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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel its your girl Jackie Aina ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ My favorite thing is when I read comment from people and they’re like, “You’re so full of yourself “How can you sit there and just repeat your own name like that? “You’re so full of yourself “How can you sit there and just repeat your own name like that?” You know what, I wish that you were so much more fuller of yourself so you don’t have to be so full of me, how ’bout that? Hey you, you new to my channel? Sit down, grab a bag of popcorn But definitely don’t leave your house Are you tired of being told having dark lips is not cute? Are you tired of people talking about your complexion as if it’s a burden or an inconvenience? Don’t you get sick and tired of sometimes walking into a beauty salon and the messaging makes you feel othered? I’ve been fed up with this, that’s why I started my channel A couple weeks ago, this post on Instagram went viral, ish It went because this aesthetician had rendered a service on a dark-skinned girl and a beauty page reposted the video for work You guys are familiar with any permanent makeup procedures You know I have microblading My brows are tattooed on Well they also do a similar service where they do like permanent liner They can tattoo eyeliner on you A couple years ago, they started doing this tattooed lip thing They can to literally like create a new lip line and tattoo the color on, so that your lips look all (smacking lips) puckery and pink and cute And it’s really cute, and it’s really girly, stuff like that The only problem with this procedure is like, it’s not okay for black people Like it hasn’t been green lit yet Actually I shouldn’t say black people I should say dark-skinned specifically because you can be black and not necessarily have dark skin, right? There’s an aesthetician over in a different country that decided that they were gonna do it anyway So a client came in, said she was not happy with her darkened lips ‘Cause she is a chocolate girl As you can see, my lips are a little bit darker than the rest of my face, which is fine It’s a little inconvenient when I’m wearing makeup But without makeup, I’m totally fine with it But anyway, this lady walked into this aesthetician’s place or salon, whatever This lady offered the service to her If the person giving the service is happy, it’s not my business The only problem is I don’t like the way it looked though – Oh my God, what is that? Oh my God – I don’t like the way it looked There’s a reason why it hasn’t been approved for dark skin, there’s a reason why The person who rendered the service didn’t really correct the tone in this girl’s complexion properly And then it became a different argument of like, oh well, you guys just don’t know this is what professionals do And so when the professionals started chiming in, i.e me, also a black person with darkened black lips, I’m just calling, well I’m a professional too honey, but like this is just not how it’s done sweetie Like this is just not what we do This is not how you correct the unwanted pigmentation in like a darkened, this is just not, no I was just trying to educate ’cause I saw where they were going in the comments It looked a little gas lighty, but I don’t like that, which inspired me to do today’s video There are features about having dark skin that a lot of people either don’t like or want to hide or want to correct, permanently Permanently is a long time And I wanna show you how instead of doing that you actually accentuate them and play them up and make them even look more beautiful than they already are Now again, I make modifications to my body There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fixing something that you don’t like I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that But I want people to just think about the why do you wanna fix that? And who are you appealing to and the person who rendered the service is from Brazil and we can’t ignore the unchecked, very blatantly obvious colorism and discrimination that happens in Brazil So there’s certain things I’m really sensitive to and in light of all of that, I really wanted to do this video to show you guys ways that you can take some of those undesirable features and actually shove them in people’s faces and force them to accept them It is by force Without further ado, let’s get to painting – [Announcer] Fight – First, I had to moisturize my skin girl ‘Cause one thing we aint going do is accentuate the ash So there’s a number of different things you’re gonna see when you look at a person of darker complexions Specifically if you are West African like I am there’s just certain things that like hit no matter, like you are always probably gonna have this Most dark-skinned women have a bunch of different colors in their face Some things that people that are lighter to medium complexions, the things that they do ain’t going hit the same on us Like matching your foundation to your neck, don’t (laughs) Matching your foundation to your chin, don’t I do have some scars and dark marks I also have dark under eye circles, darkening around my eyes I have slightly darker lips You can see, there’s a little faux mustache, I’m basically just dragging myself for filth right now We are doing a full face of makeup by the way The first thing I’m gonna do is apply a primer to preparate my skin for the beautiful base we’re going to be building today And today’s look can pretty much go in whatever way you wanna swing it girl Like it doesn’t have to be full coverage glam if you don’t want it But I kinda want today’s look to be more like an every day makeup vibe Something that isn’t necessarily full, but isn’t necessarily like your skin but better either Somewhere in the middle I do have oily skin I cannot tell you

