NOTACON 8: The Greatest Show on Earth: How to Create, Populate, and Delegate a Successful Event

in any case this talk is called the greatest show on earth and the picture in question is from a movie freaks in 1932 and really it’s about a bunch of experiences that I’ve had in terms of event organization including an event as anybody here familiar with the hackerspace noisebridge in San Francisco okay so with you so I ran an event they’re called five minutes of fame for almost two years before I passed it off to somebody else and a lot of this talk will be the underlying philosophy and principles behind what went into the creation of that talk and how we did all the promotion for it and what goes into an event itself and all the cool things you can do once you have a level of stability with it so can you turn up the microphone for the first slider test test all right so this first slide is kind of an example of what can happen if you put your mind to it do something crazy okay anyone know what that is yep that gets really interesting yeah i’ll be covering this in more detail but i just wanted to give you a taste of the kind of stuff that we do so first slide about me I am NOT an Objectivist first and foremost I know the movie Ellis show just came out anybody here familiar with open AMD you may have seen Flyers floating around um we did the RFID badges at the last hope in the next 20 conferences and we also did the CCC sputnik it’s basically location tracking an rfid location tracking social network and stuff and it’s a lot of fun and i’m trying to pimp it out to get sponsorships so see me after if you’re interested I’m also involved with 26 hundreds hope conference and I can see shorty laughing at me from the audience yeah um past that a frequent nada con attending speaker i think this is my sixth in auto con it’s my fourth time speaking here past talks have included i did a talk in the temporary autonomous zone i did a talk where humiliated sharty and a couple of other things and I’ve been coming to these types of conventions for about a decade now and doing different types of talk some of them technical this one not as technical but getting into the more social developments and applications that come around through the conference and the makeup of it so the first and foremost the thesis statement of this whole talk it’s about creating events right well what isn’t it so I want to define an event as a novel or significant memorable shared experience and this gets into the next interesting question which is in order to have something which is novel or significant you must have that which counteracts it which is routine and anybody how does retain develop any honor by default routine is something that you kind of fall until you get used to it the novelty wears away and dies and it just becomes kind of the way of your life and events at least the way that I’m defining them as a way that you can break out of routine and do really cool kick-ass things so I want to interpose that there are two types of events there are one-offs and recurrent so to give a quick example how many here are not a con for the first time cool and how many people have been here before there you go there’s the difference it’s the same event but the difference is completely subjective it’s within your own perception of it so all of you who are here for the first time hopefully you’ll come again but if you don’t then this may be a one-off or maybe the event doesn’t happen again hopefully not a con will but other events do have just one off for whatever reason maybe it’s a funeral or a wedding or something like that where as a recurring event tends to happen over and over again and the event itself it becomes that which upholds the reputation so let’s go into some examples of events so we have conferences like nada con something else I have a past in is organising raves and electronic music events classes or workshops net casts flash mobs high school are going to work does anybody see any any questions about whether any of these events fit in I here mumbling let’s see anybody the ones i wanted to point out our high school and going to work anybody have any ideas why they’re

very recurrent exactly and the question being what is it that defines an event and lick with high school for example if you look back on your high school experiences eventually when you have this recurring pattern it forms an event in and of itself which comes into the next idea that events are not necessarily time from they’re not limited by time an event could last for years an event could last ten years an event can be a pocket of time that you refer to with a singular label go into works an interesting one um how many people would consider going to work a novelty what about going to work for the first time the first time you juice oh exactly it’s completely new you don’t know what you’re getting into starting a new job it has all the novelty how many people here have started out a job and it’s been really amazing and then three weeks later they hated it well you’re lucky sir so it really means the event itself is not that which dictates the one time miss or recurrence but it’s more your own experience within it and that’s something that I really wanted to emphasize so the next reporter question here why would you create an event you want to fill a need in the community to change your community to create community to fix something to make it better and most importantly for me is to have fun so the one thing i want to emphasize here it’s not about money and this is really important i’ve seen a number of people come in two different types of communities and attempt to organize or run events to make money and it never really works the example that i can give without to remain diplomatic within the rave community I’ve seen a lot of people attempt to throw raves to make money and if you actually do the math behind all this is the microphone on by the way can I put this down okay within the rave community or the nightclub community often you’ll have an event that happens and you have headliners that come in and all these other things so if you look at the door cost you have money come in and from the bar any of money coming in from the door and if you look at the cost you have to rent the venue you have to pay off the headliners you have to pay the sound and any other