Bobber Build Movie Part 4

and you put that back on you should have had it all from you took the tank off so just make sure office straight up and down p cut it okay the welding is all done I got these capped off that these welded on here for the seat to sit on and then this bracket right here was welded on for the rear fender next step is going to be to go ahead and remove the handlebars and start by taking these off there’s a little nut right there just loosen that up and they’ll spin right off get two bolts right here take this off same thing on this side and then one each one of these there’s two Phillips head screws underneath same thing over here then once you get all that off go ahead and take these bolts out these little caps right here just pop up and take a little flathead screwdriver to stick up under them pop each one of those caps off and there should be a boat underneath and we’ll take both those out ok there’s two wires are here pull them right off which side they get back onto when you’re taking this side off I always try to not totally separate this so that the cable don’t pop off if you do is loosen this up just enough

didn’t take them all the way out keeping pressure copy bottom together there’s a diff Ilan this bottom piece it sticks up in the handlebar so you just kind of lower that this see if there’s a child and we’ll leave this on here until we get this loosen so we can slide the bar that way and I will give us a little more play to slide that right off same thing on this side you got two little wires just pull them off screwdriver capsule loosen these up just enough Mars another and you’re taking the saddle longer screw goes in the back on this side you’re all just redoing the

front in the back just remember they posted like on the party old plastic piece here this left rip can be kind of tricky to get off it’s your job carriers purple should get that off adz take some wd-40 or something to try to squirt off over there work that sir that screw drive around the circle like blues on each side you have a little nipple in this control housing right there and it has to sit in a hole on your handlebars there’s the hole on this side there’s a hole on this side so if your new handlebars don’t have a whole pre-drilled you’re either going to have to file this piece down right there or you’re going to have to drill a hole when your handlebars I usually just drill a hole what you want to do is measure from the tip of your handlebar here to this hole right there figure out the distance market on your new handlebars and then drill a hole alright I’ve gone ahead and put my bars

on I’ve got them pretty much where I like them you know just tighten them down temporarily go ahead and throw your controls on there and get those positioned just right and that way you can kind of eyeball where that nipple is going to sit it’s back here on this piece kind of in the middle so like I said you can just kind of eyeball where it’s going to sit I went ahead and took a measurement my right bar i think was five and three eighths inches from the end is where i’m going to drill my hole and by the left bar was five and the eighth from the end so i’m going to just measure from the tip 25 and 18 and drill a hole alright so what i did on this side I put my grip one so I could see how far back this was going to sit and then I just pulled my grip off and then you can clearly see that little nipple right there so you can just kind of mark that with a screwdriver and you know exactly where to drill on that one the other side is a little more difficult because you can’t really pull this off without messing those cables but you can kind of eyeball it alright i got my spots marked out five and 18 on the left five and three eighths on the right they drill a hole this drill bit is 1364 shh shh alright the handlebars are all put back together the next thing to do last thing to do is mount the fender I’ve got two holes in this bracket right here so I’m just going to sit my fender right on there mark the bottom for my holes and drill some holes in the fender and I’ll be all done all right this is the final

product go ahead and start it up