how much I really really really really really wanted to use a drugstore product for this next step, but unfortunately, everything from the drugstore that actually comes in my color is full coverage or orange, sometimes both So I wanted to grab a foundation that wasn’t too covering and wasn’t too high of a coverage So I grabbed the Pat, I know you guys are gonna drag me, I know – Not me, certainly not I – It’s not my fault that drugstores just don’t make products for me I like this because my complexion shines through no matter what This is a beautiful formula You can use something that is lightweight You can use a tinted moisturizer for this It really don’t matter, but we gonna get to that in a second You guys know I usually like to powder my primer with a little bit of translucent power and I’m gonna do that today But I’m not going to do it all over the way I normally do I’m just going to concentrate most of that powder towards the center of my face So my forehead and down the middle of the nose Normally, what I would do is literally go all around the top have of my face We ain’t gonna do that today, because we kinda want the natural shine in the skin to really shine through So corny, you’re not funny, shut up and just work I’m gonna do a little spray Do a little spray, spray spray spray spray (coughs) There’s definitely lavender in there Just use some of my Fenty spray That smells so good, and this nozzle is just (ethereal music) We love to see it, we really do Next what I like to do, and this isn’t really relative to dark skin This is somebody that any complexion can do I like to highlight under foundation Yes you heard that correctly, highlight under foundation It just makes the skin look beautiful It doesn’t look like a forced highlight, dramatic production per se I’m really glad we have outgrown the overly highlighted phase because that was getting scary This is from Milani and it’s their Strobe Lights, these are great Like they’re actually really really good They compare to a lot of the high end liquid highlighters that I love using Why am I not centered? This is really bothering me, hold on Did I get it? No, oh my God that’s worse There we go, okay The color that I’m using is glowing We always wanna use something with a little bit of gold You can use pink too Just make sure it’s not too light of a pink because then it will do the opposite effect it’ll make you look ashy Last thing dark-skinned people want to look like is ashy You don’t need to take a survey or a census to know this It’s just facts okay So what I wanna do, is I wanna take a little bit of this on the back of my hand This is your palette, this is what’s gonna warm up all your beautiful products Take a little a bit of that on the back of your hand and your highlighting brush of choice And as you can see, I’m just gonna start painting that onto my skin And that alone already makes me look and feel lit from within Now I chose gold because many of us of the melanated hue, not all of us, but I have what would be considered golden to sometimes even olive undertone And anything in gold is going to play up and accentuate that So if you are red for example, you would wanna lean more towards pink, right? Because is considered a cool And then if you are golden like me, then you can go golden, golden is considered a warm color in cosmetics I’m talking about cosmetics here We’re not talking about the actual color wheel, we’re just talking about in cosmetics But anyway, now if you really feeling bold, if you really feeling froggy, first of all subscribe, it cost you nothing and you’re not doing anything else So you might as well keep coming back here Not only will that beautiful highlight look great along your cheek bones If you just start blending and adding it right above your brow bone Look at this, look at this, look at it, look at it This is how scholarships are acquired I just like to mimic the shape of a letter C and just go (robotic beeping) Yeah, I know you could see my dark marks and my scars That’s okay My scars mean I’ve survived something It may have been self-inflicted by the means of popping a pimple myself, which I shouldn’t be doing Please don’t let my aesthetician drag me She’s gonna drag me anyway She’s closed, I can’t go see her What do you expect? I’m also going to dab a little bit of that on the center of my nose just for the sake of being extra Do I wanna put this on my brow bone? Yep, I sure do This is something that sometimes I’ll do and I won’t even put foundation or anything on top of it I just love the way that liquid highlighter looks on bare skin and by the way, we went with liquid highlighter because liquid looks a lot more flawless and seamless on bare skin Cream and liquid always looks way more natural, just in case you didn’t already know So now we’re gonna go in with our foundation I’m gonna take one pump of the Pat McGrath and this is what I would describe, as I mentioned earlier, to light to medium coverage And I wanted that because I kind of wanted know you, this to be the video for the girlies who don’t wanna maybe paint as much as I typically would Why is my voice getting higher, I don’t know It is darker around my mouth and then sometimes, you’ll see that naturally we get a little bit darker on the forehead ’cause that’s where the sun be cooking girl She be whooping our butts up there in our forehead And then also around my mouth area And it’s nothing that you’ve done wrong, it’s nothing that you could fix or change That’s just the way your face looks So often times how we correct that is by using a color corrector One might use you know two or three different foundations