expenses that may come up like permits and whatnot if you look at the input and output of that money it never really adds up so you don’t throw an event to make money and if you do you’re getting your money from somewhere else and within the rave community i’m just going to gloss over that one but bottom line you do this stuff to have fun you do it because perhaps you’re driven to do it you look at frog why does he throw in otacon it’s not because he’s making money off of this is because he loves the community and he loves enabling people to come together and to share this experience so the next question who who do you create it for and this is where ideas and symbols come to mind who recognizes that really half the audience you guys suck okay what do you guys think of when you see that symbol what’s that corporate greed okay I was thinking oh yeah so no child porn or anything like that great okay um headless Walt Disney sure and the question is how would you hear this tour words with the audience that you’re trying to find right so what Disney I generally think of two things I think of targeting a movie towards kids and towards families and then I look at what they created in 1940’s I’m like okay so they hated Nazis too so the next question is really which audience are you trying to entertain and why and you can take the same idea and recraft it in different ways for example if you take a flyer for an event and you put different headliners on it put a different image on it you will get a completely different demographic that’s really important for different types of talks and whatnot so you would take a flyer and set it in one way to attract a technical crowd and another way to attract like a crafter and arts crab so and I understand that this stuff is kind of dry and boring I’ll go through it as fast as I can so a few quick lessons learned here you’ll never please everyone ever there’s always going to be some [ __ ] who pipes up and they have some way to complain about it it’s also okay to make mistakes a lot of people don’t realize this and they try to be perfect if you try it what you try doesn’t work you know it doesn’t work and you suddenly have this mental tool set for future events and it’s really important to make the right mistakes and to learn from them I’ve made many many mistakes for example and I was doing five minutes of fame we started out the first few events and we had a projector going like this right but we’d never thought about doing a speaker late which wound up turning into we had the lights off and he had this this shadow of the silhouette of a person that would just sit in there and there was no way to see

who they were and vice versa having the lights on well the presentation is that maybe they’re playing a movie you can’t see the movie so you have to like watch this and learn from your it’s and figure out what works and what doesn’t so there are two ways that I generally define success the first is the immediate or the audience claps and the second is the long-term where they process anybody have examples of this I have a very interesting one with 2 p.m audience um is anybody here familiar with the play Death of a Salesman ok cool right death of a salesman was a written by Arthur Miller and the 1950s the first time it showed the the premise of the the play is basically at the American Dream and what it really is and it delves into the idea is that there’s no such thing and it’s all a big lie and when it was first shown to audiences they were silent they had no idea how to handle it and I had to process his Citroen think about it and I had kind of engulf all of the ideas behind it and that’s one of the things that I really enjoy doing and here’s an example what do you guys see their 3d glasses so do you give you the full story behind this as i begin to delve in a story mode um so this was the first event that we did at no at the new noisebridge when we moved to the bigger location when we started doing five minutes of him we were in this tiny little one thousand square foot venue and we didn’t really have a whole lot of room we have all the stuff that was kind of jammed into it and one of the cool things as we started experimenting I realized that we had two projectors one on top of each other that we’re projecting like the slides or if anybody want to hold a class or workshop and one of the things I remember way back when when I was making rave fliers anybody familiar with anaglyphs ok what one person basically the way 3d glasses work is you put it on you have the different spectrum it’s actually two images that are juxtaposed on each other with different filters and it tricks your eyes with depth perception and it gives you this illusion that it’s 3d so when you put those glasses on it’s actually emphasize in which comes first and it creates this notion of depth so given that there are two two layers there look the projectors that there were within nose bridge I was like hey we have two projectors I wonder if we could take the projectors put them on top of each other put a different filter on create 3d so that turned into a really interesting idea and this will get into the next segment we’ll discuss later but September 17th tonight 2009 was the 150 year anniversary of emperor norton’s ascension of the throne I’ll get into him in a bit too but we want to do something really special something people would remember and keep it in mind that we were playing with idea that idea before we came up with this notion of an intro video something they put in front of before the presentation to get everyone excited about it and we created a 3d video and got a whole bunch of 3d glasses and we got everyone to wear 3d and try to make it look sort of like the stuff in the 1960s it succeeded to some extent but it looked really cool and everyone really enjoyed the experience of getting to put on the 3d glasses so the next real question here did it work fancy and flashy shows are fun but people forget them after they’ve seen them and anybody here familiar with the fourth wall within Shakespearean times you have the box yeah the sides and the wall and whatnot so you have the back wall the front wall delectable on the right wall and the purpose of the notion of the fourth wall is the wall which is between the audience and the speaker or the audience and the play or whatever it is so the idea being that