How to Lower Your Bike for Safety, Control, and Comfort!

the broadcast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode hello and welcome to the barons and la choppers how to load your bike to maintain safety control and comfort webinar we really appreciate you guys all coming out tonight and to being part of this webinar series we’ve created here tonight is a technical discussion that we hope you get some benefit out of hopefully take some fear and concern about what you would need in order to lower your motorcycle tonight with us of course we have barons and la choppers and Chuck these are representative from there welcome truckee how’s it going she’s I’m fantastic so you’re ready to talk about lowering a motorcycle I’ve been waiting all day beautiful so as you guys might know this is a co-sponsored webinar exits try sponsored we have barons who is one of the metric leaders when it comes to suspension and lowing your bike and la choppers which has historically been a v-twin brand or Harley Davidson and they’ve got all the parts that will facilitate that process and Cruiser customizing we retail the la choppers and barons parts so that is what we are doing so barons give us a little history on barons how long his barons been around had been working with suspension products checking well barons really started coming on strong around mid 90s 96 with the Omaha royal star and was an integral part of the whole star cruiser line you know john von chalti was he was a pioneer as far as metric customization goes and so you know as long as they’ve been doing parts they’ve been lower in metric bikes beautiful and then la choppers what’s uh was the dig on them probably about the same time it is when la choppers started doing that and in fact are are touring which would be 0 to 2 13 touring lowering kit is our most popular pop art number interesting so you guys are definitely a front-runner when it comes to lowering a motorcycle oh yeah as soon as we catch wind of a new model coming up that’s the first thing we get a bike and and try to make happen beautiful so just you guys can put a face to the name Chucky is there on the left I’m there on the right on your monitor there that was when Chucky was up when we were doing the la choppers webinar a couple months ago so in the background it’s going to be Jason who you guys talked with last time as well as Eric garrison our director of martinique encourage of customizing eric is learning how the process works so that he can continue the saga um so during this webinar here’s a table of contents we’re going to talk about why you want to lower your bike common lowering options how to choose the best option for your particular application how to install lowering kit what to look out for when you do decide to make that that on that jump we’re then going to give a shopping spree giveaway and the reason we’re doing that this time is the fact that you’re so many options out there we didn’t want to have to pigeonhole you guys into it to that back okay got it and then that special offers so we’re going to be talking about those and then we’ll have questions and answers so there’s going to be a free part giveaway there’s going to be a shopping spree where you go the lucky winner will get to shop around and choose what they want pretty awesome so before we get started we are going to be popping poll questions here throughout the day about the evening i should say the poll question will give us an idea to to kind of see where the audience is sitting and kind of cater to the audience via the answers that we get so the first poll question is going to be what is the main reason that you would lower your motorcycle so i can touch the ground overall comfort or a badass look I guess I should have added a fourth question on there it’s I’m not going to live I motorcycle ish came here to learn we didn’t do that so Jason and Erik he is gonna pop that whole horse yes Sheriff of course you had some serious echo going on there so Chuck in your professional opinion what’s going to be under more an answer here I’m gonna go for a badass look good deal I think I’m gonna go for number two overall comfort which kind of encompasses number one so I’m kind of cheating on that one but the interests do to get those answers coming in Jason yep this is coming in so we’ll to give like a little bit of like about another 30 seconds or so okay beautiful so Chucky what’s the coolest bike you’ve

ever seen lower I’m gonna say a harley softail I love the looks of a harley softail it absolutely ruins the ride but to me that nothing looks better fantastic all right we got there Jason all right let’s see what we have here a result wise we have forty-two percent says so I can touch the ground thirty-four percent is overall comfort and twenty-four percent badass look interesting what do you guys think the worst second is the best and Chucky must be the nerve with arrogance yeah thanks everybody alright so that’s awesome so the main reason is to touch the ground and of course for comfort and control um so I guess a couple of the main things that I thought about when I was preparing this webinar was why do people do it right so to make the burly child vertically challenged riders more comfortable which was the number one response from the poll on to assist in stability while riding to lock this is a question that are a situation that we actually get quite a few calls on a cruiser where people call like hey look you know what what I ridin by myself and I’m tippy toe on the bike around I’m okay with that but when my rider gets on the back and I pull up to a stop sign or totally loaded saddlebags touring trunk the extra rider I have a hard time tippy-toeing in that situation and then of course overall comfort and badass look are things that would obviously help maintain our style um so let’s move forward and find out what are common types of lowering kits are ways to lower your motorcycle we have adjusting your preload so your stock shock this is a kind of interesting thing so your stock shock normally has adjustment where you can actually turn the shock and adjust it so it’s either higher or lower but when you do that you’re significantly changing how your shock functions and acts and touch a little on target yeah you know that you see that a lot more on on the metric bikes then you do the v-twins and it’ll give you a little bit of adjustability but if you want to drop an inch or so you’re going to have to go with some type of a change okay so the other the other two options here number two number three are either shorter shocks or a shock relocation which is really what most all lowering kits do there’s several different forms you can do um so why would you choose a lowering kit in lieu of a new suspension setup so there’s a couple interesting things when it comes to this number one cost is huge I’m Chucky what’s the average cost of an aftermarket just right great rate in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks no I’m talking about complete suspension all suspension yeah you know if you want anything decent four hundred bucks so you’re looking at you know anywhere between 3 99 and 899 for a set of rear shocks and another you know 99 to 120 for the front springs um so cost is definitely huge the next thing is why would you choose a lowering kit instead of in lieu of a new suspension if you’re riding with brand new shocks on your bike and you like the way that it rides you just want it to be able to lower there’s no real there’s no real need to spend that huge amount of money on the average lowering kit is really inexpensive and what are you looking at as far as that goes truggy that that would be about a hundred bucks about a hundred bucks so do get the same type of height effect that you could spend you know a grand or more on or you can use a lowering kit and get the same effect now this is one thing that while we were prepping for this chucky brought up that i really didn’t think about is that by choosing the lowering kit you can actually keep like OEM ride quality as well as the stock geometry of the motorcycle now how is the child of geometry affected here Chucky uh with with most lowering kits now like a shock relocation sometimes you change the trajectory of the shock by changing the the angle of it but with a dog bone style situation all you’re doing is moving the swing arm up into the fender like you’re collapsing the suspension so everything works the same you know you’re just putting the suspension closer to the stops okay and when you so dog bone is kind of an interesting term and that is actually a type of luring kit and we’ll see images of that here in

