Spring Eyeshadow Tutorial & Foundation Routine

Hey, It’s Audeyah welcome back to my channel if you are new here I am Audea and pretty much here on my channel I do makeup videos from reviews and to do everything else in between so welcome to my channel and my world through YouTube in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys how it is that I do this very beautiful spring look it helped me to put some color combinations together I typically wouldn’t so I’m very happy about that and if you guys have anything to say please let me know down in the comment section what other makeup tutorials you want to see and I’ll be sure to deliver it let’s get started I’m gonna start off with the turmeric oil I basically use it like three times a week just to diminish the appearance of dark spots I’m pretty sure it’d be better if I use this daily but here we are so now I’m gonna mixing two moisturizers together just to ensure that my face is as hydrated as possible but I’m gonna use three pumps yes I used three pumps just to cover the entire face and now you can use just a dime sized amount and apply it all over the face see yeah I pretty much just leave my skin like that and grading my first allowed the moisturizer to absorb as best as possible into the skin before moving on to any other step and now we’re gonna move on not as skin care is pretty much over we’re gonna go into skin prep and to do that I’m gonna be using the base tape primer from Tarte and I’m pretty much going to be using three pumps and directly applying that over my moisturizer so this one is pretty much like a radiant primer and I pretty much just really really like it so I’m able to apply it all over the skin and just let it do what it does because my skin is on the more you know oily side and grains of Prime and prep my t-zone with a completely different primer I’m gonna be using the elf poreless putty primer to do this process today I’m gonna be using the NYX can’t stop won’t stop foundation and I’m gonna be using it on my luck sea sponge I need definitely need a little bit more than two pumps so I’m pretty much is going to build at my face as much as I possibly can with this foundation so it’s pretty much one layer of foundation didn’t really do much so I’m going to keep adding and spreading so I’m gonna go for two more pumps and then apply to the areas of my face that need extra coverage so I have a hyper pigmentation as far right there have one right there and definitely needs some more my forehead and around my mouth area now I’m gonna move on to highlighting and I’m gonna use the can stop won’t stop concealer and this one is in the shade cappuccino so when I’m highlighting my face I like to focus on my under eye area my nose my forehead my chin and then sometimes I will go under my contour area but that’s pretty much in a subject to change so for my under eyes I just like going directly under my eyes just like that doing the same on the other side just covering you know my bases and then forehead down the center of my nose my entire stash area and then the chin not forgetting the corners of my mouth because that entire area just has its own pigmentation issues so I’m going to grab my luck sea sponge and I’m going to

spray it but this coppery coconut Rose toner just so that you know has a little bit of hydration going and then I’m going to begin okay here we go so I like blending out around my mouth area first because it’s pretty much you know the largest area that I do have the concealer and I don’t want it to dry and not blend in as well as it should so I’m very very excited for this springtime I know pretty much all of us are quarantined right now but we can still you know learn a few techniques while we’re inside the house that when we get outside you know we can sleep so that’s pretty much how my mouth area looks one system blend it out and then when I’m doing my under eye one thing is for sure I like looking up one edge with this process so I just hit it right here and just pretty much drag it but I’m still being very delicate cuz you know it’s the eye area I like taking it down the sides of my nose not really passing this area and then when extending it I try not to take it too far past my eyebrow and that’s pretty much what it is so I’m pretty much going to blend out the other and then I’ll return when I’m doing my nose and my forehead so now both under eyes are blend up blend it out and now we’re gonna do my nose so I try to squeeze the sponge and then I look into the mirror and just tap it into place I try not to pass this area just because I like to focus the concealer into certain areas and then for my forehead I like spreading it from arched arch just like that next I like going into the contouring process I’m gonna be using deep espresso so this is also from the next card stock one self concealer line be sure to check out my video giving you guys a review of that foundation and concealer basically it’s an updated foundation and you know an updated foundation review and a concealer review as well so you know I’m still using it even after posting so definitely took a liking to it this color is a little bit on the deeper side for me so I like dotting it in the areas that I need contoured and then I spread it out and then for my nose same principle just apply dots it’s honestly just what works for me so there we go and going back to using the sponges I’m gonna use the one that I use for foundation just to blend that out so when it comes to my nose I like using a brush so for this I’m using the real techniques this is the base shadow brush it basically like a fan brush but for applying your eyeshadow base and then I like using it just to blend out the concealer that I applied to my nose area so I really don’t have a sequence with how I use this I just know I use it to sort of guide the lines for my nose and then I pull it down to the line is it too harsh just like that but given the fact that you know the colors are contrasting you are gonna see some sort of line but as much as you kind prevent it you know just get all up in there with your mirror and just smudge of the life out of it I like using the same pencil that I used to apply well what the remnants on the brush I’m just there I like using what’s left on the sponge to just go over and sort of soften the lines of the contour if I feel like they’re too harsh so this is my favorite process that I’ve been loving to do recently and this is baking I wasn’t necessarily of against baking but a spot