to engage your audience or to engage the people involved you take away this imaginary fourth wall and they become one with the with the show a good example of this is within a movie there’s this notion called suspension of disbelief where yeah you’re looking at the screen and you see all these actors and there are playing out these lines that they’ve memorized what you forget about that and you just kind of fall into the notion that yes I’m part of this and I have vested emotional interest in what’s going on within this movie and it’s really important when you take that into consideration well as a performer or an artist or whatever you are you’re trying to take down the fourth while you’re not always the one who puts it back up and that’s why engaging the audience is really important so done with a lot of the fundamental stuff the how where and one of this is the rest of the talk so get into the philosophy and inspiration behind it does anybody recognize either of these two symbols ah yes ok arcel Duchamp yes a reproduction he has a ready-made so one of my big inspirations and this is marcel duchamp and dadaism the other one

is John Cage will get into a set in a second he really inspired me and a lot of the work that I was doing within the event so some explanation here this is called the fountain basically Duchamp and I think 1917 took a urinal turn it on its side like 90 degrees counterclockwise and he wrote the word are mud on it and he set it up on a pedestal and he said hey this is art and half the art community was like oh my god you’re a genius happy the other half was dude you’re a douche bag what the hell is this and it brings up a very interesting question of what is art and whose perception of art counts do you guys who thinks that’s art who thinks it’s stupid what it’s completely subjective and that gets into the notion that art in itself is completely subjective one of the things that they were doing back in the data s era is taking some object and maybe turn in it or put in something else on it and saying hey this is art and a lot of people got upset because you know there’s this whole training that’s involved and creating a professional artist and right but does skill make something art and who determines what’s art mm-hmm right but it’s getting your thinking about that which is the whole purpose of the art piece so the guy on the right here is Emperor Norton the first the protector of Mexico and Emperor the United States anybody familiar with them one two three okay you guys all rock have you guys read Sandman by Neil Gaiman yeah so this guy is also one of the actual I lived sanse in the Church of discordia but oh I heard okay yeah basically what happened at this guy 1850s era he comes to San Francisco he’s a business dude and he makes bad investments and he ones have completely broke up his ass and he’s all depressed and he’s trying to figure out well what do I do next so after some thought he kind of goes bonkers and he writes a letter to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle declaring himself the Emperor of the United States and protector of Mexico and the best part being given the nature of San Francisco everyone went along with it everyone he would walk through to the streets he would wear this majestic as you can see Emperor uniform and he would have people address him as your highness and they went along with it he issued his own currency in stores took it that’s the extent to which this guy was doing craziness and he’s absolutely brilliant so he the letter to the editor that he issued it was September 17th tooth or the September 17th 1859 so when we did the five minutes of fame on September 17 2009 it was the 150 year anniversary of his ascension to the throne to of the day which is pretty badass which is ultimately why we did other things I did he would issue a royal proclamations and there’s all kinds of little pockets throughout San Francisco that have memories of him so he is one of my inspirations the other two anybody noticed that picture on the left does Eddie Bernays this guy on Ed bearnaise was involved in media and PR back in 1920s One World War one came along the Germans kind of destroyed the mean in a propaganda to an American audience so he had to come up with the term public relations to continue going on he created a new symbol to get around the idea for the first symbol that word propaganda the negative connotation to it so he turns around comes up with public relations doing the exact same thing but under different auspices and people are oh okay great so this is one of the more famous examples of some of his early work this is from the 1929 Easter Parade in manhattan in the 1920s there was a taboo against women smoking and what he orchestrated in this as you can see there is a woman who looks fairly well-to-do walking next to somebody who looks like an aristocrat and she’s holding a cigarette in her hand they took a couple of photos of this in the parade and there were some other photos of women who were in positions of power or who looked very powerful and looked mighty all holding cigarettes and overnight when this was published in the newspapers in the new york times in the Wall Street Journal overnight it broke the taboo on women smoking so the final inspiration here to the right anybody recognized that yes John Cage 433 basically he wrote this song that was four minutes and 33 seconds of silence get him back into the dadaism ideas he gets everyone together and then it’s