just a little bit so why would you choose a new suspension setup instead of lowering kit performance and handling you the performance and handling you get out of a properly tuned professionally made aftermarket set of suspension is absolutely credible in my opinion but it’s one of the largest I larger sizes I guess that’s not the right term what I want to say I would want to say it’s one of the the biggest improvements that you can make to your ride quality and ride comfort other than changing your riding position um number two your OEM shocks if your OEM shocks are completely toast I mean lowering your bike because I mean why waste the money why waste them on something that’s it’s not even good to ride on anymore because you’re going to have to go out and spend new money on on OEM replacements if you didn’t want to go aftermarket so once again just go ahead and upgrade with the aftermarket in you’re good to go um if you have a shock that’s damaged or if you want a custom look those of you ways that that you could modify the physical appearance of your bike or change something that’s broken by doing a suspension upgrade so for the next poll question if you were lowering your motorcycle would you choose in your would you choose a lowering kit and aftermarket suspension you might still be unsure or ease I’m not lowering your backups here to learn some information mr. Jason Eric you guys please pop that both worlds gotcha guys excellent so mr. Chucky if you were going to be alone one of your motorcycles in this week which one of these would you choose I would choose a lowering kit and why is that because if you ever change your mind it can go back to where it was hmm good call good call you give us an example of where you can find that Justin useful um okay likelike we were talking about earlier uh I used to have a client when I had my own shop and he would come in and we’d stick the lowering kit on real quick when him and his wife were packing up the bag and every summer they’d go for for a month-long trip in a different direction and as soon as he got back we’d pop it off and stick the shocked back to where they were cuz he liked to ride in the stock position was when he was just so low riding nice yeah we have a customer of mind that when he is showing his motorcycle of course he likes it to be as low as possible but when he’s actually riding it and using it for its intended purpose other than looking good on our showroom floor he actually puts taller shocks in front suspension on so he can get more aggressive in the corners attorney so just a really simple way for him to modify the motorcycle without it being too tough too difficult mr. Jason would have you got all right the grade i think my chucky called it because we have a six to eight percent a lowering kit then we have unsure at sixteen percent and we have twelve percent aftermarket suspension and five percent i’m lowering my bike nice good deal so let’s talk a little bit about how lowering kits are installed thank you Jason for that lowering kits it really varies by style of motorcycle um but in general you’re going to remove or detach a shock you’re then going to attach the relocation device and reattach a shock um mr Chucky and some tips or hints when people are doing this at home in the garage it’s really helpful to always have an extra set of hands a lot of this stuff can be done by yourself and I always try to have an extra jack that way you can get one under the front of the motorcycle to stabilize the bike and then have another one that you can raise and lower the back wheel when you’re attaching either you know the shocks if you know you have to lower everything down so you can move them back and attach them to the bracket or if you’re installing new dog bones that way you can kind of line everything up so you don’t have to fight and try and shove bolt through do that is a great great suggestion know the first couple lowering kits or shocks or suspension that I put on a bike I only had a single jack so basically you Jack the bike up enough motor to get pressure to release off of the shocks you then pull the shocks off and then when you put the new one on it’s not usually or after you install the lowering kit it’s never at the same spot so now it was a matter of lowering the motorcycle up and down in order to get the perfect spot where the wheel was in the perfect spot in order

to build attach the new piece second jack underneath that we would have been a huge help one of my favorite tools is the spare tire jack Adam my wife’s old accord I snagged it out of it before we traded it in and a little chunk of two by four that’s good call good call now another another tip on that if you’re using a jack and a two by four if the bikes already up off the ground a little bit you can slide that t.y for underneath the wheel and create an angle that you can then put the jack under the end of the two-by-four that’s now sticking out of the back of the tire that’s really a good way to make minor minor adjustments there that can definitely be helpful so let’s talk a little bit about rear lowering kit examples now earlier truckee mentioned dog bone um in this particular photograph if you look at the left-hand image second down on the left hand side or in the center there on the left hand side that would be an example of a dog bone now just for the user edification Chuck you can you go through a couple of these and just kind of talk about different uses for each of these and what may be why they’re different yeah if you look at the photo on the left the top left corner what that does is that just it goes on the end of the the shock and it basically like I said it pushes the swing arm up by extending the size of the shock the one next to that the shaped like a cross that is the lowering link that goes into a road star so you could actually use that in conjunction with the dog bone kit that we make for that and really really slam a yamaha road star nice then if we move over to the picture on the right the top left that’s for soft tail harley-davidson and the two next did or a couple examples of the shock relocations for sportster and Dinah so essentially with the shock relocation pieces what’s going to happen is you’re going to unbolt your shock and move it in both the lowering kit in place where the stock shocked what was and then reattach the shock to the other part I’m terrible um Howard lowering kits installed front lowering kits now vary by style of course but in general you can remove the front forks disassemble them sufficiently to get to all the pieces that you need to get to you’re going to install spacers you’re going to reinstall the OEM top out springs just a preload using a PVC p spacer as a general rule reassemble the forks and then installing the motorcycle what tips and tricks you give Chucky as far as installing a front lowering kit first and foremost when you take the top cap off of the 4tube understand that it’s under pressure and if you’re not paying attention you could lose a tooth and I I’m only laughing because the first time I took my gold wing apart I almost lost the tooth so yeah you know everybody makes that mistake once and hopefully they don’t put a ding in there a bike part or a crack and a windshield or or who knows what um you know all of our lowering kits come with a pretty decent instruction manual I would always suggest having the the factory service manual handy just for fork oil heights and simple things like that but front forks although it’s kind of intimidating to people that they’re really easy to lower and after you do your first one if you ever get another bike you won’t be scared awesome thank you sir so this page here has examples of what you would normally see as far as lowering kit goes I’m gonna go ahead and let chuck e on the floor again you can kind of walk us through kind of what we’re looking at here and identify some of the pieces for you and users okay you can see how all the lowering kits are pretty similar the technology for cruiser motorcycles it there really isn’t any it’s basically the same same suspension technology since the 70s uh it the majority of our kits whether it be like the Vulcan 900 or even all of the Harley and road star models we take and replace the factory spring with a progressively wound spring that is a little stouter and it really improves a ride makes it a lot more plush then the little springs that you see in the kit that’s what goes on the dampener that sticks out the bottom that attaches to your fork lower and so it just reduces the amount of travel that that the that the lowers will move and that’s how you get the lowering kit then of course we have to take up the extra space that the progress of spring leaves when you take out the big spring that come stock so basically all you do is just cut a spacer to take up the