and that’s why when someone says I always have to mix, it’s not that they literally have to mix to get their right shade, it means that they have to use multiple different complexion products to make up for the fact that their face is not one color Sometimes it actually is more beneficial to have more than one foundation And the reason I say that is because you wanna make up for those color differences by not mixing them together You just want to paint them completely separately Now it’s gonna feel like isn’t this obvious? Like aren’t people gonna be able to see it? I mean if they that close to you, you need to back the hell up anyway This ain’t four K girls, move The skin in the center of my face is a little bit lighter than everywhere else So I applied Pat in the medium deep 26 So now what I would normally do to kind of correct the darker part around my mouth is I would use something that’s red Or I would take like a concealer foundation or like a color correcting stick like this one from Live Tinted which is orange, but instead I’m just gonna use another foundation that’s a little bit darker So I’m not really correcting it, I’m just matching it, if that makes sense So this is the Mented Foundation Stick in the color M20 And as you can see, it’s like where is it? Exactly, you can’t even see where I swatched it It matches the bottom half of my face so well in a way that I’ve never seen before Like I don’t know how they managed to get this Like they tested it on me It’s like they tested it on me Now because it’s a little bit darker up here, let’s also apply some of that here We’re a little bit darker on our foreheads and our five heads you know So let’s make sure that real estate is covered as well I’m going to blend this out with my brush and just make sure that the two colors meet Using my brush, I’m just gonna blend this out and make sure the two meet Skin is looking good and there’s no dramatic difference between what’s going on up here and what’s going on down here Whereas normally when I would correct you can see it In a picture, flawless And that highlight though See it, appreciate it, thank it, praise it Bow down to it Next I’m gonna do concealer I’m gonna take these Elf concealers, ’cause these are actually really good It’s their new Hydrating Camo Concealer with a beautiful satin finish and I am going to correct under my eye, just a little bit though Like I’m not gonna go overboard guys I’m not gonna get too crazy But I do want to just you know, even it out Make sure she doesn’t stand out too much when I put on a highlighting concealer after that We will be highlighting today, because like I said, this is gonna be a full coverage glam look Well, it’s not, it’s medium coverage The shade that I used by the way was Rich Chocolate This one’s pretty good ’cause it kind of self sets Now just to make sure everything is nice and clean I’m gonna go in with my brush around it And then to highlight, I’m gonna take Deep Chestnut which is pretty yellow and pretty golden So we don’t need a whole lot of it, but I’m just going to damn, I didn’t realize it was that light When you highlight with concealer guys, I don’t think people actually realize the full extent of like what highlighting actually is When you put on foundation or a base, depending on where you’re from, you’re evening out your complexion When you’re highlighting and contouring, you’re saying I don’t want to look flat as a board on my face I wanna put back those natural shadows, even not shadowy parts of the face and make the skin and the face look realistic and like add depth again So when you’re highlighting, that’s exactly what you’re doing I also like to highlight my nose because we want it to stand out One thing that I don’t do on this channel is we don’t contour I feel like that’s worth mentioning because it’s so important to me, you’re loud, oh my God It’s so important to me to preserve my black features as much possible When you contour, obviously you take away from that But that’s not me saying or discouraging anyone from doing it I don’t think there’s anything wrong if that’s what you feel you have to do Personally for me, I like when my nose spreads a little when I smile So I don’t have any problem with that But then someone else might say my nose is very normal and I don’t have that problem, can’t relate, you know what I mean? So it’s kind of like a I get it, you know Like just trying to be up lifting okay? So in case you’re wondering what the hell I’m doing, I’m taking a fan I like to let my concealers dry down a little bit, you get more coverage and they are also a lot easier to blend out So get yourself a little hand held fan girl She’ll get you done right and tight Like you obviously don’t wanna do this with all concealers Some concealers dry down really fast and this isn’t