like oh okay cool i’m gonna play great piece flips open the piano and then just like sits there for four minutes and it turns out that what he was getting at is that the music that he is composing is actually that of the crowd and the sounds of the people yes somebody cough and somebody hiccup and things like that again this pissed off a lot of people because they said do that’s so some last bits of philosophy and inspiration here Discordians the notion behind us qwerty and it’s a religion that was created in the 50s basically to make fun of all religion and Discordians dance the fine line between consistency and break-in structure structure being something you’ve come to know and accept as true or a given and that gets really important as we get close more into this and the final thought I want to bring towards with the philosophy and inspiration once you have something that works you’re no longer building it do you guys agree with that okay this agreement why ok but who is building what I’m getting at here is what you’re building is a frame and once you have that frame and that initial instantiation of it then you can make an iteration of variation on theme but it still goes back into the same notion sure absolutely you’re modifying so yeah so now I get into the real meat and juice of this has anyone here ever thrown into that sweet okay how did you guys all promote Twitter okay what’s up mailing list okay anyone else flyer in okay okay what did you guys find worked and what didn’t targeting specific groups and so you know it’s art show but we focus art show around maker culture you know but it was kind of loosely defined what exactly is maker art so when we were targeting artists people who are submitting things that we were like we had sort of like a committee well this quite isn’t maker art but you know that was picking straws I was under the the idea that if anybody made this period therefore its maker art but when we were flyering I thought that we should be hitting the art museum’s the art school coffee shops there’s a local tobacco shop where a lot of so let me pause you for a second because what you’re getting at is totally spot-on and the real question is why one of the reasons I put Eddie Bernays is an inspiration is because in his book propaganda he goes into this notion that within any social group you have leaders and followers is anybody disagree with that ok cool I wouldn’t listen anyways but you have leaders and followers and more importantly you have social hubs and people who listen that’s the social hubs for example does anybody here know who cory doctorow is ok a good chunk of the crowd large enough to call him a social hub if anybody’s heard of Boing Boing it’s the same general idea so this gets into the notion of promotion there’s so many ways to do it there is that there are flyers vs. word of mouth so the difference between flyer is something which has information on it that you pass out to somebody and some of the things I actually learned when I was doing fly rings I’ve done a lot of it for example if you have an event that you’re trying to promote i live in the Mission District in San Francisco and I’ll have an event and I bring the flyer n and usually a place will have like a flyer table or maybe a shelf that you can put fliers on so you can go in and sneak up and put it on the table and just kind of leave I always insist the people who are doing promotion for my events go to the person whose work in there and ask if it’s okay yeah and there’s two reasons for that first it implies that yes you have consent you have permission and you’re doing due diligence is a responsible organizer in a second when you ask them for permission you’re informing them and that means they know about it that means they’re that much more likely to tell somebody because if you don’t know about something you can’t tell it to somebody else you can’t have that shared experience so hey this is really cool you should come right yeah what I do that type stuff in barca ting computer services and that type thing I also because it shows a respect for the business owner and they appreciate that no less likely to throw your flowers

away right and that gets into something else which if you look at the social structure within say a coffee house no matter what the actual social demographic of it is whoever is working there is considered the leader people are going to listen to them and if they tell them if you if you tell somebody hey can you move that chair over there they’re going to do it they’re going to listen to you and there’s this notion of assumed authority and when somebody has Authority people listen to them so one good example of ways that I have promoted is does anybody know about the hope conference besides what i just showed up there so the way that I promoted that for the last hope and we were doing all the RFID badges what we did RFID triangulation is really cool going back to cory doctorow at the time he had this book called little brother that had just came out anybody familiar with this ok couple people little brother was targeted like 13 year old kids to teach them hey here’s all this technology and hear all the ways to get around it here’s surveillance stuff it’s really scary but you can actually get past it and it was a way to empower these little kids he was doing a book signing in union square in new york city and i’m thinking if there’s anybody who’s going to be interested in this project that we’re doing which is basically tracking people and this privacy stuff it’s going to be him so went to the book signing got the book sign and casually mention hey do you know about 2,600 and he’s like dude yeah I’m totally written for them and that’s a good sign and then I mentioned something about the badge project you know the 10 second elevator pitch and he totally loved it emailed him and from then on every announcement that we had about hope made Boing Boing and i’m pretty sure that that really helped a lot of the prius ill and i helped a lot of the things that happen that so there’s definitely some truth to that logic um people here who have used Twitter and Facebook hands did you guys have success or fail bit of success yeah totally going to that you know people like attending attending and you’ll expect oh there’s gonna be a hundred fifty people attending and then it’s like oh right a second it’s that that many so it’s not really reliable it’s a good way to get the word out and you know they’ll see that oh this my friend is going to this event so maybe I should check it out so we got some success with that not so much with Twitter right and yet okay another point again in terms of marketing computer services I’m a web developer so one of my projects which is half half functionalism I will develop a website where i show presence and have all the features that you would see on normal social network blogging and pictures and video and that kind of stuff and then create accounts on the social network sites to try to simply point back to that website simply using them as a network for for drawing traffic to the primary website sure no those are all very good points and now I’m going to completely badmouth the social network and stuff so Twitter for example if