slack dump your fluid back in there put everything back together and you’re done beautiful thank you for that walk through um now this is another question here talking can i install a lowering kit at home in my own garage with your take on that absolutely um like I said if you have the manual it’s it’s you don’t need to even break it apart from the seals that way you don’t need a fork seal slam or you don’t need anything special if you just take your time you can take everything apart you can replace your oil you can put in your new lowering kit so you you’ll kill two birds with one stone you’re basically going to do your maintenance by putting in a new clean suspension fluid and a progressive spring and a lowering kit so all around you’re going to get a nice easy ride and it’s it’s a good weekend project beautiful so I have listed a couple tools here motorcycle jack basic hand tools for oil and potentially of course OEM special tools if you need them I know the vtx 1800 is a bear if you don’t have the special tools that honor requires um other than these basic things d ideas you can get anything this thing on this list ready um now can of parts cleaner that way you could get everything really clean and get it get all the junk that builds up inside out of there so when you put it back together it’s fresh and clean good go good call it’s the next poll question if you’re installing a lowering kit would you take it to a dealership do it yourself your own garage hire a buddy because you know it’s good for him to deal with it ask a buddy go in the hand or I’ve already told you I’m never lower in my bike so Jason in there give us off this whole question horse please sure I’m gonna pop that up right now I actually think it’s a really interesting question especially answers so Jason if you are so just so you guys know Jason just took his msf course two weeks ago I think and it’s God is motorcycle license now so Jason if you were going to lower a motorcycle which one would you choose um I’m one of those people who would do it myself in my own garage or I have an option that I could ask Kyle good call all right Chuckie I’ve got uh 25 bucks on do it myself am I going gray up do ask a buddy to lend a hand that’s my favorite one yeah I think it’s gonna be do it myself in my garage that’s why everybody’s here tonight so I think between doing it yourself in your own garage and asking by the one hand I think we’re gonna have the definitely 200 although I had a dollar for every time a buddy called me so I could lend a hand a min to that hmm remember that what are you looking like Jason all right let me go close the poll now it’s um i hope i didn’t have flown with anyone’s answers 51% actually says do it myself in my own garage defend you in the only thirty percent says ask somebody to lend a hand thirteen percent take it to a dealership and then hire a buddy he can deal with it and I mean told you I’m never lowering my bike is both at three percent yeah beautiful good call good call so what to look out for or think about when Loring a bike now this is something that that legitimately a lot of people don’t take time to think about before they lower the motorcycle remember the first motorcycle that I lowered was actually a 2002 drz400 and I put a Kouga link and a special lowering jazz on that puppy lowered it down and then it wouldn’t even sit upright in the garage because the kickstand was too long so there are definitely some things to think about or to plan for when you’re going to lower the bike so clearance over speed bumps like you might might be used to riding over the same speed bumps for the last however many years you’ve been riding your motorcycle once you lower the bike BAM you hit the bottom of the frame probably not a good idea corner ending angles can be changed I already mentioned side stand too long I’ve known some guys that have lowered bikes have centered center stands and it’s almost impossible to get that bike up and on its understand so there’s a couple different things you can do you can actually lower the or shorten this understand kind of like the police officers have the ones that did rock back and they they don’t raise your bike as much but they definitely work and another one your your tires might if you lower the bike too much bottom out on

