1973 Triumph TR6 Restoration – Part 17 – Front Bumper supports

Oh, hi guys how are you doing? You have any laundry? Give it here, yeah I need my hands clean because I need to be somewhere tomorrow so give it here I’m gonna wash it for you yeah when I was kid maybe in 1985 or 86 I guess I was in a summer camp. So at this summer camp they were making us planting trees and stuff like that and there was this girl who always wanted her nail her fingernails to be nice and clean so she was always asking me if I had any laundry so she can wash for me and this way she was cleaning her fingernails. Now when I think about it maybe it wasn’t about the nails but at that time Go figure! Anyway so what I am doing here is like I promised I am cleaning the lenses Everything for the taillights and we will see what we can use and what we can’t But it looks like we can use everything. So I am not gonna hold you here. I’m gonna wash them and assemble them and then I’m gonna bring you back and we will see what we’re gonna do in today’s video. Hm, laundry, eh? Did she really wanted to do my laundry or she wanted something else? Another chance missed! Never believe girls! it took me only 30 years to figure that out all right an hour later we have one done the other one still needs to be done but what I did is I washed them nicely as far as I could and then I polished them with mother’s ultimate pure polish poly pure work system blah blah blah and I think they turned out nice this is a little bit dim but compared to this one there’s a big difference right so I’ll talk to Jake also and we will see We will decide what to do because each of these is about 20 to 30 bucks American so I don’t know, we will decide what to do. This one definitely I don’t like too much but we’ll see This believe it or not I spent more time cleaning it at the back, here, than at the front. The front was pretty clean Like this one, it just needs a little bit of cleaning here. The chrome is in a In a good shape. But here there’s some tar, that I’m using… I’m cleaning with Steel wool. But yeah, I’m going to clean the other one as well and that’s going to be it for today because I’m tired it is Friday today and I’m going to be working on the weekend too. So I’ll keep going here and I’m not gonna bug you with cleaning right. OK these are as clean as they could be I’m gonna wrap it up for today it’s Friday today actually I’m gonna wrap it up for the week because in the weekend I’m gonna be because I’m the weekend I’m gonna be working again but tomorrow in Saturday I’m gonna be helping mr. Tosh and in Sunday I’m gonna be working on this baby anyways that’s gonna be for today guys and how to I guess in five seconds where were we we started working on the light remember we stole the front lights the rear lights we just clean some of the lenses I don’t know if you can see that actually let me bring you close some of the lenses in certain angles you can see inside little little little scratches so these are normal this one too they’re not even scratches they’re like trucks this one is a no-no this one is a normal

so some of them we polished if you remember now they are dusty because they’ll be sitting for a full week here but some of them we polished and they don’t look too bad but these for example when I clean them I thought they looked okay because there was a huge improvement from what they were but I don’t think they are good because they are yellowish now Greystoke I guess we should get new ones so at least these fights will have to change and since we’re changing those five maybe we should change these three as well but in the meantime we got some goodies here so we got fuse box with the cover this is a brake switch for the brake pedal this is gonna go to the 74 now the cover for the one that we stole for the ignition switch very quickly I’m going to show you here what I have and then we’re going to start working on something because wasting time right a switch so I ordered a full set full set of the North new ones because the ones that were pretty beat up and they are in a very bad condition if they exist at all some of the switches have some new Bezos trap for the windshield wiper motor I needed only the rubber but they don’t show the rubber separately so I got the post trap this is the kit with bullets that I was telling you about so not good we have some screws that we stole from 74 so these are gonna go there with the 74 now a jet set that we needed for the windshield wipers the little clips that’s very important the little clips that go on the headlight bucket this is probably what we’re gonna start with I ordered new ring because the ones that we have are a little bit up so we have moving these new harnesses for the headlights and you know now we store the ones from 74 so these are gonna go to the 74 now and we have a whole bunch of lenses here these like this now I gonna go to they were supposed to go on the 74 but they look so nice that actually I’m gonna change them and I’m gonna put them on the seven tree now and I want to say something here many of you commented in the comment section of the previous video about this rim here that it is really not looking really nice when it’s silver but actually that’s only for the 75 and later tr6 the early ones didn’t have anything it was like that and because this is 73 it should have them like this and I’m not such a purist I don’t really care about those things but since this car is gonna be for sale we’re trying to bring it back to as close as possible to the original so that is why I’m not gonna listen to you guys and I’m not gonna paint those see over alright so I had to take the whole headlight off again but that’s not a problem is easy now that we set it up once and what I find is that here there is something that I don’t know maybe this is designed to hold to call this top this is the old ring when I’m installing it and when I stole the new one so I’m just gonna grind this off and get rid of that and this is where I’m gonna go really all right so this yeah I guess like that and then there’s this backing piece that goes behind first of all to hold the washer because through plastic it won’t go into on hold a second it has these teeth here that they’re like anchors they have to go in so they don’t so the top doesn’t spin I drilled a hole I just