really one of them But I just like to get it dry enough so that it’s not like lifting up off the sponge when I go in and blend it Oh I forgot to highlight my forehead, excuse me And we’re also gonna highlight our chin Now I’m gonna blend these parts out And then I’m also gonna make it a point to go back with my foundation brush and then blend that too Not directly on it, but around it Because we don’t contour the nose, we definitely highlight it And this is a way to not shape the nose You don’t wanna manipulate or change the shape of the nose This is just to kinda put that natural, like I said, depth back into your face after you’ve added a base I would never show pictures but I wish I could show y’all what it looks like for some people who only wear foundation and don’t highlight and don’t contour It looks incredibly bad And bless this girl’s heart, I grew up with a girl who did that faithfully and she just didn’t know any better

Or maybe she just didn’t have access to the good products I don’t know, she had access to a hell of a lot of foundation though And she used to just put on base and more base and more base and nothing else And all it looked like was the sun emoji There was no depth, there was no shape It was not okay I’m traumatized by that So please guys, highlight and contour for me, for your auntie, thank you This is blending out so smooth and because the undertone is so beautiful and perfect for my complexion, it’s going to just look really sun kissed I’m gonna go around the edges of my foundation brush and just make sure everything is seamless again For those of you that have a hard time moving around your nose when you’re adding foundation or concealer feel free to like take your finger and literally push your nose to one side so you can get in that corner and getting a nice even blend Sometimes I find myself having to do that And then I’m going to set the under eye with powder I pretty much have to do this because my skin type is oily combination So I almost have to wear powder no matter how matte a product is or how self setting it is, I gotta dry it down with something So we might as well use a powder that kinda matches the color of the concealer and that is the Dermablend powder in the color Warm Saffron It’s a really really really beautiful like dark buttery golden yellow It’s not like banana powder yellow But it will get the job done in a way that’ll make you look awakened and refreshed without looking too beat, like a little too beat I’m not gonna bake, I’m just gonna take a light layer of that powder right on my sponge and then I like to blot off the excess and then I press it right under my eye Even then when I do that, I’m still patting off the excess That’s really pretty I don’t feel like I look like I’m wearing a lot of makeup You can still see a lot of shine Even some parts where I’m scarred on my complexion, you can still kinda see through With the left over, I’m gonna blot the center of my forehead I’m actually going to do bronzer next Now, as a chocolate girl and a uneven complected girl, I love bronzer You know how we’re talking about depth and like how base takes away that depth, bronzer puts it back in in a way that contouring doesn’t Contour is adding shadows and shape and structure to the face Bronzer is just adding the warmth back to the skin without actually shaping it or structuring it Especially for myself, I have a really structured face So I’m not looking for more structure So there’s actually a couple different ways I like to use bronzer Not only on the face, that would be the most obvious But as you can see in my eyelids, I’ve always, ever since I started doing makeup, have been told that I have kind of like a built-in eyeshadow So as you can see, my lids are a little bit darker than the rest of my face And sometimes it literally does look like you’re wearing eyeshadow I’ve seen varying differations, differation, what’s the word? Differentiations! I had a moment, and we all have them I’ve seen varying different (chuckles) I’ve seen varying looks of the whole built-in shadow thing Sometimes it’s more extreme than the others, sometimes it’s much darker than the others Sometimes it’s not as noticeable as the others But let’s play up on that Now normally, if I was wearing a regular makeup look, I would just completely blank it out with concealer and make it look all even because that’s great for when you’re wearing color and you want eyeshadows to stand out That’s the first thing you would have to do But I want my features to stand out on today’s look I don’t care about the eyeshadow Today I want it to be about me What I like to do is I just take a bronzer, I intensify that natural pigment in my eye I’m gonna take More Money, what’s this called? Sorry, Mocha Mami, that was way off I’m gonna take a little bit of Mocha Mami from Fenty and no shadow base I don’t have any concealer or any product on my eyelid It’s just the natural color that I already have And I’m using this bronzer to intensify it And a blending brush of course, that’s kind of important You don’t wanna use your fingers You can use your fingers if you want But I’d probably judge you just a little bit So as you can see, it just looks like I warmed up that area a bit with that bronzer And bronzer’s the perfect thing for this step because sometimes, I don’t know, maybe you’re traveling or, I mean not right now You sure as hell better not be traveling right now Unless it’s an