the fender um in your professional opinion checking which of these are that are the the biggest culprits the the corner lean angle is that’s something that has to be learned because if you’re used to lean in the bike in the corner you’re going to hate your floorboards if the bikes really low and that that’s something that you know especially here in Southern California our soft Hill guys love their Mexican lowrider look so you know we we lower the bike two inches in the front two inches in the rear and it you know if you could high center going over a speed bump the bikes are so low so all all the forward controls are ground down to nothing you can grind the side of your exhaust pipe off that that’s something that’s real important to look out for so there’s a couple things when when after installing the lowering kit you can actually change your riding position how you ride on the bike in corners you can actually make up some of that difference so I need to see sport bike riders do all the time the reason they lean off the bike to the downhill side is so that the bike can actually stand further up and you can get farther over so by adjusting the way and changing the way that you actually physically ride your motorcycle you could totally make up for any of the lowering that you’ve done sometimes it can be quite fun centers I know the Barons makes some aftermarket and does le choppers as well senators ident nope la choppers does not yeah we have a lean angle adapter for the soft tails that changes the lean angle of the stock one okay so once again just being able to relocate change the angle so that the kickstand is now short enough that it’s going to work appropriately with your bike alright um before we get to the giveaway um other than any other things you want to cover your Chuck you chat about about lowering kits or or why would you um you know what that there’s an option that I think we should at least mention which you and I talked about the other day is air suspension now neither neither brands do an air suspension currently but that’s that’s another option it’s a really expensive option you know we offer it from both cool metal makes a pretty neat kid progressive suspension makes some really badass air lowering kits um so let’s talk a little bit about about the functionality of an air kit what an air shock allows you to do is lower and raise the bike kind of on the fly and you could actually set the attention also so if you’re if you’re loaded down for a trip you can raise the bike up but then set it really stiff so that you don’t pogo going down the freeway that they do have a function you know and it’s it’s cool there’s companies like platinum air suspension that you can hook it up to a little key fob so you can lower your bike from a distance and hopefully it won’t fall over in the parking lot no air suspension is fantastic you can you can adjust the preload so say you’re riding two of you can put a little more air in it functions much like the air suspension you’d have C on your on your pickup truck be able to come and take the loads of things pretty phenomenal alright so now it’s time for the giveaway where we’re going to draw on in um Jason will then announce the winner will bring the winner online now what see and this is for a shopping spree $300 they’ll be able to spend on any barons in first product ready to do is action Jason yep I’m ready what I’m going to do is I’m going to let Eric talk he’s gonna pull the name out of a hat all right here you go what kind of how do you guys using well it’s a virtual lat so the winner is Terry Blount all right sherry congratulations Jason’s gonna regulate Harry you want to talk I sure yeah that’s pretty wild I didn’t expect anything to come out of this damn awesome congratulations and thank you for joining us tonight I appreciate it I saw I posted on Facebook and of course on the cruiser customizing the Moto tribe site and I wanted to join I was at the last one where we were talking about wiring and things of that nature and I really enjoyed it so that’s why I showed up for this one I’m looking forward to ones in the future to you guys put out some good information uh thanks for joining us without you guys attending we wouldn’t have anybody to talk to you so why do so what’s that good sorry i use progressive suspension online a few years ago so i’m very happy with what came out of it i used the 4 12’s on the back and the progressive springs with a one-inch lowering on the front on my

saber and I’m ice is very happy with it yeah i’m currently running the progressive 440s on the back of my vtx and then of course this springs up front and suspension definitely changes the feel of your motorcycle it’s pretty awesome so we didn’t we didn’t want to pigeonhole you as the winner and tell you what you know you are going to have to win so now you’ve got 300 bucks to be able to spend on barons and la chopper products so if you could shoot me your contact information via email okay and then I will follow up with you and you can send me a shopping list and we’ll make it happen all right i’ll appreciate it ok so my email just Kyle at Cruiser customizing com go ahead and shoot that over to me and we’ll get you handle they see looking graduations Terry thanks guys if you got before you before we kick you off you got any questions that that you would normally ask in the Q&A section that we can get for you um not really not this time last time I had a couple of questions but this time I’m pretty good and yeah I’ve never done any handlebars or like a penguin or anything like that so last time was more of a learning experience than this time for me but it’s still good stuff fantastic well thanks for joining us so you said you lowered your saber is that what you’re currently riding as well yeah I’m running I’ve got a seven shadow sabre beautiful awesome well thank you for joining us really appreciate it thanks all right guys listen to me alright so just for you guys who have tuned in there is a 24 hour deal when it’s going to do us at the end of each of our webinars and the coupon code for the deal is go low 13 geol Oh w13 now how this coupon code works is you’re going to purchase any barons or la choppers part you’re going to enter this coupon code upon checkout and you have basically a two-tiered gift for the next 24 hours um you’re either going to get a bottle opener or an 18 21 metric wrench you get to choose the product and here’s an image of those products so the bottle opener is pretty awesome it fits any 38 inch bolt prayer chunky yep that’s it so if you have a 38 inch bolt anywhere in your motorcycle you could just throw it through this bottle opener and then you have a perfect bottle opener to open any root beer that you would like to drink already the motorcycle the other one is the 18 and one metric wrench this is a really interesting device so as you can see there on the wrench itself there’s a little fly outs I guess you’d call them that you could change the width of the wrench going to get the perfect size and then you can carry 18 wrenches in one now the kicker here is if your order is over 199 you will receive a thirty dollar gift certificate from Cruiser customizing for the use on any future purchase so not only do you get a free gift you also would get 30 bucks towards purchase on that’s pretty fantastic um let’s go ahead and open up for questions and answering our questions and an transition saying but before we do that I would like to ask one more poll question and that is I plan on lower my bike in the next 30 days or so before the riding season start which it’s right here on our heels before Sturgis I’m still in the fence or last time I am NOT doing it mr. Jason which you set up for me alright the great let me pull that up right now fantastic fantastic so you chuckie in your estimation how long would installing a lowering kit take for the average individual I it really depends on the model you know like I said our most popular ones the harley touring kit now I’ve done it you know over and over and over again I can do it in about 20 minutes but you know we we have kits that are pretty involved that take a few hours if you buy our race tech kit for the the road star it’s pretty involved with putting the gold valve emulators and everything together so you know it the majority of them are under an hour though so I would say you could legitimately do your you know rear shock relocation on most motorcycles in a half hour 45 minutes from my own personal experience digging into the front forks with a little bit scary the first time I did it um but like Chucky lunatic once you do it the first time a dudes cake and you just use like no-brainer um but it’s one of those things he omit it’s one of the two things that hold you above the ground you don’t want to screw that up and but it’s really not that bad and but that process I would say that would actually took me a little bit longer i’d say probably work on that like an hour and a

