Kerbal Space Program – Orbital Rendezvous / Docking Tutorial – 1080P

what’s going on everyone thanks for stopping by i hope everyone’s having a great day this is josh from V at you and as you can tell by the title i’m going to try to do tutorial video on docking / orbital rendezvous what that basically means is if you have something in orbit and you want to talk to items together i call a docking technically I guess it’s called orbital rendezvous so basically what I’ve created here is just a very small vessel you can see I still got the crew hatch here this is mainly just for practice let’s flip this around good idea so what I have is just a main science lab and then I got some solar panels whatever this is kind of like what you would see in the beginning of like a like a space station design so I’ve got some basic solar panels and then you can see on the back I’ve got what’s called a docking port so this is mainly for you would use this to just couple two items together so what we need to do now is launched something else up there so that we can dock them together now this can be tricky and I’m still not the best at it so I apologize in advance I’m going to try to do this one live the last videos some of the other tutorial videos I do I kind of commentate over just because I don’t want to screw anything up so I apologize guys I’m not the best talker but I’m trying to do this this is very meticulous so part two this is just a small ship I’ve designed you can see all it is this the stage it’s going to be attaching is mainly this so a small engine which will get us into orbit and also get as close to the show to the other piece there you need our CS and you need an RCS tank you want to have a fairly large amount of rcs especially if you’re new this is kind of overkill but whatever and then I got my hatch and then another docking port there so you need to docking ports they need to kind of attached together that way so this is a main rocket this is pretty basic and the other thing I should mention is that the other ship that’s orbiting is also on a 90-degree plane so you want to fly 90 degrees so other more advanced people will do it so what we’ll do it at different angles so what you want to do we’re going to try and sneak up behind this ship so it’s really difficult to time but i like to wait till it’s right around there and then we’re going to go ahead and launch there we go so this going to take off pretty quick what we’ll find is the outside tanks to run out very quickly pass fuel into the inner tank as well as supplying those independent entrance with fuel we see this all the time this is a pretty basic knowledge of kerbal space program i’m not going to do a whole lot of explanation of the basics even though i’m still learning the basics just going to throttle that i want to kind of try to preserve some fuel what i’m going to do is like normally what I’ll do is it gets about 10,000 meters or so and then begin to to turn I’m going to start to turn at about 5,000 ish meters to 90 degrees it doesn’t really matter you’re still going to end up at the same point so we are going to gain some altitude fairly quickly it’s a pretty powerful rocket that I’ve got here and yeah so we’ll just begin our throttle up stage we’re going to run out of fuel in the outer tanks goodbye and that’s just going to leave us just with this bad boy so we’re should be able to get almost into orbit on this stage alone not a hundred percent but close so not much going on here just hold them trying to hold 90 degrees trying to stay alive so once we see the surface speed exceed probably six hundred or so miles per hour I’m going to switch to the map view what you want to try to do is get your orbit right kind of underneath the orbit of the of the thing that’s already kind of in orbit there so you want to get an orbit just underneath it that way you’re kind of always catching up to it it makes it a lot easier so we’re going to switch to map view here and we’re going to open up the the gyro there so we can make sure we’re holding 90 so you can see that’s where that vessel is so it’s going to be kind of close not really and see oh once we start to get into space one thing you have to understand is that spin-off even just a little bit can have a huge impact on everything all right and maybe we’ll do a little bit more all right and then we’re going to select our appt elapses and we’re going to create an orbit so we want to try to make a ring around the planet obviously but try to be close to the other one where we can study you wanted to kind of be on the inside as you can see the orange I know you can’t see the mouse but you want to have some