emergency of course, I’m Sometimes you just want to use like what you have and you don’t wanna have to pack another palette or grab another additional step or spend more money on something You know what I mean? Like I’m just trying to minimize things for y’all Keep it real cute, but anyway, yeah bronzer’s really good because it doesn’t have as much coverage as like what your shadows would right? It’s kind of shearing And some bronzers have a little bit of shimmer in them So it just really accentuates that natural deepened pigment in your eye Look, look how pretty that is It just looks like I deepened it This is why I keep a really really red bronzer around for this step right here Sometimes it’s good to use on the face I find that this bronzer is a little bit too red It’s good as an enhancer from other bronzers, but on the yes, oh it just looks so beautiful I absolutely love the way that this looks on my bottom lash line So I’m also gonna use that down here to really really kind of intensify the eye and in a way, this is kind of accentuating the darkened pigment under the eyes So if you don’t wanna do that, I would definitely skip this step But I like the way that it looks a little bit I mean when it’s controlled of course Not when it’s all the way down here Just like right up under here This is also military friendly

I feel like it’s worth throwing that out But these are all colors and techniques that are natural to your skin tone So this would definitely be uniform friendly makeup Maybe except for the lips though Depending on who wants to just be a jerk that day That might depend on them When I really want this to look blended, and this is kinda why I wanted to do my brows after I did my eyes, I actually blend the bronzer all the way into my brows All the way in Like I’m just gonna create a whole halo of that beautiful deep red bronzer all over the eyelid Literally into the bridge of my nose, like all in there too Now we’re actually gonna bronze This is kinda like a softer version of that Fenty bronzer This is from Becca, it’s in the color Maui Nights I don’t even think they make this Why do I feel like this bronzer is not in stores anymore Let me look in the Sephora website, hold on Oh they do have it Okay, I’m looking on the Sephora app and let’s just say they could do a much better job a much better job at these colors because Maui Nights is the darkest one and it’s not even that dark There’s levels to bronzers though Like this is like really a true, I would consider this a true bronzer ’cause it’s really red I wanna show you what this bronzed side of my face will look like compared to the unbronzed This is the most, one of the most beautiful bronzers and it really is a shame that they don’t have more colors And see how it’s actually not that far off from my skin tone Bronzer is not supposed to look like contour So if you’re using a bronzer that’s like three, four shades darker than your actual complexion, nothing wrong with that, but it is definitely going to shape the face more than it’s supposed to lightly kiss the face You just want it to whisper over your complexion You don’t want it to overpower or shape your face That’s not what bronzer is supposed to do But like I said, it’s totally your choice, it’s your face, not mine I’m just here to guide and direct And I love this bronzer because it to me also kinda looks like a blush because it’s red This is the bronzed side, and this is the unbronzed side So she’s plain, she’s not even ready for work yet So she’s plain, she’s a dud We’re swiping left This side girl, like she looks like she’s been at the beach she hasn’t been, but one can pretend Another really really great bronzer, and there’s actual more shades, are the Fenty bronzers Coco Naughty is usually my color but I wanted to go with something that was a little bit more like of a true bronzer on me and this one is so beautiful I just don’t understand why this is the darkest color Like do people this black people don’t bronze Just because we’re already naturally bronze it doesn’t mean we don’t wanna add a artificial bronze on top of that How many times do I have to say this? Yes, if you have dark skin you are bronzable, you are If you find one that works for your complexion, keep it and stick with it A lot of people still don’t really realize that black people do bronze, and we wanna be bronzed too I’m gonna go back to my highlighter again because this is another way we can take one product and use it like three different times We’re trying to get our money to stretch girl And I’m going to use this as a eyeshadow (light music) As an eyeshadow You could do this with cream, gel would also be really beautiful for this step Like a really beautiful bouncy gel I’m just going to take a little bit of that right in the center of my eyelid Now, we’re doing this because we want to accentuate remember? We want to accentuate And a highlighter is the perfect way to do just that And I applied this with a blending brush just for the simple fact that it’s gonna let me blend this out and it’s also gonna give me more control This is liquid, so if it’s scary for you, I totally get it bro and you can tread lightly at your own pace But, don’t be scared girl You can just wipe it off if you don’t like it It’s really easy, I promise you So as you can see, it just gives the eyes it doesn’t even looks like it’s giving color She’s giving shine, she’s giving glossy eyes She’s giving wet to touch