half or so the first time I did it but now it’s like you know 30 minutes done it but I always encourage people to you know and if you think you can do what you probably can and the more you can do on your own motorcycle that the more you know your motorcycle and the more the better the experience alone and and riding amen to that one all right mr Jason would have you got great alright we have fifty four percent says I’m still on the fence twenty-six percent says in the next 30 days or so thirteen percent says before the riding season starts four percent last time I’m not doing it alright alright four percent I got you and then we’ve got three percent because they’re just beautiful so now it’s time for question answers in legitimately this is my absolute favorite part of every one of these webinars you know to open up the phones essentially and allow you guys to ask any questions you’ve got and kind of walk through that just the personal interaction in this section of the webinar I absolutely love so you’ve got two ways you can do it number one you can use the chat box to staff to ask your question Eric or Jason in this case Jason sounds like we’ll unmute your mic and read your question to the panel um one of my preferred ways is you can raise your hand I’ll just click the hand button on the screen there and then your mic will be unmuted and you can personally ask your question so we get to to chat with you if you’ve got a question that you don’t know how to verbalize or think I’ll take you long or one or more in depth answer than you think you’ll get here in this particular session you can always email myself Kyle at Cruiser customizing calm and a little bit Chuckie and get back to you with the best answer possible so when you go and open that up and roll with it Jason what have you got great like so what Kyle was saying I feel free to raise your hand and I’m going to choose your name and you can speak life for our first question we going from steve steve is asking have a 99 honda shadow aero 1100 i want to lower it in the seat how can I all shocks do it okay Steve the answer to that question is Steve gonna come along and be answering that without them answer without him okay so Steve you’re 99 arrow super simple to lower I mean we got kids for it legitimately take you an hour and a half or so to do at home your own garage and yes you can lower your seat height as you know up to two inches maybe one inch is probably the most common yeah you would essentially just either change your shocks out in the rear or add a lowering kit on like we talked about earlier today and then the front forks you’d have to actually get in there and saw off the springs are in order to make that happen hey Kyle um I see that Steve just raises hand so I’m Steve if you want to like it library any question right thing um I feel free I just I’m you’d you hey welcome Steve hey how you doing doing fantastic thanks for joining us what can do for tonight hey well um yeah two inches would be the max I’d want to lower inch and a half would be preferable but my question was how will that affect the drive shaft I mean technically your drive shaft already moves in all of that you’re basically limiting the amount of movement that your drive shaft is going to have your you’re not going to extend it farther so for I guess I would say if you’re putting longer shocks on your motorcycle or extending the length of the swing one was going to travel that would potentially cause more problem than shortening it because it’s still moving in that that designated space now there is one one problem that you might run into if you choose to go say two inches or so the problem with that is the tire in that situation and on several people have done it has bottomed against the fender so what happened this is there is a um what they call that travel Eliminator I guess that would snap in to the let the dampening rod I guess it’s in there and limit the movement of the shock right okay okay and what about the front shocks just a regular lowering kit for that yeah that’s that’s the way to do it for sure alright perfect anything else I need to know about doing it mr. Chucky you know what I’ve never lowered that bike so I

can’t be helpful there but if it’s anything like the 750 it’s breeze yeah it’s definitely it’s definitely not too tough um how many miles you have on that bike uh I just crossed 10,000 10,000 okay yeah swimming in the next five thousand miles 10,000 miles or so you’re gonna be wanting to do a suspension upgrade anyway because those shocks usually only lasts no 10 to 15 right um before they start you know beating you up on the road so in that situation I would probably just throw on a shorter pair of socks and a quick tip here if you can’t find them listed for your 1100 arrow which sometimes they’re not there are harley-davidson applications that work perfectly on the arrow and take a look at the forums and you’ll find some part numbers are all right thanks absolutely thank for joining us that alright so we have another question from Brett red is asking Google why is it Joe a kid for c90 Suzuki’s but not see 50 when it’s the same and is there one for the front of a see 50 mm interesting question um I would say you want to handle that one talking and get new art website right now uh we have a see 50 lowering kit I’ve done it let’s see here okay so what was the question what why does the C 50 in the sea 90 we have a seat 50 lowering kit a sea 90 I we don’t have a lowering kit for I believe let’s see here so what motorcycle does Brett have unfortunately i don’t know but from the question let me distribute to repeat the question so why is it you show a kit for c90 suzuki but not see 50 when it’s the same and is there one for the front of a see 50 we do not have one for the front of a see 50 okay i see the sea 90 there oh maybe i have it backwards well they are not the same bike okay hey Brett go ahead and shoot me an email we can work on this one offline yeah um and will definitely figure out what we can do for you yeah we do we have a see 50 lowering kit it’s as we have it under our la choppers it’s la 7540 dash 0 0 there you go right la 75 what was it sending off 75 4000 the the C 50 is exactly the same as the v-star 1100 950 and 1300 Oh beautiful nice okay and Brett I have a little trick for you that is used often um it it may affect your cupboard forks so if you’ve got those you got to be careful but a trick that lots of people do in the sport bike and even dirt world to change their steering geometry and lower the front of the bike is to actually let the for to slide through the triple trade about an inch and then lock them back down again so if you really want to match your front and rear right height and there is not of kit available for your bike that is one way to do it alright next quest Jin all right um let’s go into the life so i think terry has a question here Terry did you have it mean say uh welcome to aerie how’s it going Terry Terry you got there oh sorry I pushed the mute button haha there you go welcome to eleven oh who do for its it yeah you guys are the ones who called me for the for the drawing I just something to throw out there I’ve come across individuals at times that have said you can actually take the fork itself and raise the top tube the fork in the triple tree about an inch to get the lowering effect correct I’ve always had to try to explain to them what that does in relation to the springs because they’re not a progressive type spring and I would like somebody to you know at least elaborate on it to give people the idea of why you shouldn’t do it hmm