from the drill bit up and down in the hope that this is gonna fit now like a glove and even the hole matches all right we have a top I just hope it’s in the right place right all right and now we have one of the olds of the new rings and of course it doesn’t have the nipple those aftermarket parts anyway so I can line it up here but first it needs to go and click on top and then finds are perfect but why doesn’t it go in I have no idea now with the old one the old one clicks like open so let’s see what’s different about this turn the tub is a little bit wider just a little bit I know if you can see here but this tab is a little bit wider than this one so I’m gonna have to drain it it is solid as a rock stronger than an egg okay so let me do the other one as well and by the way I changed this slide in this less and this less and now it looks much better doesn’t it so the other ones are change too so the only thing is the tub but I’m not gonna hold you anymore all right so the other one is just old as well and all the lenses are changed in the front and it looks great so enough about lights right because I got bored and I’m sure you will get bored so let’s do some engine by work let’s see what we can start putting together there all right so I’m thinking to install the crossmember here before it gets too tight here and I won’t be able to put it on but before that I noticed here there is a lot of rust and that’s because these guys in the paint job the first paint shop when they painted the car they left it sitting outside for a while and many parts like this rusted so I’m gonna take the fan off I’m gonna clean it and then we’re gonna put this crossmember that’s better okay so we should put this round before we forget and somebody was asking me about the ground strap over there for the horn of course I have a ground strap there and I even checked with my test light and there’s continuty from here to the steering wheel so we are fine for the horse new harness right this fits here doesn’t fit here so now I know what’s gonna happen if I use a drill bit I’m gonna mess it up so I’m gonna use my grinding – oh those little things alright so finally we can install this crossmember and it goes with these with these tabs up otherwise it is totally symmetrical but I check the drawing and it goes with these these tabs up and these tabs I have no idea what they

serve for but we will find out later we might need to take the funnel again now I can position it properly I don’t think these need to be here then I think they must be here I’m gonna go check on that yeah I checked and I’m pretty sure that this this is the radiator support and as I suggested it must be here and support the rod here I think that’s for the support for the bumper now that I don’t have the radiator yet I’d better install the bumper support and everything here because after that it’s gonna be too tired so I pulled that I pulled all the supports out and they’re right here so I checked drawings because I took this apart if I remember well but I don’t really remember what what went where so I checked drawings and it turns out these are rear ones and these are rear ones and happened to have a third one of these I’m pretty sure this came from the 74 by mistake to the side for now and these are the front ones and these are also the support and I think if we’re talking about the right side this is going there and this is going there and this is going to this top that I said something is attached wrong there here there are some nuts so I’m going to change the threads now before it’s too late okay and now we can install them so this looks like it is the left one this one which goes like this yeah this should be the right one it’s too much these two bolts all right I just have them started but they’re not gonna tighten them until I have the bumper they stowed there so let’s see now the top one because there is one more support that supports this report so now here inside in the engine bay is where I said this is in the wrong butt up because this needs to be here and that to support the rocket and this top we should have this one two boats in these holes which we already chased the trades you remember again I’m not gonna tighten it and someone commented under I think it was Ralph Ralph Cup that before I put this crossmember in it was good idea to grind a little bit here underneath so I can pass the belt through without removing the bar if I need to change the belt actually that’s absolutely not a problem here I thought it was a good idea to and it was too late now I can take it out if I want to

this goes where it’s supposed to be so I don’t need to grind it so whoever had issues with the bumper and it looks like a car and everything something occurred to me I think I’ve never drove that car never had it on the road I had engine running couple times I don’t even know what the condition the transmission I don’t know even what’s the condition of the overdrive but so you know what I think I should focus more on assembling the engine and engine bay is told gasp and bleed the brakes and please drive it before I go too far ahead because you never know if something is wrong so thanks again for watching guys and the next one I couldn’t help it I put them on there they’re not wired but at least I put them on so I wanted to see what the car would look like with them I think that’s nice you