you take these systems and you look at the actual makeup of them twitter is basically 10 second headlines non-stop it’s like if you look at a newspaper you see a headline okay I’m interested in that but with Twitter you have this whole list of headlines that’s coming down and you might be interested in one you’re about to click on the link but you see another headline that also looks interesting which means that you have this 5 to 10 second period where you have the ability to capture some way whatever where you have the ability to capture somebody’s attention and then it goes away and unless you have something really really good and usually the only things that fit that or controversy and drama if you have a cool project that in by it but bad and drama is a lot more attractive than good so yeah question um meetup falls more into the stuff I’m going to talk about Facebook in a second yeah absolutely which is this r right the gentleman has just captured the point that I was going to make about the the one good benefit of twitter is that if you capture everything correctly and so you have a group of 20 people who are suddenly engaged in a conversation so some nudist drama happened say olivia gets bombed all these people are suddenly discussing it or you had the TSA rape kit stuff like that that’s the way to keep people’s attention because it gets them emotionally attached to it it’s just like if you have a classroom where the teacher asks all the students a question or the teacher says okay I’m about to do a puzzle here or I’m about to do a problem on the board who here

thinks it’s going to be this who thinks is going to be that even though it’s a tiny little thing by involving yourself into it you have a tiny bit of emotional connection to it and once you have an emotional connection you’re more interested in what the outcome will be so when you have a controversy or a debate or any kind of conversation going on it where you issue a statement and somebody responds do you want to respond back and then you want to see what they’re going to say back to you and it engages a social interaction in a sense what exactly you should drink some more surety but yet so that’s really one of the few good ways there’s two good ways to harness Twitter one of them is by creating controversy or having conversations of some sort going back and forth to keep it within the public eye because if you have that five to ten seconds but you multiply it by 20 or by 50 tweets suddenly turns into a couple of minutes or that time stretched over when you see something over and over again this is one of those ways in which you can take routine and ideas and symbols and turn it into something which you have established trust in I’ve seen that a couple times I want to check it out um when nodejs was coming out I think it’s still kind of on the rise I’ve heard about it probably from 20 different people I finally decided to go check it out how many people came to not come because like five people nag them okay one person good enough the other way to do so is targeting social hubs going back to the EDD bearnaise standard where you get somebody like corey doctor or somebody like I don’t know Obama makes a tweet if you have a million followers then it’s much more likely that people are going to pay attention to it but by that point rather than looking at this instant headline system you are looking at a headline distribution system and by virtue of the fact that that person or that icon that name and that face becomes the icon of the symbol that you’re looking at by that birth by the virtue of that fact they’ve already established a reputation anything that they say you’re already interested and what it is and you already have some degree of credibility and Trust and motional involvement in it so Facebook has one key difference and that’s the event invites and those are pretty badass reason being is rather than seeing this immediate headline a facebook event invite is a static piece of information where I can click through and invite a bunch of my friends and I have the RSVP list so i can see who’s coming to it which is effectively the same thing as doing a search on twitter to find out okay not a con let’s see who’s there while they’re talking about maybe there maybe they aren’t the other thing about facebook and vent invites is that it tells you information about the event so the day at the time it’s effectively a flyer that’s static and on the internet so it effectively if you think about it a website promoting the event that also has a list of all the people that are going to be attending or who are potentially interested in it exactly or another trick that I’ve used if I want somebody to go to an event I can tell them hey you should go there because this person that you know or that you want to hang out with is going to be there at the same idea so that’s all about event promotion and really the way that I did it with five minutes of fame is I went to every event in san francisco and i badgered people nonstop you have to become that guy you have to become the person who is known for the event because that way people need a central point of contact to go to for anything so for example if you come to nada con if you want to give a speech talk at nada con you have to submit an email to the call for papers you can’t just email anybody who’s on the step and it seems like a really stupid example but it’s really important if you think about it because everything is going to one person who you know is in charge of something has the authority and the knowledge to handle it so when somebody’s face or somebody’s persona becomes identified and coupled with that idea suddenly you know who they are you know what they’re about and when they come and you have something of interest that you want to say hey I’m interested in speaking at your event or I’m interested in collaborating with you on this project you go to them and they’re going to be able to help you it’s way way better than go into some random person and saying hey are you interested in this you already have some degree of knowledge about who they are and what they do so does anybody have any more comments on that before I move on to another comment one of the tricks that I’ve learned is getting local businesses involved in the way that you get them to commit to send people and there are people that we’re going to go anyway but now they’ve got their company’s endorsement to go and they get the time off and maybe even get paid time to go and in that way you’ve got them sponsoring in a way that isn’t giving you money but also they feel involved and it just blossoms from there in the corporate sure that’s a fantastic point and that gets into good in the entire community involved another trick