chunky um you know I’ve never done that on a cruiser on my dirt bike I used to do it dependent on track conditions but it would be you know a couple millimeters here there and it made it it makes a difference in the rake and trail when you do that it’s different than moving the suspension around inside when you actually move it up in the in the triple trees it changes the rake and trail dimensions so yeah and it essentially i mean the the effect you’re going to get on that if you slide it up into the tree the effect is going to be twofold number one you might smash your fender against the bottom of the triple tree have not done correctly number two by shortening essentially the length of your Forks out in front there and changing that Rick and trail the bike will turn in much much quicker than you’re used to so um as far as using a progressive versus non-progressive spring i mean you’re going to have much more compression on a non progressive spring and you would on a progressive spring any other differences or changes you’d see their chunky um it seems like you can run a stiffer progressive spring and get a smoother ride I don’t know I would immediately swap out my stock spring even just for a progressive spring okay right that’s that’s what I tend to tell people is to put something that has some sort of compressive style to it in the fork rather than just drop it like that to get the effect because of the lowering kits they come with the little one-inch springs to give you the lowering effect rather than shortening your suspension so to speak and it yeah the standard spring you you’re basically weakening your suspension and shortening it at the same time with the regular rate spring good call good call that’s not well thanks for uh thanks for tuning in and then helping us filter your excellent thank you sir mr. jason next up all right the grade let’s see we have a question here from George George you have a question hi hey George welcome to webinar thanks for joining us tonight no thanks revving me how do you ride I 1100 uh Gras 2011 yamaha raider yes i was wondering if you can lower the rear suspension without changing the front suspension and if so what does that do for the handling go first oh I I don’t know anybody that you know from what I’m reading on the radar forums everybody wants to extend the front forks um you know other than the front end is going to sit a little bit higher if you look at it and that’s definitely a bike that you’d want to lower the kickstand on our yamaha raider lowering kids got to be one of our most popular Barons numbers if it’s a phenomenal look when you do it and that’s that’s not a bike that it’s got forward controls it it’s not something that you really have to worry about the controls rubbing on so that’s that’s a really good platform to lower right yeah i was wanting to I was thinking blurring subs wouldn’t good with like a low-end main fender like the Reaper on the rear and I think it is said to high without lowering it those I i think what 20 right Duncan I don’t see any adverse effects from doing that George and that was your question all right thank you good job hey thanks for joining us tonight yeah I’m good one youtube nextup mr. J’s alright next question this one was actually asked by Adam um he’s asking does lowering your bike avoid any factory warranties alright so there’s really no good or bad answer on this one legitimately your factory warranty is for any part that fails that’s you know manufacturer workmanship or defect right so if your swing arm was if your swing arm bushings are broken up at the front or something happened that there then there’s there’s really no conjunction there or if your motor fails because of

something has nothing to do with your suspension the dealership would have to prove without any doubt that whatever modification you made to the motorcycle caused or had an effect on whatever the failed piece is so legitimately I can’t think of I mean other than i’m going to know i can’t even think of something that would happen so maybe for example say your frame cracked at the bolt where your shock is mounted or if you’ve done suspension work on it and those were changed or modified they might not want to cover that but if anything else happened to the motorcycle there’s no way that suspension could possibly be contributed as a factor to that at the same type of scenario that you’ve seen checking yeah I can’t think of anything that lowering your bike would do because like I said the majority of like the Harley kits or the dog bone applications you’re just taking the existing travel and shortening it by pushing the wheel up into the fender so everything’s acting as it naturally does anyhow right like and like I said you would have the dealership would have to prove that whatever modification you made is what caused the failure which I can’t see how that would have them so no lower your motorcycle should not affect your factory warranty mr. Jason next question alright next question next question is from policies raised hand so Paul are you there hey welcome to a webinar welcome colonist for Paul McCullough tape all right it’s good i’m just wondering if if I lower the rear of my lair like do I really have to lower the front too no you’re not have to go with the front no you should you should be able to ride just by looking up with a very load a little bit will affect the handling you might create a slight change in the way it reacts with but overall you’re not going to have a groans no okay second question on it’s a 2013 ultra and the bracket that i use for lowering that push the shock out uh it clearly wishes it out now so it may touch the bag at the shakuhachi bag of alcohol do all I mean from pushing it out when I push it out with the with the luring yet we’ll see that’s the pet why are so popular it drops the shock shock town doesn’t put hello I push them out just a little bit the Bears are you gonna talk it back there that they say then I thought I need to know thank you very much awesome fall face pull in you’re welcome next question is going to be from Roger Roger are you there mr Raj are you out there alright I’m not hearin Roger okay Roger if you have another to question please ask again and I’ll um and then we’ll get back to you so knowing that we’ll just scream skip to Joseph Joseph are you there hey hey Kyle um you mentioned the shortening the kickstand yes Oh instead of buying a cake said how would you shorten it just can’t have a cut and welded or thing rechromed and and all that money or something simple oh well there’s a couple different things what are you currently writing I got the 2008 electric light ultra and my kickstand even stock is actually gets in the way I can’t push the bike with the kickstand down okay so so do you have any taught a relocation kids lucky for that one we don’t Arlen Ness makes a really nice kick stand for it though beautiful yeah I mean you could go to the to the work of cutting Andrey well and Greek roaming but i would recommend an aftermarket shorter kickstand way

