shaping leaders that are going to go on to make this world a better place so I think that student success actually should be all encompassing so I would say anything from professional success personal successes were developing into you know the kind of individual who’s able to like show you know violence like empathy understanding a sign of a successful student experience is when the student leaves the experience and feels like they’ve had an aha moment feels like their lives have been changed in a way that they didn’t quite know as possible helping students overcome financial barriers so limiting those challenges focusing on resources we have here at the university to help them succeed not only academically but financially well additional students be able to achieve their their goal of graduating getting an Illinois degree one of the key things to thinking about this is know thyself I think it would be important for us to recognize our needs and what motivates us and also find the resources that supports our growth I believe that students should get decent grades but they should not just run behind those grades you should know that what you did what you’re learning will be of use in your future and just enjoy the time that you are learning something new with the such a diversified group of people for every student to have a successful experience at Illinois it would look like students graduating understanding that Illinois has given them everything they need to pursue their full potential