girl Like this is actually really pretty I’ve never worn this on the eye Didn’t expect it to sheer out like this, but I’m pleasantly pleased Now if I intensify it a little bit more, it’ll just look like the eyes are bejeweled And what I like about this specifically is that brown eyes always always gets spat on, disrespected I’m tired of people not putting respect on beautiful bejeweled dark brown eyes Like there is beauty in darkness, okay And you can never take it away from me no matter how much you try to As you can see, this just really adds a beautiful glowy halo to my natural dark brown beauts Another way I like to play them up is by using brown eyeliner You can also do this with black eyeliner but personally for me and my congregation, I just feel like brown eyeliner, especially during the day it just looks softer And there’s actually a couple different colors that really stand out beautifully on dark brown eyes Cobalt blue is another beautiful color, especially if you want like a pop of color Purple, incredible on dark brown eyes But today, because our look is a little bit more boho, a little but more simple, I’m just gonna stick with brown The falsies that I’m gonna be wearing today are from Kiss Lash Couture in the style Teddy

if you can just focus thank you please You can use any brown liner You don’t have to use, this one’s from Urban Decay There’s a number of different companies that make brown liners, this is just what I have right now This is in the shade Whiskey And I whiskey whiskey, yes your body whiskey Because I am gonna wear falsies, I do want to hit the top lash line, not too heavily You always wanna line the top lash line whenever you’re wearing a falsie It just kind of lays a lot more natural It also make sure that the little lash line looks thicker and it helps hide the band And then also I will do this on my water line Another really really beautiful way to accentuate the dark brown eye is gold liner I went through a phase where all I wore was gold liner in my water line You have to get at least one It really just adds this beautiful brightness to the eyes For blush, I’m a huge huge huge ambassador and encourager of chocolate girls wearing blush I love the way blush accentuates the features It warms up the complexion even more Whenever someone’s afraid of blush, the first thing I tell them to do is get something orange or terracotta It looks incredible on dark skin and it really just kind of looks like your skin in a blush I don’t know how or why Don’t ask me questions, it’s just color theory man The orange in a lot of these types of blushes kinda work as a corrector In a way, they just kind of really accentuate the undertones in our complexion This is one of my favorite blush companies Well it’s not a blush company, they sell other things But as far as consistency goes, colors go, I really wish they came our with more colors These remind me a lot of the blushed from Nars, and this company is called Marena Beaute Now I love Sweet Brown, it’s one of my favorite blushes of all time It’s literally like if this blush were in a matte formula it would be this This one is a little bit more sparkly and shimmery And it’s in the shade Marron Peach I grabbed this one just because you know, today’s look is a little bit more glowy, a little bit more lit from within So I figured I’d grab something that was a little different Sweet Brown I like using for more of my full coverage glam looks But this blush, this formula, and these colors are just impeccable They’re priceless dude And one thing you can do when you’re using an orange blush is you can take whatever is excess and use it as bronzer I love doing this as a secondary bronzer It really really just, look at the material It really does add a beautiful And then the last and most important step are the lips Now this is normally the part where you might grab your concealer or your foundation, completely mute them out or add three layers of lip liner like I normally would just to get the lip color to show up But instead, the lip, the natural God-given two toned, uneven lip is the color today Because that’s the whole point of the video Now there’s two ways you can do this You can either just throw on your favorite clear gloss or your favorite gloss with shimmer to accentuate the natural lop color Or you can play up on it even more by adding lip pencil but not to cover it, to just enhance it even more I’m gonna take a little bit of my Kae Lip Pencil from Colourpop and I’m just going to outline my lips I’m going to smudge them out I’m not really shaping the lips I’m just accentuating and making that natural lip line look darker And then I’m gonna blend it our with my finger And then using my finger, I’m going to blend and blot that out What’s every chocolate girl’s favorite gloss right now? Duh, Gloss Bomb from Fenty Of course, we had to do it to them I’m gonna take the original Fenty Glow formula and I’m just gonna throw that right on top You can do this on bare lips too I actually really like the way it looks on bare lips I don’t know if you can actually see this on camera, but I can still actually see some of the natural darkened pigment underneath this because I really didn’t put on that much lip liner The gloss looks super flattering on the skin tone So y’all mind if I do a little hair? Of course you don’t, sit down I’ve done this numerous of times It’s my same old puff Ain’t nothing changed at all But while