before i go to all of that effort and then if they’re right if there’s a relocation kit that you can get that would modify the angle it sits at it’s always an option but yeah in this case we’re going to refer you to arlen ness they definitely got the best option for your particular bike now the earliness lowers it like for a two-inch kit so i don’t know what i want my bike leaning too far over no no you should be just fine with that okay you should be just fine all right thank you absolutely thanks for calling in have a good one you too mr. Jason next up great our next question from Michael Michael are you there let me there you are Hey oh yes okay I I submitted a I’m happy to be here I submitted a question earlier that you covered about wreak lamping the fork tubes okay on this particular bug I gotta lower my girlfriend’s v-star 650 okay the front end has those like shrouds around the tubes yep you know coverings is that going to create a problem and if I do only lower it about an inch will it really change the the rate control that dramatically um so there is a lowering a front lowering kit that’s made so let me back up a little bit the only time that I would recommend even doing the triple tree action where you’re sliding the Forbes up is if there is absolutely no other option available but for that for the v-star there is a front lowering kit available for it it’s not very expensive and it would improve your ride quality and make the bike handle perfect so that we might my first recommendation in order to answer your question depending on the make and model with covered Forks it is possible but looks a little bit odd those tapered Forks come up to the top and then you have this thing sticking up that looks kind of funny right and on the bottom you might not have enough room so for example on some models which I believe yours is that cover sits in between the triple tree and I’m trying to think of how it attaches on the bottom it’s been awhile static v-star 650 part you might not have an avi starclassic the classic okay yeah so you you might not have enough room on the bottom order for that stroud to fit so you might have to remove the lower shroud in order to make it happen I can’t remember off the top I’d have to take a look at old footage to have lost my part of e star but like i said i would recommend the lowering kit for the front of that thing you’ll be much much more happy with the performance of it and how it feels and in the overall effect I’ve already got the block for the the back Shak the Rorschach and I’m hoping dropping in an inch will be enough but I was just wondering if it wasn’t if I could do a little with the front end but you don’t work on that no I I definitely would recommend using the lowering kit if you go that wrong okay thank you sure thing hey thanks for calling in your walk awesome yep great night mr. Jason next up all right we have a question from Chris Chris are you there yeah I’m here hey Chris welcome to the web show thanks for joining us thank you what we do for each night I’ve got a real runner and looking to lower the back but as it stands now tight right-hand corners if I’m coming down like off a bridge let’s bring my pipes on the right-hand side you also now I like they’re just they’re just Cobra pipes that come down halfway have her back there / cut ones now if I lower it anymore i’m going to be banging those off the payment a lot more i tank you correct I’m are wrong now you’re gonna okay yeah so now I’m thinking I should go to like an air kit like an error eyes system so i can drop it down to make it look cool racerback up while I’m driving but you know the price for one of those is up cuz but you’re right the price on that years oh and I his re you’re breaking up there on us again you’re breaking up on the rods what was that last question I it’s a some something in between the Lauren kick in

the year there is um there is it’s an expensive option as well it’s what I did on my PTX what I did is I actually put three inch larger wheels front and rear and then lowered the glower the the motorcycle front and rear so essentially what happened was I was able to increase my ground clearance while having the bike maintain a lowered look okay that’s what I can actually corner way better now than I could stalk because I’m almost 2 inches higher than I was talk but the bike has the appearance of being low because it is love I mean I lowered it a couple inches but but because the larger wheels it kind of offsets that to the positive and I now have more ground clearance than I ever did I used to I’ve got a set of vance and hines big shots on that one in that front pipe on the left hand side it comes time to answer anyway the front pipe that goes low um that runs along the frame rail is totally ground off yeah so now I was looking looking at the the raider wheels which are a bigger rear bigger front 21 its front okay so that would that would get me up higher and then I could prolong it on so that makes a lot of sense absolutely abs you awesome hey thanks for joining us and thanks for the question okay thanks are you take care bye next up Jason Jason Jason Jason he is anybody there I’m here that’s good hey guys uh we have a question from Doug hello can you go in that chain on the ride comfort for those of you real quick you don’t know this voice this is eric garrison our director marketing welcome Eric hey guys how are you doing you saw my patience of at the start of the webinar which was terrible but all I will go with that oh come on we love that picture right so anyway so the question was again Eric I’m sorry i miss i was to be Satan how low can you go without it affecting the ride comfort hmm okay hey Chuck any ideas on that one oh boy that’s a tough question um there’s you’re making a sacrifice so lowering it any is reducing travel there’s a reason that the bikes it’s where it is from the factory and you need to make a decision what what are you willing to do like the majority of our kits are have different settings so you could lower it an inch inch and a half two inches and that way you have some choices so you could try lowering it you know half an inch and see what you think go go another few turns and then do a whole inch and maybe you’re happy there and then there’s a whole another group of people that just want to slam it down to the ground don’t care what it rides like okay um I’m going to answer that question with when lowering the motorcycle any more than say an inch to two inches you’re going to have to make other modifications to the motorcycle in order to allow it to remain safe for example if you lower the front more than an inch or two you’re going to be hitting your front fender up on the triple tree when you hit bumps same thing in the rear if you lower the rear more than an inch or two you’re going to be rubbing your tire up into the fender well which could hit a bolt that goes through and then now you’re getting flat tires and it’s just a non-safe practice so if you are going to lower your bike more than that there are things you can do to once get modify your motorcycle further like change the position of the fender so there’s more space in the front or in the rear you could put the limiting spacers that I talked about earlier but overall probably two inches is the standard that you could go down to safely and effectively because that’s really what the manufacturers have worked on and they’ve got in it as low as they can go without causing other problems on your motorcycle but it is possible and of course the air ride kit would allow you to do that and you can go as low as you want you always slammed to the ground and then be up at a safe writing level when you want to alright next question Eric we actually have a raised hand from one of the attendees ed you’ve ever yes I’m here hey and welcome to the webinar