sort of an inside track so you can catch up and we’re gonna have a 25 second burn in which case we are going to run out of fuel absolutely I’m trying to keep our CS off because I want to try to preserve fuel and there we go and let’s put the speed up time here I’m doing this in live time so there’s not going to be any speeding up of anything and away we go let’s go so we’re about to run out of fuel here alright I don’t think all right so you can see that we are starting to finally get into orbit here I don’t understand this SAS is not cooperating and done that’s good enough it’s not perfect but it’ll do so we’re going to go ahead and select the other vessel and we’re going to set it as a target so you’re going to see I better actually just do another burn here alright so you’re going to see if you pair of orange and a pair of purple nodes that appear on the screen basically those are the distance apart at the points we intersect so you can see there we just cross that purple so it turned purple that’s now the closest point and on the next rotation we’re going to be 223 kilometers away on on here this will be the first intersection we’re going to be 263 so I didn’t create the best so you’re just kind of just waiting here in orbit for an intersect that’s going to be fairly close you want to keep it at getting them together as close as you possibly can I don’t have a whole lot but you can see I am on the inside track so we are kind of you know getting fairly close together once hit passes there you’ll see on the next rotation will be a little bit closer so normally what i would do is just do a corrective burn to try and get a way that these can be closer together faster i’m not overly comfortable doing that just yet it’s not something out the best at it yet so i just kind of let things kind of play themselves out here and i’m going to cut the video and wait till we get an intersect that’s that’s close enough for us to for us to do something with all right guys as you can see we’re kind of getting close there we are at about forty seven point one but we’re but to intersect at the next term we’re going to be 11.9 kilometers so it’s not ideal we’re pretty close to have a feeling it’s going to be on top yeah it’s mainly a height thing so we’re going to let these kind of go around and around and around and then pretty soon we will be ready for for the fun part if you want to call it that so this is a pretty good orbit right now so the next step is to kind of get the orbits exactly together so what you’re going to see is you’ll see on the orbiter on the gyroball or whatever you want to call it down there a pink dial so it’s going to it’s similar to the retro burn and the and the prograde burn or whatever it’s called so you can see there it is nope that’s not it there it is 12.3 so what we got to do now is we have to line these up now one tip I have is when you are in space when you’re just trying to reposition the ship to do burns and stuff you’re going to want to basically have our CS off anytime that you’re trying to align yourself with the ship or do corrective burns and stuff like that you want to be with our CS off only RCS on when you’re nudging towards the ship so we’re going to do a burn that’s not what I wanted to do I am behind it so I want to do a retro burn generally you always want to do a retro burn what we’re going to try to do is make the speed between the vessel relative from the vessel you can see we’re doing fifty six meters per second is the distance we are either separating we’re actually we’re actually getting closer together so I’m going to try to make this 0 so that we’re both traveling the exact same speed and then from there the whole thing is just to get closer and closer to it but the first step is you want to make sure you’re going to the same speed so when you burn towards it when you burn towards if you guys are going to go in the same speed so it makes it much easier so the speed does not show like your orbit speed or surface speed it’s basically your speed relative to the other object so we’re

only going less than a meter per second difference in our speed oops screw that up alright so it’s not going to be perfect off the start it doesn’t really matter all we want to do is be close and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a burn you’re going to aim so this the pink dot with the four lines around it is going to be or is going to be aiming right at the target you can see so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to do a burn to allow us to get closer so you’re going to turn SAS on and then you’re just going to do a burn you don’t want to exceed like 40 meters per second here i will say 50 i guess actually we’ve got a bit of distance to cover here so ideally you want to be under the this and so we’re going to do is after you do your burn and get your desired speed you’re going to flip around right away because you’re going to keep traveling towards it no matter what so get ready because as you get closer you’re going to want to slow down your speed and get back to who you were where you guys are going the same speed and maintaining your distance apart docking is really not that difficult if you get the hang of it like I said I’m still not the best but I’m getting a lot better I’m not comfortable enough to a point where i can do like some people will put docking ports on the sides of the ship that they make and try to dock from the side and that i mean i’m not i’m not ready for that at all so you can see that we’re getting a lot closer so what I like to do is as I get closer i’ll probably wait till I get to like four three or four kilometers away ish I’ll slow down the speed get it back to zero and then I’ll correct myself again reorient myself and then to begin to burn again I may actually want to do it sooner because it looks like we are I’m kind of overshooting it here all right let’s do it now so you’re going to want to have some fuel for sure so our see again I haven’t used RCS yet at all because when you have our CS on it uses air it launches fuel or whatever you want to call it out the sides and that can actually affect your position so you could be at 0.0 so you’re going the same speed but if you try and if you have RCS on and you try to turn your ship or whatever it’s actually going to blow you away from the ship or into the ship and not going to be catastrophic you could actually end up blowing yourself into the ship and actually causing damage to either vessel which makes this whole thing extremely frustrating because it’s a lot of work just to get close to it and we’re almost at zero oops it’s kind of tricky to actually get that’s okay though that’s all right alright so we’re doing about zero point zero zero point one so it’s not a huge deal alright and get another bird I’m going to flip around here because we are starting to get to that point where it’s it’s it’s very very close oh so again no RCS yet at this point SAS though is going to be important so that you’re always aimed right in the middle and now it’s just a matter of waiting so a lot of people ask you to what are the benefits of doing this the thing is is when you’re building a ship and getting into orbit you’re going to use a lot of fuel to get in there and often times you’re going to get into orbit and not have much fuel or not have a full tank this allows you to build a refueling station in space when you’re when you’re out of the atmosphere your your ship is much much more efficient so you can actually refuel in space and have a full tank and gets where you need to go so it makes it so that you can basically get further in the game to get to other you know planets outside of the solar system and stuff you basically it I think you can to some of the basic places like even stuff but to get further than that you have to have a refueling station it’s almost a necessity so again you can see that we’re starting to get close so those little micro four off by even like a micrometer it has a huge impact you can see that we are pretty much aimed right at it when we did our burn but pretty much you know precision is absolutely key obviously so we’re going to do another corrective burn but this