we’re here, I figured let’s do a little hair So I’m gonna take my Kinky Kurly Curling Custard This is my second day wash and go hair and I will tell you and if any of you are wash and go warriors like myself, the first wash and go day is usually trash Like my best wash and goes are usually the third, fourth, fifth day ’cause the hair just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and the more frizzier, the better it looks in my opinion So when I maintain it, I just kinda like sleep on it and literally like, I style my hair in the shower and go Like it’s literally wash and go But to maintain it, I’m gonna take a little bit of that curling custard and just refresh some of the curls so that they look nice and juicylicious My hair was fully air dried but I went to the bathroom, wet my hands, rubbed it in just so that it can receive some of that product but you don’t want it to be wet ’cause when it’s wet, you won’t have as much volume So I’m using that curling custard to stretch the curls, rejush them, and like I said, the kinkier she gets at the roots, the better this is gonna look ‘Cause this is gonna give me volume honey, volume girl, height honey, inches I love a big poof, and I love a juicy curl I do have a more in-depth wash and go video on my channel if you are new to my channel And if you wanna look for any video, just check Just check my channel

If you go in my channel home page and type hair, you’ll definitely be able to find all of the hair related content I’ve created It’s not that much and I don’t do a lot of hair related content, ’cause it’s all the same Nobody wants to see me do the same thing over and over again, literally no one As much as people say they do, they don’t They’ll stop watching and then it’ll be wasting my time and production and energy Next, I’m gonna take my gel This is the best gel ever in my opinion It is not flaky It is super defining, almost a little too defining So if you use too much, you will get carried away This is the Goldwell Lagoon Jam, it’s blue and it’s like gel Like it’s really really, it’s got hell of a hold girl But I take advantage of that hold because it kind of adds some stretch And I’ll show you what I mean by that So the reason I didn’t wanna get my hair too wet is because this gel performs better on slightly like more dry hair Like 70, 80% dry When it’s too slippery wet, like the gel just kinda doesn’t really do much It does but it just don’t hit the same So I usually just knife it all the way through Between Kinky Kurly and this gel, you can not only get some nice hold but some stretch in there too if you have to ‘Cause my curls are really real tight You saw that look of distress on my face right? Oh, also if you’re wondering why my head is shaped like a mushroom right now, it’s because I was wearing it up So it’s still kind of There all the other hair can be a little bit more frizzy it’s real tight back here Even tighter than what’s going on up here But since you know, this is the hair that’s in your face I like this to be nice and refreshed I’m also gonna take that same gel, whip it in my hands and start smoothing out around my hair line ’cause I’m gonna put it right back up again I don’t use a brush for this step I don’t want it to be took slick I don’t want it to be too perfect And we also don’t want breakage Try to avoid using a brush Then I take an elastic band, hold my hair all the way up There we have our poof She will look a little flat When she’s fully dry, I’ll take my pick and (tongue clicking) so I get a little bit more height at the roots What I really love about this gel is it pretty much dries on contact So if you don’t have like a silk rag to tie your hair up or anything like that, you don’t really need it It’ll look a little bit more effortless and not as perfectly done, but it’ll still look nice if you wanna do your edges, you don’t have to You don’t have to I keep the back, the back I don’t care about the kitchen girl Kitchen can just be her She can be free to be her Tie her up, come back in five minutes after I’ve cleaned up my little set up ’cause I like to multi task and then I will show you the final look Hair snatched, that is the final look For those of y’all out there that think having dark skin is an inconvenience, shh (clapping) – Don’t – Don’t say that We are eradicating that thought process permanently period And I really hope that today’s video was just another example of why being dark is lit, period Anybody can basically use these tips, I’m just explaining the why and what to do with them If you try them, let me know Some of y’all are probably already doing this I just slapped them all together in one video I didn’t really do anything special But if you found it helpful, and if you liked it, please give this video a thumbs up I really hope you enjoyed hanging out with me on today’s video If you did, I’ve got a lot more like this I would dare I say even some better ones Feel free to click right here I make it so easy, you don’t have to go anywhere You’re not going anywhere anyway, I hope Definitely ain’t going to the beach You definitely ain’t going to a house party either You’re not having one are you? Good, sit down Watch another video You can also just admire my wash and go Oh by the way, you like my top? It’s from ÖFUURË, it’s a Nigerian brand (chuckles) There’s a matching skirt that goes with it and I just thought I would give you girls some culture on this fine self-isolated day