expert inning thank you um well I have an 82 honda cx500 custom and i guess the first thing i’d like to know is what would be a lowering kit part number that i could use for that bike it already comes with air suspension on the front forks so I guess I’m pretty well covered on the front gosh um to another cx500 custom I actually owned AI was the first black I ever rode on the street I had a 78 pretty awesome um to answer your question I don’t personally currently have a part number for you in front of me I will have to get that back to you so if you could please shoot me an email I’ll do that kyla Cruiser customizing calm and I’ll make sure that I get some part numbers for you now lowering the rear of that thing due to its a I don’t have any lowering kits available to me for that so we have to go with a set of rear shocks from progressive and that’s the part number though we supply to you okay just as a side note for extra safety on my bike I installed a set of Eric ones so people do get out of my way now that’s awesome that’s fantastic I’m beautiful all right is there anything else we can sir for its name no thank you very much and I appreciated the webinar well I guess one other question is how many FMB did you have tonight um good question usually and what I won’t know until the until it’s over so maybe I can answer that in your email until the final report to run but typically we usually see just over 150 great so hey thanks for calling in we really appreciate it thank you alrighty you take care Oh next up Eric yes sir so we have a question from Roger when you get a progressive spring as part of the slam kit is there any reason to adjust the new spring length adjust online I’m confused as to adjust the new spring length um I think what you might be meaning is is the spacers that then if so that the new spring will be a different length than your original spring so you have to make up for that distance in with the spacer but the actually you’re not going to modify the spring length per se once you install it I feel like I’m not making that clear enough mr. Chuck you know me on this one that yeah that’s what I’m wondering if he’s talking about the the space spacer height basically when you take that shorter progressive spring and put it in there you’re adjusting your preload with the spacer so if you want a stiffer ride you’re going to cut a longer spacer which is going to be tougher to get the cap on because it’s going to preload some some pressure on the spring right from the get-go if that’s what he means yeah from what the question sounds like I believe that’s the same so I think we’re good there Eric next question please yes surly as you have vomited on the line Barry a question Barry you there hey Barry welcome to the webinar thanks for joining us yeah looks like Barry might have stepped out to get himself a cold beverage do you have next there there you go one second thanks Linds we have a question from Bow Valley there yes I am hey well he goes thanks for joining us sure thing great info thanks a lot for having my question is on the 2009 Nomad that I have I’m interested in lowering it basically full security while I’m stopping all right to up most of the time and this bike it seems seems to be a little bit tall for me but we’re making it happen and I’m very interested in lowering the rear at this point to help me out with that so what do you what can you recommend for me what years you say that no matt is 09 no 90 mad let’s see here we don’t have a kit for that okay so my recommendation on that would be a set of shocks for that which should be able to handle that appropriately yet the reason we probably don’t make that is because of the saddlebags saddle bags are molded around the shock usually which prevents you

from relocating them anywhere so you’re kind of forced to do a shorter shock scenario okay and the shocks the OEM that I have on their air shocks I imagine that I can find a set of air shocks with better shorter I believe you can I know that there’s lots of models out there that come factory with air saw and usually the replacements take that into account if you could go ahead and shoot me your email or shoot me an email with your contact information and I’ll see what I can dig up and get back to you on Tuesday alright sure thing thank you excellent hey thanks for calling in we really appreciate it have a good night YouTube button next up mr. yes sir we got a raised hand from Joseph Joseph you there yeah I’m here hey Joseph welcome man how’s it going oh pretty good hey cut you said on your bike you put larger wheels on it correct and you lowered it so how do the logistics work out between the clearance of your fender and the triple clamp everything worked out per your bike hopeful look wheels what’s that 5c I see I think your bite your wheels are awesome I like that idea but yeah I mean it just says it’s one of those things that that I lowered it two inches in the rear and I have zero fender clearance issues and then lowered it an inch in the front the reason that I did that is the the swap that you did in the front I can’t remember the stock size in my front way I want to say it was a 17 went to a 21 arm so that was four inches and in the rear i went from i think it was a 15 to an 18 so that was only three inches so with the compensation front and rear i decided to lower only an inch in the front because i wanted the front end to have a look that it’s a little bit tilted up compared to the back and in that particular application in my particular vtx 1300 application i played with it and i actually get a better ride response with the back being just a little bit lower than the front ok but you had no logistics problems with the fenders absolute offender the triple triple clamp know everything everything was perfect ok yep yeah like that idea that this sounds pretty good so I mean ever forgive me I droid I like to ride rather spirited and you know I love the look of a lower bike so in order to accomplish that effect and not affect the way i can write it that was about the only option my hat yeah because in reality I’m scraping my floorboards on every turn especially trying to keep up with who they gosh yeah yeah lots of fun looks like on that on the vision of his he actually raised that thing up and let’s debrief Deacon corner so aggressively on it yeah okay thank you beautiful hey thanks for calling in appreciate it alright well it looks like we’re winding down on questions and we’ve been here for about an hour and 15 minutes so now go ahead one second a cop we basically had Barry raises hand twice now okay Barry there ok welcome Barry hey Barry um we can’t get the audio to come through for you so did go ahead and shoot me an email I’ll be happy to our reach out to you on Tuesday and make sure we get that taken care of Kyle they Cruiser customizing is the email address and that goes for any of you out there if you guys have any questions about we talked about tonight just go ahead and shoot me an email and I’ll make sure we get that handled thank you barron’s Natalie choppers for your participation on Chuckie specifically thank you man i really appreciate it thank you guys for having us back again I appreciate it thanks everybody that tuned in if wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have a job I appreciate it you know and thank you to Jason and Erik for coming in and making this happen they’re currently sitting in the office there in Northern California Chuck and I are here in Southern California and go ahead and say good night you guys so thank you all for joining us tune in next month’s going to be talking about kuryakyn foot pegs floorboards and foot controls so make sure you get signed up for that one while we’ll be kicking the sinus for that early this next week and again thanks to Erik and Jason for making it happen thank guys pretending and tune in next time thank you guys everyone all right good night