behind that is you show up to my store after an event and you get five dollars off of whatever it is or you get ten cents off of your cup of coffee because you brought the flyer and that also creates a social connection between whatever the establishment is and whatever the event is other yeah and the same note don’t just try to recruit people to come to your event try to recruit organizations so then even if they only bring two people similar organizations will hear about it and bring their own people and that’s something that’s worked for me is going after groups and saying hey you’d be interested in this do it right and that’s why things like sponsorship are important it’s also why the Twitter’s are important because for example with the bad stuff we made Boing Boing we made gizmodo we made slashdot I can now take that and point at those articles and say hey if you want to help sponsor the like the open AMD project right there you should check it out if you want to go and sponsor that there’s a really good chance that you’re going to get your image not just on everyone who’s at the conference but also on these sites that are interested in it and suddenly you can take the idea the identity and the reputation of those organizations and you can harness those reputation points so any more questions before we go on to the how to pull on speakers thing ok cool because those are all really really good points because the next question is well I have an event how do I put it together how do I get speakers I’m sure nada con has been through this trying to figure out well you issue the CFP right at the call for papers well how do I get people to see it how wait i have just distributed it how do i get people to register some degree of interest or acknowledgment this can get kind of sneaky there’s a couple of ways to do this one of my favorites besides the nagging tricks is to say hey have a conversation with them maybe five minute conversation not even because the thing that you’re going to run into and most of all is well I have nothing I can speak on I don’t know what I can do because they haven’t thought about it and all they know is that they’re being targeted for something and you’re trying to pull them into something like yeah they want to hide in their little corner so it’s really important to talk with them and make that connection with them so what are you interested in oh you like programming okay what kind of programming languages oh you’re working on a cool project well that’s kind of interesting and more often than not and this goes back into the Dale Carnegie stuff of how to win friends and influence people the best way to make friends is to have them talk about themselves because when somebody talks about themselves they feel like they’re becoming important and when you’re talking with somebody who’s talking about themselves they feel like you think that they’re important and when somebody feels important they feel magical and they’re willing to do a lot of different things so when you reach out to somebody who’s a potential speaker you say hey what are you working on what’s cool and they start telling you further you have a number of ideas that you can pick on that you can then ask questions about you like programming what kind of languages are you doing any cool projects oh you’ve done this and this oh you’ve done that too okay cool and the best way I like to do this is catch them you know we’ve been talking for 10 minutes on this already I’m pretty sure you can put together a five-minute talk on it so another trick that I’ve done for speakers that are super heavy reluctant is I pull the I need help people always want to help out things that the lys in San Francisco if it’s something for the community i’m pretty sure nada con is like this too if it’s something for it’s for the good of the community people will always do it so look I only have seven speakers we need 10 can you please help me and this is always something you go to somebody privately about because if you do this publicly it makes you look like an idiot if you do it privately you lower them yourself from the promoter level down to the human level and you make that human connection with them they’re going to start paying attention they’re going to be late okay well I’m going to do it just this once or okay well I’ll tell you what I’ll help you out this one time people to do favors for you because they’re really doing a favor to themselves and they just don’t know it yet yeah right people have like to re-emphasize that point people helping people makes them feel good you create that social connection further when somebody is speaking they’ve become part of that event and one of the cool things I found is when you recruit people and I’ll get to this in a second I’ll actually I should go to it now when you pull people in they become part of the team and further they’re going to talk about it because people like to talk about themselves hey I’m going to be speaking with this event well they’re going to talk about the event and suddenly everyone who’s involved becomes a personal promoter of your own and it’s a way to delegate all that it’s a way to delegate the flyer ship because you’re speaking at this event okay here’s a couple flyers can you pass it your friends just to make sure the hell all the information so they’ll catch your talk stuff like that which then gets into the next thing which is schedules and deadlines I how many of you read through the entire nada con schedule Jesus really okay when you’ve been doing in an up for a while nobody really read the schedule this kind of show up they know that something’s going to be cool

