Building Tamiya「1/12 Kawasaki Ninja H2R」

I will assemble “Ninja H2R” of the Tamiya model The number of parts is excessive Upper cowl is one-piece molding All parts were cut out and stored in the case Production of exterior Apply carbon decals to these parts It is a decal of the maker named Studio 27 Air duct I painted the inside white and then stuck the carbon decal Use a decal softener Side cowl wing Air duct, part 2 Base of meter Upper cowl wing Drill the rivet part The biggest challenge is decals on the upper cowl It is difficult because there are many irregularities and some parts are complicated I also put decals on the back side Carbon decal paste complete! Holes are also drilled in the screw part of the side cowl Turn off the front fender seam Apply a large amount of adhesive and then bond Then, squeeze the adhesive from the left and right In this condition, dry the adhesive After drying, sanding Polished with sandpaper I polished it with a sponge file to finish it The seam is now less noticeable Drill holes in the tank cover It is a side cover of the seat cowl, I made a mistake and glued it First, paint the sheet part, Then mask the sheet part To paint the exterior Painted in black Painted with plated silver NEXT On top of that, I tried to paint clear black, The feeling of plating has disappeared and it has become metallic black Paste decals on upper cowl Bond the wings Side cowl too Seat cowl decal paste Paste the front fender decal Seat cowl decal paste Paste decals on the tank Paint urethane clear on exterior parts Wear a gas mask for painting Urethane clear coated Gloss is great

After drying, polishing work Attach the screen and metal rivets Paint the tank cap and glue it Paste the mesh sheet supplied with the kit Assembly of the seat cowl Painting and assembly of the seat frame Stick decal on the meter and glue it Paint the steering damper and paste the decals It is a tank for rear brake fluid, Replace it with a transparent plastic round bar, I tried to add a hose part 2, assembling the engine Assemble the engine block And painted in silver Oil check window, I tried replacing it with a transparent plastic round bar Painted in semi-gloss black Mask and paint the head cover Assemble the radiator pipe Painted in black Attach decals to the oil filter and attach it to the engine Attach the head cover Detail up the bolt part And attached to the engine Attach the radiator hose These parts are also glued Painting and assembling of the injection Connect the accelerator wire with a thin tube Painting and assembling of air cleaner Paint of supercharger Reproduce the band in the mirror sheet Installation of the supercharger Injection installation Installation of air cleaner Attach the remaining parts and the engine is complete! 3, frame assembly Frame assembly Paint the upper one with semi-gloss black and mask it Painted the whole in black Paint the steps Painting of the steering damper mounting part masking Paint (GX Metal Yellow Green) Overpaint (GX clear green) It looks like candy green Paint the rear brake lever and glue it to the frame The frame is complete! Attach the engine to the frame Painted in the hole of the frame Fix the engine with the included screws

Paste the decal on the frame 4, assembling the swing arm Assembly of the swing arm Rear suspension The spring is painted after applying a metal primer Assemble the rear suspension and paste the decals Assembly of the rear inner fender Rear brake caliper Chain painting Attach the rear suspension to the swing arm Chain attachment Installation of the inner fender Brake caliper attached The swing arm is completed 5, assembly of the tire Erased the parting line of the tire Drill holes in the brake disc Paint while masking Assemble the hub, Paint and stick decals wheel Masked after painting with plated silver NEXT Painted with semi-gloss black and fitted with tires Reproduction of rim tape with decal The tire is complete! 6, assembled around the rear tire Attach the rear brake Attach the rear tire Around the rear tire is completed Sprocket cover, rear suspension link, chain guard etc Painting Fix the swing arm to the frame Attach the chain guard Assemble and install the sprocket cover Attach the link of rear suspension Paint and assemble the rear stand Attach the rear stand 7, Assemble the exhaust system Apply the metal primer, leaving the plating intact, I will paint the burnt color Painted clear blue Painted in clear purple Painted in clear red Painted in clear yellow After painting, glue four Further masking, painting and assembling Exhaust system completed Fit the exhaust system To assemble the radiator Radiator pipe. Reproduce the band with a wire Attach the radiator pipe Installation of the radiator Radiator pipe connection Clutch cable connection It has become quite a form of bike!

8, assembled around the front tire Bond the brake disc to the wheel Paint and assemble the front fork Attach the wheel to the front fork Attach the fender and complete around the front tire 9, assembling the handle Paint the top bridge Assembled and attached decals Paint the handle and assemble Attach the handle to the top bridge Add a hose Paint the switch, handle is complete Attach the fork to the frame Fix the handle with a screw Here a big mistake is revealed! Lost stem nut parts But I will not give up yet Take the mold from the other kit Apply UV resin to the mold, harden with UV light, Duplicate stem nut of RC213V I was able to recover somehow! Accel wire connection Clutch cable connection Brake hose connection Now it is finally in the form of a motorcycle! Assemble the front brake caliper Change the hose joint to an optional part Paint and stick decals and glue hoses Attach the front brake caliper And connect the hose Attach the side stand Steering damper, mounted Installation of steps Air duct installation After that, just put on the exterior Please look at the photos taken without the exterior 10, installation of exterior (completion)

Seat frame installation Seat cowl installation Attach the tank and tank cover Seat installation Mounting of the meter Front cowl installation 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja H2R, completed! The kit of Tamiya was a wonderful work The metal emblem is also very beautiful The burnt coating of the muffler is also beautiful However, painting was very hard Besides, it is difficult to reproduce the exterior dark chrome It was good even if it completed it, but a certain thing has arrived while editing this video I will try to attach a muffler spring of Top Studio Make a hook with 0.3mm brass wire Heat-shrinkable tubing to the spring Bonded to each part of the muffler Now, I poured in my model making technology I feel that it was finished quite realistically I made some mistakes A little presbyopia comes in and it’s hard to do detailed work In the meantime, a magnifying glass is likely to be needed Thank you for watching!