time we are not going to use our engines we are just going to use our CS at this point all right so not perfect but we’re going to turn our CS on nope not yet so what we want to do is aim for the pink dot it’s actually pretty good okay all right aim for the pink dot and the middle T to turn on the SAS are for that and then you’re gonna press H so you want to have our CS thrusters on all the way the way out all the way around and you’re just going to do a actually you could even do a small burn here but you don’t want to get past like 15 all right that doesn’t really matter but as you start to get closer you’re going to want to slow that down so we’re actually doing pretty good right now we’re going to see just over just under a kilometer away or just over a kilometer away Jesus I’m Canadian I don’t even know that so one tip that I don’t see a lot of people do in a lot of the docking videos is actually switching between between vehicles here and to do that you’re going to press the parentheses the open parentheses and the ending parentheses to switch between vessels you can see there BAM done so that will allow you to kind of like if you get close to the docking port and you’re not quite alone you can switch to this one and actually basically reorient that ship so that they’re kind of working together there so we’re getting very very very close here just above er half a kilometer so this is where you got to remember to turn our CS off any time you’re going to reorient your ship because you can see i am going to be drifting away from it but i’m just going to go ahead and do a retro burn here or a retro i guess our CS and just try to get their speeds down you can see i’m traveling right at it so I want to try to so I’m doing what I’m doing right now is pressing n and we’ll do a reverse burn basically turn everything off or see us on and so you can see it’s getting away make sure you turn her see us off get back to reorient yourself our csn all right so we’re good so we’re going to go ahead and nudge a little bit closer here RCS off and we’re at the dot try actually want to say traction because it’s tsas on RCS on and you can see we’re pretty much aiming straight at it as we get way closer what we’re going to do is actually change course here we’re going to slow down get right close to it but then we’re not going to actually move because you can see the ship is not in the right position at all right now I think the docking port is kind of facing us but that’s okay all right so we’re in perfect position you can see that the orbit is also rate with us as well on the pink on the terrible that didn’t really make sense but what that means is that we’re traveling straight at it where there’s no sideways inertia at all all right so what I’m going to do is I’m going to switch ships select that as the target okay and then we’re going to kind of rotate this so that it’s aiming it aiming right at the docking port you want to select the actual docking port and select that as a target and you’re going to aim right at it and T and we’re going to switch back all right and so you see I got our CS on and I’ve also got SAS on you’re going to do this extremely slow no more than a meter per second I’d say that’s my rule but you know you do what you want to guess you can see i am going to be a little bit underneath it it’s not the biggest deal in the world alright because we are getting closer and closer and closer and closer i am going to slow down all right we’ll switch back again and we’re going to kind of reorient ourselves here switchback turn RCS off and SAS Turner both on you can see now we ramp right at it and now it’s just a matter of getting closer and closer which won’t take too long it says for 18 meters away but we’re really a lot closer than that so we are now aimed right at it so you’re going to see we’re going to come right

up to each other the magnets they they’re kind of magnetized so you’re going to get they’re going to suction together and sometimes the easiest thing to do is if you see they’re magnetized but they’re not sticking is T to turn it off but it doesn’t matter we are now docked we are decoupled and we are good to go so it’s saying there’s a target that’s weird that the target speed is kind of speeding up there oh I think now because we’re now we’re speeding up into orbit speed gotcha alright guys so we are now docked obviously like I said there are some advantages to this you can see that this tank is almost empty whereas this tank is full to switch that you’re going to hold the left alt right click on one engine right click on the other engine so now you got the in and out so we’re going to transfer fuel in that’s going to put fuel in this tank from the main tank on the other ship because that ship doesn’t eat it and we’re going to do the oxidizer so you can see that like we got into orbit on this tank and it was like a third of the way empty it’s it’s efficient engine doesn’t matter but now we’re full and now we have no atmosphere to resist us so we can literally fly anywhere we want well no not anywhere we want we’re not going to get very far but that is how you dock and you’re going to be able to make refueling stations so you can make bigger ships get them to orbit get them to dock get them to fuel up and go to other planets so that’s pretty much it guys I wanted to thank you guys for watching so much and again this is not an easy thing to do so please leave a like rating below I really appreciate it other than that I hope you guys have a good day peace out