on my face so I have adopted a sort of technique that I like to use so basically I go heavy on the nose and lights on the face so I’m gonna show you guys how I do that for that I like to press from the inner corner of the eye and take it down the sides of my nose this is a banana powder from Black Radiance then I’ll go to the other side and basically duplicate the same thing and then I go down the center of my nose squeezing the sponge as much as I possibly can and just applying it directly to the center of my nose next like I said lights heavy on the nose but light everywhere else so just pretty much go in and like present sets for the forehead this is much lighter than my skin tone as you guys can definitely tell so I’m gonna show you how I diffused the whole powdery effect that’s how we using such a light powder gives entire faith you know my nose area is pretty much absorbing all of the powder so that doesn’t have as much oil to work with or doesn’t have as much oil throughout the day let me put it that way sometimes I go really heavy in like the crevices of my nose leading down to the sides of my mouth where I would have smile lines because sometimes those areas get crazy as well and then I’m going to go under my contour area just like that it doesn’t hold up as much in my chin and mouth area so I’d still do the same precedent set for now then I’m finished with the powdering process I’m going to be using the dark to deep powder from the DAR to deep powder also from back radians and this is their contour kit the sculpt color is better for me than the contour but I choose the sculpt as a bronzer and then go in with the contour color to contour but in very small areas I kind of just let the sculpt color do what it does so I like going around the sides of my face because my face is on the round side then I dust it over my forehead catch the other cheek and then of course the jawline for my nose I use the same brush I used the cream on and I kind of just drag the powder a little bit to cover the bristles and then adopt the same techniques so looking straight into a mirror and just smudging the powder all around my nose not too too dark so with the same brush I’ll go back in with the contour but I only applied the contour to like this area so right here and then I fight it out and blend it out just because it just creates a deeper illusion of a more slender face without making my entire you know complexion this snots dark but this you know really deep colors you know at this point some powdered mist so I’m gonna grab my cope re spray I’m just going to drench my face in this product and then you’re pretty much gonna see how the powder is melt away and as you can see my face is dripping so I like to fine it let it be at least semi dry and then I’ll go in with the precision spine which is basically what I should have used for the powder and this is what I like to use to just soften everywhere that I’ve applied powder I’m using the lighter side because the smaller size what I’ll use to clean up and you under eye shadow if you know it presents itself and that’s pretty much my process for getting my skin to look as much like

skin as possible so I’m going to move on to do my brows and I’m gonna do those off-camera and then I’ll come back so we can focus on the main event which is the eyes so I’ve pretty much been using this palette to like utilize the mirror and this palette is from folly fire it’s a syncope palette and based off of the colors I just assumed you know it’d be a really great palette for me to use for my face today so we’re gonna be doing like a green and blue look mixing in you know some of the colors but I’ll be sure to let you guys know you know what is what when I’m using these thick up this shade right here call swoon right here and I’m going to apply that to my crease so I’m pretty much just have like tacky concealer over so that’s what I’m gonna be using to showcase this pal so it is a kind of a powdery texture so of course you have to layer it before you blend it that’s how I get the best results from this and I’m not gonna blend it too too close to the brow bone because I I kinda sorta did that already and I didn’t love the way that it looked so I’m not gonna repeat the same mistakes twice hoping for a different outcome you know so next I’m gonna use this shade right here the blue shade called ether and I’m using the same brush which is a 5 1/4 from morphe and I’m just going to look down into my mirror and tape that just a little bit lower than I originally had the green just for sort of depth oops I’m gonna use this brush from ion beauty and this is the dome shadow brush and I’m gonna pick up the shade sentient adjust this blue shade right here and I’m going to pick it up and just apply it directly to the eye just filling in the open space that I placed now I’m gonna use a shade Anisha which is this right here beautiful and I’m going to apply that all over the blue so that the bluish cut short okay good so then the blue could you know color shift just a little bit so then this blue comes up looking more icy than royal blue I’m using my finger because I know if I use a brushes it’s not going to give me the payoff that I’m looking for us so that’s exactly why I’m using it going back in with my blending brush and of course going over cousin look we don’t want any harsh lines not because you’re not using a tool means you know your shadows should be weird I didn’t apply any I didn’t apply any shade to the inner corner because I want to use Mirage Mirage Mirage my Ridge I already don’t remember the correct pronunciation so I’m going to go in with that brush on was i with a jacqueline hill 40 brush and I’m being CEOs acting pretty much just pop that in my inner corner just a little razzle-dazzle and then of course going back in with the original blending

brush and just diffusing some of the edges so I’ve been using the anastacio liquid liner so that’s exactly what I’m gonna use to define my eyes today just a very simple wing next I’m going to use my vivid brights and this is the shade halo this is from NYX and I’m going to just use it to line above the black okay so now we’re going to do my upper lash recipe salad using a lash primer this one is from Kiko a little mascara them about Cesar from Kiko so if you never heard a Kiko you heard Kiko now I’m gonna be using two mascaras so I’m gonna first see is the maxi mod to help lengthen the appearance of my lashes are evenly coated from inner corner to outer corner I like going in with the volume attraction mascara also from Kiko and pretty much just coating it so that little ant that can have some volume I’m gonna use my next palette this is the vivid this is the bright shadow palette their ultimate shadow palette and i’m gonna use this shade right here under my eye just coating the tip and then packing that unto my thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I hope that you guys were able to enjoy this spring tutorial I’m very very excited for spring we are all quarantined here in New York at the moment so pretty much I’m just doing the best I can as a content creator to just keep up with you know giving you guys content that you want to see so if there’s anything that you want to you know see during this time be sure to leave me a link down below and I’ll see you guys next time bye