maybe a little you know find something that catches their interest over time because they’ve already established that trust they see the block they see that familiar notion that yes the schedule exists which means two things it means the event is going to happen and that the people have their together enough so that they know that something will be there the secret trick to this and I get a I’ll cover this now the secret trick to that a lot of new event promoters and event organ of organizers they have a schedule and it’s like oh its structure I have to stick to that structure the trick is that nobody actually gives a nobody’s going to memorize the schedule and then call you on it when you switch things around because when you have a speaker who says hey I need to go early because I got a meeting that you got scheduled or somebody’s like dude I’m in a traffic jam or you know my wife’s on the hospital something like that always let people change things on you and always let them drop out if they need to because if you have a speaker who comes in and say hey I I can’t make it this month can I do next month allow them to do that because they’re going to suddenly have that trust hey they recognize me as a person they recognized me as a human being they understand my needs and that makes them more likely to come back again that makes them more likely to say hey I had this experience with this person and maybe they’ll feel bad I had to drop out but hey I have a friend who’s interested in speaking yes right well it to capitalize on that one of the things that i have found especially with people who drop out and they say well i can i give this next month what I always tell them is rather than saying yes I’ll save you for next month I say if you’re still interested in it next month then resubmit it as a regular talk the reason being they may have changed interest and they may want to be doing something else maybe somebody write a book and it inspired them to go do a different project if they want to resubmit the same talk that’s great but they might have another one and by saying yes I’m going to sign you up ahead of time that makes them feel like they’re compelled to do something that they might not want to do right um and uh well I’m gonna let you finish but uh but yet the deadlines but that’s something that that having a bit of an issue it’s oh yeah deadlines so here’s a good trick always make two deadlines one for yourself and one that you give up publicly reason being you want everyone else to freak out about stuff while you’re calm so you give all the speaker’s a deadline yeah ok so the events on Thursday so get your slides in by I don’t know friday or sunday or something like that you know set a static time but make sure that there is some grace period right because nobody’s ever going to get stuff in on time it never happens I didn’t get my slides done until like last night at 4am and that’s a given that’s always going to happen people have things that come up life happens right but if they miss the deadline if they slip past it then they’re going to feel a bit of guilt and they’re going to fuel the social pressure that is created on themselves because everyone wants to do a good job everyone wants to like make something good so when they have that social pressure rather than you going around an egg and everyone they’re going to be nagging themselves and that’s actually a really really important point so so in other words it’s putting out that public face deadline and we’re having like that you know giving yourself that extra time right well I mean everyone really has their own deadline they see something depending on their level of involvement with it like the organizer has like eight different deadlines based on you know I need to make sure I have the projector setup I need to make sure we have the microphone work and all that kind of stuff the speaker’s deadline is I need to make sure i have my slides i need to make sure i get to the event on time the attendee oh i just want to make sure that i get through maybe you know get some of my friends involved right so everyone has a different type of deadlines like example on the art show that we did we had a deadline for the artists to come in and you know fill out a contract and everything I most artists did that no problem and the next deadline was I think two weeks before the actual event to submit the physical art so but we got down to the wire to where it was like two days before like oh where is all this art and I mean it got down to the wood people came through but you know there was a lot of worry about that and I was wondering is there any way to you know have streamlined that better as far as like so that’s a great question and unfortunately I’m running low on times have to skip ahead to the Hat the rest but we should discuss this in a break room where I’ll be afterwards so I need to run through the rest I have a couple of videos that i want to show but i want to touch on the basic structure of an event first you have the schedule which I went over already always have some kind of an intro like whether the open and ceremonies we did intro videos which said they don’t have time to talk about or intermission styles because we had ten five minute talks having some kind of a break between them we learn that in

September of 2009 actually even if it’s still a steady progress it’s a change in tempo and it makes everyone feel like they’ve had a rest and they have the time to recharge and like go back and finish it up so as I’m run in a little bit on time I’m going to jump straight to the crazy stories so I’m going to cover the bingo game this was really cool so everyone here ever played bingo does anybody not how I bingo works the idea behind bingo is that you can take elements of an or elements of anything and create a grid so for example here we have the speaker is wearing a hat speakers wearing glasses whatever else we had I think this was December of 09 we decided hey let’s make if I went to fame bingo and we constructed all these different squares based on the different elements I get a video of this Oh hold on actually that’s going to be kind of hard to show without the sound guy get the microphone to see if they can wing it somehow it’s a short video don’t worry can you hear that ok cool variations of it so we were trying to think of what would be a good way to integrate an interactive game in 25 minutes of thing so in the beginning of the road many of you can see these assignments as free booze and whatnot if you play NC sheets that’s Clemens of fame 0 or 5 months of pain may go and it’s by the class Square Garden middle and each one of these squares is meant to represent something maybe speakers wearing glasses or has tattoos or something that’s describing the speaker or something going on and as you’re going through this just to mark it up when a speaker does up in the matches work the square of fiddles free and as I said before you got to get five squares on the right away and this is the part where people need to start breaking across the wall if you get a bingo there in a talk shop bingo interrupt the speaker and that’s going to be kind of fun to see how many people actually do this and yes Mark’s Square is carry to the next Sunday got a pink already all right 15 stupid code we’ll get to that side Sarah so also part 2 squares do carry to the next speaker so it’s not just a one time it’s not once one of one board for every gift for every speaker this is for the entire thing if you want to put two or three boards go for whatever active system as much as you can call now if you get a makeup shut bingo because this thing go right now here’s the best part once you shop and go you have to stand up and walk over here you got this area where you can form of cute right and to get a good bingo or a bad mojo you have to justify have to come up here and after every talk we’re going to take all the people that are lined up and we’re going to go through their bingo and let the audience decide if they have a good thing or not is not necessarily a wrong answer if you can be creative now if you win you could a shot of losing your choice so we got a bunch of booze and we got a bunch of stuff up here so really what’s there to lose right they got a shot um the next example I’m going to go over you guys what oh you the next example I want to cover quickly is swings on the bart this gets into bart is the trans system that runs through basically metropolitan san francisco and it’s a train right you get on the train you go to work you get on the train you go to school whatever it is it’s something that you get on that takes you from point A to point P why put any special importance so this was something we came up with that was a way to have fun well you’re dealing with the monotony because people are going to be it on their way home and they get on the bart and there’s swings on the bart they’re like dude what the and the idea we played into about to get into the social that dynamics would take a long time but case in point we set things up to encourage random people to get on the swings because does anybody here hates wings ok good nobody so the way that we orchestrated this was there was one month 25 minutes of fame mike who orchestrated the whole thing was the last speaker so we had a bunch of people come to an event just like this and he gave the basic demo of how i’ll work because they had done this previously and he said well here’s the ins and outs i install it you guys all get to ride and have fun he explained the philosophy of it to everyone MPN he’s like hey i got 4 swings let’s go install he’s on the bart right now and if you’re in the audience right there and you’re set and you’re seeing this and you’re thinking okay well I’ve been playing along so far but now I’m actually being

pulled from my seat to go do some crazy stunts like this what do you do and turned out that everyone liked when they had fun let’s see I don’t know if I have time a cease-and-desist we got a cease and desist order back in a January of 2010 because the phrase is trademarked and the eff rock so I basically put this in there say thank you to the eff also one of the things we have set up with noisebridge if you send an email to our legal department which is like legal at noisebridge net it gets cc’d to chilling effect org so you can actually go there and check it out that’s a way that we can deter people from sundan like lawsuits to us and things like that because anytime there’s actually supplement a substance we want to make it as public possible the event itself got the notice we got the eff to send a response so finally the final thing I want to go over is the dedication about a year ago my uncle tom passed away and shortly after my grandma deeded and they’re largely why I create events could get the microphone again I have one more video I would like to sit play before I conclude the talk I’ll get out of here soon as i can and i just want to point out once you’ve created an event or once an event exists it’s kind of a broadcast medium where you can help all these people connect with you and once you have that connection sometimes you need those people so so normally i end this event by thanking everyone on didn’t everyone a good night and what not but so now it’s going to be a little different I’ve had a lot of very deep and personal things happen to me lately and the first is two days ago old lamp old Honda here’s a picture of a tongue as the best man for my father I parents way here’s another picture of him with my dog Astrid on my character he was the oldest of all my pack samples and he introduced me to computers I learned about computers by sitting with him in space nor the VIN number of wherever it was and he would just like walk me through and explain what EBS is work or when it’s hard to get into what different games were how things work and she introduced me to a lot of things that I tried to drink a five minutes atlantic center so this event this evening this month is dedicated in birthday penny it’s also dedicated to my gravity here what there’s a picture of her I think that’s her engagement with that other person and that other person my grandma is a 50-50 whatever anniversary where they renewed their vows and this had a couple quick things to say sometimes there are times our lives might force to remember that were not the most important people in hands so that’s one of the reasons this is dedicated and that a brief home that I wanted to read one of my grandma’s favorite poems it hangs up in my kitchen it’s a traditional Irish blessing may the road the price may the road rise to meet here may the wind be always at your back the sunshine went upon your face the Rams pulse stopped upon your fields and until we meet again may god hold you in the hollow of the sky I pledge my room for my uncle’s funeral and I want everyone to at least know who they are so tonight is dedicated any questions oh alright yeah ok I’m getting act on